Piquancy and Phantasm @bdz_fanfics
No Jest Can Be Made

"Even with the utterly lost, to whom life and death are equally jests, there are matters of which no jest can be made." - Edgar Allan Poe

Two days, only a weekend. So much could happen when impulsive creatures are left to their own devices, and while Lydia had the potential to take and twist a life just as easily as her ghostly lover, she spent the time putting together a reasonable argument against BJ's duplicitous behavior.

She wanted answers but knew that pulling them from him in a heated fight would leave them both with nothing more than a headache.

Allen pulled up to her house on the hill just as the sun began to set. She gazed up at the stars, fully aware of the officer's eyes on her. He had been stealing fleeting glances at her throughout the drive home. Lydia picked up that he was trying his best to shield from her as if he knew for certain that she had empathic skills.

Unfortunately, being as drunk as she was the night before, she couldn't remember exactly what she said as they returned to the old apartment. All she knew was that he had sent her to bed.

Lydia grew concerned that she might have said something to implicate herself, but as the drive progressed, he only seemed to grow more comfortable with his conversation. By the time they entered Peaceful Pines, she was certain that the worst offense she might have made was to fail at yet another seduction attempt.

Beetlejuice would be happy at least that she didn't cave into personal desire and start an affair without his guidance.

When she entered her home, the aura pulsed and tingled as the parameter registered the presence of the sanguine essences of Lydia's first kill, she added strength to the shared power between herself and her Ghost.

Allen didn't feel comfortable entering her home this time around and merely offered to carry her bags, declining her offer for a warm meal. Though when he departed, Lydia could feel his disappointment when his shield dropped.

Alone in her house and up in her bedroom, she took a deep breath to steady her power. She let Beetlejuice know that she was home and tapped her finger against the vanity glass to bring him into view.

Lydia felt her heartbreak when she saw his pitiful state. Drunk and snoring in his bed, the mess around his coffin was worse than usual, as it was now littered with beer cans and liquor bottles. With a shake of her head, she reached into the glass and passed through the portal to find herself standing in the ghost's bedroom.

"Beej?" She whispered, nudging him gently. Beetlejuice grunted and rolled over, giving his rump a good scratch.

Giggling, Lydia rolled her eyes and gave him a shove.

"Beetlejuice." She said louder as she forced him into the wood on the side of his coffin.

He jumped up, frantic and angry, cussing out the entity stupid enough to wake him up.

"I'll run your sorry ass through!" He shouted before registering that it was Lydia who had woken him up. He wiped at his face, rubbing away the lingering traces of sleep. "Oh, hey, Babes."

"Hey, yourself." She smirked at him. Even when she was angry with him, these moments of vulnerability had a way to soften her sharp edges.

Sluggishly, Beetlejuice threw his legs over the edge of his bed, where his weight landed on one of the glass liquor bottles causing him to slip and fall flat onto the floor. "Fuck."

"Serves you right. That's what happens when you leave a mess."

"If it bothers you so much, you clean it." He grumbled, pushing himself to his feet.

"Charming Bj. Real charming. I wonder how I let you sweep me off my feet when you say such loving things like that." Sarcasm dripped from her words while she crossed her arms.

Beej winced at the tone, mumbling a pathetic apology.

"Beej," she began after he righted himself, "You and I really need to have a talk. We can't keep going on like this."

Beetlejuice gave her his best puppy dog look short of transforming, but she chose to ignore it and turned to head back to her own bedroom on the other side of the portal.

He followed her, slowly floating behind pausing only to change out of his boxers and into something more presentable.

Lydia took a seat on her bed and waited for him. Sad and a bit disappointed in him, Lydia began with the worst offense of all.

"Why have you been erasing my memories?" She asked, pointedly staring him down so that he knew how serious to take this questioning.

He landed on his feet, walked over, and sat next to her on the edge of the bed. He had been practicing this just in case she had tried to dig the truth from him.

"You can't blame me for wanting to protect you, Babes."

Lydia held up a hand to stop him, "You let me decide if I can blame you or not, Beej. I don't need you telling me how to feel. Not right now."

Dumbfounded, he slowly nodded. "The thing is, you were a kid and I didn't, I couldn't let ya see me doin' things that would break the spell."

With narrowed eyes, Lydia waited for him to get on with his excuses. Wringing his hands together, he refused to look her in the eye.

"Sometimes, the Neitherworld magic slips and the others remembered things. Stuff they would say, stuff they would do, and the things I did. Babes, I didn't want you to see me with those gals, but you called me into your world at such crazy times that I didn't know when to expect it…."

Lydia's eyes widened, and she blushed.

"Stop," she turned away from him to take in the implications. She pressed her lips together, trying not to let her jealousy take over. 'This was the past. He was bound to have others. You knew this,' she chastised herself.

"Babes. They meant nothing to me! Nothing at all, I just…. you were just…. fuck. Lydia, I couldn't do anything to ya not as I did with…"

"Beej, don't. I'd rather not know who." She whipped her face and let herself fall down against the bed. "I just don't understand why you didn't trust me with this before."

Carefully Bj lay beside her, he rolled to one side, afraid to touch her as he watched the battle war within her. His eyes pleaded with her to understand his position but to no avail as she still refused to look at him.

"Where is our contract?" She asked into the ceiling.

Beetlejuice froze, his entire body going rigid. "Why?"

She turned to look at him finally to see his fear, unable to shield it from her, Lydia could sense how terrified he was.

"I'm only going to ask once, Beetlejuice. I need to know what our terms are and what kind of contract we have together. When I gave you that watch, I knew the rules. I chose to be with you because, for some god damned reason, I am in love with you. I trusted you with everything. I gave you my eternity with that pledge but…. you keep secrets from me."

The fear coming from him only grew as she spoke, but rather than comment on what they both knew, that he was indeed keeping secrets, she waited.

"I don't have it," he said cautiously.

With a scoff, Lydia picked herself up off the bed and cling to the bedpost.

"Babes, I'm serious. I don't have it. The caseworkers file that shit away until the terms-"

"Then what are my terms. What did I do when I was six, what did you trick me into?!" She worked herself up into a frazzled state.

Beetlejuice jumped up from the bed and rushed to her, holding her shoulder.

"Lyds. Lydia, Lydsy, Babes… Come on, you know I love ya. I'd do anything for ya. I'd kill for you, and if I could sacrifice my life and rip my soul from my own living flesh, I would."

A long moment of silence passed between them before she fell into his arms and shed tears into Beej's shirt. She didn't hiccup or sob. Rather a steady stream of tears flowed while she steadied her breathing.

"I got ya," he said calmly before kissing to top of her head. "Trust me, Lydia. I'll do anything ya want. I'll even let ya fuck around with that flesh bag if ya need some space, but don't ever leave me behind again. It was hell without ya."

"It was one night," she shook her head, glad she could hide her amusement in his shirt.

"Fuck, one night, one year, ten minutes. I hate seeing ya so angry with me."

Lydia lifted her face off of his chest and looked into his eyes. Though she knew it was a mistake, she found herself lost in those begging eyes. Melting into her ghostly lover's essence, Lydia rested her face in his shoulder.

"I trust you." She said, finally unsure if she really did trust him, but the love she felt from him was true enough.

Beetlejuice lifted her up into his arms and carried her back to her bed, resting her upon the mattress while he joined her. He traced the line of streaked salty tears as they streamed down her cheek and into her neck.

"The terms?" She asked again, less hostile, and Beetlejuice chuckled.

"Determined." He commented, tracing his finger lower till it caressed the top of her fabric-covered breast. "I love it."

He kissed her, taking the breath from her while he tried to undress her.

A giggle escaped her throat. Lydia pushed him off her, "Talk, you damn ghost, or I'll exorcise your ass."

"I think I'd rather exercise yers," He was silenced by a playful slap. "Ok fine fine fine."

"That's better." She said. "I'll make this easy for you. I know how much you like to make deals…"

With a raised eyebrow, he watched as she rose to her knees and pushed him over. Her legs straddling him.

"For every term, you confess…" Her fingers slowly traced down his front and across the soft belly until she was able to fiddle with his waistband.

"Oh, Babes, don't tease."

A low, seductive laugh bubbled up from the thrill of control she had over him. The way his eyes begged and pleaded with her let her know that she had so much more control of this relationship, then he was willing to let on. Lydia's confidence began to rise with this knowledge, and with that confidence came the certainty that her Ghost may lie, and he may cheat, but he was utterly under her control from this life to the next.

Hiding information from her was something she completely expected from the dubious spirit, but with careful manipulation, at the tips of her fingers, she slipped under the waistband and caressed the flesh and curls of fuzz as she made deliberately slow progress to grasp at his growing erection.

A feral growl, demonic some would call it came from him. With one gentle stroke of her hand, he whimpered with need.

"Babes, do that again. Please, oh please, oh please…"

Lydia stopped and released him; wicked satisfaction took over her ever fiber as she leaned down to kiss his lips.

"Tell me what I want to know. What is in our… contract." She bit down on that lower lip and nibbled under his chin. Beetlejuice wanted nothing more than to let her have her devious way with his willing body.

"You… me… forever Lyds."

"Uh uh uh… not what I want to know. You have to give me more if you want more." Lydia reached down into his pants again, allowing her nails to drag carefully across his balls.

"Aaaaah, yeah… come on, Lydia, just fuck me. You know you wanna."

"What are my responsibilities in this contract?" She was unfazed in her questioning.

"K-k-Kill for me. Just kill." He begged, thrusting himself up into her hand. Lydia gave his cock a squeeze as a reward.

"And what do you get from that?"

"You… parameters… blood magic…" he wanted more, licking his lips, he twitched into her hand, reminding her to give him a rub down.

"How many kills do I need to give you?" Lydia removed her hand fully aware that he would protest, but her body slid down till her face was close, so close to the place he wanted her. With deliberate slowness, she began to remove his constraints.

"Aw yeah, Lydsy…. You gotta do that, please…" he begged her.

"How many kills?" She repeated, giving him an experimental lick.

"Nine! Ok, Nine gets us closer to the magic number now fuck me with that sweet little mouth, or I'm gonna die right here."

Lydia laughed at his desperation before granting him a little of what he wanted. Her mouth opened, taking in the thick length while her tongue caressed the underside. With a varying set of motions, Lydia could feel him grow harder and harder, but she wasn't done with him yet.

With a pop, she released the suction of her lips.


"Shh shh, n talking Beetle-boy… I'll get back to it, but I need a promise from you and one more question to answer."

Beetlejuice growled but humored her so that she could get back to sucking him off.

"Do you promise to stop erasing my memories and interfering with my choices?"

She watched his face closely as he battled with his angels and demons. Neither actually showing themselves, but Lydia knew they were there. She could feel them, but it was her trailed finger along his perineum that caused him to shout out.

"Yeah, I promise. No more fucking with your brain. Deal! Done! Now get back to work!"

Lydia laughed. "Last question, I promise."

"Get on with it." His frustration was visible, pouting and begging were getting him nowhere fast, and it pissed him off.

"Why are you so damned determined for me to accept the proposal? You know this contract already binds us, and it won't matter if I marry you now or later. So what's the rush?"

True to his nature Beej began to shut down. He could feel the threat to his biggest crime against her surface and he just couldn't get the words out.

Disappointment washed over her when she saw the effect on his body.


"I just want ya, Lydia. What more do you want from me?"

His face fell as he threw himself back against the pillows.

"I want you to be honest with me." Lydia watched him and searched carefully for any negative intent but all she could feel was desperation. His entire being was tormented over such a simple question which, to Lydia, felt like an overreaction.

"Do you want me to bleed? Beg? I could cut out my heart, liver, and spleen and wrap it in a box with a big ribbon. I could…"

Lydia held a finger up against his lips to silence his babble.

"Beej. I don't want anything. I'm not rushing into a new contract right now."

"But Babes…"

"No. You have to trust me." Beej wanted to keep protesting but Lydia kept her finger pressed against him. "I love you and I would have said yes ages ago but… everything changed so fast."

The Ghost grasped her wrist and pulled her down, catching her by surprise. He rolled on top of her and pressed his weight down on her petite body.

"Change happens. Unless you're dead. I want you, Lyds. Selfish, sadistic, brutal…. I've been called a lot of horrible and true things over the decades but no one has ever, EVER called me a friend the way you did and not one god damned soul ever told me they loved my moldy gross ass."

Lydia burst out with laughter. His devilish smirk earned him a shove to which he let his weight press her down, dangerously close to pressing the air from her lungs.

"Moldy, gross. You are so full of crap, Beej. Now just answer one more question and I'll let you fuck me till I scream bloody murder."

With smug satisfaction that he was able to get his way, he raised his eyebrows waiting for her to continue.

"Are you really going to let me have sex with someone else?" Lydia eyed her lover as his expression pulled and twisted into various expressions. He looked like he was going to get angry again but then he caught the wicked little twist to Lydia's lips and he snarled.

"No one fucks my Babes but me," Beetlejuice shifted and lifted on of Lydia's legs out from underneath him, placing them on his shoulders and he used his power to rid her of all clothing. As he was easing himself into her tight warmth, he surprised her by adding, "Now who she fucks is a different story. That, better get me a front-row seat, know what I'm saying?"

Waiting on pins and needles for all the details, Bertha did her absolute best to restrain herself when Allen arrived at the station. The way he moved across the room, dodging the others without any effort, sparked envy for his grace, but of course, being Bertha, she couldn't help but wonder what he could be like in the right situations.

Involuntarily blushing at her strayed thoughts, she quickly hid her face when Allen's eyes shot up to meet hers. Perhaps he was amused by her restraint because he seemed to be giving her a look that poked through his stoic mask. She had seen it before when she goofed with him, and he could find a minute amount of humor in what she had said or when she tried to restrain herself like she was at this moment.

The moment he arrived at his clean and organized desk, Bertha quickly handed over a folder to him and whispered in a hurry, "What happened? How far did you go? Did you at least tell her you're crazy about her? A kiss? Anything?"

Allen's expression cooled and regarded her with a blank surface, effectively cutting off her inquisition. He carefully filed the folder in a drawer allocated for further inquiry.

"Ooooh, you are just no fun. I need the deets on Deetz!"

"Bertha," Allen sighed, "Nothing happened. We went to dinner, danced, and then I took her back to her parent's old apartment to rest. She was far too intoxicated."

Eyes wide, the woman nearly jumped out of her skin but restrained herself and knelt on the floor beside him as he took his seat.

"I've known Lydia for years! No way she can hold her liquor! Do you know how many times I have had to take her home? Good god, she is a force, so you can't tell me nothing happened." Bertha gave her partner the puppy eyes, which only succeeded in making him roll his own eyes.

"You and I swore an oath to protect and serve. What would you do to someone who took advantage of a drunk woman?"

The building retort within Bertha was halted when a call of "Dichter, Brown. I need you in my office now."

The two officers looked at each other curiously, wondering why Detective Bath looked like he was going to pull his own hair out before they stood and followed their superior to a makeshift office.

Prudence was already in attendance with her hands demurely clasped on her lap. Her face holding pure shame, unable to look at anyone.

"Close the door." He snapped, to which Bertha compiled once Allen had joined them.

"I have read everything! Each report that you have all submitted, with the exception of this weekend's, and I'm getting the feeling that someone here is willfully throwing in curveballs."

The two girls averted their eyes, to which Allen noted. He could feel his darker side raise its head as he suspected his partner and her friend might have rigged their reports to protect Beetleman, his prime suspect.

"As such, we have not been able to eliminate suspects. Dichter, you seem insistent the perp is BJ Beetleman while Dr. Miller's reports are inconclusive and you, Brown, do you have something against the real estate agent?"

"Well, uh… not really, but…"

"But nothing!" He shouted and slammed his hand on his temporary desk. "You expect me to believe that the best team in this force can not agree on a suspect? Are you willfully letting your emotions and allegiances interfere with justice?"

The two girls, near to tears at the aggression of their superiors words and intense features, began to wilt in their seats. The pressure and the shame building to impossible levels as the anxiety in the room began to penetrate Allen's shields. He could hardly hold his silence.

"Perhaps, they have been unwillingly allowing their long friendship with Ms. Deetz and Mr. Beetleman cloud their judgment, but I trust my partner to do her job and if she has a suspect, wouldn't it be her duty to follow the lead. In service to justice, it wouldn't do to leave open ends. As for Dr. Miller, her job was to decipher the cause of death. Unless I am wrong, she has done so. With all due respect, you can't expect a medical examiner capable of doing the job of an investigator."

Dark eyes turned to Allen and bore into him. Detective Bath paced before the team, his team, as far as he was concerned. Fuming all the while as he processed the cop's words.

"When you and Ms. Deetz went to the city, were you able to gather information?"

Allen pressed his lips together in an attempt to stall for time to gather his thoughts. Bertha sent furtive glances in his direction when she thought Bath's attention was elsewhere.

"Her parent's estate was being settled. It was a private matter. Why would I attend the meeting?" He replied.

"No mention of her mother? Her stepmother?" The detective returned to his desk then stared straight at his team, "what about her sister?"

"Lydia doesn't know anything." He stated. Whether he was being honest or not, it didn't matter because Bath narrowed his eyes on Allen in an attempt to analyze the cop through his impenetrable mask. The moment filled the air with a tension that sent the room to near stifling limits.

"What exactly is your relationship with Lydia Deetz?" the detective asked.

The two women shared a look between both of them when Allen looked directly into Bath's intimidating stare.

"There is nothing going on between Lydia and I," He didn't falter nor did he give away the slight ache inside him as those words dug a deep hole within him. "She is my partner's best friend and Beetlman's lover."

Bertha and Prudence cringed at the thought surprisingly keeping any vocal disgust to themselves while Bath took in the words, nodding to himself as if he knew all along.

"Good. Keep your wits and you might make Chief one day. As for you two," Bath turned on Bertha and Prudence. "Investigate Butterfield if you must but I swear if I see one more inconsistency in your reports, I'm going to throw you from the case. Do you understand?"

"Y-yes sir," they both struggled to get the words out as the Detective chose to leave the group in his office, slamming the door on his way out.

Allen rubbed the back of his neck, relieved to be out from under that intense scrutiny.

"If he slams doors like that, he's going to break the glass panels one day." He commented before turning to face Bertha and Prudence. Both of them had narrowed, intense gazes of their own. "What?"

"So there is nothing going on between you and Lydia?" Prudence spoke first while Bertha worked herself into a fury.

"You lied to him! You lied and made us look like the bad guys!"

"I didn't lie." Allen shrugged, which was a bad move as the two girls stood from their seats, he too hurried into a standing position with his hands out in front of him.

"No, it's not like that!" He said quickly, "What did you expect me to say?"

"That you are head over heels in love with her!" Bertha's voice cracked as her tone began to rise. "You… you can't even see it! All you can see is Beetleman and Lydia together… do you really think he's the one committing all these… these…"

"These murders," Prudence finished for her friend.

Allen grew concerned with each passing word, unable to completely understand what they were going on about.

"Bertha," Prudence sighed, "Maybe we are wrong. If Allen can't see it then maybe it's someone else."

"What are you two talking about?" He asked, baffled and frustrated at the same time.

Appalled by his lack of foresight and possibly blindness due to his growing infatuation, Bertha threw her arms in the air and let out a guttural noise that Allen rarely heard from his partner. She stomped out of the room, forcing the door to swing and hit against the wall, while Prudence demurely followed. The small woman gave Allen one sad, pitying glance before leaving him all alone in the Detectives office.

Lowering his head to stare blankly at the floor, Allen folded his arms as his mouth twitched and his eyes obscured.

"You are so very blind. Are you that big of a flapdrol? You already know, don't you? They're right. Liar… " with a slight tremble, a debasing voice rumbled around him in the empty room as those words that were spoken were as sharp as daggers.

"Hou alsjeblieft je BEK DICHT!" Allen slammed his hand down upon the table before grabbing at his hair. "SHUT UP!"

Lydia noticed in the mornings following the weekend trip that she rather enjoyed the rumble of snores that greeted her after a restful night. Whether they were in his coffin or her bed, she felt safe and content… loved.

Rolling over into her side, she watched her ghostly lover sleep with his mouth wide open as he comically breathed in and out, snorting at random intervals. Thankfully he had not defiled her pillows and bedding with ectoplasmic saliva. A fringe benefit to loving the dead.

He mumbled about bugs, blood, and gore but most of all he said her name. A name that settled him from whatever dream he was having and brought a goofy grin to his face.

The sweet endearment soon fading as his tongue lolled out and he gave his groin a good scratch.

Lydia giggled and snuggled close to him, enjoying the warmth of his energy that had only grown since the murders began. He was almost alive compared to the spooktacular comical persona from her childhood.

She wondered at this, chalking it up to the blood magic that was connecting them to inseparable levels. Their connection and friendship had always been strong. Lydia has no regrets about her chosen path as she let herself drift on and off next to her beloved Ghost.

"Lyds?," Beej's gruff and sleep riddled voice pulled her from a doze with a hum in response to her name. He chuckled, brushing a strand of hair from her face. "Babes."

"Mmmm Beej." She replied and snuggled closer, eliciting another rumble from his chest. "I don't want to get up."

"Aww, but ya gotta. How else are we gonna get breakfast?"

"Make it yourself," she mumbled.

"You trust me in yer kitchen?" He smirked and pecked a kiss to the top of her head.


Lydia pulled out of his arms with a groan and sat up. Her negligee barely covered her as the strap of her silken nightdress slid down her shoulder. Of course, she chose not to adjust, preferring to let the other slip off her other shoulder.

Standing up, Lydia let her nightgown drop to the ground. Beetlejuice's hungry and insatiable gaze did not go unnoticed as she curled her finger to beckon him from the bed.

Her eyes narrowed in a sultry gaze while her voice, dripping with the mystique of femme fatale, called out to him.

"Darling, why don't you join me in the shower? I'm sure you wouldn't mind as long as I can tempt you with a juicy, tantalizing and exquisite bribe…"

She trailed off as she opened her bedroom door, not caring that she wandered out into the hallway sans vestments. Disappearing around the corner, she peaked back into her room to see him struggle between fear and sex.

Humorous as it may have been in previous years, Lydia began to wonder about his aversion to bathing. Had his ghostly childhood in the Neitherworld with his mother Bea traumatized him so much that he could no longer fight against the compulsion of his over the top terror? Or did something happen in his life? Was this to do with the death that he never spoke about?

"B?" She called out to him, concern lacing the sound of his name just enough that he snapped to attention. An apologetic and chagrin expression crossed him as he chuckled and struggled to untangle himself from her blankets.

Boxers still on, leading her to believe he was going to deny her yet again, Beetlejuice reached out for her wrist pulling her nude body against his. His arms wrapped around her delicate frame while one hand traced a path up her back till his fingers twisted themselves in her hair. At the base of her neck, he clenched his fingers, giving her hair a firm pull so he could capture her lips with his own.

"No promises, Babes." He said with a nervous chuckle.

Lydia beamed up at him and pulled him along with her till they were in the spotless bathroom. Tiles cleaned with care, not an ounce of mold insight. It was enough to give the Ghost with the Most pause as he began to drop sweat.

"Could.. could ya just turn that thing on before I change my mind." He struggled to get his words.

Lydia let out a carefree laugh, "Beetlejuice. I'm not going to drown you. Relax."

"Easy for you to do." He grumbled in reply, gulping down his unease.

Lydia turned the faucet and drew the shower curtain back, before turning to face him. She one again adopted the sultry persona as she reached down for the length of him, gently rubbing him through his boxer shorts.

"Come on, big guy, let me get ya all warmed up."

Panic began to slip slowly away while she took control of him, following her like a weak puppy as she pulled him by the top of his shorts closer and closer to the edge of the bathtub.

"Lyds…" He gulped once again, louder, though he tried to cover it with a nervous chuckle.

"Don't tell me the big bad boogie man is afraid to fuck a girl against a little wet tile?" She taunted him as she stepped over the edge of the tub.

His body betrayed him, there was nothing happening down where her delicate fingers coaxed him to rise to the occasion. She seemed to notice this but persisted in taunting him, reaching lower till she had his sac cupped and squeezed with a tantalizing pressure. He groaned, giving her enough courage to graze her nails against him.

"Beetlejuice…." Her voice resonated in a melodic rise and fall, causing him to look her up and down as her energy, her power, pulled him into the shower with her, directly under the stream.

His scream resonated inside the tiny room and shook the house down to its foundation. Lydia, startled let go of the Ghost as his eyes glazed over and a dark aura overcame him. He grabbed Lydia by the shoulders, shoving her into the tile, not registering the tiny yelp that came from her.

"I'll kill you! You bastards can rot in hell you hear me! I'll cut off your head and stuff your corpse with maggots and wait till those little monsters hatch and slowly decimate your rotting flesh bag! I'll…

"Beetlejuice!" Lydia pushes him back with all the power she could summon in that brief moment. He toppled out of the bathtub and onto the hard flooring. He fought his way up and reached out for Lydia.

His eyes burned with a deep hatred making the murderous expression on his face that much more terrifying.

"Beej! Wake up! B!" She screamed at him when his fingers wrapped around her wrists. She tried to yank herself away from him as she aimed the offending showerhead at him. He screamed and let her go.

Lydia took that opportunity to run. She left the bathroom, wet and naked, slamming the door on her way out. Tears filled her vision making it difficult for her to see where she was going but her heart knew where it wanted to be. A place of solitude, a place she had never a need to visit when she had her best friend with her.

She found her parents' room and struggled with the handle as she heard Beetlejuice rip open the bathroom door with a damning curse on his lips. Finally, her fingers were able to twist the knob as she dived inside the bedroom and ran straight for her father's closet.

Lydia wrapped herself in one of Delia's bathrobes that were hung on the inside of the door and dropped to the ground with a sob.

Tears flowed freely as Beetlejuice floated down the hallway calling out names she had never heard before. The vulgarities he spewed about dismemberment and using bugs to comic heinous acts of torture were disturbing even to her own dark heart.

Defending herself against the crazed spirit would prove to be challenging since no mortal weapon could effectively harm him. She held out hope that he would come to his senses before it was too late.

Lydia pulled down a coat from the garments that hung above her head and wrapped it around her silken bathrobe. She felt so very cold and so very scared.

Her trepidation only grew when the door to her parents' bedroom opened. No footsteps followed nothing indicating that anyone was actually in the room. Though that meant nothing when the door to the closet was pulled open.

Wet, but no longer angry, Beetlejuice looked down at her from his floating vantage point as she shivered from the cold and fear.

"Lydia, Babes…" Beetlejuice landed and knelt on the floor in front of her. He reached out to touch her face then recoiled when a terrorized pair of eyes locked with his own.

"Shit. Honey, Babes, My little Lydsy… it's me. It's just me. I didn't mean it…"

Lydia's eyes glared daggers at him when those words left his mouth. All signs of fear drained only to be covered with outrage over how far he had gone in just a short time. The conviction of her current emotions flooded the auric vibrations surrounding them. Tumultuous, vivacious, and deadly, Lydia advanced on him, pushing to her feet and passed him till the door to her parents' room became readily available to her.

"You…. you… who the hell was that Beej?! That was not my best friend!" She accused. Her body shaking while a fresh wave of tears fell freely.

Mouth agape, The Ghost remained silent. He wanted to say something but no words could be made in his defense.

"Lyds! I didn't know that would happen. How the fuck could anyone predict that shit?!"

"Well, you seemed to have gotten over it pretty quickly. People don't just do that, Beej! You… you were going to kill me…"

Beetlejuice attempted to close the distance between them. To show her that he was sorry in the only way he knew how but she backed away and out of the bedroom.

"Lyds!" He called out but she was already entering her own bedroom. The door slammed behind her effectively locking him out. She had given up on her shower and had sealed him out of her private space using her own magic to keep him from even touching the doorknob.

"That's not fair! Let me in. Come on, we gotta talk about this."

"No, we don't!" She hollered through the solid wood.

"Don't lock me out! You can't do this to me!" He shouted back before slamming a fist into the wall next to the door. He gasped and flinched at the sting against his spectral flesh.

"Beetlejuice! If you put a hole in my wall I will send you to the sandworms myself!" Her scream pierced through the door causing him to flinch just slightly. After a few moments, Lydia yanked her bedroom door open and stormed passed him.

Completely dressed and hair a mess she maintained control on her power as she forced his ghostly essence back and sealed him from that room as well.

Lydia was thankful for this newfound skill though she had no idea how she was manifesting the shields. Beetlejuice ranted right outside of the bubble about how she needed to listen and forgive him but her heart was just not ready.

She couldn't stop seeing that crazed look in his eyes. The evil that burned with a desire to maim her was far more terrifying than watching him torture her former school teacher. He was her lover, the one being in this universe that she trusted with her heart and soul…

Lydia clutched her heart and looked into the mirror. The woman before her, dressed in a simple purple dress, had streaks of salty liquid on her cheeks and her eyes burned as a light pink tinge began to show. She looked about as haggard as she felt.

"Damn it, Babes, if I was ready for yer death then I woulda let that bitch get away with murder. I coulda let ya fall and drown in that fucking ice water but I didn't… no, I didn't, cuz, I love ya. Ya gotta believe me."

Her shoulders stiffened as he continued to placate her through the doorway. The words began to sink in slowly the more he continued to talk.

Lydia couldn't believe what she was hearing. The burn of her rage began to rekindle but not at her beloved idiot this time. She felt like she was ready to unleash the monster inside herself not caring how hypocritical those emotions made her out to be.

She gave her face a quick rinse and dried her face with a washcloth before she dared to open the door to face the enraged spirit.

"I'm only going to ask you this once and you better give me an answer." Her confidence bolstered when she saw the uncertainty in BJ's eyes. "Tell me everything you know."

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