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Next to Ye Ziyun sat a tall and handsome boy who was, occasionally, catching a glimpse of Ye Ziyun. He noticed that Ye Ziyun was looking at Nie Li. He threw a furious look towards Nie Li. He was slightly taller than Nie Li and began emitting a faint yin aura.

Naturally, Nie Li recognized this person. He's Shen Yue. He belongs to the Sacred Family, which is one of the three Major families and has extraordinary talent. Shen Xiu, who's currently talking on the stage, is his aunt.

In Nie Li's past life, Shen Yue had always been Ye Ziyun's pursuer. Before Glory City was destroyed, Shen Yue and Ye Ziyun almost got married. In the eyes of their families, they had always been a perfect match. If Glory City wasn't destroyed, both of them would have definitely gotten married. Before they underwent the marriage ceremony, Glory City was under the attack of the Snow Wind beasts. before the city was broken through by the beasts, the Sacred Family betrayed Glory City by abandoning their duties and fled.

This may be the work of fate. Ye Ziyun did not become Shen Yue's wife in his previous life. This might be his chance to win her over!

Thinking back, Nie Li couldn't help laughing in his heart. after he saw Ye Ziyun and Shen Yue's glares, Nie Li couldn't help feeling a headache forming. The current Ye Ziyun had a few good impressions of Shen Yue. The look that Ye Ziyun give to Nie Li was full of disdain. Ye Ziyun must have thought of him as a lazy, playful person. Granted she wasn't wrong at this time.

When he saw Ye Ziyun look in his direction, Nie Li felt a lag in his breath. When he saw that familiar face, he began to think of everything that happened in his previous life. He gave her one of the biggest smiles he could he manage, while staring.

'Many thanks to the Temporal Demon Spirit Book. It allowed us to meet once again.' Nie Li silently thought with gratitude.

'Weirdo,' Ye Ziyun thought. She felt that Nie Li's gaze was somewhat strange. His bright eyes shined like stars, with a touch of sadness. Ye Ziyun's heart was filled with questions. Does she know Nie Li? Why does he look at her with that kind of gaze?

Ye Ziyun's a beauty with white teeth and vermilion lips. She was like a lotus blooming, while having an unspeakable cute temperament. This was why there are so many boys fascinated with her.

At this point, Shen Xiu's gaze swept passed Nie Li's body. The action of these thirteen-fourteen-year-old kids couldn't escape her eyes. She is a Silver rank Demon Spiritualist. She already reached the state of having the mind and body being one powerful sixth sense. Her eyesight was extremely keen. She could even see a fleeing rat over a hundred meters away.

Ye Ziyun has a noble identity. She has the status of being the daughter of Glory City's City Lord, as well as being the granddaughter of the Legend rank Demon Spiritualist, Ye Mo. Not only that, she has a cyan soul realm formed within her dantian. A rare talent!

Only a few people in the Holy Orchid Institute knew of Ye Ziyun's identity. If Shen Yue manages to have Ye Ziyun as his wife, it could strongly strengthen the Sacred Family's position in Glory City. This is also why he's in the Fighter Apprentice class. It's also another reason why Shen Xiu is teaching this class.

-Chi Kai's POV-

Shen Xiu reverted her transformation with both of her arms hugging her chest. her eyes swept across the students and said, "For the next two years, all of you are my students. Although the principal mentioned that Holy Orchid Institute's students are equal, I have to let you know the ugly truth. In this world, equality doesn't exist!" Shen Xiu spoke in a slightly shrill voice. Her words were like daggers that heavily stabbed into the hearts of the students.

The students below the stage were quietly listening. No one spoke a word.

"After you have all grown up and left this school, you will agree with my words. Equality is merely a lie that adults fill you with. You can't be living in a fairy tale forever," Shen Xiu said, lowering her head to look at the students. "Glory City is the only city that has been preserved throughout the Age of Darkness. We are the only surviving humans. Within Glory City there are two kinds of powerful existences. The Fighters and the Demon Spiritualists. A Demon Spiritualist's existence is noble. Only one Fighter within thousands or tens of thousands could have a chance of being born a powerful Demon Spiritualist. Until now, in all of Glory City, only a few thousand Demon Spiritualists exist. We are the guardians of Glory City!"

'That's definitely not true' I thought. Theoretically with the right cultivation technique and motivation anyone could become a demon spiritualist. The cultivation techniques in glory city are just trash, and the "nobility" have become so arrogant that they think there is nothing wrong.

"Fighters and Demon Spiritualists are divided into Bronze, Silver, Gold, Black Gold and Legend ranks. The higher the rank, the more powerful one is. If a family produces a Gold rank Demon Spiritualist, they can become an aristocratic family. If a family produced a Black Gold rank Demon Spiritualist, they can become a Noble family. If a family produces three Black Gold rank Demon Spiritualists or a Legend rank Demon Spiritualist, that family can become a Major family. We have thirty-six people here. Some come from commoner families, some come from noble families. Although your starting point is the same, your identities are not. I hope each and every one of you has self-awareness and a degree of manners. Commoners will always remain commoners. It's impossible for you to become an Aristocratic family, so do not dream of rising up to become a phoenix. Even within nobility, they have a strict difference of levels that can never be exceeded."

'Ah, her true colors finally show', I knew that this was just a way for them to smash people down to help preserve their "right" for power. If people truly believe that they cannot fight back, then they won't. everyone will continue to believe that they can't possibly reach that level, and never try. You never know your limits until you push them.

Under Shen Xiu's gaze, the students that were simply dressed in the class showed discomfort on their faces. They were embarrassed and lowered their heads. Shen Xiu, and a few nobles, proudly pushed out their chests and showed arrogant pride. Only me, Nie Li, Ye Ziyun, Lu Piao and a few other nobles kept calm.

Nie Li looked to the side. Du Ze was wearing slightly worn out clothing. He was clenching his fists tightly and biting his lips. Du Ze came from a commoner family. I could tell by his appearance that his family wasn't doing so well. Hell, Nie Li's didn't look that much better. However, it must have took massive control on Du Ze's part to hold back his anger.

If Du Ze truly wants to prove her wrong, then he is going to have a lot of hard work to put in. I don't know how good his foundation is but coming from a commoner family it probably wasn't that great.

That's when a thought hit me. If I could study enough cultivation techniques, then I might be able to help some of the commoners. I have to be careful of who I might teach though. I need to teach people who would truly be loyal, and not try to stab me in the back for more power. I will need to stay close to some of the kids in my class to see what kind of temperaments they have.

Seeing Shen Xiu's face full of contempt, I could practically see the anger mounting up in Nie Li. This kid needs to learn how to control his emotions. Nothing good is going to come of this.

"Teacher Shen Xiu, I have a question," Nie Li suddenly spoke.

All the students were listening quietly and Nie Li suddenly interrupted her speech. Shen Xiu didn't look to happy at his interuption. She had knowing light in her eye, so that was it! She was doing this to smash down Nie Li. It would take an idiot to miss they way he was staring at Ye Ziyun. She must be important if Shen Xiu was trying to smash Nie Li down over it.

She coldly snorted, "What is it?"

"Teacher Shen Xiu says that Glory City is the only one that survived the Age of Darkness, that we are the only surviving humans. What proof do you have on this statement? May I ask if teacher ever went out of the St. Ancestral Mountains and visited the Endless Desert, the Toxic Forest, the Blood Moon Marsh, the Spirit Gulf, the Heavenly Luster Mountains, and the Northern Snow before?" Nie Li asked.

Oh yeah, this definitely isn't going to be good. I have no idea what any of those places are, but Challenging a teacher in front of the whole class never turns out well, and with our teacher being someone from the Sacred family? Nie Li needs to learn how pick and choose his battles if he is going to stay alive.

While I had the chance, I wrote the names into an empty book in the library of heaven's path. Something along the lines of "this place exists outside of Glory City.". Turns out, those places do exist. How does he know that? He is from the heavenly marks family, an aristocratic family. There is no way he's been outside the city walls.

I need to try to get some information out of him. If he knows these places exist, its untelling what he knows. I need to be careful though, if he knows these places, but hasn't been out of the city walls then that only means one thing. He has a master that has been to those places, and no one in Glory City knows. That is awfully suspicious. Dark guild maybe? A nomad perhaps? Definitely going to need to dig up some information to see.

"What Heavenly Luster Mountain? What Northern Snow?" Shen Xiu frowned. She looked confused at just those, maybe she does know of some of the places. Legends maybe?

That's another idea to look into. Look into all the supposed legends of Glory City, write them down in the library of Heaven's path and see whats true and what isn't.

Shen Xiu snorted, "I've been in Glory City since birth, and have never been to those places."

Nie Li smiled faintly and said, "Since Teacher Shen Xiu never went to those places, how can you be so sure that we are the only human beings alive?"

Shen Xiu was at a loss for words.

The students in the class started to talk quietly. They have no idea what kind of places Nie Li spoke about. Ye Ziyun, who was sitting far away, began to show interest that flashed across her eyes. She curiously looked at Nie Li. I could see that her mind is going down the avenue mine just did. How does he know of these places?

Shen Yue who was sitting beside Ye Ziyun slightly frowned his brows. He looked towards Nie Li, I could see almost a panic in his eye. I wonder what that is all about?

Seeing the students below discussing away, Shen Xiu's face was extremely displeased and scoffed, "So what? How can you prove that we are not the last surviving human beings?"

"Proof?" Nie Li smiled.

"Let me tell Teacher Shen Xiu a story. There was once a frog in the depth of the well. Since his birth, he has always been in that well. Since the start he could only see a part of the sky, so he claimed that the sky is only as big as the hole of the well. But is the sky only the size of the hole? We could only say that the frog is ignorant."

That was absolutely going to get him in trouble with the Sacred family. What was this guy thinking?

Listening to what Nie Li just said, the students in the class couldn't help laughing. They felt that what Nie Li said makes sense. And the idiom, "a frog viewing the sky from the bottom of the well", is indirectly calling Teacher Shen Xiu a frog.

"Viewing the sky from the bottom of the well, what an appropriate description," a few girls said while giggling away. They all disliked Shen Xiu, and couldn't help looking at Nie Li full of admiration, since Nie Li was the only one daring enough to openly insult a teacher in class.

"You…" Shen Xiu started as she stared at Nie Li. She was furious, and that was one nasty shade of red on her face. Nie Li actually compared her to an ignorant frog. She probably has never run into someone actually calling her ugly. Hell, hath no Fury like a woman scored, Nie Li was in some deep shit.

Ye Ziyun, who was sitting far away, couldn't control her laughter as well. I guess that is what Nie Li was really after. I guess teen hormones will make you do just about anything.

Nie Li winked towards Ye Ziyun and smiled.

Seeing Nie Li's expression, Ye Ziyun immediately turned her head back, was that a blush I saw? I believe it was. Shen Yue looks downright murderous. If this doesn't end in a fight, I am going to be surprised.

Watching Nie Li not only choke Teacher Shen Xiu, but also tease Ye Ziyun, I guess Lu Piao couldn't help raising a thumb at him. Some of the kids are looking at Nie Li in awe.

I might be able to get information on him and use his connection to some of the aristocratic and commoner families to check out for people that might be worth teaching when I am ready.

Nie Li looked at Shen Xiu, and continued "Teacher Shen Xiu, I still have another question."

Shen Xiu was about to die from the anger, but she couldn't flare up here. She could only reply in bad mood, "What question do you still have?!"

"Teacher Shen Xiu said, 'a commoner will always remain a commoner, they can never become a noble.' I have a little question. wasn't the Legend rank Demon Spiritualist, Ye Mo, a commoner when he was still young?" Nie Li asked, blinking his eyes a few times, and looking at Shen Xiu. "Is Teacher Shen Xiu not aware of this?"

Wait, that's right. I think I do remember hearing about Ye Mo. I need to start reading more into History. Especially Glory City's History.

The look on Shen Xiu's face was totally worth it though, too bad Nie Li will probably pay dearly for his words today.

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