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Dead Man's Blood:Part 2&Salvation:Part 1

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Chapter 5: Dead Man's Blood:Part 2/Salvation:Part 1

Once Dean had handed off the blood the boys began the works to set up a trap for the vampires- by nightfall they should have them right where they wanted them. Dean had been itching to get out to that bar he had passed by with Kate earlier on their way to the funeral home. John and Sam had stayed behind to soak both arrows, and bullets in containers of the blood. While, Kate on the other hand went back to her own hotel room to begin a list of up and coming events the boys would face. She thought about the next upcoming episode. It was about the demons- John would soon get a call, because Meg would soon be hunting their friend's down- starting with the priest that has a past of a hunter was next on her hit list. John would be drawn away from the boys to exchange the colt for the life of other friends and family- after getting a duplicate John would leave for… Damnit. Kate cursed inwardly; she couldn't remember where the hell the meet would take place. She could remember that the boys stayed behind in Salvation to look after a family that Yellow Eyes was targeting, and that they would succeed. John however, was the one in need of watching. The demons would kidnap him essentially- Kate knew that that would have to be her task at hand. If John was never drawn away he would never get possessed. Yeah, I make it sound so simple. Kate thought as she pulled back to look at the timeline she had drawn up messily. Her open laptop chimed pulling her attention from the timeline, or to-do list as it were. She got an email back from a psychic, Gina the psychic had agreed to see her- she was located out of Denver so it would only be a thirty minute drive. She wondered idly if she'd make back in time for the fight with the vampires, but she doubted it.

She was torn between staying and, leaving. She wanted to help the boys take down the monsters, but given her predicament she knew she had to watch out for herself as well. If she could help the Winchester's, she would but not at her own expense. Making a quick reply to meet up with her she quickly began packing up. A knock on the door sounded suddenly, Kate sighed as she tossed in another article of clothing, before moving towards the door. She was surprised to see Dean there.

"Hey." He greeted with a smile. Kate looked him up and down her eyebrows rose.

"You weren't at the bar long." She commented before pulling away and going back to packing.

"Ah, there weren't very many interesting prospects there." He replied casually. Kate shook her head at that before moving towards the bed, quickly closing up her laptop to prevent him from seeing anything. Luckily he took notice of her packing up anyways.

"Hey, ar- are you leaving?" He asked suddenly.

Kate paused as she laid her laptop case over the bed before going back to her clothes and piling them all in her duffle bag not bothering to be neat about it.

"Uhm. Yeah, I've got a new lead on a case more… personal." She told him cryptically.

"A case more personal?" He questioned, she could hear the disbelief in his voice. "What does that mean? Kate, we- we're so close to getting the colt. My family-. My brother and I, we need this."

"And, you can do it without me, Dean." Kate told him. "You've done this-." She cut herself off. "You've done plenty of cases without me before." She corrected. A pause passed between them, when Dean just stared at her. She sighed turning to face him.

"What about Elkins? Didn't you want revenge?" He pressed her. Kate huffed running a hand through her hair stressfully.

"With you, your brother, and your father hunting them; I'm sure all the vampires will be dead by the end of the night. This-this is important, Dean. I can't stay."

"What about the demons?" He asked her. Kate paused on that, she knew that if they did come for her again, she would be safer with the boys, but she needed to take this risk. She had to try and find a way back to her world.

"I doubt they'll attack me, even if they did. I'm going to a psychic. I'm sure she'd have seen it happening before it actually happens." Kate shrugged as she zipped her duffle bag.

"I'm sorry, a psychic?" Dean asked his face even more perplexed now. "What do you need a psychic for?" Kate ignored his question as she pulled her laptop case over her shoulder, along with her duffle bag. She turned to leave only to find him standing before her, blocking her way.

"It- It's personal, Dean." She told him simply.

"Does it have to do with the demons and they're plans?" He asked her.

Kate was stuck at that one. She was tired of lying to everyone, her frustrations at being in this world were increasing, and she just wanted out. "Yes. No. Ugh, sort of."

"So you did know what they were talking about? The demon back in New York." He questioned her further. Kate sighed angrily as she attempted to move around him now. His grip on her arm caused her to halt, "You don't get to walk away from this now. It's not just you that's involved."

"For this part. It is." She replied with a jerk out of his grip and a hard glare. "I'm leaving. Now." She told him as she moved swiftly out of the room and down the concrete stairs towards her car. She glanced up at the second landing to see Dean staring down at her hard, his arms were crossed, and his mouth set in an unreadable line. She continued on however, throwing her stuff in the back and climbing behind the wheel before taking off out of the hotel at lightning speed.

The drive towards the psychic was a short one, night had fallen and she knew that the hunt for the vampires would be in full swing shortly. She glancing over at the directions she had left on her laptop which was open in the passenger seat, she could see her stop was coming up and within minutes she pulled of the road into a gravel driveway. Quickly closing her laptop and sliding it in the case she secured it in the back seat before making her way out of the car and up towards the house. A thin redheaded woman greeted her at the door, "Hiya Kate." She greeted with a smile.

"Uhm. Hi." She greeted as the woman opened the wooden screen door inviting her inside swiftly. Kate paused in the hallway as the woman closed up the front door. She idly wondered if she should check the woman for possession, but with her cheery demeanor she dismissed it.

"I'm Gina." She introduced with a wide welcoming smile. Kate nodded as she shook hands with the woman. The woman was tall, probably as tall as Dean was when compared to her. The woman walked further down the long hallway, leaving Kate no choice but to follow.

Kate was pleasantly surprised to find biscuits and tea laid out on the kitchen table before her, "Sit, dear. I know you're hungry. Please, help yourself." Kate was going to politely declined but in that moment her stomach let out an obnoxious growl. Truthfully she hadn't had much to eat in the last day- tracking the vampires put her body on a weird schedule so she sat across from Gina and picked up a fresh baked biscuit.

"There's butter, and honey too." Gina said as she motioned to the table. "I do have some leftovers from dinner tonight, if you're interested." Kate had had her guard up figuring this woman might be no different from the psychics she met with in New York, but she was surprised to find that she was wrong.

"Don't worry about those vampires, the boys indeed are going to take care of them- there may be a hiccup in the plan, but no one gets hurt majorly." Kate pulled back from the table with an eyebrow raised. She knew she had come here for this, but to hear a woman that was not connected to anything in her life say these things so nonchalant put her on edge.

"Don't worry. It's safe here. I'm also not possessed; to prove it. I made the tea with Holy water." With that the lady took a long, slow sip from her tea cup.

Kate just stared at the woman blinking unsure where to actually start. "Now, I know in your email you'd said that you were facing a very strange situation, but I suppose I didn't quite know how strange until you got here." Gina continued on into business casually, it was hard for Kate to keep up with her.

"What do you mean? You can- you can tell I'm not from… here?" Kate asked as she finished her bite of biscuit.

"Of course." Gina said as though it were obvious. "Your-you're aura by itself told me you were in the wrong place. Most auras are a yellow or a green color when the person's life is going right, it can change color depending on their moods, or certain events. However, yours my dear; is a grayish-black."

While Kate had no clue about Auras or energies or any of that stuff, she had the common sense to know that it wasn't good. "I'm sorry, but what- what does that mean?" She asked.

Gina sighed as she sipped from her holy water tea again, "Well, normally it means that your energy or energies are blocked, unable to be shown to those that can see it."

"How can I fix that?" Kate asked now putting down her second biscuit.

"Well, I can do a reading over you to see how bad the block is-."

"Will that get me home?" Kate cut her off quickly.

Gina sighed now putting her teacup back on the table, "I'm- I'm afraid that you won't be going home anytime soon my dear."

"So- so you do know. You know that I come from a different-."

"World? Yes, of course. I'm aware other planes and what not exist, I'm psychic." She finished as though that explained everything.

"I get that, I do. I just- I want to leave. I want to get back home. I don't even understand what I'm doing here." She said, her frustration was clear in her tone. "Why can't I go home?" Kate finally felt her eyes prickling at that statement. She didn't want to be here anymore- the terrifying job of hunting just wasn't for her. She missed her mother, and her brothers, she missed her friends from college.

Suddenly Gina stood, and pulled up a box of tissues down from the top of the fridge. She slid them across the table towards Kate.

"Well, before I can explain anything more, I'm going to try and unblock your chakra. I want to see if I can fix aura problem you have first." Kate nodded as she wiped her eyes her felt a tear spill over out of frustration. "The reading room is this way my dear." Kate followed Gina along the hall they'd came from the door and took a turn to a different room, she saw the two chairs across from one another under a circular table- the floral print table cloth seemed to jump out of an otherwise bland white room.

"Alright, have a seat." Gina said taking one herself. Kate sat but, reached for her pocket pulling up some of the limited cash she had on her. "I- I don't have much, but I know that your time is valuable-."

"Don't please." Gina cut her off with a wave of her hand. "You are one of the more interesting people that have called me up. Most of the yuppies around here need to know if their partner is faithful, they need to know if their future contains successes or fails, but you… Let's just say you are a challenge, one I intend to meet with." She explained. Kate slowly put her money back with a shrug, but before she could do anything Gina held her hands out.

"I need some physical contact, please." Kate swallowed slightly her guard still up, but slowly put her hands over Gina's. She watched Gina jump at the contact. Her face twisted in pain almost, Kate wanted to pull back but felt Gina's hands close around hers preventing her from doing so.

"This is a block of your sixth chakra. The one of the all seeing eye." Gina stated. Kate remained silent unsure of what she could possibly say to that. "Have you any memories from the time before you arrived here?"

"Uhm. I-I was watching the tv show. The tv show that was well… this place."

"Before that." Gina told her, dismissively.

Kate paused. She could remember the basics of her life, her brother, her mother, and going to college, but nothing of any consequence. For the life of her she couldn't really remember the things she did specifically on a daily basis. She couldn't recall where she lived on the college, what specific classes she took, she tried to wrack her brains to remember the names of her friends but, if she had when she'd gotten here she no longer could. She couldn't recall the specifics of what made her… well, her. She had no recollection of any childhood back in her old life.

"No, not-not really." Kate responded. "Just basic stuff, I have a mom and a brother, I used to date someone named Edward a long time ago." Kate wracked her brain now fighting to remember anything past her college years, but she couldn't.

"Hmmm…" Gina muttered her grip on Kate's hands tightened suddenly and Kate saw the woman's eyes squint shut tighter. She gasped as though seeing something.

"What is it?" Kate asked, she was begging to learn something anything.

"I- I see something. A man. You're sitting with him talking, but it isn't here in this world, and it isn't in your old world either." Gina told her, "It's of a different plane, not of any worlds."

"A man? What?" Kate asked her brain only seeming to fog up with more confusion. Gina nodded but, became more focused on her task at hand.

"I-I can't hear any words, but I can see you talking with the man. You seem to know him."

"I do?" Kate asked trying to wrack her brain for any memory at all, but finding nothing.

"You don't remember any of this?" She asked her eyes remaining closed.

"No." Kate said after a beat. "I don't." Gina pulled away suddenly releasing her hands. Kate was surprised to find the blood rushing back into her fingers she hadn't realized quite how tight Gina had been holding on to her.

"Perhaps we ought to unblock your sixth chakra then." Gina suggested."The block may be causing your memories to fade."

"How do I do that?" Kate asked her brain a foggy mess of unimportant memories from her past. Gina stood quickly and moved to a nearby filing cabinet. "Here. These are some ways to clear that block."

"Wait. What?" Kate asked. "This is it?" She asked clearly underwhelmed.

"I'm afraid the only person that can unblock it is you." Gina told her as she yanked out a book.

"You can't tell me anything else?" Kate asked her desperation leaking into the tone of her voice. Gina sighed as she took her seat across from her once again.

"I can tell you that whatever you were brought here for, if you succeed, chances are everything will be reversed and righted."

"'Chances are'?" Kate quoted in question to the woman with a hardened stare.

The psychic woman cleared her throat as she opened her book, "Look, I can tell you that unblocking that chakra will probably knock lose some buried or bound memory."

"Wait. Bound?" Kate asked her anxiety jumping, "You think someone bound my memories? I- I used to remember more of my life, I think? When I first arrived."

"Well, how long have you been here?" Gina pressed.

"I don't know. Almost two months now?"Kate asked now even unsure of the time length.

"My dear, you have got to knock whatever is blocking you loose. I think many of your questions will be answered." Gina stated with a serious expression.

"How can I do that?" In response to Kate's question Gina flipped the book around so Kate could read it from her half of the table.

"Well, there's many ways. Unfortunately the vast majority of them just take… time." Kate huffed as she sent a glare Gina's way. She knew the woman was just the messenger, but she couldn't help it. Her anger and frustration was only growing when she'd originally came here hoping for some answers.

"I'm sorry, Kate. I really, really wish I could help you more, but right now… I have no idea how or what to do. I- I've never heard of this before tonight." Kate sighed as she felt some of the tension leave her body. She knew that finding anything out was a long shot, but at least she knew she wasn't going crazy. That this wasn't just in her head and that there may be a way for her to get answers. Kate looked down at the book there was a whole two pages on what the sixth chakra was, and what it did. According to the book it was supposed to be right at your forehead, just above your eyes. It was supposedly the 'energy center' of your body and was responsible for pretty much anything to do with your subconscious, intuition, and imagination as well as self-awareness and thought. Clearly having it blocked would soon prove to be a problem. Kate thought as her eyes scanned the pages further, having it blocked could lead to forgetfulness, as well as a lack of concentration and it can affect your ability to keep cool under pressure. Kate inwardly cursed at her situation, she didn't need this on top of everything else she had been trying to set up for herself- if she was going to be stuck here, she knew she wanted to help people. However, it seemed that she was going to have to take care of herself first. Kate sighed only getting more irritated- she didn't have the time for this. She'd already decided earlier that day that she would head to where Pastor Jim was to in an attempt to save him from Meg. If only she could remember where he lived. Kate's eyes turned to all the ways to clear your chakra, and make you third eye stronger. It was through the usual earthy crunchy bullcrap, and all of them took time, yoga, and meditation were the first things she read. Kate skipped over them to find a quicker way but only found other means of meditation- apparently that was the fastest way to open up the eye. Kate rolled her eyes as she closed the book and slid it back to Gina.

"As I said, I am sorry I can't be of more help, but-."

As Gina spoke Kate heard the sound of a person standing out of the only open window in the room. "What- What was-?" Kate watched Gina gasped as she reached out to grab her hand tightly.

Kate had jumped to her feet the minute she heard the sound, but hadn't been able to move while Gina gripped her tightly. "Gina? What is it?" She asked as the woman's eyes opened.

"You need to leave. Right now."

"What?" Kate asked confused at the sudden change in her voice.

"Go. Now, before they come."

"Who?" Kate asked as Gina pushed her out of the reading room and into the hall. "Is it the demons?" Kate asked her fear suddenly showing itself.

"Yes." Gina replied as both women turned towards the front door only to see a massive figure standing there.

"Oh, there's no need to run out now. The fun's just arrived." Kate stood there her mouth open in surprise, the man before her had to be at least six feet tall, and triple her weight. She groaned as she reached around the back of her waistband grabbing the grip of the gun she pulled, aimed, and began shooting. Gina stood behind her, shock clear over her narrow features.

"Run!" Kate shouted to Gina as the man barely slowed down. He knocked the gun out of Kate's hands and used his forearm to clothesline her into the wall of the hallway. He pinned her there by her throat, his black eyes flickered before hers and a dangerous grin seemed to spread over his chiseled features. His nose was sharp and pointed, while his jaw line was strong and angled.

"Azazel's been looking for you." She heard the man utter, his face in close to hers. "Imagine my surprise when I sensed your presence right here in Denver." Kate's mind instantly pictured the bright yellow eyes that belonged to that name.

Kate gasped as she tried to take air into her lungs only to find the man's arm suffocating her.

"Liam!" She heard a familiar voice shout from down the hallway. Kate cussed loudly as the demon dropped her to the floor hard.

"Not anymore." The demon responded with a grin before moving to go after Gina, clearly not seeing Kate as a threat. Fuck. She thought knowing just how screwed she was. That's when it hit her. The tea. Kate thought as she propelled herself up after the fighting pair and into the kitchen. She found the demon cornering Gina in the kitchen. Gina held up a knife brandishing the weapon blindly. Kate moved faster than she'd ever had in her life- including the race for her life out of the vampires nest. Her shaking hands grabbed up the tea pot and she threw it at the back of the demon's head. The man reared back gripping the sides of his head as he screamed in pain. Kate didn't stop to stare, she moved quickly as she grabbed up the bulk thing of salt Gina had on the counter and made a circle around the screaming man on his knees.

"Thanks." Gina said softly as she came out from around the now trapped Demon. Kate sighed relieved now as she massaged her throat, she knew it would be sore tomorrow.

"You better get out of here. I-I've seen what will happen to you if the demons get their hands on you- it isn't good. Especially not for the brother's you've come to care about." Kate hesitated, her eyes now on the demon trapped within the salt circle.

"You sure?" Kate asked not wanting to leave the psychic alone with him.

"Go. I'll be fine. I'm psychic; I've had my fair share of run-ins with monsters. I know how to handle a simple low-level demon." Gina told her. "Here though. You'll need this." Kate was mildly surprised to see the book from earlier being thrust into her hands.

"It's a book that I've been studying; it's got everything in there that you'll need to know about chakras and how to unblock it and more…" Kate nodded now looking up at Gina from the book.

"Thank you." Kate told her.

"Go. You've got a Pastor to save. It's at least a whole night's drive to Blue Earth." Gina told her with a smile.

"Minnesota! That's right!" Kate said as it clicked in her head. With the book in hand and her confidence back up she thanked Gina for her help and moved outside to her car quickly, she knew that the demon Meg would be arriving at Pastor Jim's church the next day so she'd have to haul ass to get there in time, Kate was in for a long, long drive. After pulling up the quickest directions on her phone she left the page open and drove out of Colorado prepared to save as many people in this world as she could.

Driving through the night wasn't as hard as she anticipated, she was grateful to finally getting there the next morning pulling into town. Stopping at the nearest gas station she quickly grabbed a bite, and refilled her tank and huffed tiredly as she looked out over the town before her, she didn't know where to start looking for Pastor Jim. Jim Murphy- ex hunter. Her mind absently corrected. Her thoughts had started to pull together last night as she drove straight on through, she started to remember more things from the tv show- more specifics on the episode she was currently in. She knew that the demon Meg wasn't there yet given the time of day it was- it was still early, 8 am. She imagined the pastor himself had just arrived to where ever the church was. Kate suddenly felt the click of the handle signaling that her car tank was full so she pulled the nozzle out and replaced it in the pump. Hopping back in quickly; she continued on her way deeper into town. Blue Earth was your typical mid-western town, small and closely built around each other. The further into town she went the more and more urban in became finally she passed by a massive church, the outside had a well laid brick mount for a sign that had a built in glass case that held the white block letter reading Saint Peter and Paul Catholic Church. Kate wasn't sure if this was it, but she didn't have time to sit and debate it out side of the church, so she pulled her car over on the side of the road and got out. Walking up along the side walk she made it to the painted white double doors with the crosses for windows. She gave one a pull as she was surprised to find it unlocked. The whole place was empty- the candles were set out all over further up the aisle at the pedestal, but none were lit. Kate wondered idly if she was already too late. With a sigh she pulled out her pistol now loaded with rounds of rock salt just for Meg- the freaking demon had already gotten the drop on Kate before and she wasn't about to let it happen again. A noise from the side of the pedestal caused Kate to jump on edge as she aimed her pistol with shaking hands, "Hands up!" she shouted. The tall slim man gave a shout as he turned to face her.

"Whoa, whoa now. There's no need for tha-." He said dropping what appeared to be a lighter to the floor. Kate's eyes moved over him looking for any sign of possession she knew she'd be unable to blatantly see one though. If the priest's robes didn't let her know who he was, then the man's long, thin face and longer grey hair told her everything she'd need to know.

"Pastor Jim?" She asked warily.

"Ye-yes. Who're you?" He asked her with a nod. Kate's eyes quickly found the basin set up next to the podium.

"That Holy water?" She pressed further as she edged up the aisle past the rows of empty benches.

"Yeah." He nodded.

"I want you to dip your hands in there, please." She told him warily as she came to stand just beyond the basin. Jim moved over towards it slowly with his hands raised.

"Uhm. O-kay." He said slowly, she could see the slight confusion over his features, but she didn't let up. She hadn't realized it but her breath had stilled as she waited for his hand to come in contact with the blessed water. Once it sank into the basin and she heard the splash of water as the Priest wiggled his fingers she relaxed her body not even realizing how tense her shoulders got.

She let out a sigh as she lowered her gun, "I'm-I'm sorry; it's just a precaution. I needed to be sure you weren't-."

"Possessed?" He asked her as he wiped his hand on his black pants.

"Yes." She said as she returned her pistol to the waist of her jeans. "Look, father. My names Kate." She began tiredly. "I've traveled all night from Colorado to get here and, well… this is going to sound crazy, but I need you to trust me."

At his unreadable face Kate continued. "You're in danger. A demon is coming for you."

"A demon? But, I-I've been out of the hunter's game for years now." Jim stated.

"Yeah but you still have connections, one that the demons plan on exploiting to get what they want." Kate replied as the elder man moved to sit down, clearly this came as somewhat of a shock. "Of course, I mean just because I don't hunt anymore doesn't mean I don't keep in contact with friends."

"Right." Kate nodded, "That's what this demon is banking on. She's gonna ask you about John Winchester."

Jim stared at Kate as though she was a crazy person, "But, I haven't spoken to John Winchester in over a year." He told her flabbergasted at his predicament. Kate was slightly surprised how easily he took to her. She half-expected him not to believe her, but she supposed that what with him being an ex hunter himself that he must've believed in a lot more difficult things. He probably also assumed that John had sent her here to help him.

"What has John gotten himself into now?" She heard him wonder aloud. Kate glanced away not wanting to divulge any information about the Colt; that would only put the man in more danger. Kate sighed not knowing what else to say to the man. She hadn't really worked up a plan of action she just wanted to warn him.

"Well, I- I thank you for your warning, but no demon can enter here my dear. This is hallowed ground." He responded. No wonder he took to her well, and hadn't made her prove herself demon free- he was convinced he was safe.

"No, father." She said quickly. "These demons can enter- the hallowed ground has no effect on them whatsoever." Jim opened his mouth with a perplexed expression, but the door opened and Kate looked over her body tensing. Meg entered the church slowly, her eyes on Kate immediately.

"So I see your alive, how fun. Now I get to gut you all over again." She grinned, her eyes flooded with black. Kate and Jim could see that from across the church. Kate gripped her pistol and began shooting blindly.

"No! No! C'mon." She heard Jim say as his hand gripped hers; he began to pull her with back into the church. She didn't have time to turn and look to see if Meg was still standing.

"Jim, stop. No!" Kate called from behind him. "You're going the wrong way. You need to get out of here!"

"I don't run from them." He muttered as he halted at another set of double doors, she watched his shaky hands fiddle with a set of keys before he unlocked the padlock, and quickly pushed through the doors. Kate stared at the opposite side- the whole wall was covered in weapons- silver knives, machetes, and guns scattered across the room. She heard Jim sliding the long 2 by 4 into place to keep the door shut, but Kate knew that Meg would simply break through it. Kate's eyes finally found a rosary hanging in the shelving.

"Hey, father?" She asked as she grabbed at a few other knives thinking she could at least slow the demon down with them. "You familiar with an exorcism chant?" She questioned.

Jim nodded, fear was clear in his eye- it was obvious he was out of practice, but his hunter's instincts were still there- she could see that in the way he moved.

"Good, when she enters- and she will. I want you to start it, you understand?" He nodded in response. She could see the knife in his hand gleaming in the windows behind her.

Before she could ask about it she heard a strong kick to the door, but it held. Then Kate's mind seemed to play everything seconds before it happened. Kate watched the wood shatter apart as Meg made her way through it, and then Jim's knife went flying only for it to be caught by her.

"You throw like a girl." She taunted. Yep, definitely out of practice. Kate thought.

"Father, now!" She shouted as she fired her gun into the demons leg. Kate watched Meg glance down at her bum leg and shrug as she moved forwards.

"Exocizamuste, omnis immundus spiritus, omis satanic protestas, omnia incursion infernalis adversarii, omnis legio, omnis congregation et secta diabolica…." Jim began; Kate saw the fear immediately appear in Meg's eyes.

"An exorcism? Seriously?" She asked her eyes pinned now on Kate.

Ergo, omnis legio diabolica, adjuamuste… cessa decipere humanas creatures, eisque aeternae perditionis venenum propinare…" Jim continued on. Kate moved herself between the Priest and the demon. She watched suddenly as Meg flinched back at the words. Kate knew it would work, but the father had paused in his mutterings as he realized that fact himself.

"No, keep- keep going!" Kate shouted. Suddenly before anyone could react Meg had Kate by the throat.

"I wouldn't recommend that, father." Meg told him with a wry grin.

Kate was struggling to breathe and kicked out as a reflex, luckily her kick landed swiftly to her stomach and as the father picked up his chant again, Meg doubled over in pain. She grunted in pain as her eyes closed. When they opened Kate saw that they were flooded black. She's losing her control. Kate thought.

"Faster!" Kate shouted, she knew that their window of opportunity against Meg was slowly closing.

"Vafe, satana, invento et magister omnis fallaciae, hostis humanae salutis… Humiliare sub pontenti manu Dei; contremisce et effuge, invocato a nobis sancto et terribili nomine…" Father Jim continued muttering.

Meg was suddenly tossed into the far wall as he continued. "No!" She shouted. "Stop, stop!" Kate took notice of the silence of the room ringing in her ears. Meg was breathing hard, clearly fighting to stay in control over her vessel. "Please." She muttered now lying on the floor.

Kate moved swiftly picking up the knife Jim had thrown from the floor. "Where was your mercy when you left me bleeding out in the bathroom in New York?" Kate asked her. Kate's anger was rising the longer she stared at Meg. Meg's black eyes stared up at her.

"You don't belong here…" Meg told her, Kate could pick up on the anger in her voice. Leaning down Kate sliced at Meg's arm. She was pleasantly surprised to see Meg react much stronger to this wound then when Kate had shot at her with rock salt. She growled with a glare Kate's way.

Meg took in a steadying breath as she began to answer but, Kate had already known she couldn't kill her. She didn't have the demon killing knife on her anyways- she had no way to kill her, but she could send her back to hell. The boys do it sooner or later, and this way there would be no deal to draw John away from the boys in Salvation.

"Finish it." Kate told Jim.

"No, please. I-." Meg began, but Jim had already begun the chant again. Before they knew it Meg began screaming.

"Quem inferi tremunt… Ab insidiis diaboli, libera nos, Domine. Ut Ecclesiam tuam secura tibi facias libertate sevire, te rogamus, audi nos." Kate smirked to herself as the thick black smoke now spilling from Meg's mouth, and vacated the church building. Kate breathed a sigh of relief knowing the danger of Meg had finally, finally passed over. "Call John Winchester." Kate told Jim as he stared at the body of the girl lying on the floor in his basement under the church. Before Jim could even react there was a soft coughing noise. Jim and Kate jumped before looking incredulously over at the body that was now free of the demon.

"Oh my god." Jim stated.

"Scratch that, call an ambulance." Kate said before moving quickly to the girl's side.

"I'll get some water." With that Jim whipped out his phone dialing 911 as he raced up the stairs. Kate looked down over the broken girl.

"Hey, hey, hey, it's okay." Kate told her.

"Tha-thank-." The girl tried, but her voice was hoarse and raw.

"Shhh. Shhh. No, no need for that. Just lay still, you need to rest, help is on the way." She told her. "What's your name?" She questioned although she already knew the girl was Meg- the real Meg from Andover, Mass.

"M-Meg." She answered shortly.

"Okay, Meg I'm-."

"I know." She muttered again. Kate could see the girl was in pain with every word she spoke- she also knew that there was no way she was going to make it out alive. The demon had used and abused her body with little care for the human inside it.

"Listen Meg, I- I need to know if there's more demons. I need to know if the boys and I are in anymore danger."

"Ye-yellow eyes. Knows." She said.

"Where is he?" Kate pressed on. "Right now."

"Sal-salvation." She muttered before Kate proceeded to watch her body fail and the girl went limp. Kate sighed, she knew the girl was going to die, but it didn't stop the immense sadness from overcoming her- it didn't keep her eyes from tearing up. She pulled back from the girl as she heard Jim coming back down the stairs.

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