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No Regrets

Author's Note: The last two parts of this chapter are based off both the novel and the TV/Web series.


Wei Ying gaped at him blankly for a long moment, then threw his head back and roared with laughter.

"Honestly, Lan Zhan! You call me shameless, and yet, here you are! You do realize that you're breaking more than a dozen of your rules, don't you?" he asked, still chortling.

Lan Zhan nodded. "Mn. But for you, I would do so without any regrets."

"Even if you actually do end up having to kneel for half a month?"

The corner of his mouth quirked at his teasing question. "Yes. Even then," he replied solemnly. Then he peered at him intently. "Would now be a good time, Wei Ying?"

He nodded after a moment and pecked him on the lips before leaning back to untie his robe. Lan Zhan eyed him with hunger as he opened it, revealing his broad chest and slightly muscular arms. When he removed his pants, he groaned quietly at the sight of his cock. It was long and thick, with dark hair around base. His thighs looked soft but strong. He could not wait to find out for himself if they were.

Wei Ying helped him undress once he had put his clothes aside. His fingers grazed his broad chest as he pulled away his robes, making Lan Zhan shiver. Then he slid off his left pant leg and carefully tucked it beneath his right.

"Is this okay, Lan Zhan? Are you comfortable?"



Lan Zhan tugged his arm. "Come here, Wei Ying."

And he did, lying between the former's thighs and sliding an arm under his back. They shared another passionate kiss, swallowing each other's gasps when Wei Ying's cock rubbed against his. The sensation was exquisite.

Next, they were exploring one another's body. Wei Ying thought that Lan Zhan's was better in comparison with his. His chest was broad, and his arms were more muscular. His engorged cock was also thicker and larger than his own! A wave of desire swept through him as he ran his fingers all over his upper body, relishing in the taut smoothness of his skin.

Lan Zhan moaned quietly as his own trembling hands wandered along his supple form. If not for his leg, he would have been the one in charge. Making Wei Ying submit to him. Making him quiver underneath him as he...

Wei Ying chuckled. "Don't worry, Lan Zhan. I will take good care of you for tonight. Next time, if there is a next time-and I'd really like for there to be-I will definitely submit to you. You can do whatever you want with me."

He shuddered at the thought of it as his ears turned pink again. He hadn't realized that he had said that out loud.

"Shameless," he whispered regardless.

"You love it."

"Mn. I do."

Wei Ying started to place hot kisses on his neck after that. Lan Zhan tilted his head to the side to give him more access and moaned as he nipped at a particularly sensitive spot. Then a gasp followed when Wei Ying moved down to bite and suck on his collarbone. By the time he was halfway through circling his tongue around his nipples, it was as marked as his own neck.

Lan Zhan all but went insane with anticipation when Wei Ying's lips caressed his stomach. If he didn't move any lower, he was certain that he would.

"Please," he breathed.

Thankfully, he did not have to explain what he was begging for. Wei Ying already knew what he meant. Nevertheless, he didn't give him what he wanted right away, deciding to tease him for a bit.

He kissed and nipped his inner thighs as well as the area near the base of his cock. The sparse hairs around it tickled his face, almost making him laugh.

That was when Lan Zhan became inordinately impatient. He rose himself up on his elbow to frown at him. "Wei Ying!" he hissed.

"Yessss?" the former inquired with a playful grin. Shameless menace!

"I want your mouth on my...!"

And the next thing he knew, a slick warmth enveloped his cock. He moaned in surprise as his back hit the ground. He never expected it to feel that pleasurable.

Likewise, Wei Ying was in awe of how massive compared to him and how good he tasted. He swirled his tongue around the head of his cock, dipping it into his slit and licking up the bitter (but certainly not distasteful) precum. Then he placed kisses along his shaft before taking him in his mouth again.

Lan Zhan threaded his fingers in his hair tightly as he bobbed up and down. Whenever his tongue ran along the vein on the underside of his cock, he gasped and shivered beneath him.

"Yes. So good," he murmured, his eyes closed in pleasure.

Wei Ying hummed, causing him to tremble once again as vibrations shot down to his balls. He steadily took the rest of his length in, until the tip of his cock hit the back of his throat. He moved faster when his grip on his hair tightened in response.

As Wei Ying continued, Lan Zhan felt trails of cool, wet saliva trickling down the crack of his ass. He opened his eyes to see the former staring at him lustfully and groaned. The sight of Wei Ying sucking his cock with hollowed cheeks was all too arousing.

His gaze turned into an inquiring one moments later. He pushed his left leg up before rubbing his moist, pink hole with his thumb. Lan Zhan's body jerked at the sensation.

"Is this good? Or does it make you uncomfortable?" Wei Ying queried.

"No. Continue," he gasped hoarsely.

Wei Ying smiled and spit on his rim before circling it again. He also placed three fingers in Lan Zhan's mouth. The latter sucked them hungrily, making another grin spread across Wei Ying's face.

"You amaze me, Hanguang-Jun. I thought that being greedy was against your rules," he joked.

Lan Zhan lightly bit him anyway. "Shut up."

He chuckled.

After his digits were sufficiently wet, Wei Ying rose his leg higher and carefully slid a finger into him. Lan Zhan grimaced; it hurt a little. Thankfully, it wasn't long before the pleasure returned. The sounds coming from him made Wei Ying's dick twitch for what must have been the fiftieth time that evening.

"Get on your hands and knees above me. I want to taste you," Lan Zhan said.

Wei Ying obeyed him eagerly. Lan Zhan slid his arms around his inner thighs and clutched his ass.

"Ahh!" the former cried out when his lips wrapped around his cock. He felt his tongue glide along where a trail of his own precum had been, causing him to moan again.

He quickly became so lost in the sensation his mouth working him that he didn't realize that he was no longer moving. Lan Zhan did, of course, and gave his ass a rough bite.

"Aaahh! Lan Zhan-!" Wei Ying yelped.

"Did I tell you to stop preparing me? Continue," he repeated.

Wei Ying jolted into action and resumed thrusting his finger in and out of him. Apparently, Lan Zhan had chosen to be dominant-to some degree-after all.

It was not long before he was adding a second finger, then a third. He had taken him back in his own mouth as well. Lan Zhan was sucking his cock as greedily as he had his fingers. When he felt Wei Ying hook his and jab his prostate, he let out a choked moan.

"Ah, there we go," he murmured, pleased with his reaction. He did it again.

"Wei Ying!" Lan Zhan gasped as sparks shot through his body.

"What? Do you want me to stop?"

Another poke.

"Ngh! No! Don't you dare," he growled.

Wei Ying chuckled. "Okay, then! I won't."

By the time Lan Zhan had finished being prepared and pleasurably tortured, they were close to the edge, and hickeys dotted their inner thighs. Wei Ying moved to kneel between his and opened it wider.

"Ready?" he asked.

Lan Zhan quirked an eyebrow with a "Seriously?" expression and wrapped his left leg around him.

"Haha. I'll take that as a yes."

He spat on his hand to wet his cock some more and groaned as he stroked it. Lan Zhan did also; the sight of him doing that with his head tilted back was entirely too erotic. Then he held Wei Ying close after feeling the tip of his cock on his rim.

It was just as well he did because it hurt like one wouldn't believe when he breached his entrance. He gritted his teeth and tightened his fingers on his shoulders as he slid into him carefully.

Wei Ying frowned in worry. "Are you sure that you really want this, Lan Zhan?" he queried in a strained voice. He felt so good that it was all he could do to not take him right then and there. The last thing he wanted to do was cause him more pain. "I really will stop this time if..."

"No," he interrupted. "I am fine. Keep going."

After Wei Ying bottomed out a moment later, he leaned over to kiss his furrowed brow. Then he kept still to let him adjust, whispering soothing words in his ear. Lan Zhan nuzzled him and waited out the pain in silence.

It wasn't long before it was nothing more than a dull ache and his body relaxed. He opened his eyes and kissed Wei Ying softly, humming as he tasted himself on his lips. "You can move now."

Wei Ying nodded with a smile and pecked his shoulder. After that, he pulled out of him before re-entering him with a gentle thrust, causing Lan Zhan to moan yet again.

"Fuck, you're so tight," Wei Ying hissed.

He began thrust in and out of him slowly then, shuddering as he buried his face in his neck. Lan Zhan clung to him as his eyes fluttered shut. The ache had increased somewhat, but there was now pleasure combined with the pain. However, the former overriding the latter only made everything that much better.

Wei Ying took his time, further enjoying the sensation of Lan Zhan being around him. He was not just tight, but also slick and pleasantly warm. None of the books that Nie Huaisang lent him had ever prepared him for this.

He kissed the side of his neck while rolling his hips. "You feel so good," he breathed.

"Mmm. So does Wei Ying," Lan Zhan murmured.

And it was true. He could feel every inch of his cock inside him. From the tip, to where it curved, and near the base.

He was a perfect fit.

The pain eventually went away altogether. Wei Ying noticed this from his voice and rose his head slightly to look at him. His eyes were still closed, and his mouth was parted in pleasure. He rolled his hips a second time, making him gasp.

Lan Zhan opened his eyes to see him smirking at his reaction. He wiped it right off of his face by clenching himself around him.

"Ughhh! L-!"

"Wei Ying...go a little faster. Be careful not to move my leg."

His commanding tone sent another shiver through Wei Ying. It made him ask himself who was really supposed to be in charge here.

He tucked a hand under his left knee to pull his leg up to his chest. Then he quickened his pace and made sure that his other leg remained still. Thankfully, it did.

Lan Zhan groaned lowly as he dug his nails into his skin. "Yes, Wei Ying. Exactly like that."

He smiled and bent down to place his lips on his once more. The former responded with ardor, shoving his tongue back into his mouth. Wei Ying ran his tongue along his, tilting him up slightly and deepening his thrusts when he ordered him to.

Lan Zhan started to grunt, especially when his cock nudged his prostate over and over again. He tightened his left leg around him before sliding a hand down to his waist to guide his movements. Then he roughly yanked Wei Ying's ponytail and whispered to him how good he was making him feel. About all of the things he desired to do to him when his other leg healed.

How he would fuck him until he screamed and lost his voice. Until he was weeping from the pleasure. Until he begged for mercy. Until he begged him to let him cum. Until he was sore and would be limping for days.

How he would bend him over whatever happened to be nearby.

How he would tie him up and rail him senselessly.

Punish him whenever he got out of line.

That he would mark him, claim him every time they fucked. Let everyone know that he was his.

He would do so much more.

And he would do all of this anywhere and everywhere.

Wei Ying's eyes rolled into the back of his head several times at the idea of it all. Hearing those shameless, obscene words coming from Lan Zhan nearly made him lose his self-control, especially when he repeatedly squeezed himself around his cock for emphasis. That was the last thing he wanted to do in case it lead to his injury being aggravated.

Lan Zhan pulled his hair, interrupting his thoughts. "You want me to do that to you also, don't you?" he asked in a tender voice.

When Wei Ying only moaned and didn't reply, he yanked his ponytail harder and tightened himself around him yet again.

"Answer," Lan Zhan ordered with a growl.

"Ahh! Fuck yes. Please. I want it so much," he gasped.

He started to clench around him in earnest not long after. Their thighs shuddered as the former's movements became jerky, and they were both panting and sweating.

Wei Ying felt his hand slacken on his ponytail and gazed at him. His eyes were half-lidded, his lips were red and swollen, and a flush had spread down to his chest.

He never thought that Lan Zhan could look more perfect than he already did. And the fact that he was willing to be vulnerable with him - while still being in control - meant an inexpressibly great deal to him. He knew from his actions that he had never wished to be vulnerable to anyone.

Lan Zhan could see the emotion on his face as clear as day. If Wei Ying hadn't been in love with him already, he certainly was now.

And it was not because of sex. Or if it was, it was not due to sex alone.

The thought of it pushed him to the edge a second time. He removed his hand from his hair and cupped his cheek.

"Wei Ying...I'm close," he breathed.

Wei Ying kissed his palm, then reached down to stroke his cock with Lan Zhan's hand around his. There was a long moment when all they could hear was their ragged breaths and his trembling hips slapping against him.

And then Lan Zhan reached his peak. He arched upwards with a loud grunt, his mouth shaped in an O as his head fell back.

Seeing him unravel and feeling his hot seed streaking his chest and stomach made Wei Ying come undone. He cried out as he slammed into him a few more times. Then his eyes closed as he released deep inside of him with another moan.

After that, he collapsed on top of him. Lan Zhan wrapped an arm around his back.

"Wei Ying...that was...that was so..." he panted.

" was," he agreed.

They laid there for a while in post-orgasmic bliss. They eventually caught their breath, and Wei Ying kissed him lingeringly. "Stay here. I'll clean us both up."


He slid out of him, which caused the both of them to groan at the loss. Then he got a moist cloth out of his qiankun pouch before wiping his chest and both of their stomachs.

Wei Ying tended to Lan Zhan's hole after that, noticing that a line of his seed was sliding out of it. Then he put on most of his robes, helped Lan Zhan dress, and carefully sat him against the wall once he had checked his leg.

Hai hour came soon after that; he fell asleep almost immediately after giving Wei Ying another kiss. The latter dried his outer robe off after brushing as much dirt off of it as he could and joined him once it was no longer wet. At the very least, he needed a nap.

He covered them up with his robe and laid his head on his shoulder. As he drifted off, he felt Lan Zhan shift in his sleep before wrapping his arm around him again.

"I love Wei Ying," he murmured.

A soft smile spread across Wei Ying's face. "And I love you, Lan Zhan," he whispered earnestly.

And then he too was asleep.

When Lan Zhan arose at five o' clock the next morning, he saw that Wei Ying was already awake, and had been for some time.

He also noticed that his ribbon had been put on his head. Wei Ying told him with a fond grin that he done that for him while he was asleep. He knew how uneasy he felt without it on.

Lan Zhan simply nodded and returned his smile with a tiny, loving one of his own. It wasn't as if he hadn't touched it before.

The conversation turned to more serious matters after that. Wei Ying told him that the hidden entrance in the pond was blocked by the Tortoise of Slaughter, which they soon agreed resembled the Xuanwu. In order to reach it, they would have to fight the beast. It would be extremely dangerous, and it was likely that they would be killed in the attempt, but it was a risk they were willing to take if they wanted to escape the cave.

Both he and Lan Zhan gathered up the arrows that were scattered near the pond. The latter planned to use Killer String for Chord Assassination as well.

When everything was prepared, he advised Wei Ying that they should attack the beast internally. He agreed to, but suggested that he do it. Even though Lan Zhan's injury had healed considerably, his leg was still wounded. Therefore, the Killer String would not be as effective.

Lan Zhan conceded to this with a nod and laid a hand on his cheek. "Please be careful, Wei Ying," he admonished.

He knew it would destroy him if he didn't make it out alive.

"I will, and I'll be fine," Wei Ying assured him. "Listen to me, and don't worry."

He and Lan Zhan shared what may be their final kiss, and the former smiled at him before he was transferred into the Tortoise's shell. Lan Zhan would keep watch near the pond.

The first thing Wei Ying wanted to do as soon as he was inside was vomit. The stench emanating from it caused his stomach to roil while making him lightheaded at the same time.

He informed Lan Zhan of this as he took in his surroundings. Sheets of the Tortoise's innards hung all around him. The ground was as soft as mud, and littered with the body parts of people long dead.

A few tall, grotesque figures caught his eye at that moment. He walked over to peer at them closely before realizing that they were rotting corpses. And that was not all he noticed.

Backing away in shock, Wei Ying gasped in pain while clutching his aching chest. Lan Zhan...this monster is horrible. It not only eats humans, but it digests their spiritual cognition too.

There was a brief silence before he heard Lan Zhan's voice in his head. Just like Yin Iron.

And not a minute later, Wei Ying bumped into a sword forged from Yin Iron. As soon as he clutched the hilt of it, shrill screams echoed around him, and the sword rattled from the energy brimming from it.

The resentment is so strong! he thought to Lan Zhan.

What happened after that was nothing short of insanity. Touching the sword had awakened the beast, which entered its own shell to attack Wei Ying almost immediately.

He tried to fight it off and managed to stab the Tortoise through the bottom of his jaw before it pulled him out. He called out to Lan Zhan in a panic as it did, who acted as soon as he saw him.

For the next several minutes, it was all Wei Ying could do to hold on to the sword as the Tortoise waved its head to and fro. Lan Zhan wrapped the Killer String around its neck, but the skin of it was too thick for it to be effective.

The former was beginning to think that the situation may be hopeless when he heard screams echoing in his head once again. Time seemed to come to a stop as the hand gripping the sword's hilt started to bleed. After that, he blacked out.

Lan Zhan would later tell him that he didn't appear to have at all. In fact, he witnessed clouds of resentful energy around him before he gazed at the Tortoise with a rather dark smile. He heard metallic rattling, then watched as a number of arrows and swords pierced the beast's neck. He managed to leap off of its shell just as it and Wei Ying tumbled into the water.

It wasn't until Lan Zhan half-carried him out of the pond did Wei Ying wake up, coughing and vomiting blood. He gathered his bearings frantically, then spoke to him.

"Is it dead? Lan the beast dead?" he queried.

A pause, then, "Yes," he replied.

"Yes? It's dead?"

"Yes, it is."

Wei Ying relaxed somewhat, but something else was troubling him. "Lan Zhan...I heard screaming in my ears just now, which knocked me into unconsciousness...Am I dreaming?" he asked next.

Lan Zhan pursed his lips. "No."

There was silence as he thought this over while glancing at him, then the hand on his arm. Amusement filled his expression as he chuckled, "Lan Zhan...little did I think I would ever see you being so concerned about me...more than once." Then his face fell. "I don't think that I was going to survive."

Lan Zhan had every reason to be worried; Wei Ying was not quite himself. He was looking both dizzy and faint. He placed a hand on his forehead, then withdrew it with a frown.

"Wei have a fever," he stated.

He didn't respond to this, only coughed. Lan Zhan lifted his hand and kissed it a few times before directing his spiritual energy into him. He needed to prevent his illness from getting worse, as well as keep him awake.

A dreamy expression softened Wei Ying's face. "That feels nice...I feel so comfortable, Lan Zhan," he mumbled. He grew silent for a moment, then pouted. "This is so boring...Why hasn't Jiang Cheng rescued me yet?"

Lan Zhan didn't answer, needing concentration.

Wei Ying pouted a second time. "It's too quiet..." he whispered. After that, a grin spread across his face. "Lan Zhan...can you sing a song for me?"

He tried to pull his hand away from him a few times, but Lan Zhan tugged it back.

"Please," he begged when he remained quiet. "I know that you aren't going to ignore me."

And Lan Zhan didn't; he began to hum quietly while stroking his hand with his thumb. Wei Ying listened to him contentedly before drooping against the wall. His voice was so soothing that he couldn't help but feel at peace.

The next thing he knew, memories were flooding his mind. They started from when he first saw Lan Zhan, to every interaction they had with each other, and ended them laying in each other arms the previous evening. He could also hear beautiful singing. One voice sounded like his own, and the other could only have been Lan Zhan's.

Wei Ying smiled tiredly as he faced him. Lan Zhan was a blur; he could feel himself losing consciousness again. Nevertheless, he willed himself to stay awake.

"That sounds so pleasant to hear," he murmured in a dreamy voice. "What's the name of this song?"

Lan Zhan turned and answered him. However, Wei Ying couldn't hear his response, just saw his mouth form words he couldn't decipher. He tried to ask him again, but his exhaustion got the best of him, and he fell asleep.

Lan Zhan continued to take care of Wei Ying in the days that followed. He regularly gave him his spiritual energy and never left his side. He made sure that he was warm, safe. Alive.

A week marked the day since they had been brought to the cave when he finally heard echoes of other voices. He recognized them as Jiang Cheng's, Jin Zixuan's, and other members of the Jin Sect. They had finally come to rescue them.

Before they appeared, Lan Zhan kissed Wei Ying's forehead and stroked his cheek.

"May the gods be with you, Wei Ying. By their grace, we will see each other again soon. I love you," he whispered.

Lan Zhan had a brief talk with Jiang Cheng after they found them. Then, after handing off Wei Ying to him, he returned to Gusu.

Upon reaching his home, he learned that his father, Qingheng-Jun, had died. He had been injured when Cloud Recesses had been attacked by the Wen clan and passed away soon after.

Although he had never been close with his father, Lan Zhan did feel some sadness over the loss. He wished that he hadn't been in seclusion so that he could have had a proper father/son relationship with him. However, he didn't reveal this to anyone for the time being.

Lan Zhan eventually did kneel before the Wall of Discipline while he was in mourning. It was not because he regretted having sexual relations with Wei Ying. Quite the contrary. It was because he didn't, nor did he want to. All he desired was mercy and forgiveness for his obstinacy.

When anyone asked why he - the rule-abiding, conscientious, seemingly pure Hanguang-Jun of all people! - was kneeling, he never gave them a response. It was a matter he chose to keep between Wei Ying and himself.

Similarly, when Jiang Cheng inquired of Wei Ying as to why he had faded, odd-looking marks on his neck, the latter only told him a half-truth. The former scowled when he said that he had been bitten, but didn't explain of what he was bitten by.

However, he could see that Wei Ying was not going to, and let it go at that.

Author's Note: And there we have it! Thank you to all those who have taken the time to read this. But this is far from over. As mentioned before, I am planning to make this a series.

I hope you liked this chapter, and wish we luck in having the next story posted quickly.

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