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Provenance:Part 1

Thank you to those that viewed the last chapter. As you've noticed I'm sure I did skip over episode 18, and went into episode 19:Provenance however I wanted to make it clear that it had been a while of Kate trying to figure out her way home. Alone, before she begins to go with the flow of the 'show'. This episode I decided to break up into to two parts because... well it was A LOT longer than the first one- but, I figured that kinda made up for skipping over Something Wicked.

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Chapter 2: Provenance: Part 1

It had been almost a month with Kate doing her best in researching how to get herself back home. She'd been lost and unsure of what to do after the boys had driven out of Richardson- so she took up the hobby of hunting along the way- simple hunts. She came to find she wasn't nearly as bad as she thought she'd be. It were as if her body had already been used to the physical demand that came with the job. She huffed with annoyance as she hung up the phone, and crossed yet another psychic off of her list of one's she'd been interested in going to. Most of them were turning out to be frauds though. She heaved a sigh as she changed tabs on her computer. What with her already being in the New York area looking into a psychic here for answers she was combing through the online papers. A name stood out to her above all the others on the screen, The Telescas. The couple was found murdered in their home the night prior, with no leads, and the entrances and windows locked from the inside. Kate quickly recalled the episode with the boys investigating the haunted painting. She smirked and thought it wasn't a coincidence that she was already in the big apple state. Kate's quick fingers moved over the keys on the laptop, and found the date of the estate sale- it was an hour and a half from her, but she had time to get there. She smirked to herself pulling out her phone and looking up a number for a person she'd recently saved from a poltergeist just days prior to getting into New York. He was a forger, and damn good one.

"Hey Kate. How're you doing?" She heard the male voice call over the phone.

"Hey Barry. You remember how you said you owed me one?" She began in a bright and cheery voice.

She heard his hesitation, but he replied with, "Uhh…y-yeah, and exactly how illegal is this gonna be?" He asked. She almost laughed as she remembered his reaction to her lack of care for the law. It had been all fun and games to him until she needed his assistance in digging up the bones to salt and burn them.

"Well," She began as she googled the nearest art dealers, "I'm gonna need a work id from you." She finished as she clicked on the Art Dealers Association of America link.

"Where're you working for, Kate?" Barry asked from his end. She smiled as she listed off the details, and the name she would be using.

Before Kate knew it she received the id in via her recently opened P.O. box in New York, the estate sale was the next day so packing up her two duffle bags and filling the backseat with them she drove off towards New Paltz.

Kate pulled into a nearby the hotel she'd confirmed a reservation with over the phone- she walked into the office, and was surprised at the 70s décor throughout the place, after getting her room key, and settling in she walked purposefully towards her room- her arms carrying her duffels over each one. Kate quickly slid the envelope from Barry out. She'd been pleasantly surprised how quickly he'd gotten it to her- not that she left him much wiggle room.

She stared down at her picture she'd given him to use when he'd made her last id on her hunt with him. She'd pretended to be a nurse at the Hospital his wife had been admitted to after her ghostly attack. She was unsure of his work up until she made it in and out of the facility safely. Now she'd swear by it. Once she got into the Auction house she was to go by the name Kaydence Santander- an art dealer at the Art Association of America.

She remembered from the episode that certain names had to be on a guest list for this private showing- but she had a feeling the arrogant Daniel Blake wouldn't pass up a chance to rake in millions through the company she was claiming to work for.

Within the next hour Kate had changed into an elegant little black dress she'd bought at a nearby boutique with one of her credit cards she'd filled out. It's slight v-neck in giving her that hourglass figure she'd been used to hiding under jackets and coats. She'd taken a lesson from Dean over the years of watching the show. Credit card fraud was almost too easy- and it came in handy in times of need. She smoothed out the skirt that hit her mid-thigh as she stared in the mirror, her hair was half up and she wore a light amount of make up on her face. She almost didn't recognize herself- the last weeks were frantic moving from state to state. Most of her focus had been trying to get home, and things weren't looking up for her. She sighed before strapping up the pair of heels she'd purchased to go with the dress. With a shrug she was off and out into her car- she'd taken car to get a car wash as to help her new baby blend in with the crowd- she knew it would stand out given the dirt it had on it from driving the back roads, especially when compared to the fancy up-to-date sports cars that would be undoubtedly parked in the lot outside the auction house.

Kate wasn't disappointed when she pulled into the lot, she passed Camaros, Mustangs, Porsches, and BMWs. Lucky for her- the cherry red, and shine of the fresh wax she'd gotten put on made her 69' Pontiac blend right in with the rest of the brightly colored cars. Kate grabbed the glittered silver clutch from the passenger seat, and moved into the auction house quickly. She was hoping that the owner wouldn't hover, and question her as she moved from piece to piece on display. She was stopped by one of the wait staff as the man offered her a glass of champagne and with a small smirk and slight nod she took it, and continued flittering through from item to item. She stopped short on the painting she remembered from watching the episode. The thing sent a chill through her body as she recalled the way the subjects moved within it, and the gruesome murders that followed the thing wherever it went.

Kate gasped in surprise as a figure came up besides her. "Kate?"

She instantly recognized the voice as a shorter figure came to stand next to the tall man she recognized to be Sam. Dean looked her up and down. "I thought I recognized that car out there, hey Katie."

She nodded with a smile before a voice cut off her reply. "It's fine example of American Primitive, wouldn't you say?" The trio turned around to see a woman with dark hair and glowing complexion descending a set of twisted stairs.

Sam paused as he looked back to the painting and then he met eyes with the woman before him, "I'd say it was more Grant Wood, than Grandma Moses; but you knew that… you just wanted to see if I did." He finished with a smirk.

The woman in the black dress before them flushed a red color in her cheeks as she nodded. "Guilty." She admitted, "And clumsy; I apologize. I'm Sarah Blake." She introduced as she shook hands with Sam, and Katie. She paused at Dean who was continuously chewing on the food he was stuffing into his mouth. Katie inwardly cringed at him from Sam's other side.

"I'm Sam…" Katie heard him introduce, he was quick to introduce Dean, and Katie herself.

"Dean." Sarah called to him. Dean looked up quickly not hesitating as he took another bite of food, "Can we get you some more mini-quiche?" Sarah asked.

"Mm-mnh. I'm good. Thanks." He told her in a low voice that caused all sorts of thoughts to pass through Katie's brain. She told herself to get a grip as Sarah was quick to ask if she could help them with anything.

"Actually, yes. What do you know about the Telesca Estate?" Sam questioned.

A look came over Sarah's face as she inhaled sharply. "The whole thing is pretty grisly if you ask me; to be selling their things this soon, but Dad's right about one thing. Sensationalism brings out the crowds- even the rich ones." She chuckled.

"Is it possible to see the Provenances?" Katie questioned interrupting some heavy glancing between Sarah and, Sam.

"I'm afraid there isn't any chance of that. For you two." An older man that Katie could only assume to be Daniel Blake came over and was clearly irritated. Kate assumed it was simply at the two boys, but didn't expect to fly under the radar now that she was standing by the two gate crashers.

"Why not?" Sam asked softly.

"You're not on the guest list." The older man replied curtly. "And, I think it's time to leave." He finished.

"Well, we don't have to be told twice…" Dean said in a mock snooty tone matching that of Mr. Blake's.

"-Apparently, you do."

"Okay. It's alright. We don't want any trouble. We'll go." Sam cut in playing peacemaker. Dean sent Mr. Blake a dark look, and was sure to be grabbing food on his way through the auction house towards the exit.

"Dad, that was rude." Sarah chimed in before angrily walking off into the displays of item throughout the auction. Mr. Blake then turned on Katie.

"I'm so sorry, about that Miss."

"No-no need." She replied waving him off. "To be quite frank, I should admit that I probably am not on your guest list either." She saw the man eye her up and down.

"I'm from the Art Association of America, and while I was frowned upon for looking into art from-."

"Non-sense. You're more than welcome here." The man said, his mood suddenly chipper. Kate had a feeling the amount of money he was seeing in her was the cause for his sudden attitude change.

"Although if you were looking into buying some art pieces from the auction, I would like to inform you that this estate really isn't the cream of the crop we have. The sole art pieces we received from the Telesca Estate is narrowed down to a few landscapes, and this portrait here." He told her nodding at the creepy ass painting behind her.

"O-Oh." She said acting disappointed by her choices. "Well, I'm sorry, but if you don't mind. I would really like to have a copy of the provenances of these paintings- I just have to check the authenticity of them before purchase- I'm sure you understand."

Kate was pretty sure she saw dollar signs in Mr. Blake's eyes similar to that of cartoons as he assured her it was not a problem, and moved off to grab the papers she'd requested.

By nightfall Kate had managed a excuse of needing to confirm with her supervisor and Mr. Blake placing a hold on the portrait and one other landscape for her, she was quick to walk out of the Auction house only to be pulled aside. She made a noise of surprise her eyes now wide with shock as she was caught between a person and side of the brick building. She looked up to see Dean there.

"Shh…" He told her quietly. She nodded as he backed off of her. It didn't go unnoticed by her how his fingers seemed to linger over the skin of her arms. She held up the papers she so recently acquired from the owner for Dean to see.

"No way, Mr. Uptight gave you the providences?"

"-Provenances." She corrected.

"Oh, don't tell me you're an art major too?" Dean asked her with a disgruntled face.

Kate laughed as she shook her head. "No, I just picked up some things here and there when my friend took the course." Little did he know it was only last semester for her.

He nodded as his eyes raked over the paperwork. "How did you-?" He began. Kate pulled open her clutch and showed him the fake id she had made in the days leading up to the Auction.

"Huh. Smart. I suppose I didn't think we needed any identification for an Estate sale." Dean explained with a sour expression as he handed the card back.

"I'm used to working with uptight, snobs for people." She explained with a shrug of her bare shoulder.

"Well, I have some time to kill. I sent Sam to get the provenances from Sarah. You hungry?" He asked. Katie nodded quickly as she became acutely aware of her stomach protests.

"Why don't you follow me back to my hotel, and let me get out of this dress first." She suggested. Dean opened his mouth undoubtedly for a smartass comment, but he must've thought better about it because he closed it and followed her back to their respective cars.

After changing into a pair of dark denim skinny jeans, black tank top, and a burgundy leather jacket. She tied her boots up and exited the attached bathroom. "Sam and, I are actually just across the way from you, on the first floor." Dean told her as he turned to look at her from the window displaying the parking lot and the other end of the U-shaped hotel.

"Oh yeah?" She asked pretending not to know they were here already.

Dean nodded as he moved in closer to her. Kate paused simply taking in the scent of Dean Winchester- whiskey, leather, and gunpowder. Kate knew she'd probably never get this chance again, after all Dean Winchester was nothing but fiction in her world. She reigned her inner fan girl in enough to catch Dean saying something about heading down to a place called Snug Harbor.

She agreed easily on one condition. He drove. Not fifteen minutes later she entered the hole in the wall bar. A vacant stage was directly across from the entrance, the bar leading people further and further back along the right wall, opening up to two pool tables in the back to the right of the stage set up.

"Huh." Dean commented with a look around. The walls were littered with random décor gained throughout the years. Katie smirked to herself before walking up to bar, "Can I get a Sierra Nevada, please?" The scruffy bartender nodded as he glanced to Dean waiting for his order. Dean approached the stool asking for a Blue Moon- The bartender smirked as he nodded moving back to grab the darkened beer bottles.

"So, Katie. What got you into hunting?" Dean asked as he turned to face her. Kate hesitated unsure how to answer that question.

"Well, you can say I was just sort of dropped into it one day." She said vaguely, after a first gulp of the ever familiar citrus taste consisting of mostly orange she continued, "After being attacked by one of the things that go 'bump' in the night you can't just keep your head buried in the sand ignoring the dangers out there." She was pretty vague about it being just three weeks ago when she awoke in the abandoned house back in Richardson, but she didn't feel the need to go into specifics. "What about you, Dean? What go you into hunting? You hunt with your brother, right? That's gotta make it easier, no?"

Dean gulped down the beer he'd been sipping his green eyes twinkling mischievously as he set the beer bottle back down on the bar with a chuckle. "You'd think it would, sometimes it's more of a problem then not. We're close and stuff, but we argue back and forth a lot too. Sometimes I imagine what it'd be like to be hunting solo again. He's my brother though so…" He trailed off as Kate nodded. You wouldn't tell by the nonchalant way he spoke, but it was in his face. His eyes exposed how much he actually cared about Sam. "Anyways, we were raised in the life. Our- Our mom died at the hands of a demon, and the families been hunting for it ever since."

"You kill the son of a bitch?" Kate asked suddenly.

Dean looked at her slightly surprised she wasn't sure if it was for her loose language, or if he was surprised at the fierceness in her voice. It took her by surprise as well, but she only showed the fierceness in her blue eyes. She seemed to watch Dean's face change from surprise to an understanding of sorts. He must've assumed someone she was close to died from the a similar supernatural experience. Little did he know...

"No. Not yet. He hasn't been seen in years." Dean replied as he took a long pull from his beer bottle. Katie nodded throwing back her own bottle and finishing her beer.

"Can I get you another round?" The scruffy bartender interrupted. Kate nodded along with Dean's shrug brought another two of the same beers.

"So, you sent Sam on a… date? I assume it was with that Sarah girl that was eye-flirting with him at the Estate sale."

Dean laughed loudly at that as he nodded. " It's not like the guy doesn't need it. He hasn't been on a date in a long time. Hopefully he'll get laid and it will loosen him up a bit." Dean shook his head slightly with a smirk as he threw the bottle back.

Kate laughed drinking her own, new thoughts running through her head idly wondering when the last time she'd dated was. It had to have been months since she broke up with her now-ex, Edward. Her mind then began to wander wondering how he was doing in life. A half an hour and three drinks later Kate found herself growing more and more flirty with the elder Winchester. They discussed the trivial things: his love for classic rock music, and her love of any and all types, they both agreed that cheeseburgers were god's gift to man, and pie being better than cake. Unlike him though her favorite was blueberry.

She laughed loudly as he finished a story from hunting with Sam in Oklahoma where they'd been trapped in a house attic surrounded by bees for an entire night due to an ancient Indian curse.

"Yeah, yeah, laugh it up, but they sting like a bitch." Dean said with a slight grin and a shake of his head. Before she realized it her hand was on his arm as she stood up from the stool to head towards the bathroom.

"… S-sorry." She mumbled pulling her hand back slowly moving away towards the back of the bar. Dean grinned up at her with a shrug of his shoulder. She glanced back to see him staring at her as she walked away, a small smirk graced her features as she moved quickly through the doorway.

After finishing up in the stall she moved quickly to the sink, a blonde woman stood not far off from her at the air dryer. Kate moved to stand behind her only to find the woman turn with a pair of onyx eyes. Kate quickly recognized her. Meg. She blinked at Kate, displaying her onyx eyes wide before attacking quickly. Kate found herself pressed against the wall with an arm now draped across her neck pressing hard into her flesh and cutting into her airways.

"You don't belong here, do you girlie?" The demon practically hissed out. "You could throw quite the wrench in our well laid out plans couldn't you?" She continued. Kate made an attempt to kick out at it's legs. The demon dodged it easily as the hold over her throat became more forceful.

Kate made a move to fight her off only to find she was immobile. She fixed Meg with a dark glare, "What-?" Kate gasped out. Surprised at her body's lack of control.

"This plan has been a long time coming so apologies for the inconvenience but-," That was when Kate felt the dull pain in her abdomen as though she'd been punched in the stomach it all happened so fast, Kate couldn't keep up. "We can't take any chances." Kate gasped as she felt her dark shirt soaking up liquid. It all happened so quickly, proving to Kate how little she actually knew in the ways of a hunter. She had been stabbed. She groaned in pain slipping down the wall to the floor. The demon's eyes flickered back to brown before she fixed up her jacket and moved out of the bathroom quietly. Kate's vision blurred slightly as the pain began to radiate through her body. Her body felt heavy, and it was painful to move even the slightest bit.

Kate hoped and prayed that someone would walk through those doors any minute, but as the minutes dragged on she was growing less and less hopeful for help. She made an attempt to crawl across the floor, but the pain was intense and her movements were slow. Even if she made it to the door she'd have to pull herself up to reach the door handle. Her eyelids were steadily growing heavier and heavier as her wound continued to bleed out. She groaned attempting to move ever so slowly towards the door again, when it suddenly banged open and she saw two familiar male figures crashing through the doorway. She watched them move in closer as her world was thrown into darkness.

"What happened back there Dean?" Kate heard Sam's voice in the cloud of darkness she was under.

"I don't know man. One minute she was headed to the bathroom, and the next you show up saying you had a vision of the demon attacking her." Dean snapped at his younger brother. He was clearly agitated. Silence rang through the room as Kate kept silent; not opening her eyes.

"My question is… why didn't she fight her off?" Dean asked suddenly.

At that moment Kate took in a deep breath and fluttered her eyes open. She'd forgotten about being in the world where the supernatural was real; where Sam and Dean were actual, concrete people. She sighed, her eyes meeting a pair of green ones.

"Hey." Dean greeted, he seemed relieved to see her open her eyes.

"Kate? How're you feeling?" Sam asked as she slowly turned her head in his direction.

"Like I was stabbed." She croaked out. Her throat was dry, and her body felt heavy and weighted.

"They stitched you up, and gave you something for the pain, Mrs. Halston." Dean told her.

"Halston?" Katie questioned. "…I'm sorry, Misses?" She asked her eyebrows arching upwards in surprise.

"Well yeah, if I wasn't your husband I couldn't be in here now, could I?" He asked her with a smirk. Katie chuckled lightly before groaning at the pain it caused. Sam continued to stare at her, his eyes questioning.

"What?" She finally asked him her head lolling to his side.

"What did the demon want with you? Why would it- she attack you?"

"Sam-." Dean said in an annoyed tone, but Sam's expression told her he still expected an answer.

Kate opened her mouth to answer, but she didn't have one. Not for them. The demon- Meg had attacked her clearly because she had the chance to alter the course the boys were on. She could prevent Sam from going down the dark path to becoming Lucifer's vessel. She could even prevent John from dying at the hands of the Yellow Eyed Demon. She had a road map of the boy's life ahead of her… Although, this hospital pit stop was never in the episode, so she wasn't sure what to expect now.

"I don't know, Sam. I've never seen the woman in my life." Katie told him- it was half true. She really had never seen Meg in her life. "She said something about you-. The two of you? And, how I'd throw a wrench in their plans?" Kate played dumb easily enough.

"Maybe she'd seen you were with us?" Dean offered with a glance in Sam's direction. Sam shrugged. "And attacked you for revenge?" Dean asked. "Too be fair we did a number on her back in Chicago." At Kate's mock-confused expression he explained she was thrown off a building.

Kate simply nodded recalling the episode titled "shadow". She sighed heavily, if she was going to be a target of the demons, then hunting solo was going to be a problem now. She was not going to be able to take on the so-called family of demons Sam and Dean battled in the two final episodes of the first season. "I don't know. I-I haven't really ever dealt with demons before…" Kate admitted. "As I told you before," She began her eyes looking to Dean's face. "I was kind of just thrown into this stuff. Ghosts, and monster sure, but demons? That's not really my thing."

Dean shook his head, but stood up all the same. "Well, I'm glad that you're alright, a stab to the abdomen is no joke. She could've nicked a vital organ or something."

"I'm fine." Kate replied starting to sit up, but groaned thinking twice as she returned to lie back down.

"You're not. Will you just lay back?" Dean asked as he eyed her irritated.

"We finished up the case last night, Kate." Sam told her reassuringly as he handed her a pillow from the chair off to the side of her hospital bed. "I went back and burned the painting; given that your husband had to remain here."

Dean sent him a look from the seat to Kate's right, but she was trying to warn them, "You can't. You don't-."

"We've had tougher cases than this. All we had to do here was burn a freaking painting." Dean cut in with the ghost of a smirk over his features. "Right Sammy?" Sam cringed at the name, but nodded an answer all the same.

"I- I don't-." Kate tried to warn them that it wouldn't help, but she was cut off… again.

"We'll stick around here with you given that you mobility is limited and all, gives Sam some time to hang out with Sarah." Dean told her as his face broke out in a grin in Sam's direction. Sam was clearly annoyed by this last statement, but kept his comments to himself.

"No-. You don't." Kate wanted to warn them about the painting- that it wasn't what needed to be burned, but she kept getting cut off.

"Rest." Dean pressed as a nurse came into the room unexpectedly.

"Mrs. Halston. Good to see you're awake. Your husband was worried. Annoyed the staff like crazy until you were out of surgery." She smiled. Kate felt her face flush slightly as she glanced in Dean's direction. He smiled at the nurse, but Kate was surprised to find his gaze on her. "We told him you should be good as new in about ten days. Come back, or follow up with your doctor to have the stitches taken out. Your discharge papers are being finished up now, okay?"

Kate nodded as the nurse continued on checking her vitals with idle chit-chat. Sam muttered something about getting a coffee as he stood up to step out of the room following the nurse.

"Sorry to get you involved in something like this." Dean said to her breaking the awkward silence.

"You didn't. I did." Kate replied honestly. He and, Sam didn't force her into joining a hunt with them- She knew the consequences of getting involved. Dean looked like he'd want to argue with her but, thought better of it. A silence laid over the room heavily.

"Look, I-."

"Would you-?"

The pair of them began speaking a the same time. Dean chuckled as he gestured for Kate to continue.

"Look, I-I'm not really sure how to handle demons and what not, and I'm not gonna lie. The woman that cornered me in the bathroom terrified me, but-," Kate paused taking a breath. "I'm not just gonna roll over and pretend demons aren't real now. So, what I'm trying to ask is… would you? Would you mind training me to fight them off? I don't wanna feel powerless again."

Dean's eyes moved over Kate's face, she couldn't tell if he was seriously debating her question or if he was looking for something in her.

After a nervous pause Kate heard him say, "Yes." With a nod.

"Yes?" Kate asked unbelievingly.

"Yes." Dean nodded. "Once you're healed up. Plus, it wouldn't hurt to have someone else on the road with Sam and I."

"Are you sure?" Kate asked. "I really don't want to impos-."

"You can't drive right now anyways." Dean shrugged with a smirk. "Guess, I'll be driving the Grand Prix then, huh?" He asked his grin growing. Kate rolled her eyes at his chipper mood. "We'll start in ten days, alright? When you're better." Kate nodded.

Some hours had passed and, Kate had talked to the officers giving them a description matching Meg's, along with answering they're obnoxious questions with some flat out lies before getting changed, and signing the paperwork required for discharge when Sam had finally returned, his face slack with shock. He turned to Dean and goes. "What the hell, man?"

"What?" Dean snapped as he hoisted Kate's clear plastic bag of personal effects up higher on his shoulder.

"The-the painting. It's back."

"What do you mean it's back?" Dean asked.

"I-I burned it, but it's back. It's back at the auction house, Dean. How is this possible?" Same continued running a hand through his short hair stressfully.

"You went to the-. Oh." Dean began but, cut himself off. "I-I don't know…" Dean trailed off his eyes unfocused. Kate made a noise from her position sitting on the hospital bed now in the jeans she arrived in and a borrowed shirt from one of the boys- Dean's by the looks of the classic rock band led zeppelin pictured across it. She knew what was done to get rid of the painting, but she still had no way of getting the point across to the boys without having to explain to them how she knew.

"May-maybe it's not the painting…" Kate trailed off softly. Sam, and Dean turned to face her with unreadable expressions. "What if it's the paintings subjects? Like a vengeful spirit?"

"Yeah," Sam muttered, his mind clearly turning over the idea now. "Well, in all the lore of haunted paintings. It' always the painting's subject that haunts them." Sam trailed off still half in thought.

"Alright, so we need to figure out all there is to know about that creepy ass family, in that creepy ass painting." Dean agreed glancing from Sam to Kate.

The next few minutes were a blur, Kate received her discharge papers, and much to her dismay the hospital wouldn't allow her to walk out- not that she could if she had tried, but the nurse had her sit in a wheel chair while Sam helped push her down the halls and out to Dean waiting in her Pontiac.

"Ha-Hah. I'm so excited to drive this thing!" He said like a kid in a candy store, as he half helped- half carried Kate into the passenger seat. Sam had gone to drive the impala to the library- where he was going to be researching the family in the portrait. She'd been stubborn and refused the medicine the hospital offered her as she left so the pain was starting to radiate through her body.

"Yeah, good for you. Dean-o. Just keep it under 100." She'd muttered out sarcastically, still tried from her body trying to heal up.

There was a slight pause, when Kate realized she'd actually called him a nickname that his father used to call him, but he didn't say anything. He just chuckled as she heard the engine rumble on, and the classic rock music through the speakers. She didn't want to seem like a weakling to the boys. She knew what they've faced, and how little they leaned on people for support- especially in the beginning of the show. This is only her second run-in with them and already she would be a hindrance to them with her injury. Before she knew it he'd parked the car, and moved to her side helping her in getting out of the car.

"My room's up there." She muttered with a nod to the second floor landing. The door had the number 31 in big disco ball looking numbers.

"Can- Can you uh-. Get up the stairs?" Dean asked her with an eyebrow quirked. Kate turned to look up at him with a hard set expression.

"Yes." She told him quickly as she pushed herself from him and moved towards the concrete steps. She gripped the railing tightly and, grit her teeth at the pain.

"You sure about that?" He asked her with a hint of amusement in his tone as he stood back to watch on.

"Positive." She muttered practically pulling her body up the steps by her hand along the railing. Dean chuckled quietly watching on for a moment before moving to her other side.

"Alright, Rocky Balboa." He told her as his hands came up to grip her right arm that was hanging limply at her side. "You can start your training montage a different day. You've only just got released from the hospital, so why don't you come to our room. On the first floor, yeah?" Kate groaned noting she'd only made it up four steps in the short time Dean humored her stubbornness.

"We can do some research together. I'll get you your laptop from your room once you're seated and resting." He compromised. Kate turned to meet his eyes, and paused momentarily- she was sure she looked like crap. She'd been in the hospital for the last 24 hours. She knew she was in high demand of a shower and in desperate need of a brush, but she didn't think she'd be able to do both on her own. So, with a sigh of defeat she allowed Dean to help her towards his room.

About an hour and a half passed with Dean flipping through the tv channels and Kate vigorously researching anything she could on haunted paintings/ psychics that would help her home before Sam showed up at the door. He had a manila folder in one hand and a big plastic bag filled with an all too familiar looking brown paper bag in the other. "Hey." He greeted with the typical season one Sam grin- before the world beat the happiness out of him.

"Hey." She greeted from her position on the bed she shut her laptop away from prying eyes. Turning her attention to him- or more accurately the food he was holding. She hadn't realized just how hungry she'd been until the smell of Chinese food hit her nose.

"You feeling alright?" He asked as he set the papers and bag down by the make-shift dining table besides the door. Kate nodded as she watched Dean move towards the food from the bed to her right.

"Yeah, I jut need to heal is all. The doctor said something about ten days before I can have my stitches out, but we'll see, I'm hoping for sooner." Sam nodded as he and Dean began separating food onto the paper plates the restaurant left in the plastic bag.

"I-I wasn't sure what you liked, so I kind of just got a bit of everything." Sam told her as Dean took a bite of the fried rice. Sam gave him a pointed look, before Dean got the meaning and walked a plate over to Kate. She'd started to push herself up only to have him hold her plate before her.

"Thank-Thank you." She told him softly resting back against the pillows. "thank you guys for-for helping me, and being at the hospital. I- I appreciate it. You don't have to do all of this." She said her voice loud for Sam to hear her.

"Nonsense." Dean answered as he sat across from his brother. "I mean you didn't ask to have a run in with Meg. Technically that one was on us, we were the ones that pissed her off. We should be the ones apologizing to you." Dean said in between bites.

Sam scoffed at his brother with a shake of his head. "It's really the least we could do for you, Kate. I mean Dean does have a fair point. You were attacked because of being around us…" He agreed with his big brown eyes turning on her. Kate blinked slowly almost falling into the hypnotic stare, but she snapped out of it quickly.

"I don't blame you guys." She responded. "Monsters, Ghosts and apparently demons are out there. They hurt people. It's just what they do." She shrugged at her lame reasoning. "Anyways, how was researching at the library, because I got nada online." She said changing the subject to something they could actually take action on. They had come to the conclusion this morning that after the attack, Meg was probably long gone by now.

"Actually, I found a photo of the original painting at the library- this assistant was only too happy to help. He seemed a little off, mentally, if you know what I mean." Sam said getting side tracked.

"What do you mean original?" Kate asked with an eyebrow raised.

"The painting has changed, guys." Sam told them pulling out the photo. He turned it right side up and, handed it to Dean across from him. "In the one at the auction house, the dad is looking down. The painting here, the dad's looking out."

A pause passed where Dean looked down at the picture before standing and bringing it over to Kate. Sam went on to explain what she'd already remembered of the dad killing everyone using the straight razor. She looked over the photo seeing the differences immediately. "Look. The painting in the painting. It's different." She agreed.

"Alright. So, what? We think Daddy dearest's ghosts is trapped in the painting and, he's handing out Colombian neckties, like he did with his family?" Dean asked.

"Well, yeah. It- it seems like it, but supposedly his bones have already been dusted so, how are we gonna stop him?" Sam asked.

"Unless it's not him…" Kate trailed off. The boys paused looking over to her from the other end of the room.

"What do you mean unless it's not him?" Dean asked. "Who else could it be?"

Kate looked up from her laptop she'd opened and tried to research anything on the other members of the family, only to find nothing. "what about the mom? Or the children?"

"Eh. Seems like a stretch." Dean said with an skeptical expression.

"Yeah, so far the only one that's moving in the painting is the dad." Sam pointed out.

"You just said he was cremated- how is it possible that he's killing people when he should be at rest then?" Kate pressed on. "The least we could do is research into the other family members and cross them off the list. I had her father put a hold on the piece for the Art Association of America so it's not as if anyone owns the painting right now- no one's in any real danger." She finished.

The boys looked to be considering her words carefully, before Dean interrupted the silence, "Alright, well either way; If the dad's position has changed, and the portrait in the portrait has changed maybe there's other clues leading us to who it is."

"What? Like a Da Vinci code deal?" Sam asked.

Dean paused staring at Sam, "uhh- I-I don't know. I'm still waiting for the movie to come out on that one. Either way we've got to get back in to see that painting. Which is a good thing because it gives you some more time to crush on your girlfriend."

Kate paused remembering Sam kind of blew up on Dean for continuing to push him at Sarah. "Dean, Can- can I talk to you? Outside?" Sam asked stiffly. Sam got up and moved out on the landing through the front door. Dean sent Kate a smirk as he followed suit.

It was then that Kate finally began to dig into her food. She plugged her headphones into her laptop trying to block out any and all noise coming from the other side of the door. She didn't want to insert herself into the brotherly fights they pair usually had. She simply didn't think it would do any good- not too mention just make her stay with them more awkward. As she slid her plate onto the night stand next to the bed she watched Dean return into the room.

"Sorry, Sam gets touchy with certain subjects." Dean explained as Kate pulled out one headphone. Kate just nodded not knowing what exactly to say, she hadn't thought it was a great idea for Dean to be pushing Sam into dating, but then again. She wasn't one to give out dating advice- it had definitely been more than a few months since she'd gone out.

"How're you feeling?" He asked sitting at the end of the bed.

"Eh. Tired." She told him honestly. "Well, I mentioned to Sam that it probably isn't a good idea for you to go traipsing around up the stairs to get to your room, and… given that your room has one bed I figured you wouldn't mind if he took it, huh?" Kate looked at Dean with surprise- she knew they were feeling guilty, but she didn't think they felt that responsible.

"Uhhh…" she trailed off.

"That is, if your comfortable with it." He added quickly. "This way you have someone to help if you need it overnight, and you don't have to walk the stairs. You're technically already in a bed, so… I just figured it'd be easier this way."

Kate shrugged not really coming up with a reason not to other than the fact that she'd be a bundle of nerves around him and probably won't sleep a second across from Dean Winchester.

"Great, 'cause I already sent Sam to grab your bags. Trust me, he's actually overjoyed to get his own room. He hasn't had one in so long, and I was my idea, so don't feel like your imposing any. " Dean said standing as he grabbed her plate to toss in the trash. Kate simply nodded trying to keep up with his thought process.

Sam came through the door with her two duffel bags, his face covered in a worried expression, "We gotta go. Now." As he spoke he dropped her nags quickly onto the table.

"What? Why?" Dean asked confused.

"Sarah's dad sold the painting. We have to go. The person could very well already be dead by now." Kate gasped completely forgetting the small detail of Evelyn- the old woman that had bought the painting after the Telescas. Damnit. So much for that hold Mr. Blake had put on the portrait. She thought as she watched the boys jump into action with sorting out they're weapons quickly before they left with a quick good bye. Kate heard the deafening sound of silence as she the impala pealed out of the parking lot, carrying the boys towards the danger.

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