Sparks Fly @sparky86
Chapter 10

Series: Naruto

Pairings: NaruHina

Author: Lynns

Disclaimer: Naruto belongs to Kishimoto Masashi

Type: Alternate Universe/Romance

Sparks Fly

Chapter 10

The Shinjuku Hotel was once again dressed from top to bottom with Christmas decorations for the month of December. Christmas trees were set up throughout the lobby, garland hung off the check-in counter, and railings on the stairs. Strings of lights were strung on top of the doors, Christmas music was playing softly and just a hint of roasted chestnuts could be smelt as soon as you walked in.

At first, Hinata had been extremely nervous walking in with her rolling suitcase and garment bag thrown over her shoulder, but with the bright Christmas atmosphere around her, she felt her nerves calm down just a little bit. She didn't even stutter when she got to the check-in counter and was greeted by a young gentleman in a black suit with a red tie.

"Good evening, Madam. How may I help you?"

"Checking in for a one night stay. Under, Hinata Hyuuga." She placed her purse on the counter and pulled out her driver's license and credit card.

The young man looked over her identification and began searching on his computer for her reservation. "Very good Miss Hyuuga. One night for yourself and another guest, correct?"

A crimson blush spread across Hinata's cheeks and she nodded. "Y-yes. I have a vehicle in the parking lot and he will as well. This is the make, model, and the plates." She handed him the piece of paper with their vehicle information on it.

"Alright, and you are also here for the Hyuuga Electric Christmas Party? Did they happen to give you a promo code for booking a room for tonight?"

"Oh, yes. Here it is." Hinata pulled out her phone and scrolled to the email Naruto had sent her, which displayed their Christmas Party ticket numbers and promo codes for either a discounted hotel room or free taxi ride.

"Here is your driver's license and credit card back. Here are your two room key cards, on the 12th floor and you are in room 18. The elevators are just over there and is there anything else I can do for you?"

Hinata shook her head. "No thank you. Have a Merry Christmas."

"You as well Miss Hyuuga."

She could still feel her cheeks burning when she approached the elevators. Pushing the up button, her pale violet eyes darted around the lobby to see if anyone was staring at her nervous form. Currently, the hotel wasn't busy, the lobby couches were empty and the small bar/lounge to her left was empty aside from the bartender and one customer. It was only 5 pm and the Christmas Party wasn't starting until 6:30 pm; meaning she still had lots of time to get ready.

Soon enough the elevator doors opened up and she stepped inside, pressing the button up to the 12th floor. The doors closed and as she felt the compartment start to move up, Hinata glanced down at her phone to see if Sakura had texted her back. Less than two hours ago she had left Ino and Sakura at the hair salon where all of them had gotten their hair done. Unfortunately, the makeup artist there was on vacation for the weekend, but Sakura had offered to come do her make up at the hotel just before the party. At first, she had told her friend that it wasn't necessary and that she would try and apply her own makeup, but Sakura had insisted. Perhaps she could have been more firm towards her pink-haired friend, but since she and Sasuke were also staying at the hotel it was hard to think of an excuse not to let her come do it.

Hinata knew that Sakura was either already in her room right now or would be there soon, so she sent her friend a quick text message with the floor and room number she was staying in.

A soft bell sounded and the doors opened up to the 12th floor. Taking a deep breath, Hinata exited the elevator and headed left down the hallway towards her room. She kept her eyes on the right side, slowly counting up on the even room numbers until she reached 18. Pulling out the room card, she slid it into the reader on the side of the door and heard a small click of it unlocking the handle. Grasping it, Hinata pushed down and walked into the darkened room.

As the door closed behind her, Hinata turned on the small entry light so she could at least see the inside of her room. To be quite honest, there wasn't anything too fancy with the one she had booked. It was a standard one with a king-size bed, a sofa off to the side by the window, a TV with a dresser, and a desk to sit at. After taking her shoes off and placing them off to the side, she glanced into the bathroom and was amazed at how huge the standing shower was. The cream and grey mixed tiles made the bathroom feel so relaxing and with the rainfall showerhead, Hinata couldn't wait for the end of the night when she could give it a try. Her shower fantasy was suddenly interrupted by the thought of Naruto joining her in there; steam enveloping the room as she stood under the water with him behind her, his hands caressing her wet skin.

Hinata's face burned a bright red and she swore she could feel blood coming out of her nose. Slamming the door shut, she marched over to the bed where she laid the garment bag down that contained her dress. Placing her hands on the bed, Hinata tried to take a deep breath and control her flaming cheeks, but it was to no avail. As she stared at the bed her hands and dress were on, more images began to flash before her of what she and Naruto would be doing there by the end of the night; herself fully naked on the silk comforter with him above her. She tried looking away and over at the sofa, surely the beautiful view of the city would distract her from these lewd thoughts.

And for a moment it did work. Seeing the bright lights from the other buildings, the cars driving by down below, and even the Christmas lights in the park nearby calmed her down, but only for a mere 30 seconds. Glancing down at the couch in front of her, she looked back up at the window and suddenly an image of Naruto was behind her. His blue eyes were full of passion and lust as he looked at her in the reflection, his head slowly tilting down to kiss her neck.

Knock Knock

The loud sound of someone hitting her door made Hinata jump a foot in the air. She was suddenly finding it hard to breathe, her heartbeat was pounding in her ears and with everything going on in her mind it was making her head spin.

"C-coming!" she called out to her visitor. Hinata quickly glanced at the mirror to inspect her appearance, and while her hair was still fine and no blood was coming out of her nose, it was very noticeable how red her face was. Sighing in defeat, she walked over and opened the door.

"Hi, Hinata! Ready to get dolled up?" asked Sakura, stepping inside without waiting to hear her answer. She was carrying a black makeup case and a small bag with different scented perfumes. Sakura's attire was very casual, jeans, and a black button-up shirt, which she had been wearing at the hair salon. Most likely after she was done applying her makeup, she would then head back to her room to change.

Hinata could only nod her head.

"Oh wow, you got a nice room too! The view of the city is so wonderful, isn't it? Sasuke and I are on the 9th floor, but he's still out with the Naruto right now getting ready." Sakura placed her bag on the desk and started opening it up. "Just take a seat and we will get started."

Hinata did as she was told and sat down in the leather office chair.

While Sakura was busy sorting and looking through her makeup, Hinata glanced at the mirror in front of her. Her dark hair was half pulled back in a fishtail braid, leaving a few strands of hair to frame her face, and in the back, it had been lightly curled. It made her smile softly with how beautiful her hair looked, but her eyes moved off of her own reflection and back onto the bed behind her.

It had been only a few days ago at Konoha Energy that she had felt ready to be with Naruto so intimately, but right now that confidence that had been shining before was hiding, and all she could feel was embarrassment from the things she was imagining them doing together.

"Okay, going to get started with moisturizing your skin, and then I'm going to add the primer. We don't want your face too heavily caked in makeup, but just enough to knock the socks off of Naruto. . ." Sakura's voice trailed off when she looked down at her friend whose eyes were fixated on the mirror. "Everything okay, Hinata?"

The young Hyuuga woman jumped slightly in her seat. "Ah! Yes! Everything is perfectly fine!"

Even a blind person could tell she was lying with how high and shaky her voice was. At first, Sakura was a little confused, but she quickly clued in from how red Hinata's face was and her pale violet eyes kept glancing at the king bed behind her.

She smiled and began to apply the moisturizer to Hinata's face. "You know Hinata, you really have nothing to be worried about here."

Hinata blinked a few times in confusion and looked up at Sakura with a questioning gaze.

"I know a lot of people try and say that sex is a taboo topic or that being intimate with someone is embarrassing. But from my own experience, I can tell you that it is actually amazing and fun." Said Sakura Softly. She put down the moisturizer and grabbed the primer next. "I was super nervous when Sasuke and I talked about taking our relationship to the next step. I was too embarrassed to talk to my mom about it; even though when I was a teenager she did try to talk to me about it a few times, and I felt like an idiot to ask her about it when I was 23. I ended up looking on the internet for hours on suggestions, different positions, and tips for your first time. I got so worked up the night I thought we were going to make love the first time. I was so embarrassed and nervous. I mean, it was Sasuke Uchiha after all. The coolest, most handsome man in our class and I just kept thinking I was going to disappoint him.

"To be honest, I had it in my head that he had already been with other girls and that he would judge me on my performance. How silly I was for thinking such things." Sakura giggled and grabbed the liquid foundation along with a small sponge. "I remember walking into Sasuke's apartment so freaked out that I tripped over the rug he had in the entrance. He was so confused as to why I was acting strange. And I confused him, even more, when he leaned in to kiss me and I accidentally moved in too fast and our noses collided with a loud crunch."

"How did he react?" asked Hinata. She felt that was something she would most likely do too.

"Heh, he wasn't too impressed with me, but I'll never forget what he did next. I felt so terrible like I had ruined the whole night for us, and yet he grabbed me by the hand and sat me down on the couch. Sasuke isn't the romantic type or able to communicate how he's feeling most of the time, but he said 'Sakura, you are the most important person to me. Trust me when I say that I take our relationship very seriously and that this next step is something I've only ever wanted to do with you. If you're feeling pressured or that I have high expectations of what's about to happen, then you need to get rid of those worries right now. Trust me and we can enjoy this together'. You have no idea how much better that made me feel."

As Sakura moved onto the next step of applying her makeup, Hinata asked. "S-So how was it? I'm assuming it's not like how the movies and books make it sound."

Sakura laughed. "Oh heavens no! What you see and read is completely different! But . . . I will say this. I had it planned out in my mind what the night was going to look like and what we were going to. However, once we started kissing and being intimate with each other, I can honestly say that my experience was ten times better than what I've seen in any movie. Sure, we were a bit clumsy and had a few laughs since it was our first time together, however, the books and movies are right when they do say it's a night you will never forget."

Hinata's eyes widened, and while the blush was still visible on her cheeks, at that moment she felt unbelievably calm.

"I've known Naruto for a long time, Hinata. He's the kind of guy who is very genuine and caring. Just make sure you communicate with him properly and if you plan on doing the 'Devils Tango' tonight, make sure he knows how you truly feel. Go with the flow and enjoy being so close to each other."

"Sakura . . ." whispered Hinata in wonderment.

"And besides! You've got plenty of different opportunities for positions in this room! The big king bed, the couch over there, and don't even get me started on all the kinds of fun you will have in that shower!"

Hinata froze and once again her face was beet red again. "Sakura!"

Her friend laughed. "I'm only half-joking, Hinata. I had to tease you just a little bit. So is that all that's bothering you? Just feeling nervous and anxious?"

The redness from her cheeks suddenly disappeared and her eyes fell to look at her clasped hands. To say that she was inexperienced would be a complete understatement; Hinata had no idea what she was getting into. While it was true she had read the odd romance novel or watched romantic movies, the characters in those always seemed to know what they were doing. Clothes were flying everywhere, hands and lips were touching as if they had done it a hundred times, and their cries of pleasure were so loud that usually, Hinata had to mute her TV before she died of embarrassment.

Her mother had passed away long before she could have 'the talk' or even receive advice on the changes a woman goes through in her life. The first time she had experienced her period was still at the top of her five worst days of all time. Hinata remembered being so freaked out in the girl's change room and trying not to cry while her classmates kept asking her what was wrong. Thankfully, her gym teacher had been kind and understanding. She had given Hinata a brief rundown on what was going on and suggested that she talk to her father as soon as she had got home. The exchange that had taken place when she had returned home was uncomfortable, emotional and she hadn't been able to say a single word without stuttering. Her father didn't look her in the eye at all and only handed her some money after saying 'Well, go to the pharmacy and get what you need'.

Walking to the pharmacy by herself was so nerve-wracking and the entire time she had stood in the feminine product aisle, Hinata had to hold back her tears. When the lady pharmacist had asked if she was okay and needed any help, Hinata's wall finally crumbled. Hot tears started to pour out of her eyes and she wanted nothing more than to run from there as far as her legs could carry her. Again, she was hit with a stroke of compassion, and the pharmacist had enveloped her in a big hug; telling her everything was going to be alright. The older woman had helped Hinata pick out the right supply, showed her options of medication if she needed it, and also found her a book that explained not only the changes her body was going through but also about the birds and the bees.

That night, Hinata skipped supper and had cried in her room for the remainder of the evening; her father and sister never checking up on her. It was now more than ever that she missed her mother. She tried to picture her smiling, warm, and kind face; imagining the words of wisdom she would say to her while stroking Hinata's hair.

As for the topic of sex, which her father only kind of mentioned to her when she turned sixteen, had been the harsh words of 'If you end up pregnant, I am disowning you.'. That one sentence was enough to scare Hinata into ever looking at someone of the opposite sex. She wasn't sure why her father thought that she was sleeping around, but Hinata was pretty sure her friendship with Kiba and Shino didn't help at all. They were her only friends and the only ones her father ever saw her hanging around with during High School. She never had female acquaintances to have any 'girl talk'. Unlike her younger sister Hanabi, who was the most popular girl in her grade with so many friends that Hinata had been unable to keep track of them all.

Hinata let out a sigh and confessed to Sakura. "I have no idea what I'm getting into. I've never had friends to talk to about this kind of stuff. My mother passed away when I was just a little girl, and for my entire school life the boys were afraid of me and the girls didn't want to be my friend. The only way I ever learned anything about my body or members of the opposite sex was through reading. I just feel like I'm going to be such a disappointment to Naruto." She could feel tears start to well up in her eyes.

Sakura slammed the glass jar of concealer on the wooden desk, making Hinata jump. Before the Hyuuga could say a word, two strong arms suddenly wrapped around her and pulled her in for a tight hug. Pale violet eyes widened as she heard Sakura whisper. "You're not alone anymore Hinata. You've got Ino and me for starters. I know we let our friendship slip there for a few years, but right now we've got your back. If you want to talk about anything, all you have to do is give us a call and we will be right over. We can talk about whatever you want to, even the really embarrassing stuff. We'll just grab a couple of tubs of ice-cream, wrap ourselves in warm blankets while talking about our periods and the annoying cramps we get. Sound good?"

Hinata felt her chest tighten and she bit down on her lower lip to keep herself from crying. She nodded her head and returned the hug.

For a few moments, the two friends stayed like that, but the silence was broken when Sakura asked. "What do you mean the boys were afraid of you and the girls didn't like you?"

A small blush spread across her cheeks. "Well . . . in Elementary School I was just shy, but in Middle School, I threw a boy over my shoulder that had pulled my hair; the teacher saw what had happened, so I didn't get into too much trouble, but from that day on the boys were scared of me. The girls didn't like it that I had thrown the most popular boy in school either. High School was by far the worst though. In our gym class we were learning about wrestling and it just so happens I was paired up with Chizu, she was one of the popular, athletic girls. When it was our turn to spar in front of the class, she bragged how fast she was going to pin me down . . . but she didn't know that I was already taking Judo, and I got her in a grappling hook so fast with my body weight on her; she was screaming that she couldn't breathe and that I was cheating. Kiba and Shino found it hilarious when I told them what happened, but since I made Chizu look bad and embarrassed her, no one would talk to me unless they had to and the boys were afraid I would beat them up."

Sakura suddenly pulled away and started to laugh. "Oh my god! You should have come to the school Ino and I was at. We were always beating up the boys, you would have fit in with us right away. Heck, I'm sure if you were in school with us, you could have stopped the fight between Ino and me. We found out that both of us liked Sasuke and had a wrestling match outside. Both of us got grounded and even suspended from school for a week . . . ah good times.

"I know you've had a rough time Hinata, but you've got us now. And if you like, I can give you some personal advice on what it's like to be with a man for the very first time."

"I-I-I don't know about t-that . . ." Hinata stuttered softly.

Sakura smiled and started to put the concealer on her face next. "I know all guys aren't the same, but I can at least give you some instruction on the basics. Besides, if you do what I say, I can tell you right now you will have Naruto begging for more."

Hinata felt like her head was about to explode. At first talking with Sakura had calmed her nerves, but now she was right back to where she started on being nervous and embarrassed. Her first thought was to tell Sakura that she didn't want any advice and that they should stop talking about it, but a voice within her silenced her words.

Don't you want this to be a special night with Naruto? If you are acting all shy and timid, I'm sure that's going to put a damper on your intimate time with him. Besides, it couldn't hurt to hear what Sakura has to say. She said she's got your back and she's been having this kind of relationship with Sasuke for a few years now, so she has more experience than I have.

Swallowing down the huge lump in her throat, Hinata mustered up enough courage and said, "I-If you don't mind, I would greatly appreciate some recommendations."

Once again Sakura let out a soft laugh as she started applying the foundation powder. "You're making it sound like I'm telling you which restaurants are the best to eat at. But, I will just go over the basics with you, and please ask if you have any questions. I'm sorry for teasing you earlier, but I mean it Hinata. I'm here for you, and I'm so happy that you and Naruto are together.

"Now, with that being said, how often do you eat popsicles?"


Black leather shoes paced back and forth in the lobby, almost making a goats trail on the carpet from walking so much by the elevators. For the tenth time, Naruto glanced at a mirror that was hanging on the wall; making sure his tie was straight and his jacket was buttoned correctly. While it had been almost four years since he had been to the Hyuuga Electric Christmas Party, he couldn't remember a time when he felt this nervous going into one.

Even the few shots of whiskey he had drunk at Sasuke's place wasn't enough to calm his nerves. His blue eyes kept darting to the elevator every time it opened, expecting to see his girlfriend standing there, but so far there was no sign of her. He once again glanced at his phone, eyeing the text message Hinata had sent six minutes ago saying she would be down soon. Sasuke had left him to bring his bag up to the room he would be sharing with Sakura, which made him feel like an idiot for not bringing his own suitcase in.

I should just run out to my truck right now and get it . . . but what if Hinata has changed her mind? She seemed so nervous on the phone yesterday when I called her after she was done shopping with Ino and Sakura. I know both of us were pretty determined that this is what we wanted to do, but now that it's the night of the Christmas Party, I just feel so nervous and . . .

"Naruto? What are you doing?"

"Yes! I'm Naruto!" he cried out. He stiffened up as straight as a board and said the first thing that came to mind. He whipped his head around to see Neji staring at him with an annoyed expression on his face with his arms crossed. The Hyuuga was in a dark navy suit with his long hair tied back in a low ponytail. "Ah! M-Merry Christmas, Neji!"

The young man in front of him sighed and shook his head. "You're going to wear the carpet out and I'm pretty sure you are annoying the other hotel guests here. Are you waiting for Hinata to come down?"

Feeling even more nervous now that Hinata's cousin was standing right in front of him, all Naruto could do was nod his head.

Neji let out another sigh and grabbed his arm. "Well, you look like a complete idiot right now. Come over here, we need to get you loosened up a bit more before Hinata shows up."

Naruto stumbled after Neji and tried to regain his balance as he was dragged over to the small bar/lounge in the lobby. "Ah wait, Neji! I've already had a few shots tonight, and I . . ."

"Be quiet!" The Hyuuga hissed at him and turned his attention to the bartender. "Two Coors Light please."

The man behind the bar nodded, grabbed two bottles of beer in the cooler, and passed them to Neji. Naruto once again found himself being dragged away, but this time it was towards a couple of barstools that were by a window; giving them a decent view of the small garden and lake that was beside the hotel. All the trees were decorated in colorful Christmas lights that reflected off of the frozen water. He flinched when Neji shoved the cold beer in his face and hesitantly took it.

The young Hyuuga sat down on the barstool and motioned for Naruto to do the same. Simultaneously they twisted off the caps to their drinks and Neji raised his bottle towards him. "To a wonderful night and a Merry Christmas to come."

Naruto tried to smile and raised his bottle as well to clink it with Neji's.

"Cheers." He said softly.

For a few moments, no words were spoken between them, but Neji soon broke the silence. "Did we scare you that much at the airport on Wednesday?"

Naruto paused from drinking his beer and stared out the window since he was unable to look Neji in the eye. As soon as they had gotten their luggage, he and Hinata had walked out of the airport completely oblivious to the entourage waiting for them. Everything had been great that day and just as he was asking Hinata if he could give her a ride home, he was suddenly surrounded by three men with long dark hair and a woman who looked almost exactly like Hinata but a little shorter. He had immediately recognized Hizashi and Neji, but Hiashi and Hanabi were completely new to him; only seeing pictures of them on Hinata's phone. At first, he hadn't been able to stutter a word out while Hinata's family welcomed her home and asked her how the shift was. Compared to what he had seen in movies with the girlfriend's family being loud and overprotective, Naruto had to admit he found it ten times scarier when they said nothing at all and only silently stared at him.

He hadn't been prepared at all to meet the Hyuuga's so soon, but Naruto knew he hadn't made the greatest impression on them with how shaky his voice was or how he stuttered when Hiashi asked him a few simple questions; 'How long have you and Hinata known each other?' 'Have you thought about taking your Masters yet?'.

Thankfully, all of the attention was momentarily taken off of him and was then directed at Konohamaru. As soon as he walked outside, Hanabi had run over and wrapped her arms around the third year apprentice welcoming him home. Hinata had mentioned to him that her sister was dating someone up at Konoha Energy and now it was blatantly clear who that someone was. However, the apprentice didn't seem nervous at all and greeted Hanabi's father with a firm handshake.

What seemed like forever, Hiashi finally said goodbye to him and Konohamaru before walking towards the parking lot and calling for his daughters to follow him. Hizashi and Neji, who hadn't even really said a word to him besides a soft hello, wished him a good day and said that they would see him at the Christmas Party. Hanabi gave Konohamaru a quick kiss on the cheek before following after her father. Meanwhile, Hinata, who was a bright red, said she would call him later that night before running after her family.

When Konohamaru burst out laughing from the whole situation, Naruto slowly turned towards him and asked. "Did you know that her family was going to be here?"

The third-year apprentice froze and stared at him with a deer in the headlights look.

Why you son of a . . .

Later on, he would feel bad about it, but sucker punching Konohamaru in the ribs had felt so good at the moment and had put him in a better mood for a few hours.

Coming back to reality, Naruto took another sip of his beer and let out a small sigh. "I wouldn't say 'scared' would be the right definition. More like, I felt intimidated that you were all sending me a silent message that I'm not good enough for Hinata."

Neji glanced at him before turning his attention back to the Christmas Lights. "And? What would you have done if Hiashi had been the kind of man to say 'You can't date my daughter.'?"

A part of him was very intimidated by Hinata's father, more so because he had wanted to make a good impression and introduce himself properly to the man; not get jumped at the airport unexpectedly. However, while he didn't have any children yet, he could only imagine how Hiashi suddenly felt finding out that his two only daughters were dating men he had never met before. Would he have remained calm like that?

It was only now, that Naruto realized what Hiashi's silent message had been to him was.

"Heh, well if he had said something along those lines, I would have tried to prove my worth. However, he didn't . . . and neither did you, or Hizashi. So I'm going to take your silence as a small sign that you sort of approve of our relationship." Said Naruto confidently, turning his head so he could look Neji in the eye.

The young Hyuuga man only smiled and took another sip. "Is that what you think? Well, I can't say that you're wrong, but you aren't exactly right either. Do you truly believe that we think any man is going to be good enough for Hinata or Hanabi?"

Naruto paused, glancing down at the table between them before looking back at Neji. "No. However, I'm going to give it my all to make Hinata happy. No relationship is perfect, so I imagine we will fight the odd time and she'll probably complain to you about me. I was a fool three years ago for not saying anything and letting her go with no contact . . . but her coming back up to Konoha Energy was a blessing. I know some people will say I'm only dating her because she's the boss's niece, but that couldn't be further from the truth. I just need you and your family to know that I love her and that I want to be with her."

Neji was silent and it remained that way until Naruto had finished his alcoholic beverage. As Naruto placed the empty beer bottle on the table, his co-worker was distracted by his phone. He suddenly felt out of place and wondered if this was the Hyuuga's silent way of telling him their conversation was over. However, just as he was getting ready to stand up, Neji grabbed a pen from his pocket and started to write on the clean paper napkin that was beside him. Naruto was confused, and even more so when Neji passed him the napkin. Looking down at the writing, he realized it was an address that Neji had jotted down, along with a date and time; December 30, 5 pm.

"Usually on New Year's Eve we have a huge Hyuuga party; even my father and Hiashi have admitted it is way too soon for you to meet the extended family. However, if you're up for it, we've all agreed to have a sit-down dinner with you and Hinata if you're willing to come over. While my father and I know you pretty well, Hiashi does not, and I think this would be a great opportunity for you to have a good talk with him. That's the address for the main Hyuuga house, and while you don't have to dress up in a suit and tie, just don't show up in sweat pants and you will be fine."

Neji finished his beer and continued talking.

"I feel a little bad that all of us ganged up on you and Konohamaru like that at the airport. Originally it was just supposed to be myself coming to get Hinata, but then suddenly Hanabi wanted to come too. And then just as we were leaving both my father and uncle insisted that they come as well. I was a bit confused as to why everyone wanted to come, but seeing you two come out of the airport holding hands, finally made sense to me. I couldn't figure out how Hiashi had found out about you two, but then seeing Hanabi jump into Konohamaru's arms like that, all the pieces suddenly came together in the puzzle."

Neji stood up and Naruto followed suit.

"I know you will treat my cousin well, Naruto. I hope the two of you have a wonderful time at the party, and the next time I will see you will be at the end of the month."

Naruto nodded and shook Neji's hand.

Just then, his attention was drawn back to the elevator where he saw Sakura and Sasuke stepping out; she was wearing a strapless green velvet dress while he wore just a black suit with a white shirt and green tie to match Sakura's dress. His two friends waved at him, but he was completely oblivious to them. It was the woman behind his friends that had his full attention.

Just like five years ago, she was completely beautiful and stunning that Naruto couldn't find the words yet to say hello to her. Half her hair was up in some form of braid and was curled in the back. Her makeup was a little more than he was expecting and something that he only saw on the cover of magazines, but what caught his attention more was the burgundy lipstick she was wearing. Which matched the color of the lace dress that hugged her upper body nicely with see-through sleeves, but flared at her hips and came down to just cover her knees. Also the six-inch heels she was wearing, Naruto wasn't sure if he was impressed that she could walk in them or scared that she would suddenly trip and fall over.

Before he could say or do anything, Neji strode forward and hugged his cousin. "You look beautiful tonight, Hinata. If I didn't know better, I would swear that I was looking at Aunt Himari, you look just like her."

Hinata smiled and thanked him softly.

"I will see you two later! Have a great time at the Christmas Party!" said Neji, taking his leave and heading towards the Banquet hall.

Sasuke and Sakura were standing off to the side. At first, it looked like they were waiting for Hinata and him to follow them, but after making eye contact with Sasuke, he tightened his grip and Sakura's arm and started to pull her away.

"Ah! Sasuke, what are you . . ."

"Shush. Let's just leave them for a few moments." Said the Uchiha softly.

Sakura looked like she wanted to argue, but instead, let out an irritated sigh before giving Hinata a thumbs up as they walked out of sight.

Naruto cleared his throat and walked towards his stunning girlfriend, offering out his arm for her to take. "You look . . . I mean, I don't know how to describe how gorgeous you are right now. Perhaps we should just skip the party and head straight up to the hotel room."

It was meant as a joke, but the way Hinata's face lit up like a Christmas tree and her sudden clumsiness of tripping over her heels told Naruto that she had taken it seriously. He quickly grabbed onto her before she fell to the ground. "Hey, are you okay?!"

"I-I-I mean, i-i-if that's w-w-what you really w-w-want Naruto, then I-I-I guess we can . . ." she said her words so softly that Naruto almost didn't hear her.

Now it was his turn to blush. He felt like steam was seeping off his skin with how hot he suddenly felt. His free hand moved up to try and cover his embarrassed face. He did not doubt that people were staring at them, but right at this moment, he was just trying to concentrate on standing up straight.

It was so obvious that she was nervous and embarrassed at the thought of them making love tonight; perhaps she had changed her mind? However, with the party starting soon, the two of them could discuss it later.

"Ah, I wasn't serious Hinata. I was just, trying to express how seeing you like this made me feel. I mean . . . if it's bothering you that much about us, well, you know . . ." He looked down at her, hoping that she understood what he was trying to say. "W-why don't we talk about it later? Right now, we should probably head into the banquet hall; we still need to find our seats and check out the raffle table to see what kinds of prizes they have this year, right?"

Her face was still a bright red, but she nodded in agreement.

Tightening his arm around hers, the new couple smiled at one another before walking into the Banquet Hall.

Christmas trees were lined up along the walls and icicle lights hung from the ceiling. The lights were already dimmed, and projectors were casting shapes of snowflakes along the walls and floor. Thankfully the music wasn't too loud, but as they walked into the loud crowd Naruto found he had to lean his head down if he wanted to hear anything that Hinata was saying.

They found the raffle table, and simultaneously said to each other "Whatever you want to get, you can use my tickets for it."

Both of them laughed, and Naruto suggested they try and find one item they could agree on to put their raffle tickets into; which happened to be a weekend ski trip in the mountains for the beginning of January.

With the raffle tickets used up, they made their way towards their table where Ino, Sai, Sasuke, and Sakura were sitting. Naruto didn't know Sai too well since he only saw him the odd time at work, but never the less he leaned forward and shook the man's hand while wishing him a Merry Christmas. Once all the pleasantries were done, Naruto stepped forward and pulled out Hinata's chair for her before taking a seat beside her.

As Naruto started to pour them glasses of water from the jug in the center of the table, Hinata heard her name being called and turned around to a table that was close by. Her sister was two tables over, sitting with Konohamaru, Haku, Udon, Daichi, and three other women he assumed were the other guys' dates. He was a bit shocked to see that Hinata's sister was here.

"You didn't mention that Hanabi was coming tonight."

Hinata sighed. "I honestly didn't know either. I didn't realize this was the event she was talking about that she had plans for. But, I mean she and Konohamaru are dating, so it doesn't surprise me either. I really should have put two and two together honestly."

He glanced over at Hanabi. While she wasn't being too loud, it was quite clear that she was way more rambunctious than Hinata. Naruto wanted to ask if Hinata was worried about her sister, or if she thought Hanabi was going to cause a ruckus, but it seemed that his girlfriend was two steps ahead of him.

"She can be quite high-spirited, but I know she won't cause any trouble tonight. Hanabi never gets wasted drunk, even if everyone around her is. She knows her limits and also when to tune it down. I know Ino will try and pull her into the Shots Drinking game, but I'm going to bet she will say no." Hinata turned and looked at him. "Do you plan on playing?"

Naruto shook his head and wrapped an arm around her shoulders. "No, I don't. I have no intentions of getting plastered tonight."

Hinata frowned. "Naruto, if you really want to play that's fine with me. I know it's been a while since you got to play with everyone. If you want to let loose and have fun, I understand."

Is she . . . trying to hint at me that she doesn't want us to . . . but I thought . . . no. Stop it. That's not what she said at all. Hinata is just being kind and saying she wants me to have a good time, even if that means getting shit faced to the point where I don't even know what day it is.

Hinata was not the type of woman that would tell him what he could or couldn't do. She was just letting him know that if he wanted to kick back and have fun tonight with everyone then she was okay with it, even if it meant he would be stumbling back to their room.

Suddenly the lights dimmed even more and the music's volume increased, indicating that it was time for them to take their seats and get ready for the party to get underway.

Naruto leaned down and whispered into Hinata's ear. "Trust me when I say I'm fine with not playing Ino's game tonight. I think for once, I want to have a rather sober evening and not end the night with me feeling sick. I would rather spend time with you. Even if we don't do anything aside from watching some Christmas movies, I'm okay with that."

He smiled at Hinata, hoping that she would understand what he was trying to express to her.

Soon enough, the annual Hyuuga Electric Christmas Party was underway.

Speeches were said by Hizashi and Neji, dinner games were played to see who would eat first, the meal was top notch along with a variety of desserts that just melted in your mouth. Even after not attending the party for almost five years, Naruto had to admit that it was pretty much the same as any other year he had gone. The only difference was, this time around he had Hinata by his side, and for some reason, it was making this year's party even more special for him. He didn't know how to describe the feeling. Maybe it was because of the way Hinata was smiling at him throughout the night, or how the odd time she would rest her hand on top of his or gently on his arm.

People would probably call him crazy, but if he had a choice between getting plastered and waking up the next morning sick on Kakashi's couch from drinking to his limit, or only having a few drinks and getting to snuggle with Hinata on a warm bed while watching a cheesy Christmas movie, he would pick the second option. It did sound corny as hell but, after many years of passing out sick and alone on couches from partying too hard with his friends was starting to grow old. While liquor would always give him a warm fuzzy feeling, there was a new drug he had tasted that made his entire being feel like it was on fire. Kissing Hinata was now becoming his new poison and he couldn't get enough of it.

Even if she has changed her mind about tonight, I'm okay with that. So long as we get to kiss and I get to wrap my arms around her.

Awards were soon handed out, the raffle tickets were drawn and unfortunately, he and Hinata had not won the Ski Trip. Before Naruto knew it, the tables were being cleared to open up the dance floor. The soft music that had been playing for background noise was cranked up and even a snow machine was brought out to make it seem like everyone was dancing in a light flurry storm.

Ino and Sai were one of the first ones to leave the table to go dance and were soon followed by Sakura and Sasuke.

Naruto let out a sigh and leaned over so Hinata could hear him. "I'm not sure what to make of that Sai guy. I don't think he understands humor very well, the way he was making comments to Sakura like that, I swear I thought she was going to beat his face in."

Hinata giggled and leaned over to his ear. "Ino said he had a rough childhood and that humor and being honest are things he hasn't quite grasped yet. However, telling Sakura that she has a fake smile sometimes is not something you want to say to her. I think Sai just hasn't learned when it's a good time to express his opinion and when to keep it to himself."

For the next few minutes, the two of them just watched the huge dancing crowd. Giggling at a few people for their crazy dance moves, to even a few people stumbling around the tables from already having too much to drink. Not that it was funny to watch people almost fall to the floor, but most of the people in question were either higher-ups who always acted sophisticated all the time while at work, were now so drunk they had lost track of their dignity.

Naruto finally stood up and offered his arm out to Hinata. "Well, shall we head out there? My dancing skills are still pretty poor, but I'm sure I can manage the basics."

Hinata giggled and took his arm without hesitation as the two of them walked onto the busy dance floor.

They made sure to stay along the outskirts, trying to dance along with everyone else, but clumsily doing so. He hadn't danced in years, and even with the advice Sasuke had given him earlier that night, he was still finding himself failing miserably. Thankfully Hinata was very understanding and didn't mind teaching him the basics.

'Rocking Around the Christmas Tree', 'Jingle Bell Rock' and 'All I Want For Christmas Is You' were songs they hopped and swayed to on the dance floor; even singing along to the lyrics of the classic Christmas Songs. Finally, a slower song came over the speakers, making the couples cuddle more closely to their loved ones.

Naruto held Hinata tightly as they slowly moved back and forth to 'Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas'. Her small form against his much larger one made his cheeks redden slightly. His hand clasping hers, an arm snaked around her lower back and the way her head was tucked underneath his chin just made it seem like she was meant to be there.

She fit perfectly against him.

But just as quickly as those thoughts came in, he pushed them down and enjoyed the tender moment they were having.

As the song came to an end, his first instinct was to keep dancing as the next song 'Santa Clause Is Coming To Town' started, but the sudden dryness in his throat made Naruto realize that he was extremely thirsty.

Thankfully Hinata seemed to feel the same way. She grabbed his hand and started to pull him back towards their table where a new pitcher of water was sitting in the middle. Now that they were away from the loud music, Hinata said. "I'm sorry, Naruto. I just need a small break to have some water and get off my feet for a minute. Do you mind?"

Naruto laughed and pulled out a chair for her. "Not at all. I was starting to think the same thing. Let's just kick back and relax for a bit."

Each of them downed about two full glasses of water before they finally sat back to watch the large crowd still dancing in the middle of the room. Silently they watched their co-workers boogying on the floor, laughing at some people's moves or gasping and in awe at the way some people could move.

Naruto glanced at his watch, seeing that it was getting close to 9 pm. He didn't want to spend too much more time at the party. Usually by 10 pm is when things would start to get really rowdy with many people getting drunk, possible fights getting started and not to mention that any moment now Ino would want to play her drinking game.

Part of him wanted to ask Hinata if at least she wanted to dance again with him for a song or two, but the way she was taking off her heels while sitting down indicated that her feet were probably aching already.

Before he could stop himself, the words just slipped out. "Why did you wear such uncomfortable shoes?"

Asking such a ridiculous question made Naruto want to smack himself across the face. He quickly took a sip of water and hoped that Hinata hadn't heard him. However, the answer she gave almost made him spit the liquid out of his mouth.

"B-because, Ino said they made my calves look good and that you would like that." Stuttered Hinata, not being able to look him in the eye. "Plus, she said wearing these would make it easier to kiss you."

The way her cheeks were blushed and the cute expression on her face was enough to make Naruto's heart melt. At that moment, he had had enough of the loud party and stood up intending to ask her if she wanted to leave, but unfortunately as was the way of life, things were not going as planned.

"Hey, Hinata! Naruto! Are you guys going to have some drinks!?" called Hanabi, running over to their table with an empty wine glass; she was wearing a dark yellow strapless dress; Konohamaru was close behind her.

Hinata frowned and she stood up to face her little sister. "Now Hanabi, how many glasses of wine have you had tonight?"

The young woman smiled and hugged her big sister. "Just two glasses! Oh don't look at me like that sis, I was just going to have one more with you and Naruto before calling it a night. Need to make a toast with my future brother-in-law."

Konohamaru burst out laughing at how red he and Hinata had suddenly turned.

"H-Hanabi! Stop it!"

"What? Are you saying you don't want him to be my brother-in-law?"

Naruto covered his face with his hand and tried to hide his own laughter at how the two sisters were bickering back and forth in a playful way.

"Regardless, Naruto! You are at least doing one shot with me! And you too Hinata! I have been watching the two of you and neither of you have had anything to drink tonight aside from the water on the table. Just one shot, that's all, I promise."

Hinata looked a little flustered but did finally agree to have one drink with her sister.

Squealing with victory, Hanabi led the way to one of the many bartenders at the far end of the hall with himself, Hinata, and Konohamaru behind her.

The bar that they were headed to didn't have many people around it, meaning they would be able to get their shots right away.

While Hanabi was trying to find her drink tickets, Naruto noticed that Hinata was staring at the bartender rather intently, who was currently restocking his liquor supply. Usually, he was terrible at being able to guess someone's age, but this guy was at least in his fifties with the grey that was showing in his beard and hair. He was also wearing the same attire as the rest of the bartenders; black pants, a long white sleeved shirt with a purple vest, and a black-tie. A part of him was starting to feel a little jealous with the way Hinata was staring at the older gentleman. He was just about to ask if Hinata knew him, but when the bartender fully faced them he got the answer to his question.

With a huge smile, Hinata released his arm and got closer to the bar counter. "Good Evening, Kenji."

At first, the older gentleman looked surprised that someone knew his name, after all, none of them were wearing name tags. But as soon as his eyes fell on Hinata he also returned her warm smile. "Miss Hinata! I didn't know you were coming to the Christmas Party tonight! And Miss Hanabi is here as well!"

Hanabi's head snapped up from hearing her name, and just like Hinata, a huge smile spread across her face as well. "Oh my god! We have Kenji as our bartender!? Well, I'm getting the rest of my drinks from here tonight!"

The bartender laughed and turned his attention to both Naruto and Konohamaru. "And are these fine young gentleman your dates? Or just co-workers?"

Hinata blushed, but nodded her head and confirmed it even more by gently grabbing onto Naruto's hand.

Naruto felt like he had walked into an episode of the twilight zone. He didn't know what was going on and when he glanced at Konohamaru, it seemed like the apprentice was in the same boat as him.

Hanabi turned to both of them. "Kenji is a professional bartender and also a friend of the Hyuuga family. Anytime we have a party or social gathering, we always invite him; not just to make drinks, but to hear his stories from the bartending competitions he goes to! He's been all over the world and can speak eight different languages!"

"Ah, please Miss Hanabi, you don't need to brag about me like that." Said Kenji, rubbing the back of his head in embarrassment.

"But wait a minute! Aren't you supposed to be on vacation? I thought father said you were leaving for Italy for two weeks and would be back in time for our New Year's party. "Said Hanabi.

"I leave tomorrow afternoon; my flight got changed yesterday evening. I actually was on the phone with your Uncle yesterday when I overheard him talking to the Hotel Catering Staff. Apparently, a few bartenders called in sick at the last minute and they were worried about not having enough staff. I've worked here before many times and offered to work tonight." Said Kenji, and then he winked at Hanabi. "Besides, earning a little extra tip money for Christmas gifts is always nice."

"Well, I'll be sure to leave you a nice tip! I'd like to get a shot for each of us please!" Hanabi placed four tickets on the counter, which Kenji took and placed in an empty pitcher beside him.

"Gentlemen you can order any shot that you want. Even if its name is in a different language, like Miss Hanabi said, I will most likely know which one it is."

Aside from the hard liquors, Naruto didn't know the name of a lot of shots, and so he said the first one that came to mind. "I'll have a Screaming Orgasm please."

At this point, Naruto had lost count with how red his face had gotten tonight, and while everyone around him was laughing, the shot that Hinata ordered was just as embarrassing; Sex on the Beach.

"S-stop laughing, Hanabi! Y-you know that's the only shot I like the taste of!" stuttered Hinata.

Konohamaru was hunched over gasping for air with his fist pounding the table beside him. Hanabi on the other hand was having a hard time stifling her giggles while holding onto Hinata who looked as if she was about to faint.

Kenji was a professional because he did not laugh at all but only smiled at their requested erotic drink names.

Not wanting to leave the two of them embarrassed though, Naruto wasn't sure if he was shocked or impressed when Hanabi said. "Well let's keep this ball rolling! I'll have a Blow Job, please!"

Once again the bar erupted in laughter, and this time both he and Hinata were laughing along with everyone. When Konohamaru finally was able to breathe properly, he kept the joke going by ordering a Buttery Nipple.

Naruto couldn't remember the last time he had laughed this hard over nothing; probably on a night of playing cards with his parents, Kakashi and Jiraiya.

Kenji only smiled and with ease, he made all of their dirty sounding drinks. He set them down on the counter in front of them, and Hanabi grabbed hers before turning towards them. "To finding love and having an amazing Christmas this year! Cheers!"

"Cheers!" said everyone.

Naruto downed the sweet shot easily, licking his lips.

I still remember the first time I tasted this shot. Mom had made it for herself during a night of playing Crib and I being a naïve kid had mistaken it for Chocolate milk. She was sure upset with me, but I think that's the first time I ever saw Jiraiya snort beer out of his nose.

"Ah, as always your shots are perfect Kenji! Can I get another one? But surprise me this time!" said Hanabi.

Hinata suddenly stepped forward and warned her sister again not to drink too much.

Naruto stood there silently and watched his girlfriend.

After enjoying a delicious drink and having a good laugh as well, he was in an extremely good mood and wanted nothing more than to just end their time at the party right now, head up to their hotel room and spend some quality time with Hinata.

He reached his hand forward to touch Hinata's shoulder, but suddenly from behind someone whapped him on the back, making him stumble forward. Naruto turned around intending to give whoever had just hit him a piece of his mind but stopped when he saw it was Ino.

"Here you are! This couldn't be better timing! I got the whole gang here and we can now do our shot game!"

Naruto froze; the once quiet bar was now louder than ever. It was almost as if the whole crew at Konoha Energy came swarming in, surrounding the bar counter. He almost wanted to smack himself for not noticing them earlier, now Ino was going to try and force him to play her game.

"Alright! Who said they were playing this year? Lee, Sasuke, and Naruto for sure! Any other takers?"

Lee and Sasuke stepped forward when Ino said their names and took a seat at the bar stools. From the large crowd, Daichi and Haku also moved forward and sat beside Sasuke.

Naruto felt a chill run up his spine from the number of eyes that were staring at him, including Hinata who had a worried look on her face. Clearing his throat, he said. "Ahem, actually this year I'm not playing."

Everyone looked surprised, even Sasuke. Out of all of them, Ino looked more shocked and almost disappointed, but she shook it off rather quickly. "Don't be such a party pooper, Naruto! Come on up here and enjoy the game!"

He frowned and stood his ground. "I'm sorry, Ino. I told you I don't want to play this year."

Suddenly her expression grew serious and she was gazing at him with cold blue eyes. "Oh really? Even though I have this?"

Naruto felt the color drain from his face when Ino held up his green frog-shaped wallet. His hands immediately started to check all of his pockets in a desperate attempt to find it; perhaps it wasn't his trademark wallet that she had.

"Looks to me like you are playing now if you want this back." Ino teased.

Naruto continued to glare at her, his hands slipping into the insides of his pockets one more time trying to figure out how on earth she had gotten ahold of his wallet. "That's enough, Ino! I told you I wasn't participating tonight, so please hand it back."

Ino's smirk only widened. "Rules are rules. You want this back, then you had better beat me. I've held onto my title as the 'Queen of Shots' for seven years, so maybe this will be motivation for someone to beat me."

He could feel his ears burning with anger. Blue eyes darted to the four other participants and he hoped that at least one of them would say something in his defense or tell Ino to cut it out, but not one of them spoke up.

Naruto opened his mouth to argue more with Ino, but the words died in his throat when Hinata suddenly stepped forward and took a seat beside Lee. The loud commotion around the bar suddenly died, and it was so quiet that for a split second you could hear a pin drop.

Ino was momentarily shocked, but then her mischievous smile quickly returned. "Oh, what's this? Hinata's going to step in and try to win her boyfriend's wallet back?"

Hinata frowned. "That's enough Ino. Now, please explain the rules. It's been a while since I watched you guys play this game."

He wanted to protest and tell her that she shouldn't try and win this game for him. However, whatever he was going to say was halted when Hanabi, who had been standing behind him, walked forward and leaned down to whisper something into her sister's ear. It was a very brief exchange, and he was very curious about what the two had talked about. Was Hanabi giving her advice?

Whatever it was, the younger woman patted her sister on the shoulder before walking back over to Konohamaru who was still standing just slightly behind him. He wracked his brain and tried to remember exactly how much Hinata could drink. The last time he remembered her consuming alcohol had been during their first year as apprentices; two glasses of wine later and Hinata had been spotted sleeping on one of the hotel couches.

"Right. We do also have some new victims here" her blue eyes scanning over Haku and Daichi. She pulled out a deck of cards, shuffled them, and then spread them out across the table. "First we each pick a card. The one who picks the highest one gets to choose the beverage we will all be drinking. Then after that, it's quite simple, we each take a shot until there is only one left, and that person will become the King or Queen of Shots. To be clear, you are out of the game if you either can't drink your shot or you drop it or you spit it out. All good?"

They all nodded and then reached forward to pick a card.

Naruto felt nervous as everyone drew their card. If Ino got the highest one she would most certainly pick J├Ągermeister; it was her go-to drink during this game since most people hated the taste of it. However, last time he had played, it had been Sasuke who had gotten to pick and he had chosen a Dark Rum. His friend had almost won, but once again Ino had proven to be victorious.

Everyone let out a soft gasp as it was revealed who would be choosing their beverage. Hinata held up her card, the King of Hearts, topping everyone else's.

Ino smirked. "Well then, Hinata, what are we all going to be drinking tonight?"

His girlfriend looked so calm and collective. She placed the card down on the table and turned her attention to Kenji who was awaiting her instructions.

"Sake. Hakkaisan Sake if you have it." Hinata said softly.

Kenji nodded and disappeared into the back for a moment before bringing out the green bottle to show them all.

"Alright. Let's get this game started!" shouted Ino, taking a seat beside Hinata.

Kenji poured each of them a shot of Sake. All six of them lifted the small glasses to their lips and drank the clear liquid in seconds. Once the sake was gone, they all flipped the empty glass over and placed it down on the table in front of them; which was how they would tally up how many shots they drank.

Naruto had never tried Sake before, but he knew its alcohol percentage wasn't as high as Vodka or Whiskey or Tequila. Meaning, that it was going to take quite a few shots before any of them would feel any kind of buzz.

The first few rounds went by with no real excitement, but as the ninth round was finishing up, Naruto noticed that Haku was starting to sway a little on his seat. Normally at this point, either someone would have dropped out or they would be struggling to drink the shots down or a winner would be proclaimed, however, aside from Haku, everyone else seemed fine.

As everyone slammed down their flipped-over shot glasses, Kenji disappeared once again to see if he had another bottle of the Sake in the back; they were almost done with the third bottle.

"For all the years I have played this stupid game, I must say this is the first time I've actually enjoyed these shots. I forgot how sweet Sake is." Said Sasuke.

Ino nodded in agreement. "Last year we did Tequila, and I'm pretty sure we didn't even make it to ten shots. This stuff however is really easy to drink down." She turned to Hinata. "While it does taste delicious, I don't think this is the kind of drink that's going to help you win. Usually when someone picks a drink, its one that's hard to swallow."

Before Hinata could answer, Kenji returned with a frown on his face. "I am so sorry Miss Hinata, but I'm afraid I only had the three bottles of Hakkaisan Sake. Also, I am very limited with the other bottles of Sake as well, but with the ones I do have I could give you guys a few more rounds."

Naruto watched as Hinata pondered her options before turning to Ino. "Can I switch? Or do we need to stick with my original choice? I didn't take into consideration that they might only have a few bottles."

Ino smiled. "Certainly. You can even pick a mixed shot if you want, the sky is the limit!"

Hinata returned the smile. "Then I will pick one that my cousins and I drink at New Years'. Kenji, do you have any Blavod? Dark Vodka?"

Naruto watched as Kenji once again disappeared in the back before coming out with a black bottle and holding it up for her to see.

"I only have two bottles of this kind, Miss Hinata."

"That's okay. This stuff is a bit stronger and I'm sure two bottles is more than enough to wrap up this game. If you could make us Kuro Shi that would be great."

Kenji's eyes suddenly widened and it looked like he wanted to say something, but after a moment he nodded and turned to prepare their drinks. Naruto's eyebrow arched in suspicion, but it seemed that no one else noticed. He had never heard of Dark Vodka before, in fact, he didn't know it even existed. Perhaps it tasted like dark rum and had a bit of a sweet side to it. It seemed like Hinata was more into the sweet alcoholic drinks, but he was pretty sure sweet drinks was not a good way to win this kind of game.

I do admire Hinata so much for trying to win my wallet back for me, but at the same time, I don't want her tipsy tonight either. And what is Kuro Shi anyway? I didn't see what Kenji added to the dark vodka before mixing it.

Soon enough, the drinks were placed in front of everyone.

"Alright, guys! Round ten! Let's try this dark vodka that Hinata picked, bottoms up!"

Simultaneously, everyone cocked their heads back and downed the dark liquid. What transpired next happened so fast, that Naruto almost missed the display that occurred. Except for Hinata, everyone else immediately spit out their drinks onto the floor.

Haku fell out of his seat and made a mad dash for the bathroom, Daichi turned around, snatched the beer Guy was drinking out of his hand, and started to chug it all down. Sasuke and Lee immediately stood up, grabbed a jug of water off the table nearby, and started drinking it as if they were dying of dehydration.

Ino was hunched over with Sai gently patting her back while she was trying not to throw up. "Oh dear god, can anyone give me a glass of anything?! Beer!? Wine!? Water?! I'll take anything! Geezus Christ, just what the hell was that concoction?!"

The only one who was still seated and remaining calm was Hinata, who slammed her shot glass down and reached over to grab Naruto's wallet which had been in front of Ino. Everyone was completely silent, except for Kenji who was smiling and clapping his hands along with Hanabi. "Yeah Hinata! That's my big sister! You sure showed them!"

Hinata slowly turned around in her seat, stood up, and held out the frog wallet for him to take.

Naruto was smiling ear to ear. Before taking the wallet, he reached forward and gently grasped Hinata's wrist before pushing her arm above her head. "And this year's Queen of Shots is Hinata!"

The four other contestants didn't say a word or protest; all of them were too busy gagging and trying to get the taste out of their mouths.

Still grinning, Naruto put his wallet away, before slipping into the crowd with Hinata and tow. Zig and zagging between the people he made his way towards the doors of the banquet hall where it would be much quieter and private for them to talk. He pulled Hinata out of the noisy room and down the hallway towards the check-in counter. About halfway down, he stopped and released the laughter that he had been holding back. His left side hit the nearby wall and he doubled over; his one hand covering his mouth the quiet down his laughs and the other arm was wrapped around his mid-section. How long he was there laughing for he couldn't tell; at times it was hard to breathe and he would have a coughing fit trying to catch his breath.

"Oh my god! That's the funniest thing I've ever seen! The way Daichi just swiped Guy's beer, and the mad scramble Sasuke was doing for that pitcher of water. I think that's the first time I've ever seen Ino spit out a drink like that! Oh my god, Hinata, what the hell was in that shot?" Asked Naruto, finally turning his attention to his girlfriend who had been silent the whole time. "Hinata?"

She was leaning against the wall just in front of him, her eyes were closed and she was taking deep breaths in through her nose; as if she was concentrating on something.

"Hey, Hinata!" Naruto stood up and placed his hands gently on her shoulders. "Are you okay?"

Hinata's eyes slowly opened and her mouth moved as if she was about to speak, but closed quickly as her hand came up to cover her lips. Her body twitching slightly as if she were holding off from gagging. It finally dawned on Naruto that whatever horrible mixture was in that Kuro Shi, she had drank it as well.

"What do you need?" he asked in all seriousness, his head whipping back and forth to see if he could at least grab her a glass of water.

"Milk, please. And if you can't find that then water is fine." She whispered, her voice muffled from behind her hand.

Naruto nodded and made a mad dash back into the noisy banquet hall. The bar nearest to the door was thankfully not busy and he was able to grab a glass of milk before hurrying back to his girlfriend. When he held up the glass of milk to her, she drank it down so fast that Naruto was quite positive she hadn't even tasted it.

After a few more deep breaths, Hinata opened her eyes and she let out a sigh of relief. "Thank you so much, Naruto. I was able to hold my composure there for a little bit, but after a while, the taste in my mouth was so overwhelming I almost thought I was going to throw up."

"Speaking of, what the heck was in that shot? I've never heard of Kuro Shi before."

A blush spread across Hinata's cheeks and her eyes darted to the floor. "I feel kind of bad honestly. I knew Ino would think I had picked another sweet shot, but with your wallet at stake, I didn't want to take any chances. I knew Kenji probably only had a few bottles of Sake and that after so many shots no one would feel really tipsy . . . and so the next one I picked I made sure it was awful so it could take out everyone simultaneously. I couldn't remember a lot of bad shots, which is why Hanabi suggested to me, Kuro Shi."

Naruto's eyes widened.

She planned it like that?!

Seeing Naruto's confused face, Hinata continued. "Kuro Shi is Japanese, and it means Black Death. It's a horrible tasting shot that is mixed with Vodka and Soy Sauce."

"Soy Sauce?!"

Hinata nodded. "I knew that after tasting the sweet liquor of Sake that they wouldn't suspect it. This is why I asked for the Dark Vodka so they wouldn't notice the change in color. I was prepared for the horrible taste, but all of them weren't. After such a sweet drink, the bitter taste of Soy Sauce would make anyone want to spit it back up. I was just really hoping it was enough to make Ino not want to drink it. I also just happened to be really lucky and drew the highest card, otherwise, I planned to slip your wallet past Ino while she was drunk and make sure it got back to you safely."

So many questions were swarming in his head all at once. How did Hinata know so much about shots? Had she played drinking games before? How had she been able to stay so calm and collective after drinking such a terrible drink?

At that moment Naruto was starting to think Hinata was a mind reader when she started speaking again. "I don't usually play drinking games, but every year at the Hyuuga New Year's party myself, Hanabi, Neji, and a few of my other cousins play Shot Roulette. Kenji always makes the shots, and it's a mixture of good and terrible ones. So I've had my fair share of trying to down horrible shots and I will say that Black Death isn't even the worst one."

Naruto smiled and let out a small laugh. He took a step forward and enveloped Hinata in a bear hug, resting his chin on top of her head. "Thank you, Hinata. I know Ino wouldn't have taken anything out of my wallet. I'm pretty sure she was just teasing me into playing that game with her, but still, it was pretty badass the way you just swooped in there and saved me like that."

Hinata's arms snaked around him, and for a few moments, the couple enjoyed the physical contact with each other. As Naruto shifted to hold her tighter, he suddenly realized that his feet were aching from wearing his leather shoes all night. And if his feet were hurting, he could only imagine how Hinata's were feeling.

He pulled away slightly so he could look at her face. "Hey, why don't I run to my truck quickly and grab my suitcase? We can head up to the room and relax for the rest of the night. I'm pretty much done partying, and would just like to spend time with you now."

The light blush on her cheeks intensified impressively to the point that Naruto could have sworn she was going to turn into a tomato. Her eyes immediately looked down at the floor and she nodded her head; meanwhile, her body was starting to tremble against him.

It didn't take him long to figure out why she was reacting this way, and Naruto tried his best not to laugh at her. "Hey, hey, hey. I told you earlier that we don't have to do anything tonight. We can just go up to the room, each have a shower, and then watch a movie while snuggling on the bed, okay? I think that would be a nice way to top off the evening."

Hinata still wouldn't look at him, but she made a small noise that sounded like 'okay'. Pulling her in for another hug, Naruto told her to meet him by the elevators while he ran outside quickly to get his belongings.

As he pushed open the glass side doors that led towards the parking lot, a shiver ran down his entire body, and it just wasn't from the temperature change. He quickly glanced behind him to see Hinata walking down the hallway towards the check-in counter where the elevators were; her face still beet red and her arms were wrapped tightly around her mid-section.

Wanting to be intimate with Hinata for the first time . . . a part of him was still hoping they would be able to, but at the same time, he knew it was best not to rush things. Or at least that's what Jiraiya had told him a few days ago. He had given his mentor a ride home from the airport, and the old man had gone into some explicit details about sex and even tried to give Naruto some pointers; no matter how many times he told Jiraiya to shut up.

Naruto lightly jogged to his vehicle and opened up the back passenger door to grab his bag. As he reached for the strap, his hand paused and blue eyes fell onto the floor where a small bag from the pharmacy was sitting.

It was now his turn for his cheeks to become a bright crimson red as he thought of what was in the contents of that paper bag. He had stopped by the pharmacy before coming to the Christmas Party, and while it hadn't been so bad just grabbing the box from the shelf, the way the old lady behind the counter had teased him made Naruto wish a hole had appeared from under his feet and swallowed him whole.

My my, you look handsome tonight. Going to have a good time with your lady I see! I'm sure she will be so happy to see you dressed up like this!

He was pretty sure the older cashier hadn't meant to embarrass him like. In fact, he was pretty sure any woman would consider this situation a dream come true. They were both dressed to the nines, it was the night of a Christmas Party, it had been a fun-filled evening and they were staying in a nice hotel room; pretty much something that was written in every Hallmark Christmas movie these days.

But to him, it didn't matter.

They could be back at Hinata's apartment right now, she could be dressed in the most baggiest sweat pants and unflattering t-shirt on earth and he would still want her. It just seemed more fitting that this be the night, the event, and the place to show Hinata how much she meant to him.

For the first few years of getting to know Hinata, he had thought of her as only a friend and classmate. She was nice, a little weird, but still, she meant a lot to him. Naruto could recount many times she would help him study and was always patient when he didn't understand anything; especially with the Electrical Code Book which was 700 pages of pure hell. She was one hell of a hard worker, and always seemed to impress him out in the field, especially her troubleshooting skills.

He always found himself drawn to her. If she was sitting alone in the cafeteria, he would go sit next to her. If he was walking by and saw her working on a cable tray or a junction box, he would detour just to talk to her for a few minutes before heading on his way. It felt normal and natural to be around her.

But then five years ago that all changed and a switch went off in his head. That night he no longer only saw her as a friend and co-worker but as a woman. It was as if his relationship with Hinata had been one huge incomplete puzzle. Some pieces were missing, but he was fine with that and liked how things were. However, then all the pieces came together and Naruto was both excited and terrified from what he saw. He was finally able to comprehend what he truthfully felt for the shy girl, but was terrified to act on it. There was no way Hinata even remotely felt that way about him.

And so he removed those last few pieces and set them off to the side. Once again content with how things were between them.

The night of her confession completely flew over his head and would only come crashing down a year later. Many times, especially at night, he would eye his phone, scroll through his contacts until it landed on her number. He wanted to try and call her, or at least send a casual text asking how she was. However, in his mind, her actions had spoken louder than words. She was no longer at Konoha Energy, she was no longer with Hyuuga Electric, which meant she didn't want to see or hear from him.

In previous years ever since they had swapped numbers, Hinata always would wish him a Happy Birthday in October, a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year; whether it was by text or a brief phone call. The first year when she didn't return and he hadn't received any messages or calls, he simply chalked it up that she was busy and probably forgot. But then it happened again the next year, and then the year after that.

This year for his birthday, he had been on days off and went out drinking with his friends. He had a great time with them, but at the end of the night . . . even though it had been three years he still hoped deep down that Hinata would contact him. But when no message came through on his phone, it felt like the wind had been knocked out of him.

It was all his fault.

He had broken her heart so badly that she wanted nothing to do with him. Why had he waited so long? He should have contacted her much sooner, but the deed was already done. At the very least he had failed her as a friend; she had been there for him so many times, and yet over these past few years he couldn't chalk up the courage to call her.

For the next month and a half, he had felt terrible. However, at the beginning of the last shift, a glimmer of hope made its way towards him. On the 2nd day of work he had learned that Neji was coming to site for their Wednesday Safety Meeting; perhaps this could be his chance. He hadn't spoken to the Hyuuga in years, so perhaps this was a sign that it was time to stop being a coward and contact Hinata. His original plan had been to try and talk to Neji privately, but as the fates would have it, they delivered him something even better.

A cold wind passed by and brought Naruto back to reality.

For a few seconds, his mind just kept going back and forth between putting the paper bag in his suitcase or not, but finally, he made a decision. No matter what happened tonight, it would be an amazing time with Hinata.

Closing the door and locking it behind him with the remote for his Truck, Naruto strode back towards the hotel with a huge smile on his face.


Hinata waited patiently by the elevators. Her fingers nervously playing together while her eyes darted around the lobby again to see if there was any sign of Naruto, but a soft sigh left her lips when she didn't see him.

A part of her wished she had followed him out to the parking lot, but instead she was here standing alone awaiting for Naruto to return. Following him was certainly out of the question of course; her heels would not do well in the icy parking lot and she hadn't brought a jacket down to cover herself from the cold weather. Thinking back on it, it probably would have made more sense to have given him his room key earlier in the evening when she first saw him, but it had completely slipped her mind. Now, here she was standing alone in the lobby.

Perhaps what made her the most uncomfortable was the number of people that had come up to talk to her in the past five minutes. Co-workers that either worked at Konoha Energy or ones she had met at the office before, were coming up to say a quick 'Hello', complimented on how she looked, and then entered the elevator with a drunken stumble before wishing her goodnight. A few had also whistled at her and asked if she was coming back into the banquet hall for more drinks, and one young apprentice had even tried to grab her hand in an attempt to drag her back. Thankfully his drunken buddies had stopped him and profusely apologized to her before pushing him back towards the party. But they all had asked the same question, 'What are you doing? Who are you waiting for?'.

Hinata had been unable to answer them; she just smiled and tried to change the topic. Her heart was racing, and the imaginary lump in her throat felt so big she was finding it difficult to breathe. She tried to calm herself down, but unfortunately with the amount of alcohol previously consumed Hinata was finding it rather difficult to think straight. By no means was she 'drunk', but it was still enough to give her a minor case of the spins. If someone randomly asked her to walk in a straight line or recite the alphabet backward, she would pass with flying colors.

She was unsure how exactly to feel at this moment. Nervous, happy, scared, excited, jittery . . . it was a jumble of emotions.

But then she saw him.

His cheeks and nose a light rosy red from being out in the cold, but as soon as his blue eyes saw her, a huge smile spread across his face before treading towards her.

Naruto looked handsome all the time to her; whether it be in his regular clothes or work coveralls, but the way he was dressed tonight in his suit just made her heartthrob even more.

He was the only person in the world that made her feel a thousand emotions all at once. It was unexplainable, it was scary . . . it was love.

I love him so much . . .

It almost felt like a dream when he stopped in front of her.

"Sorry about making you wait like that. Shall we?" He pressed the elevator button and then offered his left arm to her.

Hinata took it without hesitation and walked with him onto the elevator.

At first, the only sound that could be heard was the heavy cables pulling them up towards the 12th floor and the mental gears spinning rapidly in Hinata's head. Within the next few seconds, she needed to make a decision and it was not an easy one to make.

Even after receiving all the advice, she could ever ask for from Sakura, Hinata still felt she wasn't ready. It had been bothering her all throughout the night. There were times she would look at Naruto and feel like this was it; that she was one hundred percent ready to be with him in such a close manner. But then there were moments when self-doubt came swooping in so fast that it blew her confidence out the window.

Naruto glanced down at his girlfriend.

It worried him that she still looked nervous and uptight beside him. As they got off the elevator, he tried to think of some encouraging words, but nothing was coming to mind. How many times could he tell her that he was fine with just sleeping next to her? Was she worried he was going to force himself on to her?

No. He knew that wasn't the issue.

Naruto gripped the handles on his suitcase a little tighter, trying to think if there was anything he could say or do before they got to the room.

Maybe even just us staying in a room together is too much for her to take right now. I haven't had anything to drink tonight, aside from that one shot, so I could drive myself home if that's what she wanted.

When they stopped in front of room 18, Naruto released Hinata's arm a little bit and prepared himself for the mental impact it would have on him if she didn't want him to come into the room. As the door unlocked, he opened his mouth to voice his offer to her, but was silenced by the way she almost aggressively pulled him inside; her actions speaking louder than words.

The desk lamp was on, but since the setting was on dim it barely lit up the room. He could just make out the shape of the bed and couch ahead of them. Hinata's rolling suitcase was sitting on top of the desk, which left Naruto the Luggage Rack that was folded up in the closet to set his bag on.

While watching Naruto, it suddenly dawned on Hinata how much her feet were aching from the high heels she had first put on at the start of the evening. While at first, they hadn't been too bad to wear, she now felt like her toes were burning from being scrunched together and the back was digging into her heel so much Hinata could have sworn it had sliced into her skin.

She stared down at the burgundy shoes, wondering if her feet could hold out just a little bit longer, but to her surprise, Naruto spoke as if he had been reading her thoughts. "My feet are killing me from wearing these leather shoes, I can only imagine how yours must be feeling right now. Here, you can lean on me while you take them off." His shoes were already off and set on the mat, and he was now holding his arm out for her to grasp.

At first, she wanted to decline his offer and tell him that she was fine, but after taking a small step to the side, her face winced in pain from the tight heels.

How some women can wear these shoes all the time I will never know. I would rather wear my heavy steel-toed winter boots all day instead of these nightmares.

Hinata grasped Naruto's arm and slowly peeled the high heels off of her feet. It was both a relieved and a horrendous feeling. Her toes finally felt free, but at the same time, they ached as the muscles in her feet which had been cramped in one position for hours were finally able to stretch out properly. It was so tempting to just take her new shoes and chuck them out the door, but she resisted the urge and instead hobbled over to the bed so she could inspect the damage that had been done.

While there were no cuts or blisters, the sides of her feet and toes were red. The minor pain she was feeling was just enough of a distraction for Hinata not to fully realize she was in a hotel room, completely alone, with Naruto.

Naruto on the other hand, at first, wasn't quite sure what to do. Quietly he watched Hinata inspecting her poor feet and wondered if he should just change out of his suit, or perhaps this was his chance to make a move. He was still unsure what Hinata's expectations were for the evening, but just standing by the door wasn't going to improve anything.

Instead, another idea popped into his head and he turned back to his suitcase; pulling out a medium-sized present with snowflake wrapping paper and red ribbon. Smiling to himself, Naruto strode towards Hinata and took a seat beside her on the bed, making sure he was as close to her as he could be.

Hinata had been so distracted by her feet that she gasped softly when Naruto was suddenly beside her, but what took her breath away was the present that he held out for her to take. Fingers slowly grasped the soft parcel and she looked up at his kind, smiling face.

"Merry Christmas, Hinata," Naruto said softly. "I-I didn't know what to get you, but I hope you'll like it."

Her eyes fell to the present sitting on her lap. A wave of happiness swept over and she couldn't remember the last time she had felt this way. Just as her fingers were about to start unwrapping, she paused. Suddenly remembering what she also had in her suitcase, Hinata stood up and stepped forward. Her free hand that wasn't holding onto the gift, dug into her black bag and pulled out a similar size present with red wrapping paper and green ribbon.

Sitting back down, Hinata held out her gift for Naruto. "Merry Christmas to you too, Naruto."

He looked surprised, but none the less took the gift.

Silently, the two opened their gifts from one another. At first, Hinata had thought he had bought her a new shirt, but upon further inspection, she realized they were silked Pajamas. Solid dark blue, long-sleeved, and white button Pajamas. Her fingers ran across the material, feeling how smooth and silky the material was against her skin.

Naruto paused from opening his gift. "If you don't like it, I can exchange them. I wasn't sure what material you liked or w-wore to b-bed."

He stuttered slightly and rubbed the back of his head nervously.

Hinata smiled and leaned over to kiss him on the cheek. "I like them, Naruto. Thank you so much."

He then continued to open up his gift.

Hinata waited nervously as he ripped the rest of the wrapping paper away to reveal a long, knitted red wool scarf. Naruto was smiling from ear to ear and unfolded his present to see it fully.

"Oh wow! This is amazing Hinata, thank you! Where did you get it from?"

A light blush spread across her cheeks. "I-I made it."

Naruto paused and turned his head to look at her. "You made this?! But wait, we've only been home for less than two days!"

Hinata ducked her head down slightly. "I've made scarves before for family members, so I already knew how to make it. But I have been up really late the last two nights and woke up early this morning trying to finish it in time."

Blue eyes stared down at the handcrafted scarf in his hands. The knitting was done so clean and perfectly that Naruto could have sworn it was bought from a store, but his girlfriend made it with her own two hands and it made his heart swell with joy and pride; the fact that she was so multi-talented was amazing. . Naruto pulled the scarf around his head and wrapped it around his neck a few times. "It's so warm. I'll be sure to wear it lots when I'm home. I don't dare take it up to work with me, I'd be too scared that someone might steal it. Thank you, Hinata."

This time it was his turn to plant a kiss on her cheek to show his appreciation. The blush on Hinata's cheeks reddened a bit more when she felt his lips on her skin. Her fingers touched the spot he had kissed, and the smile she was wearing widened just a little bit more.

A comfortable silence fell over the couple as they marveled at their Christmas presents, but all too soon, it dawned on both of them exactly where they were sitting . . . and that they were completely alone.

Naruto glanced over at Hinata who had her head ducked down so he couldn't see her face. He shifted slightly and moved his hand in an attempt to hold her hand. Just as his fingertips brushed the back of her knuckles, Hinata suddenly stood up and stepped towards her suitcase; placing the Pajama's on top and mumbling something along the lines of she couldn't wait to try them on.

Her form was stiff, and with how tightly her arms were squeezed against her body, Naruto could tell she was back to being nervous and paranoid around him. A part of him wanted to try and convince that everything was going too alright, and that being intimate was the next step to go in their relationship. However, right now, he was just so happy and wanted to end their evening on a good note that he decided to go with Plan B for finishing the night off.

As he stood up and couldn't help but notice that she flinched slightly, her pale eyes looking at him nervously through the mirror. Smiling, Naruto pointed to the bathroom. "Why don't I hop in the shower first and you can pick a Christmas movie for us to watch? I'm sure there's got to be something on TV, but if not, I'll grab my IPad and you can find something there. I'm sure Netflix will have a few . . ."

He turned his back to her, taking off the scarf and walking towards his open suitcase to grab his IPad, but paused when he felt her hands firmly grasping onto his. Naruto slowly turned back around to face Hinata, but her head was once again ducked down so he couldn't see her face; the way her hands were gripping his left one was almost to the point of being painful.

Sighing softly, Naruto reached down with his free hand so that they could hold hands properly. Taking a deep breath, the words already planned in his mind on what he was going to say, were suddenly cut off when she spoke up first.

"I-I'm scared, Naruto."

At first, he felt frozen on the spot, wondering what he had done or said to make her scared of him. But before he could voice his concerns, Hinata spoke again.

"W-will you please hear me out? I can't say the things I want to say while looking at your face, I will get too embarrassed. I'm sorry, but . . . will you still listen to what I have to say?"

Naruto swallowed the sudden lump in his throat and whispered a soft 'Okay'.

This time Hinata was the one to take a deep breath, her eyes staying locked on their hands as she began to speak. "As I said before, the only person I have ever thought of being intimate with was you. Before meeting you I never saw any other men romantically or sexually. My father made sure of that when I was young since Kiba and Shino were my only friends. But after meeting you, that was the first time I ever imagined wanting to kiss someone.

"Those feelings only grew stronger over the next few years, to the point where I would dream up doing many things with you. Especially after that Christmas party when I dressed up for the first time. You and I danced and while it may have been nothing special for you . . . the way you held me on the dance floor, just made me feel so special and I think that's when I saw you as a man who I wanted to try and be with. So, while I want nothing more than to just . . . you know . . . here we are, completely alone with no one to bother us. You're dressed up in a suit and tie, we just exchanged gifts . . . I'm sure any girl would feel lucky to be in this scenario. I'm just scared and nervous because this is something completely new and different for me. I want us to be intimate, but I'm scared that I won't be good enough or I'll disappoint you."

Hinata swallowed the lump in her throat and paused. Biting her lip, she gathered up all the courage she could muster and forced herself to look Naruto in the eye; despite how nervous and red her face was.

"I love you . . . and I want nothing more than to physically show you, how much I love you." Pulling his right hand up with her left, she placed it gently on her chest. "Y-you're the only one who makes my heart throb like this . . ."

His eyes were wide and at that moment he couldn't think of anything to say. Fingertips twitched slightly against her lace dress where she had pressed his hand against her chest and feeling the intense beating of her heart against his palm. The way she was looking at him made him believe every word she had said and it made his entire body tingle.

Wordlessly, with her hand still clasping his left, he brought her fingers up to his own chest so she could feel his wildly beating heart; her pale eyes widening slightly.

"M-me too . . . me too . . ." he rasped softly.

Fantasies and urges that he had been having lately when it came to his thoughts about Hinata suddenly came surging forward. At first, he had tried shutting the door on those feelings; locking it up tightly and wrapping them in chains. His attempts to block out those temptations had worked for most of the night, but now the beast inside him was clawing at the door.

For a brief moment, he pushed those selfish thoughts down one more time and opened up to Hinata so she would know his exact feelings too.

"I'm scared too, you know. I'm not only worried that I'm going to disappoint you, but that I could hurt you . . . be too rough or, as I've heard so many times it can painful for a girl when it's her first time." His hands moved simultaneously; his right cupping her cheek while the left snaked around her lower back to pull Hinata close. "I love you too, and I want you. But if you are having any second thoughts, then we need to stop right now. Because the moment I kiss you . . . I won't be able to hold back."

The redness on both their cheeks intensified and Hinata started to shift a little bit in his grasp. He thought maybe she was trying to push him away, but those fears were doused very quickly when her hands came up to cup his face.

Hinata didn't speak, but no words needed to be said.

Finally getting the answer he had been waiting for, Naruto closed his eyes and leaned down to kiss the beautiful woman in his arms.

When their lips touched, a shiver ran across Naruto's entire form; he had been waiting all night to kiss her. She felt so soft and warm against him. Slowly as their lips moved together, he found his hand began to wander over the curves of her body; moving up from her lower back to between her shoulder blades, before sliding back down and resting on her hip. The soft whimpers that were coming from Hinata and the way her body was pressed up against his was starting to make his head spin. The last time they had kissed like this, the barrier of their coats had blocked the sensation of really feeling her form against him. Now he could feel all of her curves.

The slow dance of their lips started to move onto a faster pace. He just couldn't seem to get enough of her, but as the kiss intensified more, Naruto was finding it hard to breathe through his nose and had to pull away momentarily. Their gasps for air filled the room. Hinata's cheeks were a dark red, and his eyes slightly widened at the sight of her tongue as she took deep breaths. He wanted nothing more than to pull her back towards him so he could explore the contours of her mouth, but before he could act on those desires, the soft smooth skin of her neck caught his attention. At that moment he was fascinated by the exposed skin and wanted nothing more than to see what it tasted like. Ducking his head down slightly, he leaned forward and placed a kiss just below her jawline.

Hinata trembled against him, a soft gasp escaping her lips when she felt his on her neck. It was a new feeling and slightly felt ticklish. At first, she wanted to tell him to stop, but the more his lips explored her neck and even the sensation of his tongue on her skin, her body acted on its own; pulling him closer to her and letting out sounds she had never heard herself make before. Her body felt warm and every time Naruto's lips moved against her skin or his hands slid across her body, she would feel small shocks course through her. It felt amazing, but frightening at the same time. A part of her wanted him to stop, but she knew that that was completely normal, or at least that's what Sakura had told her.

Before the voices in her head could protest, Hinata's cloud-filled head tried to think of something she could do besides just standing there while Naruto ravished her neck.

Fisted hands that were clutching at his suit, released their grip on the wool material and started to move across Naruto's upper body. Her fingers felt up and down along his lower and upper back, wondering if he was feeling the same thing she was.

His head suddenly pulled back from her neck but found her lips instantly. How long they stood there kissing, Hinata didn't know, but it felt so amazing that she never wanted it to stop. The sensation of his tongue waltzing with hers made her knees start to buckle, but it also triggered something deep inside her.

She wanted more.

Perhaps it was the alcohol that made her so bold, or perhaps her courage was slowly making a comeback, but what she did next made Naruto freeze. Breaking free of their intense kiss, Hinata took a small step back and began to unbutton the front of Naruto's jacket.

His breath hitched as nimble fingers undid the buttons, and then slowly slipped inside his jacket. A shiver ran up his spine as Hinata's hands ever so slowly pulled the black material off of his shoulders and down his arms. The jacket hit the floor silently and for a moment the two were frozen as if unsure what to do next.

Not wanting to slow down, he gently took her hands and placed them on the front of his white button-up shirt.

"K-keep going. . . . p-please . . ." Naruto whispered, barely choking the words out.

Hinata almost seemed to be in a trance as she stared at his chest and began to slowly undress him. The light touches of her fingers against his neck while she undid his tie and then moving slowly down his chest to unbutton the shirt made him forget how to breathe. How many times had he fantasized about this?

When she reached the top of his pants, Hinata paused for a second before gently pulling the shirt out and undoing the last few buttons. With all the buttons undone, she was now able to see the bare skin of his chest and torso.

Her cheeks reddened even more at the sight of his skin. But curiosity got the best of her when her hands gently moved the white garment aside and rested her fingers on his bare skin. He jumped a little and Hinata almost pulled her hands away, but the way his eyes gazed into hers . . . it was like he was silently pleading with her to keep going. Taking a deep breath, she began to explore his upper body, feeling the outlines of his back, sides, chest, and abdomen. His skin felt so warm against her hands and she wanted nothing more than to kiss him again. As her hands came to rest on his chest, she stood up on the tips of her toes and closed her eyes when her lips found his.

Their kiss this time wasn't as intense as before, but it wasn't slow either.

Feeling his bare skin sparked something deep with Hinata. She wanted Naruto to touch her more, and not just on her back or neck.

Pulling away slightly, Hinata glanced up at Naruto briefly before grasping his hands which had been on the small of her back, and brought them forward, placing them on her chest.

She should have felt embarrassed or pushed his hands away. However, there was just something about having the man you love touching one of the most intimate parts of your body; and Naruto was the only man she wanted to touch her here.

Naruto felt frozen in time.

It was as if his brain couldn't comprehend the fact that Hinata had just placed his hands willingly on her breasts.

He couldn't move.

The sight before him just felt so surreal that he wasn't completely sure what to do. Experimentally, he flexed his fingers, lightly squeezing her covered breasts. A soft moan escaped Hinata's lips and it almost made him crack. Biting his lip, he fought off the urge to just push her to the bed and instead, enjoyed the moment. Even though they were covered, he could still feel the weight of them and how soft they were. He tried to be gentle as he squeezed and rolled the mounds of flesh with his hands, but with the way Hinata flinched a few times he softly whispered an apology for being too rough.

Even though his mind felt like it was intoxicated, Naruto knew what he wanted to do next.

He pulled Hinata close to him, kissing her softly before whispering in her ear. "M-may I undress you?"

Naruto couldn't see her face, but the way her body stiffened and her hands clenched the sleeves of his shirt, she was nervous for this next part. While his left arm held her close, his right hand moved up the back of her dress, fingers finding the small zipper and giving it a light tug. She trembled against him, breathing heavily against his neck, and at first, he was worried she was going to tell him no.

"O-okay . . . j-just don't laugh . . ." she whispered.

Naruto pulled back so he could look at her face. "Why would you think something like that?"

Hinata's face was a deep red, and her pale eyes wouldn't look at him.

"Just . . . promise you won't laugh . . ." she whispered again.

He didn't know what she was talking about, perhaps she wasn't wearing matching undergarments? Was that something women were embarrassed about?

Smiling softly, Naruto pressed a few butterfly kisses against her forehead and promised he wouldn't laugh at her.

Feeling her relax a little, he leaned down to kiss her again before slowly pulling the zipper down. He kissed her slowly, wanting her to know that he would be patient with her and that there was no need to rush. However, Naruto soon found he would be eating those words the moment he stepped back and watched as the lace dress fell from Hinata's form.

What he saw before him wasn't what he had been expecting at all.

Red laced underwear and bra.

Hinata closed her eyes in anticipation. She never wore this type of underclothing before, so it had felt a bit weird at first. In her mind, she looked ridiculous, but what coaxed her to buy the garments was that even though she may not like them, Naruto might.

She tried to calm down her erratic breathing while waiting for some kind of reaction from him, but as the seconds ticked by nothing happened. Slowly, her eyes peeked open to see what he was doing. He was still standing in front of her, but his body was trembling all over and his one hand was slightly covering his face; his eyes peeking through the gaps in his fingers. It almost looked like he was in pain with the way his teeth were clenched, and when she took a step forward to see if he was okay, his free hand shot up to stop her.

"D-don't! I-I just . . . just give me a minute!" Naruto suddenly whipped around and stared at the door, his body still shaking.

Hinata felt confused, her eyes glancing at the mirror to look at her image. She almost didn't recognize her appearance, it was completely out of character.

Naruto kept his back to her, and she suddenly started to feel cold with his body no longer close to hers. She was starting to think maybe he didn't like what he saw, but when he spoke next it shocked her.

"Y-Your just, so god damn beautiful and sexy, Hinata!" Naruto rasped. "I wasn't expecting this at all! You caught me off guard, but in a good way! I-I just, need a minute to . . . I don't want to . . . lose control . . ."

Hinata shivered from the way Naruto spoke as if he were choking on the words. Had she really made this huge of an impact on him? To the point that he could barely speak and his body was trembling like a flickering flame? At that moment she froze and didn't know what to do. Did she try and say something to him? Lye on the bed until he collected himself? Suddenly Sakura's voice popped into her head . . .

"There's going to come a time when Naruto probably is going to freeze and feel overwhelmed, probably when he sees you naked for the first time. That is the moment when you need to take the initiative, otherwise, he is just going to stand there trying to compose himself. It's very important to keep him in the mood."

Swallowing the lump in her throat, Hinata pressed her lips together and slowly approached him.

Naruto couldn't seem to get enough air in his lungs. He had been so close to snapping and just tackling Hinata to the bed while ripping the lace underwear off. He closed his eyes and tried to control his thoughts, but the pulsating throb between his legs was almost becoming unbearable. At first, he had been able to keep it hidden, but now it was so obvious how turned on he was that Hinata was bound to notice.

He kept his eyes forward, trying to think of anything that could calm him down, but the sudden feel of Hinata's arms encircling his waist made him stay still. Her breasts and cheek were pressed against his back, while her arms held onto him tightly.

You're such an idiot, Naruto! Of course turning away like this was bound to make her nervous, especially when she thought you were going to laugh. I need to tell her . . . tell her . . .

Naruto stiffened, even more, when he felt Hinata's hands move, her fingertips running along the tops of his pants until they found the front of his belt. He wanted to say something, anything! But words were becoming hard to form and the only thing that slipped past his lips was a choked gasp at the feel of her loosening and undoing the belt.

If Naruto thought the painful throb he had felt before was terrible, it increased ten times more with Hinata's hands being so close and her fingers now undoing the button/zipper on his pants.

This is bad . . . this is really bad! If she touches me there, right now, I'm going to snap!

But he couldn't move or even tell her to stop. It felt like he was drowning; he couldn't breathe, he couldn't think straight, and he couldn't hear properly. He knew it was in his best interest to swim to the surface, but deep down he wanted to dive further, and get lost in the dark depths of ecstasy below.

Painfully slowly, Hinata's fingers traced the tops of his boxers, and Naruto could feel his knees start to buckle. As her hand slipped further down, he bit his bottom lip to try and stifle any unwanted noises from coming out of his mouth. But the moment her soft hand touched his throbbing member, it felt like he was choking on the air around him and a jolt of pleasure shot up through his entire body.

At first, her small hand remained still, gently grasping his stiffened shaft, as if she was getting used to the feel of him. Then, her wrist moved up, stroking him. His toes curled and his back arched slightly, a low moan slipping past his lips. Gasping for air, Naruto tried to get a grip on reality, but the shocks of pleasure coursing through his body were just so incredible that he couldn't think straight. More than anything, he wanted to touch Hinata, but with their positioning that was near impossible, and felt like he was at a crossroads. He could either let her continue, or he could turn around and enjoy the lingerie she was wearing.

He could start to feel her hand struggling to stroke him inside his boxer shorts. Knowing what needed to be done, his right hand slipped down and the thumb hooked onto the waistband, pulling it down to reveal himself fully. Naruto briefly wondered what Hinata thought of his newly exposed skin, but with more room to move her hand, the only thing he could concentrate on pleasure coursing through his body.

Hinata was pretty sure Naruto could feel the heat emitting off her cheeks through his shirt while she touched him. She had no idea how to pleasure a man, but the way he was responding to her touch was a good indication she wasn't doing a bad job. At first, Sakura had tried to explain to her the steps for giving a man a blow job, but the thought of her mouth down there was just too embarrassing for their first time, so instead, her friend had explained the basics of a hand job. The motions of undoing his belt and pants hadn't been so bad, but when her fingers felt the band of his boxers is when she felt the heat spread across her cheeks.

Closing her eyes, she tried to concentrate and find his manhood. Course, curly hair was the first thing her fingers felt, but as her hand moved lower she finally found it. It was strangely hard, smooth, and hot at the same time. Experimentally she moved her hand and the way he arched against her was surprising, but it also made her body tingle in response to his reactions. Being embarrassed wasn't at the forefront of her mind anymore, but curiosity. Perhaps it was the fact that she couldn't see his face is what made her feel so brave, even though deep down a part of her wanted to see his facial reactions.

Following the advice she had received, Hinata continued to slowly move her hand up and down his erection. It felt strange at first, however, she soon found herself focusing more on Naruto's reactions to her touch than what she was doing to him. His form trembled against her, he was making low grunts and moans, but what affected her was when he let out a husky whisper of her name. The way he said it made a chill run down her spine, but in a good way that made her feel powerful.

When Naruto had started kissing her, she could start to feel a small pulsating throb between her legs. The only time she could recall feeling this before was when reading a romance novel and coming up to the steamy part of the story. Usually, the weird feeling she got or the explicit details would embarrass her; flipping through the pages quickly to skip those parts. Now, the pulsating sensation she was feeling was stronger and almost felt painful in a way. She briefly wondered what she could do to subdue this feeling, but at the same time, even though it was embarrassing to think, she was enjoying it as well.

Suddenly, Naruto pulled away from her touch and whipped around to face her. The hooded look he gave her made her gasp and caused her eyes to dart down, but she was met with something just as erotic. His throbbing shaft was now right before her eyes, and while Hinata was aware of what a penis looked like, it was another thing to see one in real life; especially it being Naruto's.

Wordlessly he pulled her towards him, almost letting out a growling noise when her half-naked body came in contact with his. She let out a loud whimper when his hands suddenly reached down and cupped her bottom, hoisting her up into the air. Needless to say, she was surprised, and instinctively wrapped her legs and arms around him. At first, she was just surprised as he stepped out of his pants that were pooled at his ankles and walked towards the bed, but her eyes caught a glimpse of them in the mirror and she felt like she was going to faint from the erotic scene.

Naruto sat down on the bed with her in his lap, a small squeak leaving her throat from the sensation of being so close to him, but also his erection was right up against her. Hinata trembled from the lewd position she was in. Their chests were pressed together, her legs were wrapped around his waist, and for the life of her, she couldn't bring herself to look at him.

His larger hands at first remained on her bottom, palming the flesh and squeezing it before sliding up the middle of her back until his fingers found her hair. He was both gentle, yet a little aggressive at the same time when he tugged on her locks and hoarsely whispered. "Please look at me, Hinata."

Taking a deep breath, she leaned back, and finally tried to look at his face.

His eyes were full of passion, and his mouth partially open from breathing so erratically. He looked so erotic that Hinata kept averting her eyes, unable to keep eye contact with him for more than five seconds.

"Take off my shirt . . . please." He whispered huskily.

Tentatively she followed his instructions, grasping the cotton material and sliding it down his arms. When the shirt was off, Naruto pulled her even closer to him, their bare skin touching fully for the first time. He felt burning hot to touch and soon his lips found hers again. His tongue slipped into her mouth, but she welcomed its invasion. Soft moans echoed off the walls as they once again got lost. She would never get tired of kissing him.

Hinata wasn't sure why, but her body started to move on its own accord. Molding herself even closer to him, arms tightening around his neck and even rocking her hips against his. The motion caused Naruto to gasp and choke at the same time, another growl emitting from his throat. This time he wasn't gentle as the hand in her hair pulled her in closer, their teeth almost clicking together from the intense kiss.

While it didn't hurt, it was enough of a pinch to catch Naruto's attention and he suddenly pulled away from her; a slight look of panic on his face. "I-I'm sorry, Hinata! Did I hurt you?" His wide eyes looking at her lips intently for any damage.

Breathing deeply Hinata shook her head; she was finding the ability to speak very hard right now.

He let out a sigh of relief, before pulling her back towards him, placing light kisses on her cheek while his hand gently massaged her scalp. "I'm sorry, Hinata. I just . . . I'm finding it so hard to keep myself in check . . ."

The genuine concern on his face touched her deeply. However, there were more important matters that needed to be taken care of. Her body felt like it was set on fire, and the blaze was only just starting to burn. While she wasn't sure where to go from here, she trusted that he did. "Y-you can do as you please, Naruto. J-just don't stop."

Her voice was low and shaky, indicating that she was nervous, but the way her violet pale eyes pierced into his showed that she had complete trust in him. He had never seen this side of her before, only catching a small glimpse of it at work when they had kissed in the parking lot and once again when they had been alone in his room. Now, this new side of Hinata was on full display to him, and he loved it. The chains snapped and the door swung open, he released any restrictions, nothing was holding him back now.

Blue eyes scanned down her face and neck before stopping at her chest, watching for a few moments as it fell and rose with the rhythm of her breathing. Without hesitation, he leaned forward and planted a kiss on the skin where her heart was. Fingernails dug into his shoulder and Naruto couldn't deny that he liked the slightly painful feeling. His tongue and lips started to explore the upper curves of her body, placing kisses and licking in every spot he could find.

Hinata wriggled and squirmed in his grasp, soft gasps reaching his ears while he touched her. She didn't seem to notice that his right hand had been working at the clasp on her bra, and when he finally got it undone, he didn't wait and see what her reaction was. The soft, round busts in front of him made Naruto pause for a second, staring at the beautiful sight before him. He feared that she would find it disgusting the number of breasts that he had seen throughout his life, whether from magazines or late-night programming on TV; but these were Hinata's, they were for his eyes and hands only.

He let out a shaky breath before his hands moved to cup the voluptuous mounds of flesh before him. Naruto's eyes widened in disbelief with how soft and heavy they were in his hands. Before he could stop himself, he leaned his head down and latched his lips onto her left nipple.

Hinata's head flung back and she let out a small cry. "Ah, Naruto . . ."

His one hand supported her back so she couldn't pull away from him, while the other continued to squeeze and roll the other breast. The texture of her nipple was soft and smooth in his mouth, but what he couldn't get enough of was the sounds coming from Hinata. Her soft mews and gasps were driving him over the edge even further. The physical reaction she had towards him was a contributing factor as well. Hips moving against his, her one hand grasping on his bare shoulder while the other had made its way towards his scalp; nails lightly digging into where his hair should have been to grasp.

Hinata couldn't breathe properly, the intense shocks of pleasure coursing through her were almost becoming too much for her to handle. She felt too embarrassed to look down and see exactly what Naruto was doing to her chest, so she focused her eyes on the ceiling. Her body was trembling from his touch and she couldn't seem to control the sounds coming out of her mouth.

She had never felt anything like this before, it was amazing and overwhelming at the same time.

Movement to her right caught Hinata's attention and she glanced to the side of the room. Pale eyes widened as she caught sight of their forms reflecting off of the darkened windows that looked over the city. She gasped, realizing she hadn't closed the curtains, and not only could someone possibly see them, but it also gave her a full view of the position they were in. It was embarrassing, and there was a small voice inside her mind that was telling her she needed to stop. She was heading into unchartered territory and there was no telling what was going to happen.

Hinata opened her mouth intending to tell him to stop, but when his finger lightly pinched her nipple a soft moan came out instead. Her mind felt like it was in a haze of fog, unable to see where or what she was doing, and all she could do was feel what was around her.

S-someone could be watching us from one of those far away buildings . . . b-but I mean the chances of that are highly un-li . . . oh god I can't think straight right . . . how is it humanly possible for him to make me feel this way? I should tell him to stop . . . but, I don't want him to . . . I want more . . .

The pulsating between her legs was now becoming unbearable and was begging to be released, but she had no idea how to fulfill her body's new desires. When she moved her hips against his again, the sensation of his member still pressed against nether regions caught her attention. Was this what she needed? Would them becoming one finally release the winding coil in the pit of her stomach? Her fingers held onto Naruto tighter, pulling him closer and her voice just barely able to stutter out. "Please Naruto . . . please . . ."

A shiver ran up Naruto's spine; her cries of pleasure and pleas of wanting more

Using his strength and martial art skills, Naruto pushed them further up on the bed and rolled over so that he was now on top of Hinata. He pushed himself up and stared at her curvy, beautiful form below him.

Biting his lip, Naruto took his eyes off of her for a moment, twisting slightly so he was on his side and able to slide his boxers and dress socks fully off, throwing them somewhere across the room. His attention soon returned to the woman before him, his eyes falling on the black knee-high stockings and red laced underwear that she was still wearing.

Without saying a word, Naruto got to his knees, reached down, and ever so slowly started to pull the stocking off her right leg. His fingers gently caressed her silky skin, feeling the muscles of her thighs and calves, all the way up to her ankles and toes. He couldn't help but smile when Hinata let out a soft combination of a moan and a giggle from his playful antics. He tossed the stocking off to the side, before turning his attention to the other one, this time though, he tried something different; something he had seen on a screen before. Leaning his head down, he followed the stocking off with his mouth, placing light kisses along her thighs and calves, but stopped at her ankle before throwing it over his shoulder.

The way Hinata wriggled on the bed like a worm on a hook made him feel like he was on top of the world. He had no idea this is how she would react to his touch, and if this was how things were going their first time around, he couldn't wait to try this again and again with her.

Even in the dimly lit room, he could still make out her beautiful, curvy form on the bed. He almost wished all the lights were on so he could see her fully; every inch and curve of her body, but that would have to wait for another day.

He crawled back up to her, keeping his weight on his elbows and leaning down to kiss her affectionately. Her arms wrapped around his neck, holding him close. While it was a tender moment, the fire in the pit of his stomach was demanding to be released. Shifting his weight to his right elbow for support, Naruto's left hand slowly moved down Hinata's soft body; skimming across her rib cage before stopping at her hip. Fingertips lightly traced the only remaining article of clothing left on her body, it was the only obstacle in his way from becoming one with her. He wanted nothing more than to just tear the fragile garment off and plunge deep within her. But he pushed back those sinister thoughts, knowing this was the part where he did need to be patient.

He pulled back so Hinata could look at him. Her eyes looked a little confused, but when his hand tugged at the underwear, she suddenly turned her head away and stared at the pillows on the bed. Naruto opened his mouth to ask if he could remove them, but no words came out; the sudden feeling of her hand on his wrist caught him by surprise. She still wouldn't look at him, her cheeks were a fiery red, but she gently moved his hand so that he was now cupping her arousal.

Blue eyes widened, and his fingers twitched against the soft mound of flesh. He couldn't help but look down to where his hand was now touching her; she felt so hot down there! Swallowing the huge lump in his throat, Naruto's hand moved so he could slip his fingers into her underwear. At first, he felt the course, yet soft hair between her legs, but as he delved deeper, his breath hitched when he felt just how wet she was. His own arousal pulsated and twitched in response.

Fingers dipped deeper until they found her folds, and without hesitation, he slowly inserted one finger inside of her. Hinata jerked against his hand, her nails digging into his shoulders and her mouth opening in a silent moan.

She was so tight and hot!

Naruto gritted his teeth and had to close his eye; pushing down the dark part of his mind that just wanted to fuck her right here and now. Instead, he tried to focus on Hinata, he needed to prepare her for what was to come. His old mentor had been very persistent and practically drilled it into his skull that this was something he absolutely needed to do.

Don't just drop your pants and think you're going to ram your dick inside of her, boy. Unlike us men, women aren't just turned on like a light switch, you need to prep and marinate them slowly. You worship your goddess and prepare her for what's to come. You'll know when she's good and ready to take you fully.

Slowly he pulled his finger back, but then pushed it forward again, gently thrusting inside her tight canal, mimicking what he would be doing with his throbbing arousal soon. Even though he was only using his hand, it still felt amazing and the sight of Hinata twisting and moaning on the bed would forever be burned into his mind.

A dark thought started to form in the back of his mind . . .

If it felt this intense with his finger, what would it feel like being inside her with his bare erection? That thought alone made his member twitch painfully and he bit his lower lip. Blue eyes darted to the closet across the room where his bag was that contained the box of condoms he had bought earlier. His voice of reason was being drowned out by this new feral one. The thought of getting up and leaving Hinata on the bed was simply out of the question, but so was the reality that he could make love to her without any protection. He didn't know what to do, and when he inserted a second finger inside of Hinata she reacted in a way he hadn't been expecting. Her legs were slightly bent, just giving him access to her womanhood, but now she had opened up more, spreading her thighs wider for him to see all of her. The erotic sight before him was making his head ring and he was finding it even harder to control himself, almost to the point of exhaustion; he just wanted to be one with her.

Why does it feel this good? Why does my body feel like it's on fire?

Hinata's fingers dug into the silk comforter, her head tossed back while her eyes were tightly shut. When his hand had touched her down there, every alarm bell was going off in her head that they should stop, that things were about to get very real very soon. But the way he had looked at her, the passion in his eyes, she found her body doing the exact opposite to what her mind was screaming. She couldn't watch when his hand slipped into her underwear, her body quivering uncontrollably from being touched there for the first time. But when his finger slowly entered inside of her, the voices in her head were silenced. It felt weird, but at the same time, there was a feeling of satisfaction as well. Then he had started to move his hand. The shocks of pleasure she had felt before when he had touched her behind and breasts had been amazing, but this right now, this was ecstatic.

She had been trying to hold back her voice the entire time, not wanting to make any embarrassing sounds that Naruto would find weird. But now, she couldn't control the sounds coming from her mouth. She never knew being intimate could feel this good; Sakura had been right, from what she had seen or read it paled in comparison to this.

Hinata slowly tried to open her eyes. It suddenly occurred to her that Naruto was awfully quiet and the motions of his hand were starting to slow. When her gaze finally found him, she gasped. He looked as if he were in pain, teeth were gritted together and it almost seemed like he was angry.

Panic flooded over her and she sat up quickly.

"N-Naruto!? What's wrong?" She whispered hoarsely. Was it something she had done? Was he disgusted with the way she had been reacting to his touch?

His half-lidded gaze finally met hers, but he didn't say anything. He let out a frustrated growl and rested his head on her shoulder, his breath coming out in short, heavy pants. His arms wrapped tightly around her and they both fell to the bed, lying on their sides. For a few moments, he just held onto her, his body trembling against hers while he breathed heavily against her ear.

"Hinata . . . I, I want you. I want you so badly." Naruto whispered hoarsely, his hands starting to touch her all over again. "I just . . . we should use protection and I . . ."

He didn't finish, but she could understand what he meant to say. Her body was still quivering, but using her remaining strength, she pushed him back so that both of them rolled over. Naruto was now on his back with her on top, but she was too preoccupied to realize the position they were in.

She was a planner, and tonight was no different. Wanting to be prepared for anything, she had prepped the room in case they did take this new step. Her arm reached towards the pillows, and she reached underneath the one closest to her, pulling out a few packages of condoms and a small tube of lubrication.

Naruto was surprised but also not surprised at the same time. Hinata was the kind of person who had a backup plan for her backup plan.

"I wasn't sure if we were going to d-do it tonight, but I didn't want to come un-prepared either . . ." Hinata said softly, her gaze finally coming back to him. "I-I want you too, Naruto."

She leaned down and pressed her lips against his, not wanting the fire that was burning between them to fade.

In her hazed filled mind, while Naruto's hands continued to wander her entire body, it finally dawned on Hinata that she was on top. She thought it was a little embarrassing, but as she continued kissing her soon to be lover, Hinata couldn't deny that a part of her liked being in a position where she was in control.

Naruto's hands which had been palming her behind, skimmed along her hips and grasped the sides of her lace underwear. A sharp snapping sound reached her ears, and Hinata jerked her head back, wondering what had caused it. Pale eyes widened even more at the sight of Naruto tearing her underwear off and tossing them off to the side.

"I'm sorry, I can't wait any longer . . ." he panted against her cheek, rubbing his groin against hers; his arousal rubbing against her lower abdomen.

Hinata whimpered softly; both of them were now fully naked and at any moment, they would converge as one.

Naruto kissed her one more time and then sprinkled her cheeks and forehead with a few butterfly kisses before speaking again. "Hinata . . . I want, no, I need you to stay on top like this."

Hinata looked down at him with a questioning gaze.

Me on top? And in the dominant position?

Her head had been spinning, but hearing that Naruto wanted her on top for their first time almost brought her back down to earth. She could tell that he could see the panic in her eyes and on her face; his arms wrapping even tighter around her as he whispered into her ear. "I can't control myself right now . . . and the moment we become one I'm not going to be able to stop. I don't want to hurt you. This way, you can control the pace and tell me when to go slow or fast."

While his reasoning did make sense, it was still mind-blowing for her that she was going to be at the helm for the first time. However, the mechanics of what was about to happen between them wasn't hard, it was just embarrassing to try and imagine herself being the one to move her hips on top of him.

Biting her lip, Hinata nodded and slowly pushed herself up; her legs sliding up so that her thighs gripped his hips and his pulsating erection was just below her outer lips. Her body shuddered, it felt so hot against her most sensitive spot. Instinctively, her hips started to grind against his, her mouth opening in a wordless cry; her body was back to being engulfed in flames of erotica.

Pale violet eyes glanced over at the small packet on the bed, her arm raising to grab it . . . but then she paused. Perhaps it was the alcohol, or maybe it was the lustful haze that was clouding her better judgment. Whatever it was, Hinata wasn't sure, but she wanted to feel all of Naruto naturally. Without hesitation, she rose onto her knees, her hand tentatively reaching down and grasped his throbbing erection. Holding it in place, Hinata ever so slowly started to lower her hips down onto him.

Blue eyes were wide and Naruto started to panic. "W-wait Hinata! Stop! We need to . . ."

"Naruto . . ." she breathed heavily, pausing as she felt the tip of his head against her wet entrance. "Do you trust me?"

He trembled uncontrollably beneath her, his fists gripping the silk comforter as the most sensitive part of his body was up against Hinata. If he had planned on saying anything, the words died in his throat and were replaced by incoherent moans. The only thing he was capable of doing, was nodding his head.

Hinata smiled lustfully at him and slowly, ever so slowly, started to lower her hips down. "T-then, trust me when I say it's okay. L-let's just enjoy this . . ." she uttered.

Soft moans and whimpers began to echo off the walls of their hotel room.

Naruto felt as if he was dying. His heart was beating uncontrollably, and his manhood was pulsating so intensely with every inch that he slid into her. She was so soft, wet, hot and tight . . . he couldn't tell if he was in heaven or hell.

And then he was fully sheathed inside of her.

His mind was disconnecting from reality, and he wanted nothing more than to start rocking his hips up and down, sliding in and out of her. But somewhere in his inner mind, a voice was shouting at him, repeating the same words: Don't Move, Stay Still. He wanted to move so badly, but he remained adamant and kept his form still; trying to focus on his breathing and getting enough air into his lungs.

Naruto was scared to open his eyes. He was on the brink of losing himself in the sea of pleasure, but if he opened them right now, he would not only see his goddess straddling him, he would be able to see the place where they were joined as one. Once he saw that, he knew there was no way he would have any control. He wouldn't be able to stop himself, even if he wanted to.

She was unnervingly quiet and it scared him. He had heard the many stories and tales of it being painful for women their very first time, but how much it actually hurt them he didn't know. Was it like a small pinch? Just a little uncomfortable? Or was she on the verge of tears at the feeling of being split in two?

He berated himself for being so selfish; here he was only focusing on himself and the intense pleasure he was feeling, meanwhile Hinata seemed to be in pain and was silently dealing with it on her own. Slowly he tried to open his eyes, attempting to only focus on her face.

Hinata's head was slightly tilted down, her eyes were shut but her face wasn't contorted in pain. Her small fists were planted at the top of his abdomen, holding her body weight up as she adjusted to his intrusion; her body shivering every time she let out a breath of air.

It had felt strange and almost wrong at the same time. An indescribable feeling of having a part of your body you didn't know was empty to being completely filled up. At first, it felt weird, but as Hinata slowly moved her hips down, she began to stretch in a way she never had before; completely different from when Naruto had inserted his fingers inside.

It wasn't painful, but it wasn't pleasurable either.

When her pelvis came in contact with his hip bone and he was completely inside of her, she couldn't bring herself to move. She could feel his manhood pulsating inside of her, twitching against her tight inner walls, but she continued to remain still. The only thing she could think of to do was concentrate on her breathing, and repeating the mantra to keep her body still and relaxed.

As the seconds ticked by, Hinata could feel her body beginning to adjust to his erection. The slight pinching, burning sensation that she had felt was beginning to go away, and somewhere in the back of her mind, she knew to start moving her hips.

Letting out a shaky breath, Hinata opened her eyes hazily to see that Naruto was looking at her with a strained, worried expression. His hands were clenching the comforter in a death grip, sweat was dripping down his forehead and his breathing was erratic. At first glance, it looked as if he was in pain, but it quickly dawned on Hinata that he was merely holding himself back.

"A-are you . . . okay?" Naruto asked between heaves, his one hand releasing the comforter to grip hers tightly.

Hinata whimpered softly as his hips gently rocked against hers, pushing himself just a little bit deeper inside of her. She was almost scared to continue, that little, timid voice in the back of her head made her fearful that the moment she started to move her hips it would start to become painful down there. It had already felt uncomfortable in the beginning, so there was a possibility that if she attempted to rock her hips, it would hurt even more. Perhaps it was best to stop what they were doing . . .

Hinata was brought back to reality when she felt Naruto's hand grasp her own, forcing her fingers apart so they could intertwine was his. He didn't speak, in fact, she would have been surprised if he could right now. But it was the way that he looked at her that sent a pleasurable shiver up her spine. The voices in her head became silent and she was hit with the sudden sensations her body was going through. It felt like her skin was burning, the pulsating feeling between her legs which had been tolerable before was now unbearable, but more importantly . . . she was one with the man she loved. A feeling of fulfillment washed over her body and wrapped around her like a blanket.

It didn't matter what happened next, painful or not, it would be fine since it would be with Naruto.

Taking in a shaky breath, Hinata slowly moved her body up, his smooth, hot erection between her legs began sliding out of her, but just when it was the tip left inside, she brought her hips down, her inner walls being filled by him again.

Both of them let out a throaty moan, although Naruto's was a bit more louder and strained.

As she moved again Hinata kept her gaze at the man below her. His face was scrunched, eyes were once again tightly closed and he was gasping for air. She felt bad that he was still holding himself back for her sake, but at the same time it also made her feel empowered; like she was the only woman in the world who could make him feel like this.

Slowly, but surely, she began to move her hips more and more. No longer at a snail's pace, the slight pinching feeling between her legs was gone and all she could feel was Naruto. It felt amazing and the coil in the pit of her stomach kept winding tighter and tighter. She wanted more, she wanted him to touch her again.

With a shaky breath, she said. "Y-you c-can move n-now, N-Naruto . . ."

Blue eyes suddenly burst open and the last of his self-control was pushed aside.

Naruto suddenly sat up, almost knocking Hinata off of him, but his arm snaked around her waist before she toppled over. Her breasts were pressed against his chest, erect nipples rubbing against his skin sent more tremors down his body. It had been killing him to stay completely still while she had moved up and down, to the point that it had almost driven him insane. Now that he was able to move, an explosive feeling of want swept over him.

His eyes fell on her luscious, puffy lips and he grasped the back of her head to pull her in for a kiss. Their tongues dancing together as his hand moved freely over her form; grasping her hip before sliding over to palm her bottom, giving the large muscle a hard squeeze before moving up to cup her left breast. She squeaked against his mouth, her arms sliding to wrap around his neck as they started to move together.

He tried to move his hips and drive into her, but with this position, there was very little he could do. The shallow thrusts he was able to muster wasn't enough to satisfy the burning need in his loins. He needed more . . . he needed to go faster . . . harder . . .

Naruto grunted against her lips and tried to resist the urge to just push Hinata to her back so he could have his way with her. But it was an unbelievably hard thing to do. Her cries of pleasure were music to his ears, the way her inner muscles gripped and squeezed him made his toes curls, and the visual of them being one . . . he had never seen anything so astonishing before. Two people, connected so perfectly together in the most amazing and pleasurable way.

He couldn't take it anymore.

Pulling Hinata down with him, Naruto rolled them over so he was now on top. He gazed down at the woman he loved and was only barely able to choke out. "I'm sorry, Hinata . . .I'm so sorry . . ."

His hips moved back before thrusting forward, slamming into her inner thighs. Hinata let out a surprised moan, and he was thankful that it wasn't a painful cry. His control was gone, and the only thoughts he could pinpoint were selfish and a burning need to satisfy his own desires.

Naruto wrapped his arms tightly around Hinata, and with his weight on his elbows, he began thrusting in and out of her. He could feel nothing but pleasure coursing through his body, he couldn't focus on anything aside from Hinata's cries and the wet slapping sound of his cock penetrating her. It just kept building up more and more. He was there . . . he was so close to falling over the edge into pure ecstasy and what he heard next made him snap.

"N-Naruto . . ."

The way she moaned his name in his ear, and the sensation of her fingernails sliding down his back, was the final push that he needed. He came rather violently, his entire body going rigid from reaching the peak of pleasure and it coursed throughout him; from the top of his head to the tips of his toes. Her name spilled from his lips in a husky growl and he was having a hard time remembering how to breathe; the only thing he could hear was the blood pounding in his ears. In an instant, the burning energy he had once felt was completely gone. His strength was sapped and he collapsed on top of the woman below him. As he gasped for air, the warm sensation of her sweaty body against his and the sound of her heartbeat almost lulled him to sleep. It was so tempting to close his eyes and drift off into a blissful slumber, especially with the way her small, gentle hands were tracing the muscles of his back.

But, and it was a huge but, he needed to make sure Hinata was okay.

He had just spent the last few seconds pounding into her as hard as he could, there was no way in hell that she was fine. A sense of guilt started to seep into him, and he forced himself up onto his elbows so he could look at her.

Hinata's face was flushed and she was also trying to catch her breath as she gazed up at him. He wasn't sure whether to feel happy or guilty with the smile that she gave him.

"Are you alright, Hinata?" he asked softly, his hand coming up to stroke her cheek.

She nodded and continued to smile. "I'm okay, Naruto. Are you okay?"

He let out a small laugh and kissed her cheek. "I feel like I've reached the peak of nirvana and I don't want to come back down."

Hesitantly, he pulled away from her and realized he had made quite the mess between her legs. However, Hinata didn't say anything. She simply reached for the bedside table closest to her and pulled out a small towel from the drawer. He watched silently as she cleaned up their mess and then tossed the dirtied piece of cloth to the side with their scattered clothes.

Naruto could feel his mind becoming drowsy and at any moment he could pass out. He reached for Hinata and pulled her naked form close to his, leaning down to give her a tender, loving kiss. What surprised him was when her body suddenly trembled fiercely against his and the way she tried to push him back.

His mind was suddenly alert and even though he could be oblivious at times, right now he knew that something wasn't right.

"Hinata? What's wrong?"

She took in a trembling breath and shook her head, only smiling and replying. "N-nothing is wrong. I just . . . just feel so overwhelmed right now."

Perhaps if a stranger had tried telling him that, he would have believed them, but this was Hinata, his Hinata. Her averted gaze and the way her bottom lip quivered slightly, he could tell that she wasn't telling him the whole truth.

His eyes did a quick scan of her naked form, and while he didn't see any physical damage, his mind started to panic that he had hurt her feelings or done something insensitive.

"Tell me what's wrong, Hinata. I know I've done something to upset you. Is it because I was moving to hard and fast? Or did I accidentally pull your hair? Or . . ." Naruto choked as he remembered the unused condoms that were both in his bag and laying under the pillow. They hadn't used any protection at all! Even though he had tried to be responsible, it was all for naught. In his clouded mind, the repercussions of their actions hadn't fully registered in his mind at the time. He had been hesitant, but as soon as he felt what it was like to be inside her without a condom, any logical thinking at been thrown out the window.

She could see the panic attack he was about to have and lightly slapped his shoulder in order to get his attention. "Naruto! Stop and please listen to me! I told you to trust me, right?"

He nodded his head, but still looked as though he had committed a heinous crime.

Hinata let out a trembling sigh and kissed his cheek. "I-If you're worried about me getting p-pregnant, I can promise you that's not going to happen. I-I've been on birth control pills since I was 14, so the chances are scarce, plus I keep track of my body's cycle. I-It is a safe day, but if you are still feeling unsure, I can go to a drug store tomorrow and pick up the 'Morning after pill'."

Even though she was stuttering, Naruto believed her and felt a sense of relief wash over him. However, that still didn't answer the question of what was wrong with her.

"Then what's going on? Please talk to me, Hinata." He tried to hold her again, but once more she shivered against him and almost pushed him away. "I just experienced the most amazing thing in my entire life with you and the fact that you don't want me to touch you anymore or even let me hold you . . . I can tell that somethings not right."

His voice cracked at the end. He had just made love to her, and now it was like she wanted nothing more to do with him. Every fiber of his being knew something was wrong and he needed to make it right.

Hinata's arms encircled her upper body, covering her breasts as her body once again shuddered, pale violet eyes now closing tightly so she couldn't look at him.

Feeling completely helpless, Naruto reached forward and gently cupped her cheek, his thumb caressing her skin.

"Please Hinata . . ." he pleaded, hoping she would open up to him.

Her eyes opened a little and he could tell that she was nervous and scared, but to be honest he was feeling the same way.

Trembling lips opened and closed numerous times, it was as if she couldn't find the words to tell him what was wrong. So many emotions were running across her face that Naruto found it hard to try and pinpoint how she was feeling; embarrassment, sadness, fear, shame, but most of all disappointment.

"I . . .I . . ."

Naruto held his breath when she was finally able to start forming words.

"I-It . . . I-It hasn't gone away . . ."

His brow furrowed together in confusion.

Gone away? What is she talking about?

Naruto leaned forward and pressed his forehead against hers; placing light kisses on her nose and cheek. "What hasn't gone away?"

Hinata let out a discouraged whimper, and when she spoke again, Naruto felt like he had been punched in the face. "T-this pulsating f-feeling in my body, i-it hasn't gone away . . ."

He froze.





Realization suddenly dawned on him, and at that moment it felt like someone had taken a bat to his groin. He could almost hear Jiraiya screaming at him and calling him a disappointment.

Now listen well here brat, and stop rolling your eyes! What I'm about to tell you is really important. Don't just think you can have your way with a woman and be done with her just like that. You have to remember she has needs too. You're going to have to put in a lot of effort to make sure she reaches her peak and not just be a selfish asshole and only think of yourself.

Hinata silently watched as Naruto had an inner meltdown. Her body quivered again from the pulsating throb between her legs. When he had rolled over, switching their positions, and then began thrusting inside her, it had felt . . . incredible and indescribable. The tip of his arousal was hitting a spot deep within her, it made her back arch and toes curl. The ache in her belly kept building up and up, but no matter how hard he thrusted into her, it didn't alleviate the ache; only egged it on. When Naruto had reached his peak, she felt a sense of content and pride from being able to satisfy him, but there were also thoughts of disappointment with how her body felt. Was this it? Was this all she would be able to feel? He was almost drifting off into a content sleep, meanwhile, her body still felt like it was on fire and unsatisfied.

She couldn't help but feel . . . disappointed.

And for that, she felt ashamed. She had just experienced her first time with Naruto, and it had been amazing, clumsy and he was everything that she could ever hope for . . . so why did she feel this way? How was it possible to feel complete, yet empty at the same time?

Hinata tried to open her eyes again, unsure if Naruto understood what she had meant. His head was tucked down and both his hands were covering his face. He looked completely miserable and she couldn't help but feel guilty for making him feel that way.

She tried to tell him that it would be okay and that maybe after a hot shower she would feel better, but when Naruto's head shot up, the look of determination on his face silenced the words she was going to say.

"Hinata . . . what can I do to help?"

Pale violet eyes widened and Hinata was speechless.

"I'm sorry, I was only thinking of myself. It just felt so good being inside of you like that, that I couldn't think or concentrate on anything else. I didn't even take into consideration that you hadn't climaxed either. I was just so happy and satisfied that it didn't even cross my mind" He once again reached forward and pulled her body against his tightly, not giving her the chance to push him away. "Tell me what to do."

Her mind was so jumbled with different thoughts that she didn't know what to say. She had never touched herself before, so trying to instruct him on what to do . . . it was impossible, especially since she had never experienced an orgasm before to know what it was like.

"I-I don't know . . . I've never . . ."

Naruto let out a sigh and he pulled away from her a little; his face became a crimson red while he suddenly looked nervous and uncomfortable.

"W-well . . . I might have an idea of what t-to do, but . . . lets at least give it a go, and if you don't like it, w-we can try something else. Okay?"

The determination in his eyes was so intense that she didn't have the heart to tell him no. Not knowing how to respond, she nodded her head and waited to see what Naruto wanted to do with her.

After a few moments, he gently pushed her down towards the bed and immediately followed suit. He looked so serious, and she was afraid he was only doing this out of obligation and wouldn't enjoy it. However, she would soon be proven wrong, very wrong.

His eyes closed and he came to her with a gentle kiss. She whimpered approvingly, their lips softly moving together, and while his hand began to explore her body. Along her neck to the swell of her breasts, he took his time to massage them and then lightly pinch her nipples. Hinata shivered and grasped onto his shoulders as the fire within, while not burnt out, started to flare again. Too soon though, he pulled away from their kiss and moved down her body to where his hands were, adding his mouth to the mix. Her soft moans returned and the only thing she could do was squirm on the bed; the more he touched and kissed her, the more it pulsated and throbbed.

It felt wrong to just lie there and do nothing. She wanted, no, needed to touch him too in some way. Her small fingers reached forward, latching onto his scalp, running her fingers and nails through his very short hair. Naruto let out a hum of approval, his hips rocked against her leg where she felt something smooth and hard poking her. Recognition dawned on her what exactly it was hitting her knee cap and it baffled her that even though Naruto had climaxed, he could be this hard again.

He smiled, giving her a hooded look. "See what you do to me, Hinata?" His husky voice ringing in her ears.

She averted her gaze and tried to close her eyes, but a harder squeeze on her breast and Naruto's teeth on her nipple brought her attention back to him.

"Don't look away . . ." he breathed.

Her already crimson face became a shade darker if that was even possible, and she kept her pale violet eyes on him.

It felt like his hands and lips were everywhere on her upper body, she felt like a wriggling worm on a hot sidewalk. Her body once again was feeling like it was on fire and the coil in her stomach was once again tight, it was almost to the point of being painful. It felt amazing, just like last time, but once again there was no release. She was just hovering over the edge, staring down into the pit of pure bliss, but not being able to fall down it. Frustration started to creep into her mind, but that thought was soon forgotten when she felt his right hand caressing her hip bone and he was getting closer and closer to her wet folds. The memory of him inserting his fingers in her made her body tremble in anticipation. She felt empty, and when he did slip his hand down to be inside, her head snapped back and she let out a low groan.

She was almost there . . . she was so close . . . but once again she was trapped in limbo. Her body was unable to take that final leap that she so desperately wanted. Hinata didn't know what needed to be done. She wanted to somehow communicate to Naruto what she was feeling, but even she didn't know what needed to be done and could only let out cries of pleasure as he slowly thrust his fingers in and out. If she didn't know what she needed, then how on earth was he supposed to? Should they try having sex again? She was a little sore from their encounter just a few minutes ago, but if it would help . . .

She suddenly felt Naruto's mouth leave her breast and he shifted his position lower so that his head was dangerously close to between her legs. A feeling of dread suddenly washed over her, and the fact that he was able to see all of her made her blood run cold. Surely he wasn't going to . . .

"Ah, N-Naruto! D-Don't . . ." Hinata squeaked.

He either didn't hear her or ignored her words, his head leaning further down to kiss her clitoris.

Hinata couldn't breathe. She was both mortified and amazed that Naruto's head was between her legs. Before she could say anything more, the feeling of his soft, warm tongue against the most sensitive part of her body sent shocks of pleasure throughout her entire being; it felt a little weird and ticklish at the same time too. His tongue moved slowly at first, but as she got used to the feeling of him down there and her small cries of desire increased in volume, it began to pick up the pace. She started to shake and wriggle more on the bed, if she thought the pulsating throb before had been unbearable, now the pleasure wracking her body was making her back arch and toes curl; she could feel something coming, the coil tightening even more.

Naruto's free arm snaked around her thigh, locking her in place; his fingers and tongue working their magic together. And then, something shattered deep inside her. A shockwave of intense pleasure that she had never felt before in her life; starting from her core and then spreading over her entire body. Her head snapped back and a sound she had never heard herself make before echoed off the walls along with Naruto's name, and she was pretty sure if any guests were beside them they could hear her.

But for once, Hinata didn't care what others thought.

She was flying.

The pulsating throb between her legs let out a few more aftershocks, before nulling it completely. Now, all she felt was a sense of satisfaction and unconditional love for the man who had done this to her. She couldn't hear anything aside from her whimpering breaths and the thunderous beat of her heart.

Naruto slowly sat up and gazed down at his lover. He had literally been flying off of the seat of his pants, trying to mimic what he had seen before. Hoping that he was pleasing her the right way and that she would enjoy it. A sense of contentment settled over him that he was able to make Hinata climax. His arousal pulsated at the erotic sight before him, but he pushed away his selfish desires, crawling up on the bed so he could hold her in his arms.

She seemed completely out of it when he pulled the blanket back and maneuvered her underneath it before slipping in beside her. A hum of approval left her throat as she cuddled close to him, her head resting on his shoulder and her hand laying on his chest.

He smiled, wrapping his arm around her waist and his other hand clasping onto her while their legs intertwined.

"I love you, Naruto . . ." she mumbled softly, snuggling closer to him.

He placed a kiss on her forehead and whispered back. "I love you too, Hinata."

Both of them succumbed to their bodies request for sleep. After reaching Valhalla with such intensity, the two lovers were exhausted and fell into a deep slumber.


She felt so warm and safe.

Something or someone was close by and they were wrapped around her body tightly, but not so much that she couldn't move. Even though she felt so comfortable in nirvana, something in her groggy filled mind was telling her to wake up, and she wasn't sure why. Shifting her position a little bit and hoping she would drift off to sleep again, there was a sharp pinch at the top of her head, causing her violet eyes to crack open. An immediate itching feeling came across her eyes, bringing up her hand to lightly rub them, but she paused when whatever was on her face was making it worse. Hinata became more aware of her surroundings as her clouded awareness started to clear.

An arm was wrapped around her, she was nestled closely to Naruto who was snoring softly, and her legs were intertwined with his. As nice as that was though, she became vividly aware of the uncomfortable sensations around her too. Her head was hurting, something was on her eyes which was causing them to itch, and the inside of her mouth felt like the Sahara Desert. The entrance light and desk lamp were still on, and she could just make out a few clothes that were scattered on the floor.

Then she froze.

Wait a minute . . . last night! Naruto and I! We . . . we . . .

Passionate kisses, husky gazes, pleasure-filled moans, and then reaching paradise. A crimson blush immediately spread across her cheeks when she fully realized all that had occurred. By no means was she embarrassed it was quite the opposite and she was unbelievably happy. Still, the memory of being top and then what Naruto had done at the end . . . how was she supposed to look at him now without any of those thoughts in her head? How did any couple look at each other so naturally when behind closed doors they did such passionate things?

Another pinch behind her ear caught Hinata's attention and she realized why she felt so uncomfortable while being wrapped in Naruto's arms. Her hair was still up with bobby pins in it, she hadn't taken her make-up off which was burning on her eyes and face, and while she didn't have a hangover from the game of shots, her mouth was so dry she could have sworn it was made of sandpaper.

Feeling his breath on her skin, she looked up to see his sleeping face. She had never seen him asleep before, at least not this close up or content; she didn't count the few times Naruto had escaped to the library during school to catch a nap where she would find him snoring on one of the couches. Her hand reached up and gently traced her fingers along his jawline, across his cheek, up into his hair, and then pausing at his ear. His face twitched and strong arms pulled her closer. He mumbled something under his breath, but it was too incoherent to understand. A part of her didn't want to leave Naruto's side, but if she didn't take care of these matters that were bothering her, it was going to drive her insane. Ever so slowly, she untwined herself from him, being ever so careful not to wake him up. Once she was free and he was still softly sawing logs, Hinata gently rolled out of the bed and placed her feet on the floor. She attempted to stand, but immediately found herself back on the bed; they felt like jelly weren't functioning properly. It took a few tries but she was finally able to stand, using the wall for support as she walked towards her suitcase.

The clothes on the floor caught her attention, and while it was an indication of all that had transpired last night between her and Naruto, it still bothered her a little; she soon found herself gathering their clothes up and laying them on the sofa. Softly she tiptoed around the room, sorting their clothes and resisting the urge to scratch her eyes out; she made a serious note to never fall asleep while wearing make-up again. Feeling satisfied with the appearance of their room now, Hinata silently went to her suitcase and pulled out all the items she needed; toothbrush, make-up remover, Shampoo & Conditioner, water bottle, and a pick. Glancing one more time at her deeply sleeping lover, she smiled and made her way towards the bathroom.

Her eyes fell on the small purse she had used during the Christmas Party. She picked it up and took a glance at the contents inside. She eyed her phone and debated even looking at it, but curiosity got the better of her. It was 8:10 am and she had numerous unread messages from people; Neji, Sakura, Kiba, Shino, Hanabi, and even her father. Hinata didn't feel like reading them all yet, but the one message from Sakura she quickly skimmed over, congratulating her on becoming the new Queen of Shots and then wishing her a pleasant evening with a winky face emoji. Blushing more, she put the phone away and walked into the bathroom.

Turning the knob to the shower on, she immediately grabbed the water bottle and downed the entire contents. She let out a relieved breath to quenching her thirst before using the makeup removal wipes before she had the urge to claw her eyes out. A hum of approval echoed through the bathroom when she finally got the makeup all off, her face finally feeling clean and refreshed. Next, she brushed her teeth before starting the tedious, tantalizing task of removing all the bobby pins from her hair. It took longer than she expected and she was amazed at how many had been in her locks. When her fingers ran through her fair one final time to make sure none were left, her fingers gently began to comb her hair, getting out any knots before stepping in the shower. It was here, that her eyes fell upon her reflection.

She scanned her entire form, seeing if there were any visible signs that she had made love to the man of her dreams, and the only thing she could see was a small bruise-like mark on the right side just where her neck and shoulder connected. Once she put clothes on, you wouldn't be able to see it, which she was very thankful for. If Hanabi or Neji or anyone in her family saw it, she would never hear the end of it.

When she stepped in the shower, a contented sigh left her lips as the hot water cascaded down her body. She stood there for a few moments under the rainfall showerhead, enjoying the feel of the water and replaying the events of last night in her head. It still didn't feel real, like it had only been a vivid dream and when she walked back into the room Naruto would be gone.

Shaking her head, Hinata turned and grabbed her bottle of shampoo that was sitting on the tiled seat in the corner. She couldn't help but admire how fancy this shower was, with a rainfall showerhead, tiled seats in both corners, and it was so wide that Hinata could spread her arms out and she wouldn't be able to touch the walls. The blush on her cheeks intensified at the thought of Naruto being present in the shower with her, but now that they were lovers was it such a weird concept to imagine? She was fairly certain it was something couples probably did and what if Naruto had been hoping to shower with her this morning? Should she had woken him up? What if . . .

"Hinata?" a soft voice whispered near her ear.

She almost let out a scream, losing her balance on the slippery, tiled floor caused her arms to go flailing, trying to find anything to grab onto while she was blinded with shampoo in her eyes. Strong arms wrapped tightly around her and she clung blindly to the solid form next to her, breathing heavily while her heart raced from almost falling and the sudden intruder that was beside her.

"N-Naruto?" she whispered, trying to wipe the soap from her eyes so she could see; although who else would it be?

His laughter reached her ears and he held onto her tighter. "Hey, I'm sorry. Good morning by the way. I was cold without you and I could hear the shower running. Do you mind? I can leave if it bothers you."

Finally, she was able to open her eyes, his handsome face staring down at her and she was now very much aware of his warm naked body pressed against hers. The hot water and the heat emitting from her face almost made her faint. She wasn't sure what to do; a part of her wanted him to leave, but another wanted him to stay.

You're going to have to get used to this after all . . .

Biting her lip, she stuttered. "G-good morning too y-you too. And I-It's fine. J-just bear w-with me, I'm n-not used to t-this."

Naruto smiled and leaned down to kiss her forehead. "Me neither, but I can't lie that this is something I've always wanted to do"

Hinata felt awkward at first. The rain showerhead was wide enough for them to be under the water and her eyes kept scanning over his body. Even though he had been naked last night, the room had been dimly lit, but here she could see everything. He was toned and muscular, one could definitely tell that he lived a healthy lifestyle; mostly healthy at least, she knew that he had a loving obsession with Ramen. She kind of missed his spikey blonde hair, but the shorter version wasn't a bad change by any means, in fact, it made him look more like an adult. As she lathered her body in soap, her eyes started to scan lower, taking in every curve and arc of his form. When her gaze got to just below his hips to where his manhood was, her shyness suddenly took over and she averted her eyes.

Unbeknownst to Hinata, Naruto was also looking at her from the corner of his. A light blush on his cheeks from being able to see her full body. He had seen pictures of naked women before, but all of them paled in comparison to the real deal that was standing right beside him; she was gorgeous, and once again he reminded himself how lucky he was to have her. The makeup was gone, her wet hair clung to her neck and upper back; he was now looking at the Hinata he had fallen for, not that he didn't like that she had prettied herself up for him, but this was the version he liked best. Perhaps he had been too forward joining her in the shower, but when he had awoken with her gone and the sound of running water, he had acted without considering the consequences. Still, he at least wanted to touch her a little bit.

Feeling bold, he sidestepped a little closer to her, their arms making contact which caught her attention. "Are you feeling okay? I know I got a little . . . too enthusiastic last night."

He didn't think it was humanly possible, but her face got even redder and her eyes darted down to the floor. "I-I'm okay . . . just a little sore."

"It didn't hurt?"

Hinata shook her head. "No. It pinched a little bit at first, but then it . . . well you know. It felt . . ." her voice trailed off and she couldn't finish the sentence.

Naruto smiled and leaned down to kiss her cheek. "It's okay, I understand." Washing the soap off, he continued. "I don't think I need to tell you how amazing it felt for me."

She still couldn't look him in the eye, but instead nodded her head.

They were silent for the next minute or two as they both finished up their shower routine. It would soon be coming to an end and Naruto wasn't ready for that yet. Even though Hinata looked uncomfortable, he hoped what he did next didn't scare her. Taking another step closer, he wrapped his arms around her and wasn't surprised when she jumped a little bit or the confused look on her face.

"I'm sorry. Do you mind if I am a little selfish right now?" he asked softly.

She didn't move, and that worried him, but just as he was thinking of releasing her, slim arms wrapped around his midsection to hold him close. A wide smile spread across his lips, and he let out a contented sigh.

They stayed like that for a while, water flowing down their naked bodies while they held onto each other. Naruto loved the feel of her in his arms and would never grow tired of it. His fingers started to lightly trace up and down the soft smooth skin of her back, she trembled a little in his grasp. And he would never tire of the way she reacted to his touch.

"Thank you, Hinata."

He felt her head turn to look at him and he grinned.

"I'm so happy that you were my first, and last night was . . . it was, I can't even begin to describe how it felt, but . . ." he laughed and kissed the top of her forehead again. " . . . you may have created a monster. Making love to you was just so incredible, I'm always going to want you."

She didn't think it was possible for her face to feel any hotter, but hearing those words made it feel like steam was coming out of her ears, but at the same time she was incredibly happy too.

"M-me too. Thank you for being my first." Hinata whispered, "And, I look forward to many more of my firsts with you too . . ."

Naruto's grip on her tightened and he bit his bottom lip. "Only me. I want your firsts to be with me only and I want mine to be only you, I don't think I could stand it if it was anyone else."

His passionate and serious gaze made her body shiver again, she nodded. "I promise."

Without reluctance, he leaned down and kissed her. She hummed approvingly as they sealed their promise with a kiss. At first, it was gentle and humble, but then it took a quick turn down a different road, becoming more passionate by the second. Kissing him always made Hinata forget her surroundings, and all she could think and feel was him. Just as his tongue slipped inside, she felt an unmistakably poke against her lower abdomen.

She couldn't help the gasp that escaped her lips and Naruto pulled back slightly, grinning sheepishly at her.

"Sorry. Like I said, I'm going to want your touch all the time now, heh. Why don't we finish up and . . ."

Naruto was talking, but she couldn't hear the rest of what he was saying. She kept glancing back and forth between his hard manhood and the tile seat beside them. Hinata was unsure where this thought came from, but the moment it appeared in her mind, she couldn't get rid of it.

Everything she had just experienced was her first, but she knew that wasn't entirely true for Naruto. The thought that someone else had pleasured him in a way she hadn't didn't sit right with her, and jealousy she had never felt before started to rise up. It bothered her that Naomi's mouth had been on her man's member, and while Naruto wasn't an object, she felt a sort of possessiveness towards him. She only wanted him to have thoughts of her, and while what she was about to do was completely out of character and something she had been too shy to try last night, right now, she felt like she had to do this.

Her small hand slid down along his slippery smooth skin. He had been talking, but his words stilled when he felt her fingers tightly grasp his erection and gave it a few slow strokes.

Naruto choked and grunted softly. "H-Hinata?! W-What are y-you doing?!"

Seeing his strained face from her touch made her smile inwardly that she really did have this kind of effect on him. Riding on the waves of this newly proclaimed self-confidence that was hidden deep within her, she stepped back with Naruto in tow until the backs of her calves hit the tile seat. She never broke eye contact with him as she slid down, her mouth now at the same level as his stiff erection.

To say that he was surprised was an understatement. You could have told him that aliens existed and he would have believed that more than what he was seeing right now. The view before him was something straight out of an 18+ movie and he was so caught off guard that he forgot how to breathe and blink. She slowly continued to stroke him and the only sounds Naruto could make were whimpers and strained moans. He couldn't understand her sudden urge to pleasure him like this with her lips so dangerously close to his cock, and while a small part of him wanted to stop her, the larger part screamed in protest.

Are you fucking insane? Do you really want to put a halt to something that you've only dreamt about a hundred times? Just keep your mouth shut and enjoy this! Forget her reasoning, she obviously wants to do this!

For a split second her shyness broke through and she stuttered. "I-I'm sorry if I can't d-do this properly, b-but I want to try . . ."

Her mouth moved forward, and for the next five minutes, Naruto once again returned to Valhalla while Hinata put her 'popsicle' licking skills to the test.


The Shinjuku lobby was not surprisingly busy at 11 am. All of the hotel guests were lined up to check out, most of them were quiet and rubbing their temples from the self-inflicted pain from the Christmas Party last night. The only ones that didn't seem affected where the two women standing in line, and their male partners that were off to the side guarding the suitcases.

Sasuke let out a sigh and nudged him. "I still think it's bull shit the way your girlfriend won last night. That was a pretty cheap trick."

Naruto grinned and nudged him back. "Coming from the sore loser over here, I would say you're just mad that after seven years of trying to win that game, Hinata won it on her first try. Either that or you're jealous you didn't come up with that kind of plan yourself."

The dark hair male rolled his eyes. "You're not the one that had that horrible concoction in your mouth. Seriously, I would have rather drank toilet water."

"I'm not going to lie, the way you and Lee dove for those pitchers of water was fucking hilarious. Shino actually got it on video and sent it to us. I'm going to enjoy watching it over and over again."

Sasuke gave him a narrow glare before he went back to looking at his cell phone. "So, I'm guessing with the shit-eating grin you had on the elevator that you had a good time last night?"

Naruto gulped and gave him a firm nudge before hissing, "Pipe down will you."

Now it was Sasuke's turn to grin. "Heh, did the virgin manage to last more than five minutes?"

Naruto scoffed and tried to hide the blush on his face.

"Oh, what's this? Are you embarrassed that you weren't able to please your lady? Poor Hinata." Sasuke taunted him with a whisper.

"None of your business, Sasuke." He muttered under his breath, keeping his eyes down.

Sasuke smirked confidently and patted his shoulder mockingly. "There there. Someday you will be able to put your big boy pants on and handle a night properly with your woman."

He was baiting him and Naruto knew it, but he didn't want to kiss and tell. So, instead, Naruto just smirked. "Are you offering to show me? Sorry, Sasuke, you're not my type."

Rolling his eyes, Sasuke glanced over to the line up to see that Sakura and Hinata were now 2nd from being helped. "In all seriousness though, I take it she's going to be staying in your room next shift? Sakura and I finally got approved for a room change at camp so we'll be switching once we get back to ones where we share the bathroom."

Naruto shrugged. "I'm not sure yet. I would like to say yes, but those walls are so paper-thin that not just your neighbor can you, but everyone in the fricken hallway too. Plus the beds are so small I can barely fit myself on it."

Sasuke smirked again "Ah the perks of dating a Safety Coordinator, they always get the larger rooms with the bigger beds."

Naruto only sighed and glanced down at his phone just to check the time, but rolled his eyes as another text message came through from Jiraiya. He had been getting them non-stop since 9 am this morning with his mentor asking how his night went. "We'll think of something. I've still got three weeks before I have to meet up with Orochimaru."

"You got all your paperwork submitted?"

"Yup. Just the waiting game now, and mid-January away I go." Naruto leaned his head back against the wall and started up at the ceiling. He was still excited to go, but after his night and this morning's occasions with Hinata, Naruto couldn't deny that he was half wishing that he wasn't going.

Sakura and Hinata were finally at the counter, and Naruto double-checked that he had his wallet and keys ready to go. He started to make a mental note of any groceries or supplies he was going to need to pick up from the store before heading home, but Sasuke suddenly interrupted his thoughts.

"Not that it's any of my business, but if it was me I would be using your position to my full advantage."

Naruto's eyebrow arched. "What the hell do you mean by that?"

Sasuke sighed. "You're friends with Kakashi, right? So I would be asking him to cancel your room at camp for the shift and then you and Hinata can stay at the hotel by the Akatsuki Bar for nine days. It would add an extra 40min drive to your commute both ways, but hey, if that meant I got to have complete privacy with my girl before I was leaving for a long time, I would cough up the money for that. But, that's just me."

It did sound crazy. Stay in a free camp room with food that wasn't paid for by him, or spend nine nights in a hotel room that was at least going to cost him $250/night and he would barely be in it. But Sasuke brought up a very valid point that it would give Hinata and him complete privacy. It was crazy, but it was ingenious as well.

"I-I'll think about that and run it by Hinata later."

Sasuke nodded and gave him one more nudge as the girls came walking over.

"Sorry about that, everyone's so slow this morning from getting plastered last night. Shall we?" asked Sakura.

The four adults walked out of the Shinjuku lobby and out the front entrance. The morning air was brisk and a light snow had fallen during the night. Cars were lined up trying to leave the parking lot, but there were also many people calling their friends or relatives to come pick them up since they were too hungover to drive. Hinata and Sakura hugged good-bye and Naruto shook Sasuke's hand. Sakura gave him a playful punch and Hinata just wished Sasuke a good day without any physical contact. The two couples then split off, Naruto and Hinata walking side by side to her vehicle.

"So, any plans for the rest of the day?" Hinata asked, shifting her garment bag onto her other shoulder.

"Mmmmm, not really. Probably going to pick up a few things at the store and then just head home to relax." Naruto said without any thought.

Hinata nodded.

"What about you?" asked Naruto.

She let out a sigh. "Probably going to have lunch with Hanabi, and then I should get some laundry done and maybe a few errands. Tomorrow we head back to work, so I need to make sure everything is set before we leave."

"Yeah, that's true."

They finally stopped at her silver SUV and Naruto put her suitcase and garment bag in the back. Hinata and him had started their vehicles from the lobby while she was waiting in line so that by the time they reached the parking lot their vehicles would be warm. There was a small awkward moment where both of them tried to speak at the same time, but then in unison said 'Please, you first!'.

Naruto laughed and scratched the back of his head. "Um, can I call you tonight?"

"Uh . . .well, actually . . . I was thinking, you know . . . that . . ." Her face suddenly turned a beet red and she averted her gaze to look at her twirling fingers.

He felt a bit uneasy with how nervous she suddenly was. The confident woman she had been just a few hours ago was now missing, and it seemed that her shyness was getting the better of her. It seemed to him that she wanted to have some alone time. Which, he could understand, but at the same time it still stung like hell.

Just as he was about to tell her she didn't need to push herself, Hinata suddenly told him to wait and quickly got into her vehicle, reaching across to the passenger's side and opening the glove compartment.

Naruto was confused, and he was even more disordered when Hinata climbed back out of her vehicle and handed him a small plastic bag. The redness in her face was now moving to her ears and neck and she still wouldn't look him in the eye. Arching his eyebrow, he took the bag from her and looked at the contents. There was a silver key on a violet key chain, and two pieces of paper; one had a four-digit code and the other was an address.

What the heck is . . . wait a minute . . .

Blue eyes widened.

"Y-you can park in any of the guest stalls, y-you just need to sign your vehicle information at the front table and m-my apartment number is on the address, you'll n-need that too. T-the code will get you to through the f-front door, and then I'm o-on the fifth floor, w-which I mean is obvious with my apartment number 524." Stuttered Hinata. "P-please feel free to come over at any time, I-I won't mind. I-If you like I was g-going to make Gyoza and Ramen for supper, b-but if you have other plans . . ."

Naruto let out a small laugh and put the bag in his pocket before stepping forward to pick up Hinata, squeezing her with a bear hug. She squeaked and wrapped her arms around his neck. He spun her around once before setting her back down on the frozen cement ground.

"I'm sorry, Hinata. I didn't think my day could get any better, but once again I feel like I'm on top of the world." He gave her a quick kiss. "I would love to come to your place tonight. S-should I bring an overnight bag?"

He had meant it as a joke, but when she looked down and nodded her head, it was Naruto's turn to have a crimson red face.

"You can come any time after 4:30 pm. I should get going or I'm going to be late meeting Hanabi. See you tonight?" Hinata asked timidly.

Naruto composed himself and nodded. "For sure. I'll see you tonight, Hinata."

She smiled and quickly pecked him on the cheek before getting into her vehicle. He took a few steps back and watched as she left, making sure to give her a wave goodbye. The feeling of happiness that he felt, even though he was standing in the frigid December cold, he wondered if it was even possible for someone to feel this blissful. With a huge grin on his face, he jogged over to his truck, threw his bag on the passenger seat, and started to figure out all of the things he needed to do in the next few hours before heading over to Hinata's.

He remembered Sasuke's advice and quickly texted for Kakashi to call him as soon as possible. Naruto was in heaven, and everything seemed to be going so smoothly in his direction. There was nothing in the world that could ruin this day for him!

His phone that he had just placed in the cup holder suddenly went off, playing the Jaws Theme music and Naruto biting his tongue. He stared at the ringing phone and wanted to let it go to voice mail, however, it was now the fourth time his pervy mentor had called him. Naruto was in such a good mood, and he knew what the conversation was going to be about.

But . . .

Naruto feared that maybe he was calling about the new job, so it was probably best to just take the call. Letting out a sigh, he hit the Bluetooth button on his truck and tapped the accept icon on his phone.

"Naruto Uzumaki here." He said in a jaded tone.

"There you are! I've been texting you and trying to call you all morning!" Jiraiya's booming voice came through the speakers and Naruto winced.

"Good morning to you too. What's up, Jiraiya?" Naruto asked, his voice having a trace of frustration in it.

"What's got your panties in a knot? Did you not have a good time at the Christmas Party? Or did you not get it on with the Hyuuga girl?"

Naruto sighed. "I don't want to talk about it, Jiraiya. Do you have more info on the new job or did you just call to tease me?"

There was a pause, a really long pause. At first, Naruto was pretty sure the old man had hung up on him, but then he heard Jiraiya sigh.

"The paperwork is good to go, they are just rushing your visas so that you can work in different countries. Now look, Naruto . . ."

"I'm not telling you anything." Said Naruto sternly.

"Okay fine," Jiraiya said exasperated. "But at least give me this, did you and your girl have a good time?"

At this point, he was ready to tell Jiraiya to stick it where the sun don't shine, but then he remembered the advice he had gotten from him a few days ago. Naruto let out a sigh, hating to admit that without some guidance from Jiraiya, things might have turned out differently last night. However, he didn't want to give away too much or use something vague like 'it was amazing', because then Jiraiya would try and pry for more details. Instead, he came up with a better phrase.

"The sparks were really flying between us last night."

Jiraiya cackled. "That's my boy! Alright, alright, I won't press for any more details. I'll just wait till we go drinking again and then have you tell me."

Naruto rolled his eyes. "I'm sure you will try. I'm going to let you go now, so, try not to harass too many girls while you're in Cancun."

His mentor laughed again. "You've got to come here, all the ladies in their bikini's . . ."

"Goodbye Jiraiya."

Before Naruto could hear his response he ended the call. Letting out a sigh of relief, he sat in his truck for a few moments. In less than a month he would be starting a new career, he had amazing friends and family, and he had a beautiful girlfriend who was beyond anything he could ever imagine. He took a few seconds to reflect on how lucky of a guy he was. This time two weeks ago, if someone had told him that he would finally get to be with Hinata or that the job of his dreams would be offered to him, he would have called them crazy.

In the future, things were going to be difficult and enduring for them, especially in the next two years. Long stretches of not seeing one another and late night or early morning phone calls, were not for the faint of heart. But, Naruto knew that he and Hinata would be able to get through it and they would prevail.

Smiling to himself, Naruto shifted his truck into drive and headed off to finish his tasks for the day so that later he could spend more time with Hinata.

The End

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