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Salvation:Part 2

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Chapter 6: Salvation Prt 2

After Kate had overheard Jim call John she knew she'd had to leave. Jim quickly explained how Kate had arrived minutes before the Demon had, and how the pair exorcised the demon back to hell- luckily for her, Jim had kept it to himself that Kate had been the one to suggest an exorcism. If John had wondered how Kate knew to look for Jim he didn't ask. He had asked how he was and where Kate was going.

"Well, I imagine she'll be going to Salvation after here. The girl that the demon was possessing had said that was where Yellow eyes is. Do-do you want to-?"

After a brief pause Jim nodded agreeing with whatever John had said then, before hanging up he told John not to be a stranger, and the past was forgiven.

Kate stood from the pew she was sitting in and moved towards Jim. "Well father, I thank you for your help. I don't think I could've taken down that demon on my own." Kate had known for certain that without her he would've died.

"Well my dear, neither could I." He agreed with a shrug. Jim still had the body of Meg to take care of downstairs- he had already called the police and they were on their way. "Uhm. Wait. Before you go, here." Jim said as he turned grabbing up the knife and a book he'd brought upstairs with them. Kate felt the weight of the throwing knife in her hand as Jim handed it off to her. She looked at the book to find it was an older book-a religious one by the looks of it.

"All the stuff on demons is in there. That's everything you need to know on fightin' em." Kate paused as she looked it over, the binding was fraying at the top and bottom, the pages were old and discolored, but the book itself was in pretty good condition. Kate paused before looking back up at Jim's brown eyes.

"Thank-thank you." She told him gratefully, before now she'd really had no weapons other than salt to take down the demons that were clearly after her, now she may have a fighting chance. Kate was antsy to get going- she didn't want to be around when the cops arrived.

"Well you better get going. The police will be here shortly." Jim told her. It was obvious that he still had questions for her, but he knew that the questions he'd be left with if the cops found her here would be more problematic for him then the ones he was currently left with. Kate nodded and with that she moved out of the church and over the walk into her car, as she pulled away she could hear the sirens approaching. She knew she'd had a clear 2 and a half hour drive down to Salvation-she'd looked it up upon her arrival knowing that was her next stop. Her tank was full so she didn't need to stop for gas until she got to the town now it was just a race there with the Winchester's after hearing the yellowed eyed demon would be there Kate was sure they were packing up in Colorado and gonna be driving there as well.

As Kate drove she wondered how differently things would play out now- Meg was supposed to draw John away from the boys to make him more vulnerable- that way Yellow eyes could possess him but Kate was unsure how the demons would do that now. She wondered how she would answer the questions that the trio would ask her- she knew she'd have to think of something between now and then. The truth was still too confusing- even for her, let alone them.

She'd followed route 35 into Salvation, Iowa, and found herself on the main road of the small town. Kate pulled into the nearest Hotel- the show hadn't shown what hotel the boys were in- not that it mattered to her anymore. She knew where the demon was going to be.

Kate parked and walked towards the motel's office quickly booking a room with one of her fraud cards, once getting the key to her room she went to retrieve her bags from the car but found herself yanked around the side of the concrete office and slammed back against the side of it. A forearm pressed her against the rough wall, while a gun was pointed on her causing her to freeze.

"Who are you, really?" John's voice asked her.

Kate's eyes were still hyper focused on the gun in her face as she replied simply, "I'm not here to hurt any-."

"I didn't ask that." John stated, his face blank of emotions, and his voice deadpanned. "I asked who you were. I made a call before the boys and I left Manning. My friend, Missouri."

"The psychic." Kate cut him off.

"See? The fact that you know who that is without ever meeting her causes me some concern, for me, for my boys…." John trailed off. Kate inwardly cursed herself, if she hadn't wanted to tell John the truth she'd have to come up with a lie, and fast.

"I'm psychic too." Kate said as the gun moved closer to her head. John stared at her his face still not displaying any emotion.

"You're psychic too?" He asked disbelievingly.

"How do you think I know about Missouri? How'd you think I knew about Pastor Jim and Meg? I know certain things before they happen." She lied- although admittedly right now, it wasn't a lie- she knew the road map for the boys before it happened.

"You really expect me to believe that?" John told her, however she noticed the gun wasn't trained on her anymore.

"You don't have a choice, unless you wanna kill me here and now." Kate replied coolly. It hit her then that maybe dying would bring her home, do you really want to test that theory? She asked herself.

John gave her a once over eyeing her carefully as if the answers he was looking for would be written on her skin somewhere. "Look, I got rid of Meg, didn't I? Doesn't that make it kind of clear as to whose side I'm on?" Kate asked him. She was irritated at his distrust, after all the shit she just went through to help save his ass from getting kidnapped…

John's hold over her loosened as he stepped back. "No one does anything for free." He replied. "Missouri told me that she'd had a vision of me being kidnapped by Meg and the other demons, but- but then Jim called and he said the demon- Meg, was gone."

"Yeah well, you're welcome." Kate told him begrudgingly as she moved by him and around towards her car again. She wanted to get her bags out and set up in her room- she really needed sleep after driving all night to Blue Earth, and then driving here.

John wasn't done with her though; he followed her to the car. "Who are you exactly?" John asked, still not trusting her.

"I'm Kate." She told him shortly.

"Kate who?" He pressed on, irritation seeping into his tone. She huffed as she yanked her wallet out of her bag and threw her ID at him.

"Better?" She snapped before turning to walk up the path towards the rooms of the hotel, leaving John there to stand in the parking lot.

Kate was growing more, and more tired by the second, she didn't want to waste time chatting with John and the boys, she wanted to get in some sleep knowing that the demon was gonna be making his move tonight- however two figures appeared in her doorway as she moved to close it. Sam was holding his head while groaning in pain and Dean supported most of his weight. John followed in closely behind them.

"What happened?" Kate asked knowing full well that Sam had had a vision.

"The demon." Sam answered shortly- his voice told Kate his was in pain. Dean deposited him in the chair by the make shift kitchen table.

"What're you doing back?" Dean said with a glare in Kate's direction.

"She's okay." John cut in as he held out her ID to her. Kate snatched it up still irritated with his interrogation from earlier. His worried eyes on Sam now, "What happened to your brother?"

Dean paused his eyes moved from Sam to his father, and then to Kate. She knew that she was the elephant in the room. She didn't think Dean wanted other people knowing about his brother's 'abilities' any more than he could help it.

"He- uh- He had a vision." Dean told him, as he took a seat on the bed. An expression of shock overcame John's features as he sat in the chair across from Sam.

"A Vision?" John asked in disbelief.

"Yes." Sam muttered as he rubbed his forehead. "I saw the demon, burning a woman on the ceiling." He finished as he rubbed his eyes. Kate knew he was still in pain.

"And, you think this is gonna happen to the woman you met, because…" John trailed off still not entirely believing Sam.

"Because these things happen, exactly the way I see them." Sam snapped with a glance up in his dad's direction.

"It started out as nightmares, but then they started having them when he was awake." Dean explained as he moved towards Kate's coffee pot. I suppose I could use a cup of coffee right now. Kate thought begrudgingly knowing she wasn't gonna get much in the way of sleep today.

"Yeah." Sam sighed out. "It's like- I don't know. It's like the closer I get to anything involving the demon, the stronger the visions get." Sam explained still fighting off his headache.

"Alright, when were you gonna tell me about this?" John snapped as he looked over at Dean. Dean glanced down at Sam and over to Kate. She felt a growing uncomfortable-ness, she didn't really want to watch a family feud. She wanted sleep.

"We didn't know what it meant." Dean explained simply as he went back to his coffee.

"Something like this starts happening to your brother, you pick up the phone and you call me." John stated clearly upset.

Dean paused as he put the coffee pot down now. "Call you?" He asked flabbergasted. "Are you kidding me?" He asked. "Dad, I called you from Lawrence; Sam called you when I was dying. I mean… getting you on the phone? I have a better chance of winning the lottery." Dean paused as if just realizing he spoke out of turn to his father, but he stood his ground on baited breath.

John paused as he looked down to his feet, "You're right." He agreed with a slight shrug, "While I'm not too crazy about this new tone of yours- you're right."

"Look guys, visions or no visions. The fact is we know that the demon is coming tonight. This family is gonna go through the same hell we went through." Sam finished- worry in his eyes. Kate knew that this was more personal to them then it was to her. Dean turned and made his way back to the counter.

"No they're not." John muttered as a fierce expression overcame his features. "No one is. Ever again." He finished in a tone that said it was final. A pause permeated through the room and then Sam's cell phone rang making Kate jump. Dean gave her a glare from next to her as he sipped his coffee. She knew he must've still been pissed with how she left so abruptly before.

"Hello." Sam said into his phone, his head seemed to have cleared.

"Who is this?" He asked in the same way Kate could remember from the episode. No. No way. Jim exorcized her. Kate thought angrily.

"I don't know who you are, but I can tell you that you have the wrong number if you're looking for him." Sam responded smartly. Kate was left puzzled now, she had no idea who could be on the other end of the phone call but it was clear they were asking for John. Sam looked up at his dad as John stood and moved to take the phone.

"I don't know where my dad is." Sam told them. Dean turned to glance out the window as though the person on the other end were standing there.

Finally, Sam sighed as he handed over his phone.

"This is John."

Kate wracked her brain trying to figure out who or what was on the other end of the call. She'd gotten rid of Meg and things were still playing out like they had been before.

"Okay, okay. Yeah, I'm here."

As if on cue, Kate heard John's voice jump an octave as he asked, "Caleb?" Kate cursed softly.

"What is it?" Dean asked as his hard glare shifted from his father to her.

"I-I'm pretty sure a demon has your friend Caleb." She muttered.

"How do you know that?" Dean asked as John responded over the phone.

"I-." Kate began unsure how to explain everything. She'd told John she was psychic, but she only saw their lives the one way, she'd tried to change things, but it seems like their fate was inevitable.

John suddenly hung the phone up. He huffed turning to face the trio with him- his eyes meeting Kate's.

"While I'd like to say congratulations on you're defeating Meg, apparently you angered her brother enough to hunt down and kill my friends, people we consider family."

"Meg?" Sam asked as his head turned in Kate's direction. "You-you killed Meg? You mean to tell me that fall didn't?"

"She was a demon." Kate croaked out. She'd forgotten that her 'brother' had even really been involved in anything- he wasn't much of a major player in the show. Kate opened her mouth to apologize, but Dean cut her off.

"It was Caleb?" Dean questioned. Kate got the feeling that he might've been closer to Caleb then the other two Winchester's. "Is he okay?"

John didn't answer; he just shook his head somberly.

Dean turned to face Kate now, angry. "How did you know that?" Kate opened her mouth but no words came out. She'd made all the right moves she could to stop this, and it was still happening. She suddenly felt a shove from the front and her back hit the counter behind her.

"How did you know that?" Dean asked. It was clear to her that Dean sensed her place in all this, he knew she had something to do with the demon attacks- his hunch was wrong.

"Dean-." Sam began, but Kate cut him off.

"You think I wanna be here?! You think I'm working with the demons do you?!" Kate cried out angrily at once again having her intentions doubted.

"I just risked my ass saving someone close to you- someone your family cares about! And yet here I am, again being looked at like I'm the bad guy here. I'm not." She growled out the last part stepping up to Dean. She was tired of this freaking family constantly being on guard, and not trusting her- not that they knew they had reason to trust her.

"She's fine. She's not working against us." John told his son from behind. Dean whipped around at his father.

"How do you-?" He paused as John sent him a hard look at his tone. Dean sighed forcibly calming himself down. "How do you know that?" Kate huffed running her hand through her long brown hair.

"Her and, I had a chat. Outside. She's psychic." John told the two brothers.

"What?" Sam asked as he looked to her as Dean just looked confused.

After a pause Sam asked, "Are you really psychic?" Kate nodded with a shrug. Got no choice but, to go along with it now. She thought.

"She saved Jim Murphy this morning, from Meg. The demon had arrived there to kill him, to find our whereabouts, but Kate got the drop on her and got there minutes before she did."

"Pastor Jim?" Sam asked as though remembering who the guy was. John simply nodded.

"How'd you know how to kill a demon?"Dean asked her, his expression unreadable. "Just a few weeks ago, you said you didn't know-."

"I didn't." Kate cut him off her tone annoyed. "Jim Murphy did. He gave me a book." Kate responded, as she moved towards her bed and pulled the newly equipped book out of her duffle bag. As soon as she pulled it out Sam moved over to grab it from her. He scanned its pages quickly as he moved to sit back down. "Whoa. This-this is some heavy stuff."

"Devil's traps, Exorcisms, anything you can think of to help fight against the demons." Kate told them. She'd looked it over briefly on the drive here. "Plus there's this." She said as she pulled out the throwing knife.

"I don't know what it does, but Meg seemed hurt by it, plus it was the first thing Jim went for when she arrived." She explained with a slight shrug. She looked over the throwing knife etched with the carvings in it God's eye was engraved into the bottom side of it along with some sigils along the upper end.

"What did Meg's brother want?" Dean asked, his bad mood only growing darker.

"He wants the colt, and her." John said as he nodded at Kate. "Like I said, you made him angry." John explained.

"Well, what do we do?" Dean asked clearly itching to get on with a plan of some sort. Kate cursed inwardly.

"I'll go-." Kate began.

"No." Dean cut in. Kate glanced over at him, his face flashed with concern before it was hidden away beyond stoic features.

"I'm not stupid-." Kate began to argue, after all she'd been through she was not going to be sidelined.

"I'm going to Lincoln, and meeting him there."John interrupted.

"Wait, what?" Dean asked as Kate uttered the same shocked words.

"Dad, the demon is coming tonight." Sam stated. "For Monica and her family, that gun is all we've got you can't just hand it-."

"I never said anything about handing the gun over." John told him. Kate knew exactly what was gonna happen. She'd seen this whole scenario play out several times on her tv. It didn't matter what she'd done to change things. Here she was at the exact path she had been trying to avoid.

"So what? You're just gonna pick up a ringer at a pawn shop?" Dean asked outraged.

"An antique store." John corrected as if it made this situation any better.

"You're gonna hand the demon a fake gun and hope he doesn't notice?" Dean asked him, his tone dripping in sarcasm. Kate huffed stressfully as she made quick work for her own a cup of a coffee. She had a feeling she was gonna be dragging, but she knew what she had to do. She had to go with John and see that he got out fine.

"Look as long as its close, nobody should be able to tell the difference." John argued. "Other than us, and a couple of vampires, no one has seen the gun. No one knows what it looks like. I just need to buy us a few hours." John said in a final tone.

"You mean for Dean and I. You want us to stay here and kill this demon by ourselves…" Sam trailed off softly. Kate could hear the raw emotion in his voice.

"No Sam." John muttered his voice was tired. "I just want this to be over."

"I'm going with you." Kate said interrupting as she sipped down the first of her coffee, the warmth spread through her warming her tired bones. She huffed as she put the mug down on the circle table top in the adjoined kitchen.


"Shut it, Dean. I'm a big girl, and I can handle myself." She stated not sparing him a glance. Her focus was on John, measuring his facial expression or lack thereof.

"Oh, sweetheart, I wasn't planin' on going in alone." He stated with a smirk.

"Dad, you can't-."

"Dean." John said. His tone was final, and Kate knew at this point Dean wasn't going to argue with his father over this.

"I'm heading out to get a gun." John stated as he grabbed his leather jacket off of the chair, "I recommend you grab up what you need for the hunt." He said the last part was distinctly directed at Kate as he moved to walk out.

"Hang on, I just found an antique shop nearby." Sam stated as he moved to follow his dad out with his blackberry in his hand. The door closed behind the duo loudly echoing throughout the hotel room. Kate sighed as she turned to look at Dean.

"So… after everything, you still don't trust me, huh?" She asked him. Unsure if she felt bewildered by the situation, or irritated… a bit of both?

Dean cleared his throat and scratched the back of his head. If Kate didn't know any better she'd have said Dean was nervous suddenly. "Can you blame me? With the way you just dropped everything ran out on us in Colorado?" He asked her.

"I told you-."

"It's personal, yeah. You made a mention of it." Dean cut her off; she could see he was still bitter about they're spat back in Denver.

"I- I." Kate's guilt at ditching them so quickly after everything the boys had done for her- taking care of her, keeping her under their wing against the demons.

"You what? Kate?" Dean asked her as he moved in closer. She hesitated; she couldn't tell him anything without all her previous lies crumbling down around her.

Dean scoffed at her silence with a shake of his head. "You know, for someone that seems to know so much. You don't say a lot." He told her simply before turning away and picking up his mug from the counter.

"I can't." She muttered more to herself, but he'd heard her from across the room.

"Why is that?" He pressed on, his tone changing to annoyance, he turned to look at her, his eyes seeming to look right through her, seeing through her façade of a tough hunter, Kate felt like he could see the scared, half crazed woman she felt like she was right now. "Don't get me wrong, everything you've done has helped us in some way, but… you don't let on about how you know these things- back in Texas- You knew all about the Tulpa before we did." Kate stared at him blank faced.

"And, in New York…" He began slowly as if just now putting all of the pieces together, "You were the one that said it was the little girl. No one else had even thought to dig further into her background.

"I told you it's cause I'm- ." She began.

"Psychic. Yeah. Convenient is more what I'd call it. You'd never mentioned it before now." He told her rather bluntly. Kate wasn't sure how but she could tell her lies weren't anything Dean would seem to buy. Sam did, but then again- he was sort of psychic at this point. Dean was more of the skeptic of the two. She really didn't think John bought into her explanation either, but given her commitment to the Winchester's cause she didn't think he was going to threaten her with his guns anymore.

"Listen, I'm not asking you to believe that I am. I'm asking you to just trust me." She snapped finally her anger kicking in as she moved in closer to him. "I busted my ass to save one of your friends, not mine. So. You're welcome."

"Not all of them." Dean stated clearly still angry over Caleb. He moved in closer until they were a foot apart. Kate paused at that, her mouth opened, and then shut. She couldn't say anything to that. She may have saved Jim Murphy, but Caleb still lost his life at the hands of the demons. Saving one person was still more than what had happened in the show. She thought begrudgingly, but then it hit her that Dean had no idea. He had no clue that both men were supposed to have died. He had no idea of the way everything was supposed to have gone. She huffed knowing she could explain it to him, but there was no way he'd believe anything she'd had to tell him so she settled for her usual silence.

Kate turned away and moved towards her bags, ignoring him.

"So, that's it then? Conversation's over, huh?"

Kate slammed her gun into her duffel she was packing up for the ride, "What do you want me to say, Dean?"

"I'm just curious…" He began as he moved in closer to her- his tone was goading her to face off with him, but she didn't want to. His gaze alone threatened her well built lies. She didn't want to break and tell him everything. She knew he could sense something was off with her- and, she didn't want to prove him right. "Why the hell does a psychic need to go see another psychic?" He asked.

Fuck. She thought now feeling screwed. That had to be why he wasn't buying her story. She'd forgotten she let him in on where she was running off to when she'd left Colorado.

"I mean, if you are psychic, what's the need for it? Just seems redundant to me." His voice got louder as he moved to stand behind her.

"I'm not working with the demons." She blurted out in her own defense, quickly turning to face him. "I'm trying to help-."

"Help us. Yeah, that much is the only thing that's clear. My question is…. Why? What do you get out of all of this?" Her eyes locked on his and she felt any and all of the lame answers she could come up with fly out of her head.

"I-." She started. She wasn't thinking very clearly any longer, as much as Kate wanted to blame the whole 'blocked chakra' at this point, She knew it had more to do with Dean's lack of concern for personal space- the memory of him a few weeks ago when they'd shared a hotel room kept popping into her head. It were as though she was trapped, her body wasn't responding to her brains commands to back up, to get away. Her breathing was coming faster and her heart rate had picked up. She could hear the hammering in her ears.

"What do you want?" He asked bluntly. Kate seemed to have lost it when her feet acted of their own accord moving up on her toes as her mouth pressed against his.

Kate's brain froze, and her body took over, she half expected Dean to push her away. She was almost hoping he would. She had enough issues at hand without throwing romance into the mix of it all.

Dean's arms seemed to move slowly around her waist and pull her in closer. Kate's slid up around his neck as the kiss deepened. Kate's heart was racing as his hands moved towards her hips. Her brain finally caught up with her body, and she pulled her mouth from his reluctantly.

"What was that for?" Dean questioned her after a moment had passed.

"Well, given the fact that in a few hours, I'll be on my way to meet with a demon, I figured… you know, if ever…" She trailed off nervous now. She supposed she could cross that off her bucket list.

She watched his eyes flick over her face- as though searching for any signs of dishonesty, she rolled her eyes at him now annoyed, "So… you don't trust me, but you don't mind sucking face for a while." She stated, her irritation causing her to be so blunt.

Dean chuckled with a half smirk over his handsome features; she inwardly cursed him for being so damn good looking. "Well, to be fair, it's not as if I hadn't thought about doing that myself before…" He admitted with a full-fledged grin. Kate sighed feeling her ire rise, she turned back to focus on packing up her duffle.

"Look, Katie…" Dean began, "I don't know why, I do want to trust you. I mean it's not as if you haven't proven yourself with helping on cases- Hell, you've had plenty of chances to take us out, but you haven't. It's clear you're not working against us, that's for damn sure. It-." He paused heaving a sigh. "I don't know. I want to trust you. I do. It's just-." He began as he moved in closer behind her. She turned to face him; her packing now lay forgotten behind her. "There's too many unanswered question." He finished as he stared down at her. Kate fought to control herself as she sidestepped from between him and the bed where her stuff lay. What am I doing? She asked herself frustrated now. She was slowly pulling her brain back together. She was about to enter a battlefield essentially, and here she was getting Dean-drunk before a fight? That was no way to keep her head. If Kate was to survive this and, somehow return home she needed to keep her senses- it was bad enough that her chakra was blocked. While she didn't know much about the 'third-eye chakra' she gathered from Gina that it affected her mentally. Reaching the kitchen table across the room she grabbed her smaller bag and picked up the book Gina gave her.

"Uh… Katie?" She heard Dean's voice behind her, but she ignored him quickly flipping through the pages.

"You wanna know why I went to see a psychic?" She asked him turning around. She slid the book against his chest with it open to the page all about the third chakra blockage. He stared at her with a confused expression- I was just kissing him a second ago, and now? I must seem a bit bipolar to him.

"Third eye chakra block?" He asked her his voice filled with confusion. Kate nodded as she quickly finished packing her essentials up and zipped the duffle she was taking along with her. "What is this? More psychic stuff?"

She sighed tiredly; her brain was beginning to hurt now. "My-my psychic powers, or whatever, they're affected by this block. I have to try and unblock it to get answers- even for myself. That's why you think there so many unanswered questions, because I haven't even figured it out for myself yet, Dean." As she stared at him she could see the confusion in his eyes clear a bit.

"You haven't always been psychic then?" He pressed on looking for more information.

"No." She admitted. That part was true, back home she wasn't a 'psychic' this was all just a show.

"How long ago did this start happening? He asked her. It smacked her in the face- the answer to her problems. The special children. Maybe she would be considered one. The only thing with more answers would be a demon. She thought. Luckily in just a few hours she'd be facing off with one.

"I don't know. A few months ago." Dean just nodded giving the book a further once over, but she could finally see his brain put little piece by piece together. He thought she was like Sam.

"Why didn't you tell us?" He asked her closing the book and tossing it to the table.

"'Hi, I'm Katie, and I'm psychic' doesn't exactly scream good conversation starter, now does it?" She asked him. He chuckled with a shrug in agreement. "Besides, you're hunters." She finished with a shrug of her own. She was hoping enough information had been divulged to quell Dean's suspicious nature. His eyes moved over her, as if trying to suss out the truth from lies.

Before Dean could say anything else there was a thud on the door and it opened to reveal Sam, and John. "You ready, Kate?"He asked her. His bags were slung over his shoulders and he held a brown paper bag in his free hand. Kate wanted to turn tail and run. She didn't want to fight demons, not the ones coming up- the truth was that she was scared. Scared of the truth unraveling after all her lies, scared of death. Katie was just growing more, and more fearful of the world she was in.

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