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Chapter 9

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"He actually told me to be the bait. Better hope this works, what the hell are you even thinking Nie Li?!" Lu Piao wasn't exactly whispering. I could see the fear written all over his face. He was shaking like a leaf, and when the Horned sheet started charging him, he panicked. Stumbled, fell flat on his ass, and then immediately ran like a dog with his tail between his legs.

Du Ze, Nie Li and I were hiding in the bush. Both Du Ze and Nie Li where holding crossbows. Apparently, the merchants were running low on cross bows today. Lu Piao didn't ask why, and the only thing that I could think of is either a mass transaction from either the glory city army, or the demon spiritualist association. The association usually would do this when there was a large group going out of the city walls. It could also be a large family buying them up for guards or expeditions. Something to look out for later.

"What the Hell Nie LI!? This thing is crazier than you said! Don't Just stand there you two! Shoot, shoot it!" Lu Piao yelled. When he saw the Horned Sheep getting closer, he ran nonstop.

"didn't we agree to have him stay still and not move? The Horned Sheep would have surely fallen for the trap. However, once he ran, the sheep deviated from the trap's direction," Nie Li frowned. The trap is actually a small, two finger pit and once the Horned Sheep carelessly stepped into the trap, it would have definitely fractured its leg. Firing bolts at it, once that happened, would have caused the result to be much better.

"Maybe he would have understood that, if you actually told him instead of just telling 'Go be bait, oh and for good measure don't move an in'" you could practically see the sarcasm radiating off of me.

Seeing Lu Piao ran in a panic, Du Ze also got nervous and continuously pulled the trigger at the sheep. *shu shu shu* Three crossbow bolts shot out from the crossbow.

That Horned Sheep is a demon-ized creature. it hasn't been injured so the reaction of the Horned Sheep was extremely fast. When it sensed the three bolts that were being shot at its direction, with its fast reflexes, it made a few jumps and caused the three crossbow bolts to graze passed the sheep. Okay, gotta admit. That was kinda cool.

Suddenly there was a jolt in my mind. In the Library of Heaven's path there was flourish of books and ruffling of paper. A new book appeared. Taking the second to look at the book, I was stumped. It was a book about Du Ze. A very detailed book, parents, family, family situation, training scheduled, inner thoughts, current cultivation technique, you name it and its there.

I was frozen, The Library could give information on people? Why hadn't something like this popped up before? Was it because He was technically in combat, or could it be because of a specific action? Would this book appear if I just watched someone train, or would only be available in situations like this? Either way this is absolutely a life saver. With information gathering ability like this, I could do just about anything. Whether it be capitalizing on the information or blackmail. There were just too many opportunities.

"What? Missed?"

Lu Piao was perplexed as the Horned Sheep's horn closed in on him. he almost burst into tears in his heart. He began to think that he made a mistake in making friends. If the sharp horn reaches him, he'd be dead meat for sure.

When he saw the Horned Sheep dodge the crossbow bolts, and continued its charge at Lu Piao, made Du Ze's hands covered in sweat. If he tried to load another bolt onto the crossbow, he would be too late. He could imagine the scene of Lu Piao's butt being stabbed by the Horned Sheep's horn in his head.

"Nie Li, what should we do…." Du Ze immediately went silent after speaking halfway. He was afraid to disturb Nie Li.

Nie Li half squatted. His left arm was straightened with the crossbow over his left arm. His right hand was clenching the trigger. His eyes were glued to the sight and the crossbow was so stable it was as though it was placed onto a holder.

I had an indescribable feeling. Like an Instinct, a gut feeling, Nie Li had yet to fire a bolt, but I had a feeling that the bolt will surely hit the Horned Sheep. Nie Li, at this moment, was like a cheetah crouching in the bushes, waiting for his prey. He was releasing an awe-inspiring aura.

Another reason to be warry of Nie Li.

The surrounding area seemed to have only one person there. The look Nie Li had in his eyes was like a hawk waiting to catch its prey.


Nie Li pulled the trigger and a crossbow bolt was unleashed. The bolt that left turned into a silvery light and gracefully flew quickly. The angle that Nie Li targeted was in the blind spot of the Horned Sheep's sight.

"It hit!"

Another book appeared into my mind. A book about Nie Li! Nie Li's book started off similar to Du Ze's book. Explain who he is, who his family was, his current cultivation technique. However, the later half of the book is what blew my mind.

Time travel. Real, time travel. My Mind instantly went to information from my past life. To what was know as Einstein's theory of special relativity, it says that time slows down or speeds up depending on how fast you move relative to something else. Approaching the speed of light, a person inside a spaceship would age much slower than his twin at home.

Nie Li, had apparently lived a long…long life. The numbers trying to work around in my mind says that impossible. The Speed and energy to slow time down was enormous, and that wasn't even talking about the necessary energy to turn time to go Backwards.

In my past life, the concept of time travel was simply impossible. Now that I think about it a little more, Nie Li's soul was the only thing sent back in time. No matter of physical form was sent back. The understanding of the soul from my past life was vastly vague and not at all understood.

I also reminded myself that I wasn't in my past life. I was in a world where soul force was a thing. Something that could make the impossible possible.

There was also another explanation. Transmigration. Which is also what landed me into this world. My past life also had something called the multiverse theory. Where there was endless version of the same world. However, these worlds all differed. Either in great details, or small ones. He could have been transmigrated into a world in which a new soul was placed into Chi Kai, when he was supposed to die or maybe we were both transmigrated into the same world my chance. I wasn't too keen on that Idea. The possibilities of that happening where slim to none without outside interference.

My mind swam with possible theories to explain us both being here. There weren't enough facts to presented to me to make a plausible theory for what exactly happened.

The only inclination of what had sent Nie Li back in time, was something Called the Temporal demon spirit book. It did not tell me what the book was, or how it worked. Just that it was responsible for the majority, if not all, of Nie Li's knowledge.

Nie Li's book explained that he had reached a level that made Legend rank look like nothing more than a fly. It also explained that Nie Li often thought himself more capable, and stronger than he was because he hadn't really adjusted his mental state back into the body of kid who hadn't even reached bronze rank yet.

He need's a severe reality check. Otherwise, he is going to get someone killed. I need to find a way to get that through to him without exposing that I know he is technically from the future. That was going to be rough. Waiting for him to mess something up and capitalize on the opportunity to teach him a lesson was fool hardy at best. However, it was the only option for me to get it through his head that as of right now he is nothing more than a previous immortal in the body of an ant about to catch the bottom of a boot without revealing the Library of Heaven's path.

I could use the small threat of the Horned sheep. Nie Li's misjudgment could have gotten him hurt. No fatal injuries of course but hurt none the less.

On another note, he is a treasure trove of information. One that I cannot pass up. At least my suspicions weren't as bad as I thought. He is still dangerous, but that's only because of his pride and delusions of still being as strong as he once was.

I don't know how long I was in the Library, but it couldn't have been more than a few seconds. The sound of the bolt hitting its target brought me out of my thoughts and the library.


The bolt hit the back leg of the horned sheep.


The horned sheep fell onto the ground wailing, landed in front of Lu Piao and raised dust all around it.

Lu Piao was gasping for air. Note for later, Give them a copy of my work out routine. He wasn't even in good enough condition to run from one of the lowest ranked demon beasts there was.

If Nie Li's bolt was slightly slower, he would have been hit by that Horned Sheep!

If the bolt was an ordinary bolt, this kind of injury wouldn't even affect a demonized Horned Sheep and it would have definitely gotten up again. However, the bolt that they were using wasn't an ordinary bolt. It was smeared with the drug mixed from Black Pool Grass and Zoysia Grass.

Alchemy was a priceless skill. One that I wanted to study with earnest. Right along with inscriptions. The book on Nie Li had said that Nie Li's largest pillars of strength was his knowledge on cultivation, alchemy, and inscription patterns.

I wasn't one to just specialize in just those areas. I held my self to a standard higher than what I held others. If I was going to get stronger, I needed all the knowledge and training that I can get my hands on.

The drug swiftly went along with the blood vessels and reached the heart of the Horned Sheep. Soon, the wailing sound of the Horned Sheep was getting softer and softer.

"So fast!" Du Ze was surprised. He never thought that the drug that Nie Li mixed would have such a strong effect. After a moment, the robust sheep completely lost the battle of wills.

Lu Piao was also surprised. He fully understood the strength of these sheep, which was the strength of two Bronze rank Fighters combined. It usually required a long time to defeat one, but this Horned Sheep was defeated with just a small bolt.

"That was too thrilling!"

Whenever Lu Piao thought of the scene from earlier, you could practically see that it would bring back the fear that was lingering within him.

"If you hadn't run, that Horned Sheep wouldn't have been a threat to you!" Nie Li faintly laughed.

"Okay," muttered Lu Piao, with his face turning red. He didn't act according to the plan, and immediately panicked when he saw the Horned Sheep charging in his direction.

"Nie LI, I think you should have explained your reasoning to him" I spoke up. Nie Li gave me a confused look. I could see the unasked question all over his face.

I couldn't help but sigh and rub a hand over my face. "Nie LI, Lu Piao didn't know that the Horned Sheep would have stopped right of the edge of his territory."

The shocked looks across the three was answer enough. Lu Piao and Du Ze had no idea, why Nie Li had set the plan up that way. Their trust in him was too much for me. I can understand trusting someone, but to trust them enough to go along blind of the reason and not asking question? If it had been anyone else but Nie LI, then it could have gotten them really hurt.

"Lu Piao, if you would have stayed where you were standing. The Horned sheep would have stopped roughly a few feet from you. It's a scare tactic that the Horned sheep uses when other stray to close to its territory." I explained to him. I then have a scathing glance had Nie Li, mild anger shone in my eyes.

"Nie Li, if you would have told him that then he wouldn't have panicked. He would have known it was going to stop. Your simple overlook, could have Hurt Lu Piao. Granted the damage wouldn't have been that bad since it was only a Horned sheep, and you did manage to stop the beast before it got to him. No damage was done this time, but what about next time!" My voice was raising. This wasn't just a simple admonishment. I was really mad. The disregard for someone else, if it wasn't in that bad of a situation, is still one of the biggest slaps in the face of those that truly trust you.

I could see the embarrassment in his eyes. He gained a far away look in his eyes for a moment. My guess is remembering o his past life. The book on him did mention that He was drove from Glory city in his past life. Did Lu Piao and Du Ze not make it with him? The look of anguish in his eyes told me what I needed to know.

The emotion on his face was quickly swapped with that of utter determination.

"Lu Piao, I am truly sorry. I promise on my life as your sworn brother that I will not let this happen again!" the resolution of his sentence made me relax a little, but this is going to need time to fix. Your mind cannot simply change on the drop of a dime.

Your mind is shaped and molded slowly over your life. With you experiences and influences, you mind is tempered by time. That is why those of older age are known for being wise. Now that doesn't apply to everyone, but that generalized statement is somewhat true.

"it's no big deal Nie Li!" Lu Piao just brushed it off as nothing. I couldn't help but shake my head at him.

"Hurry up and clean up. We do not want anything other than the horns, the fur on the neck, the demon crystal, and the demon spirit!" Nie Li quickly ordered. A Horned Sheep's demon crystal and demon spirit are located in the brain area. Demon crystals are thumb-sized crystals and most demon beasts had a demon crystal. As for the demon spirit, only one or two would appear within tens of thousands of Horned Sheep. The shape of the demon spirit is like a candle's flame.

A Horned Sheep with a demon spirit would generally be stronger than the other Horned Sheep.

Horned Sheep are relatively low level, only 1-star Bronze rank demon beasts. The materials from them are relatively cheap. A pair of horns could be sold for five demon spirit coins, and the fur on its neck could be sold for three demon spirit coins. As for the demon crystal, it can be sold for five demon spirit coins.

Counting it this way, even if there is no demon spirit in it, it can still fetch a price of thirteen demon spirit coins.

They only took, at most, five minutes to kill the Horned Sheep. If it only takes this long, wouldn't the three of them get thousands of demon spirit coins in one day?

In my past life, there was a saying. "Every penny counts, it all adds up over time." It couldn't be truer.

The excitement on Du ze was almost tangible. His family is very poor, and their income would only be two to three thousand demon spirit coins annually. In order to let him enter the Holy Orchid Institute, Du Ze's family had to borrow a lot of money from relatives and friends. Du Ze is the hope of their family! If he hunts horned sheep together with Nie Li, he would be able to pay for his own school fees in the future!

'That should change very soon' it thought. My deal with the alchemist association should help them out big time.

Nie Li smiled and said, "We have to be a little bit faster. There will be no rest tonight!"

"Okay!" Du Ze excitedly replied. Although they have yet to enter 1-star Bronze rank, their bodies are extremely strong. Staying up all night is nothing. That was something that filled me with pure joy. I was a night owl in my past life. My sleeping habits where terrible, and health issues made my sleep interrupted every few hours. I was a bit of a insomniac, that had sleep apnea. Perfect combo, right?

The prospect of by body not needing as much sleep to actually feel normal was music to my ears.

Lu Piao couldn't help but wail as these three guys are simply misers. They would forsake rest for the sake of money! Although he's sad, he doesn't have much of a choice. Who asked him to join? That was all his choice.

The three of them worked closely together and continuously hunted Horned sheep. After killing dozens of them, Lu Piao would transport the materials out to have it sold.

In one night's, time, Nie Li's group of four hunted a total of about one hundred and twenty horned sheep, which was sold for about one thousand, two hundred demon spirit coins. Splitting it equally, they each received about three hundred demon spirit coins.

This amount of money is simply amazing for someone that has yet to enter 1-star Bronze rank. Even for a Bronze rank Fighter, getting twenty to thirty demon spirit coins a day is already considered a lot.

Seven consecutive days was spent attending lessons during the day, while at night the four of us would come to the training grounds to kill Horned Sheep. Their money has now reached to more than ten thousand demon spirit coins, which can be considered a huge amount of wealth for them. I had kept up with my work out routine before getting cleaned up for class.

I had learned that if spent the time resting in my mind, in the library of heaven's path, that I could really study and get through the mass number of books that I had been able to collect so far from the various associations. I had also snuck in a few minutes here and there to visit the Holy Orchard's Library before heading back to hunt more Horned sheep.

It was a rigorous schedule. One with very little rest, but we have managed to earn quite a bit of money. Not like it will really help me any with the various things I was able to come to a deal with the alchemy association. I will let everyone know in due time. Hard work is good for character.

The students in the Holy Orchid Institute were all wondering why the amount of Horned Sheep in the training grounds suddenly dropped. In the past, they would just casually walk around and easily find Horned Sheep in groups. However, now one has to look around for a long time in order to find one. Could it be that there are beasts like tigers coming in and hunting these Horned Sheep? The Holy Orchid Institute even specially dispatched instructors to investigate the cause but found nothing.

On the eighth consecutive evening, Nie Li's group of three was in the dark hunting Horned Sheep. The sky was dark, and it was already midnight.

Lu Piao yawned and said, "Nie Li, I can't take it anymore. I'm taking a short nap on top of the tree."

Seven consecutive days of nonstop Horned Sheep hunting caused him to be so tired that he couldn't continue anymore.

Not only Lu Piao, even Du Ze couldn't take it anymore.

"Nie Li, I also have to sleep first," Du Ze said. His eyelids have been fighting to stay awake for a whole seven days. Even a man of steel wouldn't be able to endure it.

"You guys sleep first. We'll pause the hunting tomorrow night. I have other plans," Nie Li said. He had already accumulated more than sixteen thousand demon spirit coins. This is their first bucket of gold. With that, they can do a lot of stuff. It was no longer necessary to hunt Horned Sheep.

"Nie Li, you should rest with them also. I will take first watch; I am the only one that has made time to really rest in small increments."

"You really don't have to do that Chi Kai; I am really fine."

"Nie Li, you are the one with the plan. If you are not going to sleep, at least site down and rest. Plan the next step of yours. Make sure there are no errors. Minor mistakes are fine and good now, just like the other day with the first horned sheep. However, later in the game you never know when extra planning may help." Nie li had a hard time coming up with a reply. After a few moments, he nodded his head.

"Good, I am going to check out the area. Make sure nothing to big is gonna get the just on us. Once, I am done, I will make my way back here."

Lu Piao and Du Ze climbed up a towering tree, lied down on a branch and fell asleep immediately. Both of their childish faces were full of exhaustion. Although they both belonged to the premature type, in the end they're still just two teenagers. Nie Li settled on a lower branch, crossed his legs, and looked like he was going to meditate.

Meditation had a lot of positives. It let you rest, while also being able to focus the mind and work through information. It also allowed for some to make breakthrough, or just find peace in times of great stress. There really weren't any downfalls to it.

I sped through the surrounding woods. A round moon hung in the sky. The sounds of various insects would be heard from time to time, causing the surrounding area to be increasingly quiet.

There's no large sized demon beast around, so far it seemed to be a good place to get some rest.

Suddenly, I heard some weird sounds. I stopped to try and focus on the sound, that's when I felt it. I felt soul force in the surrounding area. As if, someone was cultivation. There seems to be someone else here, but who would cultivate out under the moon?

"Who is still in the training grounds at this time?"

Some of the books that I had copied from the books in the physicians guild recommended not to cultivate at night unless either in doors, or it was a cultivation technique that helped focus the energy provided by the moon.

My brows frowned and I ran towards that direction. I hid in the woods while looking at the field that's covered in moonlight. Using the moonlight to see, I saw a slender and slim figure standing in the middle of the moonlight. She had shoulder length hair, was wearing a leather jacket, and was exuding a faint blue light.

This is the light of soul force! Although it hadn't step into Bronze rank, it should be entering Bronze rank soon.

Using the light from the soul force, my eyes landed on her face. Her eyes were shut, her long eyelashes slightly trembled, and slender eyebrows. She had flawless, white skin glowing a healthy pink, and rich, delicate lips. She and Ye Ziyun possessed two different kinds of beauty. Ye Ziyun possessed a silent elegance, like a beautiful violet flower. While she was charming, with a seductive and glamorous look, like a rose with thorns.

"Xiao Ning'er, never would have thought it was her,", slightly surprised for a moment. Xiao Ning'er was more hard working than I imagined. She was still training her soul force at this time of night.

A book appeared in my mind. One of Xiao Ning'er. Like Du ze's book it explained her family's situation. Apparently, that had been duped by the sacred family, and a large portion of their buisness and capital had been taken by them. So much had been taken, that they had no other choice but to cozy up to them. Forcing her to marry a member of the sacred family.

She was plagued by dreams from the future. It would seem it is also Dreams of the world that Nie Li experienced. That was weird. My theory on transmigration just got a little bit weaker it seemed. The dreams don't happen too often, but they have a very big impact on her.

It also seems I was right about cultivating in open moon light. She had the Artic Disease. An illness caused by often training at night. It would lead to chilled air entering the body which in turn would block the veins. In a light case it causes the person to get seriously ill, and in serious cases, it would cause the body to explode.

Thankfully, it was mentioned in the books from the Physician's guild. It wasn't mentioned but only a hand full of times. There wasn't a large array of treatments available either.

After thinking awhile debating whether to approach her. I was weighing the option in my mind to treat her or not. I could treat her, I could point her in the direction of a treatment, or I could just let her be. The last option was already dismissed. I couldn't just leave someone to suffer. Especially someone that I had to tools to help them. I made up my mind fairly quickly. I walked towards Xiao Ning'er.

"Who!?" Xiao Ning'er suddenly opens her eyes, and frailly shouted, while retrieving a short dagger. She warily looked at me. Her facial expression was chilling cold. Through the moonlight, those deeply alert eyes had an indescribable charm in them.

Although she was only thirteen years old, the current her can definitely be considered a beautiful teen. The leather jacket's front chest area was slightly bulging. At this age, she can definitely be proud of it.

Even in my past life, there weren't a lot of girls that developed that early. Now that I think about. Quite a few girls in this world develop early. The boys go through puberty slightly early too. Is this the effects of having soul force? or is it just a quirk of the world?

"I'm Chi Kai" I said. Although he has never talked with Xiao Ning'er, they can still be considered classmates and were somewhat familiar with each other.

Xiao Ning'er put down her short dagger, but still kept her guard up as she looked at me and said, "What are you doing here?"

I faintly smiled, "What are you doing here?"

"I'm here to train my soul force," Xiao Ning'er said, looking at me through the moonlight.

I shrugged my shoulders and said, "me and my friends hang out around here sometimes."

"You're lying. Don't think I don't know. During these last few days, you guys have been the ones killing those Horned Sheep," Xiao Ning'er said.

She would probably be one of the only ones to really notice. None of the instructors ventured out into the training grounds at night.

"So you knew since long ago, "I said, looking at Xiao Ning'er.

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