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My Hero SMP @eevee_potter
Chapter 6 ~ Pogtopia All characters from MHA do not belong to be and all credit goes to original owner. I am not using the Dream SMP member's real people, I will only use their made up characters. I do not own these characters and All credit goes to the original owners.

( From the perspective of the LOV )

"I still don't see how this correlates with the plan," Toga said, tossing a compass that was glowing purple between her hands. The red pointer was spinning constantly, not stopping in a single place for more than a millisecond.. Engraved on the back of it, in blocky writing was the words 'Your Tubbo'. "I mean, it's useless. It doesn't work."

Tomura Shigaraki snatched the compass from Toga's hands. She was wearing a special kind of glove with the thumb and Pinkie missing so the compass didn't turn to dust.

"Don't play with it, it might break, then the whole plan will be ruined," He said.

"Aww, Why not?" Toga wined. "How come you won't tell me what your plan is?"

"I did. Several times," Growled Shigaraki. "But I presume you didn't listen."

"Tell Me!" Toga drummed her feet on the floor impatiently.

"Fine," Tomura grumbled. "Kurogiri has developed an experiment that allows us to be transported to another world, but only if-"

"I know, I know, just tell me the plan," Toga yawned, cutting Shigaraki off.

"Ugh!" Tomura pounded her fists on the table. "Do you want me to tell you or not?" He growled.

"Yes, no need to get emotional Shiggy," Toga rolled her eyes.

"Just shut up and Listen, One of us is going to break into UA, kidnap the boy, and then we'll have the means to be able to travel to his world. From the data you've collected, the brat's able to respawn or something like it. If we had that ability we would be unstoppable," Shigaraki explained.

"Oh! Yay! That sounds exciting! When are we going to do it?" Toga exclaimed.

"Soon Toga, Soon."

( From the perspective of Izuku Midoriya )

"Deku?" Tommy asked tentatively.

"Yeah?" The green haired boy said. The two friends were sitting in Tommy's temporary room at Heights Alliance. The boy was spilling all the contents of his inventory on the floor, looking for something.

"Have you seen a compass? It should be glowing purple and the red handle should be spinning around," Tommy said. Izuku could tell the item was special, but he was still astounded. For a boy without a Quirk, he sure knew how to fit a lot in his pockets. He had a set of very sturdy looking blue armor. When Izuku looked closer, he could see the armor was glowing with a slight purple tint, probably the same that Tommy was saying his missing compass had. The boy picked up and unceremoniously heaped a bunch of tools including a sword, axe, pickaxe, shovel, and an extra sword, all the mysterious blue with slight purple glow.

"No, I don't think I've seen it, sorry," Izuku replied. "Do you need any help?"

"No Thanks," Tommy said, turning around to search around a pile of steak. Where did he get so much steak? And how does it not go bad? After sufficiently searching the pile, Tommy takes a piece and eats it while kicking around a pile of glass bottles filled with multicolored liquid. The boy suddenly thinks of something. He looks up at Deku. "Do you have any Lava?"

The question was surprising, and Deku couldn't think of an answer at first. "Uh, No," He said at last.

"Oh," Tommy looked back down at his mess of tools and items. He sighed. "It's not here."

"I'm sorry," Izuku said apologetically.

"It's fine," The boy said, grabbing his tools and piles of items and piling them back in his pockets. "It's not your fault." Izuku watched silently as Tommy placed the last item, his sword, back in his pocket. He was confused, the boy had a ton of things in there yet his pockets didn't even look full at all.

"Ok, but if there's anything you need, feel free to ask me," Deku said.

"Ok, Thanks," Tommy responded.

( From the perspective of Tommyinnit )

~~Time Skip: Midnight~~

Just another sleepless night. Great. Tommy stared at the ceiling of his temporary room, trying to sway his brain into being sleepy. But he just couldn't.

What if Tubbo's compass was destroyed when he jumped? No it couldn't have, all his other stuff was still there.

Maybe he dropped it somewhere? Most likely, but it should have been found by now, he hadn't gone outside UA boundaries, and there were students everywhere who might of found it.

The last thing he could think of was that it was stolen. But by Who? Dream hadn't gotten close enough to nick it before he took his swan dive, but who here would want to steal it? In a school of Heros?

Tommy shook his head. Maybe he just misplaced it. Maybe it was still in his inventory. He'd check tomorrow, now he needed to sleep.

The boy closed his eyes. After a few more minutes, he decided he better just get a drink of water. Tommy got up, and took the stairs down, they had an elevator but it didn't work as well because no one else lived on the same floor as him, and the stairs felt safer.

In the small kitchenette, the blonde boy poured himself some water from the container in the fridge. There was just enough to fill half the cup and it was slightly colored white. Weird, usually the container was always full with clear, fresh water, but Tommyinnit didn't spent too much time worrying about this. He drained his glass and set it down.

Yawning, Tommy seemed more tired them before. His eyes drooped, and he found his movements slowed. He barely made it to a dining room chair in time before he collapsed, out cold.

( From the perspective of the Dabi )

"Too easy," Dabi smirked from the shadows. He was watching as a blond boy with a slightly torn up and dirty red and white shirt collapsed into a dining room chair. Shigaraki had told him to kidnap this kid, although he didn't know why.

Dabi crumpled up the list of instructions in his hand, and a small blast of blue flame left the ashes to drift to the ground. He walked over to the boy, picking him up.

Suddenly, a purple misty portal appeared and Dabi stepped in, both disappearing into the portal.

Dabi stepped out of the misty portal into an old run down bar. Tomura Shigaraki was sitting on a stool, all his hands on him except the one he put's on his face, which was laying in front of him. Himiko Toga was humming a song, tapping her hands to the rhythm.

"Shut up," Dabi said on instinct. Toga looked back, a smirk on her face.

"Took you long enough," She said. "I could have done it quicker."

"Yes, Toga, but we need him ALIVE," Shigaraki said grumpily.

"Aww, you say that like you don't trust me," Toga pouted.

"Because we don't," Dabi said at the same time as Shigaraki said "I don't trust you."

"Yeah right, how long till your thingamajig works?"

"Half a day, maybe," Shigaraki answered Toga, with a grin on his face. "Then let chaos rein."

( From the perspective of Izuku Midoriya )

Izuku Midoriya climbed the stairs towards Tommy's room. It was 10 minutes before class and Deku hadn't even seen the boy downstairs yet.

When he got up, he could see the door was ajar. Weird, Tommy hated to leave doors open, and even went to the extent of closing every single door in the building. That must mean there's something wrong.

Deku went into the room. There was nothing. No Tommy, not items, nothing besides a slightly rumpled bed to even suggest someone lived here.

"Where-" The green haired boy said. Then he realized something. Running downstairs where there was some chatting and everyone was getting ready to go, Deku waved his arms to get everybody's attention. "Guys! Guys! Has anyone seen Tommy today?"

The students looked at each other, and shook their heads.

"Why?" a blue haired boy, Ida, asked.

"I think he's missing."

The discussion had taken longer then predicted and class 1-A had to run to class that morning. They told Aizawa what they thought, and he responded by dismissing the class for the day.

"Alright, class dismissed for the rest of the day. Go do whatever," Mr. Aizawa said.

Ochako Uraraka looked at Izuku and nodded.

( From the perspective of Izuku Midoriya )

"Alright everyone, do you know what the plan is?" Deku asked the group assembled in front of him.

"Yes," Everyone whispered in unison, some nodding.

"Come on Extras," Bakugou growled as he turned to explode a hole through the wall. Izuku grabbed his arm before he could do it though.

"Wait everyone needs to be read-" But he was cut off by a loud humming. It was coming from inside the building, and even through the wall it was loud, a few students had to cover their ears.

"What the-" Bakugou yelled over the noise. It was becoming louder, earsplitting. And then for a second it stopped. Then a bright flash of white light. And then nothing.

Deku had closed his eyes to protect them from the flash, and when he opened them again the group was somewhere different. Somewhere new.

Somewhere strangely Blocky.

Izuku got up steadily, and looked around. It was quite dark but he could still make out that he was in a large ravine. His eyes rested on a human figure. His skin was light grey, and he had dark grey hair and was wearing a yellow sweater. He looked almost like... a Ghost.

"Hello New Friend! My name is Ghostbur! Who are you?" The figure said cheerfully.

Sorry for the wait! I had a Family emergency and then a weeks worth of writers block, but I'm back! Hopefully the next chapter will come out soon! Until then, have a great day!
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