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11 - Playing the Bluff

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Day 6

Tony - The Cell

He was woken by guards yanking him to his feet. That was strange, he didn't remember falling asleep.

Tony gasped as everything that had happened came rushing back. The room. The whip. Everything. He looked around as they dragged him out of the room. Steve wasn't there.

"Where- where is he?" his voice came out strained.

There was no answer, just continued silence as they pulled him through the halls. He tried to pull his feet under him but found it difficult at the speed he was being dragged. They were definitely in a hurry to get to the... Truth Room. He never wanted to hear the word 'Truth' again. Especially since so many truths turned out to be lies.

He was taken through the door and quickly shoved into a chair. Steve was already there, chained in a chair across from him. Cap was staring at him. No, not at him, through him. Tony noticed that he didn't seem to be aware of anything going on around him.

"Steve, hey Steve," He tried to gain his friend's attention. There was no acknowledgement that Cap even noticed someone else in the room.

"Come on Cap, look at me." Tony couldn't help the pleading way his voice came out.

The door opened and in walked in Ruby nightmare himself.

"Come now Captain," the man's voice was overly sweet. It made Tony sick. "Mr Stark here was talking to you. Surely you could give him the courtesy of answering."

"Why should I?" came the low growl.

The billionaire was surprised at the malice in his captain's voice. Not that he could blame him. After all, it was Tony's fault they were in all of this.

"Now, now, Captain," the contorted smile sent chills down the inventor's spine. "Is that any way to talk to your friend?"

"Friend?" Steve spat.

Terror gripped Tony's heart. This wasn't Cap, this wasn't Steve. It couldn't be. Had he really driven the 'perfect' Captain America to this? Whatever this was.

"Well, I suppose it doesn't really matter." The German went over and place his hand on Steve's shoulder. "What matters now is whether or not Mr Stark here is going to give me what I want. " He pulled out a small revolver and placed it directly behind Cap's head.

Tony's eyes widened in disbelief. "I-it's a bluff. You still need him." At least he hoped. He couldn't give them Project P. He couldn't.

Rubrem made a disapproving noise. "Surely you don't think that Mr Stark." he fired the gun, causing the billionaire to gasp. But, nothing happened.

Mori laughed and pulled the gun away. "Not yet." Tony breathed a sigh of relief. He had been right, this time.

"But, I do need answers, fast." Rubrem pulled out a small bullet from his pocket, holding it out for Tony to see. Then he placed in his revolver, spinning the cylinder. "Surely you are familiar with Russian Roulette?"

Stark tried to keep his head from spinning. "What about it?"

"This gun has six chambers." As you just saw, I have placed one bullet into the cylinder. I do not know which chamber has the bullet. Neither do you." He once again placed it to the back of Steve's head. "Every time you refuse to give me your project, I pull the trigger. Neither of us knows which one will be the fatal shot. Meaning, stalling won't work."

Tony's heart was pounding. So this was it, he ultimatum. Hand it over or Steve dies. Hand over the project and hundreds die.

"Now, Mr Stark, give me Project Perniciem. " Tony watched as Mori's finger hovered over the trigger.

"No," he finally whispered. "No, I-I can't!"


Then nothing.

"Please, I can't give it to you."


The bullet would be in the sixth shot, right? It was always the last shot.

"I am growing impatient. Give me the project."

This time Tony remained silent. Maybe if he didn't say anything-


"This game is pointless. You cannot win. Give me Perniciem!"



"Give it to me now! You can't stall much longer!" Rubrem was seething.

He still had two more shots right? They could still make it out of this. He just had to think. Think! Think of something, anything. They had to get out of here!

"I will give you five seconds to answer. This could be the one that kills him."

"Or it could not. We don't know."


"I mean after all it's a six chamber gun. Still, have two left."


"And you wouldn't kill him. You need him. All your hidden experiments."


"You have just as much to lose as me. You kill him, you lose your bargaining chip."


"You wouldn't dream of actually killing Captain America." Tony was sweating profusely.



Steve's eyes widened and he let out a small gasp, then fell forward.

"No," Tony whispered. "No!" he shouted, "You killed him! You monsters!" He pulled against his restraints in a mad attempt to get to Rubrem.

Mori shook his head, "No Tony, you killed him. You played a bluff, and you lost."

He motioned to the guards and they left. "No! You can't leave me alone in here! No! Let me out! Let me out!" His words morphed into incoherent sobs as he realized no one was coming to let him out.

"I'm sorry!" he shouted between sobs, "I'm so sorry!" His voice broke.

They had lost.

Captain America was dead.


Tony - The Cell

He didn't know how long it had been. Time had no meaning to him. Steve was dead. It was his fault. The door opened and two heavily armed guards came in. He was released from the chair and immediately handcuffed. He wasn't given a chance to walk as they roughly drug him back to his cell.

They unceremoniously dropped him on the ground before releasing the cuffs and making a quick exit. The cell was quiet. Tony realized with disgust that there was blood on the floor. Strange, he had never noticed it before. But he also never realized just how quiet it was in there.

He hated himself. It was his fault. No matter how many times he thought about it, the fact remained; it was his fault. Maybe he should have given in. Maybe he should have just handed over the project.

No! He never should have started the stupid thing! He thought he would have more time. He thought if he could just stall long enough, the others would find them. Apparently, he had been wrong.

A loud thumping drew him from his thoughts. Curious, he listened as more loud noises followed. Then the door was yanked open. No, not open, off the hinges! A loud roar followed the door being thrown down the hallway.

"Hulk find Tony!" The green monster growled. Natasha, Clint, and Thor appeared, weapons at the ready.

Tony was in too much shock to say anything. Natasha was the one to make the first move. Putting away her gun, she slowly approached him.

"Tony, are you okay?" her voice was steady, but he could see the concern in her eyes.

He nodded once.

"Where's Cap?" she asked glancing around the cell.

Tony shook his head. That's all he could do.

Natasha threw Clint a disturbed glance.

"Tony, I need you to talk to me. Where's Steve?"

"He-he's dead," his voice cracked. "I tried! I-I didn't want him to die. I couldn't stop them! I tried!" He once again broke into sobs.


Natasha - The Cell

The entire team stopped breathing. Steve was dead? That was impossible. He was Captain America!

The Hulk broke the silence, "Cap dead! Bad men kill friend. Hulk kill bad men!" He let out a roar and began to smash through the nearest wall.

"Clint?" Natasha said quietly.

"I got it," he answered, following the raging monster.

She was kneeling down in front of Tony when she turned around slightly, "Thor could you-" she was cut off by the sudden sound of something firing. Before she had time to push him out of the way, Tony was hit in the neck by a small dart.

Checking his pulse, she sighed with relief to find he was still alive. "Thor, get him back S.H.I.E.L.D med bay."

Thor nodded and picked up the still form of Tony as Natasha began to leave the cell.

"Do you believe that it is true?" Thor's pleading eyes turned to Natasha, "Do you believe the Captain is indeed dead?"

Nat froze and gave Thor a sideways look, "I don't know. Just- just get him back to S.H.I.E.L.D."

The Asgardian nodded as he left with Tony.

Natasha's face set in a grim line. If it was true, if they had killed Steve, she would find the name of everyone who had had even a small part in it. Then they would all die.

She would make sure of it.


Well... That happened.


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