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Nie Li glanced towards Xiao Ning'er. She had a slim figure, was wearing a short, yellow skirt, and a pair of high heeled boots. Her black was hair draped over her shoulders. She had bright, clear eyes, curved eyebrows, and long eyelashes that slightly trembled. Her flawless white skin revealed touches of pink, and delicate lips were like rose petals.

Aside from having a charming feel to her, she had an indescribable, wild beauty and a cold expression on her face that added a different kind of taste.

I remembered that Xiao Ning'er was the first child of the Winged Dragon Family. She was part of one of the seven Noble families. Her soul force talent was only beneath Ye Ziyun. However, her family fell into a trap by the sacred family a lost a large part of their land and holdings, if the rumors can be belived.

The only thing is, in order to curry favor with one of the three Major families, the Winged Dragon Family forced Xiao Ning'er to marry into the Sacred Family. She would've had to marry Shen Yue's elder brother.

Arranged marriages really made me upset. They were not that common in my previous life and that is for a reason. Every living being should have the right to chose who they get to love and who they get to marry. It should be a human right. Unfortunately, in this world, if they aren't strong enough, they don't stand a chance of winning your hand in marriage. The family basically sells their daughters out for the best price they can get.

I felt sorry for Xiao Ning'er. She had some of the best talent in the class, and just because of the sacred family she was forced into marrying someone that she didn't want. The kicker is that word is that he loves to run around too. Apparently, he loves to sleep around and "conquer" as many women he can get his hands on.

That's not my words, but the kids around me. It doesn't surprise me. Shen Fei, the man Xiao Ning'er was supposed to marry, sounded like the type to act like the women that her slept with were just nothing but conquests. Sounded like a total asshat.

"In the Fighter and Demon Spiritualist tests in two months' time, I hope that there will be a few 1-star Bronze rank Demon Spiritualists. Both myself and the Holy Orchid Institute will feel proud of you!" Shen Xiu laughed.

Bronze, Silver, Gold, Black Gold, Legend, these five ranks are further broken down into 1 to 5-star levels, and thus obtaining a 1-star Bronze rank is considered the starting point.

Once a Fighter's strength or Demon Spiritualist's soul force reaches 100, they can be considered a 1-star Bronze rank. Entering the entry level is extremely difficult. Lots of people are unable to step into the entry level to become a real Fighter or Demon Spiritualist.

Hearing Shen Xiu's words, the students in the class started whispering to one another. In order to become a 1-star Bronze rank Fighter you must to be able to lift up a hundred-pound rock and break a tree as thick as an arm with a punch in order to reach 1-star Bronze rank. For these kids, it's simply too difficult. Unless one has been consuming elixirs since birth, it will be hard to achieve. As for becoming a Demon Spiritualist, one is required to refine a large amount of soul force within their body. This is a lot harder to accomplish compared to becoming a Fighter.

Soul realms are divided into seven colors: red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, azure and indigo. A normal human would have a red soul realm. For them to become a Demon Spiritualist it is nearly impossible, or so they say. They would normally choose to become a Fighter instead. As for people with orange and yellow soul realms, they're more suitable to train in soul force. The people with green or cyan soul realms is considered extraordinary talents.

The students in the class all looked at Ye Ziyun, Shen Yue and Xiao Ning'er. They envied them because they are the only ones that could become a 1-star Bronze rank in less than half a year.

After becoming a 1-star Bronze rank, they can then enter the official Fighter class or official Demon Spiritualist class. At that time, they won't be in the same class as them.

Feeling the gaze of other students, Shen Yue proudly puffed his chest out. As a member of the Sacred Family, he's had all kinds of elixirs ever since he was young. He has already long surpassed his peers. It would be an easy thing to get his soul force to hit 100 in two months. He shall await the test in two months' time.

Shen Yue looked at the elegant Ye Ziyun beside him. From that look in his eye, it looks like Shen Yue treats women just like his elder brother.

Ye Ziyun and Xiao Ning'er looked each other in the eyes. They both had superior origins, which was certainly not bad. It seemed to me at the very least, that there was something between them. Friendship, rivalry maybe? I don't know, I just get that vibe from them.

Shen Xiu looked towards Nie Li with contempt in her eyes and spoke in a disdainful tone, "As for those who claim they can reach 1-star Bronze rank within two months, I want to see to what extent they can actually reach!"

One's soul realm and physical condition determines a person's cultivation speed. For Nie Li's situation, according to normal levels, he would need at least three to five years to reach entry level. Even if he becomes 1-star Bronze rank, becoming a Demon Spiritualist while having a red soul realm is simply dreaming.

Nie Li looked like he didn't put Shen Xiu's words to heart.

"Two months? There's still time to spare," said Nie Li as the side of his mouth upturned, showing a faint confident smile.

Privately, Nie Li, Lu Piao Du Ze, and I were conversing.

"Nie Li, do you like Ye Ziyun?" Lu Piao asked looking at Nie Li.

"Yes!" Nie Li said truthfully.

Lu Piao stared into Nie Li's eyes, after a while he sighed, "Ye Ziyun's a beauty indeed. And seeing that you're my brother, I shall not fight with you. But as a brother, I have to warn you, Ye Ziyun's identity is too noble. She isn't someone we can match."

"You two, can you be more realistic? Ye Ziyun's a super genius with a cyan soul realm! Soon she'll become a 1-star Bronze rank Demon Spiritualist. I estimate that in two months' time she'll be able to enter the official Demon Spiritualist class. After entering the official Demon Spiritualist class, her cultivation will definitely soar. Whether she remembers you or not is still a problem. What I hate the most is your kind of noble offspring is constantly thinking of how to chase after girls, when you don't even know how to work hard and train!" Du Ze snorted, relentlessly.

"What do you mean by noble offspring constantly thinking of chasing after girls? You're slandering! I've always been hard-working okay? At most, I've only used half a day to think of girls!" Lu Piao shrugged his shoulders.

"Good heavens! What kind of people did I get involved with?" said Du Ze, rolling his eyes.

"I agree with Du Ze, on this one. If you would like to be able to protect those close to you, Hard work will definitely be involved." Du Ze gave a grateful nod, while Nie Li gave me an appreciative glance.

Du Ze's talent isn't bad. He has a yellow soul realm and works very hard with his training. That meant, that he had some talent there for cultivating Soul force. with enough hard work he could pull his family up from commoner status.

Du Ze's seemed to be a very loyal person, but slightly old fashioned and takes things seriously. In contrast with Du Ze, Lu Piao's a dandyish young master. Although he only has a red soul realm, but from what I could tell about him he had high Fighter talents. If he puts in the effort and works hard, his cultivation would definitely soar. However, he's simply too lazy.

But life is intriguing. Although they are two completely different kinds of people, they still became brothers in their previous life.

"Nie Li, I recommend you give up. Focus on your training instead," Du Ze said, persuading Nie Li seriously. If Nie Li really fell for her, it'll be an extremely sad thing.

"Don't worry, I'm well aware of the things that I want to do, and they will definitely be accomplished!" Nie Li spoke with confidence. Yup, this guy isn't going to give up.

Listening to Nie Li's words, Du Ze and Lu Piao staggered for a moment. They're unable to imagine where Nie Li got such confidence. After they saw Nie Li's expression, they had a feeling that he could certainly accomplish it. They couldn't help but be influenced by Nie Li's mood.

De Zu thought for a moment and spoke up, "Fine. No matter what you do, we will always support you!"

"I have to say though. From what I can tell, Shen Yue is after her hand. You need to be careful otherwise the sacred family might take offence" after I had said that both Du Ze and Lu Piao looked apprehensive. Both knew what it meant to step on the toes of a major family.

"Don't you worry about that; I can handle whatever they can send at me" that surprised both Lu Piao and Du Ze

I hardened my gaze, "Don't get to confident. Overconfidence can lead to you down fall. However, I am more worried about what might happen to those around you and your family. I can support you Ideals Nie Li, but you need to think about what might happen to those around you, when you aren't around to protect them." Nie Li looked like he had been smacked. I can tell the surprise in his eyes. He hadn't thought about his family.

"Just be careful about who you offend, and if you do offend them. Make sure you are ready to fight them off. None of are families are in the position to fight them off, and our cultivation are too low."

They all took my advice seriously and the atmosphere turned a little somber. I could tell that NIe Li was thinking over my words, just like everyone else. That's good. At least if he fights the sacred family, he will be smart about it.

Being punished and standing together, caused them to produce a strong brotherly relationship. At least, after the heavy part of the conversation.

"Du Ze, Lu Piao, Chi Kai, I will let all of you become the strongest Demon Spiritualists!" Nie Li said heavily. I'm not sure how he is going to do that but let's find out.

"Forget it. I only have a red soul realm. With the support of my family's elixirs, becoming a Fighter wouldn't be an issue. Becoming a demon spiritualist would be too hard!" said Lu Piao, starting to back out.

"What's the use of becoming a Fighter? The higher you climb, the harder it is to train, and a Fighter can't be a match for a Demon Spiritualist. In the battlefield, a Legend rank Fighter isn't even worth a Black Gold rank Demon Spiritualist. You must know that Demon Spiritualists are powerful combat forces!" argued Du Ze. He was filled with hope to become a Demon Spiritualist. If he wants to do something, he will give it his best. That's his principle.

"No need to become a Legend rank fighter. If I can become a Gold rank Fighter, I'd be satisfied," Lu Piao said frankly, completely unmoved.

Du Ze's speechless. Nothing can be said to an aimless person.

"You have a red soul realm, so what? I also a red soul realm," Nie Li said, looking towards us.

Lu Piao, Du Ze and I were puzzled. Nie Li has a red soul realm, yet he actually had the confidence to say that he'll reach 1-star Bronze rank in two months. Could he have some special methods? I know that I might be able to do it with the perfect cultivation technique that the Library gives me, but what is his method?

"Nie Li, what methods do you have to refine soul force in order to raise your cultivation level?" Du Ze asked. He's very curious. From what he knows there's no shortcut in training one's soul force.

"Just listen to me. As long as you don't back down, you can become a powerful Demon Spiritualist."

Well that sounded like a brush off. For someone who apparently likes drawing attention to himself, that surprised me. I thought that he'd be mouthing it off as much as possible. At least he has some brains up there.

"Back down? Never!" Du Ze firmly said. He will become stronger to change his family's fate; in this matter, he'll never back out.

"Will it be very troublesome?" Lu Piao mumbled. That made me chuckle. Even in my past life I didn't know anyone this lazy.

Du Ze threw him a look. I could practically see his thought process. So far, I could tell Du Ze was the type to always take the hard road, and really work himself to the bone. Lu Piao, however, was the type to laze around and barely work.

The problem I had with that is what happens if someone attacks you family, the ones you care most about? You're not as strong as you could have been, and all you can do is watch them get slaughtered. Then you'd have to think for the rest of your life of how you could have been strong enough.

"It's not troublesome," replied Nie Li as he shook his head. His complexion was normal when he continued, "We just need a lot of money."

"If it can be solved as long as you have money, this is too easy," stated Lu Piao as he loosened his breath, "How much do you need? I have a lot. I saved up two thousand demon spirit coins. If I can become a Demon Spiritualist, I can afford to spend it all."

If two thousand demon spirit coins can get you a Demon Spiritualist title, it's simply too awesome.

Nie Li looked at Lu Piao. Lu Piao had a lot of nerve to think that two thousand demon spirit coins can be considered a lot.

Helplessly, Nie Li said, "What can two thousand demon spirit coins do? Of course, it's not enough. You'll need at least millions of demon spirit coins, or even tens of millions!"

Tens of millions of demon spirit coins? Du Ze and Lu Piao took a deep breath. One million demon spirit coins. That's the same as an Aristocratic family's annual income! Where can they get so much money?

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