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Chapter 1: Eternal Seal

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The Future in Our Hands

Chapter 1: Eternal Seal

"So you're saying that… "

"The Sage of the Six Paths gave you a second chance to redo everything from scratch?" Tsunade finished for her former student, as the pink-haired girl looked like her brain had been ground into dust.

Naruto nodded after he finished explaining everything to them. He told them everything that happened: from his and Sasuke's battle with Ōtsutsuki Isshiki, to him being sealed inside a bowl-like coffin and watching as the Shinobi world was destroyed, all the way to his meeting with the Sage of the Six Paths again, along with the time travel agreement.

"You're the only people I could drag with me into the past. Aside from you guys, all of the remaining teams of the Konoha-12 are dead, same with the other Kage and our other allies. The future timeline that we were previously living in was obliterated as soon as I activated the jutsu," the blonde hokage added seriously, and the survivors remained silent as understanding dawned on them, before Ino started crying.

"Then, Choji and the others?" Ino choked as tears rolled down her cheeks. She wrapped her arms around her already sobbing son and Sai encircled his arms around his little family, feeling thankful with how lucky they were to still be together.

He had no family growing up aside from his brother, Shin. Considering everything that had been ripped away from him from the start, it was a miracle to still have his family with him now.

Sarada silently cried as the image of Chouchou's dead body flooded her thoughts. As much as she hated to admit it, it had been her fault. She wasn't strong enough, and her best friend had no choice but to jump in and take the attack in her place. It awakened her Mangekyō Sharingan, but she didn't want them. Not if it cost Chouchou's life.

Sakura and Sasuke hugged their daughter silently, grief evident in their eyes as they looked at her pained expression. They understood how hard it was for Sarada to lose her friends and her home; they had experienced the same, too. For Sasuke, when his entire family was massacred by his own brother. For Sakura, when Pain attacked and destroyed Konoha, and when the devastating Fourth Shinobi War happened.

It pained them to see their daughter experiencing the same pain as they had before, especially when they tried their best to prevent the trauma and hardship they experienced from being laid upon the next generation's shoulders as well, but they failed miserably. Instead, their children had suffered worse than what they experienced as teenagers. The two parents shared a glance, and they immediately understood each other's sentiment.

Regardless of what happened, they still wanted to look on the bright side. They were still together, and somehow, they were given another chance to change all the horrors they had experienced in their youth. Naruto was truly a miracle worker, and they couldn't thank him enough.

Sasuke inhaled the scent of his wife and daughter; although they lost their home, he still felt grateful that they were still there, that he could still touch them, that he could comfort them with each breath they took.

He couldn't imagine losing any of them there. When the attack happened, he and Naruto had fought their assumed leader, and realized too late that the other resurrected members of the Ōtsutsuki clan went to invade and destroy each of the Hidden Villages.

He wasn't even aware that he almost lost his daughter, now aware that his daughter had just experienced her best friend dying in front of her, taking the deadly blow that was supposed to be hers.

With these frightening thoughts running through his mind, he unconsciously tightened his hold around his family, reminding himself that they were here with him, safe and alive.

Temari clutched her only son to herself, letting out a strangled sob as she thought of her dead brothers.

Gaara died protecting their village, that was for sure, but it was still for nothing. Suna was still obliterated, and Kankuro… he was visiting her in Konoha when the attack happened; and he died protecting her husband from a powerful attack.

"Kankuro, Gaara..." she choked out as tears continuously rolled down her face. Her heart felt like it was being torn to pieces.

She then thought of her son, Shikadai. She wasn't aware of where he had been at that time. Before they were whisked away by the Nanadaime Hokage, she and her husband were in a traumatised stupor upon witnessing Kankuro's death, who died just a few feet away from her as she was running towards her husband to shield him herself from the incoming attack – she was already wrecked.

She didn't know what she would have done if Shikadai was killed while she was mourning her brother's death, if her husband was not here, together with her right now. She would lose her mind.

Right now, Shikamaru and Shikadai were the only pillars she had: if she were to lose any of the two, she would not be capable of spending more time in this world. She knew the bitter taste of loneliness all too well.

Shikamaru's face turned mournful, already familiar with the feeling of loss. He lost Chouji too, and he hadn't even had a single idea of when he had died. He was feeling cold already when Kankuro jumped in front of him to shield him from the attack. He was a fool, sitting there like a deer caught in headlights. He had experienced so much loss, too many loved ones had died. But if he had also lost his family, Temari and Shikadai… he wouldn't know what to do with himself.

Shikamaru circled his family, succumbing to their warmth, their steady breathing barely audible. They were alive.

'Now is not the time to wallow in self-pity. I need to be strong, for my remaining family,' he thought as he wrapped them in a tight embrace, grateful that he was still alive and together with them.

Briefly, he and Ino exchanged glances: they were the only remaining members of Team 10, their once formidable team of four reduced to two. It was tragic.

Naruto was surrounded by his family and friends, and he couldn't be more thankful. He still grieved for his other friends who died, as well as his village. He was the hokage after all. They had another chance now, and he didn't plan on wasting it.

He had a mission, and he swore on the bodies of his deceased friends, that he would do anything possible, anything in his power, to make the future a brighter place, to make it better. He had to plan, there were already things to get done and he knew that he was not alone; but for now, he would bask in the warm feeling of his family. Alive and breathing in his arms.

Tsunade and Kakashi stared at them mournfully, a familiar twinge of pain twisting inside their chest as the families mourned their lost comrades and home.

Tsunade herself was mourning. After all, she just lost Shizune, the final connection she had with her deceased fiancé, Dan. She had lost everything, and the only family she had right now were Naruto, Sakura, and their kids. They were like her grandchildren. While she had treated Naruto and Sakura as her own, their children extended the same connection. They were the only people that kept her sane after all the horrors they had experienced.

Kakashi, too, just lost another one of his best friends. Gai… even though he was already crippled, he still fought. He fought to protect their beloved village.

Maito Gai was truly a splendid Shinobi, the best example of Konoha's greatest heroes.

Kakashi was just lucky that the remaining family he had...his Genins, his kids, Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura were still alive, and so were their kids, whom he treated like his own grandchildren: Boruto, Himawari, and Sarada.

He couldn't have been more grateful that his team was composed of powerhouses. Just looking at the other teams: Team 10 was reduced to two members, with Team 8, Hinata was the only survivor, Team 9 had no members left at all. Kakashi couldn't thank the high heavens enough that his team was still alive and complete. He could probably say that he was one lucky man.

"Naruto…" The blond man looked up and saw his friends huddled with their families.

"Thank you so much," Ino said sincerely, echoed by Sakura and Temari. The rest stared at him in gratitude, and he smiled at his friends.

"Don't thank me yet, we still have a mission to fulfill," he said seriously, and his friends solemnly stared at him and nodded.

"First things first, let's recover. Sasuke and Kakashi-sensei, you're going with me. We need to find out what date today is and somehow find food for everyone to eat." Everyone nodded at the command. Kakashi and Sasuke immediately agreed.

Naruto walked towards his wife and murmured something in her ears. Her eyes widened as her husband looked at her seriously. She stared up at her love's cerulean eyes, and her pale orbs were immediately filled with determination.

She nodded at her husband, and grasped his hand with hers. The blond smiled at Hinata before they walked towards their other companions. Naruto put a hand on Sasuke's shoulder and Kakashi put his on the former before they shunshin away.

Sakura and Ino looked at each other with "question" written all over their faces. They didn't understand why Hinata needed to go with them but in the end, they just shrugged and proceeded to take care of the kids.

"Where are we going Naruto? This isn't the way to the nearest village." Kakashi finally asked after following their blond leader in silence. It might have been years since he last saw this part of the forest in the Fire country but he knew this place more than anyone else here.

"...and why did you bring Hinata?" Sasuke questioned with a quirked eyebrow.

The Nanadaime Hokage abruptly stopped, followed suit by Hinata who was still holding his hand. Sasuke looked at him curiously, not understanding what his teammate had wanted to do. The blond looked at his sensei and best friend solemnly.

"We are not really going to the nearest village. We are going to put a seal on the moon, but before we seal it completely; we need to destroy the energy vessel that the Ōtsutsuki branch family had accumulated for years, and for us to do that we needed a descendant of Otsutsuki Hamura; and that is Hinata." he paused to look at his wife and she nodded at the two men in front of her.

"She's the only one capable of finding the hidden place where the energy vessel is hidden, and in order to destroy it; we needed the power that Hamura transferred to her before. After that, Hinata can finally return to the camp, while the three of us teleport to the first God's tree in the Sage's memory that he shared with me to seal Kaguya's dimension, for eternity," Naruto proclaimed, looking straight at his former Sensei and teammate. With the sudden, bizarre revelation, the two men blinked at their Hokage in bewilderment.

" that even possible? Sealing Kaguya's dimensions?" Sasuke asked with a frown, and Naruto nodded.

"It's possible, dattebayo! After old-man sage transferred all his powers, knowledge and essence to me. The same thing happened to the rest of you, although you only have a small portion of the Sage's power. You probably feel the sudden power boost in your chakra system," the three of them solemnly nodded as he eyed them for confirmation.

"I came to understand a lot of things, and my proficiency with Fuinjitsu became… ah, let's just say that I could be the Seal Master of all Seal Masters," he replied with a sheepish grin, rubbing the back of his neck as he laughed.

It was not that Naruto hadn't studied Fuinjutsu, that was his clan's specialty. But acquiring the legendary Sage's knowledge amplified his comprehension and grasp with Fuinjutsu, and that would help him.

Since he sealed all the Fuinjutsu scrolls he found in his mother's homeland in his arms, and his father's scrolls too before disappearing in their previous timeline; he was planning on learning them all, and for that, he needed all the knowledge and power he could get, especially with what they were about to do.

Hinata smiled at her husband, proud at what he had accomplished all over the years. She wasn't at all surprised at the things he had done. She had believed in him from the start, and her belief never wavered in their years of marriage. In fact, she now admired him more than before, so she wasn't at all that surprised; but she was still astonished and in awe at her husband's prowess.

Both mentor and former Uchiha student stared at each other before they sighed, they weren't really surprised either after what the blond just did not an hour ago. He successfully defied time and space, and he had escaped the impossible, namely the coffin he was sealed into, adding on the fact that his luck was mind-boggling as well.

For some reason, the blond had always managed to get away from any bizarre situation he was in, and always ended up being saved by unfathomable means. He could turn a bad situation into something so arbitrary – mainly a complete time travel and the absolute power to turn the future around to their favor. The two men, already too used to how their Hokage worked, could only sigh and follow through with their unpredictable blond leader.

"Maa...Only you, Naruto, can do something so impossible, " Kakashi exasperatedly yet fondly said.

"Bizarre things always happen when you're around, Naruto," Sasuke said, lips quirked up.

Naruto laughed again, before his previously sheepish face turned serious. His hokage face. He formed quick hand seals, bit his thumb, and slammed his palm on his arm. Instantly, a summoning array appeared on the skin of his unbandaged limb, and with a poof of smoke, a large scroll appeared.

His wife and their two companions huddled around him to look curiously at the scroll in his hand.

"Here is the seal," he gestured his hand to the very intricate seal in the scroll that looked impossible to replicate.

All the lines were connected to each other, and the little symbols around the seal were like pillars for the seal to be intact and able to activate. Each line and symbol represented unique abilities. In the middle, the kanji emphasized the need for Senjutsu chakra to activate. The unique symbol for Yin-Yang release was also distinct, and it also indicated all the elemental affinities. In short, the seal looked impossible to activate. But they were talking about Naruto and Sasuke here, so the most dangerous Fuinjutsu seal invented and designed by the Sage of Six Paths looked like a mere toy for Sasuke and Naruto to wield.

"This is a very complex seal that needs three Kage-level Shinobi to activate, and ah, two special individuals," He cleared his throat as Kakashi and Sasuke deadpanned at him.

Leave it to Naruto to make a very impossible task seem mundane just with the way he said it. All of them knew that it didn't just need three Kage-level Shinobi to activate the seal. This seal clearly required Naruto and Sasuke to be present.

"Sooo, what we will do is this. First, Sasuke, you need to teleport us to the moon using your Rinnegan. Then You, me and Hinata will go inside the Ōtsutsuki's lair to destroy the energy vessel. After that, we will completely seal the moon, forever."

He looked at his companions who nodded at him, "To make sure that Kaguya cannot be summoned again, we need to destroy the Gedo Mazo statue and kill Black Zetsu and all the White Zetsus. Then we are going to the first God's tree in the old man sage's memory. It's the main entrance and beacon for Kaguya's dimension to open here on Earth. We need to destroy the tree and seal the entrance. Then we will seal the whole dimension forever, that way not even your Rinnegan will be able to enter it, Sasuke."

Kakashi and Sasuke absorbed the information quietly and nodded in understanding. While Hinata just listened attentively, she already knew what her role would be, and that was what she needed to focus on.

"I will use my clone to find food and clothing for the others and to find out the date while we complete the mission," Naruto stated as he summoned fifty clones and used Henge to disguise their identity. The clones scattered as soon as they were summoned, and the three Kage Shinobi and Uzumaki Hinata proceeded to start their mission.

They floated in space and stared at the young child who looked around ten-years-old. He was the first one who immediately sensed them upon their arrival to the moon, and that was disturbing.

His sensory abilities might rival Naruto's even at such a young age. Considering that he was blind, it was an impressive feat for him to greet them alone and not to call for his remaining clan members. Or maybe it was just arrogance.

Naruto didn't know how many Otsutsuki branch members were still alive at this time, but he knew that it wasn't only him who was supposed to be here. But he would take advantage of this situation to immediately seal them all.

"Sasuke, leave a clone here, we'll move forward," The Nanadaime murmured so softly that the addressed Uchiha barely heard it, but he nodded nonetheless. Naruto squeezed his wife's hand and Hinata nodded in understanding. They needed to wait for an opportunity to slip away.

He had two clones that held Kakashi and Sasuke to float, while the original held Hinata, as the four of them looked at the youthful version of Ōtsutsuki Toneri, Hamura's descendant. He may look younger, but Naruto and his wife would never forget that face.

"I was wondering why the Sage's soul and presence who was guarding the world disappeared and reappeared differently…" Toneri quietly said as he curiously analyzed the four figures in front of him with his sensing abilities, lingering for a few seconds on the feminine chakra he was feeling. She felt familiar; somehow, the woman felt the same as his clan's men.

Toneri may be blind, but he had learned to hone his senses as a substitute for his eyes. After his eyes were sealed in the energy vessel, he had honed his sensory ability to its finest to cope with his lost eyesight; fighting without his eyes was not a hindrance to him.

"Ōtsutsuki Toneri, I'm sorry, but to protect the Shinobi world, your clan needs to be sealed forever," Naruto, who was once again surrounded by his Golden-cloak said as he stepped in front of the man, hiding his wife with two more clones as they floated using a reshaped version of the Truth-Seeking orb. Hinata was standing on a flat disk as the clones hid her from Toneri. In a moment, she would leave a clone and proceed to the next plan.

If Toneri wondered how the blond knew his name, he didn't question it, but he quietly assessed the four of them and shifted his stance directly towards the powerful presence he was feeling. Strong, these people were so strong – maybe stronger than him, but he also wasn't a pushover.

"Then fighting you is inevitable," As soon as he said this, Naruto and Sasuke flickered out of sight. And then, his instinct started screaming at him to move.

He immediately heeded his instinct and jumped away from his previous position, boosting chakra on the sole of his feet to propel him further. That was also the exact moment for a current of electricity to be charged by the raven-haired Shinobi. Barely managing to escape being electrocuted, Toneri bounded up a piece of debris. If he still had his eyes, he would've glared at the Uchiha. And with that, the fight on the moon started.

Unknown to Toneri, he was fighting only clones, and the only original left with him was Hatake Kakashi, the former Rokudaime Hokage of Konoha.

Inside the Ōtsutsuki base, Naruto, Hinata, and Sasuke stealthily concealed themselves and were able to find the passage towards the energy vessel that Naruto and Hinata destroyed a long time ago.

Using Hinata's memory, Sasuke managed to teleport them directly in front of the barrier, and Hinata proceeded to guide them inside; for the only one who could disperse the barrier was a descendant of Hamura, and that was Hinata. She also still had the chakra that Hamura had given to her, so it wouldn't be a problem for her to destroy the energy vessel again. And now, as the three of them stood in front of the vessel, another bizarre thing happened.

Ōtsutsuki Hamura's spirit suddenly appeared before them. His translucent body was standing in front of the vessel like a guardian.

"Ahh, did my brother send you here?" Hamura's floating and translucent spirit asked as he stared at each of them. Hinata fiercely stepped forward to acknowledge the spirit's presence, unbothered by his appearance.

"Yes, in order to save the Shinobi world, we are tasked to redo everything and seal the Otsutsuki clan forever," Hinata answered strongly and Hamura stared at her for a few seconds, eyes widening when he felt his own power lingering inside her. Then, a smile quirked on his lips, eyes softening in understanding.

"Looks like I trusted you with my power in the future too… " He said with a smile. He walked towards the woman, and the two Godlike Shinobi watched like hawks as the spirit's hand laid on top of Hinata's head.

"Then I will trust you again with all of my remaining power and essence," The spirit said as he transferred everything in him towards Uzumaki Hinata. And right then and there, Ōtsutsuki Hamura slowly disintegrated into thin air, vanishing for all eternity.

It was quiet for a couple of seconds until Naruto put a hand on the small of his wife's back and guided her right in front of the energy vessel, Sasuke following after the couple and the three stood side by side at the glowing vessel.

They didn't need more prompting as they proceeded to destroy the energy vessel together. Combining all their Yin and Yang chakra with Hinata leading them, they had successfully obliterated the vessel into nothingness.

Meanwhile, the fight outside the moon continued. Toneri, who was not even aware that their protected energy vessel was already destroyed, was busy with fighting the powerful Uchiha.

Sasuke's clone danced around, using his sword as electricity crackled around the blade, swinging and striking in a blur of speed.

Toneri dodged every attack with practised ease and landed a powerful kick on the clone's chest and used it as leverage to put distance between them.

The clone exploded and another one took its place. Sasuke left two clones in case one was dismissed. He could have created more, but for now, he couldn't afford to waste his chakra, so he only left two clones. He trusted his former Sensei and Naruto's clones to take care of the rest.

Toneri landed not far from the new clone. He held out his hands, and green orbs manifested around him and he started attacking relentlessly.

Sasuke's Rinnegan flashed, and he teleported behind Toneri.

"Raikiri," He mumbled under his breath and the electricity sizzled from his blade before striking towards the pale boy. However, said boy flickered out of sight before the attack could hit him.

"You're not the only one who can teleport," Toneri smugly said as he dodged another of Sasuke's attacks.

He summoned three glowing green orbs around him, ready to fire it at the raven-haired man. But startled at the sudden whisper of, "Chidori" behind him, and his eyes widened when he realized that he had let his guard down on the silver-haired Shinobi, who was only watching the battle – until now.

He barely managed to teleport away from the forgotten man's attack, but that put him exactly where Naruto wanted him to stand – directly in front of the moon.

The original Nanadaime, who switched with his clone right after they successfully destroyed the energy vessel, immediately threw four chakra rods as soon as Toneri reappeared again – thus the boy didn't realize that he just stepped in a trap. The chakra rods made contact and he was impaled on the moon's surface.

Naruto didn't waste time; as soon as he threw the chakra rods, his hands were already moving to make the hand signs for the seal. When the final sign was made, he activated it.

This was when three other members of the branch family appeared and were shocked at what they saw.

"TONERI!" They screamed in alarm, but Naruto's clones had immediately impaled them with chakra rods and they were rendered immobile, struggling to break free from them.

The original Sasuke and Hinata also appeared. Not wasting any more time, the Uchiha teleported them with Kakashi beside Naruto, who had a hand held out as a kanji for Seal burned in his palm. The scroll where the most impossible seal to grace the world was floating in front of the blond as it glowed with power.

Hinata and the two men bit their thumbs and smeared blood on the back of the blond's palm, putting their hands on top of each other as they summoned their chakra.

Hinata used the power that Ōtsutsuki Hamura had given her to complete the most powerful seal ever manifested in the Shinobi world. Naruto closed his eyes and activated Senjutsu to further strengthen the seal.

"Fuinjutsu: Ein no Shiru!"

A powerful chakra engulfed the moon, roots sprouting out from the ground and latching onto every remaining Ōtsutsuki branch members inside the lair, surrounding their bodies with its root until they were devoured by a giant tree that slowly enlarged as it sucked the chakra from their bodies. Without being able to fight, eternal sleep embraced the last of the Ōtsutsuki branch family as the moon was finally sealed forever.

After making sure that their work was done, Sasuke teleported them back on Earth. All of them didn't even look winded by all the excitement that ensued.

When they teleported back to the Earth, Naruto kissed his wife's forehead and summoned a clone.

"Watch over the children, dear. And tell the others that we are just taking care of something," he said as he smiled softly at his wife. Hinata hugged him once before letting go.

"Be careful, dear, we'll wait for you. You too Kakashi-sama, Sasuke-san," She looked at each of the men in front of her who nodded at her. Kakashi with his famous eye smile and Sasuke with a little smile quirking his lips.

"Tell my wife not to worry," The Uchiha said and Hinata nodded.

"I will," She assured with a soft smile on her lips as she walked towards her husband's clone.

"Good luck everyone," Hinata softly said before she and the clone shunshin away.

After his wife had departed, Naruto immediately got down to business.

"Can you still teleport, Sasuke?" He asked his best friend, assessing his chakra flow with his sensory ability.

The Uchiha in question nodded and answered, "Aa… "

Before going to the moon, Naruto had shared his chakra to his three companions for them to be able to fight in top shape, but he still wanted to confirm if they hadn't felt any strain.

"Then let's get on to business…" Naruto clamped a hand on his best friend's shoulder, eyes staring straight at his best friend's mismatched pair and showed him the memory that the Sage of the Six Paths shared with him.

"Kakashi, hold on tight," The Uchiha warned and the former Rokudaime Hokage put his hand on his blond student's shoulder and they teleported inside the first-ever entrance made from the Earth to Kaguya's dimension.

Upon arriving, the Nanadaime quickly formed the appropriate hand seals, not wanting to alert any of the Ōtsutsuki residing in the dimension. Sasuke and Kakashi put their hands on top of Naruto's and focused their chakra on the seal. The Kanji in Naruto's palm glowed a vibrant red as the blond channelled all the Senjutsu chakra lingering in the dimension, at the same time the two descendants of Hagoromo's son used Yin-Yang release to complete the seal.

"Sasuke, we need to get out before the whole dimension is completely sealed," Naruto warned his friend.

The raven-haired Shinobi grunted in acknowledgement as he activated his Rinnegan.

A swirl of black appeared behind them, and the blond Hokage used his truth-seeking orbs, reshaping them to flat discs to use as platforms for them to stand on, floating outside of Kaguya's dimension.

In the depths of Kaguya's dimension where the members of the Ōtsutsuki clan resided, a distant tremble was heard.

Momoshiki and Kinshiki looked up, startled at the sudden surge of power that went through them, almost like an electric current. They stared at each other solemnly, standing up from their sitting positions.

"What was that?" Momoshiki murmured, eyes darting in all directions.

However, he hadn't noticed a root sprouting out from underneath him.

It latched on his feet. The two men were startled as the root grew, becoming a massive tree, latching onto their bodies like vines.

"What the-"

"What the hell is this!?"

The two cursed out loud as they struggled to break free, trying to activate their powers. They attempted to send chakra through their bodies, but to their horror, they realized that their powers were being sucked out, presumably by the giant trees enveloping their figures.

Their attempts to channel chakra made it much easier for the tree to spread and latch on all remaining Ōtsutsuki members. As their powers were sucked dry, the tree embraced them into its body, lulling them to eternal dreamless sleep.

The new God tree was born inside Kaguya's dimension, it's branches imprisoning every member of the Ōtsutsuki clan, putting them to sleep forever as their bodies were sucked inside, strengthening the seal.

The three Kage-level Shinobi looked at the slowly closing portal in front of them with emotionless eyes as the seal finally activated and forever sealed the dimension and its occupants for all eternity.

*One Week Later*

The remaining survivors of the war-torn future had camped inside a cave, waiting for their Hokage to return together with his best friend and former sensei.

"What is taking them so long? Hinata arrived much earlier than them." Ino huffed impatiently as she crossed her arms over her chest. Sakura sighed.

"I know those three didn't just go out to look for food and check the date," She mumbled as she pouted, irritated that her two teammates and their former Sensei went on a Team 7 bonding mission without her. Though Hinata had already told them that they went to do something important, it was frustrating that they didn't even bother to inform them of their true agenda.

However, though she felt a bit left out, she understood their reasons: they had kids here that they shouldn't leave unattended. She would let this slide for once.

A few hours after the three went out to 'look for food and check out the date,' dozens of golden clones of the Nanadaime Hokage appeared and unsealed enough food to last for a week. Granted, it was mostly fruits and vegetables, though that wasn't much of a problem – they were Shinobi after all. So for the meat, they opted to hunt and fish in a nearby river.

It was a good thing that they still hadn't encountered any bandits or Shinobi in their hideout, but they knew that it would only be a matter of time. They just had to hope that their missing leader and comrades would arrive before then.

As if her prayers were heard, a golden aura flashed in front of them, and their missing leader and comrades who ditched them prior had finally arrived.

"Welcome back, took you long enough," Sakura greeted, her pink eyebrows raised so high that they practically disappeared into her bangs. Her eyes pierced the Hokage's soul, as she stood there with her arms crossed over her chest.

Naruto rubbed the back of his head as Kakashi eye-smiled at them. Sasuke just grunted as he was greeted by his very worried daughter.

"Papa! You're back!" Sarada enthusiastically exclaimed as she hugged her father. The man wrapped an arm around her small back as his wife encircled her arms around them.

Naruto was greeted by his daughter enthusiastically and he lifted her on the air.

"Ah! Daddy!" The girl laughed as she hugged her father tightly.

"Ah, you're getting bigger, Hima-chan; I can barely carry you now," The Nanadaime fondly said as he put a soft kiss on his daughter's forehead, the cute girl giggling.

"Welcome back old man." His eldest greeted, "What took you so long, dattebasa? Mom and Hima were worried." Boruto scowled, trying his hardest to not show that he was worried too. Naruto ruffled his hair as the blond boy protested.

"Oi! That's uncool, dattebasa!"

The blond Hokage laughed and looked up at his approaching wife who was smiling at them.

"Welcome back dear, we were worried." Hinata softly said to her husband as she approached her family.

Himawari asked to be put down as the two children made space for their mother. Hinata hugged her husband as she laid a kiss on his neck that made the blond Hokage's ears and neck flush a vibrant scarlet. He unconsciously tightened his hold around her as she moved away with a giggle.

"Well, you got some explaining to do, dear." Naruto sighed at his mischievous wife. 'I'll get back to you later,' His eyes conveyed as he finally shifted his attention to his remaining comrades who were looking at him expectantly.

"Hahaha, sorry for the delay everyone. We just did a side mission for a bit, aaand I had to master my father's Hiraishin jutsu for emergency situations. That's why it took us so long, and for the side mission, that's what I'm going to discuss after the three of us have eaten," He happily informed them and his comrades sighed.

"We already prepared food, so let's all eat together!" Temari said and everyone agreed as every family huddled together and ate happily together.

*A few hours after they had eaten and the explanation ensued*

"So that's why it took you a week, and that's why you brought Hinata with you, " Shikamaru mumbled, quite shocked with the information he just heard before his palm slid down his face with a sigh.

"What a drag… you're too troublesome to deal with, Naruto." The Nara grumbled as he stared at the sky in exasperation.

"W-who would have thought that it was possible to seal Kaguya's dimension forever?" Tsunade, the former Godaime Hokage mumbled to herself. She was shocked beyond belief at what Naruto had done.

"Well, I'm honestly not surprised. Considering all the bizarre things that he had done in his life, I don't think anything will shock me when it comes to Naruto anymore." Sakura said with a smile, a twinge of humour swimming in the depths of her viridian eyes.

Meanwhile, Ino and Temari exchanged shocked looks, still unable to say anything with the turn of events that their Hokage and comrades got into. Then Temari started giggling, followed suit by Ino.

Shikadai and Inojin looked at their laughing mothers with unreadable expressions on their faces. Sarada and Himawari looked at the Nanadaime Hokage with stars in their eyes.

"So coool!" The two girls chorused. Inojin slapped Boruto and Sarada's shoulders.

"Your Dads are awesome! And your mom too, Boruto," The blond Yamanaka said as he grinned at them. Boruto and Sarada looked at each other before beaming so widely that they could see their gums.

"What do you know, the old man didn't lose his touch! And I knew from the start that my Mom is a badass kunoichi, dattebasa!"

The blonde Uzumaki boy boasted with his friend, nostril-flaring with pride.

"Well, I know all along that Papa is great, and my Mom is part of the new generation of Legendary Sannin so there's no question with that," Sarada puffed up, hands placed on her hips as she jutted her chin up in a boastful manner with a smirk so smug, worthy of an Uchiha Princess.

Meanwhile, the adults had finished questioning the trio for details and Tsunade finally asked one of the most important questions that they should know.

"So, what timeline are we in?" Tsunade solemnly asked, and the others shifted their eyes towards their blond Hokage.

"Hmm, according to my clones, we arrived not too long after the Third Shinobi War. Obito is surely already in the hands of Madara. However, Rin Nohara was still alive in Konoha, and according to Kaka-sensei, her kidnapping will happen two days from now." Naruto informed them.

"It's sad that we weren't able to save Obito, but Rin's kidnapping is a crucial event too. We can rescue Obito if we rescue Rin." Naruto nodded at Sakura's input and he stared at his old sensei. Sakura and Sasuke immediately caught on, and the pink-haired Kunoichi put a hand on her former Sensei's shoulder.

"Don't worry Sensei, we'll rescue them for sure." Sasuke grunted in approval at what his wife had said and Naruto grinned.

The three of them knew how much this meant to their former Sensei. Since almost half of Hatake Kakashi's life was wasted through mourning the loss of his precious teammates, succeeding in this mission was another step to changing the future.

"Of course we will!" Naruto assures with a thumbs up and the former Hokage smiled at his beloved students.

"Of course," He mumbled quietly under his breath, sincerity clear in his voice.

"Yosh! Let's go create a badass plan now! Shika, you know what to do, dattebayo!" Naruto happily stated as he glanced towards his personal adviser expectantly.

The lazy Nara answered with his famous, "How troublesome," With mumblings of, "What a drag." This was answered by a thumbs up from the honoured Nanadaime Hokage and a: "We're counting on you! Genius tactician, dattebayo!"

Shikamaru sighed before he formed his favourite thinking pose. He was silent for a couple of minutes and the others waited patiently for their tactician to finish devising an effective strategy.

When he finally moved from his position, he turned his serious gaze on the waiting men.

"Alright, I thought of all the possibilities that could happen and the risks, and I finally came up with a plan that's not as risky for all of us, but will still accomplish our end goal." The Nara said as he moved to draw on the ground using a branch.

"So, here's the plan."

To be continued…


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