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The Library

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I had studied the book that he was able to compile over meridians, soul force, and soul realms religiously. The book had so many details that he hadn't even heard of before. Apparently, the color of your soul realm had nothing at all to do with your potential! The book says that the color of your soul realm means you might have an easier time cultivating but by no means does it say you have no potential with a red soul realm!

I was trying my best to stay away from the later portions of the book, where most of the mistakes were found. Most of the mistakes where about where the meridians lay in the body, and the correct way for soul force to flow unobstructed.

Apparently, what matters the most is the soul form and the soul attribute. Only a few of the books I have found mention these two things, the books that I have found with them appears to be one of the oldest books in our family library. I had to be gentle with it, and to be honest I didn't like touching the book at all. It was written on thin tanned demon beast skin and let me tell you that stuff does age very well. It doesn't really hold up to the smell of old parchment in my past life either.

The Tian Kui family is one the oldest families in Glory city. The Tian Kui family can trace our origins back to the later end of the Snow Wind Empire. Only the Heavenly Marks family and a few other families in the city can trace their lineage back farther.

I Felt the pride welling up inside of me being able to boast that. I never had much of a family in my past life, and our ancestors never felt much to write anything down. We had to cherish what little family and family history that we had.

The Book does say that one would need their own personal soul crystal. When more than one person uses a soul crystal, it will not accurately show the soul form or attribute. Which makes sense to be. If you had used ink to take my fingerprint with, and then someone tried to do the exact same thing but place it on top of my own fingerprint, well then it would just become an ink smudge.

The soul form is the shape that your soul realm takes. The form is determined by the shape, color, and movement of the soul force within the crystal. By observing this the most appropriate cultivation technique can be determined. A person's cultivation would progress a lot slower and their potential power would drop if they practiced the wrong technique.

The soul attribute is the physical attribute that your soul realm is most connected to. The attributes could include any element! Snow, Wind, lightning, Fire, Wood, Earth, Dark, Holy, Chaos, and so on! There are many attributes that your soul realm could be connected to. Your soul realm can actually posses two attributes, but only if the attribute did not conflict with each other.

If one didn't pick a cultivation technique that fully fits for them, then it could lead to bottlenecks or if not being able to advance at all!

This was astounding news. No wonder why glory city hasn't been able to produce only one Legend Rank in decades!

I need to get my hands on an unused primary soul crystal. This just tells me that there isn't just one fits all cultivation technique; everything needs to tailor-made If one really wants to make it far in their life.

I need to really study up on this too. If I have even a chance of helping the family raise in status and bring us out of the financial crisis that my family faces, then I need to be able to teach this to others.

If the teaching is really this subpar in Glory city, then someone has to teach the right path! Loyalty has been biggest thing stressed in our family besides the one rule of family always being first. I need to be able to repay the loyalty of the other family members, and the other families that have always stepped up to help out mine.

I really need to knuckle down, collect some more books and study hard if I really want to be able to teach others. I'll need all kinds of knowledge from different ways to cultivate, let alone if anyone needed help in their profession.

Apparently, alchemy was a thing in this world. Take a bunch of plants, special herbs, you name it and some how melt it all together in a cauldron and make pills? Yeah that is going to be a big hurdle for me to get over if I need to learn any of that.

Don't even get me started on inscription patterns! From what I had seen in some of the books that stuff was really confusing. You have to take demon beast blood, which has soul force in it, and draw a pattern, in a very specific way to get the result you needed. At least the Early lesson on calligraphy that Chi Kai had before I got here will come in handy for something.

First, I need to concentrate on cultivation methods first, and finding more books to complete the books that I already have. Some of the family library had stuff on alchemy and inscription patterns, but that stuff had flaws close to the thousands. I would say the only reason that the books over soul force and the stuff didn't have so many flaws is because it was supposed to be the basic of the basic.

I really needed more books. I am going have to ask dad to be able to go to the public library. It probably won't have anything groundbreaking they're about cultivation and stuff because all the families cherished the good stuff, but there might be stuff there to fill some of the blanks that I had from my own meager family library.

Thinking of that also reminds me that its very weird to call someone else Dad. There are some major similarities between my previous father and my new one. Growing Up In my past life we didn't have a whole lot, but the things we did have my father busted his butt for us to have.

Chi Feng of this world does the exact same thing, just in a different kind of way. Chi Feng isn't that old compared to the other patriarch of the aristocratic families, and he is already a 2-star Gold Rank Demon spiritualist. For his age that is really good, not genius level but good none the less. He has worked tooth and nail to get where he is today, just to help the family.

For the Tian Kui family, family meant something else entirely. It was just about Blood. I have only been in this world for a little while, and I have noticed that this family actually LOVE EACH OTHER. Yeah, I have noticed some arguments, but they have a rule in the family. The issue has to be worked out. No if ands or buts, family is that important to them. Not even major arguments can split them up for long periods of times. Everyone has their differences, but this family is the literal meaning of always being there for each other. Through thick and thin, no matter what. "Without our family, we are nothing" is the actual family motto, has been since the family started. Maybe that's why they were able to make it through so many Eras.

The family I had in my past was similar but there was only four of us. I for one think it's easier to achieve a state of true family with a smaller family, and I don't understand how a pretty large family like the Tian Kui can stay so close-knit without at least there being someone getting mad and going off the rails. I don't know what sort of magical thing can keep us all together, but that's something I wish all families knew about.

After getting permission from my father, still weird calling him that, I made my way to the public library. Which was quite a distance from my family lands. The Tian Kui family resided in the Northern outskirts of Glory City. Lucky for me Glory city had a public library for every town. Glory City covers a fairly large area and is made up of two major cities and six towns. Despite its name, it would be closer to call it a small kingdom.

The Main city which the City Lord resides is at the southern border. It took over two full days to get to glory city from our family lands by carriage. So, walking there was out of the question. There was one of the six smaller town nearby that wasn't too long of a carriage ride to get it.

Once I managed to arrive to the library, it wasn't a sight to behold like the Library of Heaven's path. It was well-kept, but you could tell that Glory city hadn't put too much money into the building itself. At least it wasn't falling apart though.

When I walked through the doors, I was greeted by a small reception area. It was very well-kept and organized, and a decent sized desk sat next to the doorway that I assume led to the actual library. The attended didn't pay much head and took a clip board out from the desk and handed it to me.

"Write down name and time of arrival, please" it seems something never do change world from world. After writing my name and time down I needed to ask a few questions that way I didn't get lost in there for a couple hours hunting for what I needed.

"I am going to be a new student attending the Holy Orchard Institute in a week or two. I was wondering if you point me in the right direction for the basics? I am wanting to get a bit of a head start."

"Sure, no problem, the beginner basic's is actually located here at the front of the library. So, once you walk through the door the section to right is academics. Cultivation, basics for alchemy and inscription, stretching, exercising, you name it and its there. Now on your left, you will find the Fiction, biographies, poetry and other associated works there. Now when you are ready to leave you will write you time of leaving down next to your first entry. That way we can keep up with everyone if something is damaged or stolen. I will let you know when we get close to time of closing that way you can wrap up if your still here."

"Thanks, I really appreciate it!"

Once I walked in, I was easily able to walk over to the shelves and look at the books to make sure I'm in the right section. Thankfully they had the shelves organized by categories too. Introductory Cultivation, no cultivation techniques just the main basics of what a cultivation technique might consist of and why it consists of that. Study of Demon beasts were next. It was important as a demon spiritualist to have a vast knowledge on demon beasts and the properties that they have.

Then it was the introduction to Inscription patterns. A lot of the was just mow to more effectively draw, and methods of practicing of how to help that ability. Books about demon beast blood and why it was necessary to use demon beast blood for inscription patterns to work.

The study of alchemy was last. Details on herbs, cauldrons, and how they react with one of another. It was honestly really like chemistry from my past life. Science was one of my favorites to study. There was just so many interesting facts that may not look like it pertains to real life, but you come into contact with a lot more chemistry than people realize.

It looked to me that all the information over here was organized in a way from interest of the average cultivator to the least interest of the average cultivator. The use of the books really shows that

I need a method to be able to get through all these books today, with the least number of headaches as possible.

So, I started out with running my hands across about thirty or so books before grabbing one that looked particularly interesting. I would take the books to a nearby table, pretend while I was reading while trying to organize the contents of my new library. I was a bit of a perfectionist in my old life and loved order and knowing where everything was. Kind of a bad habit socially, but what can I say? It was a part of me that I didn't really understand, I just did it.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get through some of the books as fast as I would have liked. The stopping every thirty or so books really helped with keeping the headache away.

I did manage to get through all the basics. It took me most of the day. It was a lot more difficult than I thought. I was beyond tired. I felt like I had run ten laps around the entirety of glory city. I really need to figure out how to collect more books without gathering so much fatigue that was really a problem.

I believe its time to head back home and rest for the evening, I can compile the books tomorrow and start studying.

If I am going to be able to make it this world. I need a strong foundation.

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