Marriage? What kind of adventure is that? @lucylegladiator2
Chapter 1

Marriage?! What kind of adventure is that?

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Italics for flash backs

Hancock stared into the mirror looking over her appearance for what seemed like the thousandth time, on the outside she looked like a goddess with her hair tied up in a messy bun with white lilies attached to silver comb encrusted with diamonds and the strapless silk wedding gown that filled out her curves nicely, but on the inside she was a nervous eyebrows furrowed together and she softly bit down on her lips careful not to draw blood.

Sandersonia placed her large hand in attempt to comfort her older sibling, she sighed quietly as she spoke "I think you're overreacting a bit big sister"

The door suddenly burst open revealing an out of breath Nyon "Whyat are you still doing in here? Everyone is waiting!"

Hancock clenched her fist and gritted her teeth at the elder woman's presence "How dare you rush me! did you have a concussion from the times I kicked you out the windows from my house and office?" She got up from her chair and towered over the short elderly woman who slightly cowered in fear from being thrown out the window again.

Why was the beautiful,smart,independent & powerful Boa Hancock getting married?

Six Months ago...

Hancock could not hide the scowl that was etched on her face as she looked at the two men sitting across the table in the dinning room, it was there for two reasons, number one: she hated men as she always had bad experiences with them from taking advantage of her and her younger sisters for their money,her body and the list goes on and number two: she was going to have to marry the scum of a man before her! outrageous!. As much as she didn't like to think about it with Nyon she and her sisters would be nothing, It was cold snowy night that they happen to stumble across her mansion to take refuge from the harsh weather,who knew that their life would turn out like this,To be heir of the famous fashion company Crimin', Nyon bought it over from some guy named pappug who went bankrupt and couldn't pay off his debts and since she no children of her own, It went to the oldest of the three being Hancock.

"Grandpa is the necessary?" the young man grumbled under his breath, his frown deepened when he looked at his grandfather's expression,"I'm sorry Ruffy but it's been decided, the two of you are to be married in six months time.

"Six months?!" Hancock and Ruffy shouted and the same time, Ruffy then give a playful smirk and a look of lust,she frowned at this.

"It syeems that's the only way Garp and I can reach an agreement since I decided to help his company Monkey Industries from going into byankruptcy" Nyon chined in, besides Hancock the publicity will be good for you once investors see how stable you can be with this marriage they might take up your offer to expand"

Hancock sighed sadly to her self,why can't these stupid,useless investors see that she could do it on her own, she doesn't need a man!

Back to the present...

Tears welled up in the corner of Marigold's eyes as she placed the veil over her sister's face,"Fake or real it's still your special day and I can't help myself"

Sandersonia opened the door and turned to Hancock "It's time..."

Hancock sighed and reassured herself as she walked slowly and dreadfully down the isle with all eyes on her, she was used being the centre of everyone's attention"This is for the good of the company."

As she approached the groom and he lifted her veil something was off about him and he didn't look at her at all, more like through her, He seemed completely different from the first time they met, granted they never interacted as much but she never noticed the distinguished scar underneath his left eye and it looked as if it had been there for some time now,hell the fly buzzing around his head got more attention than her! this made her blood boil to no end.

Two days before the wedding

Pappug walked down a dark alley with a brown file in his hands,he stopped abruptly when he met a green haired man standing in front of the door with three swords, the look he give pappug made him want to shit himself but he must stand strong,he was doing this to get his company back from that old harlot Nyon.

"What's the password?" The green haired man snapped him from his train of thoughts.

Pappug's cheeks turned red in embarrassment " panties are red"

He opened the door allowing Pappug entry as he bit down on his lips to aviod a fit of laughter.

"Aye Pappug! Long time no see!" A large blue haired man greeted him cheerfully.

"Franky...I have a job for you and your family to take care off" he tossed him the brown file.

Franky opened it and swooned instantly at the sight of the beautiful brunette in the photo,he glanced at two other large girls,one with long green hair and the other with long orange hair "Ow!these ladies are supperrr! got yourself a deal!"

"That's what I wanna hear!" The two shook hands on it.

Ruffy paced up and down in his office until he heard a light tap on the window, he glanced up and saw a scrawny boy with a straw hat in a red cardigan and blue pants perched on the branch waving cheerfully, he couldn't hold back the tears the welled up in eyes in relief when he saw this boy 'I wouldn't have to marry after all!', he opened the window and stepped aside allowing the young man entrance into the office. The young man before him was his identical twin brother Luffy, two years ago he packed up and left with some of his friends to start up a band called the straw hat pirates and they would tour around, he and Garp never saw eye to eye as the old geezer wanted him to join the police force since Luffy never really had any sort of business sense or any sense of the matter...the last part made him sweat drop."To what do I owe this sudden visit Luffy?"

"Shishishi I need to borrow some money to get merch for my band"

Ruffy gritted his teeth and grabbed his brother by his neck "WHAT THE HELL?! WHAT HAPPENED TO THE TEN MILLION BELI I SENT YOU SIX MONTHS AGO?"

Luffy slapped his hand away "A man and his band gotta eat!"

A long sigh escaped Ruffy's lips as he slowly tried to regain his composure " I can't deal with this right now Luffy..." he trailed off and a wicked smile graced his lips as he turned to his brother, " tell you what, I will give you one hundred million beli if you do me this small favour"

Luffy's eyes widened as he dropped to his knees "REALLY?! SURE ANYTHING!"

"Get married in my place"

Ruffy was surprised that his brother caught on pretty quick as he watched his face turn from happy to shock to WTF in just five seconds, he took out a photo of his bride and threw it towards Luffy "It's not like I'm asking you to fall in love with her...think of it as some sort of adventure for the next eight months max, that's when i'll hit her with a sudden divorce, besides we don't have any money bro but she it right and we cant get millions off of her."

"EH?! Marriage? What kind of adventure is that?! NO WAY I'M NOT DOING THAT!"Luffy looked at the woman in the photo and frowned. "Why do I feel like I've met her somewhere before?...hmmm? Why can't you do it?"

"You see I have this super secret mission that I have to carry out within the next six months abroad and If anyone finds out that will blow my cover and I could even lose my life in the process" he looked sad as he spoke hoping to get his brother to reconsider. "Luffy I await your response a day the most"

The members of the straw hat pirates hung out in one of the stalls at the Thousand Sunny, owned by Franky,who was quite friendly with the group as they would perform there and bring out a large crowd, they all looked up when Luffy charged through the door with a brown envelope wrinkled up in his hands and a scowl on his face. "I just came back from my brother's office and he said that we could get a hundred million beli...but heres the thing...I have to get married in his place."

"EEEEEH!?" the members of Luffy's band screamed in unison as Luffy showed them Hancock's photo that caused hearts in everyone's eyes. The red haired woman grabbed him by the neck "Luffy! you are going to say yes! Think of what we can do with that sort of money!" a trickle of blood came down her nose just at the thought of rolling in that kind of dough, "Just thinking of it is giving me an orgasm~Ah!"

"Dammit to hell you stupid bastard! How could you refuse such a goddess?!...Nami! I love it when you get like this over money" the blond haired drummer, Sanji swooned over the back up singer of the band.

"No! I won't do it!" Luffy plopped himself down on a stool and folded his arms.

A tall dark haired woman with vibrant blue eyes stepped out from the shadows and stood in front of Luffy with a stern look, " Luffy if you don't consider this offer we'll have to disband and some of us will die from heartbreak,hunger or get hit by a bus."

Usopp, the guitarist sweat dropped at how over the top Robin could be with her dark humour *sigh* " the hell would anyone get hit by a bus if Luffy refuses his stupid brother's proposal?!"

Luffy glared at Robin who give him a warm smile in return, "I refuse!"

"Luffy?!" Nami,Sanji & Usopp yelled in annoyance as they proceeded to beat the living crap out of him.

Ruffy smirked when he saw Luffy's name show up on his cellphone, he picked it up and Luffy's voice cracked on the other end "I'll"

"You won't regret this Luffy...We'll be filthy rich in no time!"

Present day of the wedding

Luffy pulled back the veil revealing Hancock in all her beautiful glory, he glanced away from her feeling a bit guilty,what the hell is he thinking?! He cant do this...he was thinking about running off right then as the pastor carried on with something about better or worse and death?! but the delicious aroma that came from the other room where the reception would be held assaulted his nose and his eyes immediately had hearts in them, he knew that smell alright...Meat! Maybe he could pull this off after all. He came back to reality when Hancock and the pastor was looking at him oddly. "Huh? What?...oh yeah!I do!"

"You may now kiss the bride"

Hancock closed her eyes but hesitated,Luffy stepped back a bit but heard Nami,Sanji & Usopp's knuckles crack, "This is for my goes nothing" he leaned and pressed his lips against hers that suprisingly was nice.

Nami and Usopp had tears in their eyes as they spoke in unison "his first kiss...awwww"

Sanji was seething in anger "Ugh! That bastard!"

Hancock and her sisters sat at the table with a look mixed with horror, disgust and intrest at the way Luffy stuffed everything down ruining his expensive white suit in the process if they didn't know any better it looked like he was made of rubber when his hand reached for one of the guest's plate.

Marigold face palmed "you sure know how to pick 'em".

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