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Prologue - Rubble

Hello all!
This has been bouncing around in my head for a while now. I just love the (non-romantic) dynamic between Steve and Tony.
This takes place not long after my short story, "Don't Stop, and Hope." You don't have to have read it, but it would probably explain a few things if you did.
This story will shift between Steve and Tony as main characters. Anyway, enough rambling. On to the story!

Betaed by Mellpen00!


Day 0


They should have known it was a trap. How could it not have been? Steve blamed himself for it. After all, he was the leader. Dodging another shot from one of the unusual guns firing at him, Cap threw his shield and hit his target as he made his way through the collapsing building."

"Hey, Spangles. I hate to be that person, but could you please hurry up in there?' Tony's voice came over the comms, flippant as always. "I'm sure you're enjoying your little break, but we could really use your help out here!"

Steve threw his shield again and waited for it to come back to him. As soon as he caught it he brought his hand up to his ear.

"Believe it or not Stark, I am a little busy." He pulled his hand away and ducked at the punch that seemed to come from nowhere. He threw his attacker against the wall and kept moving.

"Sure, sure whatever," Came the billionaire's reply. "You're just a bit slow, it's okay, it comes with age. You're only, what, a couple centuries old." Steve sighed but didn't answer due to the oncoming attackers.

"I take great offence to that statement," Thor cut in. " Age does not define the warrior Man of Iron."

"Hey, I uh, hate to break up this lovely argument, but I think the building is about to collapse," Clint interrupted. As if prompted by the archer's words, the building began to creak. Ignoring everyone around him Steve took off at a dead sprint.

"Is everyone out?" He asked as he rushed through the building.

"Everyone but you Cap," Clint answered.

"You might want to hurry up Capsicle," Tony added, "the building really isn't looking good. And even a senior citizen such as yourself must have at least some motivation."

Steve could practically see Natasha role her eyes as she gave a curt, "Shut up Tony." causing him to smirk.

"Shut up? Me? The great Tony St-" The lines suddenly went quiet.

"Tony?" Steve was the first to ask, dodging another group of soldiers. What they were doing in a collapsing building, he had no idea. There was a gasp. "What, what's wrong?"

"He's gone!" Hawkeye exclaimed.

Natasha sounded sceptical. "What do you mean he's gone?"

"The Ironman suit is here, but Tony isn't!" Clint sounded more surprised than panicked.

"Just calm down," Steve assured. He was almost there. He could see the exit.

"I'm sure he's here somewhere,"

"Hello, Captain," A voice said from behind him. Steve swung around, shield at the ready. "Do you really think you can do a thing with that? It's just a shield Captain."

"I'm quite good with it actually." He shifted his gaze across the room. He couldn't see anyone. He slowly began to back away towards the open door.

"Leaving so soon Captain? But, we haven't even had time to get to know each other." The door slammed shut and Steve could hear it lock.

"Steve? Rogers, you've got to get out of there. The building is about to come down." Natasha warned. "Ste-" The comm went silent.

"You know, it really is a shame about Tony," The voice mocked. Steve froze. Why? What happened to Tony?

"I can sometimes be a tad selfish. But don't be alarmed, I need you too Captain, so there's nothing to worry about at all."

Cap didn't know how to respond. He gripped his shield tighter and attempted to make his way towards the now closed door. Before he could get there, however, a loud creak and a deafening crash came from the building, and Captain America was buried in rubble.


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