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No Exit

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Chapter 15: No Exit

Kate had been at Bobby's without the boys for a little over a week now. She'd taken up cooking for the elder hunter, not particular on his steady diet of snacks and alcohol. He'd shown her the ropes of answering the phones and helping out other hunters with backgrounds of lore while he was away on towing calls and junking cars. She'd gotten the occasional update, either from Bobby or through text messages from Sam or Dean to her cell. She'd been upkeeping some of her physical training. Bobby was still taking her out back every other day to practice shooting, but without a decent sparring partner she wasn't really honing her hand-to-hand skills, but she quickly fell into a routine since the boys left last Monday. She'd wake up -Bobby was an early rising so she just joined him for a morning coffee, or sometimes, they even had breakfast assuming they both had the time for it. She was grateful they were able to this morning. After that, she'd usually go out for a quick run, which she was currently doing. Kate had gotten a later start than normal as she and Bobby ate together then she'd stayed to help him clean up the dishes.

Kate was quick to grab the headphones she'd purchased on her last outing for food and supplies with Bobby, she blared the music from her iPod nano into her ears. She didn't have her usual music in this world, as she didn't have all her usual stuff from back home. Not that she could really recall the specifics of what she listened to. Her memories were still vague, but more and more were coming back with each meditative session. She made a mental note to explain that to the guys when they got back- given no other life or death situation would interrupt her talking about her own problems. Kate sighed as she let her mind focus back on her run. The heat of August was dissipating with each passing day. Kate loved fall, the leaves, the cooler weather, Halloween, and of course, pumpkin spice. She was grateful to be introduced to the physical aspect of training in late August- well, now early September. Running along the asphalt in the heavily humid South Dakota summer heat sounded terrible. She huffed as she picked up her speed allowing her mind to wander. With the Singer Salvage yard being on a country backroad she had some miles before any cars would pass by her, and most of them left her alone to her run as most had business this far out of town, a couple of them were just tourists that had gotten lost. Kate was slightly more comfortable on her own here since she'd trained with guys for a while after they'd gotten back from Red Lodge. Kate finally found her rhythm in her run, which let her mind drift back to the last time she'd been with the boys.

10 days ago, August 28th:

She was breathing raggedly as she moved to block an incoming hit but was surprised when Dean's punch came from her other side. It wasn't a hard shot per se. It was enough for her anger to continue to rise. She and Dean had each gotten a good read on each other's moves by now. One of the bigger lessons he'd been teaching her when they began getting physical was not to flinch or close her eyes at the incoming blows. As Dean stated, it was a natural reaction, but one that was best to fight if you could. Keeping your eyes open when in close combat was a must. While she was still trying to get out of that bad habit; she found she was getting better at other things like, remembering to use her whole body, not just when throwing punches, but also using her feet to kick out. Dean was better about training her than Sam was. First off, Sam was significantly taller than her, which was good practice for her, but his punches packed a lot more of a wallop than Dean's whether it was due to his size in comparison to hers or if he just wasn't used to sparring in training sessions she wasn't sure. Dean had stated that Sammy would be better suited to work out with her than sparring off. Kate was quick to agree after the second session she took on Sam.

Kate ducked as Dean's arm swung out where her neck had been. She tucked under his arm and spun around facing off with his back. She moved quickly sending a swift push at his low back with her bare foot. He was sent head first into the nearby wall. Another thing she'd learned quickly was not to ask if he was alright after a hit. Dean reminded her she was training to fight for her life so pausing to ask if he was okay was something he really frowned upon. Kate began to back off to give him space to push off the wall but remembered not to show any niceties when sparring. Kate quickly yanked back his right arm, pinning it awkwardly behind his back. She was waiting for him to tap out to release him, but she was surprised when he reversed it quickly. His hand gripped her wrist tightly and twisted it into a painful hold. As his body moved behind hers, she felt her arm twist up in a similar manner that she'd had his.

She was facing away from the wall now on her tiptoes to prevent the pain from worsening in her arm.

"Get out of it, Kate." She heard his voice in her ear and paused.

"Wha-?" She asked breathlessly as she shook her head. Her high ponytail brushed the base of her neck from that slight movement.

"I said, get out of the hold. We've been training for what? Ten days now? C'mon, you can do it." He told her. Her body remained still, her toes not flattening out over the floor from the hold he kept her arm in. She was not happy with the amount of scarring that was left over from when the demon took her, her pale skin had small, faint pink lines along her forearm now.

She huffed frustrated at being put in a hold like this after he'd already been tossing her about for the last 20 minutes. By now he'd normally have told her to take a few minutes to get water, but clearly, he wanted her to break out of his hold first.

She tried twisting around into the hold he held her arm in, but Dean's other arm shot out and pinned her around her midsection. He held her up against his chest preventing her from twisting about. Kate let out a frustrated yell, her shoulder was starting to go numb now. She not only heard the light chuckle from behind her but felt it reverberate through Dean's chest against her back. "What's the matter? Can't get it?" He asked only goading on her anger more. Kate remembered quickly what he'd said last time about remembering to use her feet. She glanced down as if realizing where her legs were. She'd had one positioned in between his wide-legged stance, and the other was on the outside of his left leg. She wrapped her outside leg around the back of Dean's pressing it into the crook at the back of his knee and pressing against it hard, she was able to throw her weight into rolling to the ground as she felt the grip he had on her arms slacken as he was pushed down to the mat they were training on. Kate quickly moved to the side of him as she narrowly avoided his body falling over hers. She got a good grip on his left arm and was quick to put the armlock she'd learned on youtube into practice.

She felt Dean try to yank his arm back and attempt to roll away, but Kate's vice grip on his arm wouldn't allow him to. He laughed, but she could tell he was in pain. She heard his other hand tapping on the blue vinyl mat quickly. She released him letting a smug smirk grace her face as she looked over at him. Dean rolled over onto his back breathing hard also. "Alright, well. Guess we can check that off the list. Good work, today."

Kate sighed her body relaxing on the cool mat below her, her muscles hurt from fatigue. She wasn't going to do much for cooking tonight, especially if Sam expected to drag her on a run after this, maybe she'd be able to talk him into just going for 2 miles today. "You think I can convince Sam to go for a shorter run today?" She asked her voice more hopeful than she felt.

Dean laughed as he stood from the floor over Kate. "Sammy? Nah, he's one of those rare humans that actually enjoys running." Kate groaned at his answer as he helped pull her up from the mat on the floor. They'd converted a corner of Bobby's basement into a makeshift sparring area. Dean and Sam had cleared away the old books, and junk and they replaced it with a mat on the floor. The guys were getting used to making more regular runs into town for groceries and whatnot. With Kate settling in at Bobby's there was some stuff she'd needed to pick up such as her own toiletries, and whatnot. She'd always had a good share of clothes already, and Bobby kept extra sheets and blankets on hand, but more feminine stuff was lacking in his house. She and Dean folded away the mat and left it leaning against the wall before making their way up the stairs into the hall and then into the kitchen. Kate was quick to check the crockpot she'd found tucked away in a dark corner of Boby's cupboard. They appeared outdated but worked for her nonetheless. She was surprised that he'd even had any cooking appliances, but he probably couldn't bring himself to even look at them, let alone touch them after Karen.

She'd left them alone for a bit after finding them, but had asked if he'd mind her cooking. He was a little stand-offish about it at first, waving away her offer, but after she'd made a college staple from back home, her one pan stirfry with the honey-orange chicken he seemed to change his mind on her cooking. She'd never seen a group of guys more grateful for college student food.

"Hmm. Smells good," Dean said as he moved towards the slow cooker on the counter by Bobby's stove.

"Hey," Kate hollered as she set down the plastic water bottle she was chugging down. "Leave it, it's not done yet!" She saw Dean suck whatever he'd gotten a hold of off his finger. Kate was in the process of making mac and cheese. She'd decided to use the relatively low-maintenance recipe that worked in a crockpot as she knew that the guys were currently strict on keeping Kate training so she wasn't likely to be lounging around the house to stay close by it.

"Hey Kate, you mind if we skip out on the run tonight? I was kind of thinking Dean and I could discuss making a more personal trip out." Sam had been sitting at the table on his laptop. While Kate didn't show her enthusiasm about it, she was grateful for not having to keep up with Sam in a four-mile jog. He had made Dean drive out while watching the odometer in the car. He mapped out exactly two miles from Bobby's house and would run that far and back. Kate hated it at first. She would be walking the entire way back when she first joined Sam, she preferred to either go early in the morning or while the sun was setting. Today was still relatively early, she could tell by her hunger gnawing at her that it must have been close to lunchtime.

"What is it? You find a hunt?" Dean questioned as he turned around from the counter, licking his lips.

"No, I uh-. I wanted to go to Mom's grave." Sam said in a soft voice. She paused at Dean's expression.

Kate decided quickly that she didn't want to be a part of this conversation so she quietly moved into the study where she resumed flipping through her pile of books that she'd set aside to read up on dream walking or psychic powers; basically, anything that was remotely comparable to her current situation. That next day Sam and Dean left for Illinois. Of course, she knew once they'd arrived there, Dean would find that hunt for the college zombie student. Kate had texted them about needing to nail her back into her grave bed, she also told them about using silver as a deterrent for her as well. Dean had called Bobby from a hospital in Evanston a few days afterward, he told him that they'd be there for a while longer as they needed to wait for the swelling in Sam's newly broken wrist to go down enough for the doctors to cast it. She had assumed they'd have been back by then. However, Sam had called her the day he'd gotten the cast, he asked about a vision he'd had of a man shooting himself in a gun store. He'd known right away it was connected to the demon. Kate provided him the info about the other psychic that he would soon run into, Andy. Sam maintained his suspicion even though Kate assured him that Andy was harmless, but she figured he'd get to that understanding on his own after he met Andy. She did fill the guys in on the other one, Andy's brother. She couldn't remember his name though so she wasn't much help on that.

That call was the last that she'd heard from either of them, she thought as she continued down the same route that Sam had mapped out as the sun continued rising over her, she was so zoned out that she had made it to the two-mile mark quicker than she did yesterday. She stopped there and was hunched over with her hands on her knees as she caught her breath. She could feel her heart pounding in her chest, it resounded throughout her body. She stood upright as she heard the low rumble of an engine nearing.

Kate watched as the baby seemed to arise out of the blacktop horizon of the road. She supposed she shouldn't have been surprised to see them, they'd been gone for the last eleven days, and she had to admit it to herself, she was excited to see them after so long away. She watched as the car slowed to a halt next to her. "Hey, stranger." She heard Dean greet her with a crooked grin. While Sam waved from the passenger side. She moved in closer to the driver-side window as she popped her earbuds out from her ears by the wires.

"Hey," She greeted, her voice still breathless from her run.

"You want to hitch a ride back to the house?" Dean offered. Kate mentally noted his lingering stare over her certain assets. Luckily for Kate, the weather had been cooling off so she'd actually worn a loose-fitting tank top over her sports bra. "We got a case, figured you'd want to tag along. Have you had enough of the studying books and workouts yet?" Kate nodded quickly. She felt her excitement rise at the potential of going out on an actual hunt. Bobby didn't hunt as much as he used to, helping hunters out was a full-time job on its own. One she knew was necessary but relatively boring.

Kate moved to climb into the back seat as Dean drove the two miles to Bobby's house.

"Do I have time to shower before taking off?" She questioned as she moved quickly towards Bobby's porch from the Impala.

"Uh, We still have to pack up ourselves, so take whatever time you need. As it is, it's almost a whole day's drive to Philidelphia... So, it's better to be prepared," Sam answered. She turned to find his eyes moving up to meet her own as she faced off with him. She could see a humourous expression over Dean's face from across the roof of the Impala. She brushed off the odd interaction as she turned to continue towards the front door.

She couldn't make out what Dean had said, but she heard Sam mutter for him to shut up as they followed behind her distantly.

Now that Kate was freshly showered and dressed she started packing her rolled-up clothes into her duffel bag when a figure appeared in her doorway. "Hey," He greeted as her eyes met with green ones. She took in Dean's face, she was a bit anxious at his serious expression, she had a feeling she knew what he was going to ask. She figured this was coming when she gave Sam the information on their last case in Guthrie.

"Look, I don't want to tiptoe around the issue here, so I'm just gonna come out and ask you, Kate." He began as he took a slow step into her bedroom. Kate paused in her packing as Dean's tone caught her attention.

"Are you going to ask me if I know what your dad said to you before he passed?" She asked venturing a guess.

Dean nodded, his eyes not wavering from her gaze. "So you do?" He began as he moved to sit on the twin-size bed she has been occupying for almost the last month. "Do you know what he meant? Or what's supposed to happen?" He pressed her for her knowledge.

Kate opened her mouth to answer but shut it. She was unsure how to tell him. Kate didn't want to piss him off before having to ride in the car with him for the next almost 24 hours. "What is it?" He asked her, his low voice filled with concern about this topic.

"Why haven't you told him?" She asked suddenly.

"I'm not gonna tell him if I don't even know what it means. That'd be awful, watching him try and guess what our dad meant or even why he would say something like that about him. I mean, c'mon he's already hell-bent on the demon as it is. None of this makes any sense." Dean finished as he scrubbed a hand over his face before turning to stare out a window in her room. A pause passed between them as she sat next to him.

"There's just so much," Kate mumbled softly as memories of the show hit her. Images of Dean in hell from the show flashed before her eyes, Angels, Demons, Lilith, Lucifer, Michael, and lastly god himself.

"What? So much what?"

"So much coming down on you guys. It's- It's literally unbelievable." She stated softly. The reality of this was hitting her. This was reality not just a script on paper, and actors in front of a camera.

"What does that mean?" Dean asked her. Kate met his stare with her own, her face gave her emotions away. She could feel the heaviness weighing over her features.

"It gets bad doesn't it?" Dean asked her. Kate nodded slightly. A heavy silence layered over the conversation now.

"It does, but you and Sam make it through even without me," Kate said as she stood up to finish packing. "However, now that I'm here I'm going to change the game plan. As much as a possibly can. Starting with telling you to tell Sam, he deserves to know. Keeping it from him is only going to make the secret that much harder to come out." She could see Dean still needed convincing.

"I don't-. Dad said not to." Dean stated lamely.

"When has your dad ever given an order that Sam followed through with willingly?" Kate asked. Dean chuckled at that. He knew she made a fair point. "Just promise me you'll tell him soon." Dean simply nodded, not verbalizing his consent. Kate was unconvinced that he'd do it but left it alone for now.

Kate heard heavy footsteps and a door shutting down the hall. Sam was walking by her door when he paused. He had his duffel thrown over his shoulder. "We ready to go?" He asked.

"Almost." She began, "You said we're going to Philidelphia, right?"

Sam nodded as Dean quickly stood up, "Yeah. I assume you already know the case we're talking about?" Sam asked

"Yep, and we better get going otherwise she's going to beat us there," Kate replied as she tossed in her jacket before zipping the duffel up and tossing it over her shoulder she grabbed her weapons duffel that lay in a chair beside the doorway as she moved past Sam.

"Who's gonna beat us there?!" Dean called out from behind her. She chuckled making her way to say goodbye to Bobby.

"Jo?" Dean hollered as they finally pulled up outside the apartment building. "Jo?!" He asked again before Kate could answer his first question.

"Yes," Kate replied as Sam's grin grew. "Yes." She stated again for dramatic effect. Kate was thankful when she heard Dean cut the engine to the Impala. He'd elected to drive straight through the night to get there. Kate may have mentioned that Jo probably flew out here given that she beat the guys here in the show, and he was insistent on getting there first. The trio exited the vehicle quickly moving towards the trunk. Kate stretched her limbs outwards she could feel her muscles protesting as they'd gotten stiff from having to spend the night in the car.

"You guys check out the apartment. I'm gonna see what I can find out from the landlord." Kate stated as she moved.

"Hey!" Dean called after her. Kate stopped short on the sidewalk as she turned giving him an annoyed look. "We don't even know what we're dealing with here. All I know is girls are going missing, maybe we oughta stick together?" She noticed Sam was nodding now too.

"He does make a good point, Kate." He said pulling out his duffel bag and slinging it over his shoulder.

Kate sighed rolling her eyes. "It's a spirit. Vengeful and angry. Look, I appreciate the concern but, I'll be fine, besides I'm not a blonde." She answered briefly as she shook a lock of her hair at the guys, "I'll tell you more about the case later. Just do your thing and we'll meet up in a bit, alright?" She said shortly before walking into the building. Kate had been walking around a bit, she scanned the hallway of the second floor and stopped short when she noticed the pudgy-looking man in a blue button-up shirt. He appeared well-kempt, but his hair was thinning along his hairline.

Kate went to move forwards, towards the man but was cut off when a blonde head seemed to come out from the open doorway next to him. "Laundry facilities? Nice!" She said overly enthusiastically. Kate knew that to be Jo, but Jo hadn't met her yet. So, it's not like she could just walk over. Kate inwardly rolled her eyes at her predicament, Oh fuck it. Kate thought as she moved to walk up to the landlord anyways.

Kate paused as Sam and Dean rounded the corner coming up behind her in the hall, knowing they'd just come from the apartment, she was unsure what to do. "What the hell are you doing here?" She heard Dean ask. Kate noted his expression, he knew he was going to see Jo here, but obviously, he still wasn't happy about it.

"Oh, there you are, honey," Jo replied a small smirk gracing her features as she met Dean halfway, her arms wrapping around his waist as she pulled him right up against her. "This is my boyfriend Dean and his buddy Sam." She stated. Kate stood by Sam feeling awkward, not just at her sudden intimacy with Dean but also at the lack of introduction. She found the landlord just staring at her; so not thinking it through completely Kate slid her arm around Sam's waist.

"Oh, sorry. This is uh -my girlfriend, Kate." Sam said, he was surprised but seemed to play it cool in front of the landlord. His arm slid around her shoulders as she tried to be more convincing by leaning the top of her head on his shoulder. She could feel Sam stiffen a bit at her closeness, but he relaxed within a few seconds. "The girls are looking for a place to move into together." He lied easily.

"Well, it's nice to meetcha; you've got quite the gal here." The landlord stated as he shook hands with everyone.

"Oh yeah," Dean chuckled out his voice sounding slightly strained, "She's a pistol." She could see the twitch Jo gave as Dean sent her a light blow to the back as his arm slid around her.

Kate noted Jo sending her a confused and suspicious look, but she changed the subject quickly, her attention turning back towards the landlord. "So, did you check out the apartment?" At everyone's lack of response, she specified. "The one for rent?" in a snappy tone.

"What? Oh, yeah. Yes; loved it. Great flow." Dean stated with an awkward thumbs up. Kate tried not to snort a laugh watching this interaction take place before her. Kate was pleasantly surprised by how well she seemed to fit under Sam's arm. She half expected it to be more awkward considering he was almost a whole foot taller than her.

"How'd you get in?" She could hear the suspicion in the landlord's voice.

"Oh, it was open." Kate piped up with a shrug. Her hand idly came up and clasped Sam's hand still over her shoulder. The man before them seemed to open his mouth to ask further about that but, Jo spoke up cutting him off before he could start.

"Now, Ed. When did the last tenants move out?"

His face changed to a disgruntled expression now, "Oh, the blonde girl that was there disappeared about a month ago. Her roommate had stuck around for a bit longer after that, guess she was hoping her roommate would be back. Never did show though. Poor thing; anyways uhm the other girl, Jen, was supposed to come to get their things, and pay for the length of time she was there but that was a little under a week ago when we spoke. She never came back so I was left to gather up what was theirs and pack it up. It's still sitting in the office right now all boxed up. Both of them seemed to just cut and run." He answered. His eyes moved over to Sam as his eyebrows rose, "Stiffed me for their last months' rent too." Sam's face appeared sympathetic as he nodded. Kate knew his thought process was probably along the same lines as hers. If my roommate went missing from my apartment, I think making sure to pay the landlord would be at the bottom of my to-do list too. The girl is still missing for crying out loud it was barely three weeks ago. She thought inwardly rolling her eyes.

"Well, their loss, our gain, 'cause if Dean-o loves it then it's good enough for me," Jo said with a sickeningly sweet laugh and smile. Kate watched an expression of annoyance pass over his features. He covered it quickly with an "Awe, sweetie." She wasn't sure if it was the situation or the nickname Jo used, but he seemed more pissed than a few seconds ago. "We'll take it." She surprised the guys by pulling out a thick wad of cash from her purse. Sam appeared impressed, Dean just looked more upset while the landlord- Ed, appeared too distracted by the cash to notice anything.

"Okay," He said with a chuckled as he stowed his newly acquired funds into his shirt pocket. "There's some paperwork that needs to be completed for the lease and whatnot. I'll give you girls the weekend to move in, and we can get together when I'm back in the office on Monday. How's that sound?" He asked as he looked between the two girls. They each nodded in agreement and the landlord passed the keys off to Jo. They each said their goodbyes and before they knew it. Jo was leading them down the hall towards the apartment. She was quick to unlock it and step in.

"I just saved you asses." She said her tone, almost gloating as Dean, Kate, and Sam followed her in.

"Yeah, okay. Does your mom even know your here?" Dean questioned a little aggressively.

"Told her I was going to Vegas," Jo replied as she set her bag down on the dining table. Kate forgot all the apartments came furnished. She was grateful that the apartment was a two-bedroom. She hadn't known that the woman's roommate was the one to report her missing. That fun fact was kept out of the episode.

"You think she's gonna buy that?" Dean asked his tone was doubtful and annoyed. Kate knew he disapproved of Jo being here, not just from the episode but also from the tirade he went on about it in the Impala on the trip out here, but he was still being harsh.

"I'm not an idiot," Jo stated, Kate was familiar with Dean acting like a jerk, but she knew from experience that his heart was in the right place. He was willing to teach Kate how to get better at hunting, however, Kate didn't walk into it with her eyes closed of the dangers of it. It appeared that Jo wouldn't think of that until it was too late, at least on this hunt anyways. "I got Ash lay a credit card trail all the way to the casinos." She finished sounding smug.

"You know, you shouldn't lie to your mom," Dean stated bluntly as he turned away and set his duffel down to pull out his weapons. "And, you shouldn't be here either."

"Well, I am. So, untwist your boxers and deal with it." Jo finished in a final tone. Kate spared an uneasy glance towards Sam, who wore one of his own. Jo suddenly looked over as if just remembering Kate. "Who is this?" She questioned changing the subject.

"Hi, I"m Kate." Kate introduced herself when Dean seemed to ignore Jo's question altogether. She figured he was pouting. She reached her hand out for Jo to shake. She appeared hesitant but, shook her hand briefly. Jo seemed uneasy all of a sudden. "Jo, Kate. Kate, Jo." Sam introduced as he pulled his computer out. He was clearly in agreement with Dean on this one, but he was a lot less angry about it. "We've been sort of working with her for a while now," Sam explained vaguely. Kate knew he didn't want to share too much about her with people. Then they'd start asking questions. Kate was grateful, she felt Bobby was probably enough. She didn't need other people asking her questions about their futures- particularly Jo as Kate was aware of how she dies.

"Oh, so this isn't just a woman-hating thing then?" Jo asked bluntly her gaze moving towards Dean. He paused in cleaning his gun to send her a glare. She met his stare with a determined one. It was clear she wasn't letting up.

"Oh no sweetheart, it's an amateur thing." He said coldly. Kate pulled her lips in between her teeth to prevent her from pointing out just how right Dean was. Kate remembered that on this hunt Jo gets kidnapped.

"Uhm. Where'd you get all that money from anyway?" Sam cut in after a pause. Kate could read on Jo's features that Dean's last statement hurt her feelings, but she appeared to bury it just as fast as it showed through on her face.

"Working at the roadhouse." She answered, her voice quiet now.

"Hunter's don't tip that well," Dean replied quickly not looking up from his gun as he began to put it back together.

"Well, they aren't that good at poker either," Jo replied. Kate wanted to point out that the game of poker consisted of probably fifty percent luck, but she didn't feel the need to interject at the moment.

"I- uhm. I'm gonna go get the bags from the trunk." Kate stated awkwardly. She pushed off the dining table she was leaning against and moved in towards Dean. She extended her hand out for the key as his cell phone rang. He stood up grabbing the keys and his phone from his pocket. He idly handed off the keys to Kate while opening his flip phone and holding it to his ear. Kate heard him say, "Oh, hi Ellen," As she moved around him. She already knew the outcome of the phone call. Dean would lie for Jo. She was half-tempted to blow up Jo's spot but figured she would tell Dean on his own to prevent Jo from getting kidnapped. It would also look better for Dean to reach out to Ellen in the long run.

Sam stood up suddenly, "Yeah, I think I'll help you."

Kate and Sam exited the apartment and moved toward the stairs at the end of the hallway. "I suppose between the two of us we've got two fully functioning arms," Kate stated making light of both their injuries. Sam chuckled his eyes moving towards her left arm, but it was well hidden under her clothes, she'd worn a pale blue henley tank top. She'd left the top couple buttons undone in her rush to get changed at the gas station bathroom she and Sam convinced Dean to pull over at before arriving here. She wore a light, tan-colored cardigan over her not only to cover her scars but because she was unsure of the weather on the east coast. She'd adjusted to the mid-western weather. She hadn't been on the East coast since their case in New York; to Kate, that felt like a lifetime ago.

"How is your arm doing?" Sam asked as he held open the door to the stairwell for her.

Kate chuckled walking past him into the hall, "It's fine. Not in any pain, I am a bit more self-conscious about the scarring than I thought I'd be though,"

Sam's eyebrows rose a bit at her response, but he didn't say anything to that. "Well, I guess that kind of comes with the job, I've got my fair share myself so, I get it," Sam shrugged as they walked beside each other down the stairs. "Yeah, I suppose watching it is one thing, but being here; being physically in it. It's terrifying." She admitted as they reached the landing and started down the flight towards the first floor. Sam paused at the bottom of the stairwell as he turned to look at Kate.

"It's normal to be scared; especially when you're not raised in this life." Kate met his hazel eyes with her own again. She was filled with gratitude at Sam's words, but she knew from the last few months she was still the weakest link here. "It'd be weirder if you fit right in, you know doing all this." He finished with a slight smirk. Kate returned his smile at his statement, but she was still left with an air of uncomfortableness. She wanted to tell Sam about his connection with Azazel, she wanted to warn him about dying and Dean making his deal, she wanted to tell him everything. However, she knew that if it all came out it might affect his relationship with Dean, she might even just freak him out with her knowledge. She hated being in this position, wanting to change things, but if she did it drastically, then she'd be of no use to anyone.

She didn't have the chance to call out to him though because he had already exited the stairwell and was out in the hall. Kate followed along quickly feeling her fear rise as she stood alone on the stairs. Kate nearly ran into Sam as he made his walk out of the building.

"Hey, you okay?" He asked her, his eyebrows raised in concern.

"Uh. Yeah." She sighed out with a glance behind her at the stairwell door. "It's nothing," She told him as she moved by him and out the heavy door.

"Hey, I- uh. I know this lifestyle can be a lot..." Sam spoke from behind her as he stood on the sidewalk now. "So if you need anything, just ask, alright?"

Kate nodded. She was grateful for him trusting her so much back at Red Lodge, in the days they'd spent at Bobby's between hunts she was able to get a bit closer to Sam. He got to know her as a person. She and Dean spoke too, but the relationship felt different. Like he was still guarded.

She made quick work unlocking the door and popping the trunk open. Sam stood at the back while Kate grabbed her two duffels from the back seat. Sam grabbed his and Dean's duffel of clothes out the back before he moved to shut the trunk completely.

"Hey, what's that?" She heard Sam ask. Kate paused as she turned around from standing before the building to look at him.

"What?" She asked quickly, her eyes darting around the concrete walkway.

"On the back of your shoulder," Kate hadn't even realized her cardigan had been pulled down by the duffel straps.

"O- oh. Well, it's a- uh. tattoo." She answered hesitantly.

"A tattoo?" Sam asked as he moved in closer. He dropped one of the bags on the sidewalk and placed a hand on her bare shoulder. She was surprised by the warmth of his hand, he gently but sternly pushed to signal Kate to turn around again. Kate's body turned slightly, but she kept her head angled to keep Sam in her sightline.

"That's an anti-possession symbol, no?" He asked. Kate nodded. She'd tried to give Bobby his talisman back after she'd gone and gotten it tattooed on her body, but he told her to keep it. She had mentioned to the guys about getting one of their own done, but clearly, they'd been otherwise preoccupied to stop and get it.

She felt Sam's thumb slowly brush over her scapula bone, touching the recently healed tattoo. Kate paused, she felt her breath deepening and her lips parting slightly as she inhaled. She was unsure if the tattoo had caught Sam by surprise or if he was looking to get a reaction from her. Either way, Sam seemed to snap back to himself quickly. "Oh, s-sorry." He told her sheepishly. His face seemed to redden a little at her stare. He pulled his hand away leaving her exposed shoulder feeling cold as he bent to pick up the fallen duffel bag. Kate pulled up her cardigan to cover her shoulder again.

"That's a really good idea, Kate." He commented as he held open the glass door for her.

"I got it from the show, actually." She replied. "You and Dean get ones just like it. After getting possessed by Meg-." She began but cut herself off. Her mouth paused as her eyes widened as if saying something she shouldn't have.

"One of us gets possessed?" Sam asked quickly. A pause passed between them before Kate finally answered, now feeling awkward.

"Well, not- not any time soon. We've got a good amount of cases between now and then." She replied, "But, I told you guys to get it a couple of weeks back."

"Yeah, well you didn't mention that one of us gets possessed," Sam replied with a dark look her way.

"Look, I'm sorry," Kate replied following Sam into the stairwell and back up towards the apartment. "There's still time to get it done, you know? This only took maybe an hour?"

"Kate, you know damn well that is not the point." Sam states as he turned around on Kate, his expression was one of annoyance now.

"You claim to want to help, but you've been continuously holding out information from us." Sam pointed out. Kate stopped abruptly staring up at him. She could feel her expression scrunching in anger, but her mouth remained firmly shut, "You're good to have around, but if we can know things well in advance we have a better shot at changing things from the way your supposed show goes. We can't do anything if you aren't completely honest with us." Kate felt her features relaxing as he spoke that last sentence. He seemed less annoyed with her and more annoyed at the situation.

"I don't know what I'm doing, okay?" Her voice echoed off the walls in the stairwell, "Some of the stuff I know is coming just seems like such a jump from where we are right now it sometimes seems pointless to mention it at all."

"Trust me, Kate. Right now? Nothing is pointless. We're preparing for a battle royal with a bunch of demons, and when it all comes to a head I'd like to know everything that we possibly can." Sam told her. She knew the memories of his last hunt with the psychic twins were still fresh in his mind. He was obviously struggling with the unknown darkness inside of him, still worried if he could control it.

"Alright, when we get back to Bobby's I promise to sit down with you and Dean and I'll tell you everything. No matter how small or unbelievable." Kate agreed. Sam still looked unconvinced, but she wanted to focus on the problem at hand right now. "Speaking of talking about things that I know. I wanted to talk about Jo."

"What about Jo?" Sam asked his face deepening into confusion.

"Sam, she gets taken by the spirit we're hunting," Kate said. Sam's face slackened into shock as he scooped up his duffel bags and turned to resume going up the stairs. Kate struggled with keeping up with his long strides. He made it into the hallway before she did, "Sam. What're you doing?" She called after him. Kate managed to speed up enough on the flat floor of the hallway to step in front of him.

"We've got to get Jo out of here." He stated as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. Kate could see he was alarmed with his newly acquired knowledge. Kate hated this part of being all-knowing or whatever she was here. Her game plan was to change the course of things for the boys, but she had to try not to change things too drastically here otherwise, she'd be just as lost to what was going to happen as everyone else in this world.

"She doesn't even know me. You think she's just going to take my word for it, and leave?" Kate asked him, her tone sharp with sarcasm. "Besides, Jo needs this hunt. It's what gives her the ability to move on, right now she's living the life her mother wants. She's just going through the motions at the Roadhouse. After this hunt, she gets into this life. I'd think that you of all people would understand that." She said, Sam seemed to get to that 'a-ha!' moment. Kate knew from the show that Jo and Ellen had it out before she came here, Kate always felt it was almost a callback to Sam and John's relationship. Just switched around. Jo wanted to live a hunter's life; while Ellen wanted her safe, and normal. Kate took in a breath not giving Sam time to form a response, "Besides, without her in some of your future hunts, I don't know where you and Dean would end up. So we can't do anything that would change that." Kate finished.

His expression maintained its worried look but his brows turned down as if he was deep in thought, she watched his broad shoulders rise and fall with a deep breath he let out, "Well, we've got to do something." Sam replied.

"Let's just slow down. We will keep a close eye on her. You, Dean, and I can manage that, no?" Kate offered. "I know how she gets taken, so we'll just do the exact opposite of that."

A pause passed but, eventually, Sam nodded in agreement, "How does she get taken?"

"When she's searching in the walls for-." Kate paused her brain finally placing the name of the serial killer that was the big bad in this episode. H. H Holmes. She thought to herself, her expression falling to one of shock.

"It's H.H Holmes. The spirit that's here. He was sentenced to Moyamensing prison, which was right next door to this building, and they used to put on the executions in the empty lot that was here before this building was built." Kate stated quickly.

She heard Sam breathe out a, "No way," but Kate didn't give him time to fanboy out. She had already turned around and began trekking determinedly back to the apartment. She opened the door quickly pausing when she saw Dean sitting at the dining table overlooking paperwork from the file that detailed the history of the building. Jo was hovering over Dean watching his every move as he went through her file. The small fact that Jo was throwing herself over Dean again didn't go unnoticed by Kate. Stop it. She told herself as she reigned back her inner fangirl and redirected her attention to the task at hand.

"What is it, Kate? What's wrong?" Dean asked as he stood up quickly nearly bowling poor Jo over in the process.

"I know who the spirit is." She responded quickly. Sam entered behind her closing the door once he walked in.

"Who is it? What does it want?" Dean asked. It was apparent that he didn't bother to question how she knew things anymore.

"The guy was a serial killer, he moved all over the U.S. His name is H.H Holmes." Kate told him quickly, her anxious stare meeting his.

"America's first serial killer," Sam interjected. Kate brushed past Dean moving back towards the dining table. She was looking for one photo in the stack of files spread out before her. "Yeah, I know," She muttered as she sifted through the piles. She paused when she found the photo of the empty field.

"Here, look at this." She said moving back towards the boys not noticing the wary look on Jo's face. She showed the photo to Dean. "It's the building next to the empty field," Kate told him as she pointed towards the windows.

"Bars?" Dean asked, his voice surprised.

"The empty field in that picture is where this place was built in 1924," Jo stated from across the room. Her tone was sour. Kate admitted that she kind of felt bad. She knew that Jo was originally the person to point out the prison, but Kate also remembered it wasn't until after the next woman got snatched from her apartment that they all came to the realization. Kate was hoping to avoid having anyone get snatched by this spirit. "Moyamensing prison used to be right next door to here, and they used to execute their prisoners in this lot." Kate began explaining. The episode didn't go into much detail about H. H Holmes, yes, his victim of choice was petite blonde women, but he killed others as well, men and women alike. Kate knew that everyone was potentially at risk of being snatched. Not just Jo, and with things veering off from how the show progressed Kate wouldn't dismiss everyone's safety so easily as she had earlier.

"If Holmes was a bad dude in life, I can't imagine how much more twisted he became as a spirit," Kate mumbled as her wide eyes caught Dean's.

"He confessed to killing twenty-seven, but some people put the death toll at over a hundred," Sam stated as he looked over the photo that Dean passed off.

"Who the hell is this guy? How do you know it's him exactly?" Jo asked still very clearly unsure of who exactly they were dealing with. Sam moved towards Jo- pulling out different pieces of her file and explaining more details as he went. Kate tuned his voice out as she faced off with Dean. She vaguely heard Sam make up a bullshit story of having an encounter with the ghost in the stairwell.

"You okay?" Dean asked as he heard Sam's vague detail.

"Yeah. Listen, can we talk?" She asked. He met her stare with a confused expression but nodded nonetheless. "... Alone." Kate tacked on at his lack of movement. Dean shrugged wordlessly as the pair of them walked into one of the two bedrooms. Sam was still explaining things to Jo, but Kate made a mental note of the slight pause in their conversation as they glanced at She and Dean exiting the room. She heard him shut the door as they entered and she turned to meet his questioning gaze.

"What is it?" He began.

Kate heaved a sigh, "Listen, she has to stay. You can't go calling Ellen back, and have her get dragged back to Nebraska." Kate began. He caught on that she was referring to Jo now.

"Okay…" Dean trailed off, pushing her to explain more. He moved to stand closer to her as if it would make her speak faster.

"Uhm. She gets taken, by the spirit." Kate stated bluntly.

"What?" He asked, she could hear the shock in his voice and knew the same question that Sam had asked earlier was about to come from him now too. "Could you not have said this earlier?" He sounded more aggravated than Sam had. Kate sighed out a heavy breath. Feeling the stress she began running her fingers through her long brown hair.

"You don't get it. Jo needs to be here." Kate told him simply.

"Oh, she needs to get kidnapped by some bad mofo spirit?" He asked his tone incredulous. At Kate's nod, he scoffed angrily.

"No, Kate. We save people; we're not just gonna let her-."

"You don't have a choice." Kate snapped. "You call her mother and get her sent back to the roadhouse, you will undoubtedly lose the friendship there, and Jo will not trust you," Kate said thinking of all the future hunts she helps out on.

"I don't care. She'll be safer than-."

"No one is safe around you guys, Dean. Don't you know that yet?" She asked thinking of herself more than anyone else. She paused at her own words. She didn't fully think them through before she said them. Kate watched a hurt expression overcome Dean's features before it was pushed down into a stoic, unfeeling one.

An awkward pause permeated the room now. Dean moved away and sat at the foot of the bed, tiredly running a hand over his face before he spoke again. "You still talkin' about Jo, or yourself?" He questioned suddenly.

Kate didn't answer at first, but eventually an acknowledgment of, "both, I guess," croaked from her throat.

"Look, Katie. I'm sorry." He said taking her by surprise. He hadn't really called her Katie since the hunt back in New York. It stirred up a few feelings within her, but she kept herself quiet letting him continue. "I don't know why you're here, and admittedly, we haven't had much time to sit down and figure that out with you, Sammy, and myself. Between the demons gunning for you, Sammy's weirdo visions that are connected to the demon, and other odd hunts in between; we're so busy that you got overlooked, but trust me when I say that, we will figure it out. After this hunt, we'll take a beat, and figure it all out, alright?" Kate could see the seriousness of his expression; she could hear it in the tone of his voice.

She nodded her consent. Unsure what to say.

"Now, did you share that revelation of yours with Sam?"

Again, Kate nodded. "I told him how she gets taken and suggested that we keep a close eye on her."

"Well?" Dean asked after a moment. "How's she get taken?" She knew at this point Dean had already lied to Ellen, and she didn't think he wanted to call her back now and own up to it.

"She gets snatched from within the walls." She answered, "It hasn't happened yet, but another girl gets taken while we're here and when we go looking for her in the walls of the building the spirit gets his hands on her. H. H Holmes liked to keep his victims alive for days when he built-." She began

"Yeah, yeah, I know," Dean said as he stood up. "Alright, so we just gotta keep her out of the walls."

"Have you met her? It's easier said than done." Kate stated knowing just how gung ho Jo was about this case. She was about to turn to walk out but noticed Dean staring at her. She hesitated to ask, "What?"

Dean sighed tiredly. "Are you two gonna do that this whole case?" He moved in closer to her now.

"Depends." She began, "What're you talking about?" She asked shaking her head in her confusion.

It was Dean's turn to pause now, his head tilted to the side a bit as he was taken aback. "Are you not doing it on purpose?"

Kate's eyebrows rose in exasperation, "Dean. What the hell are you talking about?"

"You and Jo. I don't know if it's a female thing, or what, but you guys need to work together, and you two are so busy sizing one another up that you aren't focusing on the job."

"Excuse me?" Kate asked him, she felt herself instantly going on the defensive. She felt her face scrunching angrily as her eyebrows turned down and her stare narrowed.

Dean stared at her, his face deadpanned. "Look, Kate. I don't know much about your show, but… I don't do romance; especially not on a job. So there's no need to feel jealous."

Kate felt her face reddening more and more by the second. "First off, that's not-. How could you even-?" She couldn't even get the words out of her mouth. She watched as Dean's face broke into a big grin. "I am not jealous." She told him simply.

She wasn't sure if he was pulling this out of his ass to get a reaction, or if this is what he's really noticed about the two women, either way. Kate's reaction seemed to cement it in for him. They were each growing jealous of the other.

"Yeah, yeah…" He chuckled, "Whatever you gotta tell yourself." He laughed as he walked by her and out of the bedroom into the common area.

Kate huffed as his figure retreated. She felt her confusion rising. Her mind flashed back to the kiss they shared, and then to all the moments when she'd felt close to him. Even though he'd just told her what she'd already known the whole time. That Dean Winchester doesn't do romance. She wondered then why she felt like he had at times. Maybe there was nothing between them after all. Maybe it was all just in her head. Kate was quick to pull herself out of that mental hole she was nearly falling in and followed Dean out. She needed to focus on the case.

"Everything… good?" Jo asked as Kate walked out behind Dean. Kate noted Jo wore a suspicious expression as she stared.

"All good." He replied with his half-smirk. He moved to go stand by Sam as he leaned down to overlook the screen. "Yep. Holmes was executed on May 7, 1896. He was America's first serial killer, blah, blah, blah," Kate was unsurprised at him skimming over some details. "His victim flavor of choice. Pretty, petite, blondes. Boy, you sure know how to pick 'em." Dean directed that last statement right at Jo.

"Not true." Kate stated, "While he did prefer them, he killed mostly for financial gain. Although with him being a spirit, he probably isn't finding himself in any financial troubles currently. Which would fit the pattern of females he's taken thus far." Kate pointed out as she sat opposite Sam. Jo was sitting beside him. Kate pulled her own laptop out of its case as she sat and began googling away.

"Alright, well if this is H. H. Holmes, we're going to have a hell of a time figuring out our next move," Sam said as he glanced up from his laptop.

"Why?" Jo asked as Kate and Dean looked at him. "We just find the bones, salt 'em, and burn 'em, right?"

"It's won't be that easy. While his body is buried in town, it's encased in a couple tons of concrete." Sam replied, as he shut his laptop and leaned back in his chair, stressfully.

"What? Why?" Jo pressed

"Legend goes that he didn't want anybody mutilating his corpse 'cause you know; that's what he used to do," Dean replied his tone, deadpanned. He circled around Sam to the opposite of Jo as he leaned his weight on the back of the chair.

"Well, where is his layout? How is he even snatching the girls?" Jo asked.

"Well, Holmes built an apartment building in Chicago; they called it the murder castle; the whole place was a death factory, with trap doors, acid vats, quick-line pits. He even built secret chambers inside the walls," Sam spoke as he opened his laptop and ran his fingers over the keyboard at lightning speed. "He'd lock his victims in there for days, some he would let suffocate, others he would just let starve to death."

"Alright, so what? We need blueprints?" Kate asked her eyes shifting from one brother to the other. Kate tried to wrack her brain to remember where he kept the victims he took. She knew he left them alive to toy with, but she just couldn't remember where.

"Got 'em," Jo said as she turned and reached behind her pulling out a bigger rolled-up paper. She slid the band off it and laid it out atop everything already on the table. Kate wasn't surprised at how prepared she was, but it seemed Sam and Dean were. Sam had to pull his laptop away before she nearly covered it. Kate had moved hers aside when she saw Jo pull out the oversized papers.

The four of them began scanning over the map of the building looking for anything that could be construed as a secret compartment. "Hey, Jo?" Kate asked suddenly. As she stood up to overlook the blueprints. Jo looked in her direction, seemingly surprised that Kate was even addressing her. "What did your research come up with on the roommate? I know the blonde that lived here went missing three weeks ago, Kate Burns, but what happened to her roommate?"

Jo's eyebrows turned down as she tried to think of what she gathered. "Uhm. I don't know there wasn't much on the roommate other than she wasn't home during the time of Kate's disappearance." Jo slid out her manilla folder and flickered through the articles collected there. "It doesn't say much other than that." She finished as she shut the folder.

"What're you thinking, Kate?" Sam asked as he stared at her questioningly from across the table.

"The landlord said that the blonde girl had "left" first, right?" The guys and Jo nodded. "He also said that the roommate was supposed to come back and pack everything up and pay him, but she never showed. He was supposed to meet her when? It had to be recent."

"You're thinking the roommate could still be alive?" Jo asked as she stood up. She and Kate locked gazes as Kate nodded at her. "You think she's in the walls?"

Dean pushed off the table he was leaning on. "Well, we gotta find something to smash these walls with. We gotta find her."

"Dean-." Kate began as he moved past her. "Would you just wait for one second," Kate said as she quickly gripped his forearm, pausing him in his walk towards the door.

"We can't just go around punching holes in the walls," Kate argued. "Don't you think that would raise some questions?" She asked her eyebrows nearly in her hairline from shock. She also knew that was how Jo gets taken.

"She's got a point, Dean. The last thing we need is the landlord or management to be calling the cops on us." Sam agreed.

"How else are we gonna find her if she's in the walls then?" Jo asked, her frustration rising. Kate sighed, she needed time to think. Did they any have other option short of bashing a bunch of holes around the place? Kate sighed stressfully. Technically the landlord did leave for the weekend. She was unsure of maintenance being on the property though. Kate for the life of her couldn't remember where Holmes was keeping his victims.

"Well, first and foremost, let's split up and find this sucker," Dean said. "He's got to be hanging around where he's keeping the girls, no?"

No one in the room had any better ideas at the moment. "Alright, Jo. You and me will take the top floor. Sam, Kate. You search through the first if you get to the second before us then we'll meet in the middle." Kate wanted to point out that Jo ends up getting taken under Dean's watch, but she knew she'd already hurt him with her words from earlier. She hadn't meant to, but she was aggravated at Dean not listening to her, again. She also didn't want to come off any more jealous than she had already, according to Dean anyway.

"No one goes into the walls right now, got it?" Dean said, his tone final.

Kate and Sam had been walking along the first-floor hallway for a bit now. He was waving his emf meter over things randomly, but it hadn't alerted him once.

"So, do you really think the roommate was taken?" Sam asked breaking the comfortable silence they'd been walking in. Sam was a nice break from Dean. Whereas Dean was hard to read; Sam was simple. Easy. "I mean," He continued, "The first girl that was taken, was a month ago. So even if she was trapped here somewhere she'd have unfortunately died by now."

"I don't know Sam. In the show, there weren't two bedrooms. The girl that was taken didn't have a roommate. Not that I knew of anyways. The show never really detailed the victims like that." Kate explained.

"Maybe you can search up the roommate's name and see if she's been reported missing?" Sam suggested.

Kate nodded as they turned off into the laundry room. The emf meter began alerting and lighting up near the far wall. Sam waved it up higher towards the vent.

"He's working his way through the vents. That's how he's able to get to the girl's apartments." Sam said.

Kate nodded not saying anything. She pulled out her new Motorola phone- compliments of Bobby and the new fraudulent credit card he had made for her. She tried searching for the name of the girl that went missing. Kate Burns. She quickly found the name of the roommate in the article detailing when the blonde was last seen. Jennifer Halston. Kate was quick to perform a google search for her name and found one single news article, but lots of Facebook news feeds. Kate was surprised to see the look of it, it seemed outdated in comparison to what she was used to, but she knew how to use it fine enough.

It seems Jen Halston was reported missing only a couple of days ago. Her parents listed that she was last heard from on September 6th, and today was the 8th. She had gone missing just in the last 48 hours. A figure entered the room, pausing in the doorway. Kate jumped looking up to see another tall blonde woman, holding a laundry basket on her hip. Kate vaguely remembered her as the other lady that goes missing… she just couldn't remember when she goes missing.

"S-sorry." She stuttered out. Kate was blanking on her name now. Sam had quickly shoved the emf detector in his pocket looking to Kate for fear of being caught and having to explain exactly what he was doing. "Friday nights are usually laundry, and movie nights for me." She said.

"Oh, no. You're good. I just moved in with my roommate upstairs. My boyfriend and I are just checking the place out." Kate lied easily. Sam walked over and slid an arm around her.

"Wiring here sucks if that's what you were checking." The woman said as her eyes moved up to Sam's face.

"How do you mean?" Sam asked his arm seeming to relax against Kate's shoulder. She didn't mind it, she found Sam to be comfortable to be around.

"Lights here, they flicker out all the time, I'd lie and tell you the bulbs get burned out, but I know from experience in my own apartment, it's not the bulbs."

"This place gets drafty?" Kate asked speaking up from her position beside Sam. "Cold spots here and there?" She specified.

"Yeah, actually. And, not just in the winter." The woman said nodding as she set down her basket on the long tables undoubtedly provided for folding. Kate turned and looked up meeting Sam's hazel eyes with her own. They'd already known this place was haunted, but this woman had just all out confirmed she was experiencing it personally. A pause passed as the woman began getting her change out for the coin-operated machines.

"Ah, well, it's getting late, babe," Kate said pointedly. "We should probably head back so we aren't worrying Jo and Dean."

"Yeah," Sam agreed easily.

They said their goodbyes to the woman, whose name turned out to be Teresa, she said she'd see Kate around hopefully.

As soon as Kate and Sam left the room she turned to pull him down a dimly lit hallway. "She's next, Sam."

"Is this from the show?" He asked her for confirmation.

"Obviously." She started with an eye roll. "From now on, let's just assume if I say something is coming that it is from the show, alright?"

"What should we do? Tell Dean and Jo?"

"Yes but, we need to figure out what apartment she's in, that's where he takes her. One of us has to keep an eye on her while the other goes to get Dean and Jo."

"Keep her here then. I'll go get them," Sam stated as he started to set off. He paused as he slid out the emf reader and passed it off to Kate. "You might need this." He muttered before marching off with his long determined strides. Kate huffed as she glanced around the hallway. She felt weird, as though someone was watching her just out of her line of sight. A chill ran up her back as she felt the temperature suddenly drop. Kate moved quickly, her body tensing. She really didn't want to face off with the spirit of a century-old serial killer, but it was kind of her job now.

The sounds of plaster cracking caused her to jump into action, she moved towards the earsplitting noise and found herself in the open doorway to the laundry room. "Oh, my god." She heard the blonde mutter as she stared up at the ceiling in shock. This was not how the show played out. Kate thought feeling baffled.

"C'mon!" Kate shouted as she vaguely heard the emf reader alarming loudly in her hand.

The woman blinked at her, surprise clear on her face. Kate watched as the vent that Sam had just been peering in had darkened fingers slipping out through the holes. As the woman moved away, Kate watched the metal vent cover fly off, revealing the hole in the wall. Kate saw the sunken, pale, and twisted face of H. ' spirit. She gasped before gripping the woman's arms and putting herself between her and the threat. After the clang of the metal grate slamming to the floor, Kate could hear the heavy breathing of the spirit. Her brain froze as she stared into the red-rimmed, unearthly eyes before her.

Kate heard the woman behind her scream, it was disorienting. Kate fought through it to maintain her focus on the threat before her. In an instant Kate found herself tossed backward. She slammed into Teresa against the wall behind them. Kate groaned when she hit the floor hard. Her eyes moved up to see H. H Holmes standing over her now. She felt sharp fear shooting through her as she took in his outdated clothes and hairstyle, scraggly beard, and unkempt body. She watched his hand slowly but surely reach out towards her as she kept herself between him and Teresa. Kate was pushing her back further into the wall trying to shrink away.

"So pretty…" She heard the man standing above her utter.

"Hey!" A familiar voice yelled from the end of the hall. A loud shot rang out, and Kate felt particles lightly rain over her, she could almost taste the salt remnants in the air as they fell over her. Kate had covered her head at the sound of the shotgun. She was left laying there breathing hard from a mix of adrenaline and fear.

"Hey! You ok?!" He hollered.

"Ugh, Remind me to bake you a pie for all the times you've saved my ass," Kate said as she pushed herself up offering, the woman behind her a hand.

"Hmm. I do like pie." He said with a slight grin as he neared her and Teresa.

"What the hell was that?!" Teresa shouted, her eyes wide and frantic.

"Uhm," Dean began, his hand scratching his scalp as he was trying to think of something to say to the woman.

"Hey, you guys okay?" Kate turned to see Sam and Jo round the corner.

"Yeah, for now," Kate said with a nod. "We still have to find Jen, the roommate."

"About that." Sam began as he moved towards the wall. He laid out the rolled-up poster he carried with him, his gun now tucked into the waist of his jeans. Jo still held her shotgun out and at the ready.

"I didn't think anything of it before, but this building has a connection to an-." As he moved his finger to point over the blueprint, gesturing underneath the apartment building.

"Old sewer line!" Kate said excitedly. She'd forgotten that was where the girls were kept- it'd been a while since she'd watched this particular episode. She'd shouted over Sam's voice.

"I had forgotten about that. Of course." She continued as she hit her forehead with the palm of her hand. "That's where the roommate is."

A pause passed between the group in the hall. "How would you know that?" Jo asked breaking the heavy silence.

Shit. Kate thought.

"She's like me," Sam interjected. His voice was quiet, and he looked anywhere but at Jo when he answered. Kate, Dean, and Sam obviously knew more to it than her just being psychic, but she wasn't going to spill the secret of an alternate universe to Jo. She didn't feel it was her place.

"O-oh," Jo said taking Sam's answer for what it was. "Okay."

"Look, We gotta get moving, if the roommate was taken by this guy then we don't know how much longer she's got left," Sam said quickly bringing the focus back to the case.

"No one's going anywhere until they can explain what the hell just happened." The group of four turned to stare at Theresa. Kate had honestly forgotten that part of the job.

"You were attacked," Kate stated bluntly.

"Kate. C'mon-. That's-. She's-." Sam began, his face displaying a slight exasperation at Kate's bluntness.

"Attacked by what?" Theresa asked slowly, still in disbelief.

"Look, do you really want to know?" Kate had opened her mouth to answer, but it was Dean that had asked the question, "Unfortunately we don't have the time to ease you into it gently, so…" He trailed off.

"I- I think I just want to go home," Theresa muttered. Kate could see that the woman appeared tired now. She was sure the fear and anxiety over the attack took a lot out of her. Kate wasn't sure how late it was, but the fact that the sun was no longer out anymore was not wasted on her.

"Again, unfortunately, but I don't think you can be alone right now. The guy might come back again for you." Sam stated as he came up on Theresa's other side. Kate looked up at him. She could see the concern on his face.

"We'll just have to split up." Jo piped up from her spot between Sam and Dean.

"Uh. I don't know about-." Kate began, her brain instantly seeing a thousand different ways H.H Holmes gets both blonde women if they are left alone.

"Do we have another option?" Jo asked her tone of voice sounding her disagreement.

Kate looked up at Dean and then at Sam. She'd already told them both what was in store for Jo. However, they all knew Jo had a point.

"Alright, well. Stay here with Sam. He'll protect you. Kate, you're with me. We're gonna go hunt this son of a bitch down."

"Hey-!" Jo began, her face twisted into an outraged expression. It clearly was not going in the direction she'd intended when she suggested they split.

"Not up for debate," Dean stated in a final tone, his stare daring her to pipe up and dispute his decision. While Jo continued to look upset, she didn't fight him on it.

Kate struggled to keep up with Dean as he moved through the building and out to the car. "You gotta start talking, Kate. How do we put this guy down in your show?" He asked as he yanked the false floor up in the trunk and began pulling things out of the trunk.

"You guys leave him trapped in a salt circle down in the sewer system, and then you cement it up." Dean paused as he looked up at her with an unbelieving expression. Once Sam had mentioned the sewer systems the rest of the episode fell into place for her.

"What?" He asked incredulously.

"The guy's body is encased in concrete!" She began, "How else are you going to get rid of spirit without burning the remains?"

Dean huffed and shook his head. "Alright, well how do we get from point A to B then?" He pressed on as he slammed the trunk closed.

"You got any shovels?" She asked wincing at the thought of having to dig and crawl through the city's sewer system. Even if it was shut and not being used, the idea didn't exactly thrill her.

After producing two shovels and finding the metal detector in the maintenance shed that Dean had broken into the pair of them were quick to dig out the old entrance to the underground pipes. Dean had gotten Sam on the phone and explained the plan thoroughly to him. He and Jo were on their way down from the apartments after securing Teresa in a salt circle within her apartment.

"Alright." Dean sighed as he pulled the heavy metal door up.

"Dean. Wait a second." She said halting him. "Listen, to draw the Holmes into the circle. You need bait." Kate finished her eyes meeting his.

"Bait?" He asked, his tone once again disbelieving. "You don't mean…"

She knew he was referring to Jo. Kate nodded. "In the show, yes. You used Jo." He scoffed, not happy with his current predicament. "However, right now. I'm thinking that you could just use me."

"You wanna be bait?" Kate shrugged. She knew he would be there, she knew the outcome of their plan already she didn't see the big deal of it. "But, you're not a blonde." He pointed out, obviously.

Kate huffed at him with an eye roll, "Look, if he finds a woman sitting and waiting in his creepy torture lair, I don't think hair color is going to matter much to him at that point." Kate argued. "Besides, as I said. In life, he killed many, different people. He didn't exactly have a type."

Dean shrugged. "You better hope this works." He huffed as he moved to crawl back down the drain system with his packed duffel over his shoulder. He and Kate maneuvered through the unused tunnels easily enough, even in the situation she was in Kate couldn't help but admire her view as she crawled behind Dean. She paused suddenly when the small space opened at a threshold. She saw Dean crouching before her, there was a drainage gate before Dean. She found her face incredibly close to his once he turned around. He pressed a finger to his lips, signaling her to be quiet. She nodded her eyes moving behind him. She could hear whimpering and saw H. H. Holmes standing to the left side of the bigger space through the gate.

"So beautiful…" She heard him mutter, his arm slipping into the small opening.

Kate heard a sharp scream as his arm remerged, now gripping a clump of dark hair that he'd pulled from a woman's head. Kate had a feeling that the roommate, Jen was in that small coffin-like space. She winced as Holmes brought the hair to his nose and inhaled the scent of it up his nose.

"Well, that's just creepy," Dean stated. She was surprised to see that while he'd been watching Holmes, he took out a shotgun and stuck it through the holes of the gate. He quickly fired off a round of rocksalt, Holmes shouted in pain as he dissipated into thin air. Dean quickly pushed at the metal gate, it groaned loudly in protest of the fast movement as it opened and Kate moved quickly. She strode over toward where Holmes had been standing, and she peered into the small opening that lined the side of the metal box.

Kate found a pair of light eyes staring at her, they were wide with fear.

"Oh, god. Help me. Help me! Please. I-."

"Shh. Shh." Kate shushed her. Dean was immediately at her back, he held the shotgun up and at the ready, in case Holmes made a return appearance while they were getting Jen free. "We're gonna get you out of here." She replied. Her attention turned back to Dean now.

"Dean, I need something to open these latches," Kate mumbled as her fingers tried to get a grip on the latches. To no avail.

"Take this," Dean muttered as he handed off the shotgun. She found him holding a long metallic pole, she wondered idly what it belonged to down here, but didn't question it as the latches groaned before breaking open.

Crying was heard as Jen emerged from the box she was imprisoned in. Her hair and face were disheveled and dirty. Her face and body were sweat-soaked, probably among other things, and her eyes held tears. It was obvious she'd been in for a long while.

"Thank you. Oh, thank you so much." She cried heavily into Dean. Kate noted that her body was trembling from the sobs.

Kate met his eyes with a sigh of relief, "Let's get her out of here." Dean nodded and wordlessly moved Jen out into the smaller tunnels that would eventually lead to the city above. Kate went to move out behind the pair but found herself caught by a hand. Kate turned swiftly and shot off the gun, dissipating the figure of Holmes behind her, his scream echoing off of the stone walls.

"You good, Kate?!" She heard Dean call back from his position ahead of her. "Yeah! For now!" She hollered.

Dean reappeared at the gate holding the duffel he'd dropped earlier, He shook out two bags of rocksalt and held one out for her.

Kate swallowed hard, just nodding. She felt nausea roll through her, but she bit it back. They made quick work at encircling the torture room in salt but left the far gate clear, Dean had hung a bag of rock salt up just above the sliver that he'd left clear. They knew they had to lure the spirit back in to trap him for good. "Alright Katie, you ready?" He questioned.

She sighed feeling not ready at all but nodded nonetheless. Dean took up residence at the closed gate, he hid well enough to be unseen, but Kate felt reassured that she had backup close by.

The temperature suddenly dropped dramatically. Kate felt a shiver run up her back as she sat in the center just waiting. Her breathing quickened as she felt her fear intensify. She was fighting the urge to cut and run, she knew she had to wait until the very last minute. She could hear her heart pounding in her ears; feel it thumping hard in her chest and, even though her eyes were glued on the door she sat in front of, she could almost feel Holmes' hands hovering over her head. Just itching to grab a handful of her hair.

"Now Kate!" She threw all her weight forwards quickly slamming down on the ground hard at the base of the gate. She was sprawled out when Dean's arms came down gripping her forearm as he practically yanked her off the floor. Kate heard the gate slam shut as she landed ungracefully on top of Dean.

She hadn't realized it but her body was shaking. Her adrenaline from terror was still running high through her system. "Hey, you're okay. I gotcha." She heard him ask. Looking down she saw his eyes, full of concern. "Promise." He finished sending her a smirk. Screaming sounded loudly from behind them. Holmes was sufficiently trapped. Kate breathed out a sigh of relief as she began to calm down.

"C'mon. We gotta go meet Sam and Jo. They're waiting for us up there."

"Wait, where's Jen?" Kate asked her eyes looking around the small confined space as she moved off of him.

"Sam's got her. He met me at the bottom of the ladder we climbed down to get here. He and Jo got that cement truck, so let's go." Kate was half tempted to question him about earlier when he'd confronted her in the bedroom, but she decided against it. Besides, they were still on a hunt, so she just followed along behind through the tunnels. Soon enough she was emerging from the ground to meet Sam and Jo.

"Time to bury that sucker for a good," Jo said smirking as she offered Kate an outstretched hand. Kate took it as Sam parked the truck behind her.

As Dean and Sam set up the truck to pour the concrete down the open manhole Jo asked, "Why did he take the roommate if he only went after blondes?"

"Oh yeah, Kate was right about that," Sam spoke up as he and Dean stood now admiring their handiwork as the grey liquid continued to fall. "Holmes didn't just kill blondes. He killed at random. While I think he preferred them, I just think Jen Halston might've just been in the wrong place, at the wrong time. She was convenient." He said shrugging. "Holmes was actually caught when he'd murdered his business partner- which was a man." Kate chuckled shaking her head. Suddenly Dean's phone rang, Kate had a feeling she knew who was on the other side of that phone call. She knew he'd be dealing with an exceedingly pissed-off Ellen.

At least this time, Jo's life wasn't at risk. Kate was almost surprised at how quickly they were able to wrap this case up, but she'd been more forthcoming throughout this case than she'd been with the vampires in Red Lodge. She really wasn't looking forward to having her sit down with the guys after all this, but she knew they were in the right to know what was coming, especially if she was to have any chance at changing things.

Kate heard Dean hang up his phone with a click before he moved quickly to shut the truck off. Kate looked to see the sewer tunnel full to the brim with wet concrete. "Alright Jo, well. Good luck with your mom. She's screaming for you and pissed." Jo sighed as she nodded.

"Let me guess-," Jo began,

"Ash caved." Dean and she said in unison. Jo simply shook her head.

"Guess I better be on the first flight out to Nebraska then, huh?"

"Unless you want her on the first flight out here, yeah probably." Dean chuckled. You've no idea how dead on you are. Kate thought a smirk growing over her lips. "You wanna show me where you and Sam nabbed this thing from?" He asked with a roguish grin.

Jo nodded. grabbed the funnel for the cement and began to pack it up to put away.

"Hey, you alright?" She heard. Looking up she found Sam standing beside her. He looked her over, she must have looked like hell. She'd been laying over the dirty floor and crawling through old sewer pipes. She could practically feel the grime and dirt on herself. Kate just nodded an answer, her mind flashing back to the paralyzing terror she experienced in Holme's lair. "The things we see aren't easy. Trust me, I know." He continued at her lack of response. "So, I mean, if you need to talk. I just wanted you to know that I'm open to listening."

She nodded, feeling a newfound appreciation for Sam at his offer. "Thanks, Sam." She replied with a smile. Turning around she watched as Dean and Jo get in the truck and headed off to drive it back to wherever it had been taken from. "C'mon, we better go let Teresa know that it's over."

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