Marriage? What kind of adventure is that? @lucylegladiator2
Chapter 2

Hancock sat on her bed dressed in a pink robe that hid her red lingerie underneath, it was the night of their honey moon, a moment that she dreaded,just the thought of a man rubbing their slimy hands on her smooth flawless porcelain skin made her blood boil to no end and especially a stupid looking man like her 'husband',It's hopeless between them she doesn't know a thing about him, he was short and scruffy, she was tall and polished...I would never work! this wasn't a marriage, It was a business transaction and she was okay with that, they would be together until her investors were satisfied and could she that she is stable enough to maintain a marriage so she could maintain her company. Her thoughts came to a halt when waltz into the room wearing red pyjamas with meat patterns on them, he walked towards the bed and started to climb on only to meet Hancock's foot in his face.

"What the hell was that for?!" Luffy glared at her.

"What do you think you're doing?! How dare you get onto my bed you dirty fiend?!" Hancock glared back making Luffy sweat drop.

"Aren't we supposed to do the thing? What did Usopp call it?...consume the marriage?" he looked at her expectantly.

Hancock threw her head back and pointed at him, "You useless son of a bitch I'd rather die than have you touch me! Get out of my sight!"

"Where should I sleep then?" Luffy raised a brow as he looked around the room,his eye spotting a sofa at the window.

Hancock shrugged "Who cares?! Just not anywhere next to me!"

Luffy plopped himself on the sofa and looked out the window as he slowly drifted off to sleep only to be awaken by Hancock dragging him off the sofa by his feet."HEY!WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING YOU CRAZY LADY?!"



She dropped his feet as she stood in the hallway,"Who cares? Go sleep in the dungeon for all I care!" She stepped back into the room and slammed the door.

"Damn I don't think I can make it one night here much less eight months!" He got up and clutched his pillow,*sniff* *sniff* "What's that delicious smell?" He bolted to the direction of the kitchen and saw three women he assumed to be maids at the dinning table about to have dinner, A pretty blonde short haired woman noticed his presence and gave him a friendly smile, "Ah you must be Ruffy right? Would you like to join us for dinner?"

"Actually my name is is...oh right! Sure!" He grabbed the chair next to her as she spoke again "My name is Marguerite" she points to the brown haired chubby woman who had her up in pig tails," that's Sweet pea"the said woman give him a nod,"And that's Aphelandra", He turned towards a very tall young woman with orange-brown hair growing past her shoulders who averted her gaze when their eyes met, she gave him a shy "hello" and quickly went back to her meal.

Luffy's mouth started to water as Marguerite passed a plate to him, "What is this? It smells pretty good"

Sweet Pea chimed in "It's Penne Gorgonzola, one of specialities"

A small blush appeared on his cheeks as he tried it "Yummy~Why didn't they serve this at the wedding?"

"Fufufufu" Marguerite chuckled at his antics, "What a lively guy~We could use someone like you to brighten up this place"

"Fhat Fu you Mfean?" Luffy swallowed and look at the blonde woman slightly confused "What do you mean?"

"You see..." Sweet Pea said in a low whisper "Well I'm sure you witnessed 's temperament by now...we heard you guys bickering, she's very strict,scary and downright unreasonable at times but we can't bring ourselves to hate her for her beauty is incomparable and unrivalled,we will always forgive her for her actions"

"She sucks!" Luffy took another bite of his meal "She kicked me out of the bedroom and told me to go sleep in the dungeon."

Aphelandra spoke up this time feeling the need to defend her mistress "Um.. Ruffy we apologise on 's behalf, there are sometimes when should be really terrible and heartless but that's because of her awful past...she's being guarded and very cautious, We don't know the full details of what happened but we could tell it was something really bad to make her and her sisters this way, If it wasn't for elder Nyon finding them who know's what would've happened to them.

He folded his arms and seemed deep in thought "Hmmm you guys can convince me with some more Penne Gorgonzola! shishishi!"

The girls giggled at his outburst.

The members of Luffy's band crashed at Franky's house for the time being, "Hey guys do you Luffy is doing the nasty? hehehe" Usopp giggled like a school as the thought of Luffy doing such a thing would be awkward and weird as hell!

Sanji pouted and looked through the window staring at the dark cloudless sky grinding his teeth,"That bastard! how dare he violate my goddess Hancock!"

Robin looked up from her book with a thoughtful look on her face "How many kids do you think they'll have?"

Nami sighed to herself, she asks her self why is friends with these weirdos every single day. Franky and his men moving up and down with a bunch of boxes caught her attention, "Hey Franky what are you doing with those boxes?" aside from being a restaurant owner that Sanji worked at when the band wasn't on tour, they knew next to nothing about the guy but seemed harmless and he was letting them stay at his house for free so she felt she was overreacting.

"Ah Nami-sis..uh nothing much just a bunch of underwear"

Nami raised a brow as she swore she saw a bunch of guns under the pile of underwear that failed to hide them, "I see..."

A green haired male strolled through the doors stopping in his tracks when he saw four familiar faces looking back at him "You guys! long time no see! w-when did you get back in town?"

"Zoro!" Nami and Usopp jumped to their feet and embraced him while Sanji scowled and kept looking through the window as he lit a cigarette and Robin give him a warm smile that made his cheeks turn slightly red, they knew Zoro through Franky as he hung around here from time to time at the restaurant, he did a couple of odd jobs like being a bounty hunter just to get by.

"Zoro you okay man, why are you red? you sick or something?" Usopp placed his hand on Zoro's forehead, "Cut that shit out Usopp!"

Franky poked his head out from one of the rooms," Oh great Zoro you're here! C'mon we got business to discuss'.

"Sorry guys that's my queue, we'll talk later okay?"

Sanji put his cigarette out and threw it out the window, "Is it just me or are they behaving a bit off?" Usopp and Nami nodded.

"If we're quiet enough we can hear what they're saying" Robin suddenly stood and walked off to the direction that Zoro went with the others following closely behind.

They pressed their ears against the door trying to listen what sounded like Franky's voice "Okay guys everything is set and we're already in position waiting till tomorrow night to strike!, But we have to make it look like an accident...Boa Hancock won't what's coming to her"

"What?!" Nami,Usopp and Sanji whispered, Robin give them a stern look and placed her finger in front of her lips.

Zoro perked up "Did you guys hear something outside?"

Usopp's face turned pale "Oh no! they heard us! run guys run!"

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