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The Beach Party

Chapter One: The Beach Party

It had been fifty years since the Masaki girls had left the Earth, and now they were back.

A brilliant sun shone overhead through the open sunroof. It wasn't too cold, and it wasn't too hot. Sasami was looking out the window in wonder. The pigtailed, blue-haired little girl had grown up. Now the beautiful woman she had become wore her hair long. Sasami looked better in a pink bikini than Ayeka ever had. And she wasn't even fully developed yet.

They turned a corner and came within sight of Tokyo. It was amazing how much the cities of this planet had changed in five decades. Giant televisions had been replaced by holographic projections. The lights of the city had increased in number. Cars had been joined by aerial buses.

And yet the environment was in better shape than ever. Humans had learned to live with their world. Ayeka smiled at a beautiful world was only becoming more so.

"Wow, the Earth has changed so much," said Sasami.

"Tell me about it," said Ryoko. The cyan-haired space pirate was clad in a red bikini that showed off her enormous breasts and full hips. In one hand was clutched a bottle of alcohol that she swigged. She had no trouble showing off what she had.

"Look at those skyscrapers," said Washu. The spiky-haired redhead genius had looked up from her console for once. "It's almost like we're in a developed world." She'd taken on an adult form since marrying Tenchi, and was now wearing a violet strip suit.

"Well, Earth will be considered developed in a century or two." said Ayeka, wanting to fit in." She paused. "It's a shame Tenchi couldn't come with us. He'd like to see how his homeworld has progressed."

The mood darkened. "Yeah, he never makes time for us anymore," said Ryoko bitterly.

"Give him some slack, Ryoko," said Kiyone, glancing back. Clad in a blue swimsuit, with an orange headband to keep her long hair up, she too was prettier than Ayeka. "He's had to run the entire Jurai Empire."

"Yeah, and this way, we have the beach all to ourselves," said Mihoshi. The ditzy blonde had hardly changed at all. And she still looked better than Ayeka in her two-piece, maroon swimsuit.

"Let's forget about our too busy husband for the moment," said Washu. "Tenchi will have time for us later."

"He's not my husband yet," said Sasami. "We haven't gotten married."

Sasami seemed hurt by this. Ayeka knew she should put aside her insecurities and cross over to Sasami. Then she saw her own reflection in the window. She was considered a beauty among beauties by Jurai. She looked good in her one-piece outfit. But not as good as everyone else. Ryoko was more powerful than her, Washu was smarter. All of them were prettier, and Kiyone had done more to stop Kagato.

The only thing Ayeka had among Tenchi's wives was her Royal Blood. Soon Sasami would be joining the harem. On an official basis anyway. Everyone had known it for decades, and now it was happening. Ayeka didn't want just to be the less pretty Princess.

And Tenchi had so little time for any of them.

Washu moved over to her. "Don't worry Sasami. You became a legal adult by Juraian standards last week. I'm sure we'll be able to have the marriage soon."

"Come on, give the kid some space, Washu," said Ryoko.

"She's not a kid anymore, Ryoko," said Washu. "None of us are."

At that point, Mihoshi let out a squeal of delight. She raised her portable console and put it in front of Kiyone's face. "Oh, Kiyone! I beat my last high score! Look, look!"

The limo swerved this way and that as Kiyone shoved the console out of her face. "Hang on, Mihoshi! I'm driving!"

The girls laughed as they got right.

"Well, most of us aren't kids," said Washu.

At that moment, Ryoko made her way over and set a hand around Ayeka's shoulder. She pressed herself close. "Hey, Ayeka, you alright?"

Ayeka felt a lump in her throat. But she shoved it aside. "Yes, Ryoko. I'm fine."

She leaned into Ryoko and refused to cry.

No, no, this was a celebration. They were here to enjoy themselves, and Ayeka was going to do it. She stood up, even before the car slid to a halt by the beach. The doors opened, and the girls leaped out.

She closed in her eyes and took at the moment, walking forward. She kicked off her shoes and enjoyed it. The sand felt great beneath Ayeka's feet, and the wind on her face was wonderful.

Then Ryoko bumped into her and nearly knocked her over. Ayeka opened her eyes and saw Ryoko running forward. "Alright, we're here."

"Ryoko, watch where you are going!" said Ayeka.

"Hey, the sea is so pretty!" said Sasami, running forward, her hair flowing around her.

"Before you spend too much time admiring the sea, help me get the stuff out!" shouted Kiyone from where she was opening the trunk.

"Oh right," said Ryoko.

After a bit of set up, they managed to get out all their snacks and gear. They had brought a cooler filled with sodas, boxes of cookies, and chips. As for gear, they had jump ropes, towels, and all kinds of other things. In particular a ball. It was a large sphere with six stripes of yellow and light blue. It had been designed to withstand their superhuman strength.

Washu snatched up the ball, right after not helping unload it all and sent it spinning on one finger. "Looks like we've got the entire beach to ourselves, Ladies. Now let's get this party started!"

The party began. They swam and played catch and all kinds of things. Washu played some of the greatest earth hits of music as they continued.

The day passed in a blur as they snacked, played, and swam. The sun reached the height in the sky and then began to fall. Then, the sun began to lower toward the horizon.

"Hey, guys!" said Ryoko. "We found a volleyball net down the beach! Come on, Ayeka, let's play a game!"

"Not just you and Ayeka," said Mihoshi. "I want to play too!"

"Me too," said Sasami.

"I'm in," said Kiyone.

"The day is nearing its end," said Washu. "A volleyball match would be an excellent conclusion to the day's events."

"Alright then," said Ryoko. "I'll be on a team with Washu and Kiyone."

"That leaves me, Sasami, and Mihoshi on the other team," said Ayeka. "Very well, Ryoko. I accept your challenge."

So began the game. Kiyone made the first move, hitting the ball into the air. The movement sent her ample chest bouncing as the ball flew through the air. Ayeka rushed forward and leaping into the air. Bringing around her leg, she kicked the ball, which flew into the air and over the net. As she landed, Washu hit the ball with her head, her chest bouncing as the spun back.

As it did, Mihoshi batted the ball. The ball wavered in midair but just made it over the net. As it did, Kiyone slammed it back toward Sasami, leaped into the air, twisting to meet it. Bringing around her ample rump, Sasami bashed the ball, sending it spinning high into the air. As it rose, Ryoko surged into the air and brought around a single fist, slamming the ball with all her might.

The ball was slammed through the air. It arched higher and higher and disappeared somewhere far, far, far near the end of the beach. Ryoko landed, striking a triumphant pose and sticking out her chest.

There was silence. They shifted.

"Wow, that went..." said Kiyone, shielding her eyes.

"A long way," said Sasami.

It was always something. Ayeka turned to Ryoko. "Well done, Ryoko. Now we can't finish the game."

"Oh come on, volleyball isn't all that great," said Ryoko defensively. "And if Sasami hadn't punted it so high it never would have gone that far."

Ayeka tutted. "Such a lack of responsibility. You should accept fault when it's yours." Just like old times.

"Why you-" began Ryoko.

Ryoko began to advance. Ayeka marched to meet her. At that moment, Kiyone walked between them, raising her hands. "Both of you quit it. We were about due for a break anyway. Why don't you girls take a break and I'll go find the ball."

Ryoko paused. "Right, thanks Kiyone."

Just a bit of a delay. They could get back to playing volleyball. This had been a very fun day at the beach. It was just a shame Tenchi could have been here. That would have made it perfect.

As Kiyone made her way away from the volleyball net, she felt something tingling at the back of her neck. The further she got from the others, the worse it became. The sun was setting in the distance now, and the land was being bathed in pretty orange light.

Kiyone felt a chill go down her spine as she walked. She didn't know why.

This was stupid. She was physically superior to anything on Earth except her friends behind. Even if she didn't have a pistol, she didn't need one. The odd mugger was no threat to her. And there weren't any dangerous wild animals around her.

So why did she feel a cold sweat? It was absurd, but she felt like she was being watched. And not by anything friendly.

In the distance, Kiyone saw a bright sphere. Probably the ball. She picked up her pace as she made for it. Then she halted suddenly. She thought there was a flicker in the corner of her eye. Kiyone turned to face it, but there was nothing there.

That was it. Kiyone didn't care if there was nothing dangerous out here. She'd grab the ball and run back to the others. Sprinting up to it, she kneeled down to snatch it up, before turning around.

Kiyone stopped.

In front of her was something which could be called humanoid, floating two feet off the ground. But it wasn't made out of flesh and blood. It appeared, roughly, as a muscular creature formed of light, male by the physique. It had no visible face or eyes, or features of any kind and it features seemed to swirl constantly.

A long tail was swishing behind it.

Was it sentient? "Who are you?" asked Kiyone.

The creature seemed to appraise her, looking her up and down. Somehow Kiyone felt as though it was focusing more on her body than her. She felt a blush coming to her face and quickly ran through laws like she did when stressed. "What are you doing here? This is an underdeveloped planet. It's a felony to be present here without-"

And then the tail opened wide into a funnel. Before Kiyone could do anything, the creature surged forward. It's tail dove down and down toward her head. She dropped the ball and raised her hands to try and stop it, but missed the edges. The tail closed down over her head and shut tight. Within Kiyone could only see endless swirling lights.

Then she felt the tail pushing gradually downwards. Thrashing and fighting, Kiyone tried to get free. But it wasn't long before the tail went down over her delectable chest. She felt energy surging into her body, as though tasting her every ounce. Soon she was pulled off the ground, she was hanging in midair.

Think! Think!

Kiyone screamed. She began to kick to try and get free as the tail went down to her sexy rump. Why was she thinking of herself like this? As though she were the one enjoying this, and not being devoured?

For a moment it slowed it's descent over her, taking it's time swallowing her hips down. Then, once it had them covered, it began to pull her in faster. Kiyone was rapidly running out of room to kick. Only her feet were outside this swirling blue prison, and then those too were swallowed down.

With all of her inside the tail, Kiyone was trapped at the end. For a moment she was kept there, squeezed tighter and tighter. As she was, she found herself becoming hot. She could hardly move, and yet she found herself enjoying this.


She was about to die!

How could this be enjoyable? Maybe, maybe she wouldn't die. Maybe this creature kept it's prey alive inside it. It was clearly some kind of energy being so maybe there was a chance.

It was all the hope Kiyone had that one of the others would rescue her.

And then Kiyone was drawn gradually upwards. Little by little, inch by inch, Kiyone was pulled along the tail. Her confines got tighter and tighter. Eventually, she was in a level position, trapped within the light. And then she was being drawn down. Slow at first, but faster and faster by the moment. Kiyone felt as though her being was becoming hazy and indistinct. As if she was beginning thinner and thinner. Less real.

Or maybe what was around her was just much more real than she was. Then Kiyone had no more time to think. She was swallowed fully down into the creature's body.

"Tenchi..." Kiyone moaned.

The light became blinding.

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