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Final Ascent

Chapter Six: Final Ascent

The three goddesses were surprised but pleased.

Frozen in time, they watched Ryoko and Sasami being drawn gradually into the tail of the creature. Washu moved forward through the instant and set her hands on Ryoko's rump, feeling it up with a smile. "It looks like my little Ryoko has jumped the gun again, hasn't she? I'll have to have my lower self-discipline her later."

"Well, this sped things up a bit, wouldn't you say?" asked Tsunami, feeling up Ryoko's legs.

"Yeah, I know," said Washu, licking her lips. "This actually works out pretty well. It would be pretty anticlimactic if we caught them all by surprise. Instead, my little Ryoko gets to share her absorption with Sasami." She reached through the tail to feel up Ryoko's time frozen enormous breasts. They were firm and perfect, just how Washu had designed her. "But still, I'm feeling a bit uninspired at all this.

"I feel like we ought to do something special before the last one goes down." She sent energy down through Ryoko's body. She wanted her to enjoy this as much as Washu.

"Come on, Washu," said Tsunami, putting a hand on her shoulder and drawing her off. "Why don't we save that kind of fun for later. This is only the beginning for them, after all."

Washu sighed and gave one last feel. There would be plenty of time for it in the endless expanse of eternity. "Yeah, I guess you're right."

Washu looked up to the sky. Night had come at last. The sky was utterly black, and the only light came from the stars dotting the sky. The moon had been hidden by the clouds. Walking away, Washu, halted to give one final glance at the frozen moment. Ryoko could only be seen as the silhouette of her rump sticking out of a creature of blue energy. Her legs were in mid-kick. It was truly adorable. Soon enough, Washu's little Ryoko wouldn't be resistance anymore.

They were assimilated so fast.

As soon as Washu made the call, Ryoko would be sucked in. And this moment would be just a memory. She'd never come back to this lower plane of being.

Washu smiled, snapped her fingers, and began it all.

Ryoko had gone flying, looking for the others. Scanning over the oceans, she'd seen no sign of them. It had seriously worried her that she couldn't find Ayeka, Kiyone, or anyone else. It was like they'd disappeared off the face of the earth. But there was almost nothing on this planet that could handle Ayeka.

Well, except Ryoko.

Frustrated, Ryoko had flown back. And as she did, she saw Sasami and Tenchi. No, not Sasami and Tenchi, it was something pretending to be Tenchi. The creature had sent forth its tail and caught Sasami. Ryoko had seen red then.

Even if Sasami was a grown woman now, Ryoko remembered the little girl with pigtails. A little girl being devoured before her eyes. Surging in, she'd unleashed everything she'd had. But it hadn't been enough.

It hadn't even phased the creature. All the power she had could hardly get its attention. It seemed to taunt her by showing Sasami before her. And then Sasami had reached out and cried for help.

Ryoko had grabbed her hand. She'd pulled on it, desperately trying to drag her out. But it was futile. All her strength not only couldn't get Sasami loose, but she also couldn't stop the process. The assimilation continued without even a delay.

What made it worse was that Sasami didn't even look panicked, she was smiling. As if she was enjoying this. She was no longer even struggling.

Then Sasami was pulled into the tail; her head swallowed down. Only her hand was outside it, and desperately Ryoko tried to haul her out. Sweat dripped down her body as she was drawn into the tailed behind Sasami. As it closed over her head, Ryoko desperately tried to hang on to Sasami's hand.

Ryoko's legs kicked viciously. Her entire body thrashed and moved in a desperate attempt to get free. But the tail held on to her like a vice, not giving an inch. And yet it was soft around her, the surface moving on her neck in a way that was pleasurable.

It took its sweet time getting over her enormous breasts. Little by little, it drew her cleavage in, sucking on her like candy. Soon her chest was inside, and her waist began to follow. Outside, one could see the vague shapes of Sasami and Ryoko in the tail. No, how did Ryoko see this?

She didn't. She was looking through the creature's eyes at her own assimilate. Her waist was being drawn in, and her hips were there. Now only her sexy rump was outside of the tail. Ryoko couldn't wait to see it go in.

No, no, why was she thinking like this?

Ryoko gritted her teeth as she felt something beyond her comprehension. Whatever it was loomed close behind her, radiating a familiar smugness. It was like Washu, but not like Washu. She could feel it run itself over her body. Hands fell over her legs and her rear, causing her to blush in pleasure despite herself. They were feeling her up with a skill that seemed impossible. Ryoko began to moan, feeling her whole body shift and shudder. Her eyes were bleary as she was trapped there, between outside and inside, for a few perfect moments.

It was a moment that lasted an eternity. And she loved every moment of it. Whether she wanted it or not.

Ryoko came and came hard. Her body slumped as all her energy was sucked away. The tail began to draw her down into itself after Sasami. Her butt went in, and Ryoko couldn't care. She felt flattered at how her long, shapely legs were drawn in tenderly.

Down she went, pumped up, up, and up. Then she reached the top of the tails arc and was pulled downward toward a light. There she saw Sasami's face outside of brilliant light. When had Ryoko lost her grip on Sasami's hand?

Did it matter?

Not really. But Ryoko would love to kiss those lips.

She was disappointed as Sasami was drawn in and disappeared from view. Now it was Ryoko's turn, and she moaned as she was drawn into the light. First, her face, then her neck and chest, and then the rest of her. The transition was beyond pleasurable beyond description.

Yet as she went through, Ryoko felt as if she was getting thinner. Less real. No, no, that wasn't it at all.

This place was more real than them. Ryoko felt like she was a ghost in this place. As if her very existence was a brief sensation, and Sasami was the same. The world around her, it was all far more real than either of them. They were only not destroyed by it because they were insignificant. They could not even interact with it; only observe an insignificant shadow.

But they could be absorbed.

Their existence was no more and less than a few minutes of pleasure for a being beyond them in every way. A being they had been made to serve. And they loved it.

"Sasami?" asked Ryoko, looking at the beautiful women the girl had become. She tried to feel angry, or afraid, or anything but eager for what came next.

She failed.

"Ryoko, is that you? What's going on?" asked Sasami.

Ryoko didn't answer. Sasami was saying it because they felt they should say something. They had to establish an identity before the inevitable happened.

Floating there, Sasami and Ryoko saw many tendrils surge out of the somethingness. And these they could interact with. They wrapped around them, plunging through both girl's cleavage. Ryoko squirmed as the tentacles pumped up and down between her breasts. But Sasami smiled and cried out in glee. The sensation was pleasurable, but it shouldn't be.

Ryoko should be resisting, but somehow she didn't want to. The sensation of these tendrils of a god rubbing between her tits was addicting. She wanted to feel like this forever.

Then the tentacles pulled away, and their bikini tops were ripped open. The movement sent their huge breasts bouncing. Ryoko's were bigger, so they bounced larger and bigger. As they did, more tentacles came forward.

These ones had suction cups on them, and Ryoko knew where these were going. The tentacles surged out to grab them and clamp down on their nipples. Then they began to pump. As they did, Ryoko and Sasami moaned in unison. Ryoko felt wetness forming between her legs as the suction became greater and greater. Then it happened, milk poured from Ryoko's bosom into the tentacles. She came to the sensation, and she could tell Sasami did by her body language.

Then came yet more tentacles. These slipped between their rumps and bikini bottoms. For a moment, they rubbed them there, then they tore them away.

Then they plunged in from behind. Ryoko cried aloud. What she was experiencing was like making love to Tenchi, except on an entirely new level. Its girth should have broken her apart, and yet it slid into her so smoothly. She saw Sasami was already cooperating with it. Before Ryoko knew what she was doing, she was slamming herself against the tentacles.

Then a third tentacle drove int them from the front, into their nethers. It stabbed deeper and deeper into them both. Crying aloud, Ryoko saw a final tentacle in front of her mouth. Wanting, no, demanding more, she surged forward and took it within her. The length drove into her, and she saw Sasami accepting one as well.

Sasami and Ryoko were fucked ruthlessly. Every passing moment sent their bosoms bouncing, sweat dripping off their form. Their eyes rolled back inside their heads as it continued nonstop. It could have been a single second or a million years.

Time had no meaning here.

It was only them and the tentacles — an eternal gangbang with no beginning or end. Or perhaps the beginning and end were just an illusion. What they were experiencing now would go on for an eternity, even after they left.

What was done to them provided a pleasure that eclipsed any sensation they had ever felt before. To go back to the old world, it would be like torture. Ryoko never wanted to go back now, her old life was before her eyes, but there was no desire for it.

With a cry, she came with Sasami and the creature.

As she did, she saw Sasami beginning to lose her shape. No, no, they were going to a higher dimension now. A place where they could not exist, so they were being... compressed into another form. A form with a higher density.

Sasami's body became smooth and translucent pink. Her form lost shape and compressed until she had taken on the shape of a pink crystal heart. It gleamed lovingly.

Ryoko cried out herself, and then her own transformation began...

Ryoko Hakubi had been transformed into the shape of a cyan star. Washu raised it before her and placed it down next to the others. Tokimi and Tsunami looked on in satisfaction, though Tokimi would never admit it. Washu looked at her. "Now that was fun, wasn't it Tokimi."

"It was entertaining," said Tokimi.

"Now, why don't we bring this to another dimension," said Tsunami. "We're just about getting ready for the second stage of the game."

"But first, we wouldn't want them getting lost or lonely," said Washu.

Then, reaching out, she summoned the essence of the creature and formed it between the six gems. Like water, it rose up and swallowed each one in turn. Then it began to compress downwards, hardening into the shape of a perfect blue sphere. And within that sphere were the six gems, perfectly preserved.

"Now that is one nice gem," said Washu, smiling widely.

"They actually look really cute in there," said Tsunami. "I think we could have some fun with this."

"We ought to reveal the details of our plan for the others, though, shouldn't we?" asked Washu.

"Then let us do both," said Tokimi.

Then she brought the chapter to a close. Best to save some for next time.

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