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Heaven Sent

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Chapter 16: Heaven Sent

Kate and the boys had left the Pennsylvania apartment a few hours ago, and after dropping Jo off at the nearby airport they were heading to a hotel for the remainder of the night. Jo had mentioned that she had paid for the apartment for a while and they were welcome to stay there, however, Kate just… didn't feel comfortable sleeping there. She wasn't sure how Teresa was still capable of returning to her apartment. She'd talked to the boys a little about what was coming next. She warned Dean of his impending arrest and discussed the next spirit that would need their help. She told them there wasn't a point in returning to Bobby's so soon as the next case she knew of would be in Baltimore, MD. It would be about a two-hour drive from where they were now. Dean had decided they were going to stop in Delaware and bunk up there. She sighed now feeling content as she started to drift off in the backseat of the Impala. The night sky was still stretched out above her and all around the windows of the car. Her sleeping in the backseat seemed to be becoming a regular thing for her, she was in a state between sleep and consciousness. One where she could still vaguely hear the voices, and noises around her but her body was in a state of rest.

"So, you think she's tellin' the truth?" Dean asked, his voice gruff as the classic rock music was turned down.

"Kate?" She heard Sam's voice ask in response. "Well I mean, yeah. It'd be weird if she weren't. Don't ya think?" She didn't hear a response from Dean at that. "I mean, if she wants to get back home then I don't see why she'd make all that up. Not to mention... it's a lot to make up and to make it all circle back to fit into all the details of our lives. I mean... she knows us, Dean; and pretty damn well. As scary as that is..." She had to agree with Sam on that last part. It must've made things even weirder for them around her now knowing just how in-depth her knowledge went with the help of the Supernatural show. She did feel bad. A bit awkward too.

"Well, we don't know her at all," Dean said into the silence that stretched over a minute or two.

"That's not exactly her fault, you know," Sam spoke up. Kate could hear a sudden change in his voice, more severe and defensive.

"Hey, I didn't mean anything by it. I'm just saying-," Dean began also on the defensive.

"We've been so caught up with the demon stuff, and- and pumping her for information about our hunts that we never actually realized she's as much a victim here as we are, Dean." Again, Kate didn't hear a response from him. Just silence. She began to fall deeper into her sleep as her breathing evened out. The noise around her began to fade away.

"Look man, I don't know what is going on between you two, but you need to either move on or make a move already," Sam stated suddenly.

"What're you talking about?" Dean quipped back. In the darkness of her mind, Kate could practically picture the scene before her- like back in the show.

"I'm not blind you know," Sam said in a deadpanned voice. "I can see how you look at her, especially when she was taken by that demon back at Bobby's. C'mon, Dean." He scoffed out the last words. "Have you thought about how unfair that is for her?" Kate was surprised how much Sam was able to pick up on without being told much of anything. He knew his brother, and how to read people she guessed.

"What're you talking about?" Dean's indignant voice asked again, it was louder than it had previously been. Sam clearly hit a nerve.

"Didn't the two of you uh-?" Sam began.

"No!" Kate's body jumped up in response to Dean's shout. She was immediately on the defensive.

"What? What's happening?!" She asked jumping up quickly, her head narrowly hitting the roof of the car. An awkward silence passed over the car, "What is it?" She asked softly, she leaned forwards against the back of the front seat. Her tiredness was weighing on her now.

"Nothing… It's nothing. All's good." Dean muttered his eyes not meeting hers in the rearview mirror.

"Yeah, sorry Kate," Sam said, he seemed sincere but wore a grin that stretched his lips wide as he turned to look out of his window. Kate passed a glance between the brothers in front of her but didn't say anything else. She settled back into her seat behind Dean, leaning against the Impala door. Soon after that, they reached a little motel in New Castle; The Quality Inn. Kate was quick to sling one of her duffels over her shoulder and get out of the car. She hadn't showered since crawling through the old sewers with Dean, so she was itching to get into a room.

"What's the rush, Kate?" Sam asked as he stared at her over the expanse of the roof.

"I need a shower, so I'm going to get us some rooms." She stated before flipping her hair over her shoulder and stalking into the office. The guy at the front desk appeared bored and dazed, at least until he saw her heading his way. She'd originally asked him if they'd had any adjoining rooms available, but the guy no-go'd that idea pretty quickly.

"Do you have any available next to each other?" Kate pushed. The guy typed away on his computer quickly.

"So, one with two double beds, and another with one king?"

"Yes," Kate sighed. She was growing tired. She hadn't slept much- none of them had. She knew Sam and Dean had questions concerning a lot of what she'd told them, but she just wanted a shower and some shut-eye before continuing that conversation.

"Well, they're not next to each other, but does being across the hall work okay?" She nodded quickly, throwing her credit card on the counter. She was grateful that Bobby had given her a couple of different ones before she left with the boys. The names were a little hard to keep straight, but she always checked them before giving them over to a desk clerk or sales associate.

"Rough day?" The guy asked, she noticed him eyeing her as he awaited the card's approval.

"You could say that," Kate agreed shortly. She had a feeling the man before her was making a lame attempt at hitting on her, but she didn't have the energy to muster up any snarky remarks for him. At another time, she'd have probably entertained it, his brown hair and light eyes were kind of her type.

"Here ya go," He told her as he slid two card keys across the counter over to her. She smiled gratefully as she took them.

"Hey, You in town long?" He called out as she began to turn away. She paused, looking over her shoulder at him. Her mind was still mentally debating the proposition in front of her. Maybe, not for a date per se, but she'll only be here for one night anyways.

"Probably just tonight." She responded, "I'm traveling right through with my… coworkers." She stated for lack of a better word describing her exact relationship with the guys.

"Hmm. Shame." He said, his voice low, but she just barely caught it.

A beat passed where she debated engaging in this banter with the guy. She was tired, but the prospect of blowing off some pent-up tension was appealing. It had been some months since she'd gotten laid. "Oh yeah? Why's that exactly?" She asked deciding to go with it, as she pulled the duffel strap up higher on her shoulder. She knew she probably shouldn't be entertaining anything, but her tension with Sam and Dean had been growing since she'd been around them again the last few hours alone. She wasn't sure what exactly was going on with Dean, but his words from yesterday's hunt were still loud and clear in her head, 'I don't do romance,' and as for Sam; well, there was tension there, but she wasn't sold that he would even attempt anything, she also knew deep down that any sort of romantic relationship with either of them would cause complications, and it could change the course of the show. Drastically.

"Well, I don't normally do this but, I was going to ask if you were available tomorrow night."

Kate made her way slowly back to the desk. She assumed this guy was probably lying, but given the situation, however, she supposed it really didn't matter.

"What if I told you there wouldn't be a need for a date?" Kate began, her voice soft as her arm rested against the counter now. "When's your break?" She was tired, for sure. But her sudden need to let loose was far more pressing.

A smirk suddenly appeared over his handsome features, "Whenever you want it to be." The guys said, a bit quickly. Kate smirked at him. She wasn't sure how the guys would react if they found out, but quite frankly Kate didn't give a damn. They were stopping here for one night, and the guy had already made it crystal clear what his intentions were- which is more than she could say for either of the Winchester brothers in the last five months.

"Alright," She agreed easily, "Meet me in my room then. Give me two hours." She told him. "Also, I hope you have protection on you." She added as an afterthought. While she had fake insurance, she didn't have a PCP or any sort of consistent physical care like she used to, so she hadn't had birth control since she'd been here. Back home she'd been on the pill, of course, but clearly, that was still one thing on her personal to-do list here.

She saw the guy's face contort in holding back a smirk as he nodded before turning and walking off into the backroom. Kate chuckled as she marched back out to the parking lot. Sam and Dean were waiting by the Impala. She passed over their card key to Dean and moved quickly to pull out her other duffel bag. She internally was running through what kind of undergarments she'd had that would be best to use, but her train of thought was interrupted.

"Whoa there, where's the fire?" She pulled her head out of the back seat to meet Dean's curious facial expression.

"Uhm. I need a shower." She stated simply. Dean just blinked at her.

"Okay, So that's it? We're done talking?" He asked after a pause. Sam stood beside him as he watched Kate closely. Kate's eyes looked from Dean's face to Sam's.

"Look guys, can't we just have this conversation tomorrow? I told you everything I can think of for now. I'm tired, and I reek." Truthfully, she knew she had a time limit to get herself into a presentable condition. She had to admit the potential of a one-night stand after being celibate for the last five months, all while being tortured by Winchester's just walking around her was an exciting possibility.

"Alright, well our rooms are nearby right?" Dean asked.

"You're across the hall," Kate responded, nodding quickly. Her tone was snippy, but she was just itching to get moving.

"Can't you wash up and all that then meet us across the way?"

"No," Kate said, her voice firm. She saw the guys' expressions take on a look of surprise.

"Kate, you promised-." Sam began.

"I know I did, and I did what I promised. I told you both all I knew of what was coming your way within the context of the show. If you don't believe me, there's nothing else I can do." She stated, her gaze falling on Dean in particular at her last statement.

With that, she headed into the hotel past the front desk- the guy sent her a cute smirk and she moved to take the stairs up to her room, leaving Sam and Dean in the parking lot to figure out what to do next. She made it known at that point that she'd heard a bit of their conversation in the car- at least the part where Dean had been questioning her honesty.

Her ire rose as she thought it over more in the shower, scrubbing at her scalp with shampoo. Her muscles relaxed quickly under the scalding water. Kate was growing used to the scars on her body from working the job, but it was still an insecure thing for her. She was unsure if the guy meeting her tonight would say anything about them, but she reminded herself she would never see him again after this, so again, what would it matter?

After scrubbing the dirt and grime off herself, and conditioning her long brown locks she stepped out of the shower and wrapped herself in the fluffy white towel housekeeping had set out. Kate was towel drying her hair when she heard a knocking sound on her door. She paused, her nerves suddenly kicking in. Had it already been two hours? She asked herself as she hung the hair towel up and made her way out of the bathroom. The bathroom was across a short hallway which led into a sitting room with a desk, it held two chairs and a loveseat across from one another. The entryway was along the far wall by the loveseat. Kate opened the door a bit peering out to find a rather tall figure before her.

"Oh, h-hey." She muttered as she opened the door fully for Sam to enter.

"Hey," He began, but his eyes lowered looking her body over. "S-sorry." He stated. Kate watched his face redden a bit as his eyes quickly glanced around the room.

"What's up, Sam?" She asked quickly as she moved away.

"Look, I want to apologize-."

"You didn't say anything you need to apologize for," Kate told him cutting him off. He knew that though, she knew he was here trying to play peacekeeper. They still needed her.

"I know, it's just Dean-. Well, he- uh. He's just cautious, and even you have to admit that everything you said sounds pretty crazy- I mean, even to us."

Kate sighed her fingers running through her wet hair. "I get that Sam, but why would I just make that up? It wouldn't make any sense for me to lie. I wanna go home just as much as you guys want me gone."

"Wait, who said we want you gone?" He asked her after a pause.

Kate opened her mouth to point out that she was just a hindrance to them on their cases, she slowed the guys down regularly with her not being experienced enough. She wanted to point out the added complication she was to them with the demons gunning for her, but instead, she said nothing. She shook her head slowly with a slight chuckle.

"You don't have to." She stated her right hand gripping the front tuck of her towel tightly.

"I don't want you gone." He said, Sam's voice was low, she almost thought it was just in her head if she hadn't seen his mouth form the words. "Truthfully, I kind of enjoy having you around. It gives me someone other than Dean to talk to all the time." He chuckled softly.

"Huh," Kate said, her surprise growing.

"Listen, I'll leave you to get some rest, but I just wanted you to know that we do believe you; Both of us." Sam put some emphasis on his last statement as he turned around to open the door. Kate nodded as she held the door open for him.

"Well, thanks." She muttered slowly.

"One of us will get you tomorrow before we head out if you're not already up that is," Sam told her. Kate nodded as she saw a shorter figure walking in the direction of her room from the stairwell door down the far side of the hallway. She idly wondered if she'd really been in the shower for that long, but was quick to dismiss her thoughts as the front desk guy got closer and closer.

"Alright Sam, I'll- I'll see you tomorrow then." She said stuttering her words a bit. Now that the time was here, she didn't want Sam to know she was about to hook up with some rando at the hotel. She was worried about what he might think of her otherwise.

"Night, Kate." He stated. Kate said her goodnights as he entered his room across the way.

Kate was quick to turn back to her room and grab a quick nip from the minifridge and swallow the clear liquid down, she snagged up some random undergarments. Just managing to get them on before snatching a white waffle knit robe from the back of her entryway door. A quick knock sounded before she opened the door to find the guy from the front desk standing before her.

"Hey," He greeted, the corners of his mouth twisting upwards into a roguish grin as he looked her up and down. She saw his light brown hair was still in fashionable disarray on the top of his head, and his light eyes caught hers in a serious gaze. "I believe I gave you the room with the mini bar." He stated in a form of greeting. Kate chuckled aloud at that as she held the door open to let him in. A noise surprised her and she watched the door across the way open up. Dean stood there as he was pulling his leather jacket on. She stared at him as he looked her over.

She saw the confused look be replaced with one of understanding as he eyed her form and then he glanced over at the hotel employee. Kate wasn't sure, but she thought a look of annoyance flashed over his features, but if it had, he buried it quickly.

"I don't wanna interrupt anything." He stated, his hands raised up in a defensive position, "but, I was told I should apologize for what I said earlier in the car, so… I'm sorry." He stated lamely.

Kate felt her face reddening, but she nodded at his words. Was told to apologize? She questioned internally. With Sam having already come over, and Dean's words now she assumed they probably argued over her after she'd left them in the parking lot below.

"You know, you should only apologize if you mean it," Kate replied curtly. Dean's eyes seemed to flash with anger at her calling out his BS apology. "Not just because you're told to."

A moment passed and Dean nodded slowly, his harsh glare was focused on her before his eyes moved beyond her to where the guy stood at the mini-fridge.

"You know, you might want to check any overnight guests. It's kind of hard for us to keep those around us safe if they make themselves easy targets." Kate caught his double meaning. He was reminding her to check this guy for possession or any other monstrous signs, he was also reminding her what she'd told him yesterday just before he accused her of jealousy. 'No one's safe around you guys, don't you know that yet?' Her own voice echoed in her head, and before Kate could respond, Dean's form was retreating away toward the direction of the stairs.

Kate had the feeling the adjoining bar was calling his name. She huffed feeling more annoyed at their interaction as she shut the door to her room, hard. Turning to face the guy from downstairs she was quick to untie her robe and let it fall to the floor. She moved quickly her mouth finding his as her hands slid into his hair cupping the back of his head. She pulled him in close to her and allowed her body to do all the talking.

She felt the guy's hands on her back, his arms tightening around her. Kate's heart was hammering in her chest, she was pretty sure the guy could probably hear it himself. She was determined to try and forget everything for a bit. She didn't want to think about demons or being stuck in this Alternate Universe where monsters and other evils were real. She just wanted a moment where she would just be able to let go.

"Uhm. Name's Jake." Kate only partly heard him mumble against her lips.

"What?" She asked pulling back, her voice breathless.

"My name. It's Jake." Kate nodded but was quick to dive back into making out.

"Uh-huh." She murmured. She didn't want to sit and talk, she wanted something purely physical, a release from all the responsibility and the endless loop of problems. She maneuvered them both towards the bed before she lightly shoved the guy back onto the mattress.

He rebounded slightly off the springs and moved to quickly slip his uniformed shirt off. Kate's eyes roamed over the skin he exposed. Kate figured this must just be a side job, or, the guy made a point to work out as most desk jobs don't keep one so fit. Jake smirked up at her as she lowered herself over him.

His mouth was pressed against hers again quickly. She felt his hands sliding into her still-wet hair, hers were quick to slide down over his abdomen, his warmth only pulling her in more. Their kiss deepened, she felt his tongue slide past her lips, and she groaned in response. The guy swiftly flipped them over, his legs were on the outside of hers and his fingers slid through her hair moving downwards over her shoulders and then her arms slowly. He caught her hands in his and pushed them back down to the mattress.

"Wha-?" She asked as he pulled his face back and moved slowly downwards, his hands running further south as well. She gasped as his mouth trailed over the skin of her abdomen. Her back began to arch up off the bed in response to his actions. His fingers moved over her sides to her grip her hips, tightly.

She could already feel her body heating up, which told her it really had been a while. The occasional dreams she'd find herself having about the Winchesters over the last five months probably didn't help her any either.

"Well, you're easy to please, aren't you?" The guy- Josh? asked her with a breathy chuckle, she could feel his lips stretching as the corners of his mouth upturned in response to her her body's reaction. His lips left a trail of warmth over the skin of her stomach as he moved lower over her.

"It- uh. It's been a little while." She murmured, her breathless voice being yet another telltale sign of just how long. She felt his fingers lightly circle over her bullet wound scar, from when she'd been possessed on her trip to Lincoln with John.

"What happened?" He asked, his voice low, and gravelly.

"Ah, it was a hunting accident." She muttered. "All of them were." She stated quickly, she wanted to cut off his questions before they were asked. She had an edge of annoyance in her tone. She didn't agree to meet up with this guy to chit-chat. She just wanted a good one-night stand. That was all.

"Huh, you don't seem like the hunting type." He stated. Kate groaned, loudly when she felt his mouth encircle the small wound above her right hip, the one he'd been so preoccupied with. She felt him suck on the soft skin there. Her hands gripped his head in response, her finger once again slipping into his hair as a giggle escaped from her. She could feel his hands at her hips pinning them there to the mattress below. She could feel the tingle and vibrations not just in her flesh but through it right down to her hip bone, once he unlatched himself she yanked him back up and their mouths connected again.

Kate's hands slid down to the waist of the guy's khaki pants and were quick to undo the button and zipper; he effectively kicked them off and they fell off the bed with a muffled thud on the carpeted floor. She just wanted to get down to it, if the guy was going to start talking again she briefly considered just kicking him out.

She felt his lips fall over hers again. Kate felt her body relaxing into his hold. His hands seemed to be all over her all at once.

She felt him palming her breasts over the bra with one hand as his other still held her right hip. He was still holding her in place when she felt his hands move to begin exploring her body thoroughly. Before she knew it; she felt his fingertips toying with the waistband of her underwear. Kate was practically putty in his hands. Her inhibition began to lower thanks to that nip she'd chugged down before answering the door. She wasn't sure now what it was she'd drunk, she thought it was vodka.

Her brain took on a warm, fuzzy sensation and the room appeared as though she'd been spinning. She felt the guy pull back from her mouth, but he trailed open-mouth kisses down the side of her cheek, over her chin, only to settle on the crook of her neck. Kate lay there panting as her hands moved to get a grip on any part of Jake she could.

She settled on his sides, her fingers seemed to grip the side of his ribcage with ease as he continued his ministrations below. She could feel her eyes lightly closing in reaction to how her body was feeling. Jake started pulling away a bit, but her brain was muddled with confusion at the voice she heard, "You alright?"

Her eyes shot open and she saw Sam's face above her; in a blink, it was gone. Kate's brain was struggling to keep up. A fantasy? She questioned herself. "Hey," Kate looked up to see the familiar face of Jake or Josh- the front desk guy. She shook her head slightly, while idly wondering if she was just dreaming in the backseat of the Impala again, but this felt real. More concrete. Jake began to speak in his own voice again, "Look, if you don't wanna-,"

"No," Kate interrupted quickly. "I- I do. Sorry, I've just had a nip or two before you got here. I must be starting to feel it is all." She explained.

"I- uh. Never did catch your name." the guy stated as his light eyes met her blue ones.

"Yeah, I know." She muttered as she yanked his mouth to hers with a renewed eagerness. He seemed surprised, but she felt him jump back into the action quickly, she allowed her front teeth to lightly scrap over the skin of his lower lip and her fingers to slide into the hair at the back of his head. She felt his hands get a hold over her forearms before she found them pushed back to the mattress again. She moaned in response to him lightly trailing his hands downwards over her arms. Kate made to move her arms to wrap them around Jake but was surprised to find that she couldn't move. Her eyes snapped upwards as she took in Jake's face again. She was looking for any signs, but he didn't stop. His hands were still running over her body lightly, his mouth trailing over her exposed skin.

He reached the thin material that blocked the rest of her body from his sight when his eyes moved up to meet hers.

Kate felt the word bubbling up out of her before she could even remember why she was saying it, "Cristo," Her voice was soft, almost inaudible, but it did the trick. She was inwardly berating herself for not stopping to do so earlier before she was stuck in this rather compromising position. Jake stared up at her now, and his eyes were flooded black.

A slow smirk spread over his mouth as his head tilted to the side in response to her glare. "Well, I was planning to do this the easy way." The demon greeted her. Kate huffed at her current situation. She just wanted one night. One. Was that really asking for too much? She thought to herself. "I mean, we still could do this the easy way…" The demon trailed off as his hand continued to move over her body slowly. She felt the warm hand of the possessed man move up the outside of her thighs to grip her hips once again.

"Oh yeah? And, what's the easy way, exactly?" Kate responded, her tone not displaying the fear and dread she was feeling inside.

"I was planning on giving you the best lay of your life, my dear. And in the process, you were going to spill your guts," He answered as he moved to crawl back up Kate's body. He now hovered over her completely, his face mere centimeters from her own. "Either figuratively, or literally. It's up to you." Kate saw the metallic flash in the low light of the hotel room, but she saw the knife she'd been given by Pastor Jim in his right hand now. "Seems you've already had a few run-ins with demons, given your scars. Must still be learning the ropes of hunting, huh?" He continued. Kate huffed in response, her brain was already trying to put together a plan on how to get away.

"Can't be easy hanging 'round the Winchesters. Always having to keep up your guard, not just for us, but monsters… Always having to prove yourself to them too." Jake continued, as his hands resumed moving over different parts of her exposed skin. Kate tried not to react, but her face must've given her away. "Hunters aren't exactly the trusting type, sweetheart. Let alone hunter's like the Winchesters." He explained easily.

"What are you going to do-?"

Kate heard the guy chuckle above her, "You should probably be asking what aren't we going to do? Every demon on earth is gunning for you. Our future is right here-." As he spoke the last few words Kate sucked in a breath. He held the knife up by her temple, the point of the knife just lightly touching her. "In your pretty little head. Do you even know what one could do with all that information?"

"If you're looking for information on Azazel's plans-." She began.

"Screw Azazel." The guy stated with a smirk. "With you're assistance, I could rule over hell myself. What would I need with him then?" The guy responded, his smirk only widening- almost wolf-like.

"What makes you think I have the slightest bit of interest in helping you to rule over hell?" She asked him. The guy paused his eyes boring into hers, Kate felt uneasy as he leaned in closer. His face hovering over her own. His mouth which had been all over her own moments before now made her want to shrink away.

"I think you would have an interest in staying alive. After all, who's to say what happens to you if you die here? Would you return to where you came from, or would you simply just be... well, dead?" He asked as the small knife was pressed against her throat. "Interested in finding out, are you sweetheart?"

"Not by your hands." Kate's head snapped to her right as two figures stood in the hall doorway. Her mouth hung open in shock. She didn't really know why but she hadn't expected this.

Castiel stood tall and broad. Uriel was a little ways behind him. Cas's stare was enough to make Kate want to curl in on herself, she couldn't imagine how the demon above her felt.

"Who the hell are-?" The front desk guy began as he held the knife threateningly, but Cas's arm shot out quickly grabbing him by his wrist. Cas twisted the guy's hand at an awkward angle, Kate swore she could hear a crack as her knife fell to the floor. Cas made quick work of tossing the man across the room, he crashed into the TV stand, knocking the TV back against the wall. Kate felt a weight lift off her body as she was able to move again. She sat up quickly pulling the top blanket around herself, she watched as Uriel moved forwards, his arm outstretched and, his hand flexed open. She knew they were about to smite the demon from watching the show.

"Wait! Stop!" She shouted as her body seemed to move without a second thought. She pushed herself off the bed with a quickness that surprised her, it must have been from all her recent training.

"You dare-?" Uriel's deep voice rumbled as he glared at her over his shoulder.

"Uriel-." Castiel cut him off.

"Please," Kate said, her eyes moving to the guy now pinned against the nightstand by Uriel's hand on his throat. "Don't-don't kill him." She finished softly. Castiel turned and faced off with her while Uriel seemed to chuckle to himself. "He- The guy that he's possessing is human, innocent-," Kate stated as she gripped the blanket around her tighter.

"-and, insignificant." Uriel shrugged, his attention returning to the threat in the room.

"Wait! No!" Kate moved forwards in an attempt to stop him, but she felt Castiel's arms go around her as he spun them around, her back was to his front and he stood between her and Uriel. Before the demon could make a single sound, a bright white light was emitted from that side of the room. A heavy silence filled the hotel room as the late faded, and Kate felt Castiel's hold around her suddenly relax as he took a step back.

Kate's breathing was the loudest sound as she turned around slowly to face the pair of angels before her.

"I assume you know what we are," Castiel asked, his voice soft in comparison to Uriel's.

All Kate could do was nod, her shock kept her quiet. She knew from the show that the angels had a one-track mind. They had a mission and they didn't care who got in the way. She just hoped to hell that they didn't see her as an obstacle.

"What're you doing here?" Kate asked, her voice soft.

"We were sent by heaven," Castiel answered, his face unreadable. ]

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