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The Usual Suspects Part: 1

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Chapter 17: The Usual Suspects Part: 1

"Why?" Kate asked, her voice soft and her tone more hesitant. Her brain was still struggling to grasp the idea that freaking Angels were standing before her. Even though she knew that eventually, they were coming. She never did have faith in religion, not here, nor in her own reality back home.

"We just saved your life, and you think you have the authority to question-." It was clear that Kate's mere presence pissed off the darker counterpart of the angel duo. He obviously didn't like her.

"Uriel." Castiel's voice interrupted him again. He seemed frustrated with his coworker. Kate already knew Uriel's secrets. She knew that Uriel in the show eventually started killing other Angels in an attempt to free Lucifer and start the end of the world, she was just unsure if he was already doing it. This was way, way early in the show for the Angels to be showing up. Kate could only assume she was the cause of it.

"Why are you here? For me? Are- Were you orders to remove me from this Universe?" Kate had started babbling now. Her nerves getting the best of her. Castiel shared a glance behind him at Uriel before he answered. "No, we aren't here for that-."

"Unfortunately you're needed here for Heaven's plans," Uriel stated as he moved in closer from across the room. Kate took a half-step back, still not trusting him.

"Wha-? What could you possibly need me for?" Kate questioned slowly. Fear seemed to creep into her tone. Kate could sense that the angels probably wanted to use her much as the demons did. Use her as a road map to probably jump-start their apocalypse plans. They wouldn't have to fight so hard for it if Kate was able to lay out all the obstacles for them.

"Everything," Uriel said, a seemingly dangerous grin stretching over his features. Kate looked to Cas for any sort of assistance but remembered that at this point, he was still an obedient little soldier for the might of the heavens. He just wasn't capable of seeing this situation any other way, not until he gains more experience with humanity anyways.

"I-. Uhm. I'm not really sure what kind of help I can be. I- I'm just a human." She tried reasoning.

Uriel laughed suddenly, loudly, and patronizing. "Castiel, she truly thinks that all of us in heaven do not already know of her." Castiel appeared torn. He could see her fear- it was apparent, and unlike Uriel, it was obvious he did not get a kick out of it. "We, in heaven, know that you're much more than that."

"What does that mean?" Kate asked.

"All will come in good time," Uriel responded with a knowing grin. Kate was feeling uncomfortable under his gaze as she pulled the blanket in tighter over herself. Her gaze moved over Uriel to focus on Cas again. "What does that mean?" She asked again. It was obvious they knew something she didn't which was rare for Kate.

"Everyone has a role to play here, Kate," Castiel responded cryptically. Kate could see that he was about to continue, but the episode titled the 'French Mistake' came to the forefront of her mind and words began to tumble from her mouth.

"Wait, you- you can send me home," Kate stated, her excitement making her voice a tad louder than she intended. "There's a spell. Balthazar does it in the show." Kate stated. Her eyes moved from one angel to the next, she watched their faces shift from stoic to slight surprise before it was quickly gone again. The pair glanced at one another before sending her knowing looks. "Right, I guess, you knew that already," Kate said more to herself than them. "I assume you aren't going to perform the spell then," Kate stated her tone dropping to one of disappointment. "You aren't here to help me." In her time away from Sam and Dean, before she'd told them about who she really was, during the time of all her research, she'd tried praying. However, heaven gave her no assistance, not then. "Are you?" She questioned, her last two words were clearly directed at Castiel.

A silence passed through the trio, making clear their answer. "Kaydence, you would be of great assistance to us. Especially with the coming war. We need you to work with us." Castiel said as he stepped in closer to her. Something about this set Kate on edge, they were asking her for help, but she sensed somehow that they weren't asking for her consent.

"What? Am I supposed to just; open up and spill everything I know to you?" Kate asked a switch seemed to flip on in her head. Anger welled up within her. They could help her, but they were choosing not to. So why the hell should she help them? She thought to herself. She knew, however, that she didn't know the Enochian symbols off the top of her head to forcefully send them back to heaven.

"You will do what is asked of you," Uriel stated, his deep voice fierce as he moved in quickly.

"No, I don't think I will. I'm no soldier for heaven. I'm pretty insignificant." She replied sarcastically.

Uriel moved in quickly now slamming Kate back against the wall she stood in front of, she grunted at the impact. It didn't hurt per se but it caught her off guard. Man, they really are a bunch of dicks. She thought to herself her hand releasing the blanket around her as she fought to wrench the man's grip over her shoulder.

"Uriel, release her. Now." Castiel's deep voice rang out. She could see Cas's fierce expression and knew that he was ready to stand against Uriel if need be. "This is not in our orders, and you know it." Uriel huffed, his eyes closing lightly as he seemed to calm himself. Kate saw him briefly roll his eyes at Castiel's reminder, but he pulled away nonetheless. "Oh Castiel, you've always held such a soft spot for these mud monkeys. Your curiosity will get the best of you one day, my brother." Within a blink of her eyes, Kate saw that where Uriel had been standing was now empty.

"I- uh. I hope you will reconsider working with heaven on this. If you want to get home, this is the best course for you to take." Castiel said in his low monotoned voice, and before Kate could respond he too had vanished. Kate was left standing against the wall in her hotel room just breathing hard. Her brain was on autopilot as she stared at the mess left around her. The angels had saved her, but they also wanted something from her otherwise, she'd have been left on her own. She didn't want to stare, but she couldn't tear her eyes away from the once handsome face of the guy that worked the front desk, his eyes were now dark holes, burned out by the act of Uriel smiting the demon that took up residence within him.

Kate released a breath she hadn't known she was holding as she moved toward the door to her room. She felt nauseated and her limbs seemed shaky. She'd had the sense to grab her key card and the robe off the floor and slide it up over her arms. The tie to it had been left on the floor somewhere, so she wrapped it closed around her body and crossed her arms over herself. She could only pray that Sam was still up as she knocked on the door directly across from hers. She waited almost a second before knocking again, frantically now.

Finally, the door opened, and Sam stood before her in a set of pajama pants. "Kate, hey. Everything okay?" He asked. His one hand seemed to be rubbing his eye. It looked to her like he'd just fallen asleep, and she woke him up. She didn't wait for him to move aside, she made her way into his room quickly.

"No, no. I- I'm not okay." She stated turning to face off with him as he shut the door behind him.

His eyes now focused on her face, and he could see her fear there. "Whoa, hey. Hey, it's- it's okay. What happened? Was it from tonight? With that hunt?" Sam asked as she felt his hand on her shoulder.

"Angels." Was all she told him, her wide eyes staring up at his.

A beat passed, and Sam just stared at her. "Angels?" He asked, his eyebrows moving upwards.

"Yes, I- I told you guys about them earlier-." Kate began, her voice, hesitant and soft. Sam nodded but didn't say anything. "Two angels came to me in-in my hotel room." Kate continued briefly telling him that they had saved her from the guy that was working the front desk- he'd been possessed by a demon that was looking to use her to gain control over hell. She hadn't gone into detail about why specifically the guy was in her hotel room, but she knew it wouldn't take a rocket scientist to figure that part out. "Sam. Look, I- I know how this all sounds, but I need help. Please." Her hand was gripping Sam's forearm tightly. Her other hand was still holding the robe shut around her body. She hadn't realized how frightened she was before, but now that she was in a safer place, she could now feel her body's reaction to what had taken place before her. She was shaking, her heart rate still working to steady itself. She was fairly certain she didn't need a mirror to see that she was terrified. She must have looked like she lost her mind to Sam.

"Okay, well if you give me a second to throw on a shirt, we can go check things out, okay?" He asked as he tried to take his hand back, but Kate found her grip on his arm tightening as her head shook back and forth fervently. She did not want to return to that room. Not right now. Kate suddenly found the arm she'd been holding around her now as Sam pulled her in for a hug. "Alright, alright, it's going to be okay," Sam told her in a soothing tone.

"I'm gonna call Dean, okay? Then we'll all figure out what to do." He said finally as he pulled back and directed Kate to sit on his bed. She assumed it was his as the other was still all made up indicating that Dean hadn't returned from his trip out. Kate hadn't really caught the whole conversation Sam had with Dean, but before she knew it Sam was offering her a shirt. He now had one on as well. Kate simply stared at it, taking it into her hands numbly. She continued to sit there, not wanting to get up and move just yet. This reality had much more in store for her and it seemed as though the more she was physically exposed to the longer it took to mentally process it.

"If you want, I can go over and get some clothes for you..." Sam offered as he took a step in the direction of the door.

"Please don't leave me." The words flew out of Kate's mouth before she could even form a conscious thought of them. She looked up at Sam's gaze uncomfortably. "I just- I don't want to be left alone right now. Not now." She finished feeling lame.

Sam nodded, a half smile gracing his features as he moved to sit beside Kate. She had been tired before all of this, but now that her fear and adrenaline were starting to wane, and she felt it twofold. Kate let her head fall to rest on Sam's upper arm. She was surprised to find his arm moving to go around her as he pulled her against his side. Kate could feel her eyes growing heavy and her body start to relax. Before she could get too comfortable though, the sound of their door lock beeping and the knob twisting made Sam's body stiffen. Dean was back.

"What happened?" Dean asked, his eyes immediately moving over Kate, and then Sam.

Sam slid his arm back as Kate stood up, wordlessly she carried the shirt with her to the attached bathroom, and made quick work of throwing on the button-up shirt Sam gave her, by the time she came out Sam and Dean had stopped talking to one another and were staring at her. The shirt that Sam had given her almost hit her knees. "Kate..." She heard Dean's voice and met his gaze.

"The guy. That uhm guy you saw earlier. In my room." Kate stated, her voice cracking while she spoke. "He's dead, the angels killed him in the process of killing the demon possessing him." Dean seemed to look more confused at her statement.

"Possessing him-?" Dean began, but she could see on his face that he realized what she was talking about. "I told you-." He cut himself off as Kate looked down to the floor immediately. He'd warned her. She knew that, but he'd also pissed her off and she didn't listen to him out of spite.

"I'm sorry." She said softly, her arms crossing over her chest. She just wished at the moment that the floor would open up and swallow her whole. A guy was dead now because she couldn't check for demon possession, and that was solely on her.

Dean didn't respond, he just held his hand out, "Where's your room key?" Sam turned to snag it off the nightstand by his bed. She must've given it to him in the process of coming in here. She hadn't remembered that.

"Stay here, we'll be back." Was all Dean said as he moved toward the door leading into the hallway. Sam followed his brother quickly. Kate looked around at the empty hotel room, a chill going down her back before she steeled her resolve and followed the guys across the hall.

"Have you ever seen this before? Cause I haven't." She heard Sam's voice ask before anything else.

"I know, but Angels? Like angels?" Dean questioned, his tone snippy. Kate knew that out of the two of them Dean was less apt to believe in the unbelievable.

"Believe me. I know how this sounds. I-I'm not exactly the most religious person, but they're real. I told you already." Kate said. Sam and Dean turned to look at Kate once she spoke.

"Dean, we've never seen anything remotely like this," Sam said as he stared at the corpse of Jake. The burned-out eyes gave Kate the creeps. Dean moved quickly as he grabbed her duffel of clothes and handed it off to her.

"Either way, we need to get out of here. Now. Before anyone sees this mess they left." Kate knew he was thinking logically. "Sam and I will wipe your prints. You go get dressed, alright? We'll be back over in a bit to clean out our room." Kate glanced at the clock on the wall in the sitting room. It was nearing two am and Kate didn't have it in her to argue, not that she would right now anyways. She shuffled her feet over to the door; the boy's words were muffled as they spoke to one another.

By the time Kate had exited the boys' bathroom, they were back in their own room; packing. "What do we do now?" Kate asked, feeling a bit lost on what the next steps were.

"We continue on. Next stop was Baltimore you said?" Dean asked her with a glance in her direction. Kate just nodded. She noticed her duffel of weapons sitting beside his on the bed. "Well, we go there." He said decidedly.

"Re-really?" Sam asked. "We're not gonna ask more about- about the angels?"

"Not right now, Sam," Dean told him, his face stressing his message. Kate figured then that Dean just wanted to be long gone from here when someone finally realizes that the guy working the front desk was dead.

Things seemed to be moving quickly around her as she helped the guys wipe down things to get rid of potential fingerprints before they all made their way back down to the vacant parking lot and into the Impala. She felt she was stuck in slow motion while Sam and Dean moved around her, before she knew it she was once again in the backseat. They'd been driving for just a few minutes before Sam turned and faced off with her, "Alright, Kate. I- I get that you probably don't want to talk about it right now, but what did the Angels want-?"

"Me." She said shortly. "Same as the demons, they want to use me for information."

A long pause passed over the darkened car.

"Well, I mean, can they help- Are you gonna help them?"

"I told them no." She said as she continued to stare out the window. Bright street lights lit up the road outside the car around them as they passed.

"Wha-? Why?" Sam questioned. Kate stared at Sam. She quickly remembered he'd believed in the angels and god. He saw them as the good guys, rather than the flawed beings that they were.

"They want exactly what the demons want, Sam." She answered. "They want to free Lucifer from his cage. They want to end the world as you know it."

Sam didn't say anything to her, she saw a surprised look pass over his features and he stared at Kate as though she'd grown a second pair of eyes, before turning back to face the front of his seat. Kate's mind was racing now, even if she agreed to Angel's terms and they decided to send her home. She'd still be signing a lot of people's death certificates. No, even though she now had a way home. Kate knew she couldn't just leave the boys in this mess. She had grown to care for them, regardless of what they thought of her. This was real for them, not just a show.

Kate and the boys all settled into one hotel room. Sam and Dean decided, that Kate having her own space was a bit risky at the moment. Between the Angels and Demons, Kate was left open to attacks if left alone at all at this point. The trio arrived in Baltimore by early morning, a little after three now. So they all agreed that they'd get some much-needed shut-eye before tackling their next case.

"Alright, who're you bunking with?" Dean questioned as he dropped his duffle on the nearby chair in the kitchenette area. The theme of the room seemed to be red, silver, and black. Wallpaper lined the entire room with those colored designs running up and down the length of the walls. Above the white cushioned headboards were framed photos. Separating the room from the doorway was a partition detailed in red and silver. Kate sighed as she put her duffel bags down by the door.

"I don't care," Kate breathed out, her eyes were heavy with exhaustion, and her brain felt like it was pounding in her skull.

"Hey, are you okay?" She paused at that question. Kate looked across the room at Dean. Sam was still finishing up signing for the room in the hotel office across the lot.

"I should've listened to you." She stated. "That- that guy at the front desk. His death is all my fault." A moment passed where neither said anything. Kate's eyes lowered to the floor as she felt her guilt surging. She was so focused on herself and what she wanted that she hadn't taken the time to check the guy she'd been prepared to sleep with.

"Listen, you didn't kill him... The angels did." Dean told her slowly. He hesitated before saying the last sentence. She could tell he was still having trouble coming to terms with the whole idea of angels existing.

"I should've just checked. You even told me to." She moved further into the room and sat on the farther of the two beds, closer to Dean.

"Kate. It happens. Hunter's make mistakes." He reasoned as he faced her now. Kate met his stare and shook her head.

"I just wanted a break from all of this so badly. A break from all the responsibility. A break from all these problems. A night to just..." She just trailed off with a heavy sigh. "How can I know all this stuff that's going to happen in the future, yet I can't seem to figure out that a guy that was all over me is possessed by a damn demon." Dean didn't respond to her statement, as Kate didn't give him time to. "He had me, Dean. Honestly, if Castiel and Uriel hadn't shown up. I might not be here." She finished, her voice quiet and her head lowering again.

She heard the sound of Dean sighing out a breath before Kate felt the other side of the bed dip as Dean sat down beside her. "Listen to me. You may know a lot of things about this universe and about hunting, but living in it is entirely different. You're not going to be great at this stuff right off the bat, Katie. You need to remember that Sam and I have been raised in this life since we were kids. It's been drilled into us. Mine and Sam's instincts have been built up over years, and years of experience. You just started doin' this. So yeah, while mistakes like this have life-threatening consequences you can't let this get to you. You gotta pull yourself out of it because there are always more people that need saving." Kate had stared at him while he spoke. She felt the weight of his hand on her knee at his last words. At Dean's closeness, gears seemed to shift in her brain and she wanted to bring up all sorts of things in the few moments she had alone with him. Their kiss, for starters, and then his comment yesterday, and how his actions and words were continually at odds with one another. However, she was tired. Her brain and body were screaming for some rest. So she just nodded, unsure what else to say.

"I think I'll feel better after some sleep." She stated simply as she moved off the bed and picked her duffel up off the floor. Kate crossed the room and entered the dingy bathroom. The small space made her grateful that she'd already showered at the previous hotel. Kate changed quickly, Sam had shown back up while she was in the other room, but she didn't spare either of the brothers any more time as she all but fell onto the mattress face down. Within minutes, she felt her body relaxing and her eyelids growing heavy.

A few hours must have passed because when Kate opened her eyes again, there was sunlight spilling into the hotel room now. The sound of light breathing nearby her head reminded her that she wasn't alone in bed. She could feel the heat radiating off the body next to hers. In the current moment, she was thankful she'd opted for shorts the night before as the body heat was suffocating. Her legs had gotten entangled in the fluffy comforter of the bed, but half her body was tucked against someone else's along her left side, which explained why she was so overheated. Kate's arms were tucked under the cool side of her pillow as she'd still been sleeping on her stomach, she pulled her upper body upwards and glanced over her left shoulder. She saw Dean beside her, it wasn't a huge surprise given she'd already shared a bed with him on that hunt back in Red Lodge. She was grateful these beds were queen-sized and not doubles though. She hadn't had a whole ton of room that other night and it was too uncomfortable to be any kind of exciting.

She couldn't help but let her gaze linger over his face though. His relaxed expression made her wish this moment could last longer. She figured that the quiet moments in this universe would be few and far between. Kate's gaze was pulled down to his mouth where she preoccupied her brain with thoughts of Dean's lips. She remembered months ago when she wondered how they'd feel on her own and when she finally found out, it hadn't helped in ceasing the intrusive thoughts- in fact, she thought it had made them worse over the last few months since.

A sudden snore from her other side pulled Kate from her internal monologue. Dean's arm was tossed over Kate's lower back as he moved restlessly in his sleep- she stiffened in response to the skin-on-skin contact due to her pajama top. She now was feeling a tad uncomfortable with this arrangement. She turned to look in the opposite direction to see Sam's longer form laid out across the other bed, he was still asleep as well, at least she assumed so given the rhythmic rising and falling of his chest and that his head was turned, facing the other way towards the partition.

Kate sighed lightly. She rested her upper body back down feeling her headache returning from last night. Glancing at the clock on the nightstand between the beds told her why; she'd only gotten in about three and a half hours of sleep. She let out a muffled groan at that as she pressed her face into the pillow.

"You know when women groan while in bed with me, they tend to sound a lot more satisfied than that." Dean's rough voice made her jump in surprise. Kate opened her mouth to reply with a witty comeback but ended up just staring at him drawing a blank for words. A soft laugh seemed to rumble through his chest as he chuckled at her facial expression. "You should be getting some sleep." He said finally. A moment passed when the two just stared, Kate was taking in all the minuscule details of Dean Winchester's face. She made a mental note that he hadn't pulled his arm back yet.

"I can't help it." She replied finally, her voice barely above a whisper to not disturb Sam. "I can't relax like this. It's just too hot."

Dean's smirk widened to a giant grin at that.

Kate was quick to interrupt his train of thought, "No, I mean the temperature, genius. You're radiating body heat like a freaking oven." As she spoke, Kate quickly rolled out and stood up from the bed.

"What're you doin'?" He asked from behind her, his voice still hoarse from sleep. Kate grabbed an oversized pair of sweatpants from her duffel bag. She paused as she started pulling them on over her shorts.

"If I'm gonna get through the day and this case. I'm gonna need some coffee." She replied as she snapped the waistband up on her hips.

He groaned in response, "At 6:15 in the morning?" He questioned her with an eyebrow raised. Kate scoffed as she grabbed her wallet from her bag.

"Then, stay here." She said shortly with a shrug.

"No. I don't think so, Trouble." He told her. Kate couldn't help but stare as he stood from the bed, the blankets falling away. He wore a tee and his boxer shorts. His back was to her though as he slid on his jeans from last night. Her eyes moved over his lithe form as he dressed and turned around, he walked her way snagging his button-up on the way out. Dean drove the Impala up the road where they came across a coffee place, Dunkin donuts. Kate was so excited that she'd shouted at Dean to pull the car into the lot at the last minute. The two of them ordered a dozen donuts and three coffees.

"So, you're a fall person, enjoy pumpkin spice iced coffees, and are from Massachusetts," Dean stated checking off things on his fingers as he stated them. "Yup. You sound like your typical white girl from the East Coast."

Kate scoffed at him looking offended. "I'm sorry, but there's nothing typical about me, not here anyways. Maybe back home. I'll give you that. Here and now though? Nu-uh." She finished shaking her head.

"Alright, you explained a bit of what you know last night, but give me something specific. What could you possibly say to me that would undoubtedly convince me of your so-called psychic powers." Kate gave him a deadpanned expression not relishing in this conversation. She wasn't sure if he was trying to get a glimpse into what she knows, or if he was genuinely trying to believe her still. She had given him and Sam pointers on their last four hunts, what else did he want from her? She knew that the angel thing had probably made him skeptical so she kind of understood it.

"You still don't believe me?" She questioned him. "After everything?" She added as her eyebrows raised at him in exasperation.

"Just humour me," He said shrugging his shoulders in response, tilting his head in her direction.

She huffed in response, "Alright..." She muttered wracking her brain of any and all Dean scenes from the show. A smirk grew over her lips as her eyes met his with a spark of mischief in them. "Alright, I got it." Dean just blinked at her waiting for her to continue.

"Rhonda Hurley," Kate stated slowly. Dean still looked as though he was waiting for something. "Apparently she was a chick you had a thing with when you were younger and uh, according to the show, she asked you to try on her underwear; they were pink and satiny and you-." She watched Dean's face change to that of embarrassment as his eyes widened. "Alright, alright, okay! I got it. You know way, way more about us than we do you." He grumbled out the last part with a surly facial expression. Kate chuckled at him in response.

"Listen, you asked me to-."

"Yeah, I know I did. I'm regretting it now." He muttered with an eye roll. A slight pause passed before he broke the silence, "So, what's up with this case here?" He asked changing the subject as they continued to wait on the food and drinks. Kate had grabbed herself a straw as she had ordered an iced coffee, much to Dean's chagrin.

"It's a spirit," She replied as the barista put down the rectangular box containing the sugared-up pastries.

"Uhh, yeah, I got that, but more details would be nice." Kate paused wracking her brain trying to remember the details of that episode. She knew Dean got arrested as the infamous confession scene played in her mind, My name is Dean Winchester. I'm an Aquarius. I enjoy sunsets, long walks on the beach, and frisky women. Kate chuckled aloud at the memory.

"What is it?" She heard him ask, he wore the ghost of a smirk over his lips. It was as if she had her own inside joke and he wanted in on it.

"No, nothing. I was just trying to remember the case from the show and a funny part came to mind." She answered before swooping down on her iced coffee the woman put down on the counter, she popped her straw through the lid before taking a sip of the liquid gold. "Ah, pumpkin spice. Amazing." She muttered as she walked back next to Dean.

He wore a disgusted expression muttering to himself, "Ugh, that's despicable. Coffee should be hot."

"Let's just get back to the hotel. I'll bring you and Sam up to speed on what I can remember about the case, alright?" With that, they grabbed the rest of the stuff and drove back. Sam was up and dressed when they walked in the door.

Sam chuckled as Dean handed him his coffee cup, "You. You are bringing me a coffee. Before 8 am. Now, that's a first."

"Yeah, well... I couldn't just let Katie here, go off on her own, now could I?" Dean asked as he sat on the bed sipping from his own styrofoam cup. Kate sent him a look as she pulled open her laptop at the kitchenette table.

"What're you researching?" Sam asked as he walked over and grabbed a plain donut from the box. She searched up the name Tony Giles to see how ahead of the timeline in the show they were. Given that they had finished up the Holmes hunt in a little over 24 hours instead of the two or three days it actually took them in the show she figured Tony hadn't been killed by Pete yet.

"Well, if I'm remembering right; in the show. A murder brings you guys to town. The victim is named Tony Giles so, let's see if he's still alive." Her search didn't bring her any information other than him being a high-profile defense attorney at this so-called GF&E law firm. So she assumed aloud that he was probably still alive.

"So what? We warn him?" Sam asked as he sat across from her.

"Here's the thing, Tony isn't murdered by the spirit. The spirit in this case isn't vengeful. She's a death omen." Kate began explaining.

"Okay, so she warns people that death is coming, but what's killing them?" Sam questioned from across the table.

Kate sighed, "That's the tough part. It's a dirty cop running around killing these people. He's trying to cover up that he stole drugs that were bagged as evidence."

"Oooh, well that's dramatic television," Dean said sarcastically with an amused smirk from across the room, he'd sat on the edge of the bed nearby the table. Kate looked over at him.

"I wouldn't be so cocky about it over there if I were you, 'cause after you get arrested, he practically assaults you for being a smartass." She noted Dean suddenly changing his facial expression as he grabbed a Boston cream from the box beside her computer.

"Alright, well. Let's start there. How does Dean even get arrested? For what?" Sam asked changing the subject as he opened the plastic tab on the lid.

"Well, you guys get here after Tony Giles is killed, so your next logical step is to visit his wife, Karen. You two pose as Insurance investigators and that's your angle to interview her. There you find out about Claire, the spirit. Someone that the cop had selling the drugs he stole. After she sells it all; he kills her to cover up everything."

"That's why she's visiting all these people. The cop is trying to kill them all." Sam muttered. Kate nodded in response as she grabbed her own french crueler.

"Who's this cop?" Dean asked gruffly.

"I don't remember a last name. His first name is Pete, and his partner is named Diana. They're detectives in the homicide division." She replied quickly, her eyes scanning over the laptop screen. "Listen, You guys break into Giles's office to look for anything on the spirit, after not finding much..." Kate trailed off her eyes moving to Dean sitting by her at the foot of the mattress. "You go to Karen's; it's a big case of wrong place, wrong time, because by the time you get there... she's already dead, but it was after she'd dialed 911."

"So, I get there right before the cops show up," Dean stated, his lips forming a pout that Kate was used to seeing on her television screen back home while his green eyes were alight from the sun shining through the nearby window.

"Yeah," Kate said softly, she looked from Dean to Sam. Both their expressions were serious.

"Well Sammy, any ideas?" Dean questioned breaking the shocked silence the trio fell into. Sam sighed running a hand through his hair. Kate was thinking through what they could do to approach this case so it would be different from the show. All while trying to make the end game include outing the dirty cop, except unlike in the show she wanted him to face justice for the crimes he committed, she didn't just want him killed off at the end. Kate felt her head begin to hurt again, which caused her to take another sip from her precious plastic cup. She groaned lightly rubbing her temples. Pain lanced through her forehead right at the front of her skull. It was as though someone was hammering the frontal lobe of her brain.

"Kate?" Sam questioned.

"You alright?"

Kate felt out of it all of a sudden; as flashes of what was coming hit her brain. She could see herself in the police station. She was being pulled in by the crooked cop she'd been discussing with Sam and Dean. Suddenly, her surroundings changed and she saw herself in a lockup at the precinct. She appeared to be talking to someone else standing in the cell with her, and it didn't appear to be an easygoing, calm conversation. She could see A taller, burly male with dark skin. The same figure she'd seen in her hotel room just the night before. Uriel.

Snapping back to herself, she saw Sam on one knee before her while his one hand gripped her left shoulder and his other held her knee, he was all put holding her into her chair and Dean stood over them wearing a worried facial expression. She looked up at them, eyes wide as Sam slowly pulled his hands back.

"You okay, Kate?" Dean's low voice questioned in the silence of the room.

She took in a steadying breath, now just experiencing a dull ache in the front of her head. "Yeah," She said softly. The light from her laptop screen hurt her eyes, so she closed it quickly. "Yeah, uhm. I guess this conversation is pointless." She continued, now sighing as she leaned back in her chair.

"What're you talking about?" Dean asked quickly.

"The timeline is changing." She told them, her voice soft. Sam's eyebrows rose in surprise as Dean opened his mouth, but closed it quickly. "And, I have a feeling the angels are responsible." She finished holding her head as she leaned over her laptop.

"Alright, so what's changed exactly? You gotta give us something to start with." Dean said as he continued to stand over Kate.

"You don't get arrested anymore. Apparently, I do. By the very cop, we're trying to stop here." Kate replied feeling overwhelmed at the thought.

"Why do you think the angels are responsible for changing things?" Sam asked now seated in his chair across the table. Kate idly scratched the back of her head as she glanced over to Sam now.

"It makes sense. I told them no. I told them that I wouldn't help them last night. Now they're trying to swing things their way." Kate said shrugging. "Plus, I saw myself in the holding cell. I was talking with one of the ones I'd met last night. He was in the cell with me." Kate added.

Kate heard Sam let out a breath, he seemed tense. Which Kate couldn't blame him for. Both of them hadn't been built up to the introduction to angels like they'd been in the show's original timeline. Sam still hadn't understood his connection to the demons, and Dean hadn't gone to hell yet so she imagined Angels was big news.

"Alright, well. We still have to warn this Tony Giles guy, right?" Dean pressed on, as he moved toward the bags

Kate nodded her brain returning to the task at hand. The case. She still felt unsettled knowing that in a few hours she would be caged up in a cell. She hated being in locked rooms. She'd had a thing about them ever since she was younger when her mother had committed her for a couple weeks. It had been after her father's death. Kate had experienced something of a breakdown about it. She hadn't told the boys too much about her life. She didn't like to think about her childhood, things eventually settled down with some therapy, but her relationship with her mother always remained pretty distant. Hence, the family rift. She'd have welcomed the thought of forgetting that part of her life, but she knew in order to get back to her 'normal' she'd have to remember everything.

Kate made a mental note to remember to do some of the meditation from Gina's book later as she was thrown out of her routine with being out on the road with the boys. Kate sucked up the last of her coffee and moved to stand up.

"Let's get to it then." She said.

"Whoa, we're not gonna talk about this?" Sam asked as he stood before Kate and Dean with his arms crossed.

"What's there to talk about?" Kate replied quickly. "We can't do anything right now to stop what's coming. We need to be out there besides; there's always more people to save, right?"

A ghost of a smirk passed over Dean's face beside her as Sam opened his mouth to respond, but then he shut it knowing Kate had a point. "Al- Alright, yeah. What's the plan?" Sam asked.

"Well, if memory serves right, then Giles won't be murdered until late tonight, so that gives us a little over 12 hours to come up with something to save his life," Kate answered as she looked over the hotel clock.

A few hours had passed, night had long fallen around her and Kate watched as Sam and Dean made their way into the tall building the Impala was parked in front of. She made a quick move to play catch up. She and the guys had figured most offices would be closing up, so getting to the law firm would be pretty easy with less security.

"What floor are we heading to?" Kate heard Dean ask as she came up beside him in front of the elevators.

"I don't know." She responded, her tone more snarky than she'd meant it. He gave her a deadpanned facial expression.

"What do you mean, you don't know?" He quipped back. Kate huffed rolling her eyes.

"I've told you before, I don't know everything. I only know what was in the show. It, unfortunately, didn't detail every aspect of your lives." She replied, her words muttered so as not to draw attention.

Kate vaguely heard Sam, but Dean was already talking back to her. "Oh, you don't know this, but you can give us details of our friggin' sex lives for the next however many years." His tone was bitingly sarcastic.

Kate's face reddened at that. She didn't want to know, but it was all written into the show. "I just watched the show, Dean. I didn't write it up myself." She snapped back at him.

"Guys!" Sam's harsh but, muted tone interrupted their squabbling. Kate and Dean turned to face him as Dean snapped out a gruff 'what?' in an answer. "Look," Was all Sam said, as he gestured to the oversized directory of the building posted to the left of the elevator doors. Sam pointed out a T. Giles, it also indicated his office's number, and what floor to go to.

Sam shook his head at the other two as he moved towards the elevator and punched the button. Kate sent Dean a glare before she followed suit. She was in for an awkward, and silent elevator ride. The guys stood between her and the sliding doors, she could see their blurry reflections in the metal sliding doors as they shut closed.

"Wait, do you really know details of our sex lives from the show?" Sam asked her, his eyebrow raised curiously.

Kate crossed her arms over her chest and found a sudden interest in the buttons along the wall. "Again. I didn't write the damn scenes, but… yeah, I guess I do. Unfortunately." Sam just chuckled while shaking his head. "I don't know everything, the show isn't a porno, ya' know."

"No, you know just enough apparently," Sam said still chuckling about it. Kate huffed as she looked up to see them passing the third floor. They still had a few more to go.

"So, who gets laid next?" Dean piped up suddenly. Kate spluttered some unintelligible noise, she was growing uncomfortable with this conversation. Her brain couldn't help but think of a sarcastic answer to his question like Hopefully, me. But she thought better of saying that aloud in front of Dean.

"Dean," Sam said exasperated as he shot his brother a look.

"What? It's just a question Sammy." Dean defended with his typical mischievous grin.

"I'm not going to answer that," Kate replied her tone clipping.

"Oh, whatever. You prude." He was clearly goading her on. Kate just shut her mouth and looked away from him. She stood closer to Sam when the elevator finally slowed and jerked to a stop. The metal doors slid open and Dean moved out quickly.

"I'm not taking this conversation any further than this, but it's you. You're next." Kate told Sam shortly, her voice lowered as she moved by him. She hadn't meant for her body to brush him the way it had, but she was closer to him than she anticipated as she spoke in a hushed tone so Dean didn't overhear.

She watched a slow grin form over his lips as he followed her out into the hallway. He didn't ask any other questions and Kate was grateful to just let the subject drop. Dean turned and gave them both a look as he asked, "You guys coming or what?"

They didn't have very far to go as they stumbled upon an office door with the suite number embolden across it in an elegant font, the name on the door read Giles, Escobar, and Frank; attorneys at law. The trio heard a shout from beyond the door and Kate watched as Dean simply reacted. He pushed open the door as he drew his weapon. His eyes quickly focused on his surroundings as he became more alert. A tall man stood by his desk, his eyes wide and his jaw slackened with fear.

"Tony Giles?" Kate asked as everyone seemed to stand there in silence. Kate watched Dean and Sam both check out the small space in the office, it appeared to have three offices all separated by plexiglass dividers. A waiting room; right as you walked in and further in through a doorway was where Giles was seated at his desk. Two more offices took up residence on the other side of the frosted glass.

"Ye-yes? Who are you-?"

"You're in danger," Kate blurted out.

Both Sam and Dean rolled their eyes at her bluntness, but she didn't care. Kate's main focus was on keeping the guy alive as she moved forwards toward the desk.

"Excuse me?" Tony questioned; instantly on the defensive.

"I know that you saw her too, didn't you?" Kate pressed on as she stopped leaving the desk between her and Mr. Giles. "Claire." She tacked on.

"How- How did you-?" He spluttered as his fearful expression shifted to one of surprise.

"Don't ask," Dean said as he moved in closer, Sam right behind him.

"I know about Pete, and the drugs too." Kate spewed out. She wasn't sure if she was playing her cards right, but she knew she needed to work fast. Pete was undoubtedly on his way.

"How the hell would you-?" Tony began, his eyebrows shooting up into his hairline. The man had broad shoulders and appeared to have a larger build, one that maybe even rivaled Sam's. He had a sharp jawbone fitting with his wide-set mouth. His dark eyes matched his hair which was beginning to grey along the sides of his full head of hair. Kate didn't know how old the man was but, he was probably pushing about the late 40s into his early 50s. She knew it took time to build a budding career, let alone become a partner in your own law firm.

"Just. Listen to me." Kate pressed on as she leaned over the side of the desk, closer to him. "Peter is on his way here, and tonight will not end well for you unless you come with us. You're in danger." She finished. Sam and Dean hung back but were alert and kept watch around the office for any other surprises.

"Peter? Danger?" She could hear the disbelief in the man's voice as he scoffed out a chuckle at her warning.

"Look, Mr. Giles." Sam interrupted as he came up from behind Kate. "I know you don't know us, but believe me when I tell you we're trying to help, sir."

Kate waited with bated breath. Giles seemed to pause as his eyes moved from Sam's puppy dog expression to Kate's own determined one. "Mr. Giles," Kate began, her voice soft, less forceful and in-your-face as it had been since she began approaching the man. "Please, I know you just want to do the right thing in all of this, and believe me when I tell you Peter has more to lose if all of the sordid details come out."

Kate saw something like understanding flash in Giles's eyes. She watched as he slowly stood up. His height was nearly the same as Sam's, he stood taller than Dean, but not quite at Sam's 6'4. It was a bit intimidating. Kate took a step back, closer to Dean as Giles rounded his desk and moved towards the makeshift drink cart along the right side of his office as you walked in. It was littered with a variety of glass bottles of liquid. Kate safely assumed he was pouring himself an alcoholic beverage of sorts.

"He was supposed to meet me here tonight so we could talk about what happened nine months ago," Giles muttered as he filled a highball glass with some honey-colored liquid. "I've been telling him it wasn't right. I should never have even taken a cut of the money he asked me to wash for him." Kate glanced over her shoulder to Dean as Giles continued ranting. "Then I recently find out he killed her. The girl he'd used to sell the stolen drugs."

"Did you know who-?" Kate began

"No. I never met with her. She'd already had a relationship with Pete going on at the time. They- they used together."

"But you saw her?" Sam asked.

"Look, guys, I hate to break up the bit we have going here, but if this Pete guy shows up I don't know how we're going to-." As Dean spoke the office door was kicked in, and an angry dark-haired, tan-skinned man stood before them. He had a gun out and pointed it at Giles.

"Peter," Giles said shock, shock as clear in his voice as it was over his face. Giles dropped the glass to the light carpet covering the office floor as his hands shot up in a surrendering position.

"Tony?" Pete questioned, his eyes darting around him at Sam and Dean who'd both also pointed their guns in his direction.

"Pete, wha-? What's going on-?" He questioned. Kate could see his eyes also flickering around taking in the three guns around the office.

"You tell me. You're the one who's got two guns pointed at me right now." Peter replied, his tone sharp.

"You just kicked in my door, with your weapon-."

"I heard voices!" Peter shouted in response. "I didn't know what the hell I was-."

"You came here to kill me?" Giles had said it softly at first, but his voice grew in volume as he repeated himself again, and again.

"Kill you? What? T-Tony, let's talk about this. Tell your guys to put their guns dow-."

"Not a chance." Dean muttered while Sam said, "Can't do that." Both men shook their heads visually demonstrating their protests. Kate had felt confident enough between the boys to take her eyes off of Pete she quickly turned to take in Giles's expression. He was panicked now, the previous doubtful demeanor was long gone. "Mr. Giles, you might want to reconsider leaving. With us." Kate told him.

She could see Tony hesitating, "My wife, Karen. I gotta see her before-."

Kate yelled as she was suddenly tackled into the desk. She felt the heavy weight of a body over hers as she felt her arms being yanked behind her back. Kate heard Sam and Dean shout as another body was slammed into the one behind hers. Kate could hear the sounds of a scuffle and feel the weight behind her shifting as she tried to yank her arms out of the crushing grip they were in.

"Get back!" She heard Pete's voice right behind her. She felt the biting cold of metal on her wrist before hearing the clicking of the police cuffs enclosing her wrist. "Get back now!" Kate stiffened as she felt the pain of her shoulders being pulled wrong. Pete yanked her body back against his by the chain of the cuffs. Pete's gun was now aimed at Dean, keeping him some distance back from Pete. Sam had grabbed Giles and pulled him out of harm's way.

"I'm bettin' those guns aren't registered, are they? I'm also bettin' that a few things might pop up in our system if I were to run your prints." Kate could see Pete out of the corner of her eye, but her wide eyes stared at Dean. She could see his lower lip was split as though he'd taken a solid punch. What the hell is he arresting me for? There hasn't been a murder. Thankfully, we got here before that could happen.

Kate was grateful at the moment that Dean's scathing stare wasn't directed at her. "Let her go." He growled out. Kate inwardly groaned, even though she'd known this was coming, she didn't think that it would be so soon.

Pete ignored Dean completely as he addressed Tony, "Look, I'm taking her with me down to the precinct. If you wanna bail her out, fine. Either way, you and I are gonna talk this out at some point, preferably without the hired guns."

"What's her charge, Pete? She didn't do anything." Tony stated. "You don't have grounds for an arrest here, Peter."

"What's that? Oh, what do we have here?" Kate suddenly felt a hand in her jean jacket pocket. She tried to pull herself away out of instinct but was roughly yanked back against Pete's body as he withdrew his hand holding a small bag of something. "Looks, like possession to me, boys."

"You can't plant evidence on me!" Kate shouted as she tried to yank herself away from him to no avail again. The metal of the cuffs was digging into her skin from fighting. "I saw no planting of anything. I just noticed your erratic behavior, such as breaking into this office building, and your suspicious behavior such as wide panicked eyes at the presence of the police, so I decided to conduct a search of your persons." He told her, his mouth close to her ear. Kate's body tensed at his closeness, she was becoming more and more uncomfortable in her current position.

Kate just reacted, She'd been itching to get free of the cuffs since she'd heard the dreaded clicking sound. Her foot was quickly slammed into the top inner part of Pete's foot and she jerked her head up and backward. She heard a resounding crack and then a string of curses coming out of the detective's mouth. She was disappointed to note that his hand still never left the cuffs, if anything his grip redoubled.

"Guess, now I can just book you for assaulting an officer, can't I? Thanks for making it easy on me, sweetheart." Kate could all but hear the slight grin on his mouth as he spoke. "I assume I'll see you, boys, later tonight?" He asked as he began pulling Kate with him towards the door.

Kate turned as she was pulled along; trying to keep the guys in sight. She watched Sam and Giles meet Dean in the middle of the open doorway. They could see she was scared, she'd told them that the majority of people this guy had gotten involved with regarding the case of Claire and the drugs hadn't made it out alive.

Before Kate knew it the cold air of the night was hitting her as Pete pulled her out of the high-rise office building and he was putting her in the back of his cruiser. She remained silent as he walked around the front of the car and slid into the driver's seat.

He started up the car and the pair of them drove in silence for a while before he spoke, "What did Giles's tell you, exactly?"

Kate didn't answer, her eyes glanced through the closed checkered bars separating the back and front of a car and felt as though she were caged already. The rear doors had no means of opening them from the inside, just a hard plastic shell over the whole thing. "Listen, this ride can go smooth, or we can take the back way, up to you," Pete told her.

Kate huffed, her breath heavy. "You just arrested me and planted drugs on me. So, why would I wanna talk to you?" Kate snapped at him, she knew the glare she sent his way would send people running, but he had bars and plexiglass between them so he was physically safe, for now. She was surprised by him upholding the same small bag he'd pretended to pull out of her pocket earlier. Upon leaning forwards for closer inspection she was surprised to find it to be just that. An empty bag.

"Now, I wanna know who the hell you people are, and why you're interfering with my investigation." He snapped back.

"Investigation?" Kate's voice echoed softly. "What?" She asked leaning in closer to the front of the car.

"My investigation." Pete all but growled out between his teeth. "I've been on this case for months now. Months, and I've never, seen or heard any mention of the three of you before."

"Case?" Kate questioned again, her brain was slowly putting some things together. "Wait, you- you didn't kill Claire?" She asked him.

She was surprised at Peter's sudden quietness. He hadn't acknowledged that Kate even spoke. "How do you know about Claire?"

"I know about her, and the drugs too," Kate stated, her voice barely above a whisper as he pulled the car into a big lot, surrounded by tall fencing.

"How do you know about all of that?" He asked her suddenly, his head turning around at breakneck speeds.

Kate shrugged, "I- I don't know. I just do."

"Well, for someone that seems to know everything you sure are missing an important detail. I didn't kill her." He stated simply. Kate scoffed in response. "I didn't." He defended again. "She was another undercover."

"Undercover?" Kate asked her brain trying to make all the connections, but again, it seemed like this case was different from the show.

"Look, I- I knew her from the academy. She and I both worked narcotics together, and we knew it was frowned upon, but we couldn't help it." Kate stared as she watched Pete take in a breath before finishing his sentence. "I didn't kill Claire. I- I loved her."

Kate stared into Pete's eyes trying to ascertain if he was telling the truth or lying, but the bars and plexiglass made it difficult, she knew one thing though. His watering eyes were real. She was beginning to wonder if she was losing her mind. It seemed the reality of Supernatural was differing from the show greatly, but the bigger question she had was if Pete wasn't the big bad in this story, then who was?

Thanks all for reading! Your views are greatly appreciated!

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