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A Real Bind

Chapter Sixty Three: A Real Bind

Kakarot opened his eyes to see the cell ceiling from before. Just as he had for the past who knew how long. His every muscle ached as he pulled himself up. There was no sound around him save the slight humming of the forcefield which kept them locked away. Looking up he saw Master Roshi by his side.

'Kakarot, are you alright?' asked the Turtle Hermit.

'Master Roshi, what is going on?' asked Kakarot.

'You've undergone some serious shock therapy son.' said the Turtle Hermit.

'Oh shut up.' snapped Kakarot 'Can you get out of here?'

'I wish I could.' said Roshi 'I didn't think there was any technology in the world which could contain an old master like myself, but I guess time marches . Gero may be a real nutcase, but he's mighty good at designing restraints.' He motioned with his hand cuffed hands.

At that moment the door opened and an unonscious Bulma was thrown through the cell to land at his feet. She was clad in an orange jumpsuit which clung to her ample curves. Her extremely ample, much larger than before curves. And also let out her tail. At that moment a familiar blonde haired man leered at them. 'Special delivery.'

'Blue you son of a bitch!' roared Kakarot, rushing at him. 'I don't know how you survived but I will-'

The cell door shut and Kakarot was repulsed by the forcefield.

'Temper, temper now.' said Blue 'You don't want to insult your gracious hosts.'

'I'll do more than that.' said Kakarot.

Blue turned around and left. Kakarot turned around to kneel by Bulma. 'Bulma, Bulma are you okay?'

'Ugh…' said Bulma, eyes bleary.

'Is that a tail?' asked Roshi 'What did they do to her?'

'They spliced her cells with mine.' said Kakarot 'Part of some kind of experiment.'

'What?!' said Bulma, jerking upwards in a movement which sent her now enormous breasts bouncing. Her tail flicked in front of her and her eyes widened. 'Oh my god I've got a tail! This can't be happening! I'm going to be the laughing stock of the entire school! I can't live like this!'

'I wouldn't worry too much Bulma.' said Roshi 'I've been in the circles of red blooded men a long time and there are plenty of cute guys who will think the tail is a feature.'

'I guess...' said Bulma, taking it in her hands and squeezing it. She let out a yelp and fell backward. 'Ow! Ow! Ow! Why did that hurt so much?!'

'Yeah my tail is actually incredibly sensitive.' said Kakarot.

'Damn it Kakarot!' said Bulma 'This is serious! How am I supposed to go back home like this!' She felt her breasts. 'Um, did they uh...'

'From the looks of things they've given you an all around upgrade.' noted Roshi.

Bulma hit him. 'Quiet you pervert!'

Then they heard the sound of gunfire. That boded well. Now if only Kakarot could find way to join the battle.

It was a furious air in the control center. Ensigns rushed to and fro with reports. Red sat in his chair, growing increasingly frustrated as he looked at the screen.

'Sir!' said a soldier 'The Death Fortress is still inbound! Our perimeter defense missiles have all been shot down!'

'Damn it!' snapped Red. 'Send out the attack coptors and planes! Stop that fortress!'

Orders were given. But they didn't make a difference.

It was a triumphant air in Pilaf's Death Fortress as they surged towards the Red Ribbon HQ. Pilaf stood with a satisfied smirk. Then he noticed something. 'Mai, why haven't you unleashed Buyon?!'

'We aren't actually in range for Buyon to be of any use, Emperor.' said Mai.

'But you said we were!' said Pilaf.

'I meant in range of our missiles.' said Mai.

'Oh.' said Pilaf 'Well fire some of them then.'

'Emperor, we've got multiple Red Ribbon Flyers incoming!' said Shu.

'Why would I be interested in a bunch of flyers!' asked Pilaf 'Now isn't the time to read magazines-'

The Death Fortress shook around them. Pilaf blinked and looked out the window. 'Oh, I see. Blow them out of the sky! Burn them all!'

One by one the planes on screen disappeared as the Death Fortress continued its neverending charge. Red gritted his teeth as a soldier rushed up to him. 'Sir! They've blown our planes and coptors out of the sky!'

'Call all available men to their posts immediately!' said Red.

Silver, who had been standing by, smirked with crossed arms. 'I believe this is where I say I told you so.'

'Shut up and get to your post before I have you shot!' roared Red 'Ready the second line of defense missiles!'

'Sir, the calculations have been completed!' said a soldier.

'Do it now.' said Red.

'We're all set up sir.' said an ensign.

'Fire!' roared Red.

The Death Fortress shook more and more and began to list in the air. Mai rushed up to Pilaf and saluted. 'Emperor Pilaf! We're being hit by more missiles than we can take out!'

'Keep her steady.' said Pilaf.

'We can't keep her steady sir, that's what I've been trying to tell you!' said Mai.

'Stay on target!' said Pilaf.

'Our engines have been hit!' said Shu 'We're going down!'

'RAMMING SPEED!' roared Pilaf.

'Yes sire.' said Shu.

Red smiled as he saw the missiles hit. He clasped his hands together as an ensign approached. The man saluted. 'We've taken down the Death Fortress sir! It is falling too earth!'

'Excellent. No one can oppose the Red Ribbon Army and live.' said Red 'Get some men to search the wreckage-'

'It's falling right toward us!' cried a soldier.

'What?!' said Red.

And then the entire base shook.

The Death Fortress smashed into the wall of the Red Ribbon HQ, leveling a building and grinding to a halt. Yamcha and Paur leaped out of the Fortress and rushed down into the ruins and broken stone. As they did they heard a loudspeaker blaring.

'Attention all units, base breached in Sector 12.' said a voice 'Do not let him through. Destroy the invaders on sight. This is a direct order from Commander Red. All men to Sector 12 immediately.'

Yamcha was ready for a fight. But as he ran through the wreckage of the building he didn't see anything. It was unnerving.

'Where is everyone, Yamcha?' asked Puar.

'They're probably waiting for us in force later on.' said Yamcha.

Then he turned a corner. Around said corner were nearly a hundred Red Ribbon Army soldiers with guns trailed at him. Yamcha tensed. 'Yeah. Just like that.'

'Fire!' cried the officer.

Yamcha grabbed Puar and ran for a nearby doorway. He made it just before the wall behind him was riddled with hundreds of bullets.

'That was close.' said Yamcha.

Then a Red Ribbon Army turned the corner and pointed a rocket launcher at him. 'We've been expecting you.'

Yamcha ducked under the rocket as it fired and surged forward to punch him in the gut. The man collapsed and he looked up to the woman standing just next to the door. 'Next time you make a one liner, make sure you can actually hit your target. Hey you, the lady hiding in the shadows with the violet hair.'

'Me?' said the woman.

'Yeah, I'm just gonna suggest that you don't try and kill me.' said Yamcha.

'Fair enough.' said the woman 'I'm probably gonna rob this place anyway.'

'Good luck with that.' said Yamcha.

They broke off and Yamcha made his way through the halls before coming out onto a terrace. There he found a gang of Red Ribbon soldiers fleeing in terror from a giant, very fat, monster with a huge tail.

'AHH! HELP!' screamed a soldier as the beast grabbed him with his tongue. 'Don't hurt me! Don't hurt me please-' Then he was chomped.

'What the hell is that thing?' asked Yamcha.

'That is Buyon.' said Pilaf, walking after the beast with his hands behind his back. 'I found him in the wreckage of Muscle Tower frozen. I took him in, gave him a home, and now he will destroy my enemies! Yes, flee! Flee you insolent worms! Flee from the wrath of Emperor Pilaf!' And he began to laugh,

'Sir, shouldn't we find the dragonballs?' asked Mai.

'Oh, yes.' said Pilaf. 'Of course.'

'Yamcha!' roared a voice.

Yamcha looked up to see Launch landing on the terrace before him. He took a stance as he saw she was wearing a Red Ribbon Army uniform. 'Launch, what the hell are you doing here?! Why are you working for the Red Ribbon Army?!'

'Not Launch, darling.' she said, flipping her hair. 'Hasky.'

'You guys go on ahead, I'll take care of this.' said Yamcha.

'But Yamcha-' began Puar.

'Puar, I'm relying on you to make sure the dragonballs stay safe.' said Yamcha.

Puar gulped. Then she nodded. 'Right.'

Yamcha rushed at Launch and she met him halfway. The battle had begun.

Chi Chi leaped across the rooftops, dodging machinegun fire. Leaping into the air she landed on a hovercar doing a drive by and punched out the driver. From there she directed it to fall down toward another one. Both collided and there was a terrific explosion.

More came after her, but she cupped her hands. 'Kamehameha!'

With a brilliant beam of blue she obliterated three more and smashed right into the main building. The whole compound shook beneath the strength of it. Landing she was confronted by several dozen Red Ribbon Army soldiers who opened fire.

Dodging their bullets, Chi Chi punched and kicked repeatedly before landing. Yet more of them came and opened fire. Before Chi Chi could move Buyon lumbered into sight, tearing and eating everything in sight.

Chi Chi might have felt sorry for them. But then she remembered how they had wrecked Papas village and all her regrets just went away. These were thugs, petty thieves who murdered and brutalized innocent people. It was no more than they deserved.

'Mint flasher!' roared a voice.

A bolt of flaring yellow energy shot out of nowhere. Buyon turned around to face it and had his head burned off by it. The body fell backward and hit the ground. Chi Chi turned around to see Colonel Silver walking toward her.

'You,' said Chi Chi, taking off her weights. 'you're that jerk who attacked Papas village! You'll pay for that!'

'Hmm, so I destroyed your village and killed your father.' said Silver 'I don't suppose you could narrow it down for me.'

'My Papa is still alive.' said Chi Chi 'A weakling like you could never kill him.'

'Oh well that does narrow things down.' said Silver 'The Ox King is one of a very few people to tangle with me and come out alive. I'll have to fix that after I'm done here.'

'You're already done.' said Chi Chi 'Kamehameha punch!'

Firing a kamehameha she surged towards him. Silver rushed to meet her and the two met head on. There was an impact of power and the world went white.

The sound of gunfire could be heard. Occasional explosions resounded throughout the stone walls of the prison. Kakarot kept his eyes closed as he focused.

'What is going on out there?!' cried Bulma 'Hello! Could someone please tell me!' Her tail was twitching.

'Quiet woman!' said Blue 'Prisoners don't get the right to ask questions.'

'Yeah well they aren't gonna be prisoners anymore.' said a voice.

Kakarot opened his eyes and saw the last person he'd ever expected walk out of the shadows. 'Krillen!' he and Bulma said as one.

'Kakarot? Bulma?' asked Krillin 'How did you get captured?'

'Long story.' said Kakarot 'We got taken by surprise. What are you doing here?'

'Oh hey Kakarot. I was just swimming in the ocean, training you know.' said Krillin 'Then I realized I could swim to the Red Ribbon HQ. I figured I'd go and free Master Roshi.'

'Well I'm terribly sorry but you don't stand a chance against me, diaperman.' said Blue.

'Well if it isn't Mr. Flaming Blue.' said Krillin.

'How did you know my first name?' cried Blue.

Bulma blinked. 'Wait seriously? Your first name is Flaming?'

'That's not important!' cried Blue 'What is important is that I am about to crush you in the name of the glorious Red Ribbon Army.'

'Not to burst your bubble but from the sounds of things there isn't going to be much of a Red Ribbon Army left to crush in the name.' noted Krlllin.

'You fool! We are invincible!' said Blue, taking a stance. 'Now let's go!'

Blue and Krillin surged toward eachother. In a flurry of blows they struck back and forth. They dodged and weaved until at last both brought around punches that struck the other in the face and sent both falling backward.

Blue and Krillin both caught themselves. Blue wiped some blood from his lip and smiled. 'Pretty good for a diaperman. You've gotten a lot stronger. But let's how you deal with this!'

His eyes flashed and he seemed suddenly writhed in blue flame. Krillin stiffened. Blue smiled and crossed his arms. 'Well, looks like you can't move anymore. Now how shall I-' He let out a high pitched shriek as Krillin cracked his neck.

'I read some books on psychic powers.' said Krillin 'Just in case I had to fight you again, y'know. Turns out that the power you are using is a mental effect. So I trained myself to resist it through intense concentration. Now let's finish this up!'

He surged forward and before Blue could move Krillen had roundhouse kicked him across the face. The blonde man was sent flying against a wall, but righted himself in midair and kicked off it to charge toward Krillin. Krillin leaped over the lunge and kicked Blue in the back, smashing him into the floor so it cracked.

He leaped off and Blue rose up before unleashing a flurry of punches. But Krillin blocked every one of them before slipping beneath his guard and bringing an elbow up into Blue's gut. Blue gapsed and keeled over, breathing heavily with wide eyes.

'Im…' he gasped 'impossible…'

Then he collapsed. For a moment Krillin remained silent. Then he turned and flashed a victory sign. 'Yes! I beat Blue! I beat him! I beat him!'
'Nice work Krillin.' said Roshi. 'Now let us out of here quick.'

'Well it's the least I can do, Master.' said Krillin, drawing out the keys. 'Now come on, let's get you guys out of there.' Then he blinked as he saw something. 'Uh, why does Bulma have a tail?'

'Shut up!' cried Bulma.

'Red Ribbon Army experiments.' said Roshi 'Don't worry Bulma I'm sure there are plenty of cute guys into that kind of thing.' Then he cracked his knuckles and his muscles bulged outward. 'Now it's about time somebody put these ruffians in their place.'

'I'll do more than that.' said Kakarot 'Barracks is mine.'

Dr. Gero looked at the reports coming in throughout the combat zone. The intruders were mostly evenly matched with the Red Ribbon Army Lieutenants. So long as they could hold out he could evacuate and start anew. He'd learned much about his robots weaknesses in this time. Soon he'd be able to create a new and better Red Ribbon Army.

'Sir!' said a soldier 'Master Roshi is loose!'

'…Oh shit.' said Gero.

Authors Note:

I'd like to apologize for taking so long to come out with this chapter. I actually had it mostly written for weeks. I just completely forgot about it. It's a bit on the short side but I need to give you guys something.

Also one of the things I've tried to do in this story is give every character a chance to shine. In the original canon Krillin got beaten up by Blue to show how tough Blue was. In this version Blue is sort of like Krillin's rival. Just as Silver is Chi Chi's nemesis in this version.

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