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Dead Man's Blood:Part 1

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Chapter 4: Dead Man's Blood:Part 1

Kate sat in the 'Home Cooking' Nebraskan diner with Sam and Dean- she'd been with them for the past week since New York. She was clearly wanted by the demons which made the Winchesters want to keep her close. Dean however, hadn't really changed his attitude towards her. He'd made it known to her that he was suspicious when cleaning and re-stitching her now almost healed stab wound. He'd asked her very seriously if she had any clue what the demon had been referring to. Kate simply shook her head; she didn't want to foretell the future to him- not now.

"Alright, dude. Not a single decent lead in Nebraska." Dean said seriously as he folded his paper and put it back with the other sections on the table before him. "What do you got?" He asked, his deadpanned expression facing off with Sam who'd been busy looking into the neighboring states as well as the Nebraskan paper via the internet. "After scanning Wyoming, Colorado, South Dakota- here; A woman in Iowa fell 10,000 feet from an airplane, and survived." Sam said as he gestured on his computer screen.

"Well, that sounds more like- That's incredible than- uh- Twilight Zone." Dean countered as he took a sip from his coffee.

"You know… we could just keep heading east?" Dean suggested causing Kate to choke on the water she was drinking- rather ostentatiously. Dean glanced in her direction quizzically while Sam sent her one of concern. She'd rather not visit the city given the Demon's were probably still stationed there looking for her.

"You alright there, Kate?" Sam asked. She nodded quickly swallowing a bite of her egg. "You-you've been- I don't know- off lately. Ever since we left New York, actually." He glanced between her and Dean. "You both have." He trailed off. Kate had assumed that Dean would have told Sam about everything- she wondered to herself several times why Sam hadn't asked her about it- but, clearly she was finding out now that Dean had kept it to himself.

"C'mon man, you didn't." Sam muttered as a look of realization came over him. He sent Dean a hard disapproving look.

"I didn't what?" Dean asked his eyebrows going up in surprise at the sudden change in Sam. Sam didn't answer, he just pointedly looked over Kate whose head reared back and her face gave him an annoyed expression at the once over.

The sudden realization hit both her, and Dean at once. "I didn't-. We never-." Dean began as Kate quickly yelped out a "No."

"Then why're you-?" Sam paused mid-question looking between the two. "Whatever, I don't wanna know. Just apologize or whatever." He finished as he went back to typing away while taking a bite of his bagel."

Kate glanced over at Dean, still feeling awkward at the mere suggestion from Sam of them hooking up. He glanced away from her as her eyes met his. A silence passed between them before Dean leaned over the table changing the subject immediately, "What else you got?"

Sam huffed running a hand through his shaggy hair, "A man in Colorado, Local man by the name of Daniel Elkins was found mauled in his home." Sam read from the screen before him.

"Elkins, I know that name." Dean muttered as Sam continued Dean reached down and pulled out John's journal.

"It doesn't ring a bell." Sam muttered. Kate quickly recalled the old hunter that was mostly responsible for hunting the last of the vampires- or so they thought. Little did they know, "Sounds like the police don't know what to think- first, they thought it was a bear attack, and now? They found signs of a robbery." Sam finished.

"Daniel Elkins is a hunter. Or… was." Kate interrupted- quickly correcting herself. Dean and Sam both paused in what they were doing now both fully turning their attention to Kate. "I-I worked with him. Once." She said quickly covering her tracks. She didn't want the boys asking too many questions about who he was- questions she really didn't know the answers to. "We-we were hunting vampires." She told them simply.

"Vampires?" The boys asked in unison. Kate nodded her face serious.

"Here." Dean said as he spun the journal around- He tapped his finger down on the center of the open book. Kate glanced down to see D. Elkins scrawled across the paper in some hurried hand-writing. She knew that it was John Winchester's journal.

"You really think it's the same Elkin's?" Sam asked with a glance up to Dean and then over to Kate.

"It's a Colorado area code." Dean shrugged. "We've definitely checked out others for a lot less." With that settled the trio finished up their food and made quick work headed southeast towards Colorado. Luckily for them, the address was posted in the story that was run online so finding the house was easy.

Kate, Sam and Dean had pulled into the nearby motel where they'd decided it would be less conspicuous to just use one vehicle. Kate knew baby was the better choice when you needed stealth. Kate elected to stay behind in the car while the boys went to investigate the Elkin's house. If memory served her correct, then she knew they'd had a tail on them from when the left the motel. As if on cue she felt the hair on the back of her neck stand at attention after hearing a branch snap off in the distance, Kate let out a sigh as she slowly moved to exit the Impala.

Quickly withdrawing the gun from her waistband she moved through the thickened trees around her towards the danger, This is crazy. She thought to herself as she continued forwards slowing down now. Who runs towards the danger? She paused upon hearing another snap of a branch closer behind her. Jumping she turned just in time to see a hulking figure coming towards her at running speed. The gun was knocked out of her hand as she crashed into a nearby tree. She groaned in protest as her side ached dully. Thankfully that healed for the most part. She thought as she tried to push herself up from the snow covered ground. The cold snow seemed to pull her out of dazed stupor.

"Who're you?" A male's voice questioned as she watched him bend to pick up her weapon leaving her defenseless now. She recognized that voice though. Papa Winchester was in town early apparently. She stared up at him, taking in the similar face structure; his eyes were dark, matching his dark hair. His face displayed the life he'd lived, the Hunter's life weighed on his facial features heavily. His eyes were tired, undoubtedly from sleepless nights; a scar ran from just below his right eyebrow to just below the cheekbone. His face was similar to Dean's- particularly with the five o'clock shadow, but had the eyes of Sam.

Kate was stuck in her position now though- she wasn't supposed to know him, and he clearly didn't know who she was. How the hell was she supposed to answer that? She remained silent trying to think of anything to say, until she settled on asking him the same thing.

"Oh, I don't think so sweetheart. I asked first. Who are you?" Kate didn't know what else to do other than try and take her gun back. She knew she was facing a losing battle. This is John-freaking-Winchester. She thought to herself as she moved faster than she'd ever had before to try and tackle him to the ground. He made a move to side step her attack but she managed to catch the elder man around the middle and push him against the tree behind him. He grunted upon impact, but wrapped his arms around the back of hers and twisted her so she faced away from him and slammed her into the tree, she could feel her lip split open upon impact with the rough bark. Damnit. She cursed inwardly.

Kate let out a noise of frustration trying to push him off her. "I'm only going to ask you, one more time. Who the hell are you?" The sound of a gun cocking behind made her freeze.

"Okay, okay…" She trailed off only to be cut off but a shout from further behind her.

"Hey! Let her go!" It was Dean's voice. She felt her shoulders relax as John released her and turned to face off with his son's.

"Dad?" Sam asked, shock was clear in his voice as Kate quickly turned to face the scene now. Dean's dominant hand still had his gun out, but it was quickly lowered to his side as he stared between the pair. Comprehension seemed to overcome John's features. "She's with you?" He asked.

Sam and Dean glanced at each other as they nodded in answer.

"Hey Kate, you alright?" Dean asked her with a nod in her direction.

"I've had worse." Kate croaked out with a hard glance John's way. She was still trying to catch her breath.

"I'm sorry," John began with a look Kate's way. "I uh-I tailed you guys here, but I didn't see anyone with you. I'd just assumed that she was one of them. That you were also after what I came here for."

"Which is what?" Kate asked, all the while she knew. John glanced her way and simply said, "Not here." His attention turned back to the boys, "You got something for me?" He asked quickly getting to the point.

Dean held bloodied piece of paper in his hand, it looked like it had etchings on it. "It's the location and combination of P.O box." He replied. Kate watched an annoyed expression over come Sam's features as Dean just handed it over without question.

"What's it for?" Sam asked breaking the silence as John looked over the paper with calculating eyes.

"Damnit. There's no way he held it in a P.O box." John muttered. "He had it here the whole time." He finished frustrated.

"Held what, dad?" Sam questioned again, more annoyed.

"While you guys were in there, did you see a gun? An antique, a colt revolver?" He asked as he jammed the bloodied note angrily into his pocket.

"We saw a case, but it was empty." Dean answered without question.

"That means they have it." He muttered more to himself then anyone. "We gotta pick up their trail." He finished making a move away from Kate and past the boys, Sam however grabbed his dads arm.

"Wait. You want us to come with you?" he asked confused.

"If Elkin's had it that means that we're close. We have to find this gun."

"Why?" Sam pressed further. Kate could hear the annoyance in John's answers.

"'Cause it's important. That's why." He finished pulling his arm back.

"We don't even know what it is exactly we're dealing with here." Sam argued back moving in front of John to prevent him from walking off.

"They were what Daniel Elkin's killed best."

"Vampires." Kate said from behind the trio of Winchesters.

"Exactly." John said as he turned to stare at her.

"I worked with Elkin's. Once. I was in this area and we took down a small nest, clearly we didn't get them all like we thought." Kate lied easily. John blinked at her, surprised at her admission.

"It doesn't matter now. We need that gun. If we waste anymore time here talking the trail is gonna grow cold. I'm gonna head over to that mail drop to check it out. Maybe Elkin's has some info on the vampires in this area, and he left it."

"We didn't find anything in the house dad, why would-."

"I'm going to check it out. I'll meet up with you boys at the hotel." With that John walked off into the dark.

Sam and Dean shared a glance before looking to Kate, Dean gestured for her to follow as they made their way back to the Impala. She was tired, fighting John off of her took a lot of her physical strength, plus she wasn't exactly back at full capacity yet.

The guys decided they'd catch what little shut eye they could so Kate left the boys at the car, and marched over to her room. Making quick work of cleaning up her lip, with the dried blood gone she could see a clear split, with a sigh she threw out the saturated napkin and moved towards her bed in the other room. Laying down she pulled her laptop out she began trying once again to figure out what the hell this was keeping her in this weird world, while researching any nearby psychics.

She wasn't sure how much time had passed, but before she knew it, there was a banging on her door. Sitting up she found her laptop still open over her legs and, papers with her notes about psychics strewn about her bed. Kate began picking up frantically stuffing it all back in her laptop case messily before opening the door. She found Sam there. "Hey," He greeted with a smile.

"Hi." She replied her greeting curt. She wasn't sure how much time had passed but given her grumpy attitude she assumed it wasn't much, plus the sky was still dark.

"Our dad caught a police call over his scanner. It's the vamps." He explained. Kate reacted quickly remembering now of the couple that got picked up by the nest of vampires. Throwing on her boots she snatched her keys up from the table near the door and moved out behind Sam.

"Hey, you-you okay?" He asked her as the made it down to the parking lot.

"What?" She asked her head snapping to him, "I'm-I'm fine." She replied not wanting to divulge the truth to anyone until she gathered more information about it.

"You're quiet." Sam said as they met the other two men across the parking lot. "I'm fine, Sam." She said shrugging him off as she moved towards her trunk.

"She's coming along?" She heard John question. Everyone seemed to pause at that, her included.

"Got a problem?" She asked him as she opened her trunk and began removing the necessities for hunting vampires. Machete, Knives, and what not.

"Yeah actually. You may be a hunter and all, but I don't know you-."

"Dad." Dean cut in suddenly. "Demon's are after her."

"All the more reason for her not to-." He began. Clearly he did not trust her, and truth be told, Why should he? Kate wondered silently. He didn't know her from a hole in the wall. Sam began speaking, cutting his father off and then they all started talking

"Listen, sir." Kate cut into the steadily building argument; she could sense the tension- particularly between John and Sam. "I get it. You don't know me, but I'm a hunter. This is what I do. I hunt things, I save people." Technically, she wasn't lying about that part, for the last few weeks of her life she was. "And, if these guys took down Elkins, I'm gonna be there to help kill these suckers. It's the least I could do." Alright, well there was the lie, but it might be the only thing that would get herself on this hunt. She knew inevitably the hardest part was going to be keeping track of the lies.

After a long pause between everyone John huffed, "Alright fine." He muttered before closing up his section of the truck that was filled with an assortment of weapons. "The longer we stand here arguing, the colder the trail is gonna get." With that he climbed up into his truck. Kate redoubled her speed as she threw stuff into an empty duffle from her room.

"Hey, get in with us. There's no sense in taking three cars." Dean told her as he and Sam jumped into the impala. Kate looked over her grand prix longing to take it out for a joyride, but she knew that Dean was right. It would be difficult enough hunting with two separate cars, let alone three.

The drive following John didn't take long before Kate found him pulling over along the side of the road- the sun had just started creeping up over the clouds now. He hoped out and said nothing to the trio following behind him- he just waltzed over to what appeared to be a crime scene-cops and an ambulance were all over the now blocked off road.

Sam and Dean got out and waited by the hood, by the time Kate clambered out of the backseat she heard Dean mutter, "Oh, don't tell me it's already starting."

"What's starting?" Sam asked defensively. Dean however ignored him as John walked back over.

"What do you got?" Dean asked changing the subject.

"It was them alright." John started, "Looks like they were heading west." He finished with a glance over his shoulder. "We're gonna have to double back to get around that detour."

"How can you be so sure?" Sam cut in quickly.

"Sam-." Dean cut in sounding tired.

"I just wanna make sure we're going in the right direction." An awkward pause passed briefly, and Dean glanced over at Kate, she really didn't want to get involved in Winchester family drama, but she felt for Dean to be stuck in the middle.

"We are." John assured him lamely.

"How do you know?" Sam pressed. The tension between the two of them just keeps on building. Kate thought idly glancing down at the ground, now feeling uncomfortable.

"I found this." John said simply before pulling out what Kate knew to be a vampire fang. Dean moved in closer to take it from his father.

"It's a vampire fang." He said as Sam moved to get a closer look.

"No fangs- teeth. The second set descends when they attack." John explained. He suddenly turned giving Sam a deadpanned expression, "Any more questions?" At Sam's lack of answer John moved on quickly. "Alright, let's get outta here. We're losing daylight and we've got some ground to cover."

John made a condescending remark to Dean about not taking care of the car, but Kate was already swiftly moving back into the backseat. She knew they had a long drive ahead of them so she was half-tempted to sleep in the backseat of the car. However, her plans were derailed when they began driving and Sam started letting loose on his thoughts on his father's way of hunting.

"He keeps us on some crap, need to know deal." Sam ranted as he drove.

"He does what he does for a reason."

"What reason?"

"Our job." Dean said exasperated at the attitude Sam was putting off. "There's no time to argue; there's no margin for error. It's just the way the old man runs things."

Sam scoffed shaking his head, "Maybe that worked when we were kids, but not anymore." He glanced away from the road back in the mirror as if just remembering Kate was there with them.

"Sorry," He said clearly sheepish about displaying his family's drama so blatantly.

Kate shrugged, "Hey, my family's no picnic either." I just wish I could reach them. She thought as a sadness over came her. Her brothers and mother flashed through her mind and she could feel the void in her heart even more now. She missed them terribly, not that she saw them much anyway- once she started her college over an hour away visits back and forth became less and less often. Kate was trying-unsuccessfully to keep her mind from drifting back to them, she knew that she needed to remain focused on the task at hand otherwise she would be as good as dead on this hunt.

Dean's cell phone interrupted her thoughts suddenly, "Yeah dad?" Dean answered.

"Alright. Got it." He replied quickly before hanging up and turning to Sam.

"Pull off the next exit."

"Why?" Sam asked clearly angry.

"I don't know. He didn't say." Dean answered. Kate felt her body being jerked back as Sam hit the gas pedal, passing his father's truck and screeching to a halt blocking his father from driving any further. Kate stared wide eyed, remembering the family fight on the roadway when Sam and John went at it. She looked to Dean unsure how to react as he muttered "Aw, crap. Here we go." He quickly followed Sam out of the car.

After a few moments of shouting and yelling, Kate found the boys climbing back in. Sam was breathing hard in the driver's seat now. It was obvious he was still very angry. She the tension between him and his father had finally built to a boiling point. The silence that permeated the car for the rest of the ride kept things nice and awkward, and Kate was not going to be the one to break the silence.

After what felt like forever, finally, John's truck pulled off the road into a secluded area, covered in trees, as they got out Kate could hear a car rounding up the road. Luckily the driver couldn't see through the thick brush to make out the two cars. The driver was a vampire headed back home to the nest. She knew that the next part of the episode was for the boys to run into the nest guns blazing, and while she didn't pick up a few hunts between Texas to New York she was nowhere near ready to take on an entire nest of vampires.

"Son of a bitch. So they're not afraid of the sun?" Dean asked glancing to his father.

"Yep." Kate responded absently, as she watched the vampire scurry into the barn type hole they hid up in.

"Direct sunlight hurts like nasty sunburn. The only way to kill them is by beheading, and yeah, they may sleep during the day… doesn't mean they won't wake up." John went on to explain.

"I guess walking right in's not our best option." Dean said with a shrug. All four of them were crouched down to remain out of sight.

"Actually that's the plan." John replied shortly as he moved back towards his truck. While Kate knew that was coming, she dreaded having to fake some bravado when going up against an entire nest of vampires.

Kate huffed as she opened her duffle bag and began pulling things from it. She attached her machete to the belt and began looping it through the belt loops in her jeans when John turned towards them saying, "So you guys really want to know about this colt?"

"Yes sir." Sam answered rather quickly. Kate looked over at their father to find him lost staring up in his truck bed.

"Well, it's just a story… a legend, really. At least I thought it was. I never really believed it, not until I got here. The legend goes that back in 1835, when Halley's Comet was overhead, the same night all those men died at the Alamo. They say Samuel Colt made a gun; a special gun. He made it for a hunter- a man like us, but on horseback. The story goes, he made 13 bullets. This hunter used the gun half a dozen times before he disappeared, and the gun along with him. Until somehow Daniel got his hands on it. They say- They say that this gun can kill anything." John trailed off. By now he had the attention of all three hunter's beside him. Kate- who knew the story was still captivated by the way he told it.

"Kill anything, like supernatural anything?" Dean interrupted, his interest peaked. Kate almost snorted a laugh hearing Dean Winchester utter the word Supernatural.

"Like the demon." Sam uttered. He finally put his father's plan together in his head. Kate knew it all clicked into place- the secrets, the need to know deal.

"Yeah, the demon. Ever since I picked up it's trail, I've been looking for a way to destroy that thing… Find the gun, and we may have it." John finished seriously, his eyes displaying the fierceness he felt, as they moved over Sam, and then Dean before they settled on Kate. "Listen, this- this isn't your fight. If you're going in there to kill vampires then so be it, but I-I'm not expecting you to be gung ho about taking on a whole nest full of vampires, my dear." John told her.

Kate responded to him quickly as she finished stocking up her knives throughout her outfit, "I'm here for Daniel, Mr. Winchester."

"Mr. Winchester was my father, the names John. You can call me by it you know." He told her with a little smirk. With new found determination the boys and John finished up before the quartet moved out across the long farm field and into a side window entering the barn. John moved in first, swiftly and silently as he made off to the back quickly- Kate knew he was headed right for the nests' leader. Kate knew he held the gun safely by his bedside- especially knowing what the gun did, which was precisely how she explained it to the John and the boys. Upon entering the barn before Dean she was greeted with hammocks hung all over the place, and held in the swinging hammocks were lots of sleeping vampires. She watched Dena move over to the cage which housed all the vampire's food as it were. Kate was idly wondering at the moment why she had to let her pride get the best of her, in complete honesty the boys hadn't needed her to come in with them- she knew they'd make it out alive, they'd go in, find the gang of humans locked up and set them free and-. Fuck. She thought as she watched Sam move towards the one woman tied up to a support beam that was essentially keeping the barn upright.

"Sam, don't-!" She hollered not thinking. It was too late the newly turned vampire began growling- loudly. Thus waking up all the other vampires within the barn, "Sam!" She heard Dean shout. Glass shattering was heard all throughout the barn before John's voice rang out. "Guys run!"

With that being said, Sam, Dean and Kate all raced towards the door trying to dodge the half-sleeping vampires. It was easy enough to fight through them, the trio remained in close quarters- when one was grabbed by a vamp the other two jumped on to their defense. Once they were shielded by sunlight Kate slowed up a bit.

"What're you doing? Come on!" Dean yelled.

"They won't follow." Kate replied quoting from John in the actual episode. Of course, that I can remember, but not the face that Sam's nice guy tendency's nearly got everyone killed."They'll wait until tonight; once a vampire gets you scent it's for life."

"Well, what the hell do we do now?" Dean asked clearly irritated.

"You've got to find the nearest funeral home, that's what." John answered quickly. Dean looked flabbergasted at his dad's response.

"Dead man's blood. Its poison to them." Kate replied answering both their questioning looks. John shrugged with a nod.

"Well, alright then. You comin' Kate?" Dean asked as he moved towards the impala. "You two. Talk." Was all he said to Sam, and John. Kate huffed as she followed Dean.

She wasn't sure what to expect out of this- they didn't show this part in the episode- not that she could remember every little detail anyways. She thought to herself begrudgingly.

"How the hell are we going to get in there and be able to walk out with the blood of some dead guys- not that I think there's going to be super high security but…" She trailed off as Dean drove.

He remained silent, not answering her.

"Dean? You okay?" She asked pulling him from wherever his thoughts were taking him. He glanced her way from the road before responding.

"Yeah, I just-. I don't know. I'm just- I'm surprised we haven't seen any more demons around." He told her as he took a right turn heading towards the nearby city of Denver.

"It's been a week or so, Dean. I don't know about you, but I'm not exactly itching to have them around again." As Kate spoke she felt her stab site on her abdomen itch.

"I know, I know. It's just weird." He muttered with a shake of his head.

"I wonder what the hell they were talking about… They have 'plans for us'." Kate glanced over at him from the passenger seat; she wanted to let it all out- to warn him of the angels, of the demons, of Sam's long, horrible trek into becoming the devil's vessel. She wanted to warn him of selling his soul because Sam gets killed in the process of battling the yellow eyed demon, but she knew that he wouldn't believe her- he wouldn't unless she had proof, and being here in this world where this was no tv show she knew she would just sound crazy. The boys would probably just drop her off at the nearest mental institution and, then not only would she have no way to research a way back home, but she'd also have no way of trying to prevent the terrible future from happening- not that she was doing much to help prevent it just now. She needed to remember what was coming at the boys before they were at that point.

With a heavy sigh she decided that once the vampire business was over she was going to sit at this hotel and wrack her brain for the up and coming episodes- or events that the boys tackled. She tried to remember what episode came after dead man's blood- it had been so long since she'd actually watched the first season and she'd only made it to the Texas episode before she was sucked into it. Shit. She thought once it hit her. The demons. Salvation.

Kate took in the sign before her, Mortuary Archdiocesei, "Really, Dean? A catholic funeral home? I suppose your purposely damning both our souls just to get some Dead man's blood?" She asked almost astounded at the irony of it all.

He faced her with grin, "What? I guess I figured the holier the man, the better." He replied before moving out of the car.

"You-you can't be serious." She muttered as she raced to catch up with him on the sidewalk.

"What're you religious?" He asked her sharply.

"Well, no…" Kate trailed off as she brushed her brown hair from her face.

"Well, good, because I am serious, besides, this was the closest one to Manning- Did you really expect a one-stop-light town to have a funeral home? You have to travel 30 minutes to even get to a bar." He reasoned. She couldn't really argue that one.

Dean held open the glass door for her to enter with him. "Hello," greeted a cheery receptionist. She was thin, and pretty, her auburn hair was piled into a messy bun atop her head, her plastic rimmed glasses framed her brown eyes nicely as she took in Kate and Dean, "How can I help you?" Her focus clearly remained on Dean, Kate wasn't really surprised- that was the majority of the girl's reaction- she even had to reign herself in with being around him in person. She knew then that he would have to be the distraction.

"My- my sister and, I are just looking into having some arrangements preplanned- you see- our- our dad is on his way out." Dean explained with a smile so captive that Kate almost got caught up in it- the receptionist soon became putty in his hands.

"I'm so sorry." She said with a saddened tone. She put her hand over her heart as though she had truly felt Dean's pain from his one sentence sob story. "I mean, our- our funeral director is out for the day. He would normally be the one that would be able to answer questions, and give a tour."

"What about the manager?" Kate asked her focus remaining on getting a tour of the facility. "I mean, we were researching other homes in the area, but our father is catholic- been practicing his whole life, and we know it would be important for him to have that be a part of his final resting place." She added trying to convince the woman by any means.

"I'm sorry, our evening manager just left on his lunch break. If you want, I could always leave your contact information and he could call you to set everything up.

"Not to be too forward, but are you too engaged to show us about yourself?" Dean asked as he leaned over the counter closer to the woman.

"Me?" She asked her eyes widening at the mere suggestion of it. At Dean's continued silence she spoke again. "I- I mean, I suppose I could. I can't really answer all of your questions for you, but I can definitely show you around."She finished as she pushed herself back from the desk and made her way around. She led them to the viewing room- the spacious room held 75 to 100 chairs, and the coffin was placed on a higher landing at the head of the room, next to the pedestal where the priest would speak, and the eulogy would be read aloud.

After some time Kate requested to know where the nearest bathroom was. "Oh, it's just down the hall. Second to last door on the left." The woman answered not really paying much attention to Kate. "Thank you." Kate replied as she quickly moved out of the viewing room and, down the hall. She made her way towards the bathroom stopping only when she found a door with a coat rack next to it. On the coat rack she found your typical white lab coat. Snatching it down she threw it on, and turned to find the door marked morgue. Kate slowly opened the door to see a set of stairs leading her down to a dimly light basement. This is ridiculous. Why does it always have to be the cliché scary scene? She asked herself before slowly making her way down. As she felt the air around her grow colder she knew she was headed in the right direction. The stairs opened to a completely tiled floor, the drainage in the center of the room underneath what looked like almost an operating table told her she was right where she needed to be. She spotted another table beyond that with a body currently on it, covered by a sheet. She shuddered thinking about what could have brought the person to this particular location- she was hoping it was a simple die in your sleep type death. Her eyes scanned the room stopping on a mini fridge on the far counter. Moving quickly she yanked it open to find vial after vials filled with different liquids. She huffed unsure if she should just be seeing a bottle of blood in this refrigerator. Did funeral homes even save the blood of the dead? She asked herself growing frustrated. She didn't know how long Dean would be able to distract miss mousy upstairs, also given the body being laid out she was pretty sure someone would be returning down her. She needed to move fast.

That's when she wondered if the body laid out had even been embalmed yet- if that were the case all the blood she needed was there. Kate was half tempted to just cut some major arteries, and be done with it, but the fact that this was a very religious funeral home made her re-think that option. She sighed as she grabbed up nearby latex gloves, pulling out her phone she tried to research anything and everything she could about embalming- of course she was back in the first season so she knew her phone wouldn't have the lightening fast speed she was used to, but she had to make do with what she had.

She hesitated, but was able to pull back the sheet- she was greeted with an old man. Luckily for her some of the process had already been started. His clothing was missing, and it appeared the person working the morgue had 'set his face' already.

Quickly pulling up a wiki page she found herself five simple steps for embalming a body. Oh god. She thought as she made quick work with attempting to prepare the body. One of the steps was 'break the rigor mortis'- which upon further inspection meant she had to massage the major muscles in order to get all the fluid out, and all of the embalming fluid in. Her latex covered hands shook as she made a half-assed attempt at relieving the tension and stiffness in the old man's muscles, once she was done with that she looked on to the next steps. Prepare the embalming fluid- luckily for her someone had done that. Judging from the smell when she opened the fridge that was where the embalming fluid was kept, Kate snatched up one of the empty plastic bottles she found along the counter and slid it on a metal cart with the surgical tools laid out over it. Kate then grabbed up the liquid and attached it to the machine labeled embalming machine. She groaned as she made quick work with googling what the hell the SCM muscle was she felt around for the occipital artery which took her a while. Kate's hands were shaking as she moved to grab up the scalpel. Stop. I can do this. She told herself. It's not like I'm killing him. He's already dead. She reminded herself. Pull it together, Kaydence. She jumped hearing the door at the stairs slam shut, and hurried footsteps stomp down the stairs.

"What the hell are you doing?" She turned to find Dean standing atop the stairs. He must've thought she was insane as she stood there in the white lab coat and latex gloves standing over a dead body with a scalpel at the ready.

"Me? What the hell are you doing?" She snapped at him. "Shouldn't you be distracting Ms. Mousy upstairs?" She replied frustrated not only by his presence but at her task at hand.

Dean's head cocked back in confusion, "Miss Mousy?" He asked before continuing his trek down the stairs. "She's fine, I told her I was coming to check on you- you're bathroom break has been taking forever."

"My apologies, brother." She replied scathingly, "But this place doesn't have any actual blood stored anywhere- there's only one source for that right now." She finished her irritation only growing.

"What?" He asked her his eyes glancing over the dead old man lying between them.

She scoffed at his slowness, "You heard me, the only way we're going to get and dead man's blood from this place is right from the freaking source." She finished her focus coming back to the task at hand.

"Okay, what- what do you need me to do?" Dean asked.

Kate sighed rolling her eyes, "Noth-nothing, just keep her distracted with your good looks, and charm."

Dean shrugged as he began to head for the stairs he paused however turning to face Kate again. "Ugh, what now?" She asked him.

"Did- did you just call me good looking?" He smirked. Kate huffed, Now's really not the time, Dean. She thought as she went back to the dead body before her. As he continued off she made the slow incision in the neck after grabbing up the draining tube sliding it where it was supposed to go and carefully clamping it off she watched as blood swiftly moved through the clear drain tube and she yanked the iv tube out of the machine and placed the open end in the bottle. Once the embalming started she hit the pumping switch on the machine and watched the embalming fluid run through the tubes going into the body.

Kate shrugged watching her handiwork- everything seemed to be going well for now, Kate figured they'd really only need one bottle of blood anyways- there was no way they'd be poisoning the whole nest- plus none of the Winchester's were down here trying to embalm a freaking body. If they wanted more they could do this themselves. As the blood was flowing out of the body Kate noticed it was coming in spurts. Looking back at the small screen her blackberry offered she scrolled up on the wiki page. Damnit. She'd have to massage the body to make sure the blood got out appropriately. She sighed as she began moving limbs and muscles trying to get the blood out. She cursed allowed when she noticed the bottle she grabbed was almost full. Reacting quickly she left the body alone and grabbed a nearby gallon bucket.

Admittedly she figured not only was this unsanitary, but she knew that this was probably illegal- not that she should be concerned about that in the grand scheme of things she'd already done up to this point, but she also carried the weight that this older man was an innocent person and should not be disrespected in this manner, but her limit of time was weighing heavily on her too and in the end- that won out. Placing her gloved finger over the end of the iv tube she managed to block the blood for long enough to get placed in the oversized bucket. She remained there long enough to watch the last of the premixed fluid make its way through the man's body before shutting off the machine and closing the bottle containing all the blood. She tossed the latex glove in the hazard waste and then removed the white jacket. She shoved the bottle into her deeper coat pocket before making her way upstairs; on her way out she bumped into a young man. His blonde hair lit up from the windows, the sunlight poured in behind him.

"Uhm… Can I help you?" He asked her.

"I'm- I'm so sorry. I- I was looking for the bathroom the woman said down the hall and it was the second to last door on the-."

"Left." The man said his face showing confusion.

"Left? Oh, left?" Kate replied with a half smirk on her face. "I'm sorry, I thought she said right."

"You thought that the bathroom would be down a set of stairs?" The blue eyed man asked his face now displaying the suspicion he was actually feeling.

"Well, yeah I mean the moment I saw the stairs I turned around and came back. I figured-."

"It's that one." He cut her off quickly, clearly he wasn't easily charmed like the secretary. He pointed to the door on the opposite side of the hall.

"Right. Right, well thank you." She told him as she passed by him to get out of the basement steps. She moved in the direction of the bathroom until she heard the basement door shut- she knew right then that her and Dean needed to get out of there- now.

Racing up the hall she found Dean really charming the woman back by the front desk. "We've got to go. Now." Kate told him as she moved by him not stopping to say anything to the woman.

"What?" Dean asked confused. The receptionist wore a confused expression as well; hers was also a mix of disappointment. "It's dad. We have to go." She told him her eyes widening to make him see it was important.

"Okay, well it was nice to meet you Barbra. I- I'm so sorry, I really have to-." Kate didn't wait to hear the goodbye; she marched out the door and moved across the parking lot towards the impala.

"What is your problem?" Dean asked her as he caught up to her.

"The doctor or whatever caught me as I was running up from the basement- he's not stupid, Dean. He'll see the body left out and half-embalmed."

"Oh." Dean said as he started the car, right as the drove around the corner Kate swore she saw the same guy running out of the funeral home yelling for them. Kate sighed in relief when she handed the blood off to Dean and they were back at the hotel.

Thanks all for reading! Your views are greatly appreciated.

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