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An Absorbing Swim

Chapter Two: An Absorbing Swim

Kiyone was pulled into a dimension beyond sight and sound. She felt as though she was being stretched into oblivion. Yet the sensation was beyond pleasurable. It felt better than anything she'd ever felt in her entire life. She wanted to go on feeling like this forever.

Kiyone's entire form was pulled and pushed in directions she had never been aware of. It was addicting. The curvaceous blue haired policewoman clutched herself desperately. She moaned as she felt an incomprehensible heat within her legs. Her blush must have been brighter than the sun.

Not that she'd know.

She could see nothing except herself. Feel nothing except herself. Hear nothing except her ragged breathing. Physical senses couldn't perceive the place she was within. She existed her only by the pleasure of the creature within here.

She might not exist very much longer.

Above the overwhelming pleasure, Kiyone felt a vague sense of fear. She had the feeling that she was descending gradually into the creature's belly. Or at close to a stomach as it had. She doubted it digested food. But then why had it swallowed her?

It probably wasn't interested in the physical.

Kiyone rapidly found out just how wrong she was. As she entered the very center of the creature, tendrils, things she could see, reached out. They grabbed her arms and legs and quickly set to work massaging her. Even as they did, her bikini faded into nothingness. They groped her large breasts and felt up her rear.

Kiyone tried to struggle, but the sensation was beyond description. Soon they were going further than that, entering into her most sensitive regions.

As she moaned, a tendril drove itself down her throat. Kiyone's tongue instinctively began to lick it. The taste was beyond delicious. No, no, control yourself.

Then they began to rut her, even as the tendrils in her grew. They were growing longer and longer. Whenever they came to a branching path within her, they split off and took both routes. She could feel her entire body, her spirit, everything that was her, being penetrated.

As she did, she felt her essence being read.

Soon more tendrils came forward and began to wrap around her legs. They worked their way up, encasing her as others went to her arms. Soon her limbs were totally hidden from view, as more wrapped around her waist and worked outward. Before long her entire body was covered in the tendrils in this void.

No, no void was the absence of something. What was around her was more real than Kiyone. So real that she couldn't interact with it. It was to her what she was to a fictional character in a novel. Then her face was covered, and she was mummified.

The tendrils pulled tighter and tighter. Squeezed tighter and tighter, Kiyone gasped as the energy began to pour into her. She felt her entire being collapsing, warping beneath its will. It didn't matter if what it was doing to her would kill her. It willed the changes to happen without death, and it willed them painless. That was enough for it to happen.

And the pleasure was excruciating.

Then the creature itself began to wrap around her like plastic wrap. It converged around her, clinging like a glove. As it did, it soon was wrapped around her in her exact shape. It floated into the air, as Kiyone saw a glimpse of its plan.

She made one last, desperate attempt at a struggle. And then her body gave in for her.

The observers watched the creature raise itself off the ground. It had become like a silhouette of Kiyone, made of energy. Within it, the Galaxy Police officer could be seen shifting.

Kiyone let out a silent cry as she came, and came hard. Then her absorption was complete. The silhouette began to take on a color of its own, as Kiyone began to lose it. She lost features as the creature gained them. Her body began to take on sharp angles. At the same time, curves and details filled out the creatures form. She lost her humanoid shape, as her captor took it on.

At last, it was done.

The creature now landed, a perfect replica of Kiyone as she'd been moments ago. She even had the same bathing seat. And on her toned belly was the real Kiyone, now reshaped into a diamond-shaped crystal. But it gleamed with the unworldly light that only a soul could.

The observers could sense her pleasured helplessness. She was cute like that. But they looked forward to what came after.

For now, the creature drew upon her memories and personality. It kneeled down to pick up the ball. Putting it under one arm, it walked off just like Kiyone would. Her body language was exactly the same.

Almost the same. But there was a predatory edge to it.

The observers looked on and delighted as it turned to walk toward the party. They couldn't wait to see which one it seized next. Or for the inevitable fulfillment of their goals.

Ayeka paced back and forth, feeling a bit insecure at the moment. They'd been just waiting around for a while, and it was beginning to worry her. Washu was sitting on a log, typing busily. Sasami was sunbathing on a carpet in the last rays, and Mihoshi was next to her.

Ryoko was the only other person pacing. She'd wanted to play volleyball a lot. Ayeka looked to her, worried. Something about this place was a bit wrong. "Kiyone has been gone a while, hasn't she?"

"Yeah, this is kind of weird," said Ryoko.

"I agree, this is the sort of thing I'd expect from you, Ryoko," said Washu.

"You want to say that again?!" asked Ryoko.

"Relax, Ryoko," said Washu. "I'll just scan the surrounding area for her. Then we'll go find her."

"Why didn't you do that for the ball?" asked Ryoko.

"Do you use state of the art technology to find your car keys?" asked Washu.

"Well, you use it for all kinds of other things, Washu," said Sasami.

"Hey, how about we split up and go find Kiyone?" said Mihoshi.

"No need," said Washu. "She's heading toward us right now. Although..." She frowned.

"Hey, guys!" called Kiyone.

Ayeka looked up and saw the policewoman walking toward them. For some reason, she was incredibly relieved and rushed forward to meet her. "Kiyone, there you are."

"Where have you been?" asked Ryoko.

"Sorry, this ball was flung a bit farther than I was expecting," said Kiyone, smiling.

Then Ryoko noticed something. She looked down at Kiyone's midriff. Ayeka followed the gaze and saw a large, diamond-shaped crystal on Kiyone's toned stomach. "Hey, what's that?"

"Oh, this?" laughed Kiyone. "It's an implant I got a little while. I keep it hidden most of the time, but it found the ball."

"Wow, Kiyone, I don't remember anything like that," said Mihoshi, before yawning and turning over.

"You don't remember much, do you, bubble-brain?" asked Kiyone in deadpan.

"That's Mihoshi for you," said Washu.

There was relieved laughter from them all. Why were they relieved? What was there to be relieved about? Ayeka hated this feeling, hated having it again.

Ryoko kicked up the ball and juggled it on her knees. "Okay, why don't we get this game of volleyball started again."

"Um, actually, I'd like to do a bit more swimming before the light completely goes," said Kiyone quickly. "Ayeka, would you like to come?"

Ayeka nodded. Anything to distract herself from this feeling. "Of course, Kiyone."

"I'll go with you ladies as well," said Washu. "Just give me a minute to finish these calculations."

"Washu, why are you doing science at the beach?" asked Sasami.

"Because I enjoy it, Sasami," said Washu. "Besides, I'm still soaking up rays."

"I suppose," said Kiyone. "Mihoshi, what are you going to do?"

Mihoshi yawned and turned over. "Ahh, this sunlight makes me sleepy. I think I'll do some sunbathing."

"Then I'll take a walk before it gets too dark," said Sasami, standing up.

Ayeka had been taking a lot of walks, lately.

So it was that Ayeka and Kiyone made their way up along the beach. Ayeka wondered why Kiyone was walking so far away from the others. Perhaps she just wanted some space. Ayeka didn't blame her, but the silence was unbearable. And was it her, or were her hips swaying more confidently than usual?

"Kiyone, this has been nice, hasn't it?" asked Washu.

"Yes, it has," said Kiyone, stretching. "It's a shame Tenchi couldn't be here, but it's nice to have some alone time on the beach." They made their way up to a rise and came to a diving board looking out over the ocean.

Ayeka looked down at it doubtfully. Why did she still feel this way? She'd felt like this before she met Tenchi. Then it had gone away in the happy daze of the neverending carnival. But little by little, it had been coming back.

"Aren't you going to jump in?" asked Kiyone.

Ayeka sighed. "I would, but do you suppose the water has gotten cold."

Kiyone smiled. "Tell you what, I'll test it."

Kiyone walked forward onto the diving board, walking with one foot in front of another. Coming to the edge, she bent her knees and with a bounce, dove into the water below. There was a splash as she plummeted into the water.

After a moment, she surfaced, smiling. She waved as her chest bounced from the movement, her hair blowing in the wind.

"How is it, Kiyone?" asked Ayeka.

"It's fine," said Kiyone. "Come on in."

Ayeka smiled. Walking to the edge, she bent her knees. "Very well, then. Look out below."

Ayeka leaped.

Everything went into slow motion. Little by little, she descended toward the water and Kiyone. Then something happened. The waters parted, and a gaping toothless maw of energy burst out of the water right as Ayeka fell. She fell legs first, and before she could move, it had caught her around the feet.

Ayeka hit the water and splashed down. As she went below the water, she found her legs being pulled up into the maw. As she was pulled up, Ayeka saw that it was a tail that is coming from behind Kiyone's legs. Even as she was pulled out of the water, Ayeka tried to summon her logs. Her breath was running out.

But her energy was drained even as she summoned them.

With a gasp, she was pulled into the open air. By now the tail had pulled her down to her lower thighs. Kiyone was watching, a smile on her face. What was she doing? Was she under a spell? "Kiyone?! Help!"

As Ayeka cried out, the crystal which had been on Kiyone's stomach sank into her. A moment later, it emerged on her forehead. Instantly her facial features disappeared as her curvaceous body became masculine. Her legs separated into four tentacles as her upper thighs were swallowed down.

What stood before Ayeka now was an energy being in the rough shape of a huge humanoid man. So abs were-

Why was she thinking this way? She thrashed as her hips were drawn down, followed by her wave. Soon her petite breasts too were pulled in. Grabbing the sides of the tail, Ayeka desperately struggled to keep her head out of the tail. Even as she did, she felt a pleasurable, stretching sensation within her lower regions. As though her very being was being fitted into a much greater being.

A blush crept across Ayeka's features as her strength failed her.

Pulled down by gravity, Ayeka found herself rapidly being pumped lower and lower. Soon she was going up again and felt herself approaching the inevitable end of her journey. A blinding light began to overtake her entire body. Ayeka tingled with pleasure as she was pulled into the creature.

Ayeka could hardly think. Yet she didn't struggle. After all, there was no point. It was too late for her. Too late...

"Tenchi!" cried Ayeka in a voice of bliss.

Then she was swallowed down into the creature.

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