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22 - Not This Time

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With a roar, he broke free from the two guards holding him back.

Captain America didn't like bullies.

And no one hurt Bucky and got away with it,

No one.

Day 16


The two guards were unconscious at his feet as another scream echoed down the halls. He had to get to Bucky.

He quietly made his way down the hallway, but stopped halfway to the room. A sharp pain pierced his skull. Gasping, he shook his head. Memories were starting to resurface. Faces, noises.

He was Captain America.

Not just Steve.

He had wanted to just be Steve.

But, he couldn't.

He was so much more.

He was Captain America.

As if caused by the realization, the pain intensified.

There was a sudden yell directly in front of him, and the Captain's head jerked up. A young agent was standing there with a terrified look on his face. Suddenly an alarm started to sound.

Unsure of what exactly to do, Cap charged ahead, ignoring the burning, piercing pain in his brain. The agent in front of him, a mere boy, pulled out a small gun and held it at him.

"S-Steve," the boy stuttered, "I-I need you to listen to me, Steve."

Cap hesitated for a moment, and the boy looked relieved.

"Good. Steve, now I need you to go back to your room. E-everything will, um, it will make sense if you just g-go to, to your room."

Steve was really considering. Weren't these his friends? They had helped him… or hurt him, he wasn't sure. He couldn't think straight with this pounding behind his eyes! Then a cry echoed from the other room and cleared his mind.

Captain America charged the agent. The gun went off and Cap felt a sting in his left shoulder. But it did nothing to stop him. He knocked the boy unconscious, feeling only a moment of regret.

The alarm was still blaring, and many more agents would be there soon. He ran the rest of the way down the hall and reached the door where they were hurting Bucky. Unsurprisingly, it was locked, but he kicked the door in easily, running high on adrenaline. He burst into the room, only to find it completely empty. No one was there.

"Hello, Steven," a voice said from the broken doorway.

Cap turned around ready to fight. To his surprise, the man had no weapon.

"Doctor," he said, not dropping his stance.

"Your superiors are not very happy with you Steven," the Doctor shook his head, and then seemed to be considering something.

"But, perhaps, if you come along quietly, I could talk them out of punishment."

Steve's heart began to race, even as the throbbing in his skull lessened.

"All they want from you is submission, Steven. представление. Remember? соблюдение будет вознаграждено. Your compliance will be rewarded."

Steve instantly dropped his stance, staring at the man blankly. He wanted to obey this man, the Doctor, but something wouldn't let him.

"Very good, Steven. Now, come back with me."

Cap didn't move.

The Doctor sighed, "Steven..."

"No," Cap said resolutely. "I'm not going back."

"Listen, I didn't want to bring this up, but you have to choices. You can either come back with me, or my superiors will send down Rubrem."

The pain in his head surged back, dropping him to his knees."

"Ah, I can see your memories are resurfacing. That means that you know who Rubrem is. You remember what he can do." The Doctor walked over and placed a hand on the trembling super soldier.

"Just give in Steven," he said softly. "It will be so much easier."

"No," Cap growled again. He grabbed the Doctor's arm and flung him to the ground.

The Doctor gasped from the impact. Finally, he was able to draw breath enough to say, "You are making a mistake, Steven! I'm your friend."

The soldier stood. "You're not my friend." He considered the Doctor for a moment and then, lightning fast, swung his fist down, knocking the man unconscious. "And that's 'Captain' to you."

He ran out, leaving his captor there on the floor.

Making his way down the hall, he went to find Bucky. He could hear a group of Hydra agents about to turn the corner, so he ducked into an open room for cover. Shutting the door behind him, he looked for a light switch. When the lights flickered on he saw something that both thrilled and petrified him: a control centre.

The large screen was hooked into multiple computers. He was confused; shouldn't there be people in here? Well, there weren't, and this was his chance to contact the Avengers. His chance to get some help - something he needed desperately at this point.

Still not quite at ease with computers, he fumbled with knobs until the screen came on. He had seen Tony do this once. He just hoped his hyperthymesiac memory didn't fail him. A quick prayer passed his lips while he typed at the computer. He had to get out of there.



Tony had locked himself in his lab, restricting all access whatsoever. He wanted to be alone, and so far he had succeeded. Surprisingly. He decided that either the team hadn't told Pepper about his little show on the quinjet, or she was at a meeting . Otherwise, she would have been down here with him. Not even Jarvis could keep her out.

He wasn't even sure what he was doing. Well, he knew what he was doing physically; he was repairing his suit. The frame itself was an easy fix. Honestly, he had finished a long time ago. But, he kept tinkering with it. Just so he had something to do. Something to keep him from thinking and from playing his confession on a loop in his mind. It wasn't working very well.

"Sir," Jarvis called, interrupting the silence.

Tony ignored him. The AI was probably going to comment on his lack of sleep, or his need for food, or something trivial like that.

"Sir," The AI persisted.

Tony continued adjusting one of the bolts on the suit.


"What!" Tony demanded, slamming his wrench down on the table.

Jarvis didn't even seem to notice his agitated state. "You are receiving a video message."

"Does it look like I care?" The billionaire asked irritably. "What part of 'hold all calls' do you not understand?"

"I don't believe you would want this call to be held, Sir."

"Forget it, Jarvis."

"I'm sorry, Sir, but I really must insist that-"

"Fine!" Tony said throwing his hands in the air. "Pull it up, and remind me to reprogram you to-"

The message appeared and Tony went silent.

"Tony? Oh, thank God." The voice was sincere, and the blond head on the screen looked to the ceiling briefly in reverence.

Tony didn't say anything, staring at the screen, dumbstruck.


"Listen, I need you to get the team here now. You should be able to pinpoint the location with this video. Get here as fast as you can!"

Tony was still in shock, but his eyes landed on Cap's shoulder, which was seeping blood.

"Your shoulder..."

Steve looked down as if noticing it for the first time. "Wha-? Oh, I must've gotten shot, it doesn't matter. Just hurry and get here. I can only hold them off for so long."


"Tony, Rubrem's here." The words brought a tightness to Tony's chest he couldn't describe.

"I can't fight them on my own," Cap continued. "I need you here."

The door behind Steve swung open, and he turned to face it. There was shouting, then the screen went blank.


No answer.

He was gone.

No. No!

Not this time.

"Jarvis, call the team. Tell them to meet me at the quinjet. Send me the coordinates of that video call."

The AI offered an affirmative, but Tony didn't wait to hear it. He was already suiting up and heading to the quinjet.

"Watch out Hydra, here we come."

The Captain needed them, needed him.

And he wouldn't fail again.


There you are my dears. Chapter 22.

Watcha think?

This one is slightly less angsty.


But, don't worry. There's more to come ;)

I've been focusing a lot on Tony in the last several chapters, so I tried to focus a bit more on Steve in this one. Let me know who you like to hear from more.

Well, I certainly hope you liked this chapter. I'd love to hear your thoughts on it!

Oh! And on a completely side note. I finished Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D and it was simultaneously amazing and terrible! And I have decided that Fitz is my precious baby and no one is allowed to hurt him. I'm thinking about writing an AoS fic. Is that something you guys would be interested in?

Please let me know!

God bless,

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