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Chapter 3 ~ What's a Quirk? All characters from MHA do not belong to be and all credit goes to original owner. I am not using the Dream SMP member's real people, I will only use their made up characters. I do not own these characters and All credit goes to the original owners.

( From the perspective of Shōta Aizawa/Erasure )

'I can never get any sleep at all can I?' Shōta Aizawa was in the middle of a perfectly good nap when problem child interrupted him. It was for a perfectly good reason but the teacher was still a little mad.

Mr. Aizawa looked down at a small kid, about the age of my students, with dirty and ripped short black shorts, and an even more dirty and ripped red and white t-shirt. His hair was dirty blonde, and was slightly singed at the tips, which only make it look more like brown than blonde. 'This kid had obviously gone through a lot, but that was not my problem.'

"Alright kid, Call me Mr. Aizawa, I'm going to ask a few questions," Erasure said, continuing before the kid could even open his mouth. "What's your name and Quirk? And where did you come from?" The kid looked a little annoyed when being called a kid, but still answered.

"What's a Quirk?" He asked.

"You don't know what a quirk is?" Aizawa seemed a little surprised.

"No..." The boy looked away. "Am I supposed to know what it is?"

"It's a power that 80% of the population have."

"Oh, then I guess I don't have one..."

"Ok, what's your name, and how did you end up on UA grounds?" Erasure crossed his arms.

"I'm Tommyinnit, just call me Tommy!" The boy seemed proud about his name.

'Great, classic American name,' Aizawa thought.

"I don't know how I got here," Tommy continued. "I fell in a lava pool and though I was going to respawn back at my Trent, or in New L'manburg."

"You... Died?" Izuku cut in on the conversation. Even Mr. Aizawa raised an eyebrow. Surprising.

"Yeah," Tommy nodded. "I was in the nether with Dream."

"The Nether?" Erasure asked. "Where's that?"

"It's the second dimension. The fiery depths of Hell. Lava or fire everywhere you look. You don't know what the nether is?" Tommy asked puzzled. "All you need is 14 blocks of Obsidian, and a flint and steel."

Mr. Aizawa and Deku looked at each other, with confused faces. Erasure looked back at Tommy.

"Ok, one last question, are you a Villain?" He asked.

"No? I don't think so," Tommy said uncertainly.

"Mm hmm." Aizawa nodded. "I think you might be from another world."

"That would make sense," Tommy replied.

"I think it would be best if you stay here until we can find a way to get you home," Mr. Aizawa said concealing his true intentions.

'We need to make sure he isn't a threat. I'll talk to the principal later.' Erasure thought, making a mental note in his head.

"You'll be attending my class until then, starting tomorrow. Now since your not my problem anymore, I'm going back to sleep." Mr. Aizawa lay back down on the floor and fell asleep once more.

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