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Safara's Consort

Chapter Seven: Safara's Consort

Sakura and Neji surged through the trees together.

As they moved, Neji's Byakugan was activated, scanning the surrounding area. As he did so, he soon noticed what he had been dreading. Tenten and Temari were surging after them, in a new form. Their bodies had been shifted into a snake woman. Their hair was longer, their ample chests far larger now.

And with them with Tsunade and all the prisoners. Their gaze was alerted, and they were following fast. Neji looked up to Sakura, who caught his expression. "What's wrong, Neji?"

"We've been compromised," said Neji, calculating how fast they were going. "Tenten and Temari have succumbed to Safara, and those we've captured are after us now.

"Hurry up quickly."

And faster, they moved. As they did, Sakura eyed Neji in surprise. "Is Lady Tsunade with them?"

"Yes," said Neji. "Victory here is... unlikely. We have to find Naruto immediately; with him and Kakashi, we may stand a chance."

"Right," said Sakura.

As they ran, Neji found he was unable to watch their pursuers very long. The longer he looked at them, the more he perceived how beautiful and wild they were. Gazing at Safara and her copies threatened to seize his mind. And so he limited himself to focusing on them only occasionally.

"They're gaining on us," said Neji, before he saw Naruto far ahead. "Still, I can see Naruto's group ahead..." Yet Kakashi was nowhere to be seen. And then Neji noticed another group of three Safara's. One of them was much like the original Safara, while Anko and Kurenai flanked her. Behind them was Samui and Karui of the Cloud, giving one another looks now and then.

"Wait," said Neji, halting.

"What is it?" asked Sakura.

Neji looked at her. "There is another group moving toward us on an intercept course. Anko Mitarashi, Kurenai, Samui and Karui of the Cloud, and Safara."

"We can make it if we run," said Sakura.

Neji calculated the speed at which they were moving and came to the obvious conclusion. "No, we can't.

"Head-on, I'll deal with them."

"Neji, you can't win against that many!" said Sakura.

Neji reflected that she was probably right. However, he'd beaten the odds before. "I only need to stalemate them. Go."

Sakura left, and Neji began setting up his hiding place. He wouldn't be able to hide from Hinata if she was aware at all. But he could intercept the first group.

"I should deal with Kurenai first," thought Neji to himself. "Once her illusions are removed, I can take out Anko. Then the others."

Soon enough, he saw them arriving.

Kurenai and Anko darted forward into the clearing. With them was an incredibly curvaceous blonde-haired woman. There was also a dark-skinned redhead and finally Safara herself.

"So, Safara, what are we up against here?" asked Anko, stopping.

"Simple enough, Anko," said Safara, and her voice was a melody that made Neji catch his breath. He tried to contain himself as he gazed at them, watching their hips sway. "Neji and Sakura are causing us some serious problems. They're trying to warn Naruto, and we can't have that, can we?"

"So, you want another body, huh?" asked Anko.

"Of course," said Safara. "Men I assimilate are encased in my love and pleasured for all eternity. Still, Neji seems to be a particularly persistent enemy. I rather like-"

Neji needed to act. As Kurenai drew near, Neji emerged and grabbed her from behind. Pulling her into the trees, he reduced her to unconsciousness and surged away. Putting her down behind trees, he looked at her and found her beauty ensnaring him. The red streaks in her hair made him sweat.

Quickly, he looked away and raced back to another hiding space.

"Kurenai!" said the dark-skinned redhead.

"I can't see through her eyes. She's unconscious," said Safara.

"How did he sneak up on us?" asked the blonde.

"Neji's the youngest Jonin in history," said Anko. "Samui, Karui, Safara, you head on ahead. I'll get Kurenai."

"Have fun, Anko," said Safara.

Quickly they raced off, and Neji quickly created a clone and moved away. Even as he did, Anko walked through the trees nearby. Finally, she smiled. "Pretty good, Neji. But not good enough."

Then she surged at where he was hiding. Even as her snakes struck, however, the clone vanished to mud. "What...

"Huh, I didn't know he knew any clone techniques."

Neji shot behind her. "The policy is standard issue."

Anko tried to move, but Neji was faster. He caught her by the neck and reduced her to unconsciousness. As she fell, he surged after Safara and the Cloud Ninja. At least he suspected they were Cloud Ninja. Aside from Naruto and the Yamanaka, there weren't very many blondes.

But why would Safara specifically target Cloud Ninja?

As he drew nearer, Neji focused his attention upon his targets that were surging ahead of him. Gazing into the Safara body, he saw the remnants of a chakra, which was similar to the chakra of the two women. Like them, there was a mix of the original host's chakra. But even as he ran after her, Naruto saw the remnants of the chakra fade.

"Hmm, so Anko has been defeated, hmm? Neji is proving a handsome nuisance, isn't he?" said Safara, licking her lips. "Well then, why don't we give him something to look at." And she halted suddenly. Even as she did, she took hold of her brassiere and tore her off. Her tail seemed to lengthen as she moaned, her magnificent breasts bouncing. Even as she did, the two Cloud Ninja halted, and their legs merged together. Their hair went red, and soon they two had become Safara.

Neji found himself struggling to think of anything besides Safara and her beauty. He had to have her, now. No, no, that wasn't right he...

"Do you like gazing at my true form, Hyuga? Why not come out and have a closer look?" asked Safara.

He should come out...

"You will not erode my will," said Neji.

Then he surged forward in a flat out charged. Striking the blonde in the chest, he rapidly sealed her chakra points. Even as he finished, he surged to attack the redhead and downed her. Then he landed on a branch and closed his eyes to focus.

"Hmm, you've removed Karui and Samui now," said Safara. "How cute."

Neji moved an instant too late, and then he was smashed up against a free. Safara's breasts were trapping him in place, and he was having difficulty breathing. Even as he struggled, her lips locked with his. The feeling of it was addicting it, and he longed for more.

But his cold, rational self felt her pouring chakra into him. Even now, he felt it working through his system, trying to corrupt it. Yet his hands were picking up a life of their own and grasping her around the rump. His tongue was now wrestling with her forked counterpart as he fell more and more into her power.

This had to stop before he was turned into her.

Safara broke the kiss to stare at him. "Tell me, though, how do you like my chakra?"

"Ugh..." moaned Neji.

"Oh yes, I can impart my chakra on anyone I touch," said Safara. "And I must say, you have a truly delicious taste, Neji..." She licked his face, and the feel of her saliva sent him going fully erect. "You always did have a grudge against the Cloud, didn't you?

"Maybe I can make that up to you. How'd you like to have them as pets, when I make you a consort..." As she spoke, Neji saw through his eyes that his hair was reddening and skin darkening.

With a final burst, Neji shoved her off him. Even as he did, she fell back easily. She'd already filled him with her chakra. But he had a countermeasure. Moving with his hands, he cast the technique, pouring all the new chakra within him out of it.

"Eight Trigrams! Air palms!"

A wave of pink air shot forward and struck Safara. She spun backward to slam against a tree before slumping down. She was unconscious.

"You underestimate the abilities of the Hyuga!" said Neji.

Good, now he just had to head after Sakura and...

As he stumbled, however, he ran straight into a huge pair of breasts. Before he could react, he was bounced away to be pillowed on another pair. In front of him was another Safara, and looking up, he saw Tsunade. Before he could move, Safara surged forward and wrapped her tail around him. Tsunade also underwent a similar transformation and wrapped around his legs. The two intertwined, squeezing him and trapping him in place.

"You transferred the chakra within you into an air palm," said Tsunade, licking his face. "Very nice chakra control..."

"What?" said Neji. How had they gotten...

At that moment, Tenten surged out of the trees. Yet her breasts were far larger, and there were red streaks in her hair. With her was Temari, and before his eyes, they transformed into snake hybrids. Tenten smashed her breasts into his face before Temari went at him from behind. The two of them slithered their way into Tsunade's tail. They began to grind their tails against him. As they did, he felt Safara's chakra pouring into him from all sides.

"Hey Neji," said Tenten in a flirtatious tone as she lowered herself to eye level. Then she surged in and kissed him on the lips. He then felt Tenten's chakra pour into him, moments before Temari knocked her aside. Before Neji could speak, her lips met his as she poured her chakra into him.

"Hey handsome," said Temari, breaking the kiss.

"Tenten, Temari, let go," groaned Neji, feeling his systems being overloaded.

"Oh, but there are so many of me who want to make you feel right at home, Neji," said Safara. But this was the Safara he'd knocked out before; the other had slithered away.

Then Anko surged in and wrapped her tail around his neck. Surging in, she pressed her breasts together with Tsunade and winked at him. The gesture sent him blushing, a blush that only intensified as Tsunade blew him a kiss.

Then Kurenai surged in and got up near his face. By now, all of their tails were slithering all over his body. He found himself going painfully erect, hardly able to think with their spell on him. "So, we've caught our troublemaker, then?"

"Yes, we have," said Anko.

"Well, what shall we do with him, then?" asked Tsunade, moving forward.

At that moment, the Safara Neji had fought caught her by the shoulder. "Not yet, Tsunade. I'm giving you to Naruto.

"Take your forces after Sakura; we'll give Neji his reward for all his hard work."

Giving her to Naruto, surely she was taking everything that people were. How was this possible? What little analysis Neji was capable of was interrupted as Tsunade and one of the Safaras raced off. Distantly, he saw Ino and Hinata meeting up with them.

"Tenten, Temari, you go first," said Safara.

Like lightning, Anko, Kurenai, and Safara surged away from Neji. That left only Tenten and Temari around him. The two quickly coiled around him and began to work off his clothes with obvious lust. Tenten was blushing scarlet as she drew off his shirt, licking his bicep with a forked tongue. "Neji... I need you..."

"Tenten, you've got to fight this!" said Neji, still fighting the chakra.

"Why would I fight it?" asked Tenten moaning. "It feels so good, Neji! I feel the power surging through me; all my senses are heightened! I need you! You're mine!"

Whatever semblance of control Tenten had was gone. She surged forward and pinned Neji to the tree branch. As she did, her scales parted beneath her navel to reveal a dripping slit that plunged down upon him. A hiss came from her mouth as she plunged herself up and down on his rod. As she did, Temari came from behind and looked into his eyes. "And anyone who's Tenten's is also mine."

Then Temari pressed her dripping wet slid into his face. Driven by the power within him, Neji soon found himself eating her out. The salty taste was addicting. With his three hundred and sixty degree vision, he saw Temari and Tenten kissing. Their tails intertwined as they bound bim tighter and tighter. Soon Neji's hips were moving, thrusting again and again into Tenten.

As they did, Kurenai and Anko stood guard to capture him if he broke free. They needn't have bothered; Neji knew he wasn't going anywhere.

The tension grew thicker and thicker until finally, Neji could bear it no longer. With a cry, he came within them. At the same time, Temari and Tenten moaned in unison as an orgasm washed over them. He felt their juices soak him, even as they fell backward and slithered around his arms.

"Don't tire out yet, Neji," said Safara as she moved forward. "There are some Cloud Ladies who need to apologize for their nation."

At that moment, Samui and Karui rose upward in Safara form, and Neji wondered how they knew his name. They slithered forward and bowed before them. "Master! Master, we are your weregild! Use us as you see fit!"

"A little much on the submission," said Tenten.

"We're roleplaying Tenten!" snapped Karui.

And then the two of them surged onto Neji as he lay bound. Samui surged forward and put her gigantic breasts around his rod. From there, she began to pump up and down while licking him. At the same time, Karui surged forward and kissed him on the lips. Neji kissed back, and she ended up nibbling his neck, even as he kissed her again and again. Little by little, the three of them worked their way upward, and then, suddenly, all three came.

Samui drew back, Neji's cum soaking into her skin. Surging forward, the blonde pushed aside Karui and kissed him. And this time, Neji kissed back. Once done, the two slithered away to bind his legs.

Safara slithered. "Now, Anko and Kurenai, since both of you were claimed, you belong to him now."

Anko and Kurenai kissed. "Sounds good."

Then Anko surged forward, tearing off her top. She thrust a nipple into his mouth, even as she coiled around him. As she did, Kurenai grasped his rod with her hands and begun to pump up and down. Neji found himself sucking, drinking down the milk.

"Come on, Neji, make it fun," said Anko. "We're all too willing to do this with you until you start working with us instead of against us."

"Yes, you should submit," said Kurenai, pumping all the faster. "Mistress Safara will rule all, soon. And you will be one of her consorts and her chief strategists."

"Yes, Neji!" said Karui.

"Come on, submit to us!" said Tenten.

"Submit!" moaned Temari.

"Submit!" said Samui.

Neji surged into action and threw both Anko and Kurenai off him. Grasping Tenten, he pinned her in turn and pressed a kiss onto her. "Tenten, you are mine!"

Even as he said it, the others coiled around him.

"And you, Neji, are mine," said Safara.

And then the real fun started.

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