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Mother and Daughter Bonding

Chapter Seven: Mother and Daughter Bonding

Sasami awoke, and her entire body was tingling. She looked down and found herself completely naked and floating within a blur of colors. Distantly she saw others, and then she was drawn through it to see Ayeka. Their faces were suddenly inches apart; their breasts pressed together. Ayeka was wearing lipstick of purple now, and her lips were poutier. The feeling of their bodies against one another sent scarlet to Sasami's face.

What was this feeling she felt for her sister? She'd never felt it before.

"Sasami, there you are," said Ayeka, blushing at their proximity. Did Ayeka feel the same?

Sasami found her eyes looking over her sister's body before she was looking away. This wasn't right; what was this feeling of connection she felt? It was like what she'd felt for Tenchi, only even stronger. It didn't seem to conflict with how she felt for Ayeka. Instead, it seemed to build on those feelings to made it more intense.

Gradually the blur of colors yielded. They were drawn into reality, and Sasami found herself within a sphere of crystal. It was huge, reaching up for what seemed like miles. The ground beneath their feet was curved, and it was hard to stand. Looking at the walls,

Sasami saw they were translucent. Yet she could not see beyond it. Or maybe she just didn't understand what was beyond it. She could see her own reflection, though. That and the others. Kiyone, Ayeka, Mihoshi, Washu, and Ryoko were also there; naked save for their shoes. They too wore lipstick the color of their hair with bigger lips. Yet it seemed natural.

"Ayeka, what's going on?" asked Sasami, worried.

"We don't know," said Kiyone, blue lipstick looking great on her. "We are trapped in some sort of sphere. Washu hasn't been about to raise a signal, or detect anything."

"Ryoko, I..." began Washu, blushing. "Forget about it."

"Kiyone, Mihoshi," said Sasami, "have you found anything. "Mihoshi and I have been trying to find a way out, but this entire place is a solid sphere," said Kiyone. "I haven't been able to find any doors or windows."

"Yeah, I'm... I'm scared, Kiyone," said Mihoshi, clinging to Kiyone. Kiyone blushed at the proximity. Sasami couldn't help but feel like they should go further. They'd always made a cute couple. "It could be worse, Mihoshi. We could be dead. Washu, have you found anything?"

"Well, as far as I can tell, we're in a vacuum of a sort," said Washu, scanning her instruments. "Outside of this sphere, I'm detecting higher dimensional energy. The surface of this sphere appears to be a sort of barrier."

"So can we get out?" asked Sasami.

"I'm not sure that would be wise," said Washu, glancing over at Ryoko with a blush. Ryoko looked away, the motion sending her breasts bouncing. The way her hair landed around her shoulders was so cute. "In a higher dimension, we'd be far less real."

"What do you mean?" asked Ayeka.

"Well, a fictional character in a book, for instance," said Washu, brushing aside a strand of her hair. "When you read a book about a character, you know all kinds of things about them. You know their personality, their tastes and have an idea of what they would or wouldn't do. Maybe you care about them.

"But they aren't real. The reality they do possess is all your perception of them. Out there in that place, we'd be tied entirely to the perception of higher dimensional beings."

"But we can't just stay here forever!" said Ryoko.

"Yes, Washu, we have to act," said Ayeka.

"I've had enough of this!" said Ryoko. "I'm blasting this place now!"

Then she raised a hand and channeled a massive sphere of energy. Sasami felt the heat of it on her face, and then there was a flash. Firing it, it blasted against the wall and dissipated. How could something so powerful do so little?

It was probably for the best. "Nothing." snapped Ryoko, stamping one foot.

And then Sasami felt herself arrive. With her was Washu, and looking up, she saw them. Tsunami, Washu, and Tokimi descending from on high. All three seemed to radiate an aura that drew all things toward them. They were so beautiful, so devoid of flaws...

Was this what it was to be in love?

The six of them were lifted off the ground, so they floated in a circle around them. Kiyone and Mihoshi were before Tokimi, who examined them carefully, like valuable objects. Ryoko and Washu floated before Washu herself, who regarded them as experiments. Last of all, Sasami and Ayeka were brought forward. Tsunami, who examined them with love and something else.

Hello ladies." said Goddess Washu, cupping her mortal self and Ryoko by the cheek.

"Tsunami, Washu, and Tokimi. The three Chousin Goddesses," said Washu.

"Tsunami, you've got to get us out of here, please," said Sasami.

"I'm afraid getting out isn't part of our plan for you," said Tsunami.

"An explanation is warranted," said Tokimi. "However, dry exposition is poor entertainment for our guests." Guests, who were they? "Don't you dare-" began Ryoko.

Then the tentacles surged upward. They wrapped around all six of them, and Sasami felt them slithering up her legs. They felt lighter on her now, but as they penetrated her, she moaned. Feeling it driving into her, Sasami cried out as a tentacle entered her mouth. The same fate befell the other girls, who thrashed and struggled.

"Now, why don't we begin," said Washu. "Each of you lovely ladies was chosen for your unique aura. Each one of you embodies a unique aspect of the universe. Just as all creations do."

Sasami saw suction cups applied to Kiyone and Mihoshi's breasts. Then they whirred into action, and Kiyone and Mihoshi cried through their tentacles. Soon the same happened to her and Ayeka. The sensation of them drawing out something from her was addicting.

Washu and Ryoko were merely being held in place, their nethers being groped and rubbed. They blushed and moaned in the divine foreplay, Ryoko struggling. But Washu seemed to have given up. Sasami felt herself, everything that she was pulled from her body. Then it was returned with something different about it.

"We Goddesses desire to create a being as powerful as ourselves," said Tsunami.

"However, before one can create an entity, one must create a physical entity," said Tsunami.

"You ladies and your entire universe are subcreations," said Washu. "Each of you is based on aspects of ourselves. But we gave you free rein so you could develop beyond your pre-programmed nature. That's the reason for free will. To stir uncontrolled evolution and allow us to grow in knowledge and power.

"If they were combined, the result could be a higher dimensional entity. One capable of existing on a higher dimensional plane."

"The entity known as Tenchi was utilized as a means of drawing you together," said Tokimi. Tenchi had been just a means of getting them together? It was strange, Sasami thought of Tenchi almost as an object now. An excuse to be with the others. Tsunami smiled. "Eventually, however, your nature advanced to the highest possible level in your circumstances. At that point, we dispatched a creature to absorb you."

"But why us?" cried Kiyone, dragging out a tentacle from her mouth. "There's got to be other people."

"Because we like you," said Tsunami. "We decided if we were going to draw someone into our dimension, we'd like it to be you."

"Let us begin," said Tokimi.

"Who should we pair up first?" asked Tsunami.

"I'd say, myself and little Ryoko," said Washu.

"Excellent," said Tokimi.

"Keep the girls entertained, will you?" asked Washu before going beyond sight.

And then Ryoko and Washu were drawn out of sight. They passed beyond the limits of the sphere. Then the tentacles got serious.

Why wasn't Washu fighting this?!

She should be!

Ryoko thrashed within the tendrils as she and Washu were drawn up through the walls of the sphere. As they emerged into reality, she felt as though she was being crushed by the air. Desperately she pushed out, trying to survive, and as she did, an aura of cyan emerged from her. It floundered, but then Washu's aura of red also emerged.

"You may as well give up, Ryoko. We can't fight this," said Washu in resignation.

"Give up?!" snapped Ryoko. "I didn't know you were that spineless, Mom!" The sarcasm in the last word hurt Washu, but if it got her angry, so be it.

Then their auras touched, Ryoko felt stronger. She also felt... really good. Her eyes were roaming over Washu's body against her will. And Washu was doing the same. Mom really was sexy, wasn't she? "Well, you are a beautiful, and smart lady, aren't you?" said Goddess Washu above.

"It is one of my talents," said Washu modestly. What was she, appeasing this thing? Or was this all just a sick game by Washu. Ryoko and the girls were just ants under a magnifying glass to them.

Goddess Washu looked at Ryoko, smiling sadly. "Far from it." Then she drew Ryoko and Washu before her. Then the Goddess tore open her bodice to reveal her mammoth, perfect breasts. Ryoko found her mouth-watering at the sight of it, and all thoughts left her head. "Now, let's shift that mindset of yours.


Washu and Ryoko were drawn forward to lock their lips around one of the nipples each. As they did, they drank, and energy entered them. Their breasts began to pulse beneath them as they were filled and began to overthrow. Soon their breasts were expanding outward as their rears became thicker and meatier.

Ryoko found herself filled with other thoughts. Her own. Gradually she could make out a vague presence, watching them. Then, as she thought she'd burst, Goddess Washu was gone. All she could see was Washu, her Mom, and sister-wife.

"Little Ryoko, you look so... cute like that. I could hold you tight," said Washu, moving forward to kiss her.

Their lips locked, and their auras flared up. As they did, each one began to take on aspects of the other. Light red blotches appeared in Ryoko's as Washu groped her buttocks. Cyan ones appeared in Washu's red as Ryoko explored her mouth. Mother and daughter ran their hands over one another. Together they cooperated, driving eachother to greater pleasure.

In unison, opposite legs arose and wrapped around the back of their lover. Ryoko broke free of the kiss with the last of her resistance and eyed Mom with lust. "Listen, Mom; I'm going to take the lead in any relationship! But I..."

Washu licked her face. "I guess children do have to grow up. And you've grown up deliciously."

At that moment, bonds of energy formed between their legs and plunged into both of them. It began to pulse within them as they kissed and groped. As they did, Ryoko began to experience Washu's emotions. She viewed her perspective on the universe. Washu had desired to raise Ryoko but had it stolen away from her. She felt Washu experiencing Ryoko's resentment. With each memory, they became more devoted to making up for the lost time.

Soon they were being worked to near the edge.

"Excellent, the auras are merging," said Goddess Washu. "The energy you give off is melding together into one, and your personal auras are mixing as well."

As their auras bled together, Ryoko and Washu came and came hard. Together their auras bled off waves of purple all around them. Then, even as they continued, the two of them were drawn down into the sphere below.

Who would be next, wondered Ryoko.

She couldn't wait until it was her turn again. Though spending time with Washu was something she'd do more of, if she had the chance.

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