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Holy Orchard Institute

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I spent the remainder of my time until going to the Holy Orchard Institute studying in the Library of Heaven's path. I was able to study the time difference in the Heaven's Path Library, which has to be one of my favorite things since coming to this world. it seemed that every minute in the Library was equivalent of one second outside of it. I had almost overloaded with joy, that's one hour in the library per minute. Twenty-four minutes is one freaking day in that beauty of a library! That had been a tremendous help studying.

The trip to the public library made me allowed me to absorb a lot of books, nowhere what I needed though. I was able to compile books on the basics of each subject, but anything beyond that was riddled with mistakes.

I wouldn't have any books on actual cultivation until I reached the institute. I was heavily restricted from the cultivation manuals in the family library and for good reason too. From the studying that I had done on meridians really showed me what I had really done. Your meridians aren't something that you can mess around with. It's is like tearing a muscle that can lead to your death. If you soul force can't flow right or at all, then that can be a death sentence to some. Cultivation wasn't easy. Especially with all the apparent mistakes that I'm finding in the basics.

It was a miracle that glory city didn't have more cultivation accidents really, but that is coming from someone in an aristocratic family. Commoners are treated like dirt in this world. Aristocratic families only slightly better.

They truly don't realize that without bricks the castle wouldn't have been built! Without the commoners, who would run the day to day labor of the city?

There is two major cities and six smaller towns that are in glory city. That is a lot of labor. Granted that's what the major families thought that the aristocratic families were for. They didn't know that aristocratic families rely on commoners too when they don't have enough people to help with the harvest.

A lot of the merchant guilds hired commoners for the menial labor. Merchants had a lot of work too, from auctions of cultivation related items to food from harvest. People have to buy this stuff from somewhere.

Everyone didn't think about where their families originated either. If you were able to trace these families far enough back, you'd find commoners in all of them. It may take awhile to trace but you'd find them right there building up the family. You have to start somewhere.

I am sure that if you were to look in the major family's libraries you would be able to find more complete cultivation technique's and a lot of less mistakes.

I spent a lot of time studying, but I also spent a lot of the time organizing the things that I had absorbed from both the family library and the public library. Once I had those organized, I compiled several books. The only flawless books that I was able to compile where the basics of each branch of knowledge.

I didn't have any books on cultivation, but I was surprised to find that the family library had quite the knowledge in alchemy. It does make sense since the majority of the family profit was made off of growing and selling the herbs used in alchemy.

I was able to compile a full book on alchemy, but it still had a lot of errors. That is when I got the idea to try to break down the entire subjects into levels that you'd find in the alchemy association. I was able to learn that the alchemy association had several ranks which are Apprentice, master, and grandmaster. Those are further broken down to primary and senior levels.

I wasn't able to compile a full book on apprentice level of alchemy, but I was able to form flawless book of the primary alchemist level. The senior apprentice book wasn't that far off. It seems that I am going to have make a trip to the alchemy association.

I couldn't even form a primary apprentice book on inscription patterns. I barely had enough books to make a flawless book of the basics. There wasn't a large organization for inscription pattern's like the alchemy association. There was a small guild in each of the larger cities, but the headquarters like everything else was found in the main city. They made their money mainly by placing inscription patterns on equipment for the blacksmithing guild.

The books on exercising and stretching started me on the path of body cultivation. Body cultivation was the route that most everyone took when they weren't able to become demon spiritualist. I, however, was planning on cultivating my body just as much as my soul force. The best of both worlds in my opinion. It could really come in handy later down the road.

I was surprised to find that there was a small physician's guild in the city. I was surprised by the fact that it was way too small. It seems like not very many people chose to walk the path of the physician. Everyone valued cultivation over being everything else, so it did make some sense after I actually thought it through.

It would do me good to make a trip to each guild and check out their apprentice libraries. I had saved some money up to be able to pay the entry fees for each guild. The previous Chi Kai had saved up quite a bit before I arrived so that helped out a lot.

The plan when I made it to Holy Orchard Institute was to practice the Heaven's path of Body cultivation in the morning before classes began, that way I made it a habit to exercise and train properly. Attend classes for the day, go to the library to start absorbing books.

I didn't want to start cultivating until I had at least a flawless book to bronze rank. I assume that the cultivation technique will that is compiled will either be suited directly to me or be the best neutral cultivation technique. If that was the case, then I wanted to wait to tailor the neutral cultivation technique to me. I couldn't do that until I got my hands on a primary soul crystal and figured out my soul form and attribute.

The first month at the institute is going to be quite a bit of work. Once I was able to smooth all of that out and get into the routine of body cultivation, classes, and regular cultivating then I would seek out each guild to absorb their books in the apprentice library.

I wanted to pursue alchemy the most, because it seems that it would also provide the best source of income. More income means that I don't have to worry as much about my spending, and I might be able to help the family out too. The best of both worlds if you asked me.


The main city was crowded. Easily compared to one of the major metropolis's back in my previous life. There were people everywhere, bustling through, selling wares, all kinds of stuff to do. I was glad that my family had paid for carriage rides into the city. Makes sense when you are sending 30 kids back to school.

The family had well over a few thousand members, and like the heavenly marks family, we also saw the future of the family in the youth. You never truly know who had the potential and the work ethic to be able to work their way to black gold rank, or even legendary rank.

From the entrance to the school I could easily tell that The Holy Orchard Institute was massive. It was by far one of the biggest building I have seen since coming here. It does warrants some exploration once I am settled in.

There was a long line into the school, most of it comprised of aristocratic families and commoners. Granted that the noble and the major families did live in the main city, Or had houses within the main city if the main family wasn't located in the main city. That being some noble families. Therefore, they wouldn't have to use the dorm that the school supplied.

It took awhile for everyone to get checked in. no one really brought a lot of stuff, but everyone that was new had to get their room assignment. They told us were we could bring our clothes to be washed. Where to find new bed linens. They took the whole group of new kids on a small tour to let them know where the building for classes where, the library wasn't far from there, and where they could find food at for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

I had pretty much stuck to myself during all of this, due to some bad habits I had in my previous life. I was never that outgoing and always hung back to get a feel of who I liked and who I didn't.

With a bunch of kids, it was really easy to tell who the lazy ones are, the ones that ran their mouths, the bullies, and the quite ones.

Thank whatever gods are in this world, because we didn't have to share rooms. Yeah, the rooms were bare and small, but it beats having to live with a few awkward teenagers.

It didn't take me long to get settled in. after locking the little of my belongings that I did bring, I made my way to explore the school grounds. I still had the later half of the day to get a fell for the whole place. I definitely wanted to make my way to the library to get a start on the cultivation techniques. I also need to see if I can find a soul crystal on the school grounds, or if I have to leave to buy one of those.


"Hello sir, I am new here. Would you be kind enough to explain the layout of the library to me? It would be extremely helpful" The librarian didn't look all special but looks could be conceiving.

He gave me a glance from whatever he was occupied with on the desk at the entrance of the library. The entrance didn't look all that big, but the outside of the building did look like It was made more long ways than wide. I wonder if they had a reason for that.

"The library is currently organized to be cut in half. The first half of the library is all the translated books in the library. The original works can be found tied to the original for all those who want to check the translation. In this section, the books are organized in alphabetical order based on the subject. Within the category each book is organized by alphabetical order of the title of the book. Some books have unknown authors." That made a lot of sense, especially in what kind of world we live in. some people wanted to be anonymous, others were lost to time.

"The other half of the library is partially translated, or books that aren't translated at all. There are not many in Glory City that know these languages, or many that wish to spend the time translating them. More people focus on cultivation than knowledge." His face twisted up like something sour had just landed in his mouth.

"are there books on learning how to translate the books?" the man stared at me for a few seconds. His face was stoic, but I could see the surprise in his eyes.

"There are some, but the reason that some people do not chose to do this, is because you have to sit down with multiple translation books. The books to learn some of these languages are best translated from one of the languages that came after them. It helps with the translation. For example, our language that we use know is fairly close to that of the woodland empire. We do have books on how to learn the language. However, the Sacred era's language would better translate from the woodland era language than our own. Some books date back to the Snow Wind Era, and very few the Saint Spirt and Ancient Eras. You can see how troublesome learning each language just to translate a few books can be. It would require a lot of time people would rather use on cultivation."

Know that I remember it, back in my old life some languages were better translated from a different language than others. I need to check and see if the languages automatically translate when copied into the Heaven's path library.

"If one could learn these languages and help translate these books, would the library pay for that?" amusement was shining through.

"As long as the translations are credible, then yes the School does occasionally pay for such services. One can also apply to be a library clerk through the principle's office, if one wanted to work in the library." I am glad I asked. That could come in handy for some extra income.

"Thank you for your help sir, it is much appreciated" I needed to check somethings before it got too late and I needed to head back to the dorm.

First, I need to see if there are any books on soul attributes and soul forms. That way when I get a soul crystal, I can tell what mine is. I made my way to the category in the translated side of the soul realms. Once I made it there, I put my finger on the spine of the book and slowly made my way through the shelf.

I was trying to act like I was looking for something in particular. That way I didn't seem to strange while copying the books into my library. The section was short. That didn't come as big as a surprise to be, since my family books on the subjects didn't contain a whole lot either.

I spent about an hour in the library, starting with the sections in the translated half that mainly dealt with the soul and cultivation. My family library didn't have much on the soul, and I was banned from the cultivation techniques until I came to school. So, I needed to catch up.

I did find out that the books do, automatically translate when I copy them. That is really helpful, I am going to abuse the hell out of that. I copied the books on translating the languages that way I could maybe earn some money translating a few books here and there while I am here.

I didn't have a whole lot of time, and the library was A LOT bigger than my family library. It would take weeks to copy all the books. At least I can copy them by sections, that way I can compile books on the subjects before moving to the next section.

Let's say that while I'm here, I am going to use the living shit out of that time difference. I am going to prove that any one can raise in the ranks, even aristocratic families!

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