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My Hero SMP @eevee_potter
Chapter 2 ~ Deku All characters from MHA do not belong to be and all credit goes to original owner. I am not using the Dream SMP member's real people, I will only use their made up characters. I do not own these characters and All credit goes to the original owners.

( From the perspective of Tommyinnit )

'If this isn't on the server... Then where is it?' Tommyinnit asked himself as he looked around. He looked down at his hands and almost jumped. They were regular hands, not the block kind he had on the Server.

"Hey! Who are you?" A boy walked over to him. He was wearing a uniform and had pointy green hair. "And what are you doing at UA?"

Tommy was confused. "What the Fuck? What's that?"

"UA? The Most prestigious and well known school in japan? How do you not know it?" The boy asked.

Tommy crossed his arms defiantly. "I don't live in Japan, I live in my 'Trent'. And I have no clue how I got from the SMP all the way here."

The boy looks confused. "SMP? What's that? Also, you never answered my first question, What's your name?"

Tommy blinked at the boy. "Sorry," Tommy sand standing up proudly, although he was just barely shorter than the boy. "My name is Tommyinnit! But just call me Tommy. Who are you?"

"Izuku Midoriya, but you can just call me Izuku or Deku. Nice to meet you Tommy." Deku held out and hand and after a second Tommy shook it. "Anyway, do you mind coming with me?"

Tommy nodded. "Sure," He replied, letting Deku lead him down the hall. What could he have to lose? He had already died and ended up in this place, and you know what they say, 'What's worse than death?'.

Sorry it's short, I will upload the next one, which will be much better, today as well. Till then!
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