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Chapter 3

Hello everyone! Thank you so much for taking the time to read this story, I'm open to hearing your ideas and might even put them in my story if I see fit, like usual proofreading will be done late so apologies in advance if the grammar and spelling is crap! Anywayzzz happy reading! ^-^

A twelve year old Hancock beamed up at her mother as she gently pushed her on the swing in their back yard garden her cerulean eyes twinkled as the older woman returned her smile, suddenly the atmosphere got dark and she found her self gagged and bounded with her younger sisters on a platform surrounded by men sneering and giving her lecherous smiles, one of the men came up her with with a branding iron bearing a hoof,she slowly backed away but he caught her arm and pressed the hot metal into her back merging with her skin forever leaving an ugly mark,hot tears streamed down her red cheeks as the iron drew back leaving a hot tingling sensation with her skin clinging onto it, she clutched her chest as it felt like her heart would burst from all the pain.

Hancock awoke at the sound of her bathroom shower running and sat upright in her bed covered in sweat. She picked up the glass of water water from her night stand and chugged it down. It's been fifteen years since that incident happened yet it feels like it was only placed the glass back down and rested her face in her palms weeping softly,when will the nightmares end? she didn't like to admit it but she was really grateful to Gloriosa for taking her and her sisters in, the man who freed her out of her cell and even the grey haired man who was fishing at the beach when they were stranded at sea. she looked at her wedding band and sighed where was her useless husband? did he die already given how scrawny he was. Wait why was the bathroom shower running? did she forget to turn it off?

She got off the bed and went towards the door with caution as she heard a soft humming,slowly poking her head in the room her eyes nearly fell out at the sight before her, the was her 'husband' in all his naked glory taking a shower,she silently cursed herself for not putting up any curtains as she could see how the water passed through his raven hair with ease, how strong his back was and how firm his ass was! Hancock shook her head to rid such vile thoughts but for some reason she couldn't look away from him. She cleared her throat getting the younger boy's attention quickly looking when he faced her. "How the hell did you get back in my room? I could've swore that I locked the door from the inside!"

Luffy turned off the shower and grabbed a towel,"I came through the window while you were looked like you were in pain "

Hancock gritted her teeth and grabbed him by the wrist dragging him out. "H-Hey Hey! What the hell! At least let me get dressed first" he grabbed her by the sleeve of her robe, tearing it and exposing her breasts. She shrieked and turned away hugging her chest showing glimpses of her mark through her black stands of hair.

Luffy's eyes widened as he pointed to the burnt flesh, "Hey I saw that thing some where before...but where?"

Sandersonia and Marigold kicked down the down and ran to their older sister, Luffy took this as a queue to quickly get dressed and leave through the window. Sandersonia gave Hancock a look of concern,"What happened? why were you guys half naked...hold on did know..." Her cheeks got red as the thought of it.

"No...He saw my back"

The younger sisters grew pale and froze. Marigold was the first to overcome the shock "So what do we do? we surely can't let the likes of a man knowing such things,what if he blows our cover and this gets out to the investors? Think about it..the reputation that we worked so hard to build would crumble"

Hancock sneered "Then we kill him. Sonia hand me the phone I have an important call to make"

A pale skinned man answered the phone,"This better be good"

"Oh but it is... Hawk eye! I need you to take care of some one for me"

"Fufufu you're such a spoiled brat Hancock, you're can't keep getting rid of people when you don't get things your way."

"You don't complain when I wire the money to your account"

"Hmm..Touche when do you want it done?"

"As soon as possible"

Gloriosa beamed as she walked up to the secretary with a basket of muffins wrapped neatly with a pink bow, the beautiful woman at the counter paid no mind to short elderly woman and continued buffing her nails.


The woman looked down and cringed at the short older woman,"Um...If you're looking for the cosplay convention it's three building down from here"

A thick vein throbbed at the side of her head "Excyuse me?! How dare you! this is nyo costume this is my face and I'm here to see Monkey D. Garp!" She squinted her eyes at the name tag,"Alvida"

"Uhhhh right this way maam!" She pointed to the stairs.

She stood in front of the door smirking "If this goes as planned maybe Garp will know how I feel about him,what better way than through his stomach!" she stopped as she heard muffled voices on the other side of the door and pressed her ears against it.

"Dammit! you son of a bitch! I need Boa Hancock alive, I haven't even gotten any money in my account neither did I draft up a will, you can't just go off on your own and do shit like that! you and I both need that money to pay off our debts or else Doflamingo will..." Ruffy trailed off as Pappug gulped.

"Ruffy I'm sorry...I wasn't thinking I just wanted revenge for that old hag that took over my company, Did you know that Camie's working at a stand selling takoyaki?"

Glorisa gasped and moved away from the door dropping her muffin men turned towards the door, Pappug started to sweat "Do you think that someone heard us?"

Ruffy opened the door revealing the older woman frozen in fear mixed with shock."Nyon-baa I wasn't expecting you today" He glanced at muffins scattered about on the floor."Did you come to see Gramps by chance?"

"..." she slowly backed away from him and stopped at the stairs,the corners of his lips curved with mirth as he met her helpless gaze."Too bad...he's not here, it's such a shame you won't get to see him because you're such a clumsy old lady"


Everything went in slow motion as he shoved her with enough force making her backwards down the stairs,she closed her eyes not wanting to give him the satisfaction,He stood at the top watching her limbs tumble over one another, twisting and hitting against the rise and runs if the stairs, her body bruised and battered by the time she reached the bottom he was sure that she lost a couple of teeth and her nose was broken.

"Oh my god! Alvida! call the ambulance Nyon-baa fell down the stairs and she's badly hurt!"

Sanji,Nami & Usopp sat in their usual booths at the Thousand Sunny Restaurant, while Robin continued to spy on the Franky family to uncover their motives.

Sanji put out his cigarette in an ash tray and sighed."So guys what are we gonna do?"

Nami rubbed her temples "Why would Franky want to kill Hancock?..I mean he's doing pretty well with this restuarant"

Usopp suddenly got up."We could ponder all day but If we don't find Luffy and warn him about this then it's all in vain"

"Right!" Sanji and Nami yelled in unison.

"Hey guys long time no see! speaking of Luffy where is he?"

They all turned to the direction of the voice and all the blood drained from their faces as they saw Vivi grinning at them."i came back in town about two days ago and I heard you guys were around too, but I'm worried I haven't heard anything from my where is he?"

Usopp started to swear bullets "uh...uh he got diarrhoea and died!"

Nami and Sanji glared at their band mate "Way to go Usopp!"

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