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Kakarot's Adversary

Chapter 14: Kakarot's adversary

When we last left the Dragonball gang, Kakarot and Chi Chi said their goodbyes to Yamcha and the others. They then headed for the island of the Turtle Hermit. With Master Roshi's help, Kakarot sought to prove his skills in martial arts. As they shot over a familiar landscape, Kakarot gazed down at his surroundings.

'This place is near my home,' he said in an introspective voice, 'I've never seen this from the sky before.'

'You live in a beautiful place, Kakarot.' said Chi Chi with a giggle. 'I think you're kind of lucky.'

'In some ways, I suppose I am.' reflected Kakarot. 'Could you take us down near my house? I'll direct you to it. There are some things I need.'

They flew down low, racing through several great plateaux of rock. They looked at the rivers and the trees with a wonder only childhood can provide. A deer was drinking from the river, as they landed at Kakarot's request near the house in which he had dwelled.

He entered and retrieved several items he did not want to live long term without. As he set them down on the Nimbus, he sighed. 'I am hungry. I suppose I should hunt something before we go.'

'Master Roshi probably has food,' reflected Chi Chi.

'It's possible I suppose.' said Kakarot. 'And it would not due to be late.'

They set off on their own, flying across the skies.

Meanwhile, Yamcha flew the groups plane through a tropical paradise. Such was their distraction with the scenery that they flew too low. Next thing they knew there was a crash as one of their wings fell off, and the plane careening into a tree and exploded.

By some miracle, everyone had gotten out alive. Yamcha and Puar were clutching a tree while Bulma hung from vines. Yamcha landed. 'That was close.'

'We were nearly killed!' said Puar.

'I can't get down!' cried Bulma as she hung on to the vines for dear life.

'Just let go.' said Yamcha.

Bulma paused and realized she was only a few feet from the ground. 'Oh,' she let go and landed on her feet.

'Are you alright?' asked Yamcha.

'Yeah,' said Bulma, 'but the plane isn't.' The plane was wrecked, a flaming mass of twisted metal without hope of repair.

'Those ships still have some kinks in them.' said Yamcha.

Because he had saved her life, Bulma decided not to call him on his lousy driving.

'Yamcha,' said Puar, 'what now?'

'Not sure,' admitted Yamcha, 'that was our last capsule.' He looked around, hearing the sounds of wildlife throughout the trees. An ominous feeling fell over them as they looked at the unknown realm, holding who knew what terrors.

All of a sudden Bulma turned as something rustled in the bushes. Dark shapes darted between the trees around them as they clustered close together.

'It's not… so bad,' said Bulma, getting a little closer to Yamcha. At that moment a giant flying beast flew over their heads. It had a wingspan larger than they all were put together. Bulma shrieked. 'Let's move quickly!'

A cry echoed to one side, and Yamcha looked up. 'Wasn't that a human voice?'

'I don't care what it was!' cried Bulma. 'We're leaving!' Then she grabbed his hand and hauled him away, while Puar followed behind.

Elsewhere a short and bald figure raced through the trees with massive speed. Leaping into the air, he brought around one foot and struck a tree. He rebounded and hit another. Finally, he landed and raced onward, as the trees fell down behind him. A smug smile of satisfaction was on his face.

Chi Chi had begun to amuse herself by flying low and in between various trees. She soared across landscapes at a speed which Kakarot found distressing. Even so, his pride would not allow him to show fear in the face of this insanity. Flying over a lake, she made a great wave on either side by the sheer speed of the Nimbus. Water splashed up to strike his face, and he shielded himself.

They shot between mountains at breakneck speed. Every moment Kakarot knew that a missed turn could spell their end. 'Could you slow this thing down?!' he shouted.

'I think it's kinda fun.' said Chi Chi.

Then they descended into a great pit in the side of the mountain. They raced into the darkness past countless bats who flew by them. Emerging into the daylight, they ended up careening towards a sheer cliff face. Yet the Nimbus made a sharp turn and shot upwards. It kept both them and their belongings on board as it soared upwards.

Finally, they emerged blinking into the daylight. They saw beneath them the oceans below, sparkling in the midday sun like so many gems. Then they were racing over the seas, and before long they came within sight of the island.

'There it is!' said Chi Chi. 'We made it Kakarot!'

'Yes, and we only faced near-certain death about five thousand times.' noted Kakarot. 'You drive recklessly.'

'You worry too much,' said Chi Chi, 'Nimbus wouldn't let us fall.'

'I find falling preferable to crashing headlong into a rock wall.' noted Kakarot.

'You're so funny, Kakarot.' Chi Chi giggled.

'I'm glad you seem to think so.' said Kakarot between gritted teeth as they landed. He took his things and leaped off the Nimbus. 'Thank you for your assistance. Now if you will excuse me, I need to meet the master.' He stepped up to the front door and called out. 'Master Roshi, I have returned for the training that was promised me!'

There was no response.

'…Wonderful,' said Kakarot, 'he's not home.'

Then he heard voices, a female voice speaking. 'That's right girls, lift those legs. One, two, one, two, one, two, raise them up high, one, two, one, two.'

Kakarot gazed through the window and saw Master Roshi watching a television set. There were many women on it with far too little clothing. Chi Chi came up behind him. 'How scandalous!'

'Is there no end to the black magic on this world?' asked Kakarot. 'Roshi has forced those woman into that box. They are trapped and forced to do his bidding for his own carnal desires!'

'Actually, that's a television set, Kakarot.' said Chi Chi.

'Isn't that fun…' said Roshi, 'ah, aerobics, a gift from the heavens.'

Kakarot leaped through the window into the house. 'Master Roshi, if you're done tormenting the souls of innocent girls I need you to train me.'

'Keep on trucking!' cheered Roshi, oblivious. 'One, two, one, two, one two…'

'Dirty old man,' said Chi Chi as she came up behind him.

'No,' said Kakarot, 'he's not the one in control here. Clearly, this television is ensnaring him using the black magic of a witch of Bulma's order! He is trapped by the spells of evil! I must free him!' And he moved to the side of the television. 'Kaaa….'

'Kakarot,' said Chi Chi, 'it's not black magic, it's a television! Television!'


'Yes…' slurred Roshi 'one for you and…'


'There is nothing magical about TV!' said Chi Chi. 'He's watching an aerobics-'


There was a brilliant explosion of white light. The television was consumed in flame, melted, before finally exploding. Master Roshi remained silent for a long, long, time. He looked to Kakarot. 'Oh, Kakarot,' he said in despair, 'it's you.'

'I came here for training.' said Kakarot. 'However, I found you under the spell of an evil witch. But don't worry, I saved you.'

'…By blowing up my television set?'

'It had been turned against you.' said Kakarot. 'Its destruction was just and necessary.'

'Was it now?' asked Roshi, standing up and dusting himself off.

'Mmmhmm,' said Kakarot, 'oh I almost forgot. We've traveled many miles, and I was wondering if you had anything to eat.'

'The refrigerator is in the kitchen kid.' said Roshi. 'I… I'm just going to stand here and lament the destruction of my aerobics tapes.'

'Very well,' said Kakarot, 'come Chi Chi.'

The two of them made their way into the kitchen, and there beheld the refrigerator. Kakarot approached it. 'So this is a refrigerator. I have heard tales of magical devices which keep food cool far longer than is natural. Yet I never before beheld one.' He opened it. He glanced back to Chi Chi. 'Do you want anything from it?'

'Uh… I think I'm good.' said Chi Chi ruefully. 'I don't want to gain weight.'

'Fair enough,' said Kakarot before taking out a slice of meat and contenting himself with it. He considered eating more but reflected that it would be disrespectful.

Speaking of his Master, he could hear him sobbing in the other room. 'Hmm, I wonder if he had some kind of pre-existing relationship with the witch.'

'You might say that.' reflected Chi Chi.

Eventually, Roshi emerged from his despair and appeared before him. '…I'm surprised you didn't ransack the fridge. How about it, Kakarot?'

'Nonsense, that would be disrespectful?' said Kakarot.

'Are you sure?' asked Roshi. 'Maybe you might want to burn down my house while you're at it?'

'No, not today.' said Kakarot.

'Why are you here, then?' asked Roshi. 'I thought I saw you both off after I put out the fire on Fire Mountain.'

'Well you did promise to teach me martial arts.' said Kakarot. 'And I did just save you from that witch.'

'Oh yes, lessons.' said Roshi. 'How pleasant.'

'I am also able to make a full-time commitment.' said Kakarot, leading him out to the front door. 'See, I brought my things.'

'Did you at least bring that girl?' asked Roshi.

'You mean Bulma?' asked Kakarot, an edge coming into his tone. 'No, she ran off with Yamcha and Puar. I did bring Chi Chi, though.' He glanced at her. 'So… why are you still here again?'

'Um…' Chi Chi paused. 'Master Roshi sir, I was just dropping Kakarot off. But now that I'm here, I think I might want to learn under you as well.'

'…I'm already going to teach Kakarot,' said Roshi morosely. 'I think one student would be more than enough.'

'Oh but Master Roshi, I'm willing to follow your orders without question.' said Chi Chi, eyes becoming big and watery. 'It's just my papa has told me so many great tales about you, and how you helped him become so much stronger. I'd really like to learn.'

'Well…' said Roshi, 'I don't know…'

'Please?' asked Chi Chi, clasping her hands as if in prayer.

'Fine, fine,' said Roshi, 'let's bring this thing through to its logical conclusion shall we?'

'I wonder what happened to Bulma and the others.' said Kakarot. 'They're probably having the time of their lives in the city right now.'

Meanwhile, Bulma made her way onward. She was using a walking stick to keep herself moving forward through the barren heat. She and the others had a long road ahead of them, leading across a vast desert. Walking on the sand was hard on the thighs. 'Why is this taking so long?!' she whined.

'Are we even sure we're heading the right way?' asked Yamcha in a tired tone.

'Of course,' said Bulma, 'the city is due north.'

'Puar, compass.' said Yamcha.

'Right,' said Puar, before transforming and landing in Yamcha's hand.

'…South,' said Yamcha in despair, 'we've been going south!'

'Please tell me you're joking,' said Bulma. 'I swear we started north…'

Then they saw a dust cloud heading towards them. 'What's that?' asked Puar.

'It must be a sandstorm,' reflected Yamcha.

Elsewhere in the desert, a figure clad in yellow raced across the sands, leaving behind a trail of dust. A determined gait consumed him as he raced onwards. 'He's going to make me so strong.'

Finding a boat, he shoved it offshore and began to paddle his way out to sea single-handed.

As Roshi poured himself a drink of a stiffer variety, he sighed. 'I'll warn both of you now, studying martial arts is no picnic.'

'I'm aware,' said Kakarot, 'I know I'm going to have to work hard to exceed my Master Gohan, but I must for the sake of my mission.'

'And my papa taught me some already.' said Chi Chi. 'I'm ready Master Roshi.'

'However, my lessons do not come free.' said Roshi. 'You must find me a young gal, in recompense for destroying my television. It's the only way I can start training you.'

'…You've got to be kidding me.'

'Master Roshi,' said Chi Chi, 'doesn't this seem a bit petty.'

'I need a gal!' snapped Roshi. 'A fun girl I can go on a date with!'

'Fine, I might have known there would be a catch.' said Kakarot. 'So does it have to be consensual, or can I just force-' Chi Chi hit him. 'The HFIL! Why did you hit me?'

'Those are not proper thoughts for anyone Kakarot.' she chided him.

There was a long silence as their gaze turned to Roshi. 'Just so we're clear here,' said Kakarot, 'if we find this girl you want, you'll train us. No more conditions, no last minutes.'

'Oh yeah,' said Roshi, giving a peace sign.

'I agree, but one condition.' said Chi Chi. 'You cannot make her do anything she doesn't want to do.'

'Of course, what do you take me for?!' cried Roshi.

'You really don't want to hear the answer to that.' said Kakarot in amusement.

'Just go you, disrespectful little runt!' snapped Roshi.

Kakarot and Chi Chi made their way out of the house or rather were chased out by Roshi. As they leaped upon the Nimbus Cloud, however, Roshi came out after them. 'Hold on there a moment, Kakarot.' said Roshi 'Are you sure you know what to look for? A stallion like me has very particular taste.'

'Yes.' said Kakarot.

'I like someone with nice skin.' said Roshi. 'Not too young and not too old.'

'I get it.' said Kakarot.

'…Did you know your tail's gone?' asked Roshi suddenly.

'Quite,' said Kakarot between gritted teeth, 'shall we Chi Chi?'

'Right,' said Chi Chi, 'let's go Nimbus!'

'Someone is coming.' said Kakarot simply.

'Is it that damn turtle back from vacation?' asked Roshi. 'I should have known he'd spoil my fun!'

'No,' said Chi Chi, 'they look like they're in a boat.'

Kakarot leaped off the Nimbus and looked out. A lone figure was paddling his way across the ocean towards them. He wore a yellow tunic and orange pants and had a head that was completely bald. His arms were stocky and he bore an expression of incredible concentration. He halted his boat a little ways from shore and seemed to be focusing.

Then in a great leap, he crossed the distance between the shore and his boat. He spun in midair before landing head first in the dirt. Soon he was sticking out of the dirt, his legs kicking.

'Who's the goof?' asked Roshi. 'You'd better help him, kid.'

'Do I have to?' asked Kakarot. 'Couldn't I watch him suffocate?'

'Just do it.' said Roshi.

Kakarot moved forward and grabbed one leg, while Chi Chi grabbed the other and they hauled him out. He gave them a glance and dusted himself off. 'Thanks.' Then he turned to Roshi. 'Ah, you are the great Master Roshi are you not?'

'People tell me that,' said Roshi, 'finally some respect.'

'Master Roshi,' said the boy, 'my name is Krillin, and I've come all the way from a village in the east. Please train me so that I may fight like you.'

Roshi looked impressed. 'Well, that's a long way to come. But unfortunately, I do not train every boy who shows up at my door. Sorry.'

'Just the ones who free you from your evil television set.' noted Kakarot.

'Shut up Kakarot.' said Roshi.

Krillin's eyes glinted evilly and produced a book. 'Maybe some quiet reading will change your mind.'

'Oh! Give me! Give me!' said Roshi, snatching up the book and looking through it.

'I brought it just for you.' said Krillin, before giving Kakarot and Chi Chi disdainful glances. 'So who are you? His pupil?'

'Something to that effect yes.' said Kakarot. 'You want to make something of it?'

'My name is Chi Chi.' said Chi Chi, shaking his hand. 'Wow, you've come all the way from the east?'

'Well yeah,' said Krillin, 'really far.' He turned to Kakarot. 'It doesn't look like you like fighting.'

'I enjoy watching the light leave my enemies eyes after I rip their still-beating hearts.' said Kakarot with a friendly smile, making a fist for emphasis. 'Would you like to find out what it's like to be one of those enemies?'

'You talk a big game,' said Krillin, eyes narrowed, 'but anyone who is serious about martial arts shaves their head.'

'I know a guy with long hair who could crush you in seconds.' replied Kakarot.

'Well… look at Master Roshi!' snapped Krillin. 'He shaves!'

'Nope, I'm naturally bald.' said Roshi, glancing up from his book.

'Also, I wouldn't consider him a role model.' said Chi Chi ruefully. 'I mean he's a great martial arts master and all but… uh… papa kind of left out some bits.'

At that moment, Master Roshi shut the book and arose in stern splendor as he turned to face them. 'Krillen, I've decided to take you in on my apprentice. But only if you go with Kakarot and Chi Chi and find me a girl. I trust you know the ones I like?'

'Oh, of course, Master Roshi.' said Krillen, before stepping forward to whisper various suggestions into his ear.

'Yes! That's it!' said Roshi. 'Write that part down!'

'I know my master's tastes.' said Krillen proudly.

'Then what are we waiting for!' cried Roshi. 'Hop on that Nimbus Cloud and find me a date!'

'Nimbus Cloud?' asked Krillen.

Chi Chi hovered up behind him and waved. 'Yeah, that's his name.'

'You named a cloud?' asked Krillen.

'We should probably get going.' said Chi Chi.

'Yeah, I'd think I'd better sit this one out.' said Kakarot.

'What do you mean?' asked Chi Chi.

'Well you only have space on the Nimbus Cloud for three people.' said Kakarot. 'And one of those spots is going to have to go to whomever you get for Roshi to date. So not all of us can go. Krillen is the expert on Roshi's tastes, and nobody will be able to ride the Nimbus Cloud.

'So yeah, I can't come.'

'…That actually is a good point. said Roshi after a moment. 'very well, in light of spatial difficulties, you are excused Kakarot.'

'Unbelievable,' said Krillen, 'and what do you plan to do while we're doing all the work?'

'Simple enough,' said Kakarot, 'firing kamehameha waves at the ocean over and over again. One of these days I want to defeat a movie theater.'

'Fine,' snapped Krillen, 'we don't need you anyway.' Then leaping into the air, he descended upon the Nimbus Cloud. He passed right through it to crash into the ground face first. Kakarot laughed at him only a little as he rose up. 'Hey, what's the deal with this cloud.'

'Only those with a pure heart can ride the Nimbus Cloud.' said Roshi. 'And that means you've been hiding something from us.'

'Don't hurt me,' said Krillen, 'I just have some magazines which I'm not supposed to read.'

'I wouldn't worry too much silly,' said Chi Chi, 'Kakarot couldn't ride it either.'

'You mean you have more?' asked Roshi incredulously.

'I'm sorry Master Roshi!' apologized Krillen, bringing out a knapsack. 'I didn't show you because the first one seemed to do the trick!' He opened it to reveal many books with pictures of naked women. 'Here have them!'

Roshi laughed as he began to looked through them.

'Here take them all!' cried Krillen. 'I don't want them anymore.'

Thus it was that Master Roshi took three students on that day. Yet what would become of them? Would they be friends or foes?

Author's Note:

I can't help but feel like this chapter is of noticeably lower quality than the others. It was difficult fitting Chi Chi into the scene, and I keep feeling like the casts are out of character. I ask that you bear with me until we can get into the meat of the story.

By the way, I've switched out Puar's place on the characters list for Chi Chi. I feel that Puar is likely to decrease in significance as things go by. While Chi Chi is going to be pretty big.

I'm updating twice in one day because I think I didn't get very many views for the last chapter, and I'm ahead of schedule. Also, I just want to get this section of the plot over with as quick as humanly possible. Enjoy.

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