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14 - Avenge Him

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Day 9


"Sir," Jarvis tried to get his creator's attention, but was ignored. He tried again, "Sir, I must insist that you get some rest."

Tony sighed in annoyance as he continued to work through his newest upgrade. "I told you J, I'm fine."

" Might I remind you that you were only cleared last night. Ms Potts wanted me to ensure that you take care of yourself. That is all I'm attempting to do."

Tony growled, slamming his hand on the table. "Just leave me alone!" The AI remained silent as the billionaire continued to work.

Tony began to mumble to himself. Picking up the blowtorch, he began welding the two pieces of metal together.

"It's just a simple upgrade," he said under his breath. "It's nothing new. When am I not updating? I'm always updating my suits. You know, I could just make a new one... that would work too. New suits are cool. I mean come on. I'm Tony Stark! If I wanted to I could- Ah!" He suddenly dropped the torch, clutching his hand.

Jarvis almost sounded like he sighed. " I believe Ms Potts has advised you about wearing gloves."Tony hissed as he brought his hand to his chest.

Jarvis continued, "I'll inform Dr Banner."

"No, don't..."

"Dr Banner is currently on his way."

The billionaire groaned.

Moments later, Bruce walked in carrying a first aid kit. "Tony, what happened?" He said in an almost annoyed state.

"Nothing. Jarvis is just overreacting. He seems to have a habit of that," Tony hissed.

"Master Stark has burned his hand," the AI offered.

Bruce sighed, "Let me see."

Tony glared , but finally gave in. The doctor gave him a look of disbelief. "Is it really too much just to put on gloves?"

"Yeah, well I've been a little preoccupied lately." He let out a small exclamation as Bruce applied burn medicine to the wound. There was a long pause of silence while the fidgeting patient allowed his hand to be wrapped.

The doctor looked his friend directly in the eyes. "Tony, when's the last time you slept?"

The inventor gave a dismissive wave with his free hand. "Sometime yesterday, I think."

"Master Stark has not slept in approximately twenty-six hours." Jarvis volunteered.

Tony pulled his now-wrapped hand away, "I've done longer hours than this."

"The doctors said you could come down here for a few hours, Tony; it's been over a day!" Bruce rubbed his face.

Tony ignored him and went back to working on his suit.

"You need to rest."

"Maybe I don't want to rest!" the billionaire said, slamming his hand down on the table, and regretting it when he realized it was his burnt hand. He ignored the concerned look from his friend and turned back to his work.

Bruce sat down on one of the many chairs in the room. "Listen," he began softly, "we're all upset Steve, but-"

Tony froze instantly. "You think that's what this is all about?" he gave a short laugh, "This has nothing to do with that. Well, I mean, I guess it has something to do with it since I was gone for barely a week and they practically destroyed my suit. I mean, as if it wasn't in bad enough condition. S.H.I.E.L.D had to basically dissect it! Really now, what did they hope to find? Our locations. Because that's totally what kidnappers do, just leave the address lying around." He ran his fingers through his hair frantically, the panic in his voice growing with every word. "It probably would have been better off if Hydra had just taken it too. Then maybe I would have had something to do. That was the worst part, the boredom. Hours of just sitting there. Sitting there, doing noth-"

"Tony stop!" Bruce couldn't stand to let him spiral any further. "Just stop! I saw the footage. I know what went on in there, you can't just go on pretending it didn't happen." If Tony hadn't known better, he would have thought Bruce was going to Hulk out.

The inventor rolled his eyes as he connected a pair of wires, "Yeah, well, it's over now. Done. Now, unless you've found Rubrem or have some other important information for me, I don't think there's anything else we need to discuss."

When the doctor left, Tony slowly closed his eyes and leaned against the table. Steve was dead. It was his fault.





The bullets hit their mark with precision.



A noise caught her attention.



She grabbed the other gun spinning around and levelling the gun at the intruder.

"Hold it Nat, it's just me," Clint said raising his hands.

She scowled, emptying the gun at the target behind his head. He didn't even flinch. The weapon was dropped to the floor.

Hawkeye sighed, "It's going to be okay,"

"Who said it wasn't?" she asked, her voice low.

"We're all upset about Cap, but we'll get the people who did this. You know that. We'll avenge him."

She gave a bone-chilling smile. "Oh, I know. I'm just practising." She picked up the empty gun. "Then again, a shot to the head might be too merciful."



A loud scream woke him He knew that voice. Where had he heard that before? That scream. That loud scream full of fear and betrayal - full of loss. Who did he know who would scream like that? Why had he heard it before?

"Open your eyes Captain," a different voice said. He knew that voice.

He opened his eyes a tiny sliver.

"Good, Captain," the voice said. "Now, what do you see?"

See? What did he see? It was a screen, right? A really bright screen. He couldn't quite make out anything.

"Blurry," he croaked through dry lips.

The voice responded gently, "It's alright Captain, take your time."

His eyes slowly focused. It was people. People he knew? That was the flying car man, right? Stark? Yeah, Stark. Wasn't there another Stark? Yes, but this one was first. At least, he thought so.

The next picture was of a woman. Curly hair. Bright lips. He knew her. He should know her. Something about a war. War and... He was sure he should know her. He tried to remember who she was, but only one word would come to mind. Love.

After that was a picture of the man and woman together. For some reason, it made him angry to see them standing so close.

The last was his friend. That much he remembered. His friend who died. His friend who he had let die.

"Bucky," he whispered.

The pictures suddenly disappeared, and the voice was back, "Very good Captain." A face appeared above him, looking down on him. The man's lips moved with the voice. "You are correct, that was Bucky. Do you know who Bucky was, Captain?"

Yes, he knew who Bucky was.

"Friend," he said, his voice getting stronger. "Bucky was my friend."

"Hm," The man nodded. "And the others?"

Others? Oh right, the others. Who were they again? Stark and the pretty lady? Love? Where they his friends? He couldn't remember. Probably... The lady looked nice. Yes... Maybe? But what about Stark?

Stark. He hated that name. Stark killed Bucky. Stark let him get hurt. He hated Stark. Stark was not his friend. If the lady was with Stark, then she must not be his friend either. There was a word for that. What was the word? Not friend. He was his not friend. Suddenly he thought of it.

"Enemy," he was back to a whisper. "My enemies."

A smile grew on the man's face. "Yes, Captain, they were your enemies. And what am I?"

There was silence as the prisoner contemplated.

"Friend," he finally decided.

"Good Captain, very good. Now, just a few more questions and then we can be done."

A jolt of electricity coursed through the Captain's body. There was another scream, the same scream. Where had he heard that scream?

Oh, he thought as he slowly slipped into oblivion, I've heard it before because it's me.


Be sure to let me know what you think! I tried to make Tony more in character this chapter. Now that the immediate ordeal is over, I think he would act, or at least pretend to act, like his old self. Let me know if I capture it right :)

God bless,

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