Sparks Fly @sparky86
Chapter 4

Series: Naruto

Pairings: NaruHina

Author: Lynns

Disclaimer: Naruto belongs to Kishimoto Masashi

Type: Alternate Universe/Romance

*Warning, Sexual Content in this chapter! You have been told!*

Sparks Fly

Chapter 4

"You know, you don't have to be rude man. We were just . . ."

Naruto didn't let Haku finish. Usually, he was able to deal with the apprentice's snarky attitude, but right now he did not have the patience for it. Without saying a word he made a hasty decision by grabbing Hinata's hand and storming out of the cafeteria. At first, he was expecting Hinata to pull back; demand that he release her hand and tell him to stop . . . but she said nothing. He didn't dare look behind him but instead kept leading her out of the cafeteria and into the main hallway.

At least she's not yelling at you to stop . . . I just don't want our evening to end yet! I still have to tell her what's on my mind and I'm not going to have another opportunity to do this! Where can we go for privacy though? The games room? No, usually people are playing in there well until 10 pm. Outside? Frick that's out of the question, it's freezing outside right now!

He knew people were looking at them and was surprised that no one tried to stop him or intervene. Dragging a young woman down the hallway was bound to turn some heads, but since no one approached them, he could only guess that Hinata was doing something to let them know she was fine. It no longer felt like he was dragging her along with him, but instead, she quickened her pace to keep up.

While his mind was racing, Naruto's feet automatically took him towards the familiar hall where his room was; his free hand reaching into his pocket to grab his room key to open the main door. As they entered Hallway B, it finally dawned on him how this was starting to look from Hinata's perspective.

Are you seriously just going to bring her to your room? Oh, that's the brightest idea you've ever had! Just drag her into your room and make her think you're about to force yourself on her! Damn it, she must be confused and panicking right now!

As they got closer and closer to his room, Naruto remembered the stairwell at the end of the hall; rarely anyone was there and it was mostly used by the housekeepers. Knowing it was the better option, he took her there instead. Thankfully just like he thought, there was no one at the back stairwell and they could finally talk in private.

Upon hearing the door close behind them, Naruto realized he was still holding Hinata's hand pretty tightly and released his grip on her. He kept his back to her, not exactly sure where to start the conversation. His heart was racing and suddenly the words he wanted to tell her weren't coming out; in fact, he couldn't think of anything to say right now!

Sighing in frustration he took a few steps forward to he could give her some space, but also hoping that staring out the exit window on the door would clear his thoughts. However, with how dark it was outside, all he could see was his face staring back at him and Hinata's small frame behind him. He hadn't expected to be interrupted like that by Konohamaru and the others, he figured they wouldn't have been looking for him at all when telling them at the end of the day he was busy.

"I'm sorry about that. I just didn't want our conversation to end there and with there being no real way to get a hold of you later on I just . . . I don't know, I panicked. Sorry for dragging you all the way here. No one ever uses this stairwell, and I knew we could at least get some privacy here." He whispered to her.

And now here we are in this stairwell. It's not the best spot, but it sure is a hell of a lot better than bringing her to my room.

He paused on that thought and an instant blush spread across his cheeks. There was no denying he hadn't thought about it; had thought about it for the past two years. The person he had fantasized about was now right behind him and less than ten feet away from his room. Naruto couldn't deny that it was tempting to just skip his confession, kiss her here right now and propose she spend the night with him.

You know better than that . . .

His inner voice chimed in strongly, pushing his selfish thoughts out of the way. Hinata was not that kind of woman; she had dared to tell him her feelings three years ago, he could at least give her the same respect and do the same thing. Taking a deep breath, he turned around to face her. Naruto couldn't help but notice how rosy her cheeks were as well; it made her look extremely cute and innocent. Taking two steps forward he was right in front of her.

Gently grasping her shoulders, he prepared to spill his heart out, "What I wanted to say is, Hinata I . . ."

The door to the exit area opened.

Hinata stepped away from him and he released her shoulders, "Oh you have got to be fucking kidding me! Seriously?!"

Naruto looked over to see Sasuke standing in the doorway; looking back and forth between him and Hinata.

"Ah, here you are." His friend said in the usual monotone voice.

"No shit Sherlock! What do you want?!"

There were times Naruto saw Sasuke as a brother, but at this moment he could have gladly killed him in cold blood with a smile on his face. Sasuke seemed unfazed by his temper and instead turned to speak with Hinata, "Sorry to bother you Hinata, but Gaara is looking for you. He needs to talk to you right away at the main entrance."

Is everyone in this fucking camp plotting against me?

"Can't it wait until tomorrow?" snapped Naruto. The level of frustration he was feeling was beyond anything he had ever felt before.

Hinata, unfortunately, agreed to meet with Gaara, explaining that if he was requesting to see her this late in the evening then this was something urgent and couldn't wait. As much as he wanted to argue and tell her not to go, he knew deep down that she was right.

"I will come to watch you guys play basketball tomorrow and then we can talk some more if you like. But right now, if Gaara wants to see me this late at night it must be important."

He felt defeated, but there was no use in arguing anymore. Sighing and looking at his watch, he finally gave in, "Yeah, your right. I'll talk to you tomorrow Hinata after we're done playing basketball. Have a good night."

"You too. You have a good night as well, Sasuke." Hinata said before leaving.

Sasuke only gave her a nod of acknowledgment before she left the exit area, his dark eyes then turning to Naruto. As the door closed his friend finally spoke to him, "Everything alright?"

He couldn't help but let out a frustrated laugh, "Oh yeah, everything is just fan-fucking-tastic, thanks for asking!" Naruto had had enough for the evening and tried to walk past Sasuke so he could return to his room, but when his friend stopped him by fully standing in front of the door, the thought of just punching him was so overwhelming. "Move Sasuke!"

The other lead hand did not budge, instead he simply just gave him a stern look and folded his arms, "Care to explain what's gotten you so worked up?"

Naruto started pacing back and forth, his mouth opening and closing to speak but he just couldn't seem to find the words to voice his frustration from the evening. In fact, he didn't want to talk to anyone, especially Sasuke. Not that he didn't trust his friend, but he knew that if he did let out what was wrong, Sasuke was going to show him no sympathy and instead would be smacking him in the face with cold reality facts; which quite frankly he just wasn't in the mood for.

"Well, aren't you just sweet. Concerned for me are ya? No thanks man, I just wanna go to bed. So could you move your ass out of the way, please?!"

Sasuke still didn't move and instead gave out a tired sigh, "Go change."

"Excuse me!?"

"I said go change! Meet me at the gym in ten minutes. I don't know what's got your feathers so ruffled up, but clearly, you need to vent some of that energy off. And bring your gloves."

Finally, Sasuke got out of the way and started walking down the hallway. Naruto clenched his teeth and almost told his friend off, however, he decided against it. He hated to admit it, but Sasuke was right; blowing off some steam was probably the best solution. Going back to his room right now wasn't going to solve the problem and instead he would probably end up stewing about it all night, getting no sleep at all. Sighing in defeat, Naruto marched over to his room.


Naruto had been taken martial arts since long before he could even remember. When he was about 10 his parents had started to enter him into tournaments, which was where he ended up meeting Sasuke, Sakura, and Rock Lee. At first, he had hated Sasuke with a passion; the black-haired kid always seemed to beat him with ease without breaking a sweat. It had been frustrating at first and many people had told him to give up and try something different. However he never gave up; instead, he trained and worked harder, purely determined to beat Sasuke at least once. After two years of training, they finally met up again and victory had been his. Soon after that, he and Sasuke became friends. Even though he didn't take classes anymore, it was still something he enjoyed on the side as part of his workout routine with Sasuke usually as his sparring partner.

Once a shift the two would meet up to spar, usually later in the evening like now so they didn't have too many people staring or gawking at them. Tonight, the gym was deader than a ghost town and Naruto was thankful for that. Once Sasuke was ready with the target mitts and told him to start, he let all of his frustrations out in punches and loud grunts. Sasuke seemed a little caught off guard at first, however it didn't take his friend long to figure out his fighting rhythm. In fact, he started egging him on; telling Naruto to hit harder, yell louder.

After an intense half-hour, Naruto finally collapsed to the floor; sweat rolling down his face as he gasped for air. His heart was racing, hands felt numb from punching so hard and the only thing he could taste was the salt of his sweat; however, his mind finally felt clear. The anger and frustrations he had felt earlier were gone. Sasuke dropped the target mitts in his bag before grabbing their water bottles and tossing one to him, "Feel better now?"

Naruto smiled and nodded, twisting off the cap and downing all of his water in a matter of seconds. Opening his water bottle, Sasuke took a seat near Naruto on a weight bench, taking a small sip before looking over at his friend, "If you want to talk about what's going on I'll listen; granted Sakura is way better at this sort of thing than I am. You probably won't like what I'll have to say after though."

Throwing the empty water bottle into the recycle bin, Naruto thought about Sasuke's offer for a moment, but then politely refused, "Nah you've done enough man. Thanks for letting me beat the crap out of your hands. I think I'm just going to head to bed now."

Sasuke nodded and the two of them left the gym. They were both silent on the walk down the hallway and back to their own personal rooms; only giving his friend a wave goodnight before opening the door. His room was dark and quiet when he walked inside, giving it almost a lonely feeling when he closed the door behind him.

Naruto debated hopping into the shower first, however, he felt so tired both emotionally and physically that all he wanted to do was collapse on his bed. Dropping his gym bag on the floor, he turned on the small light by the sink to quickly brush his teeth. While he was glad to let off some steam at the gym, he couldn't help but still feel disappointed with the way his conversation had ended with Hinata.

At least we sort of have a meetup time tomorrow. She promised to come to watch us play basketball, so at least I will get to see her then. I can't help but wonder though what Gaara needed to talk to her about so late in the evening. Then again I guess it is none of my business . . .

Giving his face a quick wash, Naruto collapsed onto the bed. The sheets felt cool against his face as he shifted into a comfortable position to sleep in. Eyelids slowly started to close as they got heavier and heavier, his mind shutting down as he succumbed to sleep. Just as he felt his eyes fully closed, there was a loud knock on the door.

"Geezus!" hissed Naruto, almost jumping out of the bed at the sudden loud noise. His mind was now wide awake and his heart felt like it was going to burst through his chest. Taking a few deep breaths, he crawled out of the bed and headed towards the door; not considering that all he was wearing were boxers. At first, he was about to call out and ask who was at the door, but decided against it; he didn't want to wake any of his neighbors up. Feeling irritated that someone was banging on his door late at night, Naruto cracked the door open and hissed, "What?!"

Standing outside was Hinata. She wasn't looking at him directly, but her eyes were slightly down staring at his chest. A deep blush was spread across her cheeks and while she was biting her lip, her small hands were playing with the hem of her dark blue sweatshirt. Whatever words he had planned to say to his nighttime visitor vanished and instead panic started to creep in. He looked up and down the hallway, almost expecting to see someone following her . . . but there was no one.

"Are you okay, Hinata? Is everything alright?" He whispered down to her. At first, he started to wonder how on earth she had gotten back into the hallway without a room card or even how she had found his room, but all those questions were put on hold when she suddenly stepped forward and gently pushed herself into his room. A small part of him wanted to stop her, but he didn't and the next moment she was standing in the middle of his room. Naruto felt he was at a crossroads and that the next decision he made was going to be huge. Part of him felt happiness and excitement that she was here; desires that he had kept in the back of his mind came bursting forward. He wanted to step towards her, run his fingers through her long hair and kiss those lips; wanting to discover what she tasted like. The urge was so overwhelming that he almost gave in to it, but then, of course, the voice of reason crept into his mind. What if she wasn't here for that? What if something was wrong and she was terrified at this moment?

He opened his mouth to ask if she was okay again, but the words he wanted to say died in his throat. Hinata was unzipping the sweatshirt she was wearing, pulling it off and letting it drop to the floor. She wasn't wearing anything revealing underneath, just a simple dark V-neck t-shirt that gave him a rather generous view of her chest and hugged her upper body tightly. Even though the room was still dark and the only light coming in was under the door from the hallway, he could still make out the dark blush on her cheeks. She walked towards him, but when he tried to step back his heel came in contact with the door. Naruto held his breath when her hand reached up to caress his cheek, her eyes looking up at him with a longing he had never seen before. Fingertips gently ran along his cheek and neck, slowly making their way down to his shoulders and chest.

His breathing started to come out in quick, heavy pants. Hands were clenched by his sides, not daring to move yet; afraid with how he was going to react if she continued to touch him like this. Again he opened his mouth to speak, but she didn't seem to want to talk. Pale violet eyes closed before she stood up on her tiptoes, moving in to kiss him gently.

The moment their lips touched, Naruto felt his mind snap.

Any logical thoughts that were inside his mind were thrown completely out the window and gone. His arms snaked around her waist and into her hair as he deepened the kiss. A small squeak escaped from her as he suddenly took control of the kiss, but she didn't seem to mind. Naruto closed his own eyes and let himself get lost at the feel of her body pressed against his, the smell of her natural scent and the taste of her lips against his was driving him wild. He pulled her closer to him, feeling her chest pressed tightly against his. As their lips danced, it made his knees buckle slightly and he almost fell to the floor. Without hesitation, he picked her up and brought her closer to the bed; her legs suddenly wrapping around his waist. Naruto couldn't help the groan that left his lips when he felt her thighs squeezing his hips. Sitting on the bed with Hinata in his lap, Naruto once again began to ravish her mouth with his. Her hands felt like they were everywhere over his upper body; running across his scalp, across his shoulders, and up to his back.

Time felt as if it stood still. The only sound Naruto could hear was his fast breathing and her soft moans against his mouth. He felt himself slipping further and further into the dark pit of desire, wanting to get lost in the depths of pleasure with the woman sitting in his lap. Naruto wanted her completely, right here, right now. He moved her hair out of the way to kiss and nibble on her neck; a low groan leaving her lips while her hands dug into his shoulders. His hands slipped under her shirt, clumsily fumbling with the back of her bra as his lips continued to ravish her neck.

Finally, the clasps came undone. Briefly pulling away from her, his fingers found the hem of her shirt, gently pulling it off over her head along with her bra. His eyes couldn't help but immediately look down at her chest. He couldn't see them clearly in the darkened room, but he could still make out the shape of them and how tempting they looked to touch. His breath hitched and he looked back up into her eyes; asking silently if he could touch them.

Hinata looked nervous, but her small hand found his and gently placed on top of her right breast. She let out a gasp and it drove Naruto over the edge. With his left arm supporting her back, he gently bent her backwards, still grasping her breast in his right hand while his lips latched onto the other nipple. Hinata's head was tilted back, her one hand grasped onto his right bicep while the other she used to cover her mouth.

His tongue, lips, and hands explored the contours of her upper body and couldn't help the smile that spread across his lips from the sounds of muffled pleasure coming from her mouth. He wanted more . . . he needed more of her; the pulsating throb between his legs was almost becoming too much to bear.

He pulled her back towards him, pushing her hand out of the way so he could kiss her again. Naruto felt like he was drunk when he tasted her again. His mind was clouded from the pleasure and ecstasy rippling through his body; he couldn't tell what was right or left, up or down. Hands found their way to the top of her jeans, tracing along the edges until they stopped at the button holding them closed. Every fiber of his being wanted to just rip off her pants, roll her onto her back and become one with her; however, he held back. Somewhere deep down he knew to be gentle with her and to take things a little more slowly than what his rushed mind was thinking. Once again he pulled back from her, eyes searching hers for permission when he gave a small tug on the button of her jeans.

She looked embarrassed, her eyes glancing to the side and then back to him; looking conflicted on what she wanted to do next. Before he could speak, she gave a small nod that he could continue. The breath he was holding escaped as a soft moan, kissing her deeply. His hands continued where they left off, pulling at the jeans button and zipper. At first, he wanted to just pull the garment off, but curiosity got the better of him and he wanted . . . no needed to find out what she felt like down there. His hand slipped in, feeling the smooth skin of her lower abdomen but also the soft yet coarse hair between her legs. As his fingers slipped deeper, he couldn't help the hitched breath he let out when he felt how wet she was. Hinata let out a sound he had never heard a woman make before and it set off something deep within him. His fingers slipped deeper past her folds, ever so slowly until he was inside of her. The erection between his legs throbbed almost painfully as he felt with his hand how hot and wet she was. Experimentally he pulled his finger back slightly before pushing it back in; Hinata's eyes widened and her mouth fell open in a silent moan. She started to move her hips in time with his hand, rocking back and forth on the bed.

There was still so much he wanted to say to her, questions he had, things he wanted to know and to tell her too. However all of his troubles and concerns were gone, the board wiped clean from his mind as he relished at this moment. It didn't matter right now . . . all he wanted was to be with her.

Eyes shut tightly and he gasped for air upon feeling her inner muscles tighten around his finger. This was it, he couldn't hold back any longer. The feel of her pressed against him, touching her in places only lovers did and the sound of her muffled moans against her hand was driving him wild.

"Oh Hinata . . ." he whispered, feeling the faint scratching of her nails down his back.

"Hinata? Calling out her name again I see."

Naruto froze and his eyes snapped open. Pulling away he gasped upon seeing Hinata was no longer in front of him, but instead, it was Naomi. Her green eyes piercing through him with a seductive smile on her face.

"I wonder how she'd respond if she only knew the truth; that you have dirty thoughts of her like this. How do you think she would react if she knew what happened between us?"

He felt like he was falling and then . . .


Naruto's head collided with the floor.

Cursing loudly, he scrambled into a sitting position. His eyes darting left and right as his brain tried to comprehend what was going on. He was alone in his room, pillows had fallen off the bed and the blanket was weirdly wrapped around his legs. He growled in frustration; his head was throbbing and heart was racing from the very realistic dream, but there was a part of him that was thankful it was only a dream.

Getting to his feet, Naruto grabbed his phone and checked the time. Thankfully it was 4 am and still not the middle of the night. At first he thought of just getting dressed and heading down for breakfast, however, the tent he was pitching between his legs was to the point of becoming uncomfortable. Sighing, Naruto snatched the towel off the rack and headed towards the shower; the dream still fresh in his mind.


The winds whipped furiously across the pad, swirling up the old and new snow which caused it to become a complete whiteout. As Naruto trudged across the pad he couldn't even make out the tree line that surrounded the area. He was just able to make out the lunch trailers in the distance and the pipeline he was walking down. Pulling his face mask up further, he called out to some of the guys that were pulling cable; telling them to make sure they took their warm-up breaks at regular intervals. They gave him a thumbs up that the understood and continued pulling the power cables in the bottom of the two trays that ran the length of the pad.

Naruto made his way towards the tool and material trailer, he needed to look at the notes he had taken earlier that morning and didn't want them blowing away in the wind. As he walked up to the steps, a black truck in the distance caught his attention as it made its way onto the pad. He didn't recognize it and watched as it stopped by the foreman's trailer. Someone dressed in full winter gear slipped out and went inside to talk to Shino; most likely to sign onto the pad permit. Feeling it wasn't any of his business, Naruto walked inside the trailer and let out a sigh of relief when he felt the heat was on full blast. Pulling off his snow-covered hard hat and toque, he placed it on the floor and pulled out his clipboard. Walking over to the makeshift desk, Naruto's eyes scanned down the piece of paper; checking off any work that had been completed for the day. When he came across the line 'Transformer Technician arriving?' he paused and realized that must have been the person who had arrived on the pad. Shino had been quite worried that due to the snowstorm the technician wouldn't be able to make it on-site, but it seems they had made it safely without any issues.

Wanting to confirm, Naruto pulled his radio out. "Shino, do you copy?"

"Go for Shino."

"I'm assuming the person that just arrived is from Hyuuga Power and wanting to test the three transformers on each of the platforms?"

There was a long pause and Naruto was about to repeat himself; sometimes the wind caused their radios to cut out, but before he could ask again . . .

"Yes. I've sent them to platform one to begin testing. They may need some help, so if none of the apprentices are free could you give them a hand?"

Naruto sighed, "Yeah sure I can do that. Also, I don't think the guys are going to get a lot done with the cable pull today, the weather is being a real pain right now."

"Ten-four, don't worry about that. Just make sure the guys are taking their breaks, I don't want any of them to get frostbite out there."

"Already did that, thanks Shino."

Putting his radio away, Naruto let out another sigh as he looked back outside. He wasn't looking forward to going back out, but at least he would get some coverage on top of the platforms. While the scaffolding crew still wasn't able to make it out to build a majority of the work they needed, Naomi had been at least convinced they needed small shelters on each of the platforms so they could work on the Transformers, Heat Trace Control Panels, Lighting Panels, and Contactor Panels.

Still, he wanted to wait at least a few more minutes before making his way back into the freezing cold weather. He stretched his arms above his head and started to walk back and forth across the trailer while his toes warmed up. As he marched back and forth, his mind wandered back to the early hours of the morning and the dream he had. A frown formed on his lips.

What would Hinata think if she knew I dreamt about her like that? She's just so sweet, kind and innocent. If she knew the dirty thoughts I had about her, heh, she probably would be disgusted by me. I'm no better than any other guy up here . . .

He tried to forget about the dream and concentrate on work, but of course, it would be forever burned in the back of his mind. At first, he felt a little sick to his stomach at the thought of doing that with Naomi; now that part of the dream he wished would go away for all eternity. However, it was another thought that made him jealous and angry . . . which was someone else touching Hinata like that. He had yet to confirm if Kiba had talked to her yet about how he felt for her or if perhaps they were now an item, but the thought of his friend/co-worker being with her like that just made his blood boil.

No . . . no, I don't want that. I don't want to think of them like that together . . . him touching her like that. If they are a couple would I even be able to tell them congratulations? Would I be able to continue working beside Kiba if I knew he was doing 'that' to her?

Shaking his head, Naruto briefly gave himself shit for thinking of it in the first place. There was no proof that they were together and for now, he was just creating unwanted drama in his own head. Not wanting to think about it anymore, Naruto grabbed his face mask and hard hat. They were still a bit damp, but he pulled it over top of his head anyways before marching back outside. Spotting the black truck parked beside platform one, Naruto made his way down towards it. He wasn't exactly looking forward to helping the technician but hoped they at least were a little friendly than the last one. Konohamaru had complained that the last one on-site, who had been very knowledgeable, also had a bit of an anger problem. Apparently, this person wouldn't stop talking about all the woe's in their life and complained about every single little thing. He mentally crossed his fingers and prayed that this was someone different.

Climbing the stairs to the platform, Naruto reached forward to pull open the makeshift door made out of scaffolding tubing and tarp.

"Hey, Naruto! Hold up!"

He paused, just barely hearing his name over the wind. Glancing behind, he saw someone walking towards him; it was hard to tell who it was but as they climbed up the steps he realized it was Konohamaru. Keeping the shelter door shut, Naruto stepped a bit to the side so Konohamaru could join him on the top step. This way they were out of the wind at least and wouldn't have to yell at each other.

"Hey man, sorry to bug you. I just wanted to apologize about last night."

Naruto's eyes widened and he momentarily panicked.

God damn it! I can't let this technician overhear our conversation! They for sure know who Hinata is and if they find out I'm meeting up with her I guarantee it will somehow make it to Neji or her father.

"It's fine Kono. Don't worry about it okay? And I'm sorry for yelling at you guys; I'll be sure to apologize to Udon, Haku, and Daichi later today."

"No, we are the ones who should be apologizing. You told us you were busy and we still sought you out. I'm really sorry we ruined your dinner date."

"It wasn't a dinner date."

The apprentice rolled his eyes, "Come on, man. It's obvious that you're into her, especially with the way you were looking at her and dragged her out of the cafeteria. You've told her how you feel right?"

Forgetting about the technician on the other side, Naruto sighed, "Well I was about to say something, but then you four barged in and interrupted the moment. I tried to re-start and tell her again later but then it was Sasuke's turn to ruin our conversation." He pulled his safety glasses off to quickly wipe away the melted snow but made sure to give the apprentice an annoyed look.

Konohamaru flinched slightly, "Yeah I figured, again I'm really sorry about that. Are you able to meet up with her tonight?"

"Yeah. She's coming to watch us play basketball and I'm hoping to talk to her then. So after we are done playing, please for the love of God don't come looking for me. Haku's already been put on heat trace for the next three shifts, so be warned I will do the same to you if we are interrupted again."

"I will make sure all of us are far away when you talk to her, but promise you'll properly introduce us all to her when you're done. I'd like to meet the lucky lady that's going to be dating my idol."

Naruto frowned, "Well now slow down there, buddy. Just because I like her doesn't mean she feels the same way."

Konohamaru laughed, "Oh yeah right."

"I'm serious man, I'm not getting my hopes up here. She might already be with someone else."

"Like who? I didn't see her wearing a ring, and I'm pretty sure Sakura said she was single."

He sighed, "Look, I just know that someone else is really into her and there's a high chance they have already asked her out. I'm hoping that's not the case, but . . ."

"Wait . . . you're not talking about Kiba are you?"

Naruto froze, "How did you . . ."

Now it was Konohamaru's turn to sigh, "Well you know how rumors spread up here like wildfire. I'm not sure who it was, but they claimed to have seen Kiba hugging her after the safety meeting. Immediately the word was that Hinata was Kiba's girlfriend, but I mean that just added to the rumors going around last shift."

"Last shift?"

"Oh yeah . . . I guess I didn't tell you about that one." Konohamaru suddenly looked uncomfortable. "Word of mouth is that, Player Kiba . . ."

"What have I told you guys about calling him that!? For fuck sakes, the welders on this site sleep around more than he does! I'm starting to think you all were just jealous last year when he hooked up with that housekeeper now and then!"

"S-sorry it just slipped out! But Haku claims he saw Kiba and the Suna Scaffold Project Manager stumbling into a hotel room last shift."

Naruto tried to act a little shocked, "Oh, I see."

"Look, man, I'm not trying to bash Kiba here. I know he's a decent guy and for whatever reason, he's been getting labeled as the player on site. But you know how the guys up here like to talk to and spread rumors. Especially when it comes to who's nailing who. The crew is convinced that Kiba slept with a married woman and now he's panicking because his girlfriend is here on site."

He opened his mouth to speak, but no words came out. His eyes widened as he tried to process what Konohamaru just said. "Wait . . . what?"


"Naomi is married?!"

Konohamaru seemed confused by the panic in his voice, "That's what Kakashi said. When we were all at the bar that night, he was warned us to stay clear of her. I'm not sure who she is married to, but apparently, she likes to have one night stands with guys in the other trades and doesn't wear her ring around the site. I mean she is relatively new on-site, right? Been here only three months now, so I doubt that a lot of guys know that about her."

Naruto tried not to be bothered by this, "Well . . . let's not jump to conclusions here. I'm sure Kiba wasn't aware that the woman he slept with was married."

There was a moment of silence between the two, "You okay? I swear, even with your facemask up it looks like you're about to puke."

He shook his head, "No, I'm fine."

"Wait . . . you didn't sleep with her too, did you?"

Naruto snapped, "That's none of your business, Kono. But for the record, the only woman I want to sleep with up here is currently in Tin Town sorting out the paperwork our last office administrator fucked up."

There was a loud clang of a tool falling onto the metal platform; nearly giving the two of them a heart attack.

Ah, damn it . . . that's right I was coming up here to help the technician.

"Look, Kono, just forget about what I said, okay? Go back to making the light stands and I'll talk to you later."

Konohamaru didn't argue. He nodded and walked down the platform stairs.

Naruto pulled the door open and walked inside the covered platform; he just prayed to any god listening that this technician wasn't going to bring up the conversation that they most likely overheard outside. Hyuuga Power was embroidered on the back of the technician's black coat, and they kept their back towards him; hunched over the transformer as they were setting up the meter to begin testing.

"Hey sorry about the wait. My name's Naruto Uzumaki and I'm here to give you a hand."

The technician didn't move, they just continued to keep their back turned towards Naruto. He took a step forward to try and look at this person in the eye but froze when the radio inside the technician's bag went off.

"Hinata, do you have a copy?"

Naruto could only stand there petrified as the person in front of him reached for the radio and answered Gaara back, "I'm here, go for Hinata."

"Just wanted to make sure you made it to pad #12 and that everything was going smoothly."

"Yes, everything is fine so far. I'm just starting on the first transformer."

"Excellent. Again, thank you for doing this for us on such short notice."

"Don't mention it. I'll give you a call when I'm all done here and heading back to Tin Town."


He watched as the person before him stood up and set the radio back in the bag. Very slowly she turned around to face him, reaching up to remove the facemask and tinted safety glasses; piercing blue eyes staring into pale violet ones.

"Hinata . . ." whispered Naruto. He could feel his body shaking and it wasn't from the cold weather outside. "What are you . . . I mean . . . you're the transformer technician for today?"

She turned her eyes downward, looking at the meters and tools at her feet, "It's the reason Gaara asked for me last night. The technician requested wasn't able to make it due to the weather. I just happened to bring my tools and gear up with me just in case, and when Gaara found out he asked if I test the transformers so they could get the proper paperwork in on time to the client."

His mind was reeling.

This is not happening . . . this is not . . . how is she here? That black truck, it's not one of ours! Wait . . .Wait . . . Itachi said something about him driving a rental temporarily while his was being fixed . . . and that there might be a slight problem since it wasn't white like the rest of the fleet.

He didn't know what to do and it almost felt like he was about to have a panic attack. No doubt Hinata had overheard his conversation with Kono and now he didn't know what to say to her. Even with all her gear on he could tell she was extremely uncomfortable around him at the moment. At first, he wanted to run away, go cower in the office or tool trailer until the end of the day.

No, don't you dare. You're not a coward . . . be a man and just talk to her!

Letting out a shaky sigh, Naruto knew that he couldn't run away from this. He had made his bed and it was time to lie in it. "I take it, you heard everything just now? Between Konohamaru and I?"

A small beep indicated that the meter was finished its reading. Naruto watched as she knelt beside it, recording the readings in her notebook before switching the clips on the transformer to the next phase. Once that was complete, she turned back to him and nodded her head.

Taking a deep breath, Naruto pulled down his face mask and took off his safety glasses so he could look at her properly, "I'm sorry you had to hear about it this way, but I won't take back anything I said. I wanted to tell you this last night, but it just seemed like the entire camp was against me and interrupting us. It almost felt like I was in some romantic comedy where the lead is trying to confess to the girl."

He took two more steps closer to her, placing his hands on her shoulders. Naruto felt relieved when she didn't pull away from him.

"It took me a year to realize this, but Hinata . . . I like you. I think you're amazing, cute, you have a kindness that has no limits, and you're braver than anyone I've ever known and to top it off your one hell of an electrician. I'd be lucky enough just to have you as a friend, but I want more. I know this isn't the most ideal place to tell you this, but I need to be clear about how I feel about you. I don't want there to be any misunderstandings between us. I know you cared about me like that three years ago and I'm 99% sure Kiba has already told you how he feels about you . . . so the chances of you still having feelings for me I know are slim to none, but I just wanted to take the chance and let you know!"

He closed his eyes for the last part as he prepared for her to say something, anything! What was only a few seconds felt like minutes to him and he waited to hear her response. The silence was finally broken by the meter beeping again and he finally opened his eyes to look at Hinata.

A deep blush was across her cheeks and she was staring at him with such wide, shocked eyes. The beeping from the meter finally brought her back to reality and she turned back around to complete the documentation on this phase. He waited patiently, watching her carefully as she stood back up, but kept her back to him.

"T-that's what you wanted to tell me last night?" she asked in a whispered voice.

Naruto wished she would turn back around to face him, but he still answered her question with a soft 'yes'.

Suddenly she turned around, unshed tears in her eyes as she looked up at him, "Please tell me you're not joking! Do you have any idea how long I've wanted to hear you say those words to me?! If this is some prank by Ino I don't think my heart could handle it!"

He was surprised by her words and how emotionally she was looking up at him. A huge grin spread across his face and he couldn't help but laugh a little; they had both feared the same thing. Rejection from the other. Hinata didn't seem impressed by his laugh but gave out a small squeak when he wrapped his arms around her tightly.

"I promise you this is no joke."

Hinata buried her head into his chest to hide her embarrassed and red face. Her body was shaking slightly and at first, he thought she was crying. However, she soon looked up, but would not look directly into his eyes; the blush on her cheeks increasing tenfold.

"T-then is it also true what you told Konohamaru? That . . . the only woman you wanted to sleep with is me?"

Now it was Naruto's turn for his cheeks to turn bright red.

Oh my god . . . I did say that out loud, didn't I!?

He almost wanted to push her away out of embarrassment, but something told him that was a bad idea and she would take it the wrong way. Keeping his arms wrapped tightly around her and swallowing the huge lump in his throat, he responded, "Would it bother you if I said yes? That I think of you that way from time to time?"

Her face was redder than a tomato, however, she never loosed the grip her glove covered hands had on his coat.

"I-it doesn't bother me really . . . in fact I find it very flattering. I just don't think, I'm ready for that sort of thing right away . . . especially after just finding out how you feel about me."

Naruto felt like he could die of happiness right then and there; he was sailing so high on cloud nine that he was stumbling over his words like a middle schooler confessing his love, "Ah well . . . yes of course! We shouldn't do it! I mean no! That came out totally wrong! I do want to do that with you, but not right away! I mean we just found out how we feel about each other and it's been so long since we spent any real quality time together! But you're the only woman I've ever thought about doing that with, so I may seem a bit anxious when the time is right and . . ."

He wanted to punch himself in the face.

Oh great you idiot! You are just making this whole scenario ten times more awkward than it needs to be! Just shut up!

Naruto smacked himself in the face, "No . . .wait. I'm sorry, Hinata. I'm just a bumbling idiot right now. Please understand that I'm just so happy right now and words can't describe what I'm feeling. I'm sorry."

She wasn't looking at him now and he had a sinking feeling that he had said too much. Another beep from the meter caused her to turn away from him again. After a moment of preparing for the next test, Hinata stood back up and looked him in the eyes. She had a weird expression on her face, one full of worry and fear.

"I want to ask you something . . . and please don't lie to me. No matter how awful or awkward the truth is, I want to know."

He felt a shiver run down his spine, not liking the way she was asking him this. Naruto nodded his head and agreed he would tell her the truth.

"Have you ever been with a woman named Naomi? I ran into her yesterday and she seemed to hint that you two have been together."

The color drained from his face and his mind tried to comprehend what was going on now. One moment he was the happiest guy on earth, but now he wanted nothing more than to bury himself in the deepest darkest hole there was. His mind tried to come up with a lie, anything that would make him seem like the good guy and Naomi the liar . . . but he couldn't do it. He could not lie to Hinata.

"I . . . I was with her last shift. It was during Jiraiya's retirement party . . . and I was completely drunk off my ass. I wish I could blame it all on the alcohol and say that I don't remember a thing, but I do. I wish it hadn't happened the way it did and I sure as hell didn't know she was married!" He turned away from her, not wanting to see the disappointment on her face. "I know I screwed up big time and I understand if know that makes you really uncomfortable. I was just so drunk and the way she was coming onto me . . . I just couldn't resist her. At some point, I started thinking she was you and it just . . ."

Naruto cut himself off.

No . . . don't tell her that . . . don't tell her whose name you called out. . .

"Did you . . . I mean . . . did you at least remember to use protection?"

Her question shocked him. "Protection?"

Now it was her turn to be shocked, "Well . . . you two slept together, so of course, you would want to protect yourself, right? Or did you . . . not?"

His mind was now racing, trying to comprehend exactly what she was asking him.

"Wait . . . wait . . . did Naomi say I had sex with her?" Naruto's temper started to flare.

Why that lying . . . no good . . . son of a . . .

"Naruto, what do you mean exactly . . . when you said you were 'with her' that night?"

To Be Continued . . .

Author Note:

So roughly Hinata and Naruto are about the age of 24 in this fic. (Roughly 17 when they finished high school, 4 years in the apprenticeship program and then the three years after they were done school). Just wanted to throw that out there to anyone reading this.

Also! I plan to make the next chapter a little lemony too (But I have a good reason for it! You will see!). I'm not a huge fan when there are sexual scenes in every chapter, but to move the story along I need to throw some citrus in the next one.

And there will be no more false dream scenarios! I'm usually not a fan of them and think they are cliché as all heck, but this one just felt right for me to throw into the story.

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