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His Innocence @lucylegladiator2
Chapter 2

Hello again! Guess who crawled out from the grave! It is I Lucy! finally presenting you with the final installment! I may have stalled a bit too much, but alit of shit happened and I was not finding any inspiration especially with the smut part, you who read the first part should have known by now that I suck at writing smut and story writing in general. But I like to see to things to the end, a trait I picked up from an ex boyfriend of mine. Anyways I will eventually review and correct any additional grammatical mistakes but I really wanted to post this and stop stalling with in drafts. So without further ado..Happy reading and Happy new Year!

"I SAID PUT ME DOWN NOW SHANNAROOO!" Sakura shouted as she angrily pounded her fists into her tall dark haired captor's back. Sasuke gave her a light glare,despite being way stronger than her current state, the punches still hurt like hell damn it! Paying no heed to her request and enduring the slight pain he teleported to their home. Sasuke placed the pink haired kunoichi on her feet and stood in front of the doorway fishing around for his keys.

Sakura scanned her surroundings, this was the leaf village alright! but everything was so different,so advanced, since when? she glanced up at the hokage faces and gaped at her sensei's face carved into the stone and her expression softened when she saw her teammate's face next to him."So you actually became hokage...huh Naruto?! But how did i get here?...actually where am I?! I was in my room preparing to go to war... what's going on?"

The last thing she remembered was fighting together with the allied shinobi forces to beat Madara and then in the streets with a hot stranger that abducted her to his chamber of terror! She glanced at him and he looked back at her with a smug look. She gritted her teeth at this, what the hell was so amusing?! "Hey! You messed with the wrong girl mister! CHA!" she lunged towards him the same time Sasuke found his keys,opened the door and moved out of the way causing the pink haired kunoichi to stumble and fall face first into the house.

Sasuke scoffed at the teenager who quickly got into a defensive stance,"Calm down,I'm not going to hurt you...I just want revenge." he closed the door and advanced towards her, who unknowingly stepped back until her back hit a wall, she glanced around the home,it seemed like a comfy place to odd...the design of the home is exactly the same way she would like when she owned her own home!

Viridian eyes widened in shock as she noticed an Uchiha crest framed on the wall...hold on is this..? "I don't understand what you mean by revenge, I don't even know who you are!"

Sasuke's left eye locked onto the plant behind Sakura as she charged towards him with a chakra infused punch,Sakura gaped as her fist collided with the plant shattering the pot as he stood in the place the plant originally was.

"Sakura...let's not fight!"

Sakura spun around as she felt all the blood drain in her face "That voice...No! impossible! how could I have missed that?!" She clenched her fist and looked him in the eye,noticing that only one person had such intense smouldering onyx. She didn't even bother to flee as he walked up to her and caressed her cheek."Sakura...must you be so annoying at this time of the day?hm?" He smirked as he watched her pupils dilate and realisation wash over her, how could she not notice before? his voice was a bit deeper, he had gotten taller and his hairstyle looked like Madara's...Yes! that's who this is! This was part of the infinite tsukuyomi!

"I know who you are! You're Madara Uchiha aren't you! Look buddy I don't know why you're out for me but If you think I'll go down without a fight,then think again SHANAROOO!"

Sasuke's face fell as he dodged another chakra filled punch and then a kick,He was slowly starting to regret giving that scroll to his wife since she was comparing him to Madara..that freak? They're nothing alike! clearly he was the handsome one!

He grabbed both her wrists and smirked since he had a large hand and pulled her into his chest. " have disappointed me...Do you really think I am Madara Uchiha? And you were supposed to be the sharpest mind on the team."

Sakura gasped as she studied his features properly. "Sasuke..kun?! B-but your hair and where's your arm?!"

He bought his face closer to her's and gave her his signature smirk. "Hn. took you long enough Sakura"

She slowly bought her hand up and cupped his face as he closed his eye and leaned into her touch,"Sasuke-kun,why do you look so different?" her cheeks grew heated under the intense stare he was giving her. "Not that I'm complaining or anything, I really like the new hairdo, it beats the chicken ass one...n-not that I didn't like that one too! I-It was unique that's all"

She was adorable getting all flustered like that, If she kept this up he would lay her flat on the floor and fuck her senseless right now! No!..he was not like his wife...but he wanted to have a little fun at first."I'm thirty two years old now, that's why I look different."

Sakura sighed and leaned against the wall,"You expect me to believe you're Sasuke?!"

Sasuke rubbed his temples "Tch! how annoying! didn't we just go over this five seconds ago?!" He took a picture frame off the wall and tossed it towards her, She easily caught it with her quick reflexes and her heart swelled instantly as her fingertips lightly grazed a content looking 'Sasuke' with a pink haired woman holding an small infant with black hair...hmmm that's nice...What? p-pink hair?

"WAIT...THAT MEANS THAT YOU AND ME...WE..." Sakura pointed to Sasuke then back at herself.

The older man shook his head, now that he thought about it, Sakura was still the same as her sixteen year old self, just a tad less hyper and dramatic.

"Yes we did...there was no sleeping that night." His lips curled up in his signature smirk.

The pink haired kunoichi's face rivalled her shirt, the way he said it so casually was like he was talking about the weather. She frantically glanced around trying to memorise all the possible exits, this was stranger danger alright! "No-No! This can't be right! Sasuke never acknowledged her! Sasuke chose the path to revenge over her! Sasuke thinks she's nothing but a nuisance and an annoyance who stood in the way of his purpose! Not a loving husband and caring father!" She dropped to her knees and started to hyperventilate trying to process this new information.

Sasuke's heart dropped at the sight before him, in the past he treated her so badly and it was true he never really gave her the time of the day and yes there was a time when he found her a tad bit annoying but that was because she was in the way, she was always meddling in his business,it was because she loved a person like him when there other guys out there who would've worshipped the ground she walked on!

Sakura peered through her dishevelled bangs as he walked up to her and kneeled down until he was on her eye level.

"What can I do to make you believe me?...How about this? My name is Sasuke Uchiha...I hate a lot of things and I don't particularly like anything, what I have is not a dream because i will make it a reality, I am gong to restore my clan and destroy a certain someone."

Sakura looked into his eyes,those very words were spoken when they had to introduce themselves. Sasuke paused like he was deciding whether or not say what was on his mind but continued. "If that doesn't convince you do you remember when I left you on the bench that night and that incident in the land of Iron?"

Sakura flinched and her face changed to a sullen expression as she looked down gripping the hem of her skirt till her knuckles turned white. "Fine...I believe you...geez, but still how did I get here? Am I in the future?"

He held up the purple scroll in her line of vision "That was my doing, I did it out of revenge."

"Shannaroooo! Seriously even as a grown man it's still revenge with you! hmph!...but what does that measly little scroll have to do with anything?!" The pink haired medic was thrown off guard at the soft smile he gave her in response. "Uh...that is out of character for you Sasuke!"

"Hn, from what we know so far is that this scroll reverts the age and memories of the person who dares to open it, I know that much cause I was the first victim." He smirked at her.

She scoffed at his smug face then smiled, It's like the Sasuke she knew when they were genin,It's like he never really changed!

Her brows furrowed together in confusion,"Y-you?"


"How come?" She pressed further since he wasn't giving much info to work with.*sigh* same old Sasuke for sure!

"I was heading back to the village after searching for traces of Kaguya but I-"

Sakura arched her brow,"Who's Kaguya? and why were you searching for her?"

Sasuke glared at her. "You know Sakura, It's not polite to interrupt your elders when they're speaking."

The pink haired medic folded her arms and pouted her lips at the thought of being reprimanded by an older Sasuke...a dilf Sasuke! Rawwr! She always knew the fact he would age well but damn! A certain part of her body suddenly felt heated. "Uh...sorry.."

He gave her another hard look just in case she started talking again but she remained silent and averted her gaze looking everywhere but at him.

"As I was saying..I was searching for Kaguya..."


Sasuke strode back to village slowly almost drained of his chakra after tirelessly checking dimension to dimension for any signs of extraterrestrial threats like Kaguya but as usual he came up empty.

He suddenly stopped."You can come out and save me the trouble of cutting you down."

"My my! So crude!" A tall auburn haired kunoichi with piercing blue eyes stepped out the bushes."I just wanted to get a look at you.." She started to get close to him.

"Up close and personal Uchiha-san."

Sasuke unsheathed his sword."For your own good you shouldn't get too close or you might not like what you see."

The corner of her supple lips slightly twitched upwards,she stretched out her arms and chakra chains shot out from the sleeve of her maroon shirt and bounded him. Before she could blink she found her self trapped with the very chains Sasuke was bounded with. "What the...?"

Sasuke suddenly appeared behind and got close enough for her to feel his hot breath then the cold blade of his sword against her neck. "What's your deal?"

The strange woman smirked and disappeared with a poof leaving a log in her place.

Sasuke jumped back assessing his surroundings then a small hand shot out from the ground and grabbed his left foot causing him to stumble back a bit.

He took his sword and sliced through the arm.

"How cruel of you! That could've been my real arm you son of a bitch!"

"You will lose your actual arm if you don't let me know why you're attacking me."

Before she could come up with another snappy comeback another Sasuke grabbed her from behind, She started to struggle but stopped after realising how futile it was, the man had an iron tight grip! She cursed silently as she saw his face etched into a deep frown.

Who was she kidding confronting the great Sasuke Uchiha to make a name for herself?

In a desperate attempt to escape she squirmed a little more and threw a strange purple scroll at him who caught it with ease out of reflex. He 'tsked' in annoyance at how easily a low level ninja got away. Every since the end of of the fourth great ninja war various ninja were out for his head. He then turned his attention to scroll she used as her diversion. It was a plain purple scroll with no inscriptions on the outside,not seeing any harm he decided to open it and was almost blinded by a sudden bright light.


"...And after that I lost all of my current memories and was taken advantage by a predator.

Sakura's face grew pale and in horror at the thought of someone taking advantage of Sasuke, she used to harbour one and two dark thoughts about Orochimaru overpowering him and taking him against some cold dark mouldy wall revelling in the pleasure of being one with him. She gulped before hesitantly asking,"It was Orochimaru..wasn't it?"

Sasuke's nose turned up in disgust."" Why would she entertain such a thought?

She breathed a sigh of relief and took a seat on the couch and he followed suit."Tell me did we get together?"

The pink haired kunoichi's eyes sparkled with glee at how uncomfortable the older man got at the simple question. He closed his eyes and pinched the bridge of his aristocratic nose as tip of his ears got red, a sign that he was getting embarrassed. *sigh* "Must you ask such things? The story behind my lost arm is more interesting than how our relationship came to be."

Sakura placed a finger to her lips and her cheeks flushed,"That intense huh? I get're shy to talk about it."

Sasuke's eyes widened then he smiled as she continued,"You always act tough but sometimes I see through it. I always did have the sharpest eyes on the team you know."

"Are you bipolar?"

Sakura gaped "E-excuse me?! The question is are you?! One time you're all creepy like Sakura~~~ and the next you're all flirty then mysterious!"

Sasuke shrugged "Tch! Clearly not. But one moment you're trying to kill me then the next moment you're a confused sputtering mess and then you go all 'I always knew you Sasuke-kun~~~~ "

Sakura's cheeks flushed and she covered her face,"W-wah! I AM NOT LIKE THAT ALL SHANAROOO!"

The two stared at each other in awkward silence until Sasuke cleared his throat."I...should probably make us something to eat."

Sakura nodded, "I'll take a look around 'our' home."

Sakura felt like a child in a candy store! crazy as it may seem...maybe this was a trippy version of a dream from hallucinogens from the pills she used to help her to sleep when her body was overworked from missions and shifts at the hospital.

She ventured upstairs where things would be a bit more personal and intimate. Sakura tentatively peered into what appeared to be Sarada's room.

It was simple in terms of decor similar to hers when she was a genin, She went over to the dresser and picked up a photo with Sarada and who she assumed to be her teammates. Konohamaru seemed to age nicely! If all of her love wasn't directed to Sasuke...maybe they could've worked something out?..What the hell?! Such sordid thoughts!

Her eyes drifted to the vibrant, rambunctious blond that just screamed Naruto Uzumaki all over, at least he seemed to have a sense of fashion and not following his dad with that god awful orange jumpsuit! Sakura shivered at the memory, her eyes then went to the pale boy with the light blue tousled hair, he seemed to be on good terms with the blond ninja but he gave off a mysterious air and his golden eyes reminded her of a snake..wait could he Orochimaru's...? But who would to do it with that sick freak?

Lastly she looked at kunoichi in the middle, her expression softened as she studied her features, Sasuke's genes were obviously dominant, Her pink hair was recessive and secretly she was relieved for that. Imagine pink haired Uchihas running around Konoha would surely resurrect the second hokage!

She still had to meet her but the young Uchiha looked like she was a little firecracker with grand aspirations. Sakura gently placed the frame back in its place and moved on the next room, her heart started to pound a little harder in her chest as she placed her hand on the knob of 'their' bedroom. As a young kunoichi she dreamed of this moment countless nights and days so much that it affected her performance on the team and it almost became a hindrance then somehow transformed into a motivation and source of strength.

She opened the door and was immediately welcomed with the familiar smell of cherry blossoms mixed with jasmine fragrance and cautiously walked over to the closet and opened it,from the vast variations of petite red articles of clothing it seemed like she occupied most of the space. she took out a qipao and studied it closely, "So this is what I wear? It's kind of revealing...I guess there's no harm in trying it on..." She pulled down the zipper of her top and her skirt followed shortly after...

"It sure is awfully quiet upstairs..." Sasuke mused to himself as he placed the onigiri on the table, untied Sakura's cherry blossom apron and draped it over his shoulder. "Might as well check to see what she's up to...I bet it's nothing good hn..."

Sakura examined herself in the mirror, her curves were subtle and the dress was a bit spacey, that was to be expected as it seemed she would get a bit more curvier. She rubbed her exposed navel self consciously,"Geez do I have to wear something so revealing?"

"Sakura what are you doing up there? I made onigiri."

Sakura panicked at sound of Sasuke's voice approaching the bedroom, she looked around the room and noticed another door.

Sasuke peered inside Sarada's room, it was empty. He went into their bedroom and a frowned until he noticed her clothes pooled on the floor. His eyes darted to the bathroom door.

Sakura turned on the switch and realised this was a self contained bathroom. She picked up the shampoo labelled cherry blossom and spring rain. So this is where that scent was coming from and it probably belonged to her, there was another one labelled Jasmine, that one probably belonged to Sasuke. The knock on the door startled her back to reality "Sakura..."

Sakura slipped on the rug, grabbing the shower curtain for support only for it to rip sending her crashing into the tub,To make her situation even worse the shower came on and the cold water made her shriek.

Upon hearing the noise on the other side of the door Sasuke barged in. He almost burst into a fit of laughter at the sight before him but that would break character. He reached out his arm which she hesitantly grasped as he helped her to her feet she almost lost her footing again falling against him to break the fall again. She grinned sheepishly,"I don't know what's gotten into me, heh I'm not usually this clumsy."

Sasuke grunted and then looked at her, she was soaked from head to toe that he could see her pert nipples peeking through the qipao, it filled out her curves rather nicely, the white pants clinged to her thighs and buttocks deliciously. He coughed and scowled at himself, he was not like his lustful wife, he would not let his urges win! He pushed aside the tightness in his pants, grabbed the apron from his shoulder and handed it to her. "Here...put this on while I go grab a towel and your clothing." He left the bathroom in search of a towel.

Sakura nodded as she felt blood rush to her face. He wanted her to wear this flimsy apron?! Her butt would he exposed! She reluctantly undressed herself and put on the thin apron as she awaited the Uchiha's arrival.

Sasuke found the towel with no difficulty at all so why exactly was he staring a hole into bathroom door for? It should he easy, slip in hand his teenage wife the towel and her previous clothing...Bam! mission accomplished! It was difficult because of the state she was in behind that accursed door, she would be vulnerable, open, exposed and somewhat at his mercy and that's perfect recipe for his little friend to stand fully erect. He was afraid he would lose control.

Sakura paced around the small room impatiently awaiting Sasuke's return. "What's taking him so long? The room is basically outside this door! my ass is freezing for crying out loud!" She sighed in frustration and flung open the door so rough that she nearly tore it off from the hinges holding it together and almost hit Sasuke in the face.

The pink haired kunoichi's face rivaled her hair."S-Sasuke I'm so so sorry! I was getting impatient! Oh my god!...Are you hurt? Let me examine you!"

Sasuke smirked at the flustered mess in front of him, every second that passed with his delayed response she grew more anxious.

"Sakura it's fine the door didn't hit me, there's no need to get worked up...over..." he trailed off as glanced over her small form barely hidden with the cherry blossom apron. Sasuke gulped softly as a trickle of blood ran from his nose.

"Sasuke are you okay?! Let's get you off your feet." She helped him to sit on the bed and she hovered over him with her hands glowing green.

Sasuke closed his eyes allowing the cool chakra to seep into his skin and to try to rid himself of the thought that Sakura's erect nipples were mere inches from his face. He balled his knuckles into a tight fist digging his fingernails into the skin to leave a bruise.

"There you go." Sakura stopped healing his nose and placed her hands at side of his face tilting his face upwards so she examine her work."Looks good as new to me...Sasuke?"

Sasuke buried his face in her chest and inhaled her slight cherry blossom scent that barely lingered.

Sakura looked down at the Uchiha who seemed to be in conflict with himself. "Sasuke?"

"I will not falter...I'm not like that!"he gritted his teeth as he fisted the front of the apron so tightly his knuckles turned white.

Sakura placed a finger under his chin,tilting his head up. Onyx met glittering emerald that oozed innocence. She was a bit shocked to see him looking back at her so tenderly. Tears welled up in her eyes as her heart swelled with pride, It was truly a sight to behold for the great Sasuke Uchiha to look at you this way. It was endearing but weird,an expression that was foreign to the Uchiha's normally blank expressions. Maybe he really got hit by the door and was trying to be cool about it.


That was it! That was the straw that broke the camel's back!

Sakura gasped softly as she found herself suddenly pulled into Sasuke's lap flush against his hardening member. Her face grew heated as she felt herself get wet realising that she wasn't wearing any underwear. A small whimper escaped her lips at the thought of it.

Sasuke pressed his lips against her neck causing her to jerk back in surprise.

Sakura's eyes widened in shock, beneath her was the great Sasuke Uchiha holding her and touching her in a way that she never imagined. She probably caught something, yes that's logical alright! cause this was one crazy trippy fever dream!

She snapped back to reality when she felt the apron strings around her become undone as he ran his hand up her back in a slow teasing manner.

"It's not that fun when you're on the receiving end huh Sakura? You've toyed with me when I was in this condition...and you know I'm always out for revenge and vengeance."

"I d-don't think vengeance is the way to solv-"

Sasuke slammed his lips onto hers before she could even finish he pulled the tie at her waist and swiftly removed the apron leaving her naked with his hand running over her.

"Get on the bed Sakura,"

Sakura slowly crawled onto the bed and lay on her back, she moaned softly as she took in the scent of the bed sheets. It smelled heavenly, it smelled like him. Sasuke hovered above her giving her a predatory glare, Sakura bit her lips as she waited with bated breath what would his next move be. He removed his shirt with ease she forgot he lost a limb, speaking of the lost appendage her brow furrowed as gently traced her small fingers over the rough stump of what was left of his left arm. "You never did tell me the story of your lost limb..."

Sasuke 'tsked' must she ask such things now? right he was so worked up beyond the point of no return."I lost my arm to Naruto."

Sakura's face grew pale,"Why did things have to go that fa-ahhh~~ mmmhmmmm!"

Two digits suddenly slipped into her entrance with ease, if only the bed would open up and swallow her whole as the Uchiha above her stared at her like just grew a second head."Someone was a busy girl while I was away from the village." The smug look he gave her made her want to crawl into a hole and die right there!

She gingerly grabbed onto his wrist prompting him to pick up the pace."I-I had to do something to relieve myself..." She trailed off and closed her eyes as she felt him caressing her left nipple-Wait that wasn't right Sasuke only had one arm at the moment, Green eyes shot open and saw an arm made of purple chakra, it felt cool against her sensitive nipple. Noticing her curious stare, he smirked "Why opt for a prosthetic arm when I can get one anytime with susanoo."

Sakura was about ask what he meant when he suddenly removed his fingers and placed them in his mouth," usual you taste sweet like mochi, that's too bad cause I don't like sweet things."

Sakura moaned at the sight before her, emerald eyes followed every movement of his tongue as it cleaned up what was left on his lips."Sasuke-kun please take me! I-I don't think I could hold out any longer!"

Sasuke unbuttons the front of his pants just enough to slide his cock out. pulling away from the kiss, Sasuke breathes heavy on your neck as you sink onto his cock. Sakura let out a low, shuddering moan as he bottomed out, "So're always good to me." he pants. "So good for me." It's rare to see him so pent up, if ever, but it was lighting a fire deep within her.

His hair hanged messily in his face, cool black strands framing his face. it was probably her favorite way to look at him, this angle always made butterflies in her stomach. Adjusting his position, Sasuke leaned down to kiss her and starts an agonizingly slow pace. Sakura whined into his mouth, hips arched as she craved more, more-"P-please-" she muttered barely audible but her emerald eyes begged harder than her words.

Sasuke bites hard on his lip as her walls squeezed his cock, trying not to bust just at the look on your face. "A-ah, good girl." he breathes,his gentle hand fiddled with her clit, sending waves of pleasure through her body. Sakura gasped, back arching off the plush mattress while Sasuke works in perfect drag of his cock making her cunt drip down his shaft, Sakura could only hope there's not too much a mess beneath her but her brain is too full of Sasuke Sasuke Sasuke-

"S-Sasuke I-" the moan that follows would've been far too loud, and Sasuke leans down to catch your lips to stop her from alerting any concerned neighbours, as he kissed her, she whined into it as she came around his cock. Every wave crashing as her lover fucked her through it. It's not long before he's following behind in bliss, his thick seed filling her up and making her whimper. Sasuke shudders into the kiss, pulling away to breathe heavy as both come down from their high.

Sakura slowly started to get drowsy, her eyelids starting droop.

"Don't worry,... I got you." Sasuke whispers, placing a kiss to her cheek before he stands. He uncomfortably tugs his pants back into place, and grabbed a robe for the worn out kunoichi before he carries her off to the bathroom and ran a bath. Sakura's heart flutters as he helped her in the tub before settling in himself, She could never imagine that she would be fortunate to see this tender side of Sasuke, yet her she was sharing bath with him, with her resting on his chest as he gently washed her.


"Boruto if you want me to teach you the chidori then at least try to take the bell" Sasuke sighed as he watched blond genin struggle to take the object from his hand, every time the younger Uzumaki would get close he would either push him away with his sword or simply kick him away.

"This is getting nowhere!" he was about to turn stomp off in the opposite direction when he stopped in his tracks and whipped around with a triumphant smirk on his face. " I will learn the chidori after I use my super special move!"

Sasuke arched his brow wondering what tricks the blond child had that he didn't know about, he glared as he watched Boruto form that annoying useless hand signs that his father used to when they were genin.


Sasuke unsheathed his sword with murderous aura surrounding him "Boruto if you want me to teach you anything never perform such a monstrosity of a jutsu in my pres-"

The smoke cleared revealing a busty version of Sakura in nothing but that damned cherry blossom apron he both loved yet dreaded. "A-anata~~Please be my master!~~~" he looked at Sasuke batting long eyelashes at the Uchiha he looked like he was about to have a seizure.

"Y-you pass...W-we start at dawn..." Sasuke dropped to his knees as he covered his nose to hide the blood that starting to gush out.

Boruto undid the jutsu and jumped up and down in glee then glanced over to see an unconscious Sasuke, probably from the large amount of blood loss.

"W-Wah! S-sensei!"

Well there you have it! I'm took like two years to submit this! But hey at least I completed it, It feels a bit anticlimactic if I must say, so I might Revise the promises tho!.

Ja ne~~~~

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