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Master Thief Hasky

Chapter Forty One: Master Thief Hasky

Outside of Capsule Corp, Kakarot had an announcement to make.

'Bulma!' called Kakarot 'I have returned as promised!'

'Hey calm down,' said the Policeman 'you really don't have to yell like that you can step right up and use the intercom.'

'…Interwhat?' asked Kakarot doubtfully.

'Follow me,' said the Policeman, before leading him up to the door. Pressing a button he spoke. 'Uh… hello, good day. Uh… we're here to speak to Ms Bulma if she's available there please.'

'Bulma is not yet on the premises. She has not yet returned from her school day.'

'Wonderful,' said Kakarot 'assuming I can trust the talking pole we'll be here a while.'

'Huh, thats right.' said the Policeman 'Its not quite time for school to let out yet.' He looked to Kakarot. 'What now? Should we wait?'

'Yeah, I'll wait.' said Kakarot 'However I cannot see myself having any further use for you, so you may go now and die in whatever way seems best to you.'

'Hoho no,' said the Policeman 'how do I know that your her friend? I'd be in big trouble with the boss if I led a crook to the home of Dr Brief.'

'…Am I to take from your words that Dr Brief is of greater importance than a mere corporate CEO would ordinarily be.' said Kakarot.

'Well his inventions transformed our world completely.' said the Policeman. 'So he's something of a media celebrity. Capsule Corporation is one of the most important companies in the world. The Brief's are very influential. Its hard to believe that a strange little fellow like you would know them. One can never be too careful you know there.'

Kakarot sniffed at the air. 'Hey, I'm picking up Bulma's scent.'

'Huh, her scent.' said the Policemen, perplexed. 'I don't know son I don't smell anything there.'

Suddenly an abyssal sound which Kakarot believed was hard rock music echoed along the road as a hover cycle surged through the air. Atop it was Bulma, wearing pink gloves and motorcycle glasses. She ground to a halt before them.

'Its about time you showed up.' reflected Kakarot.

'Well look whose back!' snapped Bulma, taking off her glasses. 'You nearly got us all killed when you jumped out of that plane! How did you even open the cockpit, you'd have to break through like six safeties.

How did you even find me?'

'Well I almost didn't.' admitted Kakarot 'However Mr Police here gave me a ride.'

Bulma paused. 'Why are you covered in blood?'

'Oh this,' said Kakarot 'yeah I ran into a couple of guys trying to rob me blind. So I killed them and walked off.'

'Right…' said Mr Police 'so are you actually related to the Doctor Briefs?'

'Oh yeah,' said Bulma, glancing up. 'he's my dad.' Then she looked back to Kakarot. 'You do know that you aren't supposed to kill people just because they try to rob you?'

'Actually no I didn't.' admitted Kakarot 'Humans have odd customs. Whatever the case we have more pressing matters. We must discuss our plans for the Red Ribbon Army.'

'Fine whatever,' said Bulma 'lets just get you to take a shower first.'

Together they walked towards the doors. At that moment the Policeman spoke up. 'Wait, miss, I forgot to ask. Do you think you could take a look at my bike? It hasn't been running very well lately.'

'You know just because Bulma is related to a genius doesn't automatically mean she is one.' noted Kakarot.

'Shut up Kakarot.' said Bulma 'Yeah whatever, okay.'

As they walked onwards the Policeman raced after her. 'Hey is it a school holiday today? Did they let you out early?'

'I got bored so I skipped out.' she said casually.

'I'm going to pretend I didn't hear that.' said Mr Policeman as they entered through the doors.

'You mean like your pretending that Kakarot isn't covered in the blood of two sentient creatures whose lives he ended for his own amusement?' asked Bulma.

'Yeah, like that.' said Mr Policeman.

'I'm home!' called Bulma as she walked in.

A robot that was busy cleaning the floors with a vacuum cleaner glanced up. 'Good afternoon Ms Bulma.'

'So where's my dad?' asked Bulma.

'Doctor Brief is currently located in the garden.' said the Robot.

'Oh okay,' said Bulma as she walked over to the elevator. 'you know I really liked the stuffed quail last night. Why don't you make some more for us tonight.'

'It would be my pleasure Ms Bulma?'

'What do you offer these robots as compensation for their services?' Inquired Kakarot.

'Oh we don't have to pay them.' said Bulma 'Their just robots Kakarot.'

'Oh so their a slave race.' surmised Kakarot. 'That explains why I haven't seen any in positions of authority.'

Bulma hit a number of buttons. 'Their not a slave race Kakarot. Their robots. Metal constructs programmed to obey their masters.'

'Just because they were created for the specific purpose of being a slave does not make them anything else.' replied Kakarot.

The door opened and they entered into a place which seemed like it belonged outside. The floor was of dirt and grass, except for a sidewalk which made its way through the room. There was a fancy fountain at the center which was spraying water everywhere, as cats and dogs raced back and forth.

'This is our first floor garden.' said Bulma casually.

'There are cats and dogs all over the place.' said the Policeman.

'Yeah,' said Bulma 'my dad rescues unwanted animals, mostly dogs and cats and dinosaurs, and gives them a home here.'

They looked up and saw a flying dinosaur soar overhead, as a large herbivore dinosaur munched on some grass. One of them roared, and the Policeman cowered.

'Oh don't mind him,' said a voice, and they looked up to see a white haired man with a mustache riding towards them on a bicycle. He was clad in a white overcoat like those worn by scientists and had a friendly expression on his face.

'Dad, there you are.' said Bulma.

He pulled to a halt before them. 'Whose your guest?'

'I told you about him before.' said Bulma 'This is my friend Kakarot.'

'Yes, of course.' said Dr Briefs, before approaching Mr Policeman. 'I've heard a lot about you, but I thought you were just a little fellow. You certainly don't look twelve years old to me.'

'Uh… well y'see I'm-'

'Not him daddy!' cried Bulma.

'As a point of fact,' said Kakarot 'I am Kakarot.'

Dr Briefs turned to him. 'Oh so you're the boy!'

'More or less.' reflected Kakarot.

'That makes sense, you're much shorter!' said Briefs.

'This is the great scientist who invented the dino cap?' asked Mr Policeman 'Incredible.'

Bulma huffed, even as she blushed and she looked very cut when she did that.

'Your short but you look pretty strong.' said Dr Briefs.

'…I'm not that short.' said Kakarot. Then he noticed a fluffy black cat hanging from Dr Briefs shoulder. It mewed at him. '…Are you going to eat that?'

'Kakarot, cats are not for eating!' snapped Bulma. Then she stepped forward. 'We're going to go upstairs to my room now, after Kakarot takes a shower. Check out the policemans bike for him okay. Come on Kakarot.'

'Hey, no smooching up there you two.' said Dr Briefs. 'Understand.'

'No promises.' said Kakarot casually.

'You're so embarrassing!' cried Bulma.

'Thats my job.' said Dr Briefs.

Later, after taking a brief shower to wash the now dried blood that had caked onto his clothes and body from his skin, Kakarot made his way to Bulma's room and watched intently as Bulma worked on a new dragon radar. 'That looks difficult.' he reflected. 'Do you think it will work like the other one.'

'Its no problem Kakarot,' said Bulma 'see I figure that we've been clobbering these Red Ribbon Army guys no problem. So I figure that if we split up we can find the dragonballs in half the time.'

'Its a decent idea,' said Kakarot 'speaking of the Red Ribbon Army did you manage to find out why your Father is selling weapons to them?'

'He isn't,' said Bulma in an annoyed tone. 'turns out they have scientists illegally replicating our technology.' She looked away proudly. ''I shouldn't have had to tell you that, though, Capsule Corp is a respectable company.'

'Says the person who honestly didn't know.' muttered Kakarot.

'All done!' said Bulma 'We now have two dragon radars. With these we'll get the rest of them in no time.'

'Assuming the Red Ribbon Army doesn't become a legitimate threat, yes that is an accurate assessment.' said Kakarot ruefully. 'So are we going to-'

'Shut up Kakarot.' said Bulma.

'You didn't even know what I was going to say-'

'Your expression said it for you.' said Bulma 'Honestly kid, you are too young to be thinking about that kind of stuff.'

'Hey don't look at me,' said Kakarot 'whoever sent me here gave me very specific instructions as to how the whole thing works. Its literally ingrained in my mind.'

'Well its not happening,' said Bulma 'now we need to figure out whose going to go where.'

'Well with Launch gone,' said Kakarot 'it'll be groups of two. Puar will probably want to stick with Yamcha, so that leaves you and me.'

'And who says that I won't just let you find the dragonball on your own?' asked Bulma.

'I can't fly a plane.' said Kakarot.

'…Oh,' said Bulma 'right good point.'

'Oh my, you must be little Kakarot.' said an airy voice, and Kakarot looked up to see a blonde haired women clad in a low cut blue dress. Her lips were coated in red lipstick, and she was carrying a tray with two cups on it. 'How do you do, I'm Bulma's mother, Miss Briefs.'

'Mom!' cried Bulma 'What have I told you about coming into my room without knocking!'

'I'm sorry for all the noise,' said Miss Briefs 'but she's at that age. Well anyway would you like some refreshments?'

'Mom would you just leave us alone, okay?!' snapped Bulma.

'Oh, you are in such a mood!' cried Miss Briefs, before turning and walking away, as Bulma tore at her hair. She was very sexy when she was angry.

Kakarot considered how best to rile her up further. 'If I said your Mother had a beautiful body, would you hold it against-'

'Shut up Kakarot!' roared Bulma.

'Fine, whatever,' said Kakarot 'so where the hell are Yamcha and Puar anyway? I assumed that they were living here with you.'

'Well yes,' said Miss Briefs 'Yamcha and Puar should be around here somewhere. Yamcha and Bulma are having a little-' Then she stopped as Bulma set her hand to Miss Brief's mouth.

'Mother be quiet!' snapped Bulma.

'-a tiny little lovers tiff!' said Miss Briefs.

'Oh thats perfect.' said Kakarot.

'We don't need to talk about this!' said Bulma.

'Actually I want to talk about this, if only to annoy you.' said Kakarot.

'You see Yamcha and Bulma-' began Miss Briefs.

At that moment there came the cry of a thousand fangirls. 'Yamcha! Yamcha! Come out, we want to see you!'

'What the hell is that?' asked Kakarot. 'Whose making all that noise.'

'Well…' said Miss Briefs 'their back. That gaggle of screaming girls is Yamcha's fan club.'

Bulma was looking angrier, and sexier, by the second. Kakarot made his way over to the window and opened it to look down and see six girls of varying degrees of beauty crying out and proclaiming their undying love for Yamcha. 'Oh, so when I want a harem everyone tells me its not socially acceptable. But when Yamcha gets one its perfectly okay.'

'Its not okay!' roared Bulma.

'Oh come on, what are you getting so worked up about?' asked Kakarot 'Even if he were to sleep with every single one of them do you honestly think you'd ever end up anywhere but the top?'

Bulma's sexiness factor was rising to the stratosphere. She rushed to the window. 'Shut up, go away! Yamcha's not here and there's no telling when Yamcha will be back!'

'Hey,' snapped Bulma 'lets go! I'll take you sightseeing in the city!'

Kakarot followed behind her, reflecting that things were more or less going according to plan. 'So you see,' said Miss Briefs 'Yamcha's what they call a catch y'know. He's good looking and rich, that makes him popular with the girls and Bulma doesn't like it.'

'Just drop it!' roared Bulma.

'There's that temper again.' said Miss Briefs.

Within the office of General Red, Black came forward and set a number of pictures on the table. 'If the reports are true sir, it would seem that these teenagers defeated all the tower guards by themselves. General White's forces have been completely destroyed. In addition, they now seem to have two dragonballs in their possession, one from White, and one from Silver.'

'Do we know where Briefs is?' asked Red.

'Yes sir,' said Black 'we believe we have pinpointed her location.' He lowered a map and pointed to a section of it. 'According to our dragon radar he is located here, which puts him somewhere within the limits of West City.'

'West City?' asked Red with a smile. 'So he's right there in our Master Thief's home town, how unfortunate.'

'For him,' said Black 'I've given Hasky one million zeni as payment to find the dragonballs and return them to us, and promised her an additional five hundred thousand for the capture of Bulma Briefs.'

Red chuckled. 'Excellent.'

'Yes,' said Black 'and if past performance is any indication I have no doubt it is money well spent. Hasky has made a career out of successfully pulling jobs most would call impossible. Impenetrable security is merely a phrase to be proven wrong. In my opinion, the title Master Thief barely begins to describe this level of talent.

Last time, if you recall, we received our quarry ahead of schedule, and the authorities were left without a trace to follow. I believe I can say with confidence, Hasky will find the boy, and the dragonballs.'

Red just laughed some more.

Hasky had come to as she drove over a wasteland, blonde hair flying behind her as she moved at breakneck pace. She had a new mission, and she was being paid very well to accomplish it. She would find the dragonballs, and steal them. And nothing would stand in her way.

Soaring over a cliff, she descended on her hover cycle towards a dark blue lake as the sun beat down upon her. The thrill of falling from that height rushed through her, and she found herself filled with the joy that came only from the sensation of adrenaline rushing through her veins.

She landed on the water and gunned her engines, soaring across it while leaving waves behind her to splash onto the ground on either side. He target was in west city.

She lived for this.

The people of west city saw someone on a hover bike soar through the streets. They were wearing a purple outfit which showed off one of their long shapely legs, and head a helmet which concealed their face. As they weaved through traffic and pulled to a halt, they got off their bike. Pulling off the helmet, it revealed the face of a beautiful women with long golden hair and the face of an angel.

She tossed the helmet aside as men gawked at her and walked away. She'd steal a new bike and helmet later. She made her way to the run down apartment where two of her associates lived, picked the lock and entered it, before locking it again and waiting on the sofa for them to get back.

And waited. And waited. Eventually she began to realize that the apartment was a bit emptier than usual. It looked as though someone had been taking stuff out of it. At that moment the door opened, and on reflex she fired a shot against the door frame.

'Hasky!' cried the landlady. 'I'm not them!'

'You aren't my associates.' said Hasky in a smooth british accent. 'Do be kind enough to tell me where they are.'

'Oh,' said the landlady 'sorry I thought you knew.' She drew out a rolled up newspaper and tossed it to Hasky, who unrolled it.

The front page said:

'Twelve year old child hangs two people up by their entrails then gets ride from the police, are friends of Capsule Corp immune from the law?

This morning two men, a human and a boar, were found gruesomely mutilated within a back alley. Their eyes ears and tongues removed. Their intestinal cords had been pulled out, and used to hang them from the roof. The culprit is none other than Son Kakarot, a boy who made it to the semifinals of the World Martial Arts tournament.

When asked about his actions by a police officer, Kakarot simply replied that they had attempted to mug him for the money he had won from defeating a martial artist in a street brawl. Rather than take him into questioning, the Police Officer instead gave him free transportation to Capsule Corp. It should be noted that Kakarot was covered in the victims own blood.

This is far from the first time Kakarot has taken this kind of action. During the World Martial Arts tournament there were reports of him transforming into a giant monkey and threatening to destroy the world. Idle boasts which sent the crowds fleeing in terror. Were it not for the dubiously heroic actions of Jackie Chun {who is responsible for the destruction of the moon.} many innocent people could have been killed.

Despite this vast number of atrocities committed by this twelve year old, each one with a more flimsy justification than the last, no action has been taken to reign him in. The reason for this sorry state of affairs?

His connection with Bulma Briefs, the daughter of Capsule Corporations founder and CEO. Though the exact details of how this odd friendship came about are not known, what is certain is this: If friends of influential people are to be allowed to get away with murder it will only weaken the rule of law.'

Hasky looked at the pictures and went a little pale. Just who the hell was she up against here? Then she smiled. 'Well… this might be a challenge after all. And now I know right where to find them.'

Dr Brief's had been hard at work fixing the bike. Of course as soon as he'd looked at it, he'd seen all kinds of problems and inefficient design choices which just screamed for fixing. So he'd fixed those, and found yet more problems. And after that yer more problems. Finally he'd finished a general outline, though he thought he might want to check up on it later. He finished screwing in the last bolt and looked up. 'Alright, that ought to have it running. Good as new.'

'Thanks there Doctor Brief.' said Mr Policeman, as Kakarot and Bulma walked behind him. 'Good job.'

'Bulma, where are you off to?' asked Briefs.

Bulma glanced back in a fury. 'What difference does it make?!'

Then she and Kakarot stomped out. Briefs blinked. 'She's at that age.'

Bulma and Kakarot made their way out into the main courtyard, and Bulma almost immediately looked a lot less angry, and her sexiness levels dropped accordingly. 'Okay, what do you say we get moving? We've got a whole city to see.'

'Sure,' said Kakarot 'whatever you say. Where should we go first?'

'Come on,' said Bulma 'I'll take you to the biggest shopping mall in the city. Just follow my lead kid!'

'Oh yes, because your lead is usually so highly precise.' murmured Kakarot.

'Hey I have an idea,' said Bulma 'forget the shopping trip, there is an amusement park which just opened! We should totally go there!'

'…That sounds mildly more amusing than your first plan.' said Kakarot.

They walked onwards, but they could not have known they were being followed by Hasky, who walked about a block behind them.

The amusement park was a massive disk suspended in the air by a single pillar around which a tube spiraled up before entering into the top. It looked very impressive, but Kakarot doubted it would work very well as a

As they walked towards the amusement park, they came across a regular park that had been build just outside of its shadow. There they saw Yamcha and Puar. Kakarot and Bulma crept to the hedges and looked on. Bulma obviously didn't want to be seen, and Kakarot got an idea as he looked to Yamcha. Yamcha was wearing a loose white shirt and a red headband and looked to be practicing his stances.

'Hey Yamcha, how is it going?' called Kakarot as he emerged from the hedge.

'Hey Kakarot,' said Yamcha 'I see you managed your landing okay.'

'Did you already see Bulma?' asked Puar.

'Yeah, my first stop was Capsule Corp.' said Kakarot 'She was quite annoyed with you. I got the impression she didn't want to see you.'

'Did she… say that?' asked Yamcha.

'Yep.' said Kakarot casually.

Yamcha fell into a squatting position. 'So its just like I thought, she really doesn't like me anymore.'

'Nope.' agreed Kakarot.

'I personally think she's a spoiled brat.' said Puar. 'Everybody says so, and she's way too thin skinned! Every time you so much as have a girl look at you she flips out, but she feels free to oogle every guy she comes across.

You've put up with her long enough.'

'Yeah,' said Yamcha 'I guess your right. I mean she's thoughtless, and hard to handle. But still, she's the only-'

'Well I'm so sorry I'm so awful!' cried Bulma.

'And just as planned.' muttered Kakarot as Bulma came forward.

Puar and Yamcha froze up. 'Wait… uh… Bulma I'm sorry.' said Yamcha.

Bulma turned away. 'We've gotta go right now.'

'Why?' asked Kakarot.

'We're still going to the amusement park, aren't we?!' snapped Bulma.

'Oh of course, whatever you like.' said Kakarot in a placating tone as he flashed Yamcha a victorious smirk.

'Hey, we're going to the same place!' said Yamcha 'How strange! What a coincidence! This is just so odd… isn't it Puar?'

'Ugh…' said Bulma 'It is so incredibly rude to talk badly about a girl behind her back!'

'Wait!' cried Yamcha 'I'm sorry!'

'Well I have been meaning to go and check this place out.' said Puar.

Suddenly Kakarot stopped and glanced back, feeling someones gaze upon him.

'Whats up Kakarot?' asked Puar.

'Nothing,' said Kakarot 'its nothing.'

He turned back to walk after Bulma.

From where she was watching behind a pillar, Hasky considered her options. 'So, Kakarot is it? Pleasure to make your acquaintance. Even if it is only for the last day of your life. They tell me you're pretty powerful kid, but I won't give you the chance to do to me what you did to my associates. Those dragonballs are as good as mine.

Wait and see.'

Authors Note:

Well here we have another update in better time than the last one. We're not quite up to one a day level again, but thats a little much to ask for. I hope you enjoyed this chapter. Even in the original show it was pretty fillerish, merely establishing the conflict, rather than concluding it. I've always felt that Hasky could have been used for more.

I myself have some rather elaborate plans for her character. But those will have to wait.

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