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Blood Lust Part: 1

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Chapter 13: Blood Lust Part: 1

Kate knew she was having a bit too much to drink, a bit too fast, however her head and her arm still hurt. Bobby had cleaned and wrapped her left hand and arm up last night. She knew that he'd probably frown at the idea of her drinking in a bar the day after being taken and cut up so badly, but she didn't care. Her brain needed a break, and quite frankly she was overdue to blow off some steam. She has spent the last 4 months in this stupid universe without any ideas on how to get home. She understood that Bobby and the boys had bigger things to work on, but she was tired of her problems always coming in last place on the totem pole.

She sighed as she threw back her third shot of bourbon, she hadn't had bourbon in quite a while, probably not since back home. She missed the sweetness of it, she liked the warming sensation that spread through her as she swallowed it down.

"Hm. Didn't take you for a bourbon chick." She heard Dean's voice and looked over at him. He stood by the empty stool next to her.

"Well, I am." She replied without much feeling.

"I see that." He agreed shortly as he sat down beside her, "That's your third one, right?"

"Have you been following me?!" She asked loudly. The bartender looked over with a suspicious expression as he poured another beer.

"Quiet down," Dean muttered as he leaned on the bar, his eyes glancing over towards the bartender, "Of course, I've been following you. Have you met you? You're a like magnet for demon trouble." Kate just scoffed. She knew he was right, but she didn't like the idea of being babysat now too.

"Well, I hope you three have worked out a shift change because I'm going to be here a while." She told him signaling the bartender for another one.

"You are making it so easy for the demons to get to you," Dean muttered with a slow shake of his head. Kate turned to look at him, her eyes meeting him.

"I am a fully functioning, grown adult. I can do whatever I want." She sounded like a child, but she didn't care. Kate briefly thought that the shots were beginning to affect her. Her head felt fuzzy, but she was still well in control of herself. She was hitting her buzzed phase of the night.

"Listen, throw 'em back all you want. I'm just going to be here in the background. If you want to make a fool of yourself? That's fine with me. I'll watch." He told her.

"Why don't you join me?" She asked her eyes looking over his face through her eyelashes, she watched his face change to form his protest so she cut him off. She was unsure where her bravado was coming from but, realized she took the first shot about 10 minutes ago, and it was probably beginning to take effect in her system.

"You don't have to get drunk, but at least have a drink with me? I'll buy." She told him. As the bartender dropped off her other Kentucky bourbon, the man in the vest and tie asked, "Everything alright here?". Kate nodded as she sipped from her new glass.

"Yeah, would you mind getting my friend here a drink too?" Kate asked while tapping Dean on his leather-clad shoulder.

"Scotch. Neat." Dean ordered causing Kate to chuckle.

"And, you're discussing my drinking habits?" She asked him a big smile on her face. The bartender made quick work of pouring Dean's drink. "You wanna talk about today at all?" Dean asked her suddenly. Once the bartender walked off.

Kate paused turning to face him, "You wanna… talk about anything"

It was Dean's turn to laugh now as he brought the highball glass to his mouth with a nod in her direction. "Cheers to that."

"How do you do it?" Kate asked him, the mood around them changing suddenly. The humor was zapped from the air, they stared at one another as if trying to get a sense of the other one. "How do you even get up in the morning knowing all that's out there; just waiting for you to give them the chance to pounce?" Kate said as she finished her fourth shot.

"Alright, easy there tiger," Dean told her as he pulled away her glass. "If you wanna make tonight last longer than the next hour, you better slow down. Way down." Kate wasn't sure if the alcohol was just all hitting her, all she knew was the fuzzy feeling in her head felt nice, and her inhibitions were steadily lowering.

The alcohol in her system was making her relax and for the first time in weeks, she felt almost like her old self, before the supernatural madness. It almost felt like that day in New York when she and Dean had met up at the bar there. Dean chuckled lowly as he sipped on scotch.

"So, should I ask about what's going to happen tonight? Is that how this whole knowing the future thing works?" Kate just stared at him with an eyebrow-raising.

"Not quite." She began, "I just know future big events. Not every little detail. It's not as if I can foresee you going to the bathroom, or taking a shower." She paused her eyebrows down turning at her own words. Oye. Not a good way to explain it. Her fuzzy brain told her.

"Ah, well that's... good to know," Dean stated as he glanced around the bar again. In the last twenty minutes, she was surprised how crowded it was getting, but she knew it was a Friday night, and she got here around 6 o'clock. Kate inwardly cursed herself, knowing that she had made the conversation a little awkward. Kate was surprised by the sudden sound of loud music. She had noted the DJ stand when she arrived twenty minutes earlier, but it had been empty then.

"Look, I don't want to feel awkward while I'm trying to get drunk, so if you want to you can sit elsewhere and let me just…" Kate trailed off unsure if Dean could even hear her. She was staring at the shelf behind the bar

"Who said anything was awkward?" She was surprised at him leaning in towards her ear to talk to her over the music. Kate's head turned in his direction, and her eyes hovered over Dean's lips. Her brain seemed to be replaying the kiss that she'd shared with him weeks ago over, and over in her head.

She gulped her eyes moving up over the rest of his face. Their eyes locked and she could smell the scotch on his breath. Kate's breathing became uneven, as she leaned forwards ever so slightly, her lips were mere centimeters from his when she paused. She didn't want to make things awkward between them, they still hadn't addressed the last kiss that was currently on repeat in her brain. She pulled back suddenly and got up from her stool, walking back towards the doors she had come in from. She knew Dean was going to follow her, but she couldn't have this conversation in the bar. The music was loud and it was hard for her to remain clear-headed. She hoped that the cool night air would help sober her a bit, but she had a feeling it would be a while before her brain was back to functioning logically.

"Kate? You okay?" She turned around to Dean following her out to her car. She nodded wordlessly, taking in deep breaths of fresh air. Her brain didn't want to waste time with words. She wanted to smash her body against his and swallow him whole.

"Why did you kiss me back, Dean?" She asked him suddenly. He blinked at her in response, she'd obviously caught him off guard with her question. "Back in Colorado," Kate added as if needing to remind him of the only time they'd kissed.

"I- uh- I don't know." He began. "I wanted to?"

"You wanted to?" Kate quoted back to him. "No other reason?"

Dean paused his mouth opening and closing, then opening again. He was clearly at a loss for words.

Kate sighed as she pulled her zip-up sweater closer around her. She wore the long-sleeve originally to cover up her bandaged arm, but now she was grateful for a shield from the cold. The fall weather was coming in fast as the sun went down.

"I don't- I don't know what to say…" Dean trailed off. "Why'd you kiss me?" He asked suddenly turning things around on her.

"Originally, I'd figured if there was ever a time to act on a fantasy, right before fighting some demons would be as good a time as any, but… after being around you for so long, after getting to know you as you. Not just some character in a show. I've come to see you differently." Kate watched as Dean moved in a bit closer with her every word.

"How so?" He asked.

"You take care of those around you. Even the ones that don't deserve it. You are loyal to a fault," She leaned back against the hood of her Pontiac. Her head was beginning to feel dizzy, she knew all the drinks were probably slamming into her system at that moment.

"Yeah? What else have you learned about me in your time here?" He asked, his voice doing nothing to help her keep her head clear. It was husky and, low. Kate felt her breathing change once again.

"You uh-. You're also angry and arrogant, and…" Kate was running out of words in her brain as Dean got closer. His gaze seemed locked on hers. She could feel her temperature steadily rising, before she could do anything she realized his hands were leaning on the hood of her car on either side of her.

"Arrogant, huh?" He asked her. His mouth was once again tantalizingly close to her own. She felt her lip between her gnawing teeth and knew she was a goner now. His voice was practically sex to her ears.

Kate just nodded only being acutely aware of what she was nodding about. "Dean," Her voice was soft and breathy.

"Hmm?" She heard him hum down to her. Kate nearly melted when she felt his hands on her hips, under her open sweatshirt. The pair of hands were now slowly moving up towards her ribs. She felt the weight of his hands steadily moving over each individual rib. She gasped loudly when he slid them around to her back effectively pulling her into his body. Her mouth jumped up to his in a searing kiss. Kate's brain all but exploded in her skull, she wasn't capable of forming a conscious thought let alone, speaking if she tried to.

Kate's hands gripped his open flannel shirt under the brown leather jacket. She felt her body break out in shivers even though she felt rather warm. It was as though Dean's hands set her on fire, anywhere they touched she became finely aware of the body heat steadily rising. She continued kissing him until her lungs were screaming for air, even then she dove right back in for another kiss, it was as though her life depended on maintaining any physical contact she could with this man. Her arms were around his neck and sliding up through the close-cropped dirty blonde hair atop his head.

A groan tore from her throat as Dean made a move to pull back, the pair was left breathing hard. "C'mon," She heard him say, and she followed without question. She'd probably follow the man right into hell if that's where he was going right now. Within a few minutes, she found herself in the back of the Impala. Dean had turned the car on and let it run, she was grateful for the warmth from the chilly night.

"Dean?" She asked.

He looked over at her, his hair a tousled mess from her fingers running through it and his eyes dark with a certain kind of hunger. Her nerves began to eat at her all of a sudden. She found that her high from the alcohol was steadily leaving her as more and more second thoughts began to replay over in her brain. What kind of experience did she have in comparison to him? What if she was a lousy lay? What if they had sex and things became awkward? Her brain just wouldn't turn off all of a sudden. All that peaceful silence was gone from before when she'd made out with him on the hood of her car.

"Kate?" She heard him call her name and she was yanked out of her head and back into the present. He'd removed his leather jacket and flannel. He sat in the backseat of the Impala in a basic tee and his jeans. A Def Leopard song played throughout the quiet of the car.

"I- I just-." What if it doesn't live up to your own expectations? Her mind left her with that question last as she sobered up frighteningly fast.

"Hey, we don't have to do anything you don't want to," Dean stated as he finally understood her unspoken message. His warm hands were on her thighs as she kneeled across from him on the bench seat.

Kate let out a breath she hadn't realized she'd been holding. She nodded unsure if she was relieved or disappointed. She was on the fence about wanting to jump him and thinking she might regret her actions later on. Her problem was that she didn't know how long she had left here, and if things became awkward between them, she might have to deal with it for a long time. Before she could talk herself out of it she leaned in and pressed her mouth over his.

She was alone with him, and that's all she wanted to focus on at this moment. Their tongues tangled for some sort of dominance and Dean was quick to pull her over him. She ran her hand down from his chest to the waist of his belted jeans and back up again. She could feel Dean's hands working to slide her sweatshirt off her arms. He was careful with her injured arm, not that she would have noticed any pain with how high on cloud nine her head was. Dean's rough fingers slid under the hem of her tank top. She felt skin on skin as his thumb ran circles lightly on her lower back. She gasped in response her head tilting back. Dean moved to sit them up, he moved to have Kate straddle over him as he sat leaning back against the back of the middle seat. His mouth moved down gently kissing her chin and further down to the sensitive skin of her neck. She let out a giggle as she pulled away a bit. Dean chuckled softly, his hands moving back around to get a hold of the sides of her hips. He leaned back just staring now. His eyes followed the slow deliberate movement of his hands. Kate gasped as they slid up her sides and then over her breasts. Dean paused as he seemed to just hold them in his hands before running his thumbs downwards over the front of them. Dean's hands continued their trek back down over her abdomen. He stopped at her jeans.

"Kate," His husky voice broke her out of the trance-like state she was in.

"Can I-?" He questioned. She felt the weight of his hand stilling over the button of her jeans. She nodded ever so slightly, she was almost surprised he'd seen it. "Tell me. I want to hear you say it." Her eyes met his and she could see he was holding back, waiting for her verbal confirmation before he moved an inch.

"Yes." She said, nodding again. "Yes, I want you to take them off." Dean was quick to pop the button open and help her slip out of the heavy denim. Straddling over him once again brought on brand new sensations, Kate was no virgin, she'd had plenty of boyfriends back home and knew how sex worked, but her body was in overdrive right now. The slightest sensation Dean caused seemed to be magnified tenfold. She moaned now feeling his fingers gripping her hips over the thin scrap of material known as underwear. She wasn't wearing anything spectacular, but it had lace frills and was red. She watched Dean's eyes scan over her bottom half appreciatively. A small half grin grew over the right side of his lips. She felt his hands once again slide around to her rear where he gripped it tightly pulling her upwards. Kate's hands slammed on the roof of the Impala to try and balance herself.

"Oh, god." She groaned loudly when she felt his lips on her left hip. She could feel a bigger smirk break out at her reaction.

"Oh baby, you don't even know half of what I wanna do to you." Kate's body reacted to his words, her arms dropped down from the roof and wrapped around his neck quickly. Her mouth was on his instantly.

She felt sudden confidence hitting her, as her brain stopped having the ability to overthink things. That nagging voice in her head vanished and Dean's voice replaced it. She pulled back from him yanking her tank top over her head and tossing it to the floor below them. She didn't give Dean a second to overlook her before she pulled the hem of his tee upwards signaling him to remove it. He smirked at her wordless gesture, "Go ahead, take it off" He told her. Kate pulled his shirt up over his head and let it drop to join hers on the Impala floor. In her rush to toss it, her groin moved against his denim-covered one causing friction between the pair. Kate's head fell back as she groaned loudly. She heard Dean react similarly. She felt his hand tightly gripping the outside of her thigh.

She looked down at him and saw his eyes taking in her unmatched black lace bra. She heard him intake a breath, but it wasn't long before he released it leaning in to trail his mouth over one, his tongue flicked out randomly over the center of her cleavage, then kissing his way back over the other one. Kate groaned loudly her hands slipping to the back of his head, trying in vain to get a grip on his too-short hair. He pressed his face into her chest, inhaling her scent that surrounded him.

Kate suddenly pulled away as she unbuckled his belt. "Kate?" Dean questioned; She could see his hesitation. "Are- are you sure? You just-."

"I know." She told him. Both of their voice sounded breathless and husky. "I- I know what I want, Dean. I want you. Right now." She told him. She saw his eyebrows slip upwards in surprise. She felt his warm hands slowly slide up her thighs; stopping at her hips. She felt his fingers pulling at the waistband of her underwear, and as she felt them slide down she gasped quickly sitting upright.

Now while she was in the backseat of the impala, she was alone. Kate had apparently been dozing off as the boys drove in the front seat. They were on their way to Red Lodge, Montana. Sam had found the articles regarding some cattle mutilations and people being decapitated, and even though she assured the guys that it wasn't worth checking out. They wanted to confirm that it was vampires that were dying off, not humans. So she accompanied them, it wasn't as if she was being put to much use sitting at Bobby's, nor was she any safer. Her arm itched as a reminder from under the bandages that Bobby had wrapped her up in. Scratching it idly, she looked up catching Dean's eyes in the rearview.

"Mornin' sunshine," He grinned at her. "So, whatcha dreaming about?" He asked, his tone almost giddy. Kate could feel her face heating up at his question. She knew that she must've been making noises in her sleep, which gave Dean the obvious inclination of it not being a nightmare.

Dean just laughed, he was clearly in a better mood than he'd been the last few weeks. Kate crouched down a bit behind Sam's seat to avoid being seen in the mirror. Sam had given her a sheepish grin from the passenger seat. She knew for sure then that she'd been making noises in the back seat while she slept, she cursed Dean mentally for not having the radio on while she was out, at least that might've made this less awkward. She was glad to see the guys in a lighter mood for a change though.

They pulled into Red lodge shortly after that. Kate was grateful to get a chance to get out of the car to stand soon. The weather in Montana wasn't as hot as in South Dakota, but she was grateful to have packed lightly. She didn't expect them to be here very long. A quick trip to the coroner's office would prove Kate right as all the decapitations were a result of a Hunter in the area. She debated on telling the boys they'd need to save the vampires, as they weren't hurting anyone but figured she'd get to that when they realized the dead really were vampires.

Dean pulled off to a random motel along the busy main road. Kate read the sign as they passed it to park the car, Lupine Inn she could see from the outside that it was definitely a motel the boys would normally stay at. She knew that if the place needed some updates on the outside it would definitely need updates on the inside. She followed Sam out as she stretched the ache and stiffness out of her bones. She met him at the trunk of the car, where he was furtively putting a machete in his duffel, "So, you said there are vampires here?" he asked absently.

"Yes," Kate nodded, she put her hand on his arm, stilling his movements, "But, it isn't what you think." She began. "The vampires are the ones being decapitated. There's another Hunter in town." He paused as his eyes glanced down at her hand, but Kate continued talking, trying to keep his attention, "and he's bad news, Sam. I mean it." She knew that after this episode the boys left a bad taste in Gordon Walker's mouth- not that she could blame him, he was left tied up in a house for a few days. However, she knew when he finds out about Sam's up-and-coming role in the demonic war thanks to Azazel that he made it mission number one to end Sam's life.

"What d'you mean there's another hunter in town?" Sam asked, she could tell he was annoyed she hadn't said anything before they made the ten-hour drive out here.

"Because we need to be out here. They- The vampires need help." She'd moved her hand off of him now. "Our help."

Sam seemed to sink further in his confusion, his face was skeptical. "What do you know, Kate?" He asked her suddenly, cutting right to the chase. Kate huffed, her fingers instantly sliding through her hair nervously.

"Hey!" Dean's voice interrupted as he jogged over to them, "So, do you guys want the good news or the bad?" Kate and Sam glanced at one another before just staring at Dean in response.

"Am I- uh. Interrupting?" He asked his gaze moving between the two in front of him.

"No," Kate said, "We'll talk about it more in one of the rooms. Can we just get going?" She asked as she pulled her one duffel bag up with her good arm.

"Well, that's the bad news. They only had one room open. Guess it's a popular time to visit some animal sanctuary nearby. That and the normal tourists that come 'round through summer. So, I got two queens." Dean stated as he scratched at the back of his head. A slight pause passed between the trio before Dean excitedly added the good news, "However, this place does have both, a pool and a hot tub." He grinned at Kate and Sam cheekily as he grabbed up two bags from the trunk and turned walking off with the key in his hand.

Kate sighed as she looked up at Sam, "Let's go see what we've got to work with." He said as he finished up in the trunk, grabbed up his duffel for clothes, and walked up to the hotel room with Kate. She sighed setting her bag down on the floor. The room they got was rather unimpressive as you entered there was a sink to your right with a giant mirror over it, the bathroom sink from the looks of it. To Kate's left, she found a door left a bit open, she poked her head in there flicking the light on to see a shower-tub combination across the room with a toilet to the left side far wall between the door and tub. Given that the room had barely any space she assumed it was about a five-by-four-foot bathroom. Explains why they took the sink out. She thought with an eye roll. She was surprised to see jets in the tub, she made a mental note to inspect the cleanliness of the bathroom before using it. She resumed her inspection of the place and found it to have your basic niceties

"Hey, Sammy!" Dean's voice came from across the room, he stood at the far bed. The room ended in a window overlooking the beautiful Montana mountain line. There was a small sliding door to the right side that opened to a small concrete balcony. "It's got a mini-fridge!" He had dropped his duffel bag on the end of the bed. Sam stood by the other bed hanging onto his bags, closer to the entrance door. Along the wall across from the bed was a nightstand with a small flatscreen and a desk, holding up a small lamp.

"So," Sam began, ignoring Dean entirely. "As far as sleeping arrangements go..." He finished with an uncomfortable glance down at Kate. Dean paused as he took note of Sam's seriousness.

"Oh. c'mon. We're all adults here." He said trying to humor the awkward tension out of the air. Kate slowly placed her duffel down on the edge of the still open bed. "Who're you bunking with? Are you team Sam or Dean?" He asked staring at her with a goofy grin plastered over his face. He'd already known she'd harbored a crush on him from watching the show for years, but Kate thought back to the dream she'd awakened from in the back of the car and thought it would be best to avoid a potentially awkward situation. Not to mention, Kate wasn't sure if she really trusted early seasons Dean, not to at least attempt to make a move.

"Uhm." She stated awkwardly. "Do they not have any pull-away beds in here?" Her eyes found the chair and matching ottoman in the farthest corner of the room. "I- I can just sleep in the chair. It- It's not a big deal."

"You can't with your arm all messed up like that." Dean pointed out while Sam protested the idea.

Kate huffed. "Just, rock, paper, scissors about it later. I don't care." She sighed unzipping her duffel quickly. "How long til we have to interview anyone?" Kate asked changing the subject back to the case.

"Uhm. I thought we'd go interview the police chief and see what kind of information we can get outta him." Sam said putting his duffel down on the same bed as Kate as it was closest.

"That's a waste of time." She told him shortly as she grabbed some new clothes out of her bag. She settled on a pair of dark jeans and one of her band tees that she'd purchased from a small boutique in the time she spent at Bobby's. He helped provide her with better fake credit cards and decent fake insurances- thankfully so because she didn't want to have to be fake-married to one of the boys every time she ended up in a hospital. "He doesn't believe a word you guys say, plus you just piss him off." She shrugged grabbing some clean undergarments and thrusting them in between the jeans and tee out of sight from prying eyes. She wanted to take a shower after driving with the boys all night, and she figured if she didn't grab it first she was going to lose out to Dean.

"Uh. Okay." Sam began, "You have any suggestions?" She paused in her grab for body wash before turning to face off with him.

"Yeah, if you two still don't believe me about the vampires. Go down and look at the deceased yourself at the coroner's office. You'll find that the heads have retractable fangs." With that Kate turned and briskly walked off to the bathroom.

"Man, she makes these cases easy, doesn't she?" She heard Dean chuckle out as she closed the door and faced off with the jetted tub. She was prepared to fully inspect the tub before getting in.

She came out to find the room empty, not really surprised at the boys leaving she figured they went off to the coroner's office to check the bodies. She checked her phone quickly to find it was nearly 5 o'clock. They'd gotten into town around pretty late, she figured there was no harm in grabbing dinner for everyone. She'd seen a couple of places nearby to grab some meals. She walked across the parking lot, crossing down a side street. She entered the small shop to be greeted with heat undoubtedly from the back where all the cooking happened.

"Hello," A younger girl greeted from behind the counter. She stood by a big older looking register. "How can I help you tonight?"

"Hi," Kate greeted. She made her order quick already figuring the boys would eat their usual. For Sam, she ordered a chicken salad, while Dean got the complete opposite. A double bacon cheeseburger. She grabbed water for each and patiently awaiting for the meals until her cell phone rang.

"So, not that we're all that surprised by now. But, you're right." She heard Sam greet. Kate chuckled softly shaking her head in response.

"Yeah, I kinda figured." She answered, "Where're you guys headed now?"

"Well, we gotta find the vampires." Sam sighed. She could hear the wind blowing around him from being in the moving Impala.

Kate huffed in response, "I told you already. They- they aren't like the usual-."

"I know." Sam interrupted her, she could hear a sudden tension in his voice now. "It's not me that needs to be convinced." He added. Kate recalled Dean being the one all about hunting them down with Gordon Walker in the episode. "If it's Supernatural we kill it. That's it. End of story, that's our job." Kate could practically hear Dean's voice in her head. She rolled her eyes at the thought of what might come of tonight. Dean had just started to go with the flow of things with her. He was trusting her more, and more, she wasn't sure how much of that trust would extend through this hunt from him.

"Alright, well. Are you guys headed back to the hotel for the night?" She asked changing the subject as she watched the previous woman walk up to the counter holding two plastic bags filled with styrofoam take-out containers.

"Yeah, we- uh- we were going to head out to the bar and see what we could dig up on the vampires, but... we didn't really want to just leave you there alone too long. Dean's convinced you're a magnet for Demons." She could hear the humor in Sam's voice as he said the last part, and she half shrugged to herself. She could see the logic behind it.

"Alright, I"m headed back now. I grabbed some food, hope that's alright?"

Sam gave a short approval before they said their goodbyes and hung up. Kate made her quick walk back beating the boys by a few minutes. She was just digging into her chicken Cesare salad wrap when Dean and Sam walked through the door.

"You left?" Kate could see the frustration all over Dean's face. He was clearly upset about her going off alone. In hindsight, she understood it wasn't the best of ideas, but in her defense, she was starving. She was sitting on the overly stuffed chair in the back far corner of the room. Dean had no problems with standing over her as he waited for an answer.

"Uhm. Yeah?" She asked through a mouthful of food.

"Why would you-? How can you-?" Dean seemed to be spluttering out half-finished sentences he was so upset. "You were just taken by a demon a few days ago, Kate. Why would you even think about going off alone?" Kate glanced back at Sam for any sort of assistance but found none. She gathered from his expression that he felt similar, maybe not so... angry, but definitely disapproved.

"I was hungry?" She asked as if it were obvious given that she was chowing down on a wrap. "Besides, it wasn't far." She said trying to excuse her solo trip.

"You were jacked from Bobby's backyard," Dean stated in a flat tone. "I don't think distance really matters here."

Kate huffed as she put her food down on the ottoman, and gave Dean her undivided attention. "I'm sorry." She stated calmly. She watched Dean's face seem to slowly come out of his fog of anger. "You're right, it wasn't the smartest decision to go off alone, but I'm not an idiot. I brought my weapons in case I needed them." She nodded to the Pastor's knife and her handgun that were left out on the nearby desk. She visibly saw Dean's shoulders relax as he looked over.

"We really need to start some physical training for you," Dean muttered as he sat on his bed, the side facing Kate. "So, where's the grub?" He asked clapping his hands together. Kate rolled her eyes as she got up and sifted through the plastic bags. She handed Sam his salad container and passed the other white styrofoam off to Dean. She made a beeline for her wrap and managed to get another bite in before she heard an appreciative groan.

"You are awesome." He grinned as he slid out the burger quickly taking a bite.

"Thanks, Kate," Sam said with a smile as he popped open his plastic salad container.

"So, with your 'knowledge of the future' and all that, do you know where the nest is at?" Dean asked in between taking large bites of food.

Kate glanced across the room at Sam who sat on his bed, he paused in pouring his salad dressing and their eyes connected. "Uhm. About that." She began. Dean was still preoccupied with his burger to pick up on her tone, but she pushed on anyway, "I already told Sam, these vampires don't need hunting. They need our help."

"What?" Dean asked, his voice muffled by the food in his mouth.

"Yeah, see. The cattle mutilation happening around town are the vampires." She explained slowly.

"Okay," Dean shrugged, "I don't see how that gives you the inclination they need our help." Dean paused in his eating now, his eyes focused on Kate. His expression was suspicious.

"They aren't attacking humans, Dean." She told him simply, her own food now sitting in its container on the ottoman. Dean laughed now. Loudly. Only he slowly came to a halt when he realized he was the only one laughing.

"Oh, you're being serious." He stated. He placed the food next to him on the bed as he turned to look at Sam, "You believe this?" He questioned.

Sam opened his mouth and then shut it again before he said, "I mean, she hasn't been wrong yet, has she?" Thanks for the vote of confidence, Sam. Kate thought begrudgingly.

"Oh, that's convincing. Yeah." Dean scoffed before turning to look at Kate.

"What makes you so sure?" He questioned. "Just because it happened in your whatever show, doesn't mean it's exactly like it here, Kate. Look, at what happened with that demon. You left it there and it possessed Gina. Now we're out the colt as a result. We can't just let these creatures walk free." Kate opened her mouth to defend herself but recognized he made a fair point. They were hunters and she couldn't just keep letting things go.

"What if we do some digging?" Sam ventured slowly. "We can go to the bar and do some asking around tonight, see what turns up, alright? That sound fair?" Kate nodded, not wanting to say anything. She felt embarrassed at Dean pointing out her faults so blatantly. She was grateful for Sam's gentle interruption.

"Sounds like a plan to me," Dean said quickly. He closed up his container and stood. "I need to go wash the cadaver stench off of me before going anywhere." He stated as he grabbed his bag up and brought it into the bathroom with him. Kate locked eyes with Sam once the door shut.

"Thank you, for deescalating, so to speak." She muttered not feeling very hungry for her food anymore. She had to admit that Dean's gruff demeanor about her lack of experience or knowledge of the job was something she'd expected but to experience it firsthand was... different.

Sam nodded, "No problem. He- uh-. His patience is short when it comes to doing the job right, ya know?" Kate watched as he closed up the salad container and began shaking it so the dressing mixed well. "It takes practice is all. Once it clicks though, it sticks." He told her. She sighed as she leaned back in the chair and stared out the window. She had a feeling tonight was going to be like trying to fill up a strainer with water. Not only did she have this universe battling against her to change things, but Dean probably was her bigger obstacle for this one. She at least had Sam considering her words and knowledge carefully.

Thank you all for returning for updates! Part 2 will be posted soon!

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