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1 - Watch Room

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Day 1


Tony woke with a groan. His head hurt and he wasn't really sure why. He raised his hand to rub his eyes but was met with cold metal against his wrists. Now he was truly awake. He jerked his head up and looked around the room. He was in a metal chair with metal clasps around his wrists and ankles. The room had grey walls and he could see several cameras that were meant to capture the room from every angle. There was a soft groan to his right. That was when he realized he wasn't alone. He didn't know how he had failed to notice that beside him was Captain Steve Rogers in the exact same predicament he was in. But the great Captain America looked a lot worse than Tony remembered. Cap's face was mottled with bruises and there was a long, still-bleeding cut along his hairline. Tony wasn't a doctor, but he knew that wasn't good.

"Steve. Hey Steve," he whispered. He wasn't really sure why he was whispering, it just seemed like the natural thing to do in a situation like this. However, he gave it up when there was no answer.

"Steve!" He called.

"STEeve." he sang.

"Steven Grant Rogers."

Tony knew that if the Captain had been awake he would have been scolding him for making a joke out of everything. He really didn't care. He was trying not to panic. This was his way of not panicking.

"Taking a nap on the job, really? You'd think Captain America would show more scruples." At that, Steve stirred slightly.

"There it is," said Tony, "I should have gone for the insult immediately." The Captain continued to moan softly and work his head back and forth as if trying to wake himself up."There you go Capsicle, welcome back to the land of the living."

"Tony?" The man slurred. Probably a concussion, but with the Super Soldier's enhanced healing it would be healed within a couple of hours.

"The one and only! Well, maybe not the only Tony, but definitely the only Tony Stark, unless I accidentally created a clone of myself, which I don't remember doing, but that doesn't mean I didn't." He was rambling, he knew he was rambling, but he couldn't help it. It was his coping mechanism. Surprisingly, Steve didn't reprimand him.

"What happened?" Cap asked instead.

"I was hoping you could tell me that,"

Tony remembered very little of what happened. They had been on a mission and he had landed on the ground then- "Oh! My suit!" Steve only looked at him with raised eyebrows.

"I had just landed when I lost communication. JARVIS said that I was surrounded. Then the suit froze. I think JARVIS said something about an immobilizing EMP, so I ordered JARVIS to shut down the suit. Then I woke up here. Ring any star-spangled bells?"

"Oh yeah!" the Captain's eyes lit up with remembrance. "Clint mentioned finding your empty suit. Then someone was in the building with me. Natasha was telling me that the building was about to collapse when she got cut off. I was locked in the building when it collapsed." He sat silently for a few seconds. "Come to think of it, I'm pretty sure that whoever was in the building with me mentioned that he needed us both for something." There was an unsettling quiet before a door swung open.

"Very good Captain," A man walked in with two guards stopping beside the door. There was a spark of recognition in Steve's eyes. This must have been the man in the building with him. "I'm so glad you remember me."

Yup, this was definitely the guy. The man was medium height with pale skin and jet black hair. He spoke with a slight German accent. His eyes were big, with a hint of something truly terrifying in them. His grin sent chills up Tony's spine.

Tony rolled his eyes hiding his apprehension."Let's get this out of the way. No, I won't build anything for you. No, we won't work for you. And no, we won't give you any government secrets. Did I cover everything?"

The man smirked. "Ah, Mr Stark, what a pleasure to finally meet you."

"Yeah, yeah, whatever. You obviously know us, but I don't think I've had the pleasure of being formally introduced," Tony's words were dripping with sarcasm. Cap sent him a scolding look, which he completely ignored.

"Of course, where are my manners? My name is Mori Rubrem. I shall be your," he paused as if trying to find the correct word, "host, here at the Hydra base."

Tony saw Steve clench his jaw as his eyes turned dark. "That's impossible. Hydra was destroyed."

"But was it Captain? Surely you had to know someone would survive. They thought no one was left that no one survived. But they did. And because of that we now have here" he spread his arms out showing the room.

"We within this facility are what is left. Hail Hydra!"

"Hail Hydra!" The two guards, called back, saluting.

Steve was tense. It was very obvious to Tony. He stole a glance over the soldier and found him clenching and unclenching his hands. He knew what this meant: Steve was going to have an anxiety attack. Tony just hoped that he wouldn't have an attack in front of their captors, that he could keep it together until these men left. He knew it wasn't Steve's fault. You can't really control anxiety attacks.

"Now, Mr Stark," Mori turned his attention away from the Captain. "We could end this here and now. Then I could send you home, No harm done."

"Yeah, sure. What part of 'We don't negotiate with terrorists' can't you get through your thick skull." He glanced at Steve again, who seemed to have managed to calm him down. He was thankful for that.

"But Mr Stark, it has nothing to do with the government, and everything to do with you." Rubrem wore a sick grin.

"We've already been over this Morbid Rubik's Cube, or whatever your name is." Tony rolled his eyes, "I'm not building you anything."

"Who said anything about building? All I want is Project Perniciem." He looked at the billionaire with fake innocence.

Tony froze. How could he know about Project P? No one knew about Project P. Not even S.H.I.E.L.D knew about Project P! He looked over at Cap, who looked back at him questioningly. "I see you are surprised. Before you ask, how I know is of no importance. What is important is I know what it is and what it can do." He walked over stood directly in front of the inventor. "I want it."

"Well, you aren't getting it. If you truly know what it is, you know that there is no way in a million years I would give it to you. And there's nothing you can do to me to change my mind." Tony challenged, hatred gleaming in his eyes.

Mori's lips curved into a vicious smile. "Oh, I know there is nothing I can do to YOU to change your mind, but what about to him?" He motioned his head towards Steve in such a nonchalant way that it made Tony sick. Stark's eyes darkened as the man in front of him laughed.

He glanced at Steve. The Super Soldier showed no emotion whatsoever.

Rubrem nodded to one of the guards, who quickly left the room. "Mr Stark, I believe, if I've read your file correctly, that you've had a rather unpleasant experience in Afghanistan." Tony just glared. "I also believe that in that time, you were exposed to various techniques involving water torture, no?" The billionaire couldn't stop the gasp from escaping. Yes, yes, he had. It was an experience that still gave him nightmares. "What of you, Captain? Have you ever had the... glorious experience?" As if on cue, the guard returned with a large tub of water, laying it down several feet in front of Steve.

Tony watched Steve. The way the soldier's eyes tried to avoid the water didn't elude Tony, and neither did the fact that the man's hands had resumed their repetitive motion of opening and closing.

"Oh, apparently not, but I'm sure you've dealt with similar experiences, right? After all, you did practically drown every day for seventy years!" The German scoffed.

Stark saw the fear in Steve's eyes, but only for a second before it was pushed behind the mask which is Captain America.

"Almost seventy," Steve replied with a smirk. "And I was frozen, not drowned, or didn't you read the files correctly?" Mori didn't respond, he only nodded to the other guard, who made his way towards his prisoner.

"You see Mr Stark," He turned back to Tony, "I like to call this room, 'The Watch Room'. I feel it's very fitting." The man paused as the guard roughly pulled the Captain to his feet. Cap was, of course, stronger than the guard, but his movements were more sluggish than usual. He seemed almost drugged. A shiver ran down Tony's spine. A drug strong enough to have any effect on Captain America in any way was certainly a cause for concern. Mori nodded at the first guard by the tub and together they forced the soldier's hands behind his back and put some form of metal cuffs on them.

"Here," he moved over to the tub of water, but still keeping eye contact with the billionaire, "is where you get the privilege of watching us convince you, through your friend, that you really do want to give us Project Perniciem."

Tony tried to keep the fear out of his voice. "Doubtful."

"Hmm, we shall see," Rubrem once again nodded to the guards. Maybe he thought they weren't worthy of vocal commands or something.

Tony watched helplessly as Cap was forced to his knees. He could see the fear flicker in his eyes, peeking through his stoic mask. Steve was scared, and Tony could see it no matter how much the Super Soldier tried to hide it.

"What's wrong?" Rubrum mocked, "Surely the great Captain America isn't afraid of a little water." The man's eyes sparked with what looked like enjoyment. "After all, you were only frozen, not drowned."

Even though Cap's hands were secured tightly behind his back, Tony could see the way he was still clenching and unclenching them.

Mori laughed as he finally uttered a verbal command. "Now."

The guard nodded obediently, shoving Steve's head under the water.

"No!" Tony yelled, fighting his restraints. "Leave him alone!" Cap's head came above the water for only half a second before he was once again held under. "Stop it!" He shouted louder. Rubrum smiled at Tony.

"I will. All you have to do is give me the plans for Project Perniciem."

The billionaire glared back at him. He couldn't. No matter how much he wanted to save Cap, he just couldn't. Project P was too dangerous.

Steve's head came above the water again; he was choking and gasping for air but was only able to grab half a breath before being plunged back into the freezing water.

Tony continued to protest with every agonizing plunge. He didn't know how long it had been going on, but it had to be longer than was healthy. Who was he kidding, how was this in any way healthy?

He watched as the guard held Steve's head under water. The man was about to bring his head up when Mori shook his head, holding out his hand in a halting motion.

"Wait," was all he said. Seconds went by as Tony watched, now silent except for his deep breathing. This was bringing back too many memories. And not pleasant ones. Steve was being held under too long. It was obvious. Cap was trying to free his hands, trying to push away from the water. He had to be drugged in some way. He'd seen Cap take on twice as many guys and barely break a sweat. The guard looked at Rubrum who just shook his head. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity the evil man nodded.

The Captain's head was jerked from the water. Steve coughed and sputtered trying to get oxygen back into his lungs. Tony sat, unable to help his friend.

Mori looked at Cap with a sickening smirk. "Take him to the Truth Room. I will be there shortly." The guard nodded and basically dragged the still-sputtering Steve away. Turning to the guard who had moved back to his place at the door, Mori said, "Please escort Mr Stark to his cell." Then he was gone.

The guard came over and swiped a small card against the side of Tony's chair. The metal bands around his wrists and ankles came open and he was jerked to his feet. His hands were forced behind him and tightly secured in metal cuffs. Tony was pushed out the door and into a hallway. The guard shoved him forward.

"I know how to walk, thank you," he snapped when the guard went to push him again. The guard grumbled under his breath but kept his hands off, so Tony counted it as a success.

They kept walking until they reached a large room, separated from the rest of the hall by iron bars. The guard slid the door open and Tony was once again shoved. He was planning a smart remark when the bands around his wrists fell off. He turned around just in time to see the guard slam the door shut.

He looked around the room. It was pretty big as cells go, but there was nothing in it aside from a few filthy looking blankets. Other than that, it had nothing but three stone walls and a concrete floor. Tony sat down in one of the corners. He had no idea where Steve was, or what they were doing to him.

This was his fault. This was all his fault. He never should have started Project P. It was a stupid idea. Well, not stupid, but dangerous. There was a reason it was called Project Perniciem.

He sighed and rubbed his face with his hands. It was too late now. What was done was done. He would just have to wait it out and hope that, when it was all over, Steve would be able to forgive him. Because he had a feeling Mr Rubik's Cube wasn't done yet, and that scared him more than he cared to admit. But, at this point, all he could do was wait. Wait and hope the rest of the Avengers would find them before it was too late.


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