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Sasami's Consummation

Chapter Five: Sasami's Consummation

Mihoshi was pulled down into a light and saw a place she didn't understand. She was scared; she didn't want this. Then tentacles came out of nowhere and grasped her. She struggled against them, feeling thin and weird. Strange multicolored gems came down and swirled around her.

Mihoshi could feel them. See them. They had been waiting a long time for this. But how could they have been waiting when all this happened just now. This wasn't right.

Crying out, Mihoshi found a tentacle sliding between her breasts and pulled back. In one move, her top was ripped from her torso. In the same movement, another pushed through the bottom half of her bathing torn off. That too was ripped off, and Mihoshi was left naked.

"Leave me alone, Mr. Monster!" cried Mihoshi. "I don't want to be eaten!"

What she wanted or not wasn't relevant. Tentacles grabbed her legs and pulled them to either side. And even though this was wrong, Mihoshi felt as though she was made for this. Like she, and Kiyone and all the others existed for this single purpose.

A phallic tentacle positioned itself beneath her nether regions. Crying out, she reached down to grab it and push it back. But even as she did, others came forward to grip her arms. They were pulled to either side of her, and she couldn't break the grip.

Then the tentacle plunged in. The girth was so huge it defied comprehension. Mihoshi moaned as pleasure filled her, soon she was bucked up and down by them. The gems shone brighter around her, eager, almost hungry. And as they did, Mihoshi was bucked ever faster. Another tentacle positioned itself behind her, and she glanced back to see it.

"No, Mr. Monster," said Mihoshi, "please don't do that. I'm married to Tenchi-" Then she screamed as it plunged it. She blushed bright red as it impaled her between the legs. Another tentacle emerged and drove itself between her breasts. It jerked up and down within her cleavage over and over.

She was giving it a titfuck.

What was this feeling? She'd never felt like this. The closest it ever had been when she'd slept with Kiyone and Tenchi. But it had been nothing like this; nothing had ever felt so good. She'd felt like she'd wanted...

"What is this..." she gasped. "Let go! Please! Ugh... Kiyone, Kiyone!"

Then a tentacle plunged down her throat. As it did, Mihoshi though she saw Kiyone. Or something like her. And she felt the tentacles going deeper and deeper into her body. They railed her back and forth, and as they did, they connected in her center. From there, tiny tendrils began to spread out, claiming every atom of her being.

Mihoshi was moving in tandem with the tentacles now; her body was defying her. Her tongue wrapped around a limb as she sucked, her body thrusting against them. With each passing moment, the tentacles got bigger and bigger. Or maybe Mihoshi was getting smaller.

She felt flat. Like she was nothing more than an extension of the tentacles. Or a picture on a screen, or perhaps less. Or, maybe she was between the two.

Then she came, and as she did, the tentacles came too. Their seed spilled into her, and Mihoshi cried out. Her eyes rolled back into her head as tentacles reached up to begin milking her for all she was worth.

Mihoshi found herself getting thinner and denser, changing...

The observers knew there had been a delay, but they hoped this satisfied their audience. An infinite number of others were looking in on this. Or rather, on an endless number of universes just like it. It was... complicated. The Masaki Girls they were looking at here were created solely for them. The other observers saw a different set in identical poses.

Mihoshi had been transformed into a long rectangular gem with rounded edges. She looked lovely next to all the others. Tsunami had wanted to turn into a banana shape, but Tokimi wanted them to keep the forms regular.

"Well, that takes care of Mihoshi." said the Goddess Washu as she took the gem and spun it between her fingers. "Finally."

"It took months to get this transmission through," said Tokimi. "It will be difficult to continue at a quick rate without interest." Always practical, never one to smell the roses. Washu should have known Tokimi wouldn't loosen up about this.

"Oh come on, they are interested," said Tsunami. "They're just afraid to show it. Plenty of people are watching; they don't speak to us directly. Besides, art should be pursued for its own sake. If you get dead set on only doing popular things, you'll never make anything significant.

"Just create poor man's copies of things that are successful."

"Either way," said Washu, "metaphysics and metafiction are not why we're here. We've got five beautiful gems. I guess we ought to go after Sasami next."

"Why, Sasami?" asked Tsunami.

"We could go after Ryoko," said Washu, "but we do need a climax to all this. Sasami isn't any good at fighting, so we ought to go after little Ryoko last."

"Still, maybe we should do something different this time," said Tsunami.

Washu looked at her. "What do you have in mind?"

"Let me do the direction," said Tsunami. "I'd hate to spoil it."

Sasami was getting worried now.

The night was nearly here. The sun had almost wholly waned over the beach, and stars were coming out. Sasami couldn't keep the lump out of her throat as she walked. Where were they?

"Ayeka? Washu? Kiyone?" asked Sasami. "Where are you guys? I'm getting worried."

On some level, Sasami knew there was nothing on earth that could threaten them. But this was still scary. It was dark, and that dark could hold something she didn't understand. Maybe some other alien had come here and was hunting them.

No, no, even among the aliens, almost no one could compare to Ayeka and Washu. But what about Kiyone and Mihoshi? Sasami didn't understand how they could have all just disappeared like this. So she walked along the beach, hoping Ryoko might find her.

Then she saw him.

Tenchi was walking along the beach toward her. He was wearing only swimming trunks, and there were five beautiful gems on his chest. Even so, Sasami ran toward him happily. "Tenchi, is that you? I thought you couldn't come."

"Hello, Sasami," said Tenchi. "Turns out, I finished things up quicker than expected. Though I guess I'm still a bit late." He drew near her. "Hey, have you seen the others? I saw Ryoko in the distance over the sea, but not the others."

"Well, I've been looking for them," said Sasami. "Tenchi, I'm starting to get worried..."

Then he set a hand to Sasami's shoulder, and she felt her heart flutter. He drew very near her inside, and her breath was snatched away. A hand went to her cheek. "Tenchi..."

"Sasami," said Tenchi, "you've grown up."

Sasami leaned in, and the two of them kissed. As they did, Sasami found her tongue going into his mouth, exploring it. Her hands felt up his rock hard chest, as his own found her rump. This was not the time for this. They had to find the others.

Sasami broke it, even as she yearned to go further. She yearned for his eternal embrace, to be one with him. Their lips were inches apart, but she knew they couldn't go further. "Tenchi, I think..."

And then something broke out of the sand to grip her legs from beneath. Before Sasami could think, she was hauled into the air. Her huge rump was drawn into the air. Her enormous breasts were crashing against the sand, jiggling for all to see. Looking up, she saw Tenchi just standing there. Whatever it was began to swallow her lower legs down, and she looked up to see a shimmering blue tail.

"Tenchi, help!" cried Sasami.

But Tenchi did not answer. Before her eyes, Tenchi shifted into a blue humanoid creature. It had no face or features, and it's legs separated into many tendrils. But it was well-muscled with a godlike physique. To her horror, Sasami found her feelings did not disappear. Far from it, she was looking forward to what was happening and found herself blushing. She saw a tail was reaching down into the sand.

So Tenchi was going to absorb her into himself. Those gems, they must have been the other girls. This was so... perfect.

No, no, it wasn't perfect! This was mind control! She had to fight the feelings she had for this creature! She struggled, trying to wriggle out of the embrace.

"What is this?" cried Sasami. "Let me go! Let go!"

"Sasami!" cried a voice.

Looking up, Sasami saw Ryoko surging forward. She should have felt hope, but instead, she felt fear. The beautiful cyan haired space-pirate sent a bolt of red energy at the blue creature. No, she couldn't ruin this, they had to all be absorbed.

No, no, she had to hope Ryoko would win. She had to!

Whatever she hoped, the bolt seemed to pass through it. The creature surged away or perhaps revealed it was somewhere else all along. Or perhaps it was everywhere, and what Sasami was looking at was just an avatar. By now, Sasami's thighs were being swallowed down. She grasped desperately for a handhold as she felt herself going wet.

Soon they would all be drawn into the beast. They would be part of it for all eternity. No, she had to fight; it wanted her to fight anyway. It made the hunt interesting. Ryoko fired blast after blast to no avail. Great clouds of sand were kicked up, but not one hit.

The tail pulled Sasami into the air as her waist was swallowed down, and she cried out, grasping with her hands. Her fingers left ten grooves in the sand as she was pulled back. Even more of her was drawn in now. Soon she'd be His forever...

"Ryoko help!" cried Sasami, half acting now. "Let go... let go please!"

Then she was pulled upward, so Sasami was staring up skyward. Her huge breasts bounced alluringly for them. It raised their interest as Ryoko flew toward her. For the show, Sasami reached out, and Ryoko caught her hand,

"Hang on, Sasami!" said Ryoko. "I have you!"

But Ryoko could not even slow the pull. She had the physical strength to move mountains. Her power could annihilate entire star fleets. And yet Ryoko was utterly powerless. Little by little, Sasami was drawn down, and Ryoko pulled with all her might to stop it.

Soon they would all be with Tenchi forever. But Sasami was glad Ryoko was trying so hard. It would make the end even better, wouldn't it?

Drawing out an energy saber, Ryoko slashed at the tail, but the blade evaporated on contact. She fired dozens of blasts, and this time they did connect, only to disappear. For a time the tail stopped, but not because of anything Ryoko did. Sasami had grown up and been blessed with a pair of magnificent breasts. Now the creature was savoring them, allowing them to pose a brief challenge. Any moment, Sasami would be drawn in. She wanted to be drawn in.

The agonizing moments went on as Sasami squirming, desperate for release. She couldn't bear this anymore. Then the inevitable happed. Sasami let out a final cry, and then the tail closed over her head.

But Sasami did not lose her grip on Ryoko's hand.

The two of them would be absorbed together. Sasami needed her...

Author's Note:

So yeah, this took a while to make.

I had to draw Sasami for the new cover art, and I wasn't sure how to draw her. The original version looked like I'd put young Sasami's head on an adult bottle. In this one, I tried to make her look more mature while still being Sasami.

Her hair was the hard part. I decided to make it messy since she's been at the beach all this time. And Sasami always was more the tomboy than Ayeka.


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