The Future In Our Hands @syrinxsilenus
Chapter 2: Rin and Obito's Retrieval

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The Future in Our Hands

Chapter 2: Operation: Rin's rescue and Obito's retrieval.

The hissing ricocheted across the sky, lightning crackling like an angry storm in the hand of a young teenager as he struck and killed as many Kiri-nin as he could.

Hatake Kakashi's A-rank assassination jutsu, Chidori, echoed in the ears of his opponents; living through its moniker of 'the cry of a thousand birds' as he pushed his tired legs to move and strike; not relenting even as the Kirigakure Shinobi dropped like flies on the ground.

The 13-year-old was merciless.

"Left, right," Kakashi's eyes darted in all directions as his enemy pounced on him without pause. He was already on the verge of unconsciousness, his chakra rapidly depleting.

"Endure it! Damn it! You must protect her!" He told himself over and over again, recalling the promise made with Obito.

"You can't rest yet. Not yet!" he screamed to himself as his Chidori laced arm struck another Kiri-nin.

"Kakashi, protect Rin," Uchiha Obito said, his voice ragged and rasping with each breath he took. Blood was dripping down his chin to the cold floor of the cave.

"I will, with my life,"-was the vow that he spoke as tears continuously rolled down his masked cheeks. He knew that day, that his life was not his to own. He would use it to protect his precious people. He would not lose another one of them.

When his teammate said his final words, he vowed that he would dedicate his life to protecting Rin, and here they were, standing far away from Konoha as multiple Kiri Shinobi surrounded them. He had to bring his teammate back home to Konoha, even if his limbs screamed in pain, his body barely able to move.

Kakashi knew in the back of his mind that it was impossible to survive this situation. There were too many Kiri-nin for him to fight alone, but he refused to give up. Rin was here, and their enemies were not yet dead. Maybe if he died protecting Rin, only then would he be able to face Obito in the afterlife. If he died now, he would be content as long as Nohara Rin survived.

Kakashi pulled back his arm, aiming to charge his chidori right through the Kiri Shinobi's chest.

His lightning-covered hand descended in slow motion towards his target and as if digging into butter with a spoon, his hand pierced through his target's chest. The person sputtered blood on his face. His arm felt coated with molasses as the blood of his victim dripped on the ground as his Chidori laced arm went cleanly through the person's heart.

Rin's heart pounded erratically inside her chest, clenching her eyes shut before she stilled herself; solidifying her resolve to commit suicide by jumping in front of her teammate's deadly attack.

At that time, the only coherent thoughts running through her head were… "I'm a danger to Konoha… I must die… I can't let this thing let loose inside Konoha… I can't go back to the village… I'm THE trap… "

And so, with a hardened heart, she proceeded to jump in front of her teammate's chidori. She leapt high, using a burst of chakra on the soles of her feet to give her an extra boost.

Time stopped as her life flashed before her eyes. She could feel the wild electric current of the Chidori grazing her cheeks as she shut her eyes in fear – resigned to her fate.

"I'm sorry, Kakashi."

Tears rolled down her cheeks as she waited for the pain to come.

She hoped that it would be fleeting.

She hoped that she would die soon.

She hoped the pain was bearable.

The sound of the cracking lightning became louder and louder and Rin braced for the pain – only to feel a sudden burst of nausea when someone abruptly grabbed her by the back of her clothes and yanked her away from the deadly attack, hard.

Then, the unknown person promptly chopped her neck with ease, making her lose the chance to fight back or to even chanced a glimpse of her attacker – the darkness embraced her.

Obito never ran so fast in his life. His battered body numbed with adrenaline.

He tried his best to ignore the ache in his muscles as he used his legs for the first time in what felt like forever. He couldn't remember how long he was trapped inside that cave with the crazy geezer who called himself Uchiha Madara.

That creepy old man had done nothing but stare at his pathetic body in mocking silence while he tried to wiggle his way out of the cave the moment he awoke from his supposed slumber.

Weeks of captivity with that old geezer hadn't wavered his resolve to make it back to his teammates. He was determined to push his body to move, no matter how painful it was. Even through his torturous Genjutsu. Obito would come back to Konoha, where his precious people were waiting for him. His comrades.

"Kakashi, Rin… Minato-sensei. Please wait for me."

A few months had passed since he woke up from his supposed death. At first, Obito thought that he was only hallucinating. Especially when an old, wrinkled man, claiming to be Konoha's most notorious missing-nin, 'saved' him from the hands of death. With a leg and hand that he thought he could never use again, which were wrapped like a mummy would, only to find out that it was replaced by a white-cell creature that doesn't look like skin at all.

It took him a while to be able to stand on his own feet. After crawling and stumbling for two months, he finally managed to stand and move his artificial arm and leg. Obito decided then and there that he would train his ass off in order to go back home, and he did; even though the old geezer continued to spit nonsense to him about his team not caring for him, that his own village was corrupt and a cancer that needed to be destroyed or that the Shinobi system was nothing but a piece of shit that breeds more hatred.

Obito also decided during his stay that the old man was insane. He obviously didn't know what he was talking about. And so, he turned a deaf ear and pretended that he was paying attention to what the old man was spouting.

In truth, Obito didn't give a fuck about his philosophies and his twisted beliefs in the Shinobi World, he just wanted to enjoy a hot shower and his comfy bed. He wanted to tease Kakashi again. He wanted to try and make a move on Rin. He wanted to go home.

Days and nights passed by before he was finally able to throw a punch, and Obito knew that it wasn't enough. So he trained harder, pushing himself to the limits just to gain control over his new limbs.

Today wasn't any different. He was determined to come out of this cave and be with his team again.

He was training with Zetsu to finally be able to walk out of the godforsaken cave. Another Zetsu appeared out of thin air, informing him that his teammates were in danger. His mind seemed to short circuit at the thought of his team in danger.

"Kakashi…Rin. Where the heck is Minato-Sensei?" Worry consumed him as his thoughts ran frantically.

Obito had immediately reacted to the news. There was no hesitation in his mind. He would do everything in his power to get to them, even if he needed to crawl his way towards his teammates' location. He felt fear creeping up his senses at the thought of his teammates fighting for their lives without him.

He didn't need to think twice as he demanded to be let out of the cave. He didn't give a fuck about Madara. His team needed him.

The old man refused his departure, but he paid him no mind. Before the geezer could stop him, he had already punched the boulder that was blocking his exit. Apparently, that was a bad idea because his artificial arm was destroyed and disintegrated to the ground like a drop of liquid.

It was a good thing that Guruguru decided to help him, merging with his right side to act as his new limb replacement in order for him to be able to run outside.

In that moment, he hadn't thought of how odd it was for Madara to let him out and save his teammates without a fuss, or how odd it was for Guruguru to suddenly decide to help him out of nowhere when he hadn't done so in the past few weeks of his captivity. All that mattered at that time was the fact that he finally could run again, with Guruguru as his artificial replacement limbs.

So Obito ran until he finally reached the clearing. He watched as Kakashi's hand, enveloped in his own invented jutsu, went through the chest of the Kiri Shinobi before his eyes rolled back and he promptly lost consciousness. Kakashi dropped to the ground like a rag doll, all chakra spent, while dead bodies littered around him. Obito immediately took note of the few Kirigakure Shinobi alive who were about to attack the unconscious Hatake.

"KAKASHI!" He shouted in panic, "Where's Rin!?" He frantically said, eyes darting around the clearing when he remembered that the person he loved was supposed to be with Kakashi. He vaguely caught a glimpse of his female teammate leaning on a tree, unconscious. Before he could really access the full clearing though, his attention was caught again by the unconscious Hatake when the remaining enemy nin went to attack him.

Obito stepped a foot in front of him ready to defend his fallen teammate, but something stopped him. No, someone did.

He dimly registered two Shinobi with Leaf ANBU masks who had started striking the remaining Kiri-nin, 'Fox, Dog, Bear and Slug' he took note of the masks that the ANBU wore as they struck the enemy Shinobi without hesitation, killing them all in an instant. He felt a sharp sting at the back of his neck, and a soft murmur.

"Sorry… but you need to sleep for now."

–And then darkness.

Obito knew no more.

Hatake Kakashi, former Rokudaime Hokage of Konoha, struck the last two Kiri-nin at the back of their neck with lightning coated hands; they died quietly without much suffering.

He knew that it wasn't enough to break even with what they had done to Rin, but his blond student hated brutality, so they made sure to kill every Kiri Shinobi as quickly as possible.

He lifted his gaze towards the Nanadaime Hokage, who henge'd himself with the dress attire of Konoha's ANBU, with a fox mask and black, spiky hair, hiding his yellow locks. Kakashi had henge'd himself in his old ANBU gear, with his signature Dog mask and light brown hair. Tsunade, with a slug mask and dark brown hair, not very subtle with the mask but that would do for now. Sai, with henge'd blond hair and Konoha's standard ANBU attire had a Bear mask securely placed on his face.

Shikamaru, Temari, Hinata and Ino were hiding among the trees with the kids, silently watching them do their work.

Sasuke and Sakura were assigned a different task than them. The Uchiha couple had gone to eliminate Madara and Black Zetsu with the help of Naruto's clones.

Sasuke was actually enough to do the job by himself, dragging Sakura with him was practically overkill – especially after Hinata gave the pink-haired woman her Yang power; wanting to make a perfect Yin-Yang combination with Naruto. However, the Nanadaime Hokage didn't want to take any chances, and Sakura was assigned the same mission with her husband in killing Madara and Black Zetsu; which the pink haired Kunoichi happily accepted.

To execute the plan without fail, they split the group into three. One group was to eliminate Madara, Black Zetsu, and destroy the Gedo Mazo; while another group rescued Rin and teenage Kakashi; Naruto's task was to fix Obito's seal in his heart and battered body. The last group was tasked to guard the children.

Kakashi watched as the Zetsu wrapped around Obito's body, using it in an attempt to strike Naruto. It was a very dumb move.

The older Hatake didn't feel an ounce of sympathy when the blond Hokage yanked Tobi/Guruguru out of Obito's body like it was nothing, splitting the pathetic thing in half and striking his face with a Rasengan. All the while, his cerulean eyes were cold as ice, gleaming visibly from the holes of his ANBU mask.

Kakashi almost shivered at the blatant display of power. His cute little Genins who hadn't even understood the importance of basic teamwork before had truly grown into terrifying Shinobi.

He couldn't have been more proud.

Kakashi suppressed the urge to wipe an imaginary tear of joy as he watched his former dead-last student shake Tobi's lower body like a piece of useless meat.

The upper body of the White Zetsu turned into a tree as Naruto walked towards Obito, dragging the pathetic Zetsu's lower body to attach it to the battered right side of the Uchiha. With the use of his Yin-Yang release, he had worked to fix the broken part of the teen's body as much as possible.

He then proceeded to carry Obito bridal-style towards the rest of his teammates, while Sai carried Rin's unconscious body.

Together, the Nanadaime and the former Root agent laid the two teens beside the unconscious chibi Kakashi. The blond quietly stood in front of the teenagers as they laid side by side, sleeping peacefully in the middle of the multiple dead bodies of their enemies. As the Nanadaime Hokage quietly observed the three, he couldn't help but stare at his former Sensei's teenage self in astonishment.

"Wow...Kaka-sensei, didn't know you looked this cute as a teenager." Naruto snickered as the 48-year-old Kakashi gave him an eye smile behind his ANBU mask.

"Maa, I remember the three of you looked much cuter as my lovely little Genins back then, when you all were nothing but snotty, whiny brats." Future Kakashi drawled lazily.

The blond Hokage loudly snorted at that comment, rolling his eyes at his old Sensei's antics before proceeding to do his work. He bit his thumb and started drawing an intricate seal on top of Rin's ticking time-bomb of a seal.

His finger moved with practised ease as if he had been doing this for all of his life. Each stroke was precise and had its intended destination. There was no hesitation with every line and design added, and the seal was completed not even a minute later. It was only a temporary fail-safe, just to make sure that the seal wouldn't explode anytime soon.

He could have easily absorbed the Sanbi inside him if he ever managed to get out, but he wanted to avoid the hustle of a Bijuu rampaging or running away before he could absorb him. If he was secured inside, then it would be much easier to absorb him later.

Naruto had a talk with the tailed beast regarding the existence of the past Bijuu earlier before the mission, and he had found out that the past Bijuu would be eventually absorbed by the future Bijuu because they were much stronger than their past self. So it was logical that the massive chakra and existence of the past Bijuu would merge with the future Bijuu, leaving their Jinchuuriki nothing but a lifeless corpse; and so Naruto had decided to just absorb the past Bijuu before they naturally merge with the future's, restoring the life force of their specific Jinchuuriki once the Bijuu were extracted from them.

The blond had already scattered his clones in the Five Hidden Villages, to extract the Bijuu from inside their hosts except for Konoha. He had other plans for the past Kurama before he absorbed him.

"There, now Isobu would not be able to rampage." He mumbled under his breath to no one in particular before he looked up at his former Sensei.

"Your turn, strike her right here." The blond pointed at the girl's chest where her heart was located and the former Rokudaime conceded without question. He charged his right hand with Chidori, and struck the girl in the chest, destroying the seal that was placed in the girl's heart that controls her decisions and emotions.

"Baachan!" Naruto called out.

Tsunade didn't need more prompting as her hand glowed with the pale green color of her medical jutsu, immediately working to stop the bleeding. Laying his hand on top of the former Godaime, the blond Uzumaki called upon Isobu's chakra. Prodding relentlessly inside the girl's seal until he had successfully grasped the startled Bijuu. Then he promptly yanked hard, closing his eyes in concentration as he merged the future and past tailed beasts together.

After the last of the Sanbi's chakra was removed from Rin's body and into his own, Naruto channeled his Yin-Yang release and restored Rin's beating heart. The job was finished in no time.

"I would have felt so insulted about that power if I wasn't used to your unfathomable abilities, Naruto." Tsunade said dryly. Naruto laughed sheepishly before he shifted his attention towards the unconscious Obito.

Without any further instruction, Kakashi struck his best friend's chest to destroy the seal that Madara placed to manipulate his emotions, completely freeing him from the man's control. This time, Naruto didn't need to absorb a Bijuu, so he had begun to heal Obito right away. Not even ten minutes later, their tasks were done.

"Here's your second chance Obito, don't waste it," The Nanadaime Hokage whispered with a wistful smile as he looked at the unconscious face of Uchiha Obito.

"Let's move them to the cave," Naruto ordered as he stood up. Kakashi looked at him with shining eyes.

"Thank you, Naruto… " The 48-year-old Hatake softly whispered.

Naruto gave a blinding grin and a thumbs up to his former Jounin Sensei. Before their group proceeded to change location. Their tasks were done.

Sakura burst through the wall with a single punch, walking inside the cave with a smirk worthy of an action movie star with her leading man beside her.

Madara and the Zetsu were startled at the sudden invasion, and the old wrinkled man opened his mouth to question the intruders. Before he could blurt out a single word, he was struck through the heart with a chokuto, and a fistful of his hair was yanked hard to force him to look at the unknown man's eye.

Madara's eyes widened as he registered the man's mismatched eyes.

"Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan and Rinnegan! How is that possible–" Were his last thoughts, he managed to let out a gurgle before the legendary Uchiha Madara was submerged into Sasuke's Tsukuyomi, and was introduced to 72 hours of nonstop illusion: showcasing the Fourth Shinobi war and the resurrection of the Rabbit Goddess, the progenitor of chakra, Ōtsutsuki Kaguya. How the world had nearly ended, and how he was used by Black Zetsu as a mere puppet to bring back his mother to the Earth and destroy humanity.

The memories were replayed over and over, until his mind broke completely. Uchiha Madara let out a bloodcurdling scream before he exhaled his final breath, dying on the spot. He was left feeling useless, pathetic, and regretful. His final word was Hashirama's broken name, whispered under his breath.

Sasuke looked up from the legendary Uchiha's corpse and saw that his wife had just finished tying the scroll where the twitching and screaming body of Black Zetsu was sealed – after she had finished pummeling him to the ground like he was nothing.

She tossed the scroll towards her husband without a care and proceeded to help their blond teammate's clones in eliminating every single Zetsu in the cave.

While this was happening, Naruto had sent his other clones to eliminate all the other Zetsu clones scattered around the Shinobi world from Hagoromo's memory.

"Is this the last of them here?" One Naruto clone asked after he smashed a Rasengan on the twitching Zetsu under his foot.

Another Naruto clone hit two Zetsu who tried to run away with two overpowered Rasengan. "Yep, that's the last. We'll change location now."

"Hmm, the next memory would be near the land of lightning." Naruto's clone said. He was the clone who was responsible for sensing the Zetsu's around, utilizing his Sennin chakra.

"Alright, let's go dattebayo!"

The five glowing clones disappeared and promptly appeared in another location filled with white Zetsu.

"Intruders!" One Zetsu angrily snarled.

"Who are you!?" Another yelled.

"We're your worst nightmare!" The Naruto clones simultaneously said with terrifying smirks on their lips.

The agonizing yell of the Zetsu's inside the underground cave could be heard all around the Lightning country as the Naruto clones disintegrated their army, one by one.

Sasuke effortlessly caught the scroll that his wife had thrown and torched it with Amaterasu, watching with emotionless eyes as the scroll turned into ash... erasing the existence of the person inside.

Black Zetsu couldn't do anything but to feel the agonizing flame as he turned into ashes. His confused mind couldn't comprehend how his plans turned from progressing moderately into this.

"No, motheeerr!" – was the third son of Ōtsutsuki Kaguya's final cry as his existence disappeared from the Shinobi World.

After the ashes crumbled to the ground, the Uchiha lifted his eyes to look at his best friend's clone to check that the bastard hadn't escaped. The clone's eyes that were surrounded by orange pigmentation were closed for a couple of seconds, quietly sensing Black Zetsu's presence before it opened and he gave his raven-haired friend a thumbs up and a grin.

"Confirmed: the bastard is gone, he couldn't escape the seals that I put around his body. His presence disappeared too," the clone happily informed him and the Uchiha smirked.

"Hn," He grunted and shifted his gaze to his wife who headed towards him, dusting her hands off with a smug grin on her face.

"HAH! That was a piece of cake. I can't believe that these guys made our lives so difficult back then," Sakura laughed. Sasuke's lips quirk into a smile he reserved just for his wife.

"Aa, it helps that we already know what's coming, they didn't stand a chance," The Uchiha's deep voice resonated around the cave as they started to walk towards the exit.

They stopped just a few meters outside the opening of the cave, staring at it for the last time before Sakura started running back towards it, jumping so high from the ground with her chakra-coated feet and a shit-eating grin on her face.

Airborne, she cocked her arm back and tightened her fist, concentrating a large amount of chakra around her knuckle before..."SHANNAROOO!" She screamed as her fists made contact to the stone surface and the cave crumbled into dust.

Naruto's clone immediately formed two Bijuu Rasenshuriken and threw them at the destroyed cave effortlessly.

Sasuke's mismatched eyes glowed red and purple as his Susano'o manifested.

"Indora no Ya," The Uchiha mumbled under his breath as he fired a single Indra's Arrow not far from Naruto's attack.

The loud resounding BOOM echoed throughout the Elemental Nation, shaking its villages' foundations as the very Earth shook in fright.

Location: Iwagakure

The Tsuchikage, Onoki, looked up from his meeting with his councillors and held on for dear life to the council's table as a frightening power shook their village.

The villagers tried to hide underneath the tables while the Shinobi held on to something concrete. The Earth shook for a total of fifteen seconds before it died down, leaving behind traces of an unfathomable power coming from the borders of the fire country, near the village of Konohagakure.

"What on earth was that?" One Iwa councillor managed to blurt out after a few seconds of silence.

"Such frightening power," Onoki murmured in disbelief as his eyes danced with a kind of fear he had never felt before.

Meanwhile, near the borders of the Land of Earth Countries...

A Naruto clone shrouded with golden chakra suddenly appeared behind the unsuspecting Roshi, hitting him in the back of the head and knocking him out. He didn't even realize it.

The blond put a hand on the man's stomach and pulled Son Goku out of the seal and into his own, merging him with the future Yonbi with such ease that it looked like he just went to close his eyes for a few seconds.

Once he fully absorbed the Bijuu inside of the man, he channelled his Yin-Yang release and restored Roshi's already dying heart back to life, vanishing without a trace before the man opened his eyes.

It was exactly 10 minutes after the clone left, the former Jinchūriki of the Yonbi regained his consciousness.

At first, everything was blurry and the man felt light-headed. He also felt like a huge burden was removed from his body. That was when he remembered that someone attacked him.

Roshi abruptly sat up, eyes frantically darting everywhere before he put a hand in his stomach. His eyes filled with horror with a mixture of bewilderment.

"Gone… " his raspy voice whispered in disbelief. "T-the Yonbi is gone," He uttered to himself, dazed at the sudden realization. The burden that was forced unto him for half of his life was gone. He couldn't believe it, but the Yonbi's presence had completely disappeared inside him. Not an ounce of its chakra was even left behind. It was as if he hadn't even been its Jinchūriki.

Roshi's forehead creased in confusion. If the Yonbi was extracted from him, then–

"H-how am I alive?"

Location: Somewhere in Earth Country

Han was trudging his feet on the ground, bored out of his mind on his lonely travels, appreciating the silence surrounding him. He had just finished a B-rank mission and was on his way back to his village when he felt a powerful earthquake that shook the very earth that he was standing on. The shock was so strong that he ended up holding onto a boulder to steady himself.

Until now, he still couldn't shake the feeling of the frightening power he just felt a few minutes ago, and somehow he had a feeling that something big just happened. Something that could have a great impact on all the Elemental Nations.

Han also had an inkling feeling that something was just about to happen to him, thus why he was on guard. Shifting his eyes around the area and expanding his sensory abilities for any form of attack. As if on cue, he had suddenly felt pain assaulting the back of his neck, his brain vaguely outputting the feeling of shock coursing through his veins, as he registered that he had been attacked.

"What the fuck! I couldn't even sense his approach!" were his last thoughts before he dropped to the ground unconscious, equivalent to a lifeless doll.

"I'm sorry, dattebayo! I promise this will be fast and painless for you." The Naruto clone murmured softly as he placed his hand on his fellow Jinchūriki's chest and proceeded to absorb Kokuō inside its seal.

Once the task was done, Naruto lifted Han's body and rested the former Jinchūriki's back on a tree and leapt out of the place to do his next task.

The next time Han woke up, he ended up running frantically back to his village, mind already running wild at the sudden disappearance of his tenant.

"I-it's gone!" He burst out as soon as he kicked open the door of the Tsuchikage's council room.

"Han, what do you-"

"The Gobi is gone!" Han cut off Onoki's aggravated question and dropped the bombshell in front of all the Iwa's council members.


Location: Kumogakure

Kumo was in a frantic mess, after the sudden tremor that shook the Hidden Villages', Bee's exclamation of, "Bro! The Hachibi is gone!" His usual rapping habit forgotten at his frantic scream.

"WHAT!" A yelled in disbelief and promptly broke his table, again, at the sudden news after the frightening roll of power near the border of the Fire country.

"I was training alone at the Unraikyo when I suddenly lost consciousness! And then I woke up, and Hachi's gone!" Bee frantically informed his brother who had just been elected as the Yondaime Raikage after his father, the Sandaime Raikage, died.

"What do you mean, gone!?" A harshly asked as his face morphed in horror at his adopted brother's state of distress.

Before the former Jinchūriki could answer, there was another frantic sound of footsteps heading towards the office, and Nii Yugito burst in with a pale face.

"The Nibi is gone!" The 13-year-old girl burst, horror visible over her sheet-white face.

"WHAT!?" The Fourth Raikage looked like he was going to have a stroke any moment now, as the veins in his forehead threatened to burst and his lightning chakra crackled around him.

The angry yell of the Yondaime Raikage echoed throughout the village followed by a loud explosion inside the tower.

Location: Sunagakure

One Suna-nin was walking near the entrance of the village, doing his usual job of patrolling around the village when he almost tripped on an old-looking kettle.

"Huh, what's this?" he curiously asked himself as his forehead creased in confusion.

The man crouched down and grabbed the kettle, examining the object with critical eyes before it suddenly turned wider and wider as the seconds passed by, and he abruptly dropped the kettle like a hot potato.

"S-S-Shukaku's Kettle!" The Shinobi screamed as he frantically scrambled towards the Kazekage's office to report the bizarre phenomenon.

Immediately, the whole village was alerted, and Rasa, the newly appointed Yondaime Kazekage, hurriedly went to check the place where Shukaku's kettle should be. He found it empty. The signal for an intruder alert resounded around the village as the Shinobi of Sunagakure frantically ran back and forth to investigate the sudden Bijuu theft, but they hadn't any clue aside from the abandoned kettle near the village's entrance.

Location: Somewhere near Kirigakure

Utakata suddenly sat up, blinking his blurry eyes as his senses slowly adjusted to consciousness. His face paled, before he put a shaking hand on his stomach, realization had dawn on the now-former Jinchūriki of the Rokubi.

"T-The Rokubi is gone," He said to himself, eyes wide and pupils darting frantically around the empty clearing. He touched his face to make sure that he was still alive.

"Then why am I alive?" He questioned in disbelief, face pale as a sheet of paper.

"Utakata-kun, where have you been?" the addressed man immediately snapped his eyes towards the person who was approaching him.

"S-Shishou… " He murmured, eyes still wide in a panic.

Harusame, Utakata's master and current care-taker was filled with worry upon seeing the terror in his student's eyes, he immediately went beside him without hesitation to find out what was wrong.

"What happened?" Harusame urgently asked as he checked his student for injuries, but he found none. And then, the most bizarre thing happened, Utakata started crying.

"I'm free! I'm finally free!" He shouted before he hugged his master in a tight embrace. Tears of happiness rolling down his cheeks as he repeatedly mumbled his delight regarding his newly-found freedom.

Location: Takigakure

It had been many years since the Nanabi was given to their small village and since then, they held the Bijuu in its secured cell for ages. The thought of the Nanabi being stolen from them had never been toyed with by the leaders of the village, especially if the abduction would happen inside the village's most sacred and secure place.

Not until today, that is.

The elders of Takigakure were in panic as they discovered that the Nanabi was gone, the first assumption was that the Bijuu had escaped. As everyone began preparations for the worst, they waited, coming to a realization. No Bijuu would come to rampage in their village.

During this crucial time, Taki hadn't yet found a suitable Jinchūriki to host the Nanabi, and so they had sealed it in their holy urn. However, the sudden sound of the horn that one of their Shinobi blew had alerted all of Shinobi and citizens in the village that an intruder had entered. The Taki-nin tried their best to investigate the sudden breach in security, but they found none.

Up in the sky, a floating Naruto clone had snickered as he watched the frantic people in Takigakure before vanishing in a poof of smoke.

At the end of the day, Taki found nothing, not even a lead – only the missing Bijuu was the proof that someone came to in their village and managed to steal the Nanabi without being noticed. The only reason why the alarm sounded was that Naruto himself purposely triggered the alarm, he was the one who blew the horn henge'd as a Taki-nin while the real one slept on his feet.

All around the five Hidden villages, the unfathomable phenomenon was felt, and at the same time, each of the Great Nation's Jinchūriki lost their Bijuu. Except for one, Uzumaki Kushina, who was currently sitting in front of a large bowl of delicious-looking ramen. Happily slurping the noodles, and only looking up for a moment at the sudden tremor on the earth, holding her bowl of ramen firmly as the ground shook.

"Huh? That's weird, dattebane." She said curiously, looking up at the sky for a couple of seconds before shrugging and continuing to slurp the noodles in her bowl. Faster than you could say 'Hiraishin', the bowl was empty.

"Another order of extra-large Miso Ramen, dattebane!"

Smoke filled the forest, masking the devastation that the three most powerful Shinobi in the Elemental Nation had caused.

The wind blew the smoke away and the cloud-like forms slowly dispersed, revealing a huge crater inside of a much larger crater, in the middle of the now barren land. The attack hadn't even left a single sign of its once green landscape nor a single piece of the Gedo Mazo.

The statue had been completely obliterated into nothingness as soon as the attack made contact with the cave, eradicating the chakra that Uchiha Madara had stored for the past years.

The Naruto clones poofed out of existence as soon as their work was done, leaving the Uchiha couple to themselves, enjoying their walk back towards their temporary base, not showing a lick of care at the devastation that they had left behind.

"Right. Let's go back to the cave; Naruto and the others might be there already," Sakura said happily as she stretched her arms upward. Sasuke smiled at his wife, hand reaching out to affectionately poke the middle of her forehead where her Byakugou was visible.

Sakura blushed a pretty shade of pink and the Uchiha smirked, proud that he still had the same effect on his wife even in their years of marriage. The pink-haired woman chuckled amusedly and proceeded to hook an arm around her husband's, the couple quietly walking through the forest with an air of well-worn contentment; a treasured rarity in their line of work.

The amount of time that the Uchiha couple could show affection to one another was limited due to the chaotic period of their life, but every time they had the luxury to have a private moment, they took advantage of it. They couldn't really enjoy a lot of their married years because of the burden that was placed on the Uchiha Patriarch, but whenever they had the time; when they were inside the safety of their bedroom, they confided to each other. Talk and catch up with what they missed, or simply basked in each other's presence.

"Ne Anata, I missed you," The medic said, a content smile dancing on her lips. Sasuke glanced at his wife, eyes softening as he pulled his wife closer to his side with a simple thug of his arm.

"Hn." he granted, smirking at his giggling wife.

"Oh, you." The pink-haired Kunoichi playfully poked his husband's side as she tightened her hold on his only arm.

The Uchiha couple were both trapped in their own little world, having a conversation that could only be understood by the two of them.

"Sakura." The raven-haired man playfully chastised, a small smile forming on his lips as he stared at his wife, eyes twinkling with humour.

"Sasuke." The medic jabbed back, smirking at her husband before she started chortling behind her hand.

"Ahh, I really missed you, dear." She sighed happily and her husband answered with his usual grunt, but he couldn't deny the twinkle in his eyes and the sudden hot palm on her waist as they both stopped and stared at each other.

Their relationship wasn't like the others, but their connection was much more powerful than any normal couple. With a simple gesture, they understand each other. A glance spoke for a lot of things. A simple touch signified their longing, a poke to the forehead said, 'I cherish you, I love you, you're precious to me.'

And a soft kiss said, 'I'm always here for you.'

Knowing that a new tomorrow awaited them seemed to lighten the mood for both husband and wife as they finally had the chance to breathe. To know that Sasuke didn't need to leave his family again to investigate Kaguya's dimension, to know that he hadn't needed to go on his journey of redemption again to atone for his sins; because all of it was gone.

In this period of time, Sasuke's sins hadn't existed, because he still hadn't committed the mistakes of his past in this very day; because he was given another chance to redo everything and cleanse himself from all his transgression, and this time – he would do it right.

Back in the temporary base of the time travellers, three unconscious bodies were laid near the exit of the cave. Two were lying side by side; namely, teenage Kakashi and Rin, while Obito slept behind the rock where Naruto was seated. Future Kakashi stood beside Rin like a guard as they waited patiently for Sasuke and Sakura's arrival.

The blond Hokage had placed his father's Hiraishin kunai just above Rin and past Kakashi's head for him to be able to see them immediately upon arrival. The rest of the group were huddled together in the inner part of the cave, quietly waiting for what's to come.

Three minutes after their arrival in the cave, Sasuke and Sakura arrived, seriously assessing the unconscious body of the teenagers in front of them.

Then the pink-haired medic's eyes landed on the adorable childlike face of their future Sensei, and she couldn't help but crack up.

"PFFT-HAHAHAHA! L-look at how c-cute Kak-ashi-sensei is a-as a teenager!" Sakura wheezed as she held onto her stomach.

Naruto couldn't keep it to himself either, and he started laughing together with his pink-haired teammate, pointing a finger at the unsuspecting Hatake.

"Aww, how c-cute. And he e-even has that a-adorable mask of h-his at th-iss age a-already," Naruto struggled to say as he laughed continuously.

Sasuke's lips quirked up and he coughed on his fist, trying to hide the chuckle that he unconsciously let out. While the future Kakashi stared at them with silent amusement.

"Maa, can't do anything about it," He said as he pulled out his favourite copy of Icha Icha Paradise that he had managed to bring in the past and buried his nose behind the juicy details written in the book that he had read for so many times already.

The duo's laughter was contagious and the others started walking towards the unconscious chibi Kakashi, and a series of laughter and mocking coos ensued.

Kakashi pretended that he hadn't heard such mockery, but when little Uzumaki Himawari squealed and started poking the masked face of his teenage self, threatening to pull down the dark mask. Kakashi's eyes instantly widened in alarm and he immediately grabbed the cute Uzumaki princess and hugged her like a toddler.

"Maa, Hima-chan, you can't do that to an unconscious person," The former Rokudaime reprimanded with an eye smile. Himawari looked at him in contemplative silence for a couple of seconds before answering.

"Umm, okay uncle Kakashi," Himawari answered sweetly. Kakashi put her down with an eye smile and patted her head.

"Good girl," He said enthusiastically as the Uzumaki princess skipped towards her mother.

"Hmm, so this is the Rokudaime Hokage as a teenager." Inojin murmured as he observed the sleeping teenager's face.

"Uncle Kakashi is sort of cute." Sarada said, giggling behind her hand.

Shikadai hummed thoughtfully as he crouched beside the unconscious teen.

Boruto started poking chibi Kakashi's cheek, and he sneakily pulled out a black marker from his pocket and proceeded to draw on the unsuspecting teenager's face. Before he could land the tip of his marker on the chibi Kakashi's face though, a hand snatched his pen away.

"Now, now kids. Entertainment is over, go, back to your post," The future Kakashi shooed the kids back to the inner part of the cave with exaggerated enthusiasm and they all groaned in disappointment.

"Aww, what a party popper." Boruto whined as he crossed his hands behind his head and pouted. Kakashi chuckled and flicked the Uzumaki heir in the forehead.

"Yawtch! Uncle!" Mini Naruto protested.

"Run along now kids."

The kids said their complaints before following the older man's instruction.

Naruto and Sakura had ended up letting out a few giggles as their former sensei deadpanned at them. When Naruto suddenly snapped his head up in alarm, everyone stiffened.

"He's here, go back to your positions. Mask on." The Nanadaime urgently ordered and the Time Travelers hurriedly went back to their previous positions. Naruto activated a seal to hide Ino, Sakura, Hinata, Temari, Sai, Shikamaru, and the kids' presence from his father; as he, Kakashi, Sasuke, and Tsunade waited for the Yellow Flash to arrive.

To be continued…

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