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Devil's Trap prt:2

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Chapter 8: Devil's Trap prt: 2

Kate stirred as she moved in her sleep. She groaned aloud as she rolled on her side. Bobby had finally retrieved the bullet out of her, only after Kate had ingested almost the whole handle of bourbon he'd had on hand. "Whoa, now, you can't drink all of it, then we'd have no sanitizer." He told her taking it from her shakey hands.

Given all that was happening, she and Dean never got their chance to chat about what had happened before Kate left for Lincoln with John. Once they had finally patched her up, the boys quickly proved why she needed to sit out the next battle with the Demons…

"You need your rest." Dean had stated in a final tone.

"You don't even know where you're going-." Kate began as she started to move and sit up off the bed she was in, only to quickly feel the world shift under her. Bobby had Dean help her upstairs to one of the cleared-out bedrooms. She wasn't sure if it was the alcohol running through her or the injuries, but either way, Kate knew she wasn't going to be allowed to leave Bobby's at the moment. Not in her mental or physical state. Dean crossed his arms with a pointed look at her.

"We know enough from what you've told us." He replied, pushing his back off the wall and moving to hold the bed's footboard. "You've done everything you can do; up to this point. Leave it to Sam and me to get our dad. We'll call when we can."

Kate still opened her mouth to protest, but Dean took a step closer. He leaned heavily against the footboard of the bed. "You're staying here, Kate. That's final."

"I can't just-."

"Bobby said you could stay here as long as you need to. Plus, he knows the demons are after you. We know they're after you, you even know. How smart would it be for you to walk right into a trap? Again." Dean had put extra emphasis on the last word.

Kate huffed angrily. She knew he was right, but her stubborn streak always showed through when she was drinking. However, the throbbing in her abdomen was beginning to come back through her drunken stupor reminding her that her body probably needed to remain behind. Kate slowly laid back down as the world around her spun once again. She was worried for the boys, and if the show was still the game plan, she knew what was next for them—the Yellow-Eyed Demon.

"Fine, but-."

"We'll call once we're safe, okay? I promise." With that said, she watched him start to push off the footboard.

"Dean! Wait!" Words flew out of her mouth before she could stop herself; her hands gripped the sleeve of his leather jacket as he passed by her to exit the room. He stared down at her, just waiting for her to finish. Kate could feel the weariness sneaking up on her. Between the alcohol and her injuries, she was ready to pass out.

"Be careful. It's Yellow Eyes. D- Don't trust your dad." With that, she saw the room blur, and her eyes lightly closed before her head fell to the pillow.

That was the last she and Dean spoke before he and Sam left to make their way toward Missouri. She could only hope the boys were alright. Hours had passed since the boys left. South Dakota was falling into night when there was a sudden commotion downstairs, and Kate nearly fell out of bed at the sound of shouting.

"Bobby?!" she heard Dean's voice echo around the front hall at the base of the stairs. Kate moved as quickly as she could; she looked down from the top of the stairs to find Dean in the hall with John leaning on him for support. Sam came tearing through the front door behind them, and Bobby's boots thundered closer from deeper within the house.

Kate stood in shock, this was not how the show went, but she knew that things would change by warning them. Bobby came into view as he quickly moved to help Dean with John. Kate watched the three figures disappear through the doorway to the living room and study area. Sam moved quickly; he was pouring salt across the threshold of the closed door.

Kate moved down the stairs further as Dean appeared in the doorway. "What can I do?" She asked, wanting to help. The tension was palpable between the boys, but she put the information to the side as she sensed that danger was looming over their heads.

"We need to salt all the windows and doors," Sam told her as he pushed what appeared to be a bag of rocksalt her way. Kate noted the bruises and dried blood across his features. She moved down to the last stair and went to pick up the bag without question, but Dean grabbed it wordlessly and stalked off, leaving Kate confused and a bit hurt at his callousness. Sam paused for only a moment with a glance in her direction before he continued lining any opening he could with the salt.

Kate huffed as she made her way further into the house. She knew something was up but wasn't sure what. Why had they brought John here? Did they check him for possession? Kate paused when she entered Bobby's study. The big desk took up the far side of the room; to her right was a cot where they'd laid out an unconscious John Winchester- he appeared knocked out. She remembered from the show that it had done nothing when they used holy water on him. She could remember him being shot in the leg by Sam using the Colt. However, that was after Yellow Eyes had announced his presence and attacked them.

"No, Bobby, they just let us walk out with him. It didn't make any sense." Kate could hear Dean's voice from the kitchen. She moved slowly towards the sliding doors but hesitated when she saw John beginning to stir.

Kate turned around, keeping John within her line of sight. He groaned, gripping his head as he slowly sat up. Kate heard movement as Dean and Bobby came rushing in behind her. "Dad." Dean greeted. "Ho-How're you feeling?" He moved into the room towards his father, but Kate threw her arm out, quickly stopping him. It was instinctive, like an unconscious reaction in her mind. Visions flashed before her in her mind's eye. Images of Dean pinned up against a wall—shouting in pain as Azazel inflicted pain, the background was different from the show, though. It was here at Bobby's. She gasped in reaction.

"What?" Dean asked her; she could hear the tone of confusion.

"Don't." Was all Kate could muster out between flashes. Sam yelling, also pinned up against the wall opposite his brother. A silence passed between everyone.

"Well? What is it?" Bobby asked. She could hear an annoyance in his tone.

John turned his head towards them. "Dean." He greeted briefly before jumping to it, "Where's the Colt?" Kate just stared at him in shock, knowing John wasn't himself and was under possession. Dean suddenly reached back and pulled the gun from the waistband of his jeans. Giving away their only bargaining chip.

"What's your problem?" Dean questioned as he glanced over at Kate.

"What if he's not him?" She asked, her voice soft.

Sam's figure appeared in the other door frame; he paused, glancing between everyone and sensing the tension. "He's him. I checked back in Missouri." Sam said.

"Yeah? With holy water?" Kate asked as she snatched one of the shotguns filled with rock salt off the nearby desk. "That doesn't work on a prince of hell." She said, quickly facing off with John Winchester and pointing the shotgun at him as she cocked the shotgun.

Kate was immediately jerked backward by an unseen force; her body crashed further behind the desk into the bookshelf. She cried out in pain as books rained down on her. Her body hadn't healed in the slightest from her last fight with the demons. She quickly heard the boys and Bobby slamming against the surrounding walls.

"Well, you must be Kate…. Good to finally meet you." John began as he slowly stepped in towards her. The shotgun went flying from her grasp and thudded across the floor. "Guess there was no point in hiding when you already knew I was gonna be here, huh?" Kate looked up to find intense yellow eyes staring down at her. A sudden chill went down her spine. Watching this on TV was one thing, but the reality of it was terrifying. John's attention was pulled elsewhere as he focused on the other gun on the floor.

She watched John move at a leisurely pace as he walked over and picked the gun up from the floor where Dean dropped it. "What a pain in the ass this thing's been." He muttered. "Well, now I finally have it," He grinned as his eyes moved over towards Kate. Her abdomen throbbed in pain, and the rest of her muscles were still very stiff.

"So, Prince of hell, huh?" John's voice interrupted her racing thoughts. "You must know a lot more than you're letting on if you know that little fun fact."

"I- I've seen things." She muttered; her fear was palpable. Her heart was hammering in her chest, and her body wasn't cooperating with her brain's commands to run. The demon quickly picked up on her fear. Kate could tell because his smirk widened as he began to move slowly in her direction.

"I'm sure you have, darlin'." He muttered as he swiftly grabbed her arm and jerked her up on two feet. He had a bruising hold on her arm. She didn't think she would be able to get out of this one. "You're about to see a whole lot more."

"Let them go," Dean growled as he tried to fight through the hold the demon had over his body. Sam was also struggling. Bobby had been thrown further back into the kitchen; she assumed he had hit his head because she could see that he was knocked out on the floor.

"I'm gonna kill you!" Sam shouted as he redoubled his efforts.

Yellow eyes let out a chuckle at Sam's reaction, "Oh now that'd be a neat trick seeing as how I've got the colt." A pause passed when the demon set the gun on the nearby desk but didn't let Kate go. "Why don't you try and make.float, psychic boy." Sam stared at it in an attempt to will it over to him, thus causing a laugh to bubble out of the demon. Azazel suddenly pulled Kate in closer as his arm went around her neck; the pressure was slightly suffocating. "Today was fun, boys. I could have killed you at least a hundred times today, but this," Azazel paused and let out a sigh, relishing the moment. "This was worth the wait." Azazel all but lifted Kate off her feet as he pulled her along with him to stand before Dean. "You know, you're dad's still in here with me. Trapped inside his own meat suit. He's gonna watch while I tear you apart. He's gonna feel your bones break. He's gonna taste the iron in your blood."

"Let him go, or I swear to god-."

"What? What do you think you and god are gonna do?" As Azazel spoke, Kate felt his arm tighten over her neck, sufficiently cutting into her airways. "As far as I'm concerned. This? This is justice." Kate began choking on a lack of air, and her head started feeling light. Her body jerked as she attempted to tug the arm from her throat. "That nifty little exorcism in Blue Earth?" his mouth moved closer to Kate's ear as he spoke. "That was my daughter." He finished as Kate continued to fight.

"Meg?" Dean asked taken aback, clearly surprised.

"That one from the alley?" He was addressing Dean on this, "That was my boy. You understand?"

Dean hesitated before muttering, "You've gotta be kidding me,"

"What? You think you're the only one allowed to have a family? You've destroyed my children." Kate's hands quickly began scrabbling at the back of the forearm crushing her neck. She felt as though she could feel her body fighting for air. "How would you feel if I killed your family?" A beat passed where Kate could hear Azazel chuckle. "Oh, that's right. I forgot. I did... Still, two wrongs, don't make a right."

"Yeah, I bet you're real proud of your kids too, huh?" Dean said after a pause, "Oh wait, I forgot... I wasted them." He finished with his chin up defiantly, and a grin over his features.

"Funny, but that's your M.O, isn't it?" Azazel continued while Kate was desperately thinking of a way out of his grip. "Mask all that nasty pain, and the truth; because, really. You're afraid, aren't you? I mean, Sam is clearly John's favorite, even when they argue. It's more concern than he has ever shown you. Your family doesn't need you. Not the same way you need them. Sam? I've got big plans for him. Your mom? Well, that bridge has long been crossed, hasn't it? And, now, your dad too? Do you think you can save him?" Kate could feel John's arm come down harder over her throat, she was fighting to take in air now. "Your track record says otherwise, don't it Dean?" Yellow eyes had moved in closer to Dean as he spoke. Dean's eyes shifted down to her face and she could see the concern clear in them.

"Let her go." Kate was surprised to hear Sam's voice. "She's not involved in any of-."

"She killed my daughter," Azazel cut him off angrily, he turned, dragging her along with him to look at Sam. His arm loosened allowing her to breathe again, but his hand tightened in her hair, keeping a good hold on her. "But it's not just that, is it?" Kate knew the next question was directed to her. "You never told them, did ya, sweetheart?"

A silence enveloped the room. Kate didn't respond. She knew her expertly crafted lies were going to come crashing down on themselves. "This little lady here. She knows everything. Everything that's set to happen to you boys from now until… well until you die." Kate's eyes moved over towards Dean, and his face was unreadable. She saw the hateful expression on his face, but she was unsure if it was directed at her or yellow eyes. "Hell, she could probably even tell you how you die." Azazel laughed out. "Can't you, darlin'?"

She couldn't respond. She didn't know what to say. Kate didn't even want to be a part of this, and it certainly wasn't anything she had asked for. She just had to break his hold. She made a move to try and pull away, only to have his arm over her throat tighten again and his other hand close around her hair at the back of her head. "Oh no, no, I don't think so, my dear." Kate's hold was lifted momentarily before he slammed her head into the edge of the desk. She cried out in pain as blood began to seep from the wound on her head. He was tossing her around like she were a ragdoll.

"You son of a bitch!" Dean yelled. Kate watched as he struggled against the unseen force pinning him back to the wall. Kate tried to maintain her composure, she knew there had to be a way out of this without things going down the way they did in the show, but she wasn't sure how she would be able to do that while being restrained by yellow eyes himself. She'd needed to get free, but he held her in a sleeper chokehold while his hand maintained a tight grip on her hair.

"Now you. What to do with you?" He asked quietly, his mouth by her ear as he yanked her head back so that her neck was bent at an awkward angle."My original plan was to have you killed to prevent you from throwing our boys here off course," Kate closed her eyes briefly. She knew he was referring to the return of Lucifer. That was what his whole goal had been about- recruiting an army of "special" children for the arc angel when armageddon was to take place—the war between Angels and Demons. "However, I think I'll keep you around. You see, we, even as demons, aren't privileged to a glimpse of the future any more than these two are."

"No." She said as the realization hit her. The demons no longer wanted her dead. They wanted to use her.

Azazel laughed loudly now.

"No." Kate redoubled her efforts in attempting to fight him off. "No. No, No, No." Visions of her in hell swam before her eyes. She could almost feel as though she were there already. Hooks pulled her skin from her bone, and she was suspended in midair. She could feel the heat all around her. She heard faint screams and felt the fear. Kate simply reacted, she jerked her head back, and it collided with John's nose. Kate threw herself away and out of reach from him. She made a grab for the Colt. Before she could maintain a grip on it, she was thrown into a nearby wall. The Colt went flying into the other room. Kate began screaming. Her body writhing as pain covered her from head to toe. It was as though her body was on fire. She gasped watching as blood began pouring from her chest. It were as though claws had dug in and were ripping down her chest. She could feel her inside twisting up.

"Tell you what, Darlin'... You can join the dark side, or you can die." She could barely hear John's voice over her own screams, but he loomed over her squirming figure. She wished that Azazel would just kill her. She'd take death over this glimpse of hell any day. Kate could vaguely hear shouts from the boys, but she wasn't sure if that was real or in her head. Everything stopped suddenly, and a silence fell over the room. Kate was left in a crumpled mess on the floor, breathing hard.

"So honey, what's it gonna be?"

Kate was stalling as she worked to catch her breath. The house was silent. Glancing around, she noted that Sam was unconscious -she had assumed the same for Dean as neither of them said a word.

"I think the answer is no, You Yellow-Eyed bastard." Kate was surprised to see Bobby in the doorway to the kitchen. A shot rang out with no warning and Kate watched the bullet lodge itself into John's knee. John's body trembled before a flash of light shot out his knee and he crumpled to the ground. She could hear thuds as the boys bodies heavily fell to the floor and groaning from John.

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