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Chapter 4

Hello everyone! Look who's back alright! I have returned from my indefinite hiatus, tbh I had no idea where I was going with this story but here I am and I think I have a fair idea now, so enough of my rambling and happy reading ^^. Also as usual I apologise for any grammatical errors I may have overlooked. proof reading will be done...eventually.

As far as the members of Luffy's band knew,Vivi was just a regular groupie but they later found out that she was the daughter of Cobra,a wealthy businessman that started to help them out with promotions and marketing,then he suddenly stopped after his daughter and their band leader suddenly split, Luffy never really got into details so it was vague. So seeing the blue haired beauty and hearing her calling him her boyfriend again was weird.

Vivi placed her hands on her hips and looked at Usopp like his nose grew an extra inch or something,"Riiiigggght...seriously where is he?"

In a flash Sanji was by her side,"Clearly not here mellorine~~~ but how about I keep your company in the meantime hmmm?" Her response was hand to his face,"Sorry but...I'm here for Luffy only."

Blowing out the cigarette smoke from his lips he hung his head and crawled back to his seat in defeat. Robin arched her brow "May I ask why?"

Vivi frowned at the brunette,"That doesn't concern the likes of you! Hmph! my number is still the same...let him give me a call~Toodles you filthy worms!"

Robin placed her hands on her hips "Well that was out of the blue,what exactly could the likes of her want with Luffy?"

Nami frowned "Don't know but we should watch that bitch!"

Vivi slammed the door of her car in frustration,things were getting desperate! She needed to see Luffy again! Her father got mixed up with the wrong partner and in the blink of an eye they got bankrupt! She barely drove away with her Porsche before they could seize it, what's a girl like her to do? walk?! hell no! just when she thought it was over and her fall from living off her father's riches like the spoiled princess she is and having to resort to finding a job like the the other basic humans she got a phone call...


Vivi slammed her forehead against the steering wheel in frustration causing the horn to go off,what was she supposed to do now? Her dad got involved with those thugs the Doflamingo family and the basically lost everything! She only had this car, five dollars in her pocket and the clothes on her back!

"Dammit! How could this happen to us? This is not how a girl like me should be living! This isn't fair!" She glanced up at the sound of her ringtone breaking her out of her trance. Vivi's eyebrow twitched with annoyance, It had better not be her father calling her to return the car,cause there's no way in hell she;s doing that! they'll have to track her down and rip her cold dead body out from it! the phone would not stop ringing! who the fuck could it be! angrily snatching the phone from her purse her grey eyes widened in surprise for it wasn't her father after pressed the answer button and instantly brought the phone to her ear.


"It's a shame with what happened to your father's estate my delicate dessert flower."

Tears welled up in the corner of her eyes, there truly was a god! An evil grin spread across her lips,"Ah..Ruffy, right? It's been a while since I last encountered you." She could use him like she did to his twin brother in order to get fame, outsmarting Luffy was a walk in a park but Ruffy was smarter than Luffy, but still it shouldn't be that hard...It's Luffy's brother after all, we're talking bout a guy if he doesn't know something then it's a mystery, no matter how many fucking times she would try to put it in layman's terms for the the little shit! They used to fool around whenever Luffy was out with is friends so she was quite well acquainted with she and his brother left,that was the last they contacted each other.

"Come to my office in few, I believe I have the solution to our problem."

"I can come now if you like, I have free time right now." She wasn't lying, She was basically in the middle of nowhere just sitting in her car.

"Great! See you in a few then." He hung up filling Vivi once again with hope, yes hope for her family because she just found a way to get her father out of the huge hole he threw himself into dealing with the likes of Doflamingo. "Heh no hope for the Monkey D family though...when I'm through scraping all their dollars out from their noses! fufufu!"

In two hours time she found her self seated in his god awful squeaky leather chairs that made awkward fart sounds if you moved around too much in them.

"Glad you could make it." The face identical to her ex leaned forward in his seat and rested his his chin on his hand staring at her intently.

"Get to the do you want?!" Vivi snapped.

Ruffy raised an eyebrow."What's with the sass? It's not like you have anything to do so it's not like I'm keeping you from anything." Vivi scowled at his comment."Well...that's true but you won't reach out to me unless you wanted something."

A smirk etched slowly across his lips as he slowly made his way over to her until he was in front of her,he gently held her face in his calloused hands."That's right, I need you to do something for me, Like your father I landed myself in deep shit with the Doflamingo family but I like I said over the phone,I have a solution to our problem and it's named Boa Hancock."

Vivi's coal grey eyes widened "B-Boa Hancock?! That woman is loaded with money! She's the foster daughter of Gloriosa! The have the largest fashion company in the country! Not even I could afford it!"

"Tch! obviously! A basic person like yourself too broke to shop there! I know you shop at the rip off store."

"H-Hey! I resent that! It's not like anyone could notice at first glance! A-Anyway what does Hancock has to do with our solution and how do I play into this?"

"Well if you must know,your ex Luffy is currently married to her *cough* technically she thinks she's married to me but I sent Luffy in my place instead."

Vivi started to pace back and forth while taking in this information. Ruffy paused to see if she would say anything but she stayed silent so he continued,"I told Luffy that he could be able to fund his amateur music band once he did so and the fool agreed without hesitation,but what would happen if Hancock suddenly had an accident?" He sneered a the thought,"Then Luff-Ahem! I mean me...her sad grieving inconsolable husband would get access to her estate! I can't do it alone, I need your help to pull it off, I need you to get my brother out of the way, he won't understand."

Vivi stopped pacing and turned to look straight into his chocolate brown eyes,"When do I start?"

Ruffy walked up to her, grabbed her face once more giving her a sultry look "This is just one of those things that turns me on about you." He captured her lips in a passionate kiss.

Flash Back End

"I don't know where that idiot could be...damn it! I need to get my hands on that money! whatever it takes! I simply cannot live like a basic person!"

Marguerite almost tripped on her feet trying to get to the ringing phone on time before it stopped, "*pant* H-Hello? Nyon residence...Oh dear!...I-I see I'll notify immediately!" She hung up the phone sped up the stairs.

Hancock smirked triumphantly after a fresh shower and as she draped on a red snake skin turtle neck neck with red stilettos. Soon that dreadful man will be eliminated before he could utter a single word about what he saw ion her back, it will look like a freak accident and in the process she gain sympathy and adoration of many for being the most strong and beautiful widow in the town! What could possibly go wrong? Her train of thought was interrupted by Marguerite barging into her room breathless.

"How dare you insolent worm!" The icy look she shot at the blond maid could have turned the woman to shivered under her cold gaze as she gathered herself together." ...I apologise... but I have just received some disturbing news, you see doctor Law called and told me that Lady Nyon has been hospitalised after an accident in the Monkey D. compound."

Hancock's cerulean eyes widened in shock as her brain tried to process what the petite maid was relaying to her. "Thank you may leave." Marguerite bowed and closed the door behind her leaving Hancock with her thoughts.

Luffy picked up his hat from off the ground, dusted off specks of dirt and placed it on his head. "Geez this is the worst! Ruffy did not mention that this lady's a nutcase!...huh?" He turned his attention to black van that pulled up across the street as Franky and several others hopped out armed with weapons and headed straight to Hancock's front door. His phone rang and he couldn't most understand Nami's frantic rambling on the other end of the line, but one thing did stand out, Hancock was in danger! and he has to act fast!

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