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17 - Attack

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Day 12


"Are you ready Steven?" Dr Zuger asked, smiling.

Steve nodded, "Yes, sir."

"Now, how do you like your shield?" he motioned towards the wayward captain, who reached behind himself to grab his new shield. It wasn't vibranium, he could tell that much. But then again, why would he want vibranium when it would only remind him of that traitorous Stark? He couldn't remember why he was traitorous, only that he was.

The captain's new shield was black with a red circle around the edge and the Hydra symbol painted red in the middle.

"It works nicely, but it's not a strong as my, uh, my other one." He frowned. Other one? Oh, right, the one he used when he was with the Avengers.

He thought he caught a slight smile on Zuger's face, but when he looked again, it was replaced by a concerned expression, "Is something wrong, Steven?"

"Uh, no, nothing is wrong, I just... forgot about something." Bits and pieces of memories kept floating in and out of his brain. Zuger looked like he was about to offer reassurance, but Rubrem and Sir walked in.

"Are you aware of your mission?"

Steve nodded, coming to attention, "Yes, Sir."

"Are we sure we can trust him?" Mori sneered, crossing his arms. "How do we know he isn't just faking to get out of here?"

The doctor smiled, "I assure you he won't. He wants his месть. Isn't that right Steven?"

A glint of hatred appeared in Steve's eye as he felt another piece of himself fall away. Another memory flashed before his mind, a memory from a long time ago. Bucky, his friend, falling from a train. And it was all Stark's fault. "Yes, месть,"

"Then go," Sir said, "Get your месть. Get your revenge."

A smirk, then, "Yes, Sir."



"Bored," Tony said, swiping on his phone. "Bored," another swipe. "Bored."

"Would you stop that!" Natasha snapped from her position on the couch with Clint.

Tony groaned, "Pepper locked me out of my workshop again. I have nothing to do!" He whined, "Is the old pirate going to give us a mission or not?"

Bruce looked up from the book he was reading, "Tony, you know why there haven't been any missions. With everything-"

"I know," Tony said quickly. Catching an odd look from Clint, he looked down and resumed his mindless scrolling. "Maybe I can go hack the Pentagon again," he mumbled.

"What'd you do, anyway?" Clint asked, flipping through the channels. "I mean, Pepper locked you out of your workshop, you had to do something wrong."

Tony sighed, "Something about not spending enough time with her, I don't know."

"Then why aren't you with her?" Natasha asked, rolling her eyes.

"She left for a business trip. Said it was to "teach me a lesson". I don't know, all I know is that, I'm. So. Bored!" He said, sliding down in his chair. "And before any of you say it," he sent an annoyed look around the room. "I'm fine and well past the 'rest and recuperation' stage."

An awkward silence fell across the room.

Suddenly, there was a loud crash and glass flew everywhere. Guns seemed to materialize in Natasha's hands and Tony had no idea where Clint's bow came from. Bruce was fighting for control, but before he even turned into the Hulk, a man shot a small dart at the doctor, rendering him unconscious before the monster could come out. Tony was about to call for his suit when he caught the first sight of his attacker. Tony gasped and stood there, paralyzed.

"Cap?" he whispered.

The attacker, in full Hydra gear, froze, turned to the billionaire with hate in his eyes, "I'm not Cap," he growled. "I'm not Cap or Captain America, I'm Steve." Then, suddenly, an oversized frisby was flying towards Tony's face. Someone shoved him out of the way at the last moment, and the shield sank into the wall.

"Pull yourself together Stark," Natasha said, standing up. "That's not Cap."

The Hydra shield was back in Steve's hands as he went diving for Hawkeye. The Black Widow tried to come at the Super Soldier from behind but ended up having her guns knocked out of her hands as she dodged his shield.

"Jarvis?" Tony asked, slowly crawling his way towards Bruce. "I could really use a suit."

"But sir, you do not have a completed suit at present."

"Well do something!" He yelled, watching in horror as Clint was thrown against the wall and then, even more alarming, didn't get back up. His bow clattered across the floor.

Natasha jumped on Steve, locking her legs around his neck. He fell back, slamming her against the floor. Momentarily dazed, she released her hold and he spun around, pinning her to the floor with his knee against her chest and an arm across her throat. Then he pressed down slightly, cutting off her air.

"Stop! Steve please!" Tony yelled. This was impossible. Absolutely impossible. Cap was dead. He had seen it with his own eyes. So how? And why was he working for Hydra? What had happened?

The man stopped looking into the woman's eyes. "Not yet sweetheart," came the low, almost unearthly voice. He released the gasping Natasha and he turned to Stark. "You first." Then, with more anger than Tony had ever seen in him, he lunged. Tony didn't have time to react before the super soldier had his hands around his neck.

He couldn't breathe. He clawed as fingers tightened around his throat.

"You did this to me," Steve said, locking eyes with the panicked billionaire. "It's your fault. Everything is your fault. I hate you." Then he squeezed tighter.

So there it was. He had been right, Cap did hate him. He hated him and blamed him for everything that had happened.

"I'm gonna enjoy this, Stark," said the man Tony had once counted as a friend. He shoved Tony against the wall and, taking his shield, Steve pressed it against Tony's throat. "But don't worry, I'll be merciful. More merciful than you were to me."

Tony felt as the sharp edge dug into his skin for a moment, then Steve pulled his shield back into a striking position.

"Hail Hydra," Tony heard, just before everything went black.

Sorry this chapter is so short, but I wanted to end it with a cliffhanger. I hope you liked it! (At least kind of like it)

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