Kakarot and the Quest for the Dragonballs @lord22
The Pirate Treasure

Chapter 49: The Pirate Treasure

Kakarot sped down the winding corridor as quickly as he could. It seemed to go on and on without end, and every section of the wall looked exactly the same. There were no passages leading to the right or the left, and though he supposed he ought to be glad of this, it irritated him that everything looked exactly the same.

Then a tremor shook the floor and he fell forward. Above him he saw the cracks on the ceiling deepen. Bits of plaster and small stones began to rain down onto the floor. 'Wonderful,' he said 'at this rate we might have to abandon the dragonball.' Then he realized that Suno was counting on him to ressurect her Father. No, he couldn't just abandon it. He'd made a promise.

He stood and ran on, making a mental note to not let Bulma fire anymore canons in underwater caves in the future. She might have looked sexy doing it, but that was beside the point. For now he had to find the dragonball and get out of here.

Then he ran into a dead end. For a moment he stared.

'What?!' he roared 'Why the HFIL would you build a gigantic hallway that leads nowhere! Whose the braniac who designed this place?!'

Mr Popo poured water down upon his garden with a smile of satisfaction. It was a beautiful day on Kami's lookout without a cloud in the sky, and there were few things he'd rather be doing than tending to the gardens of this place.

He also knew someone somewhere was admiring his architecture. Designing a base with the spicific intention of making one on one battles more likely was an ancient skill. One with a long and glorious history. The base actually predated the pirates by many thousands of years. He hoped they appreciate just how much work had gone into that place.

Meanwhile Bulma and Krillen swam on and on, reveling in their newfound speed as they surged through the water towards whatever awaited them beyond. They could see a light drawing gradually closer to them above and they swam for it. Their lungs were nearly bursting and yet it was so far away.

Swimming with all their might they made it through the light and emerged gasping for air on the surface. Looking around they saw an indoor cave with no other exits. Bulma rested on the edge and looked up to see a large many armed statue of Shiva at the far end of the cave. In each of it's hands was a sword and it was clad in a white and red robe. Before it's base were three chests, one yellow, one red, and one blue.

'Hey Bulma look!' said Krillin 'The treasure!'

Bulma pulled herself up and raced ashore. 'I don't believe it! The treasure! We actually made it!'

'Yeah!' said Krillin 'This is great!'

Then the arms of the statue shifted and its eyes opened to glow red.

'Krillin,' said Bulma, pointing. 'the statue moved!'

'Don't move.' said Krillin.

One of the blades glowed and shot out at them. Bulma leaped aside as the blade landed where she had been moments ago.

'Stay still!' hissed Krillin.

Bulma realized that it might only target movement. She was promptly corrected when it sent several more blades shooting towards her and she was forced to run away to escape them. 'Krillen do something quick!'

Krillen grabbed one of the fallen swords and drew it out. He then used it to deflect one of the incoming blades. Bulma took shelter behind a rock, and watched. Several more blades were launched at Krillen and each one was knocked away.

Shiva's eyes widened.

'Bring it on.' said Krillen with a growl.

A particularly large blade shot from Shiva's face.

Krillen stepped aside and hurled his sword. It planted itself firmly between Shiva's eyes and Krillen laughed in satisfaction. 'Yeah,' he said 'a bullseye. Now let's see whats in here.'

He raced over to the chest.

'Hey Krillen be careful.' said Bulma.

'Don't worry,' said Krillen 'if we can handle old ten arms up there, we can handle anything.' And he threw open the chest to reveal a model pirate which opened fire with a very real gun. Krillen dodged just in time, and waited until it ran out of ammo.

'Eheheheheh, eheheheheh.' laughed the model pirate.

Bulma made her way over to it slowly and looked at it. She knocked it on the head and it fell over. She turned to Krillen. 'He wasn't so tough.'

'Oh yeah?' asked Krillen 'Then why were you hiding behind that rock?'

'Its a good thing you're so short.' said Bulma 'Or else he would have blown your head off.'

'I'm not short!' snapped Krillen.

'Not only are you short,' said Bulma 'but you're short sighted. That's why you almost got killed. You should know better than to open the gold chest. Right in the middle? Duh, it was a set up.'

'Oh?' said Krillen 'And which chest would a tall brilliant person like you have opend?'

'Well that dull one there.' said Bulma 'No one would think to open that first.'

'Except a genius like you?' guessed Krillen sarcastically.

'Exactly,' said Bulma 'very perceptive.'

She began to open the chest. Suddenly there was a rattling sound and Bulma ducked with a cry. Krillen made his way over. 'Bulma, that was me.'

'I know!' she lied.

Together they opened the chest and saw inside it a single golden key. 'What do you think it's to?' asked Bulma.

'I don't know.' said Krillen.

Bulma picked up the key and looked at it. 'Some treasure. What do you think it's to? A door.'

'Well there aren't any doors in here.' said Krillen, before his eyes locked on something. 'Hey, Bulma, check it out. That's gotta be it.' He pointed to a key at the base of the statue.

'Yeah,' said Bulma, making her way forward. 'good eye. This could be big trouble.'

'Yeah,' said Krillen.

She inserted the key while Krillen gulped.

Rainbow sparkles began to pour from the mouth of Shiva and Bulma marveled. 'Wow, look how beautiful it is.'

'Wow.' said Krillen.

And before their eyes the golden chest filled with treasure. Gold and jewels and all kinds of other wonders filled it to the brim, practically spilling.

'You know what this means, don't you?' asked Bulma.

'What?' asked Krillen.

'We're rich!' said Bulma.

'I'm afraid that you're both mistaken!' said a third voice. 'That treasure belongs to the Red Ribben army.'

'Not you people again.' said Bulma.

They turned around. If she had seen the specimen of sheer handsome manliness which now stood before her before she met Kakarot, she would have been introducing herself and clinging to his arm. However Bulma had grown up a bit since then, and so she merely admired his chiseld abs before focusing on the immediate problem.

'He's pretty big, isn't he?' asked Krillen, taking a stance. 'Well he'll fall all the harder.'

'I doubt you'll be so confident when you're dead.' said the man. 'You have a death wish, don't you cueball?'

Krillen laughed. 'Just cause your tall and musclebound doesn't mean I can't stomp you pal.'

'Oh?' asked the man 'You think so huh?'

'I know so.' said Krillen.

They surged toward each other and exchanged a series of blows. However the Red Ribbon soldier had more reach, and dealt several harsh blows to Krillen who staggered back. Giggling to himself the Red Ribbon soldier took a stance. 'What's that your wearing, a little diaper?'

'Krillen are you alright?' asked Bulma.

'I'm fine.' said Krillen 'He's just a puffed up sissy.'

'Sissy huh?' laughed the soldier. 'Well bring it on diaper man.'

The two leaped toward each other, as Krillen unleashed a series of blows. He caught the soldier across the face with a kick, headbutted him in the gut, struck him upside the chin, got him in the shoulder, and then he took an elbow to the face and was sent reeling backward. The soldier wiped blood from his lip, bruised from the beating he had taken.

'That's it.' said Krillen, pretty bruised himself. 'You did it now.'

'You bloodied my beautiful body!' cried the soldier.

'That's not all I'm bloodying today!' said Krillen, before charging at him.

The soldier struck, but his hand phased through Krillen's after image. Moments later he was struck across the face from above and sent reeling back. Krillin landed in satisfaction. 'You're through. Give it up, sissy.'

'You monster…' said the soldier as he arose. 'How could you kick something so beautiful…' Then he looked at his hand as it came away from his face. 'Oh no! Blood! Blood! Disgusting blood! How could you?! That's like throwing a can of red paint on the Mona Lisa!' He let out a high pitched squeel. 'How could this happen to me?!'

'This guy is strange.' said Krillen.

The soldier turned around to glare at Krillen with hateful eyes. 'You killed my perfect looks! For that you must perish!'

'Come on then!' said Krillen 'Give it your best shot! I dare you!'

The soldier let out a feral growl and his eyes glowed blue. The whole room seemed to go dark at that moment. Suddenly Krillen stiffened up, unable to move and whimpering with pain as the soldier advanced.

'What's the deal?' asked Bulma. 'Krillen, are you okay?'

Krillen was shaking visibly, unable to move. 'I can't… budge. He did… something with his… eyes…'

'What's wrong little man?' asked the soldier. 'Feeling a little stiff eh? Maybe I should have bothered to mention my special power.'

'Hey no fair!' cried Bulma 'He can't move! You're cheating you beast, stop!'

'What are you talking about?' asked the soldier 'You can't cheat in a fight to the death! Fool! Whoever is alive at the end of the battle is the winner and that's that!' He cracked his knuckles.

'D-darn you…' said Krillen fearfully.

Bulma couldn't compete with him physically. Krillen was way better than him and they had been just about evenly matched. What could she do?

The soldier kicked Krillen in the face, sending him flying into the air. As he fell, the soldier punched him hard, sending him flying to crash into the wall.

'Krillen no!' cried Bulma. He was going to kill him. The soldier was going to kill Krillen. She had to do something. But what could she do? The most she had been able to do so far without tools was kill some soldiers who were trying to-

Sexual attraction!

'Ehehehehehe,' said the soldier. 'I know that hurt! Don't worry, it'll be over soon!'

The ceiling began to crack a small stones fell down from above. The soldier looked up. 'This whole place is falling apart!' He looked down at Krillen 'I'd better finish these two off quickly, so I can find that dragonball!'

'Alright!' said Bulma 'Desperate times call for desperate measures!' And she marched forward, getting into character. 'Hey there military man, your muscles are like rock. They're huge. How do you do it? You're so buff. I work out too…' She stuck out her chest and butt at once, letting out a breathless sigh.

'Do you want to give me nightmares?!' asked the soldier.

Okay so sexual attraction had failed. 'Would you be surprised if I said yes?' she asked. 'Alright pal, I may look small but I'm a trained martial artist!'

'Would you stop wasting my time?!' roared Blue.

Bulma held her ground and took a stance. Maybe she could hold him off long enough for Kakarot to arrive.

'Silly girl,' said Blue 'I may have perhaps let you go, but now sister, you're next. I'll deal with you as soon as I finish off this little meddler here!'

'No!' cried Bulma.

'Yes!' shot back Blue, picking up a huge rock. 'Even though you're about to die you should be very proud of yourself. You're the first opponent I've had that made me bleed. Yes! And unfortunately for you, the last!' He brought down the rock.

'No wait!' said Bulma.

The soldier halted mid strike.

'You can't kill us!' said Bulma 'You need our dragonballs. We have two of them stashed away. If you let us go, they're yours!' Where was Kakarot when you needed him?

'I really appreciate the offer.' said Blue 'But I don't make deals to get what I want. I just take it. Now, no more interruptions! It's time to crack this coconut wide open! Be brave and smile!'

Bulma was about to attack him. Anything to hold off the soldier just a few seconds more. However at that moment the water exploded upwards and Kakarot appeared, surging into the air.

'Kakarot, yes!' cried Bulma triumphantly. 'You made it?!'

'Krillen, are you okay?' called Kakarot in mid air.

'Quick, come down!' said Bulma.

He backflipped through the air to land in front of the soldier.

'Kakarot, he was about to kill us!' said Bulma 'He works for the Red Ribbon Army! Take him out!'

'Red Ribbon huh?' asked Kakarot 'Guess I have some more trash to dispose of.'

'So you've heard of us.' said the soldier. 'We've heard of you. I'm General Blue, if you want to know.'

'I'm surprise you were able to beat Krillen.' said Kakarot 'That makes you far more powerful than any of the others losers I've taken out before now.'

'Oh diapers.' said Blue 'Of course. He put up a pretty good fight I'll admit.'

'Kakarot…' said Krillen.

'If that's the case,' said Kakarot 'then this should be easy.' He took a stance and Blue followed suit.

'Put em up then.' said Blue, a smile on his face.

Bulma gulped. While Kakarot squared off against Blue the pirates hideout was collapsing around them. She was beginning to think that none of them would make it out of this alive.

Authors Note:

Well here we get to the fight between Krillen and Blue. This episode's ending is one of the more memorable moments of the season for me. Kakarot arriving just in the nick of time to save Krillen and Bulma is one of his better big damn heroes moments. There really wasn't that much of a change in this episode, other than Krillen doing a lot better in his fight than in canon.

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