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Devil's Trap

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Chapter 7: Devil's Trap

She breathed hard trying to keep up with the eldest member of the Winchester family. "C'mon." He grunted behind to her as he hoisted himself up a ladder and climbed to the roof. She followed along silently, finding him standing before the giant water tank connected to the pipe system throughout the building. He was muttering under his breath as he held a rosary over the water. John dropped the beads in quickly before turning to face off with her.

"Uhm…" She started softly feeling unsure what to do.

"I guess, we're as ready as we're ever gonna be." John stated as he slid his gun out and checked off the safety. Kate nodded as she pulled her gun out to do the same. "You- uh- You getting a read on anything before we head in down there?"

She paused catching his double meaning. He was asking if she'd gotten any visions of what was to come. Kate gulped slightly not sure if she should tell him what she last knew of this situation from the show.

"He figures out the guns a fake." She told him after a slight hesitation. John stared at her blankly.

"Oh. Great." He said now slipping the fake colt out of its bag and slipping it inside his jacket. "Last vision I got of this, Meg was still around and kicking. He originally shoots her with it to test."Kate told him quickly.

John's eyes moved over her face briefly, "Well then, looks like we might still have a shot at this then."

"You know you could've just sent me here." Kate muttered as John made a move to walk by her. She and John had already driven at least an hour to get here, now they were just scoping the place out- they'd arrived earlier than originally anticipated, and Kate was growing weary of the silence- it only made her over think the danger she was in. The demons had wanted her from the very moment they knew she was in this world or whatever with the Winchesters. She was a game changer, to everything- not just their beloved apocalypse plan.

John remained silent, so she continued on. "The demon- it's not as if he wanted you. I could've taken the fake gun and met with him alone. You- you didn't even have to risk yourself. You could've stayed with your boys."

"I don't take the safe route, Kate." John told her shortly.

"I-I wasn't trying to offend-."

"Plus, according to my two son's the demons have been after you, and I intend to find out why." John stated cutting her off.

"Why?" She asked halting her steps behind him. John Winchester paused and turned to face her.

"We save people. Hunt things. It's just what we do." He began, "Besides, it's not as if I don't have you to thank for saving people I care about." He finished, clearly hinting at Jim Murphy. Kate's silent acceptance of John's reasoning meant that they could continue, she watched him climb down the ladder first; only following him when she heard his boots hit the wet asphalt below.

Following John along the walkways she was greeted by the heavy metal doors leading into the darkened warehouse. John and she were met with the vacant cement room; the walls and the floor were just poured concrete. Random manufacturing parts had been left strewn about- clearly whatever had been high demand to be made here had long been forgotten. A thick layer of dust covered the furniture and machines left around at random.

"Where is he?" John muttered more to himself as he looked around, his guard up and ready to spring into action if needed.

Kate sighed in response, running a tense hand through her long hair brown hair. Her anxiety was running high tonight- while she knew that this demon would be able to provide certain answers she needed, she also knew the answers wouldn't be given up freely. She also was fairly certain there wouldn't be time for a quick Q&A while he was attempting to kill her.

"Which one of you has the Colt?" Came a voice from the dark before them. Kate searched the area before them frantically not finding much of anything until suddenly a figure emerged from the shadows and stood before the duo. Kate glanced over at John unsure of what to do now.

John took the lead as he moved to slip the gun out from under his leather jacket. Kate took in the man before her; he looked exactly as he had on the show, dark hair, and equally dark eyes. He seemed to have a similar build to Dean. Her body tense preparing to fight him off if need be. She could feel the cool blade of the knife Pastor Jim had given her against the small of her back.

"Put it on the ground and back up." The guy said. Kate was wracking her brains trying to remember his name, but she couldn't remember anything from the show, plus half her brain was currently preoccupied with not getting killed.

John moved slowly glancing between the pair before him. He opened his mouth to talk, but the man in front of them shouted, "Now!" Kate noted the stubborn expression cross over John's features, but he moved the gun to the ground. John took a big step back his eyes never leaving the man's. Kate moved to take a step back, but was halted by the man's deep voice.

"Oh, no sweetheart. You stay right there." The man grinned as he moved forwards bending to pick up the gun quicker than Kate had anticipated, before she knew it she was flung across the room and pinned against the wall. She groaned in pain upon impact as the man continued on ignoring her, "I've been waiting for this moment." He smirked up at her evilly now. Kate looked over at John out of fear but found him pinned up against the wall next to her.

"We've been looking for this for so long." He said more to himself than anyone else.

"You've got the gun, let us-."Kate began.

"Go? Oh now; why would I do something stupid like that?" The man asked her his attention turning up to her. "Especially when it's you I really wanted." He finished with an unexpected gleam in his eyes. Before Kate could even blink she watched as heavy, black smoke arose around him and then move right for her. Kate's mouth was forced open by unseen hands and the smoke slipped past her lips, choking her as it went down her throat. She fought to gasp for air, until it was out of sight and she began drowning in it.

Kate wasn't sure how long had passed, but she came to in an empty place, a dense, grey fog clouded her vision, her head felt light and dizzy. Vaguely, Kate could feel her stomach aching for food. Where the hell am I? She thought to herself feeling angrier than anything else. The last thing she could remember was being at that warehouse, with John and meeting up with the demon. At her sudden memory of him, Kate tried to move, but found herself stuck where exactly she awakened.

"You know as well as I do, there's other ways to get a girl all tied up, Dean. Especially this one." Kate felt more confused as she heard her own voice echo throughout the foggy area.

"Shut up." Dean muttered. Kate grew more confused at his voice echoing around her. What the hell-? She thought. Dean? Kate tried to call out, only to have her shout remain inside her head in a thought. She couldn't even open her mouth to speak, to call out to anyone. Kate wracked her brain for any memories of how she got where she was, she wondered idly what magic this was, after some moments passed that felt like hours she huffed angrily.

Long moments of silence passed in between hearing some vague unintelligible words from whatever was going on outside of her head. Kate inwardly groaned as she moved her focus to her body, maybe if she could somehow get herself to move she wouldn't be trapped here any longer. In her intense focus Kate didn't see the fog slowly lifting around her.

"I'm only going to ask you, one more time. Where's our father?" Dean's voice rang out again around her.

"I don't know, maybe you should ask your girlfriend?" Kate heard her own voice echo around her. Kate knew it was her voice but the tone in it was different, it was her but, it wasn't. Flashes of memories hit her suddenly; pain ebbed and flowed throughout her body. A familiar thick, black smoke clouded her vision, and then she remembered choking it on it as it jammed itself down her throat. Was I possessed? She asked herself. Glancing around she noted that where ever she was had no color, no anything other than darkness. She began to become more aware of her surroundings, but couldn't keep her focus with the sounds of voices echoing all around her.

After a moment Kate regained her focus on her fingers and toes; she took in some deep, steadying breaths and just envisioned them moving of their own. Nothing happened. She took in a steadying breath and tried again. Still nothing. Kate huffed in frustration now. She was trapped where ever she was. Stuck here and unable to move or speak.

"Why don't you go ahead and ask me what you really want to while I possess her body?" Kate's voice rang out again after the last few moments of silence.

"Oh yeah? What's that?" Dean's voice asked smug as ever as Kate became vaguely aware of footsteps somewhere in the distance.

"Questions like is she really working with us? Or is it all just a trick?" Kate's focus on her appendages slipped up at that. If the demons were looking for a way to knock her out of their way, they may have just stumbled upon it.

Kate heard Sam's voice echoing in her surroundings, he was chanting. It was Latin. He had the exorcism book. The boys were exorcising her! Oh, Thank god. She thought relief filling up within her. Sam continued on chanting, and Kate could finally feel her finger twitch. She jumped at the opportunity the rest of her mind now focusing hard on her body trying to get it to move in some other way.

"You're going to exorcise me? You can't be serious."

"Oh, serious as hell." Kate heard Dean respond.

"You boys are gonna be left with a rotting corpse here." Kat heard her own voice echo through the now silent room. "I've had a hold of her body for hours now. Do you boys really think I got orders to ride her gently after what she did to Meg?"

A long pause passed and Kate begged them inwardly to keep going. I'm not dead! She hollered, but no one could hear her inner monologue.

Finally, she heard Sam's voice. "Dean…"

"Keep reading."


"Sam, keep reading Damnit!" While Kate had been preoccupied with trying to move her body, she couldn't help but feel surprise at the tone in Dean's voice.

"What if she's really-?"

"She's not dead. The demons have been after her for months now. Ain't no way they'd kill her quick."

"You don't know-."

"She's not dead. Sam. They wouldn't-."

"And, why wouldn't we?" Kate was fighting with everything she had to regain control of herself, but nothing she was trying was working. It didn't matter what she tried. She paused at her own voice casting doubt on her living. "We want her gone…"

Sam suddenly spoke again ignoring the warnings from the demon, and the more he chanted the more Kate was able to move of her fingers and toes, the more she became acutely aware of a deep throbbing pain in her abdomen. She knew her original stab wound from Meg had mostly healed by now so it couldn't have been from that. She'd have looked down, but still couldn't move her head just yet. Her toes finally showed signs of life as they wiggled.

She heard his soft tone change as he rounded on her, "We want the truth from you, or so help me god, I will send you straight back to hell. Where is our dad? And is she working with you?"

A long silence passed before Sam began to read the chant again, and pain crashed over Kate all at once. She thought as if the world around her was shifting and she was finally able to speak as a scream tore up from her throat. Tears welled up behind her eyes as she felt her head was being split in two.

"No! No!" Kate heard the demon using her voice yell out amidst the pain.

"Hold it! What?" Dean's voice rang out over the screaming and, Sam's voice stopped once again. Kate groaned breathing hard. Her entire was body exhausted already, but she needed them to keep going.

"She isn't working with us. She's trying to put a stop to all our plans. That's why we keep coming for her. She- she knows way too much." Kate heard her own voice, breathless and small. The exorcism must be having the same effect, if not worse on it. Kate thought quickly as she fought to catch her breath.

"And, our father? Where is he?" Kate was surprised to hear Sam's gentle voice amongst all this.

"A building in Jefferson City. That's all I know." Broken memories flashed before her eyes. A large sign reading sunrise, a gunshot, darkness, screaming and silence. A sudden cold began to spread throughout her body at that.

"Missouri? Where? Where is it? We need an address." Dean regained control without missing a beat.

"I don't have one….That is above my pay grade. I've told you all I know." The demon was tired from fighting to hang on to Kate's body throughout the exorcism

"What d'you mean 'she knows too much'?" Dean pressed on changing the subject suddenly, the suspicion clear as day in his voice.

There was a pause and then, "If I tell you that I get killed, in a very painful way; besides I know you're just going to exorcise me no matter what. I think I'd rather take my chances in hell." Kate heard her own voice, it was exhausted.

"Alright then." Dean responded. "Sam?"

"Wait!" Another man's voice rang out. One Kate knew, but hadn't actually met yet. The boys were at Bobby's house. "You finish this, you might just kill her. She is a human being- you can't just-."

"I am not gonna leave her like that. We-we can't. I can't just-." A beat passed, and then he finished. "Sam. Finish it. Please." Kate could hear the worry in Dean's voice. She knew that the last time they'd seen each other she'd kissed him, but she clearly wasn't aware of what it might've meant on his part.

She didn't have time to dwell on that last thought, because at Sam's voice once again all that pain came crashing over her, but Kate found that through it she could move. Kate gritted her teeth as she slowly rolled herself over onto her stomach. She groaned as she painfully moved to push herself up onto her knees. Her head was throbbing and her entire body felt like she'd gotten a beating, a bad one.

Kate screamed as she felt the pain intensify, the grey fog was back and it circled slowly surrounding her; all of a sudden it engulfed her. All she saw was blackness, but slowly she became more aware, her body was concrete and she felt herself now sitting, tied up in a chair. Her head hung low, but she could breath freely again, there was no crushing weight on her chest, her fingers twitched and responded when her brain commanded. The pain in her abdomen never went away, that actually hurt worse. Her entire body was sore when she attempted to move her head upright.

"He- He's still alive." Kate said her voice rough and dry.

"Kate? Bobby, get some water." She heard Dean's voice as his hands moved to pull her head upright. Her neck was on fire as the weight of her head was transferred from front to back. Breathing became easier at that.

Kate wasn't sure, but she could have sworn he sounded relieved. "C'mon Sam, help me with this." Before Kate knew it she felt the tight ropes lift away around her and her blood began circulating through her body once again.

"My- my stomach." She croaked out.

"Yeah, you stormed in here fighting us before we could get a look at you. It looks like you were shot though." Dean told her as he scooped her up out of the chair. "You don't look so good." He finished off setting her down on a nearby couch.

"You don't exactly look like a peach either you know." She muttered back to him before groaning at her new position lying down. Kate finally took in a steadying breath and looked down over herself, her body looked beaten. She could feel her dry lips had a split over the bottom one. Her left eye was having trouble staying open, and her nose felt kind of swollen and stiff.

"Those Demons seemed to really work you over, huh?" A man resembling Bobby Singer asked as he passed on a glass of water to Dean, who then moved to hand it to her

"I-I guess so. The last thing I remember was getting possessed though." Kate replied softly once she gulped down some water.

"You don't remember anything else?" Sam asked from next to Bobby. "Nothing about where our dad is?"

Kate slowly brought the glass to her lips again. She drank the water down as if she hadn't had any in weeks. "I remember getting my ass handed to me." She groaned moving to sit up. She felt swelling in her side. Kate moved to pull up the side of her shirt, blood covered the gunshot wound and bruises scattered over her skin.

"We gotta get that outta there. Looks pretty deep, there's no exit wound so the bullet is still-."

Kate gasped as memories hit her. She stood back at the warehouse, the same man from that night stood before her Kate tried to push herself off of the floor, but it was as though her body wasn't hers. She no longer had any control over it. After a long moment she stood up stiffly before the dark haired demon.

"Kate?" She heard John Winchesters voice ring out. Kate's eyes moved beyond the guy now standing before her towards John- still pinned up on the wall. Kate mentally noted she was breathing hard.

"Kate. No-."

"That's enough from you." Before Kate could even react-not that it seemed as though she could, John was unconscious. He uttered no more sounds or words, just hung up on the wall motionless and quiet, like a sickening decoration.

The demon in Kate was stoic and silent, she assumed it was just awaiting new orders, but it seemed the dark haired guy had other ideas. He pointed the fake gun at Kate and a single shot rang out.

The reaction was delayed, but Kate could feel the pain through the demon possessing her. It was as if a white hot poker was shoved into her side.

"Welp, I'm not surprised it's a fake." The guy muttered as he tossed the gun to the side. Kate was distracted by the liquid now seeping down her side- on the inside she was freaking out feeling all the pain, but on the outside, the demon hardly reacted. "You are to go hunt the Winchester brothers, and bring colt back. The real colt. We need the girl back as well; otherwise all this will be for nothing. Meet up is in Jefferson City, at Sunrise." The demon within Kate nodded in understanding. "Just use her to get in close to the Winchester brother's. She's got a history with them. Get the gun and, get out. Understand?"

Kate's head nodded of its own accord as she moved to turn towards the entrance.

"What do you think you're doing?" The man asked in an annoyed tone. Kate's body turned facing off with the man. Kate felt puzzled at the question. "D'you really expect them to believe, we just let the girl go?" Kate finally understood.

The man's face broke out in a grin as he moved closer cocking his fist back only to drive it forwards into her face. Kate cried out from in her head as the blows just kept coming. "That was for Meg, you bitch." He spat.

Kate groaned feeling the memory of it all over again. The pain she felt now was a welcome relief from what her memory held.

"What is it?" Dean's voice broke the silence as Sam asked, "What happened?"

"I was sent back here to get the real colt. He- the uh. That guy we met in Lincoln. He sent me back here after I was possessed, but he wants me back."

"And, you expect us to just hand you back over?" Dean asked her incredulously. A silence blanketed over the trio on the floor.

"Don't you get it? They have your dad. I- I have to go back, otherwise, I don't know what they'll do." She said softly, her gaze moving down to the floor. This was uncharted territory for her. The show was similar, but things were changing because of Kate's presence, she wasn't sure if she would be any use to them now that she wasn't 100 percent certain of their future. Either way, she was involved now, and John needed their help.

"Fine, but one thing at a time. Let's get that bullet out of you while we can." Bobby's voice interrupted her thoughts. "Name's Bobby Singer by the way."

Kate huffed knowing all too well the pain she was feeling was nothing compared to what she was about to feel.

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