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Here is my First attempt at a Tales of Demons and Gods story. The First chapter of any story that I have been able to write it quite awhile. I was actually locked out of this account for sometime, and was able to get back into it.

After so long away from the other stories, I thought it best to start with something new.

There isn't a large fandom for Tales of demons and Gods on fanfiction . net as other websites, and hopefully i can help a little with that while the original manga and Light novel series is still catching steam.

I am looking for a native English speaker to beta read for this story. If anyone is interested then, please Pm me.

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On the colossal St. Ancestral Mountain range, sunlight shined through the gap between the mountains into the deep canyons. On the hillside beside the valley, some snow remained.

Even though it's already the early summer, the snow has yet to melt. The cold here is exceptionally long. The roars of beasts can occasionally be heard.

On the surface of the valley stood a magnificent city.

The world outside of the St. Ancestral Mountains has been occupied by the beasts. The people living in the mountain range have not contacted the outside world for hundreds of years.

The people who live in the city are unsure of the situation of the outside world. It's been recorded that at the most glorious period of mankind, having thousands of Legend rank Fighters and Demon Spiritualists, the humans established many empires in the vast continent, but those empires have been wiped out.

The city, due to being stealthily located geographically, was well preserved from the Age of Darkness. They would occasionally encounter attacks from powerful Snow Wind Beasts within the St. Ancestral Mountains, however, after going through numerous devastating conflicts, the city was be rebuilt again and again.

These motley walls were an indomitable monument.

This city is called Glory City, and it is a symbol of hope for humanity.

Northern Glory City, Tian Kui Family Lands, Patriarch's House

Glory City was the home of Fighters and Demon spiritualists. Each category had their own levels of cultivation. Stating with Bronze Rank, then Silver, Gold, Black Gold and finally Legend rank. A family's position in the city was based off of the rank of demon spiritualists that they produced. To become an aristocratic family, the family needed to produce a Gold rank Deon spiritualist, Noble families had to produce one Black Gold rank demon spiritualist, and a major family had to produce three Black Gold demon spiritualists, or one Legend rank.

The Tian Kui family is only an aristocratic family with its only Gold rank demon spiritualist being Chi Feng, the patriarch. The Tian Kui family has primarily only fighters instead of demon spiritualists. The family money is made through farming of crops, and alchemy herbs. They make some money through their fighters and the fighter's guild, but very little.

The prize of the Tian Kui family was the son of the patriarch, Chi Kai. Chi Kai has a green soul realm. When it comes to soul realms there are seven different kinds, each having a meaning of the potential one might have to become a demon spiritualist. The seven soul realms are Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Cyan, and Azure. Red meant one had poor potential and could only become a fighter instead. Orange and yellow only meant you had average potential, but yellow has more potential than orange. Green soul realms were rare and meant one has great potential, Cyan soul realm meant one is considered a genius and has outstanding potential. Azure soul realm hadn't been seen in centuries and is only considered legend.

Since Chi Kai had a Green soul realm, he is considered the genius of the Tian Kui family and is their hope to become a noble or major family. Therefore, the pressure that Chi Kai is under is very great.

Due to the pressure added onto him, Chi Kai was desperate to start cultivating before going to the Holy Orchard Institute. which highly recommended against. Due to no teacher being present and a poorly chosen cultivation method that he took from his family's library, Chi Kai underwent a cultivation deviation. when this happens, it means that something has gone very wrong and the person undergoing a cultivation deviation can be gravely injured.

Chi Feng, the patriarch of the Tian Kui family, was currently pacing outside the room that was for his only son. Chi Kai, his only son had an accident while trying to force his cultivation. Chi Kai only had a month before he would be going to the Holy Orchard Institute, if he had just waited everything would have been fine.

Chi Kai was currently laid in his room hanging by a thread, as his soul force was slowly slipping away.

The Family called a physician to come treat Chi Kai. Ye Du is one of the best physcians that glory city had to offer. Ye Du had been raised from a yound age in the Snow Wind family to be a physciain. He had spent many years honing his craft.

Ye Du slowly stepped out of the child's room with a sullen look on his face.

"I am sorry Patriarch, but it seems that Chi Kai doesn't have much longer to live. The boy has severely damaged his meridians,and His soul force is slowly slipping away."

Chi Feng had to keep a neutral face for appearances, but on the inside, he was in turmoil. His wife had died in childbirth, and he only had his son with him to keep him together. Without his son, and wife he was nothing.

Not very many people new, but the Tian Kui family was deeply family oriented and was extremely Loyal people once they had made a connection. With such strong family connections it made the loss of a familymember that much devastating.

Unbeknownst to them, the soul force in the room started to stir above Chi Kai, as the last of Chi kai's soul force slowly slipped away. There was a rush of energy into Chi Kai.

Chi Kai jolted awake. Whipping his eyes around the room to gather as much information as possible.

'where am I? wasn't I Just in the library? Where did the flames go?' the soul inside of Chi Kai was no longer Chi Kai, but another.

The soul that now lived within Chi Kai's body was that of a man from another world. another world were soul force, and soul realms didn't exist.

It only took a few minutes for him to see what was going on before memories of life that wasn't his slowly started to appear in his mind. Flashes of family member that he knew the names of but had never met before. what are soul realms? what are demon beasts? This was all so confusing. He needed time to go through these new memories to figure out were they had come from.

At that time the door to his room slowly slid open, two men slowly walked in. Chi Feng, to say his last goodbyes, and Ye Du, to ease the boy into his next life.

Both were surprised to find Chi Kai weakly holding his eyes open.

"Chi Kai! You're awake! How are you feeling?" his father rushed to him.

Ye Du was hurriedly going over Chi Kai to see what was happening.

"This is a miracle patriarch; his soul force is returning. His vitals are starting to steadily come back up. He is starting to recover!

As Ye Du was rushing to help his body come back to stability. Chi kai, as he learned of his new name, slowly slipped back into unconsciousness.

After a few days of being unconscious Chi Kai's mind was able to assimilate and merge the new soul and memories together. Chi Kai was amazed that his soul had actually transmigrated into a new body. He couldn't really remember much of his old life. He had a few memories, but He could remember people that well, everyone's faces were blurred and he couldn't bring his eyes to focus. He couldn't even remember his own Name from his previous life. All he could remember In full clarity was right before everything went dark, he was in a library that was on fire. He was the librarian there and was trying to save everything that he could. Apparently, he didn't do very well.

'Looks like the only option I have is to recover and live this life.' He thought.

His body was still very sore, but he was able to move around a lot more than when he first woke up. He needed to get up and gather more information. His memories were there but he couldn't make a whole lot of sense of them. what he needed was context. He needed to learn more of this new world to make sense of all these new memories.

Chi Kai called for the family members attending to his needs to bring him some books. Preferably history books, that way he could learn more about the new world that he was now living in. He needed to know about his new family, what dangers that one might need to watch for.

After reading through multiple of the books that were brought to him, and some well placed questions he Learned that he was the heir of an aristocratic family in a place called Glory City. In a world of cultivation, with soul force, demon beasts, and a world that was solely based on becoming the strongest. He needed to find his way to the family library after going to see his family. He needed to read as much as possible and prepare for this savage world.

After meeting with his father, he was able to find out what happened to him. In his desperation to make his family proud he had forced his own cultivation to go berserk. This caused a huge strain on his body and he had almost died.

After learning of this he promised his father that he would wait to get to the Holy Orchard Institute before Cultivating. He was able to talk his father into letting him back into the Family Library under supervision to start reading more about soul force and meridians that was he would be ahead before he finally went to school.

As he arrived into the library, which was meager at best. It had to be one of the smallest libraries that he had stepped in. Under the supervision of one of his cousins, he sat at one of the two tables in the room to start reading over the basics. He had a few books to explain the basis of soul force, soul realms, and the meridians that were found in the human body.

Boom! His mind jolted has he was reading.

"The heaven and earth are callous, treating all beings like dogs…"

"The sun sets and the moon wanes, an imperfection appears in the heaven and earth…"


All kind of profound adages shocked him giddy. Following which, a giant palace appears before him in his head. On it, four words glow brightly.

Library of Heaven's Path!

Opening the door, he walks in. Countless bookshelves stand tall and mighty with all kinds of books on them. The end can't be seen at a single glance. The Place had almost a heavenly glow to it. Shelves and shelves of books lined the walls. Neatly placed tables and chair throughout the brightly lit room. The beauty of the room took his breath away, it wasn't like anything that he had seen before.

"Could this be the gift pack for transcenders? A library? I was a librarian my previous life. This works out perfectly!" In my previous life i can't remember people all that well, but i can remember the joy of reading gave me. As a child and through my adulthood reading was my refuge, my get away, my happy place. I never had my own library before though.

Library? For what? It can't be that in my future fights when other people are throwing swords at me, I would be throwing books? Could these books really help me in this new world?

"Let me see what books there are."

Feeling helpless, Chi Kai reaches out to grab a book from a bookshelf to determine the purpose of this library. However, when he stretches out, his hand passed through the bookshelf, causing him to grab thin air.

Just has his hand had passed through the books, there was a jolt in his mind. Four words appeared in his mind.

Heaven's path is imperfect!

A book appeared on the table directly in front of him. The Title looked to be the exact same as the book he had in his hands just a moment ago!

[Number of flaws 103…#1 …]

There was over a hundred flaws in this book alone! I need to check the other books here, will i get the same results from those?

After checking the other few books, he had, the lowest number of flaws in one book was 93!

There was another jolt in his mind and suddenly the few books he had copied into the heaven's paths library compiled into one book!

This new book appeared on the table, with no name on the cover, and it only had 57 flaws!

Looks like he is just going to have copy more books into this new library to get a book without flaws.

'I wonder…' Chi Kai reached over to another book that lay near his seat at the table

'Flaws!' another book appeared in his mind!

Looks like he doesn't need to flip through the books at all, he only needs to touch them!

Chi Kai stood up, he needed to get to work.

He slowly made his way through the small rough touching the books on the shelves as he went. After awhile he finished coping all the books into his new library. There must be a limit on how many books he can copy at one time, because he had a major headache now.

He needed to check and see if he could compile a new book without flaws. He went into his mind, into the library of heaven's path

"Compile!" a new book appeared with now title, and it still had 37 flaws. Looks like my families library really isn't that big. I need to see if this world as access to a public library.

He opened this new book, and it was so much better than the first few books he went through! He couldn't help but keep reading. It felt like hours that he stayed in his mind reading the book. Chi Kai was careful while reading and studying, he noted down the flaws and page they were on. That way he can Read and try to study later on why these mistakes were wrong, and learn how to fix them.

That is why he was confused when he finally came to, it didn't look like much time had passed from the position of the sun he saw through the window. It looked like the sun and only shifted an hours worth of time. Looks like time in his mind is slower! That will be something to definitely look into later, and test the parameters of.

Since he had copied all the books into his new library, there was no point in staying here. Chi Kai stood up to make his way back to his room. He didn't even pay attention to the weird look that his cousin gave him as they left.

He needed to get back to his room and study!

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