Kakarot and the Quest for the Dragonballs @lord22
Blue, Black and Blue

Chapter 50: Blue, Black and Blue

The room shook. Cracks could be seen growing on the walls while fragments of small stone rained down upon the two warriors as they faced one another now. Any minute now the cavern would cave in. And when it did they had to be well away from here. Bulma hid behind one of the chests as the tremors continued to mount.

Kakarot was tired of silence.

'So are we gonna do this or just wait until the ceiling falls in on our heads?' asked Kakarot.

'Oh don't you fret, little boy.' said Blue 'You won't get left out, I promise you that. There's plenty of room on the floor next to your egg head chum.'

'Plenty of room inside your skull too, if the way you carry on is to be believed.' said Kakarot 'You do realize we're both on a time table here? Can we fight please?'

'Oh you're in that much of a hurry to die?' asked Blue.

'I'm in a hurry to get this over with.' said Kakarot.

'Well tell me, can you get over this?' asked Blue, before striking a pose. In moments his muscled physique shifted and bulged and he hulked into even more formidable appearance. 'Yes, I can see your lip quivering with fear little one. No worries, the end is-'

Then Kakarot's elbow was in his gut. Blue hunched over, mouth open, eyes widening in their sockets as he gasped in agony. Hardly able to react to Kakarot's assault. Kakarot smiled. '-here. How astute of you to notice. It's ironic, if you'd fought me openly in the beginning you might have lasted longer. But I've been wearing heavy weights all this time, and I had to get rid of them to follow you.'

He removed his elbow and Blue collapsed to the ground, stunned and defeated in mere moments. Kakarot turned to walk away. 'Bulma, are you alright?'

'Yeah,' said Bulma 'that was awesome Kakarot.'

'Well I wanted to toy around with him, but it was taking too long.' said Kakarot.

'You insubordinate twerp!' roared Blue, coming up from behind. 'You dare to mock me!'

He swung round a kick, which Kakarot leaped over idly, landing on top of the treasure chest. 'Oh congratulations, you have managed to actually attack without making a speech first. I mean it was totally ineffective but-'

'Silence!' roared Blue, surging at him.

Kakarot leaped over an assault which shattered the treasure chest and scattered golden coins all over the ground. He landed on the opposite side and began clapping sarcastically.

'You can run!' roared Blue 'But you're still going to die!'

He charged at Kakarot and unleashed a flurry of punches, which Kakarot dodged and weaved around with a bored expression on his face. Eventually Kakarot leaped right over Blue's shoulder to land behind him and dodged another few punches. Eventually Blue rushed at him laughing.

'Now it's over!' cried Blue, throwing a final punch.

Kakarot caught the fist in his own and held it there. Blue strained to pull out, becoming more and more frantic as he tried to get loose. Kakarot simply remained silent. 'Over? What's over? The battle? It seems to be still going on. Oh, you mean your credibility as an enemy. That must be what you were taking about.'

He left go of Blue's fist and the General stumbled back, nursing it. Then Kakarot struck, surging forward and dealing three roundhouse kicks to Blue. Any one of them would have sent him flying, but such was the speed and force of their delivery that all of them connected before physics realized it had happened.

Or at least it seemed that way to Bulma.

Blue was sent toppling head over heels, and landed face first in the ground. Kakarot looked on in idle contempt. Gradually, painfully, Blue pulled himself up and turned around. 'You insolent runt! You actually struck me!'

'Get used to it.' said Kakarot before surging forward and punching Blue in the gut. The General keeled over, gripping his stomach.

Kakarot dodged Blue's counter attack, bounced off a wall and struck him on the back of his head. Blue hit the ground and lay very still.

'This is the part where I could make some kind of homophobic insult.' mused Kakarot 'But I'm really not feeling up to it. Besides, no one should ever be judged for their lifestyle.'

'That was amazing Kakarot.' said Krillen as he stood up. 'You're even stronger than you were during the martial arts tournament.'

'We all are.' said Kakarot. 'How did this guy beat you anyway?'

'He used some kind of weird psychic trick on me.' said Krillen 'His eyes glowed blue and all of a sudden I couldn't move at all.'

'Wonderful,' said Kakarot 'I'll just have to make sure he doesn't use it then.'

'My tooth is loose!' cried Blue 'My tooth is lose!' He stood up and turned around with a look of absolute fury on his face. 'You should not have done that! You are a thorn in my side! Time to pluck you out!' And he began to glow blue.

Kakarot punched him in the gut, kicked his legs out from under him and then used a two fisted slam to crush him into the ground. Dead silence.

'What?' said Kakarot 'So I'm just supposed to sit around and let you use your special attack? Sorry, not happening. Hey look a mouse!'

He kneeled down as a mouse came out of a hole and looked at him. Kakarot petted it behind the head affectionately. As he did so the cracks in the ceiling grew larger and a huge rock fell down to nearly crush Bulma.

'We have to go now!' said Bulma.

'We have to find the dragonball.' said Kakarot, picking up the mouse, and allowing it to crawl on his arm. 'Don't slouch Krillen.'

At that moment the Shiva statue began to crack, and then it shattered. From it's broken form poured many gold and jewels which landed on the ground among them. There were priceless necklaces, and ornate daggers. Fancy head gear, and ancient coins.

They stared in wonder and Bulma smiled before running forward. Even as she did so, however, a great crack appeared in the floor and she nearly fell in.

'Look at all those jewels!' said Krillin 'The treasure is all ours!'

'What good is a treasure if we aren't around to use it?!' asked Bulma 'Come on, we've got to go now!'

'What about the dragonball?' asked Kakarot.

'It's at the bottom of that pool over at the far wall.' said Bulma 'But there's no time to get it now! Come on!'

'You guys go ahead, I'll catch up.' said Kakarot 'I have to get the dragonball so I can bring back Suno's Father.' And he set down the mouse, before rushing towards the pool.

'No, Kakarot wait!' said Bulma.

Too late, he'd already taken a breath and dived in.

Kakarot swam downwards as quickly as he could manage, ignoring the large stones which cascaded down around him. Deep beneath him he could see many gleaming things far below. Were these more gold and jewels? Interesting.

Down and down he swam seeing many wonders and fine jewels. He saw golden swords sticking into the sand, yet he knew he must remain focused. At last he came to a skull which had the jewel between it's teeth. He plucked it out and turned to leave. As he did, he looked once more on the jewels and weapons.

It would be a shame to leave this place without some trophy. Kakarot would have liked to take a sword, but he doubted he'd be able to swim all that way, and they did not look practical for real war. He reached out and took an ornate silver necklace with a red gem in the center. Then, swimming up, he made for the surface.

More stones were falling around him, and even one would knock what little air remained in his lungs from him. He dodged and weaved, afraid that one would strike him. He did not want to drown in this place. His strokes became more desperate as his air dwindled, until at the very moment when he thought he must fail, he was out of the water and all was suddenly well.

Emerging onto dry land, he looped the necklace around his neck and looked for the mouse. Where was the mouse?! Where was the damn mouse?! He didn't want the poor thing to die! He ran too and fro, seeking the creature desperately amongst the collapsing halls. Seconds became minutes as he searched.

He looked inside the chests, and inside the crack which had formed in the floor and did not find it.

Then he saw it hiding behind a chest. Moving forward he snatched it. 'Hey, we've got to get out of here. This whole place is coming down.'

Yet he knew the mouse couldn't breath through all that water. Without any other option he put the mouse in his mouth and dove into the waves as another tremor struck.

Bulma and Krillin, meanwhile emerged from the well and fled through the halls of the collapsing lair in a blind panic. Stones fell around them, nearly braining them several times as they ran on and on.

'We shouldn't be far from the sub!' said Bulma.

'Let's hope the submarine is still there!' said Krillen.

'If it's not we've got a long way to swim!'

'I don't believe it!' said Krillen.

'There is nothing we can do!' said Bulma 'Come on, we'll meet him outside!'

As soon as they reached the room where they had fought Robot, they found smoke everyone. One of the fuel tankers had been crushed, and the explosions results now shrouded the room. They pushed on through the stink, the suffocating smoke and raced onwards.

Yet almost as they had reached the way out they halted for the passage ahead of them collapsed. Bulma stared in horror, for she realized they were trapped. She looked to Krillin, who had been very near the entrance and had fallen. 'Are you okay?'

'Fine.' said Krillin 'How about the submarine.'

'I don't know.' admitted Bulma 'I think it's still intact.'

'Great,' said Krillin 'how are we supposed to get to it? We'll be crushed by rubble!'

Bulma looked around. Then she spied something, a small submarine floated on the wild waves, marked with the emblem of the pirates. 'We can do it!' she said 'If we stay here we're goners for sure! So buck up and follow my lead!'

She led him up to the sub and pulled the hatch open. 'Quick untie us, I'll get the engine started!' Working as quickly as she could, Bulma prayed she would have time.

The tremors were happening more and more often now.

'What about Kakarot?' asked Krillin 'He's been gone a long time!'

Bulma got it working and smiled. 'It's running!' she said 'Fuel level is fine, and we're ready to go!'

'The building is about to collapse!' said Krillin.

As if to prove his point, massive stones began to fall from above, crushing the top of the larger sub. Others fell, leaving massive dents. Even one of them would have crushed their sub to paste and them with it.

This was bad. Where was Kakarot? He should have been here by now. Had the passage collapsed behind them? Had he been buried alive?

'Kakarot!' called Krillin.

The buildings on the shore collapsed and fell in on themselves. The room was shaking constantly now. Any moment and they would all be crushed alive.

'This is insane!' said Bulma 'Why did he have to go after that stupid ball?! It's not going to do him any good dead!'

'Oh stop talking like he's not going to make it out!' said Krillin 'He'll be fine!'

'And how do you know that, huh?' asked Bulma 'We barely made it out alive and we were running as fast as we could! Kakarot wasn't going to leave without that dragonball!'

'Fine.' said Krillin 'So what if it were you in there?'

Bulma considered that. Not too long ago she would have expected the others to go looking for her, to pull her out of danger as usual. Now however, she knew better. If she had been trapped and her friends were in this position, she knew her answer. 'I'd expect you to make the same decision I'm having to make now!' she said, closing the hatch. 'We're leaving, now! I wish there was another option but there's not! If Kakarot were here he'd say the same thing!'

Then Bulma realized that that last part was a lie. It didn't change reality, though. She began to make the preperations to dive.

Authors Note:

Okay, cliffhanger! I was afraid that if I cut down the Blue fight it would make this chapter too short, so I had Kakarot toy around with him after being unable to end it in one strike.

For those of you who aren't clear on powerlevels, Blue is on the same level he was in canon. Krillin is much stronger because of weighted clothing. Kakarot is about as much stronger than Krillin as he was in canon, maybe a little bit more. Since Blue and Kakarot were about even, Kakarot crushed him, but wasn't strong enough to pull a Goku Vs Recoome and crush him with one stroke.

Okay, okay.

I actually think of this moment in canon as Bulma's finest hour in a way. A moment where she cuts the crap, logically analyzes the situation and makes the mature decision to cut Goku loose so they all wouldn't die.

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