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Blood Lust Part: 2

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Chapter 14: Blood Lust Part: 2

Kate stuck close to Sam and Dean following them to a table once they entered the local bar. Her eyes quickly fell on Gordon Walker, she watched him stare as the trio sat down, "I'll get us some beer and hit up the bartender, alright?" Dean asked as he moved quickly towards the counter.

"Hey, Sam?" She asked softly as she leaned in closer to his side. Sam shifted in his seat to hear her over the music playing. "Don't look, but the hunter I was telling you about is here." Sam made a move to glance but Kate quickly caught his arm, "I said don't look. He's staring at us right now." She quickly told him.

Sam seemed to stare at Kate's face, she was fairly certain he could sense her slight fear. She didn't know if Dean was right, but if things here were the same way as in the show, she had a reason to be frightened. Gordon Walker was a scary hunter. He was good at his job, but he had no boundaries or problems with killing and using innocents to get the job done.

"You alright?" Sam asked suddenly, she felt the heat of his hand over hers. Kate had been lost in thought. "Yeah. Yeah, I'm alright." She answered as Dean placed down three beers.

"Bartender says there's a farm not far from here." Dean began as he took a seat. "They're real partiers, and as we know from Colorado, vampires sure do like their nightlife."

"Hard to get good intel when the Bartender's a vampire." Kate stated flatly as she eyed, 'Eli'. He looked just like the later vampire in the show, Benny. She always wondered if it really had been Benny in disguise, but the show never actually answered that question.

"Wait. What?" Sam asked as Dean choked on his beer. She watched Sam look over Dean's head as Dean himself turned around quickly, still coughing. The guy that Dean had approached was gone.

"Son of a bitch," Dean muttered as he returned to his seat. His eyes looking over Kate and Sam, "What now?"

"I guess we ask other locals." Sam said shrugging, "Or, we could check out that farm?"

"No, the farm's a bust," Kate told them. "Just some earthy crunchy people. Weird, but they aren't vampires."

"Well, he can't have gone that far." With that Dean stood up and walked out of the bar room. Sam and Kate glanced at one another before standing to follow him out into the night she followed Sam around to the back of the building of the bar.

"Follow our lead," She barely heard Sam say to her.

"Huh?" She asked when she watched Dean vanish around a corner, only to have Sam pull her along with him. She was pulled against him, his back was pressed against the brick building. She tried to pull away, but Sam gripped her open jacket and pulled her back against him. "What're you-?"

He signaled for her to be quiet as his face moved in close. Now, Kate had always, always been a Dean fan. She'd had a thing for Jensen Ackles back home since she was younger, but at this moment her brain briefly considered the possibility of changing teams. That's when she was pulled out of her own head as she heard footsteps coming from the direction they'd just come from. Sam's grip on her jacket loosened. Kate nearly jumped when Dean came up behind her, the pair were moving as silent as the grave. She watched them both jump into a defensive action as they moved back towards the corner. She watched them both make a jump for whoever was following them. She knew that they'd both had Gordon pressed up against the side of the building before she even rounded the corner.

"You wanna stick that thing someplace else? I'm not a vampire." Kate stood at the corner not wanting to get up close and personal with Gordon Walker. "Yeah, I heard you guys in there." He continued.

"What do you know about vampires?" Sam snapped back, Kate was unsure if her warnings had already put a bad taste in his mouth, but Kate knew that wasn't Sam's usual tone of greeting new people.

"How to kill 'em," Gordon replied quickly. "Now, seriously, bro. That knife is making me itch." Gordon pressed. Dean hadn't pulled the knife away a millimeter, he really was on the defensive the whole time. She quickly realized she hadn't said a word about another hunter being here to him. Just Sam.

Sam reacted as Kate watched Gordon move his hand upwards slowly. He pulled his upper lip back to show the boys that he bared no fangs. "See? Fangless." Dean pulled the knife away slowly, satisfied. "Happy?" Gordon added sarcastically. Sam and Dean moved back, she was grateful to have Dean between her and Gordon, his presence put her on edge. "Now, who the hell are you guys?"

Sam and Dean were quick to introduce themselves, but Kate continued to hang back. "This is Kate," Dean introduced as he moved to the side so Gordon could see her. She saw a confused expression pass over Gordon's face. "You a hunter too?"

Kate nodded, "Recently so." She mumbled with a glance at Dean.

Suddenly Gordon chuckled, "Sam and Dean Winchester," He seemed in awe by them, which struck Kate as odd given the lack of knowledge in this world. "I can't believe it. You know, I met your old man once- Hell of a guy, great hunter. I heard he passed. I'm sorry." Kate's eyebrows rose, now that she was living in the world of Supernatural she realized that Sam and Dean had hardly any hunter connections at the beginning of the show. So, Gordon's greeting alone was probably enough to put the boys on edge. Not that Kate was surprised, again, she remembered Gordon wasn't exactly portrayed as rational in the tv show. She was beginning to see it was still true in this universe. "It's big shoes, but from what I hear you guys fill them." Gordon finished as the group walked out from behind the bar, and around to the entrance again. "Great trackers, good in a tight spot." Gordon trailed off.

"You seem to know a lot about our family," Dean said, his voice tight. Almost uncomfortable.

"Well, word travels fast. You know how hunters talk." Gordon replied dismissively. He paused next to the driver's side door of a red El Camino. He opened the door and pulled out a sliding grate from behind the seat. He looked back at the boys with a wide, toothy grin.

"No, we don't, actually," Dean answered his gaze moving over the weapons and then back to Gordon. He glanced over at Sam making a face.

"Guess there's a lot your dad never told ya, huh?" Gordon replied slowly, his eyes moving over Dean and then to Sam before falling on Kate again. Dean almost seemed to look offended at that last statement. A brief pause fell over them before Sam broke it.

"So, um... So, those two vampires, they were yours, huh?" Kate had already told him that, but she didn't interrupt. Kate moved out from behind the boys to stand on Sam's other side, she still kept a distance from Gordon though.

"Yep," Gordon nodded, his eyes glancing to him before they shifted to Kate then back to Dean, "Been here two weeks."

"Yeah? You checked out that bartender yet?" Dean asked as he gestured back to the bar they'd all been in behind him. Kate inwardly groaned. She wanted to help the vampires, not lead them to get slaughtered.

"The bartender?" Gordon asked, his eyebrows turning down. "He's a fang?" Gordon's face seemed confused, "How do you-?"

"Good hunters, remember?" Dean said smirking. Kate internally rolled her eyes. They'd only known that because of her, leave it to Dean to fake some bravado to try and get in on Gordon's hunt.

"Uh huh," Gordon replied, his face skeptical. "I didn't know that he was a fang, no." He stated his eyes now moving beyond the trio and searching through the windows to look for the guy.

"He left," Kate told him shortly. "We didn't see him leave. We were trying to follow him when you came along." She finished. Gordon didn't say anything in response, he closed up his weapons shelf and stood with his driverside door open.

"I've got a lead I'm working on right now, I'm sure I'll find him in my path soon enough." He stated now.

"Hey, man. I've been itching for a hunt." Dean said. Kate knew that Dean was still on edge with his dad's passing and everything that had happened with Azazel about a month ago, it would explain his incessant need to kill something, why he was so easy to snap on everyone, not just Kate recently.

"I got this one covered, guys. I've been on this for over a year now. I killed a fang back in Austin and tracked him all the way up through here. I'll finish it my way. Besides, I'm more of a go-it-alone type anyways." He shrugged as he got into his car and shut the door, "It was real good meeting you though," He started the car and rolled the window down, "I'll buy you a drink on the flip side." He finished before pulling away slowly.

"We gotta follow him," Kate said quickly. She moved and tried to open the back door of the passenger side of the Impala.

"What? Why?" Sam asked, "I thought you said he was bad news?" He stood behind her still on the curb.

"She's right; we gotta help him," Dean said as he moved towards the driver's seat and unlocked the car for everyone. Kate was about to protest, but Dean quickly fired up baby. She shared a look of dread with Sam before they both joined Dean inside the car. It only took Dean a few minutes to spot Gordon's bright red Camino. Kate made mental note to choose a different car from her Pontiac if she ever needed to be inconspicuous. Soon enough, Dean had pulled the car up across from some lumber mill. Kate didn't see Gordon anywhere and assumed that he was probably already inside, about to pounce on the unsuspecting night guard. They all clambered out and began their silent trek into the nearby buildings.

Dean and Sam maintained their silent hand signals, clearing the place room by room. Kate heard the sawmill turn on suddenly, and she watched as alertness seeped into their eyes. It was their instinct to save people, so they began racing towards the noise. As they neared the commotion Kate could hear the sounds of growling. She rounded the corner behind Sam and was taken by surprise. There wasn't just one, but two vampires. This is not how the show went. She thought to herself freezing up. Sam had grabbed the guy that looked like the bartender from earlier in the night, while Dean was already taking on the bigger man dressed in the guard's uniform. Gordon hopped off the conveyer belt he was thrown on and moved to help Dean fight off the big guard.

Kate now moved towards Sam as she pulled out her gun, not that it would help right now, but she knew the headshot would help to incapacitate the vampire, at least for a little while. Kate's arm was still sore, but she pointed and aimed through the pain of it. She had a hard time with the latter given that Sam was currently fighting the guy off and the pair was twisting and turning. She slowly took in a steadying breath and pulled the trigger on her exhale. As her shot rang out, Dean grabbed a nearby tool and slammed it into the face of the vampire he was fighting. Sam and the bartender stilled when suddenly the bartender fell to the ground, leaning up against a locker. Kate and Sam's attention was pulled back to Dean as he stabbed the vampire down by the bandsaw that was currently running.

She watched on as Dean continued to beat on the guy, "Dea-," Kate began, but he didn't hear her. She vaguely wondered if he was even present right now. The vampire was growling but, they quickly turned into screams as she watched, horrified- as Dean yanked the saw down over the neck of the vampire effectively decapitating him.

"No! Conrad!" She heard the bartender yell out. He growled as his vampire teeth grew over his human teeth. His face twisted in anguished rage.

Everyone remained silent as Dean turned around blood was splattered over his face, his stare was as vacant as she'd ever seen him. It was very apparent- more so than the show that Dean was struggling. "Guess, I gotta buy you that drink now, huh?" Gordon said with a slight chuckle. Kate looked over to find Sam staring at Dean with concern all over his features.

"I'll kill you!" A voice growled out. The four hunters turned as if just remembering the other vampire was there. Dean moved to pick up the machete that Gordon had dropped.

"The hell you will." Kate heard Dean's voice she watched him move in slowly, Gordon right behind him. but she stepped in between the two quickly.

"Don't." She said.

"Move Kate." She heard Dean say, his voice, rough. He moved in closer, standing a few inches from her. He was in hunter mode, and his expression was frightening.

"No," She stated her feet planting her body into the floor, she was frightened by Dean's demeanor, but she knew that these vampires weren't hurting anyone, and the two currently left alive- or whatever... still had their parts to play in the future of the show. Without Lenore, Sam and Dean don't get intel on Eve, when they need it, and if 'Eli' turns out to be Benny in disguise, then Dean would for sure need his help if or when he gets sent to purgatory. At this point, she was literally fighting against Dean to help him in the future.

"Dean," Sam croaked out from behind her. "Dean, that's enough." Sam managed to place himself between her and his brother. He reached out and slowly slid the machete out of Dean's hand.

"No, Sam. It's not enough." Dean began as Gordon called out. "You're protecting a fang?!"

"Sam, we need him. Him and the other one. The woman. It's important."

"Not her!" She heard the guy behind her growl. Kate spun around facing off with him. "Leave her out of this." He finished, he was still unable to move, but his fangs were extended and he looked threatening all the same. She walked over to the guy slowly and crouched near him. She knew that most vampires could be incapacitated for a bit. depending on the severity of their injury. She wasn't sure how long so she had to convince him; so she needed to work fast.

"Take us to her. I just want to talk, I swear."

"No way." She heard a scuffle behind her. Kate turned her head to find that Sam was blocking Gordon from coming closer, Gordon didn't take too kindly to that so he shoved Sam back.

"Hey!" Dean shouted as he grabbed the back of Gordon's jacket and spun tossing him into the empty conveyer line that the other vampire had just died on. "Nu-uh, Gordon." Kate met Sam's eyes and nodded before turning back to talk to what she assumed was Benny.

"I know your name's not Eli." She stated, her voice loud enough that he could hear her, but no one behind her could. She saw the man's eyes flash confusion before he replied calmly. She could hear Sam and Dean getting into a growing argument behind her, she vaguely heard lines from the show. Sam was defending the vampires, while Dean was arguing for their demise.

"I don't know what you're talking about," Benny replied gruffly.

"Your real name is Benny, isn't it?" She asked.

He blinked at her, his confusion deepening as his fangs vanished, "Now, how the hell would you-." An accent suddenly graced his voice.

A small smile stretched over her lips, "Don't ask," Kate cut him off quickly. "Just understand that I want to help you, okay?" She asked him.

"Help me?" He asked with a slightly sarcastic laugh. "You shot me!" He finished. Kate could hear Sam and Dean arguing behind her.

"I know. I- I'm sorry." She moved to stand up, "I knew it wouldn't exactly kill you," She told him, and Sam came up behind her. He now held the machete in his hand, "Look, if we're gonna get out of here, we need to do it, and fast." Kate looked around behind her to see Gordon knocked out. Dean glared in their direction, "How d'you know they aren't killing people?"

"We don't have time for this," Kate said now facing off with Dean. "Just, trust me. Please." Dean looked over at Sam, his expression was clouded with suspicion.

"You really believe this?" He asked.

Sam moved closer to her, machete at his side. "If she's wrong, I'll be right there to kill 'em myself, Dean. I swear." Dean just nodded his eyes moving over to Benny as his face hardened again.

"You guys have got 5 minutes to convince me before I just take him out, got it?" Dean asked as he turned away, but didn't go far.

"Where's your nest, then?" Sam asked as he moved in a step closer.

"Nu-uh, friend," Benny replied sarcastically. "I ain't takin' you anywhere." Kate had known they didn't have much time, that bullet wound was going to heal soon.

"Then just take me." She blurted out.

"No," Both Sam and Dean protested in unison.

"Fine. Call Lenore and have her meet us a little way up the road." Kate suggested. Benny's eyes flashed in her direction. He was still pissed, which she understood. The group of vampires here had gone out of their way to avoid detection, yet here they were being hunted down by Gordon Walker, and Dean.

"We don't owe you anything." He stated slowly.

"I'm trying to help you." She stated. Suddenly they watched as the bullet fell from Benny's head fell to the wood floor. He stood slowly, he stood a whole head over Kate now. "Please," She said softly. "Don't do anything drastic."

Benny stood mere inches from her face now, his fangs weren't on display, but he was clearly still angry. Kate heard Sam move forwards, machete at the ready. "You all killed Conrad, yet ask me not to do anything in return?" He hissed out. "You kill my friend, right in front of me, and then ask me to bring you to another one? My friends, and I-. We choke down the blood of animals, to prevent murdering your kind. Yet, here you are still killing us off."

"And, you believe this?" Dean asked exasperated now.

Kate was quick to round on him, "You might not see it right now, but you will need him," Kate told him, as she gestured to Benny. A surprised expression overcame his features the same expression appeared on Benny's face as well.

"What the hell would I need him for?" Dean asked outright. She saw he'd picked up a similar took he'd used to pin down Conrad. She groaned, loudly. They didn't have time for this. Kate knew that if they didn't get to Lenore first, then Gordon would undoubtedly wake up and slink off to find her as well as the rest of the nest. She remembered from the show he was good at hiding and gaining intel.

"Benny. Please." She said her eyes meeting his. She softened her expression as she stared into his eyes, "I know you're good. I know it." Benny seemed to huff as he reluctantly seemed to relax his body.

"Alright, I'll only take you though." He agreed.

"Nu-uh. Not happening." Dean said as he moved in. His heavy footsteps seemed all the more threatening as he waved the peavey he was still holding in his hands.

"Dean-," She began.

"You don't even know how to defend yourself!" He cut her off.

"Your girl seemed to do a bang-up job of it a minute ago," Benny stated as his hand touched the residual bloodstain on his forehead from his previous bullet wound.

"That doesn't matter anyways, Dean. These vampires aren't hurting people." She said simply.

"Yeah? So says the vampire, Kate. C'mon. Really? Are you this naive?" Dean asked, his voice loud with annoyance. She turned to find him at her back, he was much closer than she'd originally thought. She met his stare with a determined one of her own.

"I'm going to find Lenore. End of conversation." She stated, with that said she pulled away and led Benny out of the mill. She could hear the sound of the tool slamming into the side of the building. Dean was clearly having trouble controlling his rage.

"Not that I'm complaining of you getting me out of there and all, but how is it that you know who I am? Even the vampires in my family don't know that bit o' information. I pride on keeping that to myself." Kate smirked to herself as she kept pace with the vampire. "I know things," She stated in a vague response.

"Well, that was ominous." He began with a chuckle, "Also, girly. You sure are trusting me quite a bit given my nature."

Kate rolled her eyes, she wasn't sure of the kind of damage she'd done to her relationships with the guys back there, so she just wanted to get this done with. "Will you please, just make the call?" Benny chuckled as he pulled out his phone. She was surprised at how easy it was for him to drop his accent. The pair still hadn't walked very far from the mill when she heard Sam's voice.

"Kate! Wait!" She turned around to see Sam and Dean running out of the mill. Dean went right to his car, bringing the engine of the Impala to life. "Get in with us!"

Benny turned to give them a dirty look, "I told you, I'm not-."

"You don't have a choice there, pal. Gordon is gone and I'm not gonna bother giving you three guesses on where he went." Sam told him as he got closer. They watched as Benny's face changed to one of fear, "Lenore's not answering her phone."

"Shit. He must've gotten away when we were too busy arguing about getting to your nest." Kate muttered.

"He's got a head start on us, but if we know where we're going we might be able to get there before he does," Sam stated, breathing hard. The three of them were quick to get into the Impala much to Dean's displeasure. With the directions from Benny, Dean was able to find the dirt road in the middle of nowhere, it had taken them a while given that it was over a bridge outside of the town lines.

The house was well-kept for a bunch of vampires living in it. The lawn was short, and the house was perfectly maintained, "This look like a vampire's nest to you?"

"Lenore and, I live here. It's not as if we all get together with the others very often. We all live our own lives." Benny replied, his anger clear in his tone.

"So, you guys are just living, regular, everyday lives?" Sam asked as he turned around in the passenger seat. His face was clear with shock from what he heard.

Benny nodded, his arms crossed over his chest. Kate watched his eyes move towards the truck that was parked on the front lawn, the bed was half-full with boxes. Benny reacted before the car came to a full stop. He stopped at the truck as the two guys got out grabbing the machetes from the trunk. Sam tossed Kate hers still in its sheath. She copied them by tying it to the belt loops on her jeans.

"Lenore. No." She heard Benny's voice say softly. Within seconds he was up the porch steps and in the house. Sam, Dean, and Kate all followed after him, weapons out at the ready now.

They all hesitated as they moved through the first room, a large doorway opened to a dining room. All Kate could see was Benny's back, she watched his shoulders rise and fall with each heavy breath. She could hear him growling lowly in his throat, Kate knew he was fighting against his nature to rip Gordon apart. Sam and Dean came up on either side of him.

"Gordon," Dean greeted. Kate stood behind Sam, she saw a female vampire with long black hair tied down to a dining room chair. She was gasping air in slowly, Kate could see from her point of view that she'd had a run-in with one of Gordon's knives, "What's going on?" Dean asked slowly, his eyes moving over the scene before him.

"Just poisoning Lenore here, with some dead man's blood," Gordon answered, nonchalantly. "I'm gonna find out where all her little friends are hiding in this town." As he spoke, Gordon pointedly stared at Benny as his knife, dripping in dead man's blood cut over Lenore's arm.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, hey, let's all just chill out, huh?" Dean asked as he moved between Benny and Gordon.

"Don't, Eli," Lenore's voice rasped out, she stared at him from across the room. Kate saw her desperate expression. "Please," She finished, her voice hardly above a whisper. Even if it was Lenore's dying wish, she wanted to hold out hope that things could change between the hunters and the vampires.

"Gordon put the knife down," Sam said inching closer. He was moving up the right side of the table so Kate took his place beside Benny. "and just step away from her, alright?" Sam was trying to talk Gordon down.

"You know what? You're right, She's not gonna talk. Seeing as you guys brought another one. I might as well put her out of her misery," As Gordon spoke everyone felt the tension mount. "I just sharpened it, so it's completely humane." He added as slid his machete out of its sheath. Benny made a move forwards, but Kate stilled him by throwing her arm across his chest.

"Don't let him bait you," She told him quietly. She was being careful not to call him Benny now, as she didn't want to throw a wrench in his relationship with Lenore by spilling his hidden identity. Kate noted Gordon's look at Sam as he spoke that last sentence, she almost thought it was a sarcastic jab at Sam's lack of joy in his job.

"No, Gordon I'm letting her go," Sam said, he'd clearly had enough proof in his mind that these vampires were different from the others. If Benny had wanted to kill us, he'd have done it at the Mill, or in the car. He'd had multiple opportunities tonight.

"You're not doing a damn thing," Gordon said quickly, now brandishing the weapon on Sam. Dean reacted instantly, he was on the defensive now steadily moving up the left side of the table. Kate watched his expression change, he glanced at Sam from Gordon as he advanced. "Hey, hey, hey. Gordon. Let's talk about this."

"What's there to talk about, huh? This life is a simple black and white. There are no shades of grey."

"Then what are they?" Kate asked jumping into the conversation now at her question she gestured to Benny and Lenore. "Cause right now, Gordon? The only monster I see in this room is you."

Gordon paused his eyes boring into Kate's face. "I'm doing my job. Which is what you should strive to do too. Do you all really think they're worth saving? Why? Because they're taking a little timeout from sucking people dry? We're supposed to just by that? No, I don't think so. I can prove it." Without warning, Gordon yanked Sam by the arm and dragged him over Lenore as he sliced the tip of the machete across his forearm. Everyone waited on bated breath as the blood dripped down over Lenore's face. Kate knew her body was going to just react, she was losing what little blood she had in her system, and she was currently being poisoned. Benny turned away, not wanting to be tempted as he was already angry and on edge, she imagined the smell of human blood hitting the air helped him at all. At the time that Gordon attacked Sam with the machete, Dean already had his gun out and pointed at Gordon. Kate noticed the threat of the vampires seemed long forgotten in his mind. Not with Sam at risk now.

"Let him go!" Dean shouted, he was in protective older brother mode.

"Relax, if I wanted him dead. He'd already hit the floor." Gordon began, "I'm just making a point. These vampires aren't any different than any other nest. They're all the same, evil, and bloodthirsty..." He trailed off. As Lenore began to transform into exactly what Gordon was describing. "Look at her, you think she's so different? You still want to spare them?"

Benny was tense next to Kate. She could feel the heat rolling off of him which was a bit ironic given his undeadness. Suddenly, just as fast as Lenore lost control, she reigned it in. She retracted her fangs and turned her head away, painfully. Kate could see it all over her face. "No, No," She breathed out, straining against her nature.

Sam jumped in at that, "Do you hear her Gordon?" The disdain for the hunter holding him was apparent.

Lenore just kept repeating No, over and over again. Sam pushed the machete away from him saying, "We're done here."

"You guys, get them out of here," Dean said his eyes never leaving Gordon's face. Sam gathered up Lenore gently and handed her off to Benny quickly. "Thank you," Benny said, his eyes fell on Kate after they stared at Sam. "Thank you." With that, Sam and Kate walked Benny out of the house. Kate knew that Gordon wasn't going to stop and that a fight was in store. So she didn't go outside as Sam had. She closed the front door behind them before she pulled out her machete and marched back in coming up on the opposite side of the dining room.

"Hey! No, I don't think so." Dean stated as he blocked Gordon off from following the vampires. Kate was at the other exit of the dining room, they both sufficiently pinned Gordon where he stood. "Gordon, I think you and I got some things to talk about."

"Get out of my way," Gordon stated as he stood before Dean.

"Sorry," Dean shrugged. He still had his gun out and aimed for Gordon. Kate pulled out her own knife in preparation for a fight she knew was coming.

"You can't be serious," Gordon pushed on, his own machete in his hand.

"Listen, I'm having a hard time believing it too, but I know what I saw," Dean replied. "If you want those vampires, you gotta go through me," Dean said.

"Fine," Gordon said before slamming his machete point first into the table. Dean made a move to not only empty his gun of ammo, but he was about to put it away when Gordon sucker-punched him. Dean made a quick move to punch him back. Kate could hear their fighting and her nerves welled up within her.

She was no good in hand-to-hand combat. She had her weapons, but even then... Gordon frightened her. She moved quickly; the fingers of her right hand wrapped around the handle of Gordon's machete when suddenly, she felt a sweaty and heavy palm cover the back of her hand. Gordon's hand pinned hers there, and she instinctively tightened her hold, she grappled with him the long knife being tugged in separate directions.

"I don't think so, Bitch." She heard Gordon's low voice when she felt the back of his hand collide with the side of her face. An unintelligible noise sounded from her at the pain but Kate refused to loosen her grip. She slammed her whole body against his, catching him by surprise as she side-tackled him to the floor. That soccer was good for something. She thought quickly. She thanked god that he was on her good side, cause otherwise, her arm would've gotten even more injured than it already was. Gordon's fingers slid off of hers as Dean jumped on him. He was yanked up off the floor and Dean swiftly tossed him into a china cabinet. Kate heard the glass smashing and shattering, Dean continued to get another punch in after blocking a feeble attempt from Gordon. Soon enough though, Kate watched Dean get Gordon in a hold as he pulled him back into the dining room, Kate handed him the rope that Gordon had used to bind up Lenore as they made quick work of tying Gordon up as he'd done to Lenore.

"You know, I might be like you, and I might not. But, you're the one tied up right now." Dean said leaning in closely to Gordon, adding insult to injury. Kate sighed in relief feeling safer. She moved into the kitchen scrounging around for a glass, she filled it with water from the tap and sipped from it. When she went to bring it into the dining room she was surprised to see Dean in between the archway.

"Hey, uh, Kate?" He said. She saw his face in the slowly creeping sunlight that was beginning to come up.

She put the glass down and moved in closer, her eyes scanned over his steadily swollen cheek, and his bloodied lip, without saying anything she turned to open the freezer, grabbing the nearest frozen thing she could. She wrapped it in a towel she'd found hanging on the over and held it gently to the side of his face. He flinched slightly. "Kate, uh. Listen, about earlier. At- at the motel, I-." He began as his hand slid over her own. She should've pulled her hand away, but she found herself unable to move. Her brain was doing that Dean-drunk thing again. "I know you are capable of taking care of yourself, it's just that you don't have much experience with all of this. I just-. I'd feel responsible if something were to happen to you." Dean sighed, he was clearly not used to having these kinds of discussions, "When that demon took you, right out from under my nose. I-. I just couldn't-."

"Hey," Kate interrupted. She was half tempted to let him flounder on in this conversation, but she figured Sam would be returning soon, and the time for this would be over then. "I get it. I appreciate you looking out, Dean. I do. Just-." She paused letting out a sigh, "I can't be protected 24/7, I'm still holding you to training me to fight in hand-to-hand combat-. Well, maybe not right now." She laughed out the last part softly as her hand slowly moved out from under his, but she was surprised when his other hand caught hers, and he didn't let go. Not until the rumbling engine of the Impala sounded from outside signaling Sam's return. Dean let her hand fall as he began to turn away. "Hey, take this. It may help." She said as she brought him the glass of water. She moved to fill up another one and offer it to Gordon before they all left.

She briefly wondered if Dean may have felt more for her than he was letting on, but she knew he was a bit of a flirt in the early days of Supernatural. She shrugged as she turned to head into the dining room. "Did I miss anything?" Sam's voice sounded in the other room.

"Eh. Not really." Dean shrugged.

She placed the glass on the table and moved around the chair Gordon was currently tied to. She felt the weight of exhaustion from staying up all night suddenly. She just wanted to sleep. She muttered something about waiting in the car before heading out. She was greeted with the cool morning air, and the beautiful sight of the sun rising over the Montana Mountains. She was waiting in the backseat, laying down when she heard the front doors open and felt Sam and Dean get in. "Are we able to head back to the hotel to get some shut-eye before moving on?" She asked snatching up the machete she came in with.

"I'd hope so," Sam answered.

"Oh yeah, we never did come up with sleeping arrangements, did we?" Dean said with a grin as he looked in his rearview. "Rock, paper scissors ya for our own bed." He added with a glance to Sam.

"Uhm. What?" Sam asked with a glance back to Kate. "No." He scoffed.

"C'mon Sammy." Dean stated, "She doesn't care, she's the one that suggested it yesterday!"

"You can take the other bed." Sam stated looking back at her, "I'll sleep in the chair."

"Oh no, no. I'd love to see a round of rock, paper, scissors." She said with all seriousness. Sam and Dean shared a look before they shrugged and began. Sam was quick with the rock while Dean held out scissors.

"Oooh, next time. You might want to change up your strategy there, Dean." She piped up from the backseat.

He sent her a look. "Is that a thing from your show?" He questioned as he started the car and slid it into drive. Kate smirked to herself as she returned to her horizontal position over the back seat. If only you knew. She thought feeling her eyes close as the trio drove down the gravel drive.

Alright, guys! I'm very surprised I was able to get in some decent time to finish this today! I'm always open to questions, comments, or whatnot via a private message or reviews. Thanks for reading and hope you all enjoyed it!

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