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Princesses of Perfection

Chapter Nine: Princesses of Perfection

Ayeka was making out with her little sister.

The realization hit the Princess as she was marveling over Sasami's supple rear. A tentacle was plunging into both their asses, pumping them up and down. Their breasts, swelling even now, were rubbing over one another. Their lips had plumped up, so their tongues were licking over them. Other tentacles drove into their nethers and asses, plunging in and out at a rapid rate. Each thrust sent their gigantic tits bouncing nonstop.

It was addicting, better than anything Ayeka had ever experienced. She wanted to go on feeling like this forever!

Ayeka wondered if it was possible to both make out with Sasami and give a tentacle a blowjob at the same time? Her tongue wrestled with Sasami further, and then her mind caught up with her body. Pulling away, she only served to give Sasami the chance to nibble her neck. "Sasami...

"Sasami, this is wrong..."

Sasami responded by gripping Ayeka's breasts. Pulling them up with both hands, she shoved her face into Ayeka's breasts. Their breasts were growing larger and larger by the minute. Ayeka had grown to be Sasami's equal, and Sasami was now immense. "It can't be wrong, Ayeka. The Goddesses want it to happen. Come on, let's have some fun...

"We'll be one soon enough."

They would be one.

Ayeka tried to speak to object, but then something plunged into her ass. Looking back, she saw Ryoko as thrusting into her with a beam of energy. The sensation was beyond anything Ayeka had felt before.

"Yeah, Princess, you ought to loosen up a bit," said Ryoko, licking her cheek.

Sasami began to suckle on Ayeka's nipples, drawing out milk. At the same time, Washu appeared and did the same. Ryoko began thrusting faster and faster, and then there was a flash of light. Pleasure filled them, and Washu and Ryoko were thrown back, moaning. Even as they were thrown, tentacles caught them and began to work at them. Soon they had been pressed against one another. In mere moments, the mother and daughter were bonding again. Their hands groped and slapped their asses as they suckled each other.

All of them had been expanded, grown to exaggerated symbols of sexuality.

Now Kiyone and Mihoshi were landing. They touched down, bending their knees in perfect unison. Standing up, they moved forward while swaying their hips. Their immense breasts bounced as they drew near.

Ayeka blushed as he saw her other self, no, Kiyone, draw near. For a moment, their faces were half an inch apart. Then Kiyone leaned in and kissed her. Ayeka kissed back, and then Kiyone broke it. Turning to Sasami, she leaned in and made out with her, even as Mihoshi kissed Ayeka.

"Kiyone, Mihoshi..." said Ayeka.

"So, it looks like we're two lovely ladies stronger in the number of bodies we control," said Washu. Moving forward, she grabbed Kiyone and Mihoshi by the hair and pulling them down. As their faces crashed into her breasts, Kiyone and Mihoshi moved in unison to drink. They suckled from her as one entity. Ryoko began to dry hump Kiyone from behind.

"Why don't we test them out?" asked Ryoko. "Care to join us, Ayeka?"

Ayeka struggled to say no.

But then Tsunami took hold of her and Sasami. "You'll have to wait for that, Ryoko."

"Tsunami..." said Ayeka and Sasami in unison.

"Ayeka, Sasami, it's time we became one," said Tsunami.

"But..." began Ayeka.

Then Tsunami kissed her, and all doubt fell from her mind. Turning to Sasami, Ayeka leaned in to kiss her, and Sasami kissed back passionately. Their knees were driven into each other's nethers as they rubbed against one another. Ayeka kissed with more and more force, breaking it to nibble Sasami's neck. As she did, her hands roamed over Sasami's breasts, even as Sasami did the same.

They were perfect mirrors to one another. Their immense breasts were rubbing up against one another as always. Their nipples, little by little, took on the color of their hair as their breasts bulged larger. Why was this happening? Was it some physical transformation to mark a mental shift?

Then Ayeka felt something swelling within her body. She also felt it swelling within Sasami. She felt it in Kiyone, Washu, Mihoshi, and Ryoko as well. How was this possible? Pressure increased more and more, and then their nipples pulsed. From them spurted milk, and it glowed with energy, even as it dissipated.

Ayeka realized what was happening. Before Tsunami had been overflowing with energy and they had been taking it in. Now they were pouring out the stuff and sharing it.

"Now, let me explain our purpose," said Tsunami. "You ladies, and the others, all of you were created to become something far greater. You will be assimilated into eachother, just as you, Sasami are assimilated to me."

Ayeka looked at Sasami and saw herself in another form. Yet Sasami seemed suddenly reluctant. She looked at Tsunami with confusion and lust. "But... how can I be you?"

Tsunami leaned in and kissed Sasami, before groping both their breasts. Sasami moaned and blushed as Tsunami put a knee between her nethers. "You are a part of me, Sasami, just as the Washu, you know, is a part of yourself. Ryoko, too has elements of Tokimi's powers. We put all three of you in this place so our powers could meld together. And the others will be the means by which you move beyond our control and become the fourth Goddess."

"Sasami..." said Ayeka, though she was Sasami. Just like she was Kiyone, Mihoshi, Washu, and Ryoko. She and her other self looked at eachother with lust and love as they leaned forward to kiss. A tradition meant to pass information. As they did, their memories, personality, and powers melded together. So did their auras.

"Now, become one!" cried Tsunami.

Ayeka and Sasami, or what was left of them, obeyed. They obeyed because it was commanded because it was their purpose. And because they desired it. In that instant, they melded together in past, present, and future.

They had always been one, just unaware of the fact. As they went on, their lips poofed up and took on the color of their hair. Looking upward, Sasami and Ayeka came in unison as they gazed upon the one for whom they were destined.

"YES!" The one being cried.

Then they returned to the sphere. Ayeka and Sasami stepped down in unison, strutting like they were supermodels. But they were more than that, they were your slaves. You were their master, and they were showing off for you. Their existence, all that had happened, was for your entertainment.

Ayeka looked to Ryoko and Kiyone so you could see they were lying in each other's arms. Policewoman and pirate were making out with one another. Their immense breasts were more sensitive by the moment. Mihoshi seemed to have found her calling as she ate out Washu in a sixty-nine position. Ayeka could feel their skill. And she was going to give back forever.

"Glad to have you back, Ayeka," said Ryoko, standing up from Kiyone.

"We are one now, Ryoko, I can never leave," said Ayeka, moving forward, so they were standing breast to breast. Kiyone, meanwhile, was soon mobbed by Washu and Mihoshi, bearing her down and sucking her teats.

Ayeka and Ryoko had loved eachother before they met Tenchi. They'd made love plenty of times. Now they were one. Leaning forward, they kissed and began their game.

All for you.

Tsunami, Washu, and Tokimi observed the games with satisfaction. It had taken a great deal of effort to merge them. They wouldn't have been able to do this without you, though. The creature had been your will made manifest, as were the tentacles.

Success or fail, they were proud of you for your help. And grateful for your help. For now, it seemed to be going well, as Washu scanned their very existence.

"It's working," said Tsunami. "Their spirits have melded together without obliterating their individuality. Each of her bodies operates according to the personality and the original girl, but their soul is all one."

"I'm scanning their signals," said Washu. "It's confirmed, pouring our innate energy into them creates a new kind of energy. It's unlike anything else we've ever read. It seems to operate on a phenomenon we don't understand."

"Then, we may now move on to the final stage," said Tokimi. "The spirit they have formed is strong by their standards. It is well capable of comprehending higher dimensions. But to be able to work, we must expand it's physical parameters drastically."

"Don't have to tell me twice," said Tsunami. "I can't wait to see the new goddess."

Raising a hand, Tsunami stimulated their every nerve with mindbending pleasure. The girls rutted and played with one another in an infinite number of universes. They explored one another over and over, and then. With each time, they melded on a deeper and deeper level.

"Sasami..." They all breathed as one with absolute love. "Kiyone... Ryoko... Mihoshi... Washu... Ayeka..."

And then the Goddesses poured in power.

At once, every girl's bosom and rear began to expand faster and faster. Their kisses were broken up as their huge breasts grew larger and larger. The sphere, infinitely large, soon found them catching up in size. Imprisoned within their own bosoms, the girls spread out higher and higher. Their bodies and minds were bombarded with ever-increasing, unending pleasure. At last, they touched the end of the sphere. Then they began to press against one another, being limited tighter and tighter.

"Excellent, these results are excellent. All of them have expanded to hit the physical limitations of the barrier," said Washu. "And they have advanced to the highest possible dimensional level. But the bodies themselves will not be able to survive within the unreality beyond. The place we were first formed. My projected statistics indicate that... well, she isn't on our level."

"Oh," said Tsunami in disappointment, "I was hoping we'd create the Fourth Goddess this time."

"Relax," said Washu, "we can always have a different kind of fun with them." She typed in a few buttons as they goddesses ascended beyond the sphere. "I'm altering the properties of the sphere. As of this moment, each of these ladies occupies a parallel dimension. Yet all of those dimensions interconnect." Even before their eyes, the girls within the sphere continued expanding. They all grew larger and larger within the sphere, past eachother. As it happened, they hit the limits again, their bodies filling the entire sphere up. And at the center, the girls could be seen face to face in a ring. "They can all perceive one another, and all of them occupy the entire sphere through size. At the same time, they are pressed against one another and feel it.

"Very soon, their minds, bodies, and souls will have completely merged on every level. Of course, we could destroy this sphere very easily if we tried. But it has enough power that we could give it a fairly large wallop and have it survive and bounce around."

"Indeed," said Tokimi. "Even if we did not create the Fourth Goddess, we have made valuable progress. Still, this sphere is now little more than a failed experiment. It is too high in the dimensional ranking to be stored.

"And of no practical use."

Tsunami moved forward and raised the sphere, pushing it in, so it flexed a bit beneath her infinite power. "I have an idea. Why don't we have some fun with this?"

"What do you have in mind, Tsunami?" asked Washu.

Tsunami, Goddess of Life, and almost omnipotent being smiled. Then she raised the ball and spun it around on one finger, as it spun at an infinite rate, she knocked it upward. The moans of the girls could be heard as Washu caught the ball.

As she did, a cosmic and infinitely powerful net appeared between them. The Goddesses robes flowed away, and they were now clad in skimpy bathing suits. They clung to their infinite curves as a beach of stars is formed beneath them over a sea of darkness.

Tsunami winks at you. "Anyone want to have a beach party?"

There was a delicious sort of bookends to it, decided Washu. "Sounds good to me,"

This was going to be fun.

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