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Series: Naruto

Pairing: NaruHina

Author: Lynns

Disclaimer: Naruto belongs to Kishimoto Masashi

Type: Alternate Universe/Romance

Author Note: For the record it has been five years since I last wrote a fanfic, so please forgive me that it's not up to my usual par. This story is based on my own knowledge, experience and a little bit of research with what I do for a living. So if you are little bit confused at some parts, please don't feel like you are alone. There are so many rules and regulations with my job that half the time I'm confused as well. My first attempt at an alternate universe setting as well, so hopefully you all enjoy this fic and I welcome your reviews at the end of each chapter. I will start out with this prologue and if enough people enjoy it or find it interesting then I shall continue. But for now please enjoy!

Sparks Fly


It had started snowing around noon.

At first it wasn't a huge deal, but as the snowflakes got bigger, the temperature dropped and the wind picked up; mad chaos soon consumed the oilfield site of Konoha Energy. With some trades, production had come to a complete stop, especially for the welders, insulators, pipefitters and landscapers. The wet conditions were certainly not ideal for them and with the new deadlines coming up before Christmas, this was a setback they could not afford.

Fortunately not everyone would be effected by the snowfall that much, which was a great relief to project manager, Gaara. He had received word from the foreman's under him that work was progressing normally aside from the workers taking the odd warm up break. Hyuuga Electric & Controls had a reputation to uphold, and they had not missed a deadline yet. In fact, the electricians under his wing had battled this kind of weather last year and they had even finished before the deadline, earning them great respect with the owners of Konoha Energy.

Gaara rubbed his temples in slow circles, wishing the headache that plagued his skull would go away. However, he knew that until tomorrow his head would continue to pound. It was true that being a project manager was hard, but add it being one of the top electrical companies in the business along with one of the busiest oilfield sites in the north just added to the young man's stress. At first being named the youngest to ever succeed this position had been exciting and honorable; however after almost two years in, Gaara almost wished he was back on the tools as a regular Journeyman.

"If you keep rubbing your temples like that you're going to make your head ache worse . . . I know that's why my head is throbbing more."

Green eyes slowly opened to look at his partner across the desk from him. His head was down and the computer monitor blocked most of his vision, but you could still see the tips of his gray spikey hair. While Gaara was project manager on the Front Shift, Kakashi Hatake was the project manager on the Back Shift. The two of them worked together pretty well, keeping things flowing smoothly when they transpired from one shift to another. Today was Tuesday, meaning it was the last full day Gaara and Kakashi would have together to work things out. Tomorrow at noon would be home day for the Back shift, meaning they wouldn't be seeing or discussing anything with each other until the next week. It was times like this that Gaara wished Kakashi was staying to help him through this minor disaster, even though his laid back personality sometimes drove him crazy.

"The moment I get the email or phone call back from head office I'll stop stressing out. In the meantime, the pain in my head is distracting me from the mess we have to deal with at the end of this trailer." Mumbled Gaara, following his partner's idea and resting his head down on the desk.

Kakashi asked if he would like a cup of coffee, but politely refused. Slowly he watched his partner get up from his seat and walk into the next room where the lead foreman's office was. He could hear their concerned voices asking how they were holding up and dealing with the situation.

The trailer they currently occupied was rather crammed together and only had three rooms.

The first being the project managers office, which consisted of two desks that faced together; meaning all day he and Kakashi had nothing but each other to look at. The second room had four desks side by side for the lead foreman's, but also had their fridge, microwave, water cooler and coffee machine. Meaning most of the gossip and talk of the day took place there. Finally at the end and the smallest room had been where the field administrator resided; the place where Gaara was too scared to see how much damage their really was.

Moments later Kakashi returned, almost falling into the chair and spilling his coffee with a huge sigh. Gaara released his own sigh, looking back at the clock and wishing time would slow down. Six o'clock was fast approaching, and if they did not hear an answer by then . . .


Gaara's head shot up at the sound of the new email, while Kakashi knocked over his coffee scrambling over to his partners side of the desk. Both of them stared at the screen; anxious and scared to see what their head boss Hizashi Hyuuga had to say.

"Well . . . here goes . . ." mumbled Gaara. Both he and Kakashi leaned forward slightly to read the words of their leader.

Dear Gaara,

I have reviewed the information you sent me yesterday involving your recently released Field Administrator, Karin. From what I can understand, the documents containing truck logs, Field Level Hazard Assessments, employee records and many more documents are currently either filed wrong or cannot be found at this time. It was her responsibility to keep these files organized and available to you and everyone else, meaning she has not fulfilled her duties of this position.

With the end of the year coming up soon, I understand your eagerness to get someone up to Konoha Energy site ASAP to correct the mess this ex-employee has created. As such, instead of hiring a new Field Administer I will be sending my niece, Hinata Hyuuga to help correct and organize your current paperwork situation. Here at the head office not only is she the Service Administrator, but also a Master Electrician and a Transformer Technician with our sister company Hyuuga Power Inc.

My son Neji is currently traveling to site at this very moment and is bringing Hinata along with him. He will speak at your safety meeting tomorrow on the current projects that Hyuuga Electric has coming up next year; meanwhile Hinata will be busy correcting and organizing the paperwork issue. Due to her knowledge and experience, I will have her work with your crew the rest of the year since her current work tasks here at head office are up to speed and even ahead of schedule. When January is upon us, we will interview a new Field Administrator to join your team and Hinata will return back to Head Office.

If you have any more questions please do not hesitate to contact me.


Hizashi Hyuuga


Hyuuga Electric & Controls

Both men sighed with relief.

"I don't know about you Gaara, but knowing that Hinata is coming to fix this problem just completely dropped my stress level and I'm actually look forward to my days off."

"Indeed. I haven't seen her in almost three years; not since we were in the same class together for our Fourth Year Electrical. In fact most of the lead hands and safety coordinators here on site were in the same class for all four years of our schooling," said Gaara, his eyes hazing over a bit as he reminisced back to his earlier days of being an electrician, "It will certainly be good to see a familiar face here, but most importantly I am confident she will fix this problem without any issues."

Kakashi smiled, "Shall we inform everyone else now that we will be having special guests tomorrow in the morning meeting?"

Gaara on the other hand frowned at his partner, "You just like seeing the guy's anxious faces when they know there is a new woman joining the crew. I swear, you're just as bad as Kiba sometimes. No, we will wait until tomorrow. Right now I just want to finish up here so we can head back to camp for supper."


The roads were snow covered and a bit icy from the current blizzard, however Neji had driven on this highway many times before and knew the secrets of navigating on them safely. His pale violet eyes darted to the ditch now and then to look for wildlife, but so far there was only other vehicles that met them on the road. He glanced over at his passenger, who was reading his speech for the safety meeting tomorrow for probably the second time.

"Trying to put yourself asleep?" he asked softly, knowing his cousin was tired from already working a full 8hr day and now having to deal with this 7hr drive.

Hinata nodded softly, her half closed eyes skimming the paperwork even though she knew the words off by heart. The story of how twin brothers Hiashi and Hizashi Hyuuga created the huge sister companies. Hyuuga Energy Inc. owned/created by Hiashi that specialized in building and installing transformers, while Hyuuga Electric & Controls owned/created by Hizashi that distributed electricians all across the country for Industrial Electrical Installations at oilfield sites.

With having their fathers as such successful business owners, it was only natural for their children to get involved in the company as well. He and his younger cousin Hanabi were Vic-Presidents of the companies, shadowing their fathers so that one day they would be the ones to take over. While Hinata was only the Service Administrator for his father's company at the moment, next year she would be moving up to Human Resources Director.

Many people had judged Hinata at first. Truth be told they had expected her to obtain the Vice-President position instead of Hanabi since she was the oldest daughter. However his younger cousin was a natural at being a leader, showing excellent skills/knowledge on how a business needed to be ran and maintained. While at first Hiashi had pushed his eldest daughter to the side, seeing her not being able to accomplish anything beneficial to the companies, Hinata had proved him wrong. Starting from the ground up she completed all her hours and schooling to become a Journeyman Electrician. Then continued on to get her Masters along with learning to be a Transformer Technician. She was a valuable worker not just for one company, but for both; having knowledge/experience in the office and field. In fact just recently Hiashi had to call his daughter to repair a transformer since all of his technicians were busy at the time. Sometimes, both he and Hanabi were a bit jealous of how much she knew as an electrician.

Neji leaned over and pulled the documents out of her hand, making sure to keep his eyes still on the road, "I know you're tired, but I need you to stay awake for a bit longer. We are almost at the security gate and I need you conscious so you can check into your room at the camp. Here, read this instead. It's a list of all the lead hands and foreman's that are at this site. I'm pretty sure you will recognize most of the names."

Hinata groaned softly as she sat upright in her seat, adjusting her body position so she wouldn't doze off anytime soon. Her eyes skimming down the page:

Safety Coordinators

Sakura Haruno

Ino Yamanaka


Shikimaru Nara

Asuma Sarutobi

Choji Akimichi

Lead Foreman's

Iruka Umino

Itachi Uchiha

Field Foreman's

Might Guy

Rock Lee

Shino Aburame

Lead Hand's

Sasuke Uchiha

Kiba Inuzuka

Naruto Uzumaki

All of the names she recognized from either working with some of them before, or attending the same school. Her breath hitched slightly as she read the last name, trying desperately anything she could think of to not make her cheeks go red.

Either Neji had not noticed her blushed face or chose to ignore it as he continued on talking, "You will meet or rather be re-introduced to those people tomorrow and some of the apprentices in the field. Mostly though you will be in the office dealing with this mess of paperwork, which is why I don't understand you bringing up your tools and winter gear."

Hinata yawned and stretched her arms, attempting to hide her face, "Uncle said it was best I did, in case something goes wrong with one of the transformers being installed. Better I have my tools and gear here with me to fix it; then they wouldn't have to call someone else to come deal with the problem. I know it's a slim chance that will happen, but better to be safe than sorry."

Neji frowned, "While I do see the logic in that, I would rather see you stay in the warm office then working out in the cold. You've worked hard Hinata and we all know it, especially you're . . ."

Hinata cut him off, "I am well aware of how proud my father is of me. It's just something I enjoy doing the odd time, you know? Getting my hands dirty and working out in the field is still something I like doing now and then. But you are right I would rather enjoy the heat in the office instead of the cold weather of working outside."

Smiling at his cousin, Neji gave her hand a light squeeze before turning his attention back to the road.

Hinata turned her head to stare out the window, but instead of seeing her own reflection in the glass she was met with a face that had plagued her mind for years. She had not seen him in over three years, but she could remember everything about him. His spikey blonde hair, those sharp blue eyes and a smile that was so warm it made you want to smile back. The faded scars on his cheeks that almost looked like whiskers and a personality that was so bright and determined.

Naruto had worked with her Uncle's company for almost eight years now, the same as her. They had both started out as apprentices, gone to school at the same time and even been in the same classroom. He had simply seen her as just a friend and co-worker, but she had feelings that went beyond that. In fact, during their celebration party upon becoming Journeyman and passing their Red Seals test, she had confessed to him her feelings. The words she had told him echoed in her mind . . .

Standing outside the college bar, Hinata stared at the ground, her hands twisting together as she gathered her courage. They were alone and she would never have another opportunity to do this!

"Naruto . . . I have something I need to tell you . . . I . . . I like you!"

He paused for a moment, drinking in her words before smiling and hugging her tightly, "I like you too, Hinata! You're a great friend and fantastic to work with!"

At first she had been smiling, but a frown soon swept across her face. He had not understood the true meaning behind her words, but before she could clarify that with him,Sakura had walked by and called them inside for another round of shots.

Her eyes opened and it was only her own reflection staring back at her. Naruto had been drinking lots and probably didn't even remember their conversation that night. After that, she had left the Industrial setting and moved onto a different electrical company (much to her Uncle's disappointment. It had been almost two years before returning back to the family company) so she could gain knowledge in Commercial and Residential, which had helped her greatly when she had applied for her Masters. She was both excited and scared to see everybody tomorrow.

Stop acting like such a chicken! You know it will be great to see everybody, especially Naruto. True he is probably in a relationship with Sakura and never took your confession into consideration of what it really meant . . . but! This way you will be able to come to a conclusion with these feelings and move on! Heck maybe you can actually say yes to that guys that's been asking you out for months in the accounting department.

Just as she was feeling her body relax again and eyes starting to close, a sharp jab to her left shoulder woke her up.

"I warned you not to fall asleep again. Now pass me your security card, we need to swipe in."

To Be Continued. . . .

Author Note: For the record, yes I am a 4th year electrician. I'm trying to keep details as simple as possible but if you are confused about something just let me know and I will try and break it down as best as I can for you.

Here on the other hand is a break down on how you become an electrician, you have to work a certain number of hours and complete your schooling to move up

1st year 1466 hours and 1St Year Electrical 2 months of school

2nd year 1500 hours and 2nd Year Electrical 2 months of school

3rd year 1500 hours and 3rd Year Electrical 2 months of school

4th year 1350 hours and 4th Year Electrical 3 months

After completing all the schooling and hours you are a Journeyman

Then to obtain your Masters, meaning you can sign permits and even create blueprints you have to be a Journeyman for three years and then take a test.

Also, here is the definition of a Transformer. A transformer is an electrical device that transfers energy between two or more circuits through electromagnetic induction. You see them lots on power poles as they feed electricity to a house or building. Basically most voltage on power poles is 480V for homes, but really the voltage needed in a house is only 240V. The transformer basically adjusts the correct Voltage and Amperage to anything that needs power. If this has just confused you more and you are interested, go ahead and google it.

Again I am basing this on the own knowledge of my working career, things I have learned in school and some research I have done as well. This plot bunny came to me one day while I was wiring up a Junction Box at work.

Let me know your thoughts and please Review!


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